This sheet provides information for the Phase 1 of the 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) needs. Projects that are to be under construction and/or completed by 2023 have been removed from these lists. The project list tabs are split up by their respective mode and are organized by county. The project lists include information on project type, length, costs, phasing, etc.

The project phasing was developed through a two-tiered process in consultation with UDOT, UTA, and local communities. Tier one identified which phase a project was needed and tier two applied financial constraints to each phase. The needs for each mode were identified through utilization of the Wasatch Choice Regional Vision goals. The goals informed the criteria, weighting, and methodology used to phase these projects, and differ slightly for each transprotation mode. Once the needs phasing was identified for each project, projects were financially constrained by the amount of funding that is forecasted to be available within each phase. Active transportation projects were not financially constrained into phases due to revenue assumptions not being identified.

The three phases of the 2019-2050 RTP are:
Phase 1: 2019 to 2030;
Phase 2: 2031 to 2040; and
Phase 3: 2041 to 2050.

A complete list of projects can be found in the 2019-2050 RTP and within recent amendments.

These projects can be explored in an interactive map that contains both the 2021-2026 TIP and the 2019-2050 RTP. Within each of these map tabs are additional project information. To use the map, click on the project to display more information or use the filter box to display projects by a variety of parameters.