US Christian right spending in Europe - dataset
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US Christian right spending in Europe - notes on the data

- All figures in the spreadsheet come from the annual, publicly-available 990 financial filings of the listed groups, all of which have been registered as tax exempt organisations in the US. In particular, the figures on spending in Europe coming from the "Schedule F" form within these filings.

- For each of these groups we looked for their latest 990 filings on their own websites, where available, and otherwise via ProPublica’s Nonprofit Explorer online database:

- Individual source documents are available in this folder, categorised by organisation:
What this spreadsheet contains:

The organisation’s name. In two cases the group’s registered name is different than their public-facing name. These are ‘Family Watch International’ (registered as Global Helping to Advance Women & Children) and the ‘American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property’ (Foundation for a Christian Civilization). In these cases both names are included in the ‘group’ column. Their 990 filings are in their registered names.

City & state: From the organisations’ registered addresses, as per their latest 990 filings.

EIN Number: A unique identifier assigned to organisations and included on the 990 filings, as per their latest filings. In the case of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), we found several apparently affiliated groups with unique EIN numbers and 990 forms in ProPublica’s online database. Two filed Schedule F forms in recent years and disclosed spending in Europe: BGEA MN (2008-2013) and BGEA (2014 only).

Year of latest 990: This is the year listed in top right corner of the 990 of the latest public filing we could locate via ProPublica’s online database or organisations’ own websites. This year corresponds to that during which the organisation's fiscal year began. A 2016 filing could cover 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2016 or 1 July 2016 - 31 June 207, depending on the period of organisations' fiscal years (which differ between groups, as noted below).

Latest 990 fiscal year end: Organisations have different fiscal years. This is reflected in this column which lists the last month and year covered by the latest 990.

Yearly Euro spending (SUM) columns (2008-2017): In some cases these are sums (with the constituent amounts added up in the cell; see the formula bar), where organisations disclosed several transfers to Europe in the same year (for example an amount for ‘program services’ + an amount as ‘grants to foreign recipients’ in the region). N/A in one of these cells means there is *no* 990 for that group for that year. 0 means there is no European spending (and in some cases no international spending at all).
Limitations of this data:

- These figures only include spending of registered tax-exempt organisations that file 990s. They do not include spending by organisations registered as churches (for example) which do not have to file the same forms used for this analysis.

- Filings for 2018 (and in some cases for even earlier years) were not yet publicly available at the time of this analysis. For one organisation their 2017 fiscal year ended in March 2018. For all others the accounting periods for which we have data end earlier than that. For 5 or the 13 organisations their latest publicly available filings are from 2014 (4) and 2015 (1) -- while we expect they continued spending money after this.

- When Europe was combined with other regions (for ex. ‘Europe + South America’) in disclosures we excluded these totals as we weren’t sure how to accurately disaggregate them.