2019 Helpline Chat/Call Summary Report
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Submitted OnYour NameChat id or phone numberBrief summary of what happened on the call or chatDid you send them to the Resource pageDid you refer them to the Secular Therapy ProjectDid you help them find a group in their areaEmail address if suppliedAnything else youd like to reportIf the callerchatter was from a foreign country please enter hereShould we send client invitation to helpline community slack
04/01/2019 13:38:47Chip Kiger(404) 358-2796Sean is working on a college project in which he’s asked to interview atheists to get the perspective of nonbelievers. I told him that I wouldn’t be able to answer personal questions about my own beliefs. I linked him to our Secular Organizations section in resources for nonreligious people. And because Sean lives in the Atlanta area, I recommended that he contact Mandisa Thomas or some other representative from the Atlanta-based Black Nonbelievers.YesNoNoNo
04/01/2019 21:12:40Dennis NaglexazjMissed chat.NoNoNoNo
04/01/2019 21:13:22Dennis NagleqdvcMissed chatNoNoNoIranNo
04/01/2019 21:14:10Dennis Nagleve66Missed chatNoNoNoNo
04/01/2019 21:14:49Dennis Nagleve66Missed chat. Repeat chatter.NoNoNoNo
04/02/2019 9:54:29Todd Yoder47zeThe chatter wanted to come out as an atheist to her Christian parents. She was fearful that they would reject her and try to get custody of her daughter. We provided resources for her and helped located local meetup groups in her area.YesNoYesmothershiplb@gmail.comYes
04/02/2019 11:50:58Jasper Shemilt(352) 428-3010The caller is a single father of 8. His 16 year old daughter has brain cancer and he doesn't see how god could do this to them. He is looking for a secular therapist.YesYesNoI advised him to go the the resource page to find a local community but we didn't have time for me to find him a local group.Yes
04/02/2019 15:01:09Janis Levin-Gorelick8hn6Baris is a former Muslim who has become, what he describes, as an agnostic atheist. He is from Turkey & has no fear of having to hide his new secular identity. He has been able to convince others close to him that by reading the Quran, they will also discover that there is no case for a god. At one point he said he still believes in god, but not in religion, but then identified himself as an atheist.

He said he wanted to be able to show others how to view religion through reason & see that it is not necessary, but that science is. His question was how to do that? I asked if he wanted to start a group & he was excited by that possibility. I sent him to our resources about how to start a group. I mentioned that he should use that as a guide and change it to fit his situation.
04/02/2019 20:16:40Chip Kiger(352) 428-3010Brief conversation with George who Jasper spoke to earlier today. George expressed interest in the helpline community and provided his email. He also said that he’s made arrangements to have an initial counseling session with a non-STP counselor who pledged to George that he would not do faith-based counseling with him. Their first session is tomorrow.NoNoNo
04/02/2019 21:54:16Chip Kiger(626) 660-8679Return call to Michael who grew up in an evangelical Christian household and attended private Christian schools. Now 6 years out of college, Michael identifies as agnostic. He would like a church community of some sort, so I suggested that he check out Unitarian Universalists. I also connected Michael to our Resources for Seekers. He wants to sample some of the secular meetups in Mountain View, CA and see if he can find a therapist through the STP. Michael would also like to join RfR’s online community groups.YesYesYes
04/03/2019 7:07:34Jasper Shemilt(541) 386-6584the caller wanted to be convinced into belief. She didn't want to talk about her doubts.NoNoNoNo
04/03/2019 18:44:41Kayla Bernier-SontagpvjtMissed chat. Looking for meaning, struggling with life eventsNoNoNoListed at UKNo
04/03/2019 18:45:58Kayla Bernier-Sontag34uaMissed chatNoNoNoListed as EgyptNo
04/03/2019 22:07:40Todd Yoder(770) 695-481523 y/o Chad is still in school and partly depends on his family still for support. Chad no longer believes and wanted to know a good way to tell his family without getting into a heated argument. We talked about the pro's and cons of coming out and sent him to our resources for more information. I also introduced him to SE.YesNoNoNo
04/04/2019 15:13:47Chip Kiger(205) 292-0221Jandir’s mother died a month ago. She had suffered so much in her declining months that he was more relieved than sad when she passed. Jandir had a vivid dream last night in which he felt he confronted god in the form of a little boy. The dream was powerful but not frightening. It reinforced Jandir's own feeling of not being afraid of death.NoNoNoNo
04/05/2019 12:47:56Jasper Shemilt(239) 900-6304Frank tried to get into Christianity to help him change his life but found no answer. He has obsessively read the Bible and the non-canonical books. He finds that he can not believe that the Bible is true or moral. He initially said that he "didn't want to live" but was not thinking about suicide this changed later in the conversation. We discussed Christianity, community and purpose in life. He sounded better at the end of the conversation and took down the suicide helpline number in case he had those thoughts again.YesYesYes
04/06/2019 16:20:30Jasper Shemilt@vhtiThe chatter wanted to find a secular therapist in Brazil.NoYesNoNo
04/06/2019 17:46:08Kayla Bernier-Sontagxe3a / g9bwChatter from Egypt so I requested they access VPN/TOR. They were unable to due to blocked websites- they still seemed to want to chat but I declined fearing they were being monitored/could be unsafeNoNoNoEgyptNo
04/06/2019 19:35:31Kayla Bernier-Sontagt6r6Missed chat, ex Mormon struggling to find atheist communityNoNoNoNo
04/06/2019 20:04:51Kayla Bernier-Sontagin9wChatter might have been troll, left immediately after seeing if I was a robotNoNoNoNo
04/06/2019 20:19:43Kayla Bernier-Sontagyfw6Christian chatter who was shunned from Pentecostal church, struggling with faith. They were uncomfortable typing so I did recommend the call lineYesNoNoNo
04/07/2019 11:04:20Dennis NaglexwjsMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/07/2019 11:04:51Dennis Nagle472dMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/07/2019 11:05:28Dennis NaglezdjsMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/07/2019 11:06:10Dennis NaglebjcvMissed chatNoNoNoRussian FederationNo
04/07/2019 14:09:43Dennis Nagle925eMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/07/2019 14:10:15Dennis Nagle362vMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/08/2019 20:26:03Todd Yoderw4ta24 y/o Dee is struggling with whether or not she still believes in Christianity, she also is in fear of her mom. We briefly talked about how we can know if something is true. I sent her a link to a podcast on death. I think that I should have focused more on her fears.YesNoNoNo
04/09/2019 9:03:10Dennis Naglexep2Missed chatNoNoNoNew ZealandNo
04/09/2019 18:14:02Todd YoderykbpEx-Muslim looking for community, a secular therapist and family resources.YesYesYesnoorah119@gmail.comYes
04/09/2019 20:17:30Todd Yoder(204) 384-0870 and wwewThe caller was an evangelical Christian and a devoted Gideon The caller's daughter became a Messianic Jew which made him study on why he believes what he thinks is true. His research on the bible and the church lead him to conclude that he has been believing a lie his whole life. He can't tell anyone, not even his wife for fear of losing everyone.YesNoYesbeconan@gmail.comCanadaYes
04/09/2019 20:21:01Chip Kiger(908) 285-8772Howie’s wife has been taking their 9 year old daughter to a Methodist church. Raised Jewish and now identifying as atheist, Howie wants to offer secular alternatives to his daughter. I suggested Sunday Assembly and Unitarian services and mentioned Camp Quest. I also recommended Dale McGowan’s In Faith and In Doubt and the array of options that emerged from Googling “secular activities for children.” Howie was excited to learn about RfR’s online community groups.YesNoYes
04/09/2019 21:23:42Dennis NagletdedMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/09/2019 22:26:51Dennis Nagle8gkaClient wanted resources to deal with a believing husband when she's agnostic.YesNoNo
04/10/2019 0:12:25Joseph Tyler@4v45Chatter mentioned an emotional event at a church group, her reaction and the guilt she felt after, how felt "like less of a Christian woman". She also wrote "I feel like I'm left wondering what purpose this has in my life". I tried to reflect back what she was saying to me, and be supportive.YesNoNoNo
04/10/2019 8:29:54Dennis Nagle7pu4Missed chatNoNoNoNo
04/10/2019 8:30:42Dennis Nagletyz4Missed chatNoNoNoEgyptNo
04/10/2019 8:31:26Dennis Naglez93sMissed chatNoNoNoIndiaNo
04/10/2019 13:36:27Chip Kiger(707) 430-7301The caller said he had left religion 2 months ago and was experiencing emotional and physical pain. There was a lack of specificity in the description of his religious background and difficulties. He abruptly ended the call when his mother interrupted him. The call definitely had some trollish aspects.YesNoNoNo
04/10/2019 14:56:35Dennis NaglekquwMissed chat.NoNoNoIndiaNo
04/10/2019 14:57:10Dennis NaglekquwMissed chat. Repeat chatter.NoNoNoIndiaNo
04/10/2019 14:57:49Dennis Naglemdj2Missed chatNoNoNoNo
04/10/2019 18:31:06Todd Yoder7n5wMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/10/2019 19:00:51Todd YoderdtrhMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/10/2019 7:44:22Todd Yoder308-383-6902Andrew seemed to just need someone to talk to. He has been taking care of his aging parents who are both strong believers, his father passed away last month. He is feeling isolated. We helped him look for a group near him.YesNoYesNo
04/11/2019 7:45:56Todd YoderqxwnMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/11/2019 10:13:50Todd Yoder662-822-3892David considers himself as agnostic. He is struggling with the loss of his grandmother and knowing that he won't see her again. We talked about grief and trying to find a secular therapist in the middle of Mississippi.YesYesNo
04/11/2019 10:40:07Todd Yoder615-768-1491William is still a believer but is struggling with the inconsistencies that he is seeing in the bible. We talked about some of those and how he is handling them. We sent him to our resources for seekers. He was surprised that we would be supportive and talk to people who still believed and not try to de-convert them.YesNoNoNo
04/11/2019 20:21:28Kayla Bernier-SontagqxwnAtheist chatter married to a Mormon, lately after life has come up a lot and caused his wife sadness. Wanted a listening earYesNoNoNo
04/11/2019 21:45:11Chip Kiger772-696-4117Lance, age 16, is in the process of deconverting from Catholicism. He is currently in the gnostic/agnostic zone of belief. His family is fairly supportive and isn’t pressuring him about his transition. Lance is finding the Ex-Christian subreddit helpful. He’s checked out the belief meetup opportunities in West Palm Beach, but is reluctant to attend. I directed him to our Seeker Resources and the Finding Meaning section of our resources for nonreligious people.YesNoNoNo
04/11/2019 22:54:57Todd Yoder615-768-1491This is the 2nd time that William has called, he actually denied ever calling us before, but I didn't press him on the matter. He told me that he had been approved to become a Catholic Priest but ended up walking away from it. He talked again about his struggles in the inconsistencies that he finds in the bible and feeling guilt for not becoming a priest.YesYesNoNo
04/11/2019 23:03:54Dennis Naglehw9zMissed chat.NoNoNoNo
04/11/2019 23:04:27Dennis NagledxnvMissed chat.NoNoNoNo
04/11/2019 23:05:45Dennis NaglechhkMissed chat.NoNoNoNo
04/11/2019 23:06:29Dennis Naglesu91Missed chat.NoNoNoSame IP address as chhk; possibly same person.No
04/11/2019 23:07:00Dennis Nagleju5yMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/11/2019 23:07:38Dennis NaglejkiqMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/12/2019 10:31:59Dennis Nagleyj4vMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/12/2019 10:43:41Chip Kiger(917) 848-2264Return call to Derek, a deconverted Baptist, who was interested in making secular connections in Brooklyn. I gave him 6 large meetup groups to consider and connected him to our resources for nonreligious people. Derek would also like to join RfR’s online community groups.YesNoYesdpollitt1@earthlink.netYes
04/12/2019 12:38:18Dennis Nagleuyz9Missed chatNoNoNoNo
04/12/2019 17:02:10Todd Yodervwf8Davide is a Catholic who just realized two days ago that he can no longer believe. He is struggling between his "wanting to" believe and "knowing" that there isn't enough evidence to support the belief.YesYesNoUKNo
04/12/2019 17:04:03Todd Yoder7yeeThe chatter was looking for secular alternatives to NA. We provided several links for them.NoNoNoNo
04/13/2019 9:18:18Kayla Bernier-SontagpkdyMissed chat, apparent mental health crisis, sent suicide prevention link as wellNoNoNoNo
04/13/2019 11:32:49Chip Kiger(787) 470-9112Aliana, age 21, is living with a very controlling mother who is using religious grounds to limit Aliana’s ability to attend parties, advance her CPA career, have friends and date guys of her own choosing. We discussed the trade offs of striving for independence while risking damage to her relationship with her mom. Alaina had to leave the discussion, but said she might try to contact the helpline at a later time.NoNoNoNo
04/13/2019 13:53:50Brian Flemingcnf8Muslim from Nigeria was puzzling because they want to be free from religion even though certain they will be cursed if they do. They left before any progress was made.NoNoNoNigeriaNo
04/14/2019 2:47:43Joseph Tylerr6wyHe is writing because he is worried about his girlfriend. He is now an atheist, but she won't talk about religion because she has been traumatized. I shared resources like Journey Free and the Secular Therapy Project. His biggest goal is getting her to confront these issues.YesYesNoNo
04/14/2019 3:11:28Joseph Tylertq8uThey are non-religious, but their family is religious and they're in a religious school. There have been difficult conversations with family members, they don't really have anyone to talk to about this stuff. And there are feelings of guilt. He also felt emotionally unstable. I shared the suicide hotline in case, and asked him to call there if he ever considered hurting himself. There were a lot of topics, but he couldn't stay long. I said he can come back again, and he said he probably would.YesYesNoNo
04/14/2019 8:38:19Stephen Meadows6ztvChatter didn't respond after initial contact.NoNoNoNo
04/14/2019 11:19:08Kayla Bernier-SontagxvptMissed chat looking for secular narcotics anonymousNoNoNoNo
04/14/2019 11:26:11Kayla Bernier-SontagFutzAtheist chatter dealing with “thought policing” shame and concerns over her niece being raised fundamentalistYesNoNoNo
04/14/2019 20:52:02Joseph Tylerhyb9Missed chatNoNoNoNo
04/15/2019 0:49:32Joseph Tylerb89cMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/15/2019 10:25:14Todd Yoder9tszMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/15/2019 11:10:23Todd Yoderth8vThe chatter was looking for help in maintaining a relationship with their religious parents.YesNoNoNo
04/15/2019 15:34:25Todd Yoderhyb9Two weeks ago something happened to the chatter at their church that made them doubt their faith. The chatter suddenly left the chat.NoNoNoNo
04/15/2019 16:50:26Chip Kiger(830) 446-6949Jeremy is a worship pastor at the Church of the Nazarene. He’s in spiritual crisis because he still believes in a higher power, but now rejects the concept of hell and the Nazarene’s insistence on exclusivism—we are the only way to salvation. His situation is further complicated because all of his family members are still strong adherents to Nazarene orthodoxy. I connected Jeremy to our resources for religious people, the Clergy Project and the STP.YesYesNoNo
04/15/2019 18:28:30Jasper Shemilt425-232-2646The caller doesn't really believe anymore but feels the need for community. She is trying to find a community in her area. She also needs a secular therapist. I advised her on how to screen a therapist if one from the secular therapy project is not available. We talked about her beliefs and family issues. It was a productive chat but the connection dropped at the end so I didn't get to round things off for her.YesYesYesgriffc70@gmail.comYes
04/16/2019 10:10:53Chip Kiger(615) 768-1491Return caller William is about to move from Nashville to Colorado Springs. We discussed opportunities for secular support in this new environment: meetups, the STP, and Sunday Assembly - Denver. William currently aligns as agnostic, so I also recommended http://www.everyonesagnostic.com and RfRs Seeker resources.YesYesYesNo
04/16/2019 12:21:35Chip Kiger(512) 578-9975Amanda was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home and received her education at Baptist private schools. She’s been struggling with anxiety, depression, anger and a sense of being stuck with extreme social skills deficits. Amanda has scheduled a one-to-one session for tomorrow with Marlene Winell. She has also ordered a copy of Leaving the Fold. Amanda currently identifies as spiritual but not religious. We found some Austin meetups that appear to be a good fit for people who align as spiritual. Amanda has a helpful relationship with a therapist. She is interested in joining RfR’s online support groups—especially the reconstruction channel.YesNoYes
04/16/2019 19:42:38Todd Yoder9c32Missed chat, the chatter wanted to know when we would have a group in Northern Ireland. I sent them the volunteer link. I also sent them an email with the linkYesNoNotopspec@hotmail.co.ukNorthern IrelandNo
04/16/2019 20:04:23Todd Yoderf68uMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/16/2019 20:06:27Todd Yoderid9iMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/16/2019 22:45:39Todd Yoder36w6The chatter was interested in volunteering with us but was afraid that they would get booted during the vetting process. In the chat they seemed pushyYesNoNoNo
04/17/2019 9:00:29Dennis Nagle5sapMissed chatYesNoNoEthiopiaNo
04/17/2019 9:01:00Dennis NaglezufmMissed chatYesNoNoIndiaNo
04/17/2019 10:56:12Chip Kiger(414) 630-4970Return call from recent atheist adherent, Sharice, who resents the extent to which her parents, both of whom are pastors, inject religion into most of their conversations with her. Sharice wants to set new dogma-free ground rules of communication with both parents, but do so in a loving and tolerant fashion. We talked about asking for a moratorium on religious discussions and in using street epistemology as a non-confrontational means of altering her parent’s approach to her and her grandchildren.YesNoNoNo
04/17/2019 11:23:35Todd Yoder318-990-7000Trey is still a believer but has some questions that he is struggling with. He wanted to talk about evolution and how the universe could come about without a god. He also was wondering why god is a lot like men. I provided him to our links to Seekers and to Hector Garcia's book Alpha GodYesNoNoNo
04/17/2019 15:18:21Todd YoderbnsqThe chatter had some question about volunteering with RfRNoNoNoNo
04/17/2019 15:21:12Todd Yoderp6bmThe 18 y/o chatter was wondering how to come out to his evangelical parents that he was an atheist and was dating a Hindu. We talked about what he though would happen if he told them and if their rejection of him would be worth the risk. We provided resources to the chatterYesNoNoUKNo
04/17/2019 22:19:56Joseph TylerrrxiMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/17/2019 22:20:45Joseph TylercuuxMissed chat. They asked about "find a therapist near me to help with religious trauma". I provided a link to the Secular Therapy Project.NoYesNoNo
04/17/2019 22:52:12Todd YoderdwzqMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/18/2019 14:04:33Dan Robertsvc8pPerson came at 2:01 and left at 2:02NoNoNoNo
04/18/2019 16:29:51Dennis Nagley8jdMissed chatNoNoNoNo
04/18/2019 16:32:39Dennis Nagle9cdfAnswered, but chatter hung up without responding.NoNoNoNo
04/18/2019 16:34:31Dennis Nagle9cdfMissed chat. Chatter returned, but no available to answer.NoNoNoNo
04/18/2019 16:36:27Dennis Nagle8qddMissed chat.NoNoNoNo
04/18/2019 17:19:05Todd Yoderstw5The chatter just wanted to say thank youNoNoNoCanadaNo
04/18/2019 17:45:31Todd Yoder2h69The chatter says that they can communicate with the dead. I referred them to our STPNoYesNoNo
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