6th Grade Weekly Assignment Chart 18/19
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2nd Marking Period
Science - KranzFood chain game, Lesson 3 Ecosystem Review, L3 Outline (HW)Food chain game, BP Ecosystem, Group Work, Study Guide(HW)Check study guide and prepare for Ch. 4 TestChapter 4 TestTest will be coming home to be signed(due by Tuesday), Introduce Layered Curriculum for Chapter 5, Lessons 1-2
ELA - KranzLibrary, Reading logs due, Begin Swindle Ch. 1-2 w/ comprehension questionsDLR, Parts of Speech Pretest, Swindle Ch. 3 w/comprehension questionsDLR, Parts of Speech Booklet, Swindle Ch. 4 w/comprehension questionsDLR, Nouns, Swindle Ch. 5-6 w/comprehension questionsWriting Prompt, Informational Reading #2, Complete Swindle comprehension questions Ch. 1-6 (HW)
SS - WhalenLearn Western 24 U.S. states for November Map quiz, 22 vocab. words for list or cards *Finish word list (22) *, Start 3.1 nt and ?s *check 22 word list, finish3.1 notetaker and ?s *, Start 3.2 packet *, Review western States for Nov. 19 quiz *Continue 3.2 nt with tropical, dry, temperate *Continue 3.2 nt with polar, and ?s 1-3 on google doc *, WJ #6 - The 4 seasons
ELA - WhalenReading Log Due, Receivenew Reading Log *, Start IDEAS Planning and WritingLiobrary, Start Planning out IDEAS writing *SLO Test #2, Continue working on IDEAS "Adult Sayings" Writing *Finish SLO Test, Finish Adult Sayings Paper *Turn in Ideas Paper, Newspaper Headlines wkst. *, Reading Log due on Monday *
Math - NiehausBoardwork, go over work from Friday, lesson 2-4 notes, worksheet 2-4aBoardwork, Go over homework, review lesson 2-4, worksheet 2-4bBoardwork, Go over homework, Chapter 2 lessons 1-4 study guideBoardwork, go over study guide, review for quizBoardwork, questions, lessons 1-4 quiz
Science - NiehausGo over Foodchains from Friday, Chapter 4 review #1-9, 11, 12Go over Chapter Review, Chapter 4 Study GuideGo over Study Guide, Review for test.Questions, Chapter 4 Test
Science - KranzBill Nye: Earth's Crust, KL work day(Due Thursday)Latitude/Longitude practice, KL work day(Due Thursday)DSS: The Power of Plates worksheet, Plate Tectonic BP, Explain AL, KL work day(Due Thursday)Brain Pop Plate Tectonics, KL Due/AL work day(Due Monday)Steve Spangler, AL work day(Due Monday), Study Guide(Due Monday)
ELA - KranzReading Logs Due, Pronouns, Swindle Ch. 7DLR, Adjectives, Swindle Ch. 8 w/comp. questionsDLR, Verbs, Informational Reading PracticeDLR, adverbs, Swindle Ch. 9 w/ comp. questionsWriting Prompt, Preposition, Swindle Ch. 10 w/comp. questions
SS - WhalenFinish 3.2 notetaker *, Concord, NH dual line temperature graph*Western States Review for quiz Monday *, Start 3.3 notetaker *St. Louis Climate Graph, 3.3 pg. 65 response questions *WJ #7 - Friendship *, Start 3.4 *3.4 notetaker and questions *
ELA - WhalenRead pg. 28 The Dog of Pompeii and wkst.Library, Continue reading Dog of Pompeii and wkst.Finish Dog of Pompeii Packet, Subject/Predicate Lesson and wkst.Sub/Pred wkst. *, Sub/Pred Quiz on Tuesday, Sub/Pred Games, Collect work from The Dog of PompeiiSub/Pred Review Games and wkst. *
Math - NiehausGo over lessons 1-4 quiz, lesson 2-5 notes, 2-5 worksheet aBoardwork, go over homework, review lesson 2-5,worksheet 2-5bBoardwork, go over homework, lesson 2-6 notes, worksheet 2-6aboardwork, go over homework, review lesson 2-6, worksheet 2-6bBoardwork, go over homework, lesson 2-7 notes, worksheet 2-7a
Science - NiehausRead chapter 5 lesson 1 sections 1-2 with notes and outlineGo over yesterday's work, read lesson 1 sections 2-3 with notes and outline.SSSR, go over yesterday's work, read lesson 2 section 1 with notes and outline.Go over yesterday's work, read lesson 2 sections 2-3 with notes and outline.Go over yesterday's work, read lesson 2 section 4 with notes and outline. Spangler video if time
Science - KranzAL and Study Guide Due, Review for CH. 5, L1-L2 QuizCh. 5, L1-L2 QuizNo School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
ELA - KranzReading Logs Due, Interjections, Swindle Ch.11 w/comp. questionsDLR, Conjuctions, Swindle Ch. 12 w/comp. questionsNo School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
SS - WhalenThanksgiving JeopardyWestern 24 U.S. States Quiz, Finish 3.4 notetaker and questions *No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
ELA - WhalenLibrary, SLO Test #3Sub/Pred Quiz, SLO Test #3, Synonymn/Antonym wkst. *No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
Math - NiehausBoardwork, go over Friday's homework, review lesson 2-7, worksheet 2-7bBoardwork, go over Monday's homework, Thanksgiving MathNo School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
Science - NiehausNo School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
Science - KranzQuizzes back(due signed Wednesday) Group work: Read and discuss pgs. 268-269 together as a class and fill out the notes. HW: Read pgs. 270-271 with notesSSSR, earthquake fun (Schoology), Download L3-L5 Outlines, Complete questions 1-6 on the L3 Outline(HW)Signed Quizzes Due, Earthquake B.P., Group work, Read pgs. 272-275 with notesDSS, Complete ?'s 7-10 on L3 Outline, Watch Earth Science: Volcanoes (Discovery Education) with video questions(HW) Steve Spangler, Volcano match game, Finish L3 outline, Read pgs. 284-287 with notes
ELA - KranzReading Logs Due, Library, POS review, Swindle Ch. 13 w/?'sDLR, POS reviewDLR, POS quiz, Informational ReadingDLR, Swindle 14-15 w/?'sDLR, Informational Reading/Independent Reading w/log
SS - WhalenFinish Ch. 3 Notes *, MMD partner or not? *, Start Bar Graph, Ch. 3 Test is FridayWhalen Dollar Bar Graph *, Book Review wkst. *Collect Bar Graph, Finish Book Review wkst. with pg. 77 test prep *, Study Guide on Google DocReview Sheet with Game Show Review *Ch. 3 Test
ELA - WhalenReading Log week *, Read What Exactly is a Hero? and packet pg. 46 *Library, Explain Cereal Box Book Reports, Go over Hero StoryCollect Hero Story Packet, Discuss and start Cereal Box Project *Read Two Pigs Play *, Cereal Box Book Project *Cereal Box Biography Book Project *, Design Restaurant Menu
Math - NiehausBoardwork, review lesson 2.7, 2.7 worksheet bBoardwork, go over homework, lesson 2.8 notes, worksheet 2.8aBoardwork, go over homework, review lesson 2.8, worksheet 2.8bboardwork, go over homework, chapter 2 study guideBoardwork, Finish chapter 2 study guide and start go over study guide
Science - NiehausGo over study guide, review for lesson 1 and 2 quizLesson 1 and 2 quiz, SSSRStart chapter 5 lesson 3, read sections 1 and 2 with notes and outline.Go over yesterday's work, read lessons 3 sections 3-4 with notes and outline.Go over yesterday's work, finish reading lesson 3 with notes and outline, Spangler video if time.
Science - Kranz SSSR, BP: Weathering/Erosion, L4 Outline, Read pgs. 288-291 with notesDSS, Group work, Read pgs. 298-299 and 302-303 with notesPass back papers, EdPuzzle Absolute/Relative aging, Read pgs. 300-301 and 304 with notesGroup work and Study guideCheck study guide and review for test, STUDY(HW)
ELA - KranzReading logs and Swindle packet due, Library, Swindle 16-17 w/questions DLR w/ POS Review, Swindle 18-20 w/questionsDLR, Explain RAFTS writing, Swindle 21-22 w/questionsDLR, Swindle 23-25 w/questions, RAFTS BrainstormWriting Prompt, Swindle 26 w/questions, RAFTS Brainstorm finished for Monday
SS - WhalenGo over Ch. 3 Test, Learn 26 Eastern States for 12-19 Quiz *, Start Executive Branch NotesExecutive Branch NotesFinish Executive Branch Notes, Hats of the President wkst.Popular vs. Electoral Lesson, Electoral Map wkst. (good practice for states quiz *, Grade Presidential Hats.Read Presidential Book, Review Electoral Map, potus.com wkst. *
ELA - WhalenFinish designing restaurant menus *, Explain restaurant review writing, Collect and Pass out new Reading Logs *NWEA Reading Test Day 1 (not graded), LibraryNWEA Reading Test Day 2 (not graded)MakeUp and a fewq finish NWEA, Restaurant Menus and write Restaurant Reviews *Write Restaurant Review *
Math - NiehausBoardwork, finish going over study guide, review for chapter 2 testQuestions, start chapter 2 testFinish Chapter 2 testBoardwork, lesson 3-1 notes, discuss lesson 3-1, worksheet 3-1aBoardwork, go over homework, reivew lesson 3-1, worksheet 3-1b
Science - NiehausGo over Volcanoe worksheet, review lessons sections 3-4 on Earthquakes, read and discuss lesson 3 sections 5-6 with notes and outine. Go over lesson 3 notes and outline, read lesson 4 sections 1-2 with notes and outline.Go over yesterday's work, SSSR, read lesson 4 sections 3-4 with notes and outline.Go over yesterday's work, read and discuss lesson 4 section 5 with notes and outline. Also start lesson 5 section 1 with notes and outline.Finish reading and discuss lesson 5 with notes and outline.
Science - KranzChapter 5, Lessons 3-5 QuizQuizes back (due signed Thursday), JourneyCollect signed tests, Continue JourneyQuizzes due signed, Download Ch. 6 documents, Finish JourneyProtecting our Planet Intro Video with K/W/L worksheet
ELA - KranzReading logs Due, Library, Swindle 27-28 w/questions, RAFTS Brainstorm check and begin rough draftNWEANWEADLR, Swindle 29-30 w/questions, RAFTS rough draftWriting Prompt, Swindle 31-32 w/questions, RAFTS rough draft
SS - WhalenFinish potus.com wkst. *, Review Executive BranchWJ # 8 two paragraphs *, Cabinet reading and wkst.*Executive Branch Quiz, Visit Book Fair, Start Legislative Branch NotesFinish Legislative Branch Notes, Colorful Legislative Terms wkst. *Review for 2 quizzes next week (legislative Branch and Eastern States), Legislative Branch reading and wkst. *
ELA - WhalenReading Logs Due, Teacher Model Restaurant Review, Write first two paragraphs of restaurant review *, Bring home colored wrapping paper for Cereal Box ProjectWrite 3rd and final paragraph of restarant review (due Thursday) *, Read review of resturant with ownerRead All Stories are Anansis pg. 74 with wkst. *Restaurant Review Writing Due, Finish Anansi's Story and wkst. *, Holiday Party Game Plan *Are you turning in your Cereal Box Project next week or the day after the holiday break?, Start Board Game Essay *
Math - NiehausBoardwork, Go over homework, lesson 3-2 notes, worksheet 3-2aBoardwork, go over homework, review lesson 3-2, worksheet 3-2bBoardwork, go over yesterday's homework, lesson 3-4 notes, worksheet 3-4aNWEANWEA
Science - NiehausGo over Friday's work, start chapter 5 lessons 3-5 study guideGo over and correct study guide, review for quizChapter 5 lesson 3-5 quiz, SSSRGo over test, start Journey to the Center of the Earth videoContinue video
Science - KranzDSS, Scientist Video, Poster Work TimeDSS, Scientist Video, Poster Work TimeDSS, Scientist Video, Poster Work TimeDSS, Scientist Video, Poster Work TimeSteve Spangler, Scientist Video, Poster Work Time
ELA - KranzReading Logs, Library, Swindle packet due, RAFTS rough draftDLR, RAFTS rough draft due, Revising and editing begins (Final copy due Thursday)DLR, Final revising and editing dayRAFTS Final copy due, SwindleSwindle
SS - Whalengrade Legislative Leaders wkst., Senators Schedule *, 5 facts of each Michigan senator *Review for 2 quizzes tomorrow *, Start Rights of Students wkst.26 U.S. Eastern States Quiz and Lesislative Branch Quiz, WJ #9 Holiday Plans *Holiday JeopardyManchester Market Day solo vs. partner decisions, Holiday Packet
ELA - Whalenfinish Game Paper *, VAN wkst. *Discuss Cereal Box Project due Friday or Monday, Jan 7 *, Bring in educational games for Friday *, Top 5 word list *Share word from word list, Share Educational Game, Some students take SLO TestContinue to share educational board game educational values, SLO TEST for someEducational Board Games, Cereal Box Projects are due Monday, January 7
Math - NiehausBoardwork, check Homework from Wednesday, review lesson 3-4, worksheet 3-4bBoardwork, go over homework, lesson 3-5 notes, worksheet 3-5aBoardwork, go over homework, review lesson 3-5, worksheet 3-5bBoardwork, go over homework, Coordinate gird practice, due ThursdayBoardwork, go over Coordinate gride worksheet, coordinate gride battleship.
Science - NiehausGo over directions for Famous Scientist project, start research for project.Continue research for Famous ScientistStart Wanted Poster for Famous ScienctistContinue poster for Famous Scientis, Poster needs to be finished when they come to class on Friday.Poster presetations
Winter Break
Science - Kranz1st Hour: Clean out folders and Read Pgs. 314-317 w/notes. 3rd Hour: Protecting our Planet Intro Video with K/W/L worksheet1st Hour: Protecting our Planet Intro Video with K/W/L worksheet 3rd Hour: Clean out folders and Read Pgs. 314-317 w/notes.Group work, Explain Vocabulary Slides assignment, Read pages 318-322 with notesBegin rock labVideo Review: How to Identify Minerals (DE), Finish rock lab
ELA - KranzReading Logs Due, Library, Quill, Quill, Figuarative Language: Similes(Video examples) (Students find examples of advertisements using similes, Explain advertisement assignment- due 1/10)Quill, Figurative Language: Similes (advertisement work time)Quill, Advertisement due, Figurative Language: Metaphors, Song assignment due tomorrowWriting Prompt, Collect S/M Song assignment, Figurative Language: Personification
SS - WhalenStart Discussing Judicial Branch , Finish Rights of Students Worksheet, There will be a quiz later this week over the Judicial Branch like there has been for the other two branches.Judicial Branch Notes, Judicial Branch Reading and questions *Grade Questions from yesterday, Justices Powerpoint lesson and wkst. *, JUDICIAL BRANCH QUIZ THIS FRIDAYReview Judicial Branch Notes for tomorrows Quiz *, Finish Justice wkst. *, Circuit Court Map wkst. *Judicial Branch Quiz, WJ #10 - School Subjects*
ELA - WhalenCereal Box Biography Project Due, Explain Poem Recital Project, rubric and instructions passed out due 1-28, Start reading Tiger Rising Ch. 1-3Library to select poem for poem recitial project, Tiger Rising Ch. 4-6 - and answer response questions 1-3*Read Tiger Rising Ch. 7 and ?s 1-3, Poem Recital Powerpoint and notetaker, Get Poems approved Tiger Rising Ch. 8-9 ?1-3, Continue PowerPoint Lesson on Poem Recital Tiger Rising Ch. 10-12 ? 1-3, 5, Types of Sentence Lesson and wkst. *, Practice Speech
Math - NiehausBoardwork, Start chapter 3 study guideBoardwork, Go over Chapter 3 study guide, Review for Chapter 3 testQuestions, Take chapter 3 TestBoardwork, lesson 6-1 notes, discuss 6-1, worksheet 6-1aBoardwork, go over homework, review lesson 6-1, worksheet 6-1b
Science - NiehausRead Chapter 6 lesson 1 sections 1-2 with notes and outlineGo over yesterday's homework, finish reading lesson 1 with notes and outline10 minutes to finish yesterday's work, go over yesterday's work, SSSR, Start minerals labFinish and discuss minerals lab, Spangler video if time
Science - Kranz Review Granite Lab, Types of Rock (DE), Read pgs. 328-331 with notesType of Rock song w/4 corners, Group work, Read pgs. 332-335 w/notesSNOW DAYSSSR, Group work, Read pgs. 340-343 w/notesSteve Spangler, Group work, Vocabulary work time
ELA - KranzReading Logs Due, Library, Quill + work on Personification letters (Due Tuesday)Quill, Explain Biography Cereal Box Project (Due 1/28)SNOW DAYQuill, Informational Text SLOQuill: 4 activities due, Writing Prompt, Biography Research
SS - WhalenStart Chapter 4 Section 1 notetaker and ?s *Continue 4.1 notetaker and ?s *SNOW DAYFinish 4.1 notetaker and ?s *, Manchester Population Facts, Start 4.2 Quiz on Top *, Vocabulary Word Assignment *
ELA - WhalenReading Log *, Tiger Rising Ch. 13-15 ?1-3, 5, Finish types of Sentence Lesson and packet *, Discuss Poem ProjectTiger Rising Ch. 16-17 ?1-3, 5-7 *, Types of Sentences Online Game Review (Quiz Tomorrow)SNOW DAYTiger Rising Ch. 18 - ? *, Types of Sentence Quiz, Poem Practice, SLO Test for certain students
Math - NiehausBoardwork, check Homework, lesson 6-3 notes, worksheet 6-3aBoardwork, check homework, review lesson 6-3, worksheet 6-3bBoardwork, check homework, lesson 6-4 notes, worksheet 6-4aBoardwork, check homework, review lesson 6-4, worksheet 6-4bBoardwork, check homework, review lesson 6-3 and 6-4, homework if not finished in class.
Science - NiehausGo over lab, short video, read Ch. 6 lesson 2 section 1 with notes and outline.Go over Monday's work, read and discuss lesson 2 sections 2-3 with notes and outline.River Raisin Watershed PresentationGo over Tuesday's work, SSSR, finish lesson 2 with notes and outlineGo over Thursday's work, read lesson 3 sections 1-2 with notes and outline, Spangler video if time.
SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday(1/2 Day, End of 2nd MP)
Science - KranzNO SCHOOLDSS, Group Work, Read pgs. 344-346 w/notesComplete L3 Outline, Read pgs. 352-353 and 356 w/notes, Continue working on vocabulary slidesSSSR, Group work, Read pgs. 354-355 with notes, Continue working on vocabulary slides (due Monday)Brainpop, Group Work, Study Guide, Vocabulary slides due on Tuesday
ELA - KranzNO SCHOOLReading Logs Due, Quill, Biography ProjectQuill, Biography ProjectQuill, Biography ProjectWriting Prompt, Biography Project
ELA - WhalenNO SCHOOLReading Logs Due
Math - NiehausNO SCHOOL
Science - NiehausNO SCHOOL
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