NameConstituencyPartyJob, if cabinet or shadowLINK TO PDFS OF EXPENSESSIR THOMAS LEGG INVESTIGATION: THOSE PAYING BACK OR IN THE CLEAR (IN PROGRESS)RESIGNED/STEPPING DOWN?DATE OF ANNOUNCEMENTDETAILSConstituency majority, votesSwing against needed to lose seat, ref: ALLOWANCES CLAIMED, INC TRAVEL, 2007-2008SalarySecond home claims, 2004-052005-062006-072007-08Sample claim 1What forSample claim 2What forSample claim 3What forSample claim 4What forSample claim 5What forOther detailsAny paid back?
Adam AfriyieWindsorConservativeShadow Minister, Innovation, Universities and Skills£ 104,652.00£ 64,766.00£ 0.00Made no claims on his second home allowance.
Adam HollowayGraveshamConservative to repay £1,000 for claiming twice on council tax6541.656619£ 149,535.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 20,981.00£ 22,110.00£ 22,587.00Had £2,219 worth of goods delivered to address in Gravesend which was cancelled by fees office. Insisted it was for second home in London and 'reclaimed'. It was allowed.
Adam IngramEast Kilbride, Strathaven & LesmahagowLabour£ 121,499.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 1,856.00Redecoration£ 150.00DishesRented a flat in London as his second home. He submitted a claim of £17.99 for a hairdryer, but it was rejected.
Adam PriceCarmarthen East & DinefwrPlaid Cymru£ 149,664.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 22,788.00Claimed for books, including Bring home the revolution: the case for a British republic, by Jonathan Freedland. Queried by fees office.
Adrian SandersTorbayLiberal DemocratParty deputy chief whip£ 164,063.00£ 64,766.00£ 18,354.00£ 18,753.00£ 20,099.00£ 19,924.00£988 a monthRent£ 55.00VaseClaimed rent on his London flat of up to £988 a month. Claimed for vase from the Dartington Cider Press Centre in Totnes, Devon.
Alan BeithBerwick-upon-TweedLiberal Democrat£ 152,563.00£ 64,766.00£ 12,595.00£ 15,674.00£ 22,110.00£ 17,686.00£ 6,298.00Food (2005-2008)£ 5,050.00Cleaner (2005-2008)£ 5,457.00Kitchen£ 219.00Air conditioning unitClaimed £117,000 for his second home expenses, while his wife, Baroness Maddock, claimed £60,000 in House of Lords expenses for living at the same address. He was the first MP to formally put his name forward to become the new Speaker.£ 140.00
Alan CampbellTynemouthLabourParliamentary Under-Secretary, Home Office£ 158,648.00£ 21,188.00£ 850.00Mortgage interest£ 1,572.00RedecorationClaimed the £700-£850 interest on the mortgage of London flat, along with regular service charges. In 2006, claimed £1,572 for redecoration of the flat.
Alan DuncanRutland & MeltonConservativeShadow leader of the Commons and chair of the Commons audit committee to repay £218 of gardening expenses12,93025.61715£ 148,448.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,843.00£ 21,623.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,027.00£ 598.00Lawnmower repairs£ 41.00Lawnmower puncture repair£1,400 a monthMortgage interestHad a claim for £3,194 in gardening expenses declined in March 2007. He says this happened after he raised the matter with the Commons authorities.£ 5,000.00
Sir Alan HaselhurstSaffron WaldenConservativeDeputy speaker,00823.85651£ 122,968.00£ 104,050.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 20,656.00£ 22,957.00£ 2,988.00Gardening (2007-08)£ 202.00Pea shingle for driveway£ 638.91Patio repairs£ 2,199.60Replacement of oil tank£ 193.00Chimney sweepClaimed almost £12,000 for gardening bills. Claimed a total of £142,119 on his second home, despite having no mortgage.£ 12,000.00
Alan HowarthNewport (former, until 2005)LabourNow a Labour Peer£57,485 (2004)£ 20,902.00£ 5,408.00n/an/a£1,668 a month Mortgage interest payments£ 1,668.06Painting and decorating of a bedroom and studynearly £5,000lay pipes and pave garden£ 700.00Repairs£ 311.00Rewiring a studyHe paid off his mortgage soon after retiring as an MP having claimed £1,668 a month for mortgage repayments beforehand. Subsequent to retiring he also sold his house in Newport which had been designated as his first home and comtinued to live in his house in Westminster.
Alan KeenFeltham & HestonLabour,82019.22101£ 160,976.00£ 64,766.00£ 15,439.00£ 14,494.00£ 19,814.00£ 19,855.00£55 a weekCleaning£ 50.00Service call to reconfigure sound on Bose home cinema systemAlong with wife, Ann Keen, claimed almost £40,000 a year on a central London flat, despite their main home being less than ten miles away.
Alan MealeMansfieldLabour,36530.88315£ 167,272.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,899.00£ 21,594.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 2,000.00Horticulturalists' bill for clearance of shrubbery£ 7,000.00Redecoration£ 700.00Garden bench£ 2,000.00Repairs to fences and gates£ 1,448.00Replacing storage buildingClaimed more than £13,000 for his garden over four years, including claiming for a new storage building, repairs to fences and gates and bark chippings.
Alan MilburnDarlingtonLabour,40425.19983£ 162,589.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,340.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 565.006 chairs£ 1,565.00Repairs
Alan ReidArgyll & ButeLiberal DemocratLiberal Democrat Scottish spokesman,63617.85126£ 133,927.00£ 64,766.00£ 8,546.00£ 13,841.00£ 15,860.00£ 15,489.00£ 8,450.09Hotels (2004-05)£ 5,253.90Mortgage interest payments (since 2005)£ 3,551.23Council tax (since 2005)£ 1,138.05Scottish hotel rooms (between 2004-05 and 2007-08)The Lib Dem MP for Argyll and Bute in Scotland has claimed more than £1,500 for staying in hotels and bed and breakfasts in his constituency, according to the Telegraph. The paper said he put in receipts for eight nights in Scottish lodgings during 2005/06, but was told by the Commons fees office that stays in constituency hotels could not be claimed. In 2007/08, he also claimed for three stays in Scottish hotels including one overlooking Loch Etive and one of the Isle of Bute, 38 miles from his designated second home. Mr Reid told the paper it was sometimes impractical for him to travel home at night from various locations in Scotland due to lack of ferries and adequate transport.
Alan SimpsonNottingham SouthLabour,48622.6766£ 156,286.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,901.00£ 21,490.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 4,000.00Replacement boiler£ 10,000.00Stripping out kitchenIn September 2007, claimed £10,000 towards £11,020 cost of stripping out old kitchen at second home in Lambeth.
Alan WhiteheadSouthampton, TestLabour,01819.66377£ 144,689.00£ 64,766.00£ 15,129.00£ 11,916.00£ 15,391.00£ 14,190.00Up to £730 a monthMortgage interest payments£ 1,942.98Replacement boiler
Alan WilliamsSwansea WestLabour,26915.43049£ 80,526.00£ 64,766.00£ 5,221.00Claimed just £5,221 on his second homes allowance in 2007/08
Alasdair McDonnellBelfast SouthLabour asked to repay anything1,2355.972531£ 156,525.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 13,800.00Stamp duty
Albert OwenYnys MonLabour,2425.057827£ 142,138.00£ 64,766.00£ 16,945.00£ 18,999.00£ 21,285.00£ 22,519.00£ 89.00Cutlery£ 1,288.00Mortgate interest
Alex SalmondBanff & BuchanScottish National PartySNP leader,83731.07803£ 139,233.00£ 21,634.00£ 21,883.00£ 14,130.00£ 800.00Food (August - September 2005)£ 1,751.50Food (2007-2008)£ 54.75Towels£ 540.00Bed linen£ 650.40CurtainsClaimed £400 a month for food when the House of Commons was not sitting.
Alice MahonHalifax (former, until 2005)Labour£57,485 (2004)£ 17,563.00n/an/an/aIn 2001 was given permission by the fees office to repay a £20,000 home improvement loan using her secomd home allowance. The loan was used to instal security doors and new bolts following a burglary. In 2004 officials deciced that the arragement was infact outside of the rules but decided to continue as it had been previously agreed.
Alison SeabeckPlymouth DevonportLabourParliamentary private secretary to Transport Secretary,10321.76821£ 151,396.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 20,037.00£1,100 a monthMortgage interest£ 65.00Overnight hotel stay£ 10.00Hotel breakfastClaimed for a night in her local hotel after she left her house keys in London.
Alistair BurtNorth East BedfordshireConservativeConservative Assistant Chief Whip,25124.77452£ 148,170.00£ 64,766.00£ 11,081.00£ 21,591.00£ 22,110.00£ 22,322.00£1760 a monthRent£ 2.00Packet of Pringles£ 3.00Bag of mixed nuts£ 3.55Night beverage'£ 4.50TV filmOver-claimed by £1,000 for his rent, but was allowed to keep the money when he pointed out that he had not made any claims for food during the period.£ 229.24
Alistair CarmichaelOrkney & ShetlandLiberal DemocratShadow Secretary of State for Scotland and Northern Ireland,62736.26067£ 176,190.00£ 64,766.00£ 23,083.00£ 2,000.00Stamp dutyThe MP with the constituency furthest from London, is allowed to claim for two second homes, one in London and the other in Shetland.
Alistair DarlingEdinburgh South WestLabourChancellor,24220.71984£ 151,904.00£ 141,866.00£ 15,341.00£ 19,436.00£ 20,675.00£ 9,837.00£ 808.39Mortgage interest£ 300.00Food£ 1,238.41Legal fees for buying property£ 3,074.48Furniture/household items£ 1,400.00Two years of accountancy billsClaimed almost £10,000 towards the cost of buying a new London flat, including £2,260 to cover stamp duty. Also claimed for accountancy costs for help with his tax return. He was criticised for including overly political content on his public-funded website. Repaid £668 after admitting that he claimed for a London flat for a period when he was living in a grace-and-favour apartment in Downing Street.£ 668.00
Alun MichaelCardiff South and PenarthLabour,23726.4716£ 149,518.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 19,768.00£ 22,030.00£ 22,083.00£ 1,250.00Wall and fence
Andrew GeorgeSt IvesLiberal Democrat,60922.69422£ 170,367.00£ 64,766.00£ 16,382.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£847 a monthMortgage interest payments£1,343.81 Household goods and redecoration (2007-2008)The Liberal Democrat MP has claimed £847 a month for a riverside flat in London used by his student daughter, according to the Telegraph. Mr George, who is MP for St Ives in Cornwall, said his daughter Morvah, 21, had access to the property in Rotherhithe but was not the sole user.£ 19.90
Andrew HunterBasingstoke (former, until 2005)Democratic Unionist£57,485 (2004)£ 20,902.00£ 884.00n/an/a£ 1,653.93Boiler£ 460.40Tree surgeryHis designated second home was outside of London and outside of his constituency and his where he has continued to live since standing down in 2005.
Andrew LansleySouth CambridgeshireConservativeShadow health secretary,00116.89686£ 156,411.00£ 64,766.00£ 17,165.00£ 20,110.00£ 19,696.00£ 21,399.00£ 1,185.00Exterior painting£ 1,775.00Internal redecoration£ 750.00Sofa£ 399.80Handmade curtains£ 450.20Reupholstering furnitureSpent thousands of pounds renovating a thatched Tudor country cottage before selling it. He then moved the second designation to a London flat.£2,600
Andrew MackayBracknellConservativeCommons aide to David Cameron at next election12,03623.68172£ 136,239.00£ 64,766.00£ 19,117.00£ 21,545.00£ 22,072.00£ 22,575.00£ 11,968.39Mortgage interest payments (2007-08)£ 1,247.00Food£ 498.00Unspecified service charges£ 2,740.00Cleaning services£ 1,643.38Conservatory reglazingResigned as David Cameron's Commons aide over "unacceptable" expense claims. Claimed second home expenses for a flat in Westminster, which he shared with his wife, Julie Kirkbride, whilst she claimed second home expenses on their family home near her constituency.
Andrew MacKinlayThurrockLabour,37515.44631£ 135,335.00£ 64,766.00£ 15,194.00£ 14,990.00£ 15,926.00£ 15,761.00£ 980.00Rent
Andrew MillerEllesmere Port and NestonLabour,48615.91969£ 146,802.00£ 64,766.00£ 19,365.00£ 19,667.00£ 17,727.00£ 17,817.00£ 199.00Water softener
Andrew MitchellSutton ColdfieldConservativeShadow International Development Secretary,28325.26534£ 157,665.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,102.00£ 22,082.00£ 22,831.00over £9,000Cleaning and maintanence of garden£ 2,500.00Decorating£ 2,650.00Boiler£ 395.00"Lingfield' tableClaimed for bed linen from the White company even though MP's cannot claim for luxury furnishings or fittings. These purchases along with other goods claimed for for his second home were delivered to a different address.
Andrew MurrisonWestburyConservative,34910.8065£ 136,035.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,556.00£ 22,110.00£ 20,401.00£ 2,551.00Harrods furnishings
Andrew PellingCroydon CentralIndependent£ 106,873.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 0.00£ 0.00£ 0.00Does not claim additional costs allowance (ACA). Claimed the smaller London supplement, which was £2,812 last year.
Andrew RobathanBlabyConservativeShadow deputy chief whip,87317.50567£ 109,594.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£3,300 a monthMortgage interest paymentsClaimed monthly mortgage interest payments on London home of more than £3,300 before notifying the fees office he was switching his second home to a new property in his constituency, which he intended to refurbish.
Andrew RosindellRomfordConservativeShadow home affairs minister,58926.87616£ 156,832.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,900.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00Claims mortgage interest on second home in London. Grocery bills submitted for claims included purchases of Farley's Rusks and jellied eels.
Andrew SelousSouth West BedfordshireConservativeShadow work and pensions minister asked to pay back £1,300 on a mortgage 8,27718.71439£ 138,628.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,631.00£ 22,108.00£ 23,074.00£1,600 a monthMortgage interest paymentsDesignates constituency property as second home.
Andrew SlaughterEaling, Acton & Shepherds BushLabour,52016.64757£ 134,441.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 0.00£ 0.00£ 0.00Not eligible to claim ACA. In 2007, claimed for a fountain pen nib costing £90 using his IEP.
Andrew SmithOxford EastLabour£ 152,389.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,817.00£ 18,164.00£ 21,657.00£ 13,306.00£ 2,364.91Included a dishwasher, oven, fridge, microwave, gas hob, and a 50p carrier bag from Ikea. (February 2006)£ 1,533.38“Materials for bathroom” (November 2004)£5,287 (£3,500 of which paid by the fees office) “Modernisation to bathroom”.£ 100.32Replacement tiles£ 802.34CurtainsSpent nearly £35,000 on redecorating second home in Kennington. Although only work done on second home could be claimed many of the purchases were made in Oxford (the location of his main home) and work was carried out by Oxford-based builders.
Andrew StunellHazel GroveLiberal Democrat,74820.0155£ 141,206.00£ 64,766.00£ 16,024.00£ 10,079.00£ 11,011.00£ 15,383.00£ 5,545.00Replacement windowsMore than £1000 a year.Food (on some occasions)
Andrew TurnerIsle of WightConservative,97819.83372£ 137,461.00£ 64,766.00£ 19,983.00£ 19,997.00£ 20,064.00£ 19,953.00£1,100 a monthMortgage interest payments
Andrew TyrieChichesterConservative,86021.46075£ 136,832.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£700 a monthMortgage interest payments£6,000 a yearService charges
Andy BurnhamLeighLabourCulture secretary to clarify claims17,27237.39014£ 127,804.00£ 141,866.00£ 18,501.00£ 16,147.00£ 13,461.00£ 10,504.00£ 765.00Mortgage interest payments£ 58.00Utilities£ 83.00Council tax£ 99.49Items from IkeaMade a single expenses claim for more than £16,500 to help buy and renovate a new flat. Claimed his wife might divorce him if it was not paid promptly. Avoided tax on a £16,600 payment he recieved in exchange for agreeing to move out of a flat that was being redeveloped by processing it through the allowance system. He was also criticised for not stating that his website was funded by parliamentary allowances.
Andy LoveEdmontonLabour,07521.87635£ 148,736.00£ 64,766.00£ 17,611.00£ 21,634.00£ 21,538.00£ 23,083.00£ 980.00Rent
Andy ReedLoughboroughLabour,9965.225678£ 151,604.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,366.00£ 22,110.00£ 22,568.00£727 a monthMortgage interest paymentsSecond home is a flat in Westminster. In 2007, claimed £1,180 for mortgage interest. This fell to £727 in 2008. His website states he claims about £450 a month in mortgage interest payments.
Angela BrowningTiverton & HonitonConservative,05119.84877£ 154,738.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 19,781.00£ 20,376.00£ 22,873.00£ 9,635.00Set up and running of her website£ 2,714.00Redecorating kitchen and new worktops and sink£ 1,104.00Two radiator covers£ 715.00Carpet in master bedroom£1,045.75.Painting hall.Claimed £10,000 for setting up and running her website.
Angela C SmithSheffield, HillsboroughLabourPPS (Rt Hon Yvette Cooper, Chief Secretary), HM Treasury for clarifications11,24323.94471£ 150,240.00£ 64,766.00£ 16,227.00£ 19,025.00£ 16,336.00£ 22,843.00£ 7,800.00King-size bed, two futons, bedding, kitchen utensils, carpets, curtains, electrical equipment, solicitors’ fees and stamp duty (2005-2006)£ 950.00Sofa bed and chair (2006-2007)£ 99.99Digital camera£ 536.00Digital SLR cameraUp to £1,269Monthly mortgage interest paymentsClaimed for four beds for her one-bedroom flat in two years.
Angela E SmithBasildonLabourPrivate parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister's Office,1428.392094£ 141,131.00£ 64,766.00£ 16,227.00£ 19,025.00£ 16,336.00£ 14,618.00£ 1,100.00Plumbing workIn June 2004, claimed £1,100 for plumbing work including fitting a new bath with 'imperial thermostatic' taps.
Angela WatkinsonUpminsterConservative Whip 6,04217.96076£ 128,205.00£ 64,766.00£ 13,610.00£ 17,040.00£ 16,884.00£ 21,234.00£ 3,100.00Redecoration of flat£ 6,350.00New bathroom£ 804.00Television, microwave and fridge
Angus MacNeilNa h-Eileanan an IarScottish National Party,44111.59665£ 148,147.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 20,228.00£ 500.00Petty cash£ 3,600.00Hotel stays in London£ 3,500.00Solicitor's fees and stamp duty£834.26 a monthMortgage interest payments£ 448.00FireplaceAttempted to claim for drinks bills, a chocolate bar, and hundreds of pounds of 'petty cash'.
Angus RobertsonMorayScottish National PartySNP Westminster leader,67619.99155£ 165,879.00£ 17,372.00£ 21,633.00£ 21,970.00£ 23,082.00£ 2,275.00Stamp duty£ 4,304.00Furniture / soft furnishings£ 750.00Television£ 400.00Home cinema system£ 20.00CorkscrewBought and refurbished a flat in London, claiming the stamp duty and over £4,000 of furnishings after renting for several years. Also successfully appealed to the fees office when they turned down his claim for a £400 home cinema system.
Ann ClwydCynon ValleyLabour,25938.82804£ 143,529.00£ 64,766.00£ 21,165.00£400 a monthFood£200 a monthCleaning, utility bills and council tax£ 2,300.00Carpets, tables and a chair
Anne BeggAberdeen SouthLabour,3484.413305£ 166,793.00£ 64,766.00£ 22,116.00£ 1,403.00Living room furniture£ 500.00CarpetsSpent a total of £85,245 over four years.
Ann CoffeyStockportLabourPPS (Rt Hon Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer), HM Treasury to repay £1,840 she spent on cleaning for her second home9,16325.35558£ 150,246.00£ 21,985.00£1,000 a monthMortgage interest payments£300 a monthFood£ 1,052.00Furniture and bedding£40 a monthTV packageClaimed £1,000 a month in interest on the mortgage of her London house, along with £250-£300 a month in food. Claimed £1,052 in furniture and bedding and £40 a month for a TV package in 2005.
Ann CryerKeighleyLabour,85211.70849£ 158,190.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,160.00£ 21,634.00£ 21,111.00£ 19,765.00£ 1,200.00Rent per month (2004)£ 550.00Rug£ 699.00Television£ 3,243.00Household goodsBought London home in 2005, where the monthly mortgage interest rose from £600 to £900 in three years. Claimed £2,972 for furnishings from Peter Jones including £699 Sony TV. In 2004 she claimed second home allowance on a flat owned by her daughter, which was also designated as the second home of her son, a former MP who claimed additional cost allowance on the same flat.
Ann McKechinGlasgow NorthLabour,33815.17135
Anne CampbellCambridge (former, until 2005)Labour£57,485 (2004)£ 15,531.00£ 231.00n/an/a£ 670.00Monthly mortgage interest payments (2004-05 financial year)After losing her seat in the 2005 general elections, she sold her second home to her son, however claims that he never stayed there whislt she was an MP.
Anne McGuireStirlingLabour,76715.15354£ 161,412.00£ 64,766.00£ 18,315.00£ 19,736.00£ 21,177.00£ 19,595.00£ 400.00Monthly food (maximum)
Anne McIntoshVale of YorkConservative,71226.3439£ 132,176.00£ 64,766.00£ 17,641.00£ 18,279.00£ 17,093.00£ 20,382.00£ 5,000.00GardeningHad not provided proof of rent / mortgage on second home from 2000 - 2006 when asked
Anne MainSt AlbansConservative,3614.014039£ 146,769.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 20,385.00£ 22,110.00£ 22,091.00£1,095.68 a monthMortgage interest payments£ 350.00Washing machine£ 465.00Laminate flooringClaimed second home expenses for a flat where her daughter was living rent-free.
Anne MoffatEast LothianLabour£ 168,255.00£ 64,766.00£ 19,446.00£ 20,958.00£ 19,038.00£ 23,083.00£600 a monthMortgage interest payments£400 a monthFood£ 3,819.00Electrical work and flooring£ 1,825.00Decorating£ 917.00Wood preservation
Anne SnelgroveSwindon SouthLabour,3533.858218£ 157,229.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 13,743.00£ 10,265.00£ 20,913.00£ 4,100.00Furniture£ 499.97Television £ 454.70Crockery and kitchen equipment£ 655.00Table, chairs and bookcase£ 55.00Towels
Annette BrookeMid Dorset & North PooleLiberal DemocratShadow Children's Minister,48212.45909£ 132,921.00£ 64,766.00£ 16,285.00£1,124 a monthRent£ 149.95Vacuum cleanerClaims £1,124 a month rent for a flat in London and makes few other claims.
Ann KeenBrentford & IsleworthLabourJunior health minister,41112.03284£ 167,306.00£ 94,228.00£ 16,144.00£ 15,794.00£ 18,701.00£ 18,338.00£55 a weekCleaning£ 50.00Service call to reconfigure sound on Bose home cinema systemAlong with husband, Alan Keen, claimed almost £40,000 a year on a central London flat, despite their main home being less than ten miles away.
Ann WiddecombeMaidstone & The WealdConservative,85628.9365£ 115,728.00£ 64,766.00£ 858.00Claimed just £858 on her second home allowance in 2007/08
Ann WintertonCongletonConservative at next election8,24619.45821£ 121,352.00£ 64,766.00£ 18,528.00£ 17,765.00£ 18,211.00£ 20,194.00£900 a monthRent£ 67.00Towel rail£ 18.00Toilet brush holder£ 16.99"Loo handle"£ 94.00Iron and ironing boardAlong with her husband, Sir Nicholas Winterton, claimed over £80,000 in rent for a small London flat, owned by a trust controlled by their children.
Anthony SteenTotnesConservative at next election1,9474.611122£ 160,957.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 2,858.94Leaking pipes£ 1,755.89Fixing water supply£ 1,318.00Wrought iron fireplace£ 597.14Lights£ 459.00Woodland consultantClaimed £87,000 over four years for his country mansion, including paying a forestry expert to inspect 500 trees in the grounds.
Anthony WrightGreat YarmouthLabour,0558.103448£ 154,625.00£ 64,766.00£ 18,493.00£ 21,631.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 498.00Television£ 90.00Trouser pressAccepted £10,000 payment from the owners of his flat, after which rent went up.
Ashok KumarMiddlesbrough South & East ClevelandLabour,00018.22739£ 156,385.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£1,933.72 a monthMortgage interest paymentsClaimed for mortgage interest payments on a second home in London. Also claimed for food, council tax, utilities and cleaning.
Austin MitchellGreat GrimsbyLabour asked for clarifications7,65424.67122£ 155,956.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,715.00£ 21,619.00£ 22,090.00£ 23,073.0067pGinger Crinkle biscuits68pBranston pickle£ 22.99Laphroaig malt whisky£ 2,938.00Interior redecoration£ 1,200.00Re-upholstering furnitureWas involved in a dispute with the House of Commons fees office after his claim for £1,296 for bespoke shutters was rejected.
Barbara FollettStevenageLabourMinister for culture, creative industries and tourism,1398.717992£ 139,147.00£ 94,228.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,107.00£ 22,254.00£25,411.64.Security patrols between 2004 and 2008£ 300.00Rug repairHas claimed over £25,000 for weekly security patrols of her London home.  Charged £528.75 to repair and clean a Chinese needlepoint rug, but only received £300 as the claim was deemed excessive.
Barbara KeeleyWorsley LabourAssistant Whip,36824.83695£ 151,260.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 21,609.00£ 22,099.00£ 23,077.00£ 13,000.00Stamp dutyAfter living in rented accommodation, she claimed £13,000 stamp duty when she bought a new flat in Westminster for £470,000.
Barry GardinerBrent NorthLabour,64116.19116£ 144,092.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,620.00£ 22,110.00£ 15,079.00Bought a flat for £246,500 in 2003, spent over £11,000 on renovations and then sold it for £445,000 in 2007.
Barry SheermanHuddersfieldLabourChairman of the education select committee for clarifications8,35125.55229£ 160,353.00£ 79,132.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 10,963.00£900 a monthMortgage interest paymentsClaimed £1,338 for 20in Apple iMac on office expenses.
Ben BradshawExeterLabourJunior health minister and minister for the south west not respond7,66516.94372£ 141,595.00£ 105,412.00£ 13,160.00£ 9,775.00£ 13,918.00£19, 715£ 15,100.00Mortgage interest paymentsSwitched his second home allowance from his constituency in Exeter to the more expensive home he shares with his civil partner in Hammersmith, increasing his mortgage interest payments from an average of £683 a month to well over £1,000 a month.
Ben ChapmanWirral SouthLabour at next election3,72411.02297£ 164,699.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£1,900 a monthMortgage interest payments£ 7,645.00New bathroom£ 1,230.00Fridge freezer£ 780.00Two televisions and a DVD player£ 230.00Garden trellisDeliberately over-claimed for interest on the mortgage of his London house by about £15,000, with the permission of an official in the Commons fees office.
Ben WallaceLancaster & WyreConservative Shadow Minister, Scotland,1719.366299£ 175,523.00£ 64,766.00
N/A£ 21,633.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 700.00Stay at Carlton Club
Bernard JenkinNorth EssexConservative,90323.89856£ 142,265.00£ 64,766.00
£ 20,902.00£ 21,518.00£ 21,036.00£ 23,083.00£ 49,500.00Rent 2004-2008£ 1,000.00Annual cleaning bill£ 500.00Security system£ 400.00Lawnmower£ 780.00Plasma screen televisionBetween 2004 and 2008 claimed £49,500 to rent a property owned by his sister-in-law . Since 2006 the Green Book of rules for MPs' allowances has banned MPs from using relatives as landlords
Betty WilliamsConwyLabour,08112.34474£ 146,087.00£ 64,766.00
£ 11,388.00£ 10,947.00£ 12,704.00£ 13,989.00£519 per monthMortgage interest paymentsAlso claimed for service charge, utilities, telephone and food, but little else.
Beverley HughesStretford & UrmstonLabour at next election, also resigned from Cabinet ahead of reshuffle7,85120.21682£ 164,055.00£ 64,766.00£ 17,961.00£ 19,051.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 801.60Reupholstering furniture£ 718.00Chair£ 435.00Curtains and beddingRented a second home in London.
Bill CashStoneConservative,08919.99076£ 137,579.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 20,919.00£ 22,312.00£1,200 a monthRentClaimed £1,200 a month rent while living in his daughter's flat.£ 15,000.00
Bill OlnerNuneatonLabour,2815.718225£ 138,010.00£ 64,766.00£ 19,783.00£ 19,746.00£ 21,580.00£ 23,083.00£ 1,408.00Rent
Bill RammellHarlowLabourMinister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office£ 144,340.00£ 83,275.00£ 20,902.00£ 19,927.00£ 14,213.00£ 12,928.00£475 a monthMortgage interest payments£ 1,360.00Replastering and installing lighting in bedroom
Bill WigginLeominsterConservative,18725.95151£ 155,564.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 11,000.00Mortgage interest payments
Bob AinsworthCoventry North EastLabourMinister of State for the Armed Forces,22233.5773£ 134,515.00£ 104,050.00£ 19,275.00£ 18,911.00£ 18,878.00£ 23,083.00£ 951.00Fencing£ 1,160.00Gas fire£ 2,000.00Re-pointing part of his property£ 4,500.00Further fencing£ 5,925.00 Repair and redecoration work He tried to claim £2,225 for a Roma corner sofa as it would fit the size of the room better than a normal 3-piece suite. This claim was rejected by the fees offices as it exceeded the "recommended maximum".
Bob BlizzardWaveneyLabourGovernment Whip (technically a Lords Commissioner, HM Treasury),91513.14152£ 157,719.00£ 89,522.00£ 23,082.00£1,278.25 a monthMortgage interest payments£ 363.00Washing machineBesides mortgage interest payments and a washing machine Blizzard made few claims.
Bob LaxtonDerby NorthLabour,7579.747302£ 138,051.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 18,872.00£ 20,043.00£ 19,042.00£ 1,049.00Flat screen television and accessories (reduced to £750 by fees office)£ 1,456.00Double bed£ 478.00Bed linen and a food mixerClaimed more than £1,000 for a television because it would fit easily in his car. He also justified spending nearly 1.5 thousand on a bed saying that he didn't have time to shop around for deals.
Bob Marshall-AndrewsMedwayLabour£ 121,161.00£ 64,766.00£ 17,980.00£ 16,969.00£ 18,469.00£ 19,261.00£ 750.00"Multi-room audio system"£ 830.00DVD recorder, digital satellite TV package and other electrical goods£ 60.00Luxury briefcase£ 200.00Two carpets from Kenya£ 730.00Mortgage interest paymentsClaimed £118,000 for his second home in his constituency in Medway, Kent, which is less than an hour away from central London. He also has a house in Richmond, south-west London.
Bob RussellColchesterLiberal DemocratDefence spokesman,27714.84275£ 144,103.00£ 64,766.00£ 12,683.00£ 8,898.00£ 11,555.00£ 10,963.00£ 1,035.00Replacement windowsClaims mortgage interest for south London flat he shares with fellow MP Mike Hancock.
Bob SpinkCastle PointIndependent to repay £2,0008,20118.5392£ 140,987.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,320.00£ 21,817.00£ 23,083.00£ 11,000.00Decorators' fees£ 3,400.00Leather sofa£ 3,000.00Carpets and curtains
Bob WareingLiverpool, West DerbyIndependent (Changed from Labour 17 Sep 2007),22539.77273£ 163,775.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,902.00£ 19,416.00£ 19,854.00£ 19,683.00£ 4,000.00Food bills 2004-05£ 176.00Air conditioning unit£ 19.99Kettle
Boris JohnsonHenley (former)ConservativeMayor of London,79325.69495£ 141,287.00£ 64,766.00£ 20,780.00£ 19,326.00£ 22,110.00£ 23,083.00£ 16.50Remembrance Sunday wreath, later repaid when told by fees office that it wasn't allowed.For the last two years he has claimed the maximum amount allowed in second homes allowance.
Brian BinleyNorthampton SouthConservative,4199.276598£ 143,106.00£ 64,766.00£ 21,700.00£84 a nightStay at a gentleman's club in 2005 (prior to renting flat)£1,500 a monthRent
Brian IddonBolton South EastLabour,63832.09774£ 123,687.00£ 64,766.00£ 15,816.00£ 15,350.00£ 16,814.00£ 17,398.00£1,000 a monthRentRented a flat in London as his second home. The rental is just over £1,000 a month. Also claimed for food, utilities, council tax and parking charges.
Bridget PrenticeLewisham EastLabourParliamentary under secretary at Ministry of Justice,75123.66613£ 131,352.00£ 72,529.00£ 0.00£ 0.00£ 0.00£ 0.00Claimed no ACA. Office IEP expenses include £230 in 2004 for accountant to prepare her tax return.
Brooks NewmarkBraintreeConservative asked to repay anything3,8938.24893£ 138,270.00£ 64,766.00N/A£ 20,000.00£ 22,110.00£ 20,000.00£ 2,000.00Monthly rent
Caroline FlintDon ValleyLabourEurope minister for clarificationsYes6/5/2009Resigned on cabinet reshuffle day, accused Gordon Brown of using women MPs as 'window dressing'8,59822.13925£ 158,773.00£ 104,050.00£ 20,902.00£ 21,634.00£ 22,108.00£ 20,861.00£ 1,896.00Food£ 337.00Utilities£ 40.00Cleaning£ 162.16Boiler£ 123.97Washing machine repairUsed her parliamentary allowances to pay for solicitor's fees and stamp duty when she bought a new flat.
Celia BarlowHoveLabourPPS (Ian Pearson, Parliamentary Under-Secretary), Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform£ 134,309.00£ 64,766.00£ 0.00£ 1,000.00electrical work£ 540.00Gardening£ 520.00Removal of shed and concrete from garden£ 2,890.00Removal costs£ 2,321.00“alterations to two bathrooms”Claimed £28,000 on stamp duty, legal costs and renovations before making her second property her main home.