QA Seminar FSCH (2018-2019)
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TimestampEmail addressAcademic TitleFull NameTitle of SeminarYour DepartmentAbstract of SeminarSeminar KeywordsDatePrefered TimeTarget GroupLocationstatusDateTimelocationLink to feedbacknotGoogle Slides (size 16:10)
FSCH.SE18614225/09/2018 Prof , Full profHaidar Lashkry Khidr, Salah Ismaeel YahyaBologna process at KOU; planning and implementationOther"KOU at the International Ranking; a Review","The important of Implementing Bologna Process at KOU","The implementation of Bologna process"; a complete catalog, International Ranking , important of Implementing Bologna Process , complete catalog,08/10/201810:00:00UniversityUniversity Conference HallApproved08/10/201810:00:00University Conference HallFSCH.SE186142Simposium
FSCH.SE18614313/10/2018 00:35:55mardan.ameen@koyauniversity.orgAssistance LecturerMardan Ameen PirdawoodGuidelines for QA Essential StepsDepartment of MathematicsTeaching Quality Assurance (TQA) at Koya University was established in 2010 following a new region wide strategy to ensure quality in public higher education institutes. This is monitored by a ministerial Quality Assurance committee to regulate and standardize the ways to promote academic quality as a means to academic achievements which are in line of the vision of the universities. In 2012 Koya University set a new roadmap to enable a wide electronic wise university which could promote its academic community and secure a global presence.
Quality Assurance, Academic Profile, Google Scholar, PF&CAD, Class websites, course syllabus.15/10/201812:00:00DepartmentHall (Math 1)Approved15/10/201812:00Hall (Math 1)FSCH.SE186143DQASubmitted
FSCH.SE18614413/10/2018 00:44:30mardan.ameen@koyauniversity.orgAssistance LecturerMardan Ameen PirdawoodExistence and Uniqueness Theorems for Infinitesimal Micromonad of an Initial Standard PointDepartment of Mathematics We analyzed and proved the existence and uniqueness theorems for first order ordinary differential equations in an infinitesimal Micromonad of an initial standard point by using some nonstandard mathematical analysis’s tools and Picard’s iteration method.Nonstandard, Existence Theorem, Uniqueness Theorem, Ordinary Differential Equation.22/10/201812:00:00DepartmentHall (Math 1)Approved22/10/201812:00Hall (Math 1)FSCH.SE186144Submitted
FSCH.SE18614517/10/2018 kazm reconstruction around the shoulder surgically & follow upOtherThis symposium is about the surgery of shoulder and the side effects of this typical surgery also talking on the way of following up. Shoulder, surgery, medicine, side effects, follow up, medical treatment.18/10/201811:00:00UniversityMAIN HALL OF PRESIDENCY Approved18/10/201811:00:00MAIN HALL OF PRESIDENCY FSCH.SE186145Simposium
FSCH.SE18614620/10/2018 22:36:52bakhtiyar.azad@koyauniversity.orgAssistance LecturerBakhtiyar Azad AbdullahClarify QA to the academic teaching staffDepartment of BiologyThe aim of this seminar is to explain the QA for the academic year 2018-2019Update PF&CD, Class website, Course book and course peer-review dateline, 29/10/201810:30:00FacultyHall 14Approved29/10/201810:30Hall 14FSCH.SE186146DQA
FSCH.SE18614705/11/2018 00:11:35soma.fatah@koyauniversity.orgAssistance LecturerSoma Fatah RasulQuality Assurance requirements and rules clarification for new academic staff Department of Medical MicrobiologyNew academic staffs need to understand the rules that required by QA . In last academic year some teaching staff-members failed easily because they haven't got enough information about the system. therefore in this seminar will try to tell that every teaching staff-member should prepare his/her electronic portfolio to be evaluated by PF assessment committee as well as to be scored by the CAD assessment committee.
QA academic year 2018-2019, Student Feedback , Teacher Portfolio , Continuous Academic Development (CAD)
13/11/201812:00:00Departmenthall 13Approved13/11/201812:00:00hall 13FSCH.SE186147DQA
FSCH.SE18614807/11/2018 19:37:38esmail.kakey@koyauniversity.orgProf.Ismail Salih KakeyEvaluation of Oxidative Stress Status in Aged Human in Relation to some Diseases
Department of BiologyThe current study included 60 aged persons (30 men’s and 30 women’s) at age ranges of (40-80) years, and 30 young healthy persons (15 men and 15 women) as control groups. The samples were collected in the Educational Hospital of Shied Doctor Khalid in Koya city and nursing home in Erbil Governorate. Blood sample were collected from subject and control persons. Then the serum separated and for biochemical analysis. The fully automated ELISA system was used to determination of oxidative and antioxidant parameters.
According to the results of the current study, the levels of oxidative stress parameter increased, and the levels of antioxidant parameters were decreased with aging. The data analysis showed significant (p<0.05) elevation of malondialdehyde (MDA) in both aged groups of healthy and nonhealthy males and females, and its level is higher in smoker groups male than in nonsmoker one. And the level of protein carbonyl group was significantly (p<0.05) in both aged groups of nonhealthy and healthy males and females, and its level is higher in smoker aged group men than in nonsmoker groups.
The result revealed that the level of superoxide dismutase (SOD) was significantly (p<0.05) decreased in both aged group of healthy and nonhealthy males and females and the level of superoxide dismutase is lower in smoker aged group men than in nonsmoker one. Also, the level of total antioxidant capacity is lower in smoker aged men than in nonsmoker one.
Age related disease, Aging, Oxidative stress.

19/11/201810:30:00FacultyFaculty hal. 14Approved19/11/201810:30Hall 14FSCH.SE186148Submitted
FSCH.SE18614918/11/2018 15:39:34faten.chaqmaqchee@koyauniversity.orgAssistance Prof. Faten Adel Ismael ChaqmaqcheeConventional Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers VCSELs at 1300 nmDepartment of Physics Vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) are interesting devices because of their low-cost manufacturing and testing methods, circularly shaped output beam for high coupling efficiency and suited for use in fiber-optic networks and as optical interconnects. Experimental results of output light-current-voltage (LIV), optically pumped VCSELs operating at 1320 nm wavelength are presented. The commercial device is biased just below threshold current of 0.84 mA under pump power of 1 mW. An amplified gain at around 20 dB is obtained. In addition, the influence of temperature on the performance of the device is studied.Commercial VCSEL, Amplification, Thresholds current, Tunable laser power.
17/12/201811:30:00DepartmentHall 2Approved17/12/201811:30:00Hall 2FSCH.SE186149Submitted
FSCH.SE18615022/11/2018 23:23:14srwa.ali@koyauniversity.orgAssistance Prof. Srwa Ali Mohammed Treating Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Proteus Spp. were Isolated from Renal Stone Patients by Crataegus rhipidophylla and Adiantum capillusDepartment of Medical Microbiology Nine isolates of Proteus spp. were isolated from 100 urine samples of renal stone patients which were the urine specimens obtained directly from Sulaimani Teaching Hospital Laboratory, and identified according to the cultural characteristic, morphological, biochemical examination. The antibiotic susceptibility test for all isolates were conducted to nine antimicrobial agents including (Ciprofloxacin (Cip), Tetracycline(TE), Neomycin (N), Gentamicin (CN),
Erythromycin (E), Nitrofurantoin (F), Naldixic acid (NA), Imipenem (IPM), Amoxicillin (AX). Plasmid analysis of these isolates showed presence are (22) Kb plasmid. Curing of antibiotic resistance genes by using methanol extracts for
leave of Crataegus rhipidophylla and Adiantum capillus was performed. The minimum inhibitory concentration of these medicinal plants through methanol extracts which were 5000 µg/ml and 1000 µg/ml for Ailanthus altissima and Adiantum capillus respectively. The Sub minimum inhibition concentration (SMIC) was also determined. The results of transformation and curing experiments revealed that SMIC of Ailanthus altissima extract was cured or eliminated plasmid completely, and (SMIC) of Adiantum capillus was cured (CN, E, and AX) resistant genes.
Proteus sp., Plasmid, antibiotic resistance, transformation, curing, medicinal plants.03/12/201810:30:00FacultyHall 14Approved03/12/201810:30:00Hall 14FSCH.SE186150Submitted
FSCH.SE18615102/12/2018 04:46:24hemn.salh@koyauniversity.orgAssistance LecturerHemn Muhammad SalhInduction to seminar registration and QA requirementsDepartment of PhysicsI will be explaining the steps of seminar registration for DPHY academic staff as well as its power-point preparation according to DQA regulations. Because it has been noticed that majority of DPHY academic staff have been asking about the process. In addition, I will be focusing on the DQA requirements for each teaching staff and familiarize them again with it. Seminars, TAP, CAD, student feedback12/12/201800:30:00DepartmentHall-2 (Physics Department)Approved12/12/201810:30:00Hall-2 (Physics Department)FSCH.SE186151DQA
Not Approved29/10/2018rebin.azad@koyauniversity.orgAssistance Lecturerrebin azad omarCytotoxicity in Exfoliated Buccal Stations’ Workers in Erbil CityCells of Petrol Department of Biologythe aim of this seminar is to explain the effect of chemical hazardous on human healthy Buccal cells, Micronucleus test, Petrol station29/10/201810:30departmentHall 14Not Approved29/10/201812:00Hall 14
Not Approved5/11/2018esmail.kakey@koyauniversity.orgProf.Esmail salih KakeyCurriculum developmentDept. of BiologyTo identify curriculum development mechanismsCurriculum development, market demands, 5/11/201810:30Facultybiology Hall 8Not Approved5/11/201810:30biology Hall 8
FSCH.SE18615202/12/2018 Wali Mahmood Hamad & Prof. Dr. Salah Ismael YahyaKOU at the National University Ranking; Status update and challengesFENGThis meeting seminar will be present by Dr. Wali the president of KOU and Prof. Salah the director of QA&CD. The seminar will talk about KOU scientific achievement in the NUR and the challenges it faces.KOU, NUR02/12/201812:00:00UniversityKOU President HallApproved 02/12/201812:00:00AuditoriumFSCH.SE186152Dr. Wali Mahmood Hamad
FSCH.SE18615303/12/2018 11:14:20zrar.saleem@koyauniversity.orgAssistance Prof. Zrar S. MarzanyThalassemia SyndromesDepartment of BiologyThe thalassemia syndromes are syndromes that result from inherited abnormalities in globin synthesis that lead to decrease in the production of hemoglobin .Hemoglobin synthesis is depend on a balanced production of heme and globin chains; a decrease of one component will lead to a decrease in hemoglobin and hypochromic microcytic anemia thalassemia . hemoglobin, bartts hemoglobin, HbH17/12/201810:30:00FacultyHall 4Approved 17/12/201810:30:00Hall 14 FSCH.SE186153Submitted
FSCH.SE18615417/12/2018د.کرمانج گوندیئەدای ئەخلاقی لە بواری کارکردنداOtherئەدای ئەخلاقی لە بواری کارکردندائەدای ئەخلاقی لە بواری کارکردندا20/12/201810:00:00Universityهۆلی سەرۆکایەتی زانکۆی کۆیەApproved 20/12/201810:00:00هۆڵی سه‌رۆكایه‌تی زانكۆFSCH.SE186154د.کرمانج گوندی
FSCH.SE18615518/12/2018پ.د. ولی محمود حمدگرینگی و كاریگه‌ری په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ ناوخۆیی و نێوده‌وڵه‌تییه‌كان بۆ دامه‌زراوه‌ ئه‌كادیمیه‌كان زانكۆی كۆیه‌ به‌ نمونه‌Univ. Presidentگرینگی و كاریگه‌ری په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ ناوخۆیی و نێوده‌وڵه‌تییه‌كان بۆ دامه‌زراوه‌ ئه‌كادیمیه‌كان زانكۆی كۆیه‌ به‌ نمونه‌گرینگی و كاریگه‌ری په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ ناوخۆیی و نێوده‌وڵه‌تییه‌كان بۆ دامه‌زراوه‌ ئه‌كادیمیه‌كان زانكۆی كۆیه‌ به‌ نمونه‌18/12/201812:00:00Universityهۆڵی سه‌رۆكایه‌تی زانكۆApproved 18/12/201812:00:00هۆڵی سه‌رۆكایه‌تی زانكۆFSCH.SE186155Dr. Wali Mahmood Hamad
FSCH.SE19615629/12/2018 12:43:13akram.hashim@koyauniversity.orgAssistance Prof. Akram Hashim TahaQuantum Mechanic concepts, applications and approximations.Department of PhysicsThe seminar will give some basic concepts in quantum mechanics and its applications in QM and its uses in our lives. Some approximations will be considered also. the potential energy is the most important term in solving QM problems. Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger equation, potential Approximation. 12/02/201911:00:00DepartmentHall 1Approved 12/02/201911:00:00DepartmentFSCH.SE196156Submitted
FSCH.SE19615729/12/2018 19:52:16mohammed.mohammedsabri@koyauniversity.orgLecturerMohammed Faeq Mohammed SabriElectron Beam Transformation of Glass NanoparticlesDepartment of PhysicsThe phenomenon of electron irradiation induced quasi-fluid flow in solid amorphous silicates is examined. High-intensity electron beam irradiation of glass nanoparticles in TEM leads to a variety of transformations including rounding, bead formation, and phase separation. Evidence for possible rise in temperature, charging fields, and enhanced diffusion is collected and compared, while the latter effect (loosening of glass network) is shown to dominate.Electron irradiation, Glass, Nanoparticles, TEM06/02/201911:00:00FacultyHall 2Approved 06/02/201911:30:00DepartmentFSCH.SE196157Submitted
FSCH.SE19615803/02/2019 10:46:34hanaa.muhammad@koyauniversity.orgAssistance LecturerHanaa Ali MuhammadSustainable remediation Department of BiologySustainable remediation is a step toward creating and protecting an environment under which the present and future generation can persist. Although remediation considered being sustainable by itself, each technique has its limitations. Therefore, there is a need to modify a flexible, cost effective, and easily understood system. SPeAR system has been used to highlight the indicators that need to be improved. Additionally, Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) has been used as a decision-making tool in choosing the best and least sustainable option among the proposed technologies.Sustainability18/02/201910:30:00FacultyHall 14Approved 18/02/201910:30:00facultyFSCH.SE196158Submitted
FSCH.SE19615903/03/2019 Lecturerdawan jamal awezHow to fight cancerOtherWorld cancer day ; to prevent cancer and specialy ca breastWorld cancer day ; to prevent cancer and specialy ca breast04/02/201902:30:00Universityهۆلی سەرۆکایەتی زانکۆApproved 04/02/201902:30:00هۆلی سەرۆکایەتی زانکۆFSCH.SE196159D.Dawan
FSCH.SE19616004/03/2019 06:25:23fahmi.fariq@koyauniversity.orgAssistance Prof. Fahmi Fariq MuhammadThermal Stability and Reproducibility Enhancement of Organic Solar Cells by Tris(hydroxyquinoline)gallium Dopant Forming a Dual Acceptor Active LayerDepartment of PhysicsNowadays, the main barriers facing organic solar cells (OSCs) from being commercialized and widely applied are their weak thermal stability and reproducibility problems. To tackle these problems, researchers usually consider various strategies which include modification in the devices architectural design, utilizing low energy gap materials, functionalizing their active layers, and the use of various optimization procedures. In this research work, we are specifically focused on the utilization of a small molecular organometallic, tris(hydroxyquinoline)gallium (Gaq3), as a secondary acceptor dopant, aiming at improving thermal stability, and reproducibility of OSCs. All-solution processed technique with the help of spin coater was used to deposit the active layer of the devices. Results showed that the addition of 29% molar fraction of Gaq3 into the devices active layer has considerably improved the thermal stability, photo-absorption, and reproducibly of the solar cells thanks to the excellent thermal stability and electron mobility of Gaq3 molecules. Our devices based on DH6T: PCBM:Gaq3 performed highest stable performance at 180°C, implying higher thermal stability compared to that of the reported P3HT: PCBM:F8BT and PTB7:PCBM: F8BT based solar cells. In spite of improved reproducibility, the efficiency of the devices was increased by 5.8 times compared to that of the control ones.Active layer, dual acceptor, Gaq3 dopant, organic solar cell, reproducibility, Thermal stability.31/03/201911:30:00DepartmentHall-2Approved31/03/201911:30:00دواخرا
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