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School DistrictState/ProvinceCountryTwitter NameHow do you use Twitter in your class?Do you protect your updates?Your Email AddressAny other comments?
1stHoover ALUSAfirstgradestarsdaily
3rdHoover CityALUSAfeaginsclassTo connect with other classes, get/give feedback, communication with parents, report classroom happenings, inquiry tool is my class account but i also have an account personally that is set up as my PLN. Great Resource!
4thHoover City SchoolsALUSAgrade4gatorsWe've just started using it. We will probably use it for updates and comments on our
KindergartenSt. Clair CountyALUSprivateOne of our kindergarten teachers uses it daily to keep parents informed about class events. A student dictates to the teacher something that is happening. For instance, last spring, there were tweets a couple times a day about the hatching of duck eggs. It's a private account so only the parents (and select others) can
University - aspiring teachers (jr/sr)University of South AlabamaALUSA@drjohnhadleystudents use to gather information from recommended blogs and web sites and to develop a Personal Learning NetworkNo, not on a regular basisjstrange@mac.comAccompanied by 3 handouts and a movie on how to use Twitter effectively. See
ElementaryHoover City SchoolsALUSAfosheeclassTo connect with other classes; communication with
KindergartenHoover City SchoolsAlabamaUSA@reachkclassI am planning on using it
next school year by having
the students reflect on our
4GESD #40AZUSA@techyturnerme. Used it to communicate with other classes and status updates for future
9-12 gradeSunrise Mountain High SchoolAZUSA@roschkekji teach journalism and advise student publications: we use twitter to update each other on current events, to share links to good journalism tips and to promote our
University, 18-23 year oldsBarcelonaBarcelonaSpain@torreskused it as communications channel, for discussions before exams, updatesnoricardo.torres.kompen@gmail.comFinished a pilot study using Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools in the classroom, will start another one in september
6-8tth gradeVan Avery Prep SchoolCAUSA@tlboltonme: daily updates and collaboration with PLN Students: daily warm-up activity when they walk into class, discussion topics, group collaboration, receive important class updates from
Community CollegeWest Kern Community College DistrictCAUS@brianjeanRemind students in online class of upcoming deadlinesYes
Grade 10West Hills High SchoolCAUSA@apworldhistoryWill post regular
Grade 10 & 12Sonora Union High SchoolCAUSA@benhowellcorporate conversation, teacher updates, class idea updates, open discussion, class social buildingno
Grade 12LAUSDCAUS@kathyredfordJust started this summer as an informational tool for students and for communication/clarification between students and
High SchoolCalifornia Dept of EdCAUSACaBusinessEdannouncing professional development, training and stipend opportunities for CA
KindergartenOntario-Montclair School DistrictCaliforniaUSA@Sra_GuevaraWe use twitter as a communication tool with parents. This is a wonderful tool that we use to send updates on school events, what's going on in the classroom, plan playdates, share funny stories about kids, or just to let others know what's happening in our lives. Parents and teachers build a relationship outside of school. We feel more connected because of it. Parents are encouraged follow the teachers and each other. yesI love twitter! I can't imagine what life was like without twitter.
5LPSCOUSAEastDragonDenwe post teaching points, homework, questions, and new learning. Students and teachers use it on a daily basis. We'd love to join up with some other elementary classrooms!
2nd GradeSt. Vrain Valley School DistrictCOUSA@halpern2ndgradeStudents post two times a day to share their learning with parents and others following us. We also post reminders and ask questions so we are able to talk back and
11-18 Year olds UKCornwall, England UKCornwallEngland@chickensaltashWe use it to do live polls, set homework, To do revision in class and at home etcYes
11-16 year olds UKDevon, England UKDevonEngland@stephenfarmer & @StJamesSchoolCurrently used for school PR and latest news. Planning to use a lot more in academic year 2009-2010 for students to answer questions relating to plenaries. For English lessons. For homework and live or stephenleefarmer@gmail.com
9th GradeCitrus High SchoolFLUSA@jswiatekClass updates for parents/students, live backchannel during presentations/videos, way for students to make connections with people from around the
Grade 4 Palm BeachFLUSA@mrskolbertwith parents only. Post updates, links for parents, activities we did in
9 and 11Orange County FLUSA@spillarkeCCHSJust beginning to use with students. We tweet notes and updates from class.nospillal@ocps.netStudents enjoyed tweeting during in-class presentations as a way to share out and take note of ideas.
6th Grade MathPalm Beach Fl.USA@msionnolink from my class blog for parents to find current updates.
Grades 6-8Palm BeachFloridaUSA@PPMSCoachA new account. I am going to use it to disseminate information to teachers, staff, parents, and students. I hope to use it to share strategies to increase literacy next
6Gwinnett County Public SchoolsGAUSA@mrswilsonsciTo post updates and links to daily class blog posts. Also used to communicate my trip to see the launch of #STS132 at the #nasatweetup with my kids. Some students have twitter accounts and interact with the class account once in a
1st-6thBSDIDUSACoachInTheLabJust starting out. Searching for PLN, applications for use, etc. Looking for ideas! :)No
4th gradeCassia County School DistrictIDUSA@alykaramazov (personal); @gloverclassroom (for my class)I will post assignments daily as well as class and school reminders. I will also give parents the opportuinites to discuss with me via twitterFor my personal account no. For my classroom account yes.BenjaminSGlover@hotmail.comMy class's site is In the future I would like to add Twitter pen pals to what I am doing.
9th-12thChester School District 139ILUSA@chs_spanishHomework list is updated each day with a simple text message from my cell phone to twitter.Yeslandchristopher@yahoo.comI love Twitter for this purpose!
Grade 9Bullitt County Public SchoolsKentuckyUSA@iClassrmTweetsPost assignments & announcements; Plan to add more features next
4th GradeBlue Valley School DistrictKSUSA@OHEMcKnightI just started this semester. I'm using it as a way to update parents about the little things that happen each day.Noemcknight@bluevalleyk12.orgI'm hoping to get feedback from my parent followers to see how I can adapt and change my class account for next year.
AnyUSD #376 SterlingKSUSA@dmantz7mantzd@usd376.comI have added 2 comments to your editable web/wiki page under secondary.
Community CollegeButler Community CollegeKSUS@butlercollision make last minute announcements, homework reminders, encouragement,noasmith73@butlercc.eduClass Blog
Grades 6-8Academia Britanica CuscatlecaLa LibertadEl Salvador@mrsjgarciacollective research and discussion, homework and activity
10 - 13 year olds PERUMiraflores, Lima, PeruLimaPERU@glazaroStimulating students to tweet info more current than the one received in class, or any contribution to the subjectNoglazarof@gmail.com
Community college 100-levelWorcester, MAMAUSA@aschwortz, @sci135Will be using it starting in the fall to encourage study groups, make announcements, and provide links to current events. Using a separate account for my online course (@sci135) with a web app so I can post announcements on the Home page of my course in Blackboard.
9 -12Garden Valley School DivisionManitobaCanada@gvc_biology (class) @timwiebe (personal)have linked it to my class website (and planbook), which sends a tweet each time an update is made.notim.wiebe@gvsd.ca1
Grade 9 - 12West Kildonan High SchoolManitobaCanada@mrhildebrandtdiscussion, distribute material, pass along articles of interest, in class
5thPrince George's CountyMDUSA@mrcohensclassOne student per day is chosen with equity sticks to tweet about what's going on in our
6-8th gradeBaltimore County Deep Creek MiddleMDUSA@mrsphotogenic(personal)@deepcreekmagnet(for my school)Planning to utilize this year to share upcoming events and information with parentsno- but wondering if I
9 - 12IndependentMDUSA@TeachPaperlessCollab reference bibliographies, lifelines on tests, live backchannel, lots more...Noblakeplock(at)gmailull
Do students prefer paperless?
6-8th gradeGrand Ledge Public SchoolMIUSA@moorehayesused it to communicate updates to parents, students and
Grades 11-12Saint Joseph School DistrictMissouriUSA@nashworldGeneral communication between the usual blogs & Ning networksNo
9-12 gradeLindbergh High SchoolMOUSA@coacherwinstudents use it to: collaborate on projects, answer an essential question given each day, additionally I post links to articles, websites, etc., that we will discuss in class, and due dates on
Grade 2IndependentMOUSA@globalramsmy students post what we are doing to keep our parents and global partners up to date with what's going onnohorwitz.jeff@gmail.comFollow us!
Grade 2IndependentMOUSA@2Bglobalramsstudents post happenings of the day for parents and global
MOUSAkoehneckPlanning to star this fall; appears that most elementary teachers use it for parents. I'll use for online classesProfessional acct. yesdkoehnecke@webster.eduHow do students in face to face classrooms like going paperless?
2nd Grade Lincoln Public SchoolsNebraskaUSA@mrskrivolavekTo post daily celebrations, up coming events, reminders, ideas for activities to do at home, and just a general home/school connection. nokatielynn07@mac.comThanks for creating this, can't wait to use some new ideas!
Grades 10-12ESU13 /VALTS (Alt. Ed)NebraskaUSA@bethstillFollow congress for Am.Gov. class; general
KindergartenDeerfield Community SchoolNew HampshireUSA@thekinderkidsConnecting to other classes to learn what they are doing. Sharing our work and learning with others. We encourage our parents to follow us and to send us messages. We like questions.noagearrings at gmail dot com
Grade 4Stratham Memorial SchoolNHUSA@mrgclassLetting students post updates during
University-tech coordinator endorsement, classroom tech integrationNew Mexico State UniversityNMUSA@desertjulHighly recommend twitter to student EdTech Toolkit to build PLN; use a Twitter activity to practice collaborative group work tools and processes, see Twitter activity at
Grades 10 - 11Forest Hills School DistrictOHUSA@foussmathWill post updates, assignmentsnokristenfouss@yahoo.comI'm going to give it a shot this year!
8th gradeMcLoud Public SchoolsOKUSAhoddeshollerInform students/parents of homework, exams, and basic school stuff (pic days, snow days, etc.), post encouraging notes and study tipsnochodde@mcloudschools.usI would love for us to have penpals in the future! Follow us or contact me via our class website:
Grade 1Hamilton-Wentworth District School BoardONCanada@Grade1just started using it to update parents on important class and school events; also use it now for interactive writing; students write about their day on it; use it for Twitpics and Twitvids too (to show what's happening in our day)
12th gradeThames Valley District S.B.OntarioCanada@mistercookeplanning on using it to post updates about course, assignment due dates, recommended supplemental readings; aspire to use it with students throughout semester also as a "back channel"; will use in conjunction with a class blogNot sure yet :)
Grade 7/8OntarioOntarioCanada@classroomblogWe use twitter in the classroom as a collaboration tool (, but after seeing this doc, we're thinking of using it next year to replace the RSS feed we used for homework updates on our homework/class blog.yes on our class twitter; no on our teacher accountadmin@classroomteacher.ca
Grade 8Abington Friends SchoolPAUSA@afs8scienceScience research, Current science information, Communicating what science work we are doing in the classroom, Sharing pictures and videos, & Creating PLN's for
Grades 6,7,8Unionville-Chadds Ford SD -CFPatton Middle schoolPAUSA@cfpmsinfoThis will be new to our school this year. Reminders to parents about school events, when sports are canceled for weather issues, NOrmartin@ucfsd.orgthis should work great, will have about 4 different people tweeting from this account
Grade 2St John Vianney's Primary SchoolQueenslandAustralia@2mgems (class) @MrsMgem (teacher) @marragem (personal)for updates and collaborating with other classrooms, teachers,
Grade 1Prairiesouth School DivisionSaskatchewanCanada@mrscassidyclassfinding out what other primary classrooms are learning, also connecting and
University of applied sciences, all gradesLeipzigSaxonyGermany@DieckmannAnswering questions, giving hints, getting feedback from the
11/12/2009Bishop Dunne Catholic SchoolTXUSA@paulrwoodUse it for office hours during the school year allowing students to tweet me and I them with questions and answers to specif problems that may arise.NOpaulwood@swbell.netCheck out and look at blogging the brontes ppt from one of our teachers for AP .
2ndCypress Fairbanks ISDTXUSA@mrsglynnsclasshappenings in the classroom and collaboration with other
6-8th gradeBryan ISDTXUSA@techmunoz, class site is @BCIS_Class yes for class, and no for teacher
Grades 9-12Klein, ISDTXHouston@mrsvrileyWas going to show students/parents how to receive updates as text messages from selected users.I don't know just yet. It's open right now, but I'm not happy with the spam bots that "follow" me at this point. I wanted it to be open acess, but I don't want to be an access point for
K-5North East ISDTXUSAlccowboysThis twitter is for parents. Used for announcements and reminders of school
Grades 9-12Jordan High SchoolUTUSA@mainegirl9171I use it to keep parents informed of events and upcoming activities in the area. Peer tutors to answer questions or for them to keep me update on attendance and projects they are doing in my peer tutoring elective classes. Direct them to my IT online curriculum. xxxsometimesmainegirl9171@gmail.comI use mine for both sections of my program. THe parents of students with significant disabilities and peer tutors who are earning elective credit learning to implement programs I have designed.
11Independent schoolVAUSA@fhsushmy US History class is centered on 10 themes. We introduce the themes first using current events and then go into history. students will have to continue to post current events related to themes discussed at different moments in
8th gradeChesterfieldVAUSA@sharon_elinblocked in district; will ask permission for class to use as a backchannel
6thEssex Town VermontUSA@navigatorteam
12thEverett Public SchoolsWAUSA@geotchPolling and searching for live info and reviewno, net
7th gradeMarinette Middle
Adult Basic Ed - Level 2 (Middle School Content)MilwaukeeWIUSA@ALC_JonI send out the weekly vocabulary/spelling word list as soon as I finalize it. I am now trying to tweet the weekly agenda as a GoogleDocs link.yesjon@ALCmilwaukee.orgI recommend using a Twitter program that can shorten your links. You can use up only about 10 characters instead of the 50+ that a normal document link might take up!
9 -12Park County School District #1WYUSA@jpk38;@phsworldhistoryjust starting, use for asignments and back
ElementaryWillow Tree Primary SchoolUK@mrkpJust getting started trying to work out best ways to use.not
SecondaryIndependent schoolOntarioCanadaGrade 11 Society: @HSP3M; Grade 10 Science: @SNC2D; Personal: @lhamrI use each course twitter account to follow journals and retweet resources and information for students that are related to what we are studying in class. Students can tweet things they find back at the class account.Nolhamr@havergal.on.caI am doing research on the effectiveness of twitter in contributing to scientific literacy. Email me if you have an interest in this.