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Asking the question: A simple step to improve veteran healthStacy K. Syphers, the SIM-funded veteran health connector (VHC), is connecting military veterans in eastern Colorado with community resources to improve their health and wellness, and she’s developing a community-based plan to prevent suicide. One quick tip that she’s giving primary care providers is to ask patients if they’re veterans, which can influence health in myriad ways. Asking that one question could help care teams identify the source of a health issue more quickly and ensure better outcomes and the reduction of unnecessary costs. Hear more about this important work in this episode of Innovation Insights.
Integrated care helps patients, empowers care teamsIntegrating physical and behavioral health in primary care settings is hard work that is rewarding for care team members, who see how whole-person care benefits patients of all ages. Listen to representatives from Sapphire Pediatrics, a SIM cohort-2 practice, talk about one patient, who gained skills to manage anxiety and depression while losing more than 30 pounds. You'll also hear how integrating care has helped the care team provide the best possible patient care and reduce burden on staff. Learn more about SIM practices at:
Reframing the discussion: Encouraging more men to talk about mental heathN/A
Providing a safe space for teens, parents to talk about substance useGabriella Gomez gets emotional when she shares examples of how her work with Aurora Youth Options (AYO) has worked with teenagers to help them make healthy decisions about drugs and alcohol. “They have a space to be vulnerable,” said Gomez, program coordinator for the Prevention Awareness through Core Training Program during the latest episode of Innovation Insights, the SIM podcast series. “I’m really proud of the work we do.” Listen to Gomez talk about how AYO engages sixth- and ninth-grade students and parents in discussions that encourage healthier habits and avoid future health issues in this episode of Innovation Insights.

Aurora Mental Health Center:
Aurora Youth Options:
Aurora Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition:
Insights into community mental health centersHear two representatives from the Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH), one of four SIM-funded community mental health centers, talk about how they are improving whole-person health in the latest episode of Innovation Insights, the SIM podcast series. JCMH professionals talk about testing innovative approaches to care, analyzing data from screenings and assessments to improve care, establishing/maintaining workflows that are patient-centered and more.
SIM/TCPi provider shares value of integrated careThe episode illustrates the value of offering integrated physical and behavioral health in primary care settings from a provider and practice administrator’s points of view. “We’re seeing such a huge impact with people getting better,” says Katrina DeRomana, NP, practice owner, Heartlight Family Clinic in Colorado Springs. “I will never go back,” she adds. “It’s such a huge improvement (in patient outcomes) that we’re seeing.” Listen to hear more from DeRomana about how the practice’s involvement in the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi) and SIM has helped her practice team expand patient access, retool processes and use data in actionable ways.
Using technology to bolster mental health in primary care practicesThe National Mental Health Innovation Center (NMHIC) looks beyond the current mental healthcare system to find bold new solutions that can be quickly and effectively scaled to help more people, earlier. With an estimated one in five Americans struggling with mental illness or substance abuse every year, NMHIC understands the importance of spurring real innovation in practices. NMHIC works to forge partnerships with unexpected people in unexpected places to find, develop and test emerging evidence-based solutions to bring them to scale. Listen to the latest episode of the SIM podcast series, Innovation Insights, to hear about how NMHIC is connecting providers with technology to improve mental health outcomes and smash barriers to care.N/A
TCPi prepares practice for success with APMsCreating a budget, retooling processes and engaging in community events were some of the ways that the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative (TCPi) helped one Colorado practice prepare for alternative payment models (APMs). Listen to a provider explain how TCPi, a federally funded support network, helped the care team refine workflows and prepare for success with APMs in this episode of Innovation Insights.
SIM providers are using data to navigate value-based payment modelsGet the full scoop on data collection efforts underway and what SIM data experts have learned from cohort-1 practices in the latest installment of Innovation Insights, the SIM podcast series. Leilani Russell, MPH, SIM data lead coordinator, talks about how practices have improved their ability to report clinical quality measures, which will help them negotiate value-based payment models.N/A
Western Colorado Pediatric Associates podcastListen to the care team at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates (WCPA) talk about how they are using patient engagement category funds from SIM small grants to bolster their efforts in integrating physical and behavioral healthcare. WCPA created a weekly parent resource group that the community has come to refer to as ‘the Parent Help Desk’. In the 18 months since the weekly group’s inception, there has been only one evening that no one arrived to participate!
Answer the call to improve the mental health of boys and men in ColoradoWe can do more to identify, intervene and improve mental health among boys and men in Colorado, and a new report published by the SIM population health workgroup outlines action steps to do just that. Recommendations are actionable for community members, employers, coaches, health plans and health care professionals and considering that one in five people in Colorado need mental health services, we all have a role to play. Listen to members of the SIM team, who are joined by the co-chairs of the population health workgroup, discuss this new report in this episode of Innovation Insights.
RHCs bring community resources full circleLocally-based, community-driven work is essential to the success of regional health connectors (RHCs), a new workforce that SIM helped fund in Colorado. In this episode of Innovation Insights, hear how one RHC turned an idea for a local farmer's market into a health and wellness expo that attracted more than 37 community health care providers and served more than 300 people.

More information:
TCPi empowers providersThe Transforming Clinical Practice initiative (TCPi) is helping healthcare teams improve patient outcomes and navigate provider compensation changes. This governor’s office initiative, which is funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, helps position providers for success with value-based payment models. A unique aspect of TCPi is the inclusion of specialists and behavioral health centers. More than 1,900 clinicians are participating in TCPi throughout Colorado, 87% of whom are specialists. Learn more about how TCPi helps providers in this episode of Innovation Insights.
Rolling out the SIM eCQM extraction serviceSIM practices will be the first to test a service that automatically extracts electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) from electronic health records (EHRs), which will be rolled out in June and July. This technical and operational platform will extract eCQMs from EHRs once and report them to different approved entities, a task that is frequently cited as a barrier to success with alternative payment models.

Learn more:
HIT investigators at work: CHITASHelping practices turn data into actionable information is the key role of clinical health information technology advisors, who work closely with SIM practice care teams and are cited a valuable benefit to SIM participation. Hear two CHITAs talk about how they help practices collect and use data to improve care, reduce or avoid costs and prepare practices for success with alternative payment models.
SIM payer supportListen to the SIM team discuss what payer support looks like for SIM practices as they work to integrate behavioral and physical health care and prepare to succeed with alternative payment models.
SIM practice uses small grants to bolster transformation effortsListen to the care team at Roaring Fork Family Practice talk about how they is using funds from SIM small grants to bolster their efforts in integrating physical and behavioral healthcare.
Patient perspectives: SIM practice team hears patient talk about how their work improved her lifeWork to transform practice operations to be more patient-centered and integrated are acknowledged by a patient in this episode of Innovation Insights, in which care team members from Roaring Fork Family Practice, a SIM cohort-1 practice in Carbondale, Colo., hear a patient's perspective.
Round table with a SIM practice on integrated careRepresentatives from Porter Primary Care, a cohort-1 SIM practice, say their participation in SIM has had a positive effect on patients during the latest episode of the SIM podcast series Innovation Insights. "We're empowering patients to be more active participants in their healthcare," says one care team member.
SIM small grants: Program overviewListen to a discussion with Meg Quiat, SIM small grants program manager, as she discusses this opportunity that will be available for SIM cohort-2 practices in mid-December. For questions please reach out to Meg at
Man Therapy: An innovative approach to suicide prevention in working aged menWorking aged men (25-54 years old) account for the largest number of suicide deaths in the U.S. These men are also the least likely to receive any kind of support. They don't talk about it with their friends. They don't share with their family. And they sure as heck don't seek professional treatment. They are the victims of problematic thinking that says mental health disorders are unmanly signs of weakness. Man Therapy is an innovative approach to addressing this issue in Colorado, and has been a campaign years in the making. Learn more at: www.mantherapy.org
Integrated care from a patient's perspectiveListen to Laura Carroll, a Health First Colorado client, talk about how integrated care has enhanced her family’s life in this episode of the SIM podcast series, Innovation Insights.

“That behavioral health piece is so very important and something that we’ve really been missing as a whole-health model so I’m excited that the state of Colorado is stepping up to do something about it.”
Whole-person health: Why integration mattersIn this edition of Innovation Insights, we talk with Ben Miller, PsyD, who is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the CU school of Medicine, and the Chief Policy Officer for a new foundation called Well Being Trust, which focuses on investing in communities to advance mental health and wellness. The discussion is centered around answering the question of why integrated care is so important, and how the work of SIM is helping the country move into a new age of healthcare.
Suicide prevention and SIMMany Coloradans are surprised to learn that Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. In 2016 Colorado was ranked ninth in the US with 1,156 deaths by suicide. Listen to a discussion with Sarah Brummett, who is the director of the Office of Suicide Prevention with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, to learn more about the work being done to help people receive the care they need, and raise awareness about this critical issue.

For more information please visit:
New campaign funded by SIM aims to reduce stigma around mental illness#LetsTalkColorado is a new media campaign funded by SIM that aims to reduce the stigma around mental illness so that people who need treatment are more likely to seek it. Learn more at: and use the hash tags #LetsTalkCo / #HablemosCo to join the discussion on twitter.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, please contact Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-TALK (8255), text "TALK" to 38255, or go to to access a live chat available in 17 languages.
SIM helps four community mental health centers deliver whole-person careIn addition to the 400 primary care practices that are being funded by SIM, four community mental health centers are working to integrate primary care into behavioral health settings.
Transforming Clinical Practices initiative: Empowering docs to make meaningful changeClinicians frequently struggle to find their way through the healthcare acronym maze. Hear one physician talk about how the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative, a federally funded initiative, has helped her prepare for value-based payment models.

Lisa K. Lewis, D.O., F.A.C.O.G., M.P.H.
Regional Health Connectors: Helping providers tap into local resourcesA Regional Health Connector (RHC) is a local resident whose full-time job is to improve the coordination of services to advance health and address the social determinants of health. RHCs promote connections among clinical care, community organizations, public health, human services, and other partners. Gain an understanding of the RHC program’s goals, funding streams, and what makes its unique here in Colorado.

Ashlie Brown, Director of SIM Extension Service, Colorado Health Institute
Rebecca Rapport, Program Manager SIM Extension Service, Colorado Health Institute
SIM data: The story behind the numbersLearn about the types of data SIM is collecting and how it is being used to evaluate the progress of the initiative.

Ellen Kaufmann, Evaluation Specialist, HCPF
Leilani Russell, Data Analyst, SIM
Benefits of participating in SIM cohort 2Listen to Nicole King, SIM implementation program manager, talk about the supports that will help cohort-2 practices integrate physical and behavioral healthcare.
Provider education tools and SIMListen to a brief discussion outlining how provider education tools are helping SIM practices deliver whole-person care in Colorado.

Caitlin H. Loyd, Children and Families Behavioral Health Integration Specialist, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Leilani Russel, Data Coordinator, SIM
Colorado local public health agencies help extend access to integrated careWhat are local public health agencies (LPHAs) and how do they help Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) practices integrate behavioral health and primary care? Get details on how LPHAs are laying the foundation for better health throughout Colorado in this discussion with Jackie Laundon, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Heather Grimshaw, SIM