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Insurgency in the Maghreb (2002–present)
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List of mobile network operators of the Middle East and Africa
Insurgency in the Maghreb (2002–present)
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African military systems to 1800Aftermath of the 2011 Libyan Civil WarBen Murray-BruceList of heritage sites in Northern CapeWhite people in ZimbabweStock Exchange of MauritiusCompany rule in RhodesiaWater supply and sanitation in Ethiopia
History of science and technology in Africa
مشروع الترجمة الأوسع لإثراء الويكيبيديا العربية
من مختلف التخصصات.
تم تجميع مقالات من الويكيبيديا الإنجليزية، بحاجة للإنشاء
على الويكيبيديا العربية من قبل أعضاء في مبادرة ض لتطوير
الويكيبيديا العربية.
نتمنى أن يسهل عليكم هذا المشروع
إيجاد المقالات المناسبة للترجمة بسهولة!
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Communications in Iran
History of Sierra Leone
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African military systems (1800–1900)
List of members of the tenth Parliament of Uganda
Institute for Peace and Security StudiesList of heritage sites in Port ElizabethWater supply and sanitation in UgandaMaafe
Operation Enduring Freedom – Horn of Africa
Water supply and sanitation in RwandaInternationalization of the renminbi
Esau Khamati OriedoConstitutional history of Zimbabwe
National Assembly (São Tomé and Príncipe)
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History of Madagascar
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Jacob Zuma rape trialList of heritage sites in TulbaghMaurice YaméogoBlack Star of AfricaGold Coast (British colony)Fishing in Uganda
Mining industry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Eurasia
List of estuaries of South AfricaConflict resource
Serer maternal clansM23 rebellion
Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamed Lemine
List of heritage sites in Swellendam and Riversdale
History of tuberculosisObafemi AnibabaChagos Archipelago sovereignty dispute
Water supply and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa
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List of heritage sites in Worcester, Western Cape
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United Nations Security Council Resolution 864
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List of journalists killed during the Somali Civil War
History of Zimbabwe
List of members of the ninth Parliament of Uganda
Dawit IList of heritage sites in MpumalangaBahá'í Faith in TanzaniaGeorge AyitteyAsian Century2000 Mozambique floodMining industry of Ghana
History of early TunisiaProtests in South AfricaYaqob
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International status and usage of the euro
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Obesity in the Middle East and North Africa
Swimming at the 2011 All-Africa Games
Deforestation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Herero and Namaqua genocideFulbert YoulouPhilémon Yang
List of heritage sites in Richmond, Northern Cape
British diaspora in AfricaShack fires in South AfricaTransitional Federal GovernmentBeira, MozambiqueEconomic history of Africa
History of the Jews in MoroccoCorruption in Equatorial GuineaMouvement National CongolaisBoin Tano Forest ReserveHuman rights in NigerList of African stock exchangesDemographics of South SudanWater supply in Sierra LeoneSilicon Wadi
Military history of South AfricaHuman rights in South Africa
List of heads of government of the Comoros
Protected areas of CameroonAfrican Governance ArchitectureHIV/AIDS in Namibia
History of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kandadji DamList of power stations in Uganda
Constitutional history of Zimbabwe
Political repression in post-apartheid South Africa
State of the Nation (Ghana)Protected areas of South AfricaBahá'í Faith in Kenya
Genetically modified food controversies in Ghana
Political history of East AfricaWater in AfricaEnergy in Africa
CIA activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Human rights in SwazilandOnyebuchi ChukwuProtected areas of Namibia
Sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
HIV/AIDS in KenyaAlodiaBrass RiverFarmer-managed natural regeneration
United Nations Operation in the CongoHuman rights in NigerWilliam L. SwingEl HierroAfrocentrismBoubou (clothing)Women in the military in EuropeOkavango DeltaIndustry of Iran
Battle of Cuito CuanavaleAfrican Governance ArchitectureNgwane VHwange National ParkMalnutrition in South Africa
Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary (cult)
List of populated places in South AfricaLake Débo
Lamu Port and Lamu-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor
Berber kings of Roman-era TunisiaAfrocentrismFernand SabayeCameroon lineHealth in Uganda
LGBT rights in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Merina Kingdom
2009 Angola, Namibia and Zambia floods
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Mersha Nahusenay2014 Burkinabé uprisingMaryam QaasimArniston (East Indiaman)2008 Zimbabwean cholera outbreakAbuja DSS AttackAkan peopleWater privatization in GuineaClean Diamond Trade Act
Cabinet Crisis of 1964 in MalawiHuman rights in BurundiAhmed Mohamed GuraseList of heritage sites in CaledonHuman rights in Somalia
Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee
Malawian food crisisKafue Flats
Contents of the United States diplomatic cables leak (Saudi Arabia)
Portuguese Mozambique1964 Gabon coup d'étatTichaona JokonyaBwindi Impenetrable National ParkHuman rights in EthiopiaSomali mythologySomali RepublicKalambo FallsMilitary history of Africa
Jaja WachukuJan Smuts in the South African Republic
African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde
Heritage Western CapeArchitecture of AfricaCasablanca TechnoparkSouth African RepublicNigerian Merchant NavyGrupo Opaia SA
Central African Republic conflict under the Djotodia administration
United States–Africa Leaders SummitJoe AppiahThinisArchitecture of MadagascarMuso HealthColonial MauritaniaPangani RiverExploration of Africa
Ethnic violence in South SudanHuman rights in EthiopiaHadiza Bala UsmanMatobo National ParkHealthcare in TanzaniaTâbKabgayi
Water supply and sanitation in Zimbabwe
Disinvestment from South Africa
History of Senegal
List of 2006 human rights incidents in Egypt
Niger Delta Development CommissionTaforaltRacism in AfricaMossi languageLagos ColonyFlic-en-FlacStandard of living in Israel
Battle of CassingaChagos Archipelago sovereignty disputeSocialist Democracy of GuineaPainted Cave, GaldarMalaria vaccine
Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council
History of the Republic of the CongoJohn Briscoe (water engineer)
Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation
Relations between Nazi Germany and the Arab world
Africa–China relationsNigerian Customs ServiceUnion BuildingsTraditional healers of South AfricaAfrican Deans of Education ForumSierra Leone Creole peopleInner Niger DeltaRenewable energy in Africa
African military systems after 1900Oromo Liberation FrontSierra Leone (Commonwealth realm)List of heritage sites in KnysnaRassemblement Démocratique Africain
List of impeached Nigerian state governors
Education in the Middle East and North Africa
Kenya water crisisKimberley Process Certification Scheme
Foreign and Commonwealth Office migrated archives
Burundian unrest (2015–present)Paul Joseph Mukungubila MutomboFour Doors cave site, TeldeReligion in AfricaAaron RingeraLocal government areas of NigeriaBarotse FloodplainGSE Composite Index
2016–17 Wau clashesErnest Lucas GuestPeople's Republic of MozambiqueKasanka National Park2010 Zambian censusHuman trafficking in TunisiaBoin Tano Forest ReserveWater privatisation in GhanaAbrahams Commission
Gold Coast (British colony)Mass sexual assault in EgyptBur’i Mohamed HamzaList of heritage sites in ClanwilliamMass sexual assault in EgyptCuisine of SeychellesGarooweYellala FallsLake Turkana Wind Power Station
Zimbabwe and the Commonwealth of Nations
$2 billion arms dealEdson ZvobgoLaetoli
List of journalists killed during the Somali Civil War
List of supermarket chains in AfricaPeople of EthiopiaTransport in KenyaTransport in Iran
Military history of the Mali EmpireLGBT rights in KenyaLovemore MadhukuCross River National ParkPersecution of people with albinismFuzzy-WuzzyHistory of the Central African RepublicBakolori DamBlock 5A, South Sudan
2008 Zimbabwean cholera outbreakMalagasy UprisingFederalism in NigeriaNyanga National Park$2 billion arms dealMonodora myristicaGeography of Africa2012 African Swimming ChampionshipsIsrael's Anti-Concentration Law
History of the Cape Colony from 1870 to 1899
Human rights in EritreaEco (currency)Waza National ParkLGBT rights in KenyaKenyatta National HospitalDemographics of AfricaUpingtonCorruption in Angola
Kongo peopleTransitional Federal GovernmentMartial Mathieu KaniList of heritage sites in Beaufort WestSouth African Police Service
Uganda AIDS Orphan Children Foundation
Population history of EgyptWater transport in ZambiaDecolonisation of Africa
Schabir Shaik trialTICAD DelegationsSudan African National UnionLemurs' ParkHuman rights in RwandaHistory of the Jews in MauritiusOutline of South AfricaWater privatization in MoroccoHistory of the rupee
Niger uranium forgeriesHuman rights in KenyaPatrick MazimhakaVoortrekker MonumentBahá'í Faith in CameroonOkomfo AnokyeGeography of EthiopiaNigerian National Shipping LineChild labour in Africa
Conflict in the Niger DeltaSundiata KeitaAmos WakoKakum National ParkAfrican divinationBuda (folklore)Birth control in Africa
List of dams and reservoirs in Zimbabwe
Internet in Africa
United Nations Transition Assistance Group
Human rights in MalawiEmmanuel NadingarLake MuhaziDemographics of MauritiusHuman trafficking in LiberiaIgbolandGrand-BaieEconomic history of Somalia
Portuguese AngolaAlieu Ebrima Cham JoofLansana DianéChirinda Forest Botanical ReserveWater supply and sanitation in EthiopiaWomen in NigeriaKaroo SupergroupMohale DamIDRO Group
Women in the Arab SpringClean Diamond Trade ActMahmoud DjellouliList of ancient Egyptian towns and citiesHuman rights in EritreaRogers GovenderProtected areas of CameroonDikgatlhong DamEntrepreneurship Policies in Egypt
Timeline of Serer historyRoy WelenskyCentral African BackboneOlduvai GorgeBahá'í Faith in BotswanaNamibian Stock ExchangeProtected areas of South AfricaGogo FallsDate cultivation in Dar al-Manasir
Rwandan RevolutionAllan Savory
Rally for Democracy and Progress (Namibia)
Okavango DeltaDeaf education in KenyaLGBT rights in Guinea-BissauLuapula Province border disputeWater privatization in Dar es SalaamAgriculture in Madagascar
South KasaiParliament of Sierra LeoneAlbert Pahimi PadackéLake DéboSexual violence in South AfricaNegrophiliaSub-prefectures of Ivory CoastGaborone DamInternet in South Africa
History of NamibiaWilliam Harper (Rhodesian politician)Marcel Niat NjifenjiList of heritage sites in Table Mountain
Obesity in the Middle East and North Africa
Jacob Morenga1983–1985 famine in EthiopiaRoyal Niger CompanyAyan (film)
Rassemblement Démocratique AfricainAfrican independence movementsMiddle Belt ForumNational Library Service of Kenya
2016 Angola and DR Congo yellow fever outbreak
White people in ZambiaProtected areas of NamibiaZobe DamInternet censorship in the Arab Spring
State of Katanga
Constituency results of the Zimbabwean parliamentary election, 2008
Sebastian Okechukwu MezuLalibelaDemographics of South SudanBlemmyes
Ethnic groups in South Africa by municipality
W National Park
List of terrestrial fibre optic cable projects in Africa
History of SwazilandUbuntu (philosophy)All People's Party (Namibia)Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art CentreHIV/AIDS in MalawiPheretima (Cyrenaean Queen)Date cultivation in Dar al-Manasir2009 West Africa floodsFishing in Uganda
Slavery in EthiopiaHistory of Somalia (1991–2006)
Movement for the Liberation of the Congo
Gabal El HaridiNicholas Timothy ClerkThe Greatest Silence: Rape in the CongoWater politics in the Nile BasinMiller's Point, Western CapeIntellectual property in Iran
Michael OmolewaAbdirahman Duale BeyleCharles-Armel DoubaneThe Ranch ResortLegends of AfricaLindela Repatriation CentreEl HierroLake PisoKola Tubosun
Archaeogenetics of the Near EastKimberley Process Certification SchemeBig man (political science)MakapansgatMass drug administrationAkwasidae FestivalBibliography of Western SaharaRand WaterAfrica Finance Corporation
Congo Free State propaganda warSomali RepublicNhial Deng NhialWonderwerk CaveLegio MariaMaking Chastity SexyGeography of GhanaKiymbi DamCorruption in Somalia
Economic history of AfricaSiddiList of Prime Ministers of MauritiusList of museums in South AfricaBahá'í Faith in MoroccoNational Movement of Rural WomenList of postos of MozambiqueNgondoma DamAfrican Peer Review Mechanism
Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People
André-Marie MbidaJewish Anti-Zionist LeagueFish River CanyonWomen in GhanaRose LokissimDahomey2010–11 Southern Africa floodsFishing on Lake Victoria
African RiteYakubu IIWomen of Zimbabwe AriseFaerie Glen Nature ReserveThe Spear (painting)Ase (Yoruba)Demographics of TanzaniaWater supply in South SudanFinances of ISIL
Malagasy UprisingIyasu V
Ethiopian Somali People's Democratic Party
Solio RanchBahá'í Faith in EthiopiaAttiékéList of ethnic groups of AfricaMakgadikgadi PanCommunications in Somalia
Timeline of Tanzanian historyInauguration of Muhammadu Buhari
List of presidential trips made by John Magufuli
Newlands ForestFashion in NigeriaPiri piriCyclone Amara
Fishing gear and methods used in Uganda
Sekunjalo Investments
Human mitochondrial molecular clockChina–South Africa relationsHilla LimannSarir fieldHealth in MaliDashikiHistory of AngolaLesotho Highlands Water Project
Zimbabwe National Roads Administration
Prehistoric EgyptInternational organisations in AfricaHenri MaïdouGorongosa National Park
Water supply and sanitation in Mozambique
Kanga (African garment)List of cities and towns in AngolaEl Kansera Dam
Women and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Transitional Federal GovernmentLGBT rights in MalawiElisabeth Domitien
List of World Heritage Sites in Madagascar
Ritual servitudeUgali
List of cities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Synodontis membranaceusEconomic history of Iran
Timeline of Portuguese Cape VerdeChilembwe uprisingStatues Also DieLake FaguibineEducation in AfricaAkpeteshieAfrican Peer Review MechanismBartolomeu Dias Museum Complex2012–13 Cypriot financial crisis
History of MalawiPeriplus of the Erythraean SeaAfrican Independent CongressPretoria FortsAkan peopleGuédéWitwatersrandItezhi-Tezhi DamUganda Martyrs
Great TrekSourou-Migan ApithyDjema'aAUC Libraries and Learning TechnologiesUbuntu (philosophy)Daybreak in UdiUnion StateClifton, Cape TownBritish Central Africa Company
History of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2009–10 Nigerien constitutional crisisUamshoStarmus FestivalDistribution of white South Africans
Traditional African religion and other religions
History of Malta under the Order of Saint John
Zambezi Watercourse CommissionHistory of Seychelles
History of Timbuktu
History of the Democratic Alliance (South Africa)
Botswana National FrontSurameEgyptian identification card controversyWikiAfricaElliot FormationLukanga SwampGovernment of Islamic Republic of Iran
FeesMustFallCharles Coghlan (politician)Congress for Democracy and ProgressElmina CastleMosquito controlHangbeWabaneZauro polder projectCorruption in South Sudan
Sundiata KeitaBarthélemy BogandaMahamat KamounDzanga-Sangha Special ReserveAges of consent in AfricaN'tomo mask
Water supply and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa
Gamboa, Praia
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Joos Maternal DynastyCorruption in NigeriaSahrawi Trade UnionKalambo FallsSierra Leone Creole peopleFemale genital mutilation in NigeriaNkhata BaySynodontis nigritaHyperinflation in Zimbabwe
Political history of East AfricaPan-AfricanismAkinwumi AdesinaRoyal Palaces of Abomey
Education in the Middle East and North Africa
Social apartheidColony of NatalSynodontis nigromaculatusSahel drought
Legends of Africa1981 Entumbane uprisingFowsiyo Yusuf Haji AdanTs'ehlanyane National ParkHuman rights in São Tomé and Príncipe
LGBT themes in African diasporic mythologies
Jinja, UgandaList of drainage basins of South AfricaIron metallurgy in Africa
Granville SharpCorruption in AngolaTantely AndrianarivoGiza East FieldInternational organisations in AfricaSmartCareEurasiatic languagesWest Indian Ocean coelacanthMarange diamond fields
AlodiaEmperor of EthiopiaBernard KialaLas Palmas CathedralLGBT rights in MalawiO Meu Marido Está a Negar
Outline of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Synodontis clariasA. L. Bruce Estates
Military history of Africa
Tokyo International Conference on African Development
Alexandre-Ferdinand NguendetAntinopolisAfrica Humanitarian ActionSusu collectorsKhayelitshaTypes of fish in UgandaNorth–South Transport Corridor
Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas MullerJean-Hilaire AubameFrançois Lonseny FallCaves of ValeronPeople of EthiopiaNyumbani OrphanageMember states of the African UnionUShaka Marine WorldM-Pesa
Exploration of Africa2006–08 Juba talksDeputy President of South AfricaNational Art Gallery of NamibiaDemographics of AfricaGN BankYorubalandSynodontis filamentosusIranian labor law
Middle Eastern empires
Diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the Somali Civil War
Ibrahim Ssemujju NgandaTable Mountain National ParkPopulation history of EgyptDoreen SiokaDogondoutchiSondu Miriu Hydroelectric Power StationBanking in Uganda
Pink Map
List of heads of government of the Central African Republic
Ambaye Wolde MariamNabta PlayaAfrican Writers SeriesPeter KatjaviviTranskeiSynodontis sorex
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta