Character name and the social circle they belong to.Special requirement for playing some of the charactersWhich 4th of July party
(other characters than those mentioned can do the same type of performances during the game, but it is not a requirement unless mentioned) Mr T's party is the gay scene party. Almost all of the characters who are guests to this party are gay men.

Pen's guests is the lesbian scene party. Almost all of the characters who belong to this party are lesbian women.

The Saratoga friends are the young cancer survivors representing different aspects of "alternative America." Most of the characters who belong to this party are straight or bisexual women and men.
Pink Dollars“Pink dollars” isn’t a formally organized group or club, just a network of some of the gay people in New York with money and influence. They invite each other to parties and social happenings, and help each other with connections and favours. It’s all very discreet of course, except for the opulent spending habits and the amount of consumed champagne of course.
Mr. T (Terrence Thurlow)The charismatic, rich, fun-loving and shameless host of the party. Owner of the T-Buzz advertising agency.Host of Mr. T's Party
Sinclair EverettSon of a senator from an old Democrat family running for congress and living the secret double life. Has a passion for drag shows and musicals.Mr. T's Party
BruceYuppie, this is your age. Rags to riches story. High on testosterone, money and the high life of the city.Mr. T's Party
KatherineEditor of The City section in the New York Times. For Katherine there are few things in life so far that can't be solved by making a 5 step plan or collecting favours from the right contacts.Pen's guests
ArtieKatherine's younger brother and the viz kid of New York's radio stations with his very own talk show. Also a volunteer counceler at the Gay and Lesbian Community CentreMr. T's Party
RubenThe heir of a technology company moving into the new area of mobile phones. Generous with his friends but also a tendency of wanting to own those close to him.Mr. T's Party
IkeStruggles with being both a bit shy and having a strong need for finding his own independent place in the world. Lives with his wealthy boyfriend RubenMr. T's Party
Cruisers ClubCruisers Club is a gay leather and fetish club. It’s more run like a voluntary organization or MC club than a commercial bar or disco. Only members and guests who arrive with members are admitted. Also only men are admitted into the club. The members are a mixture of gay men who are into dressing in leather, bondage, S&M or “traditionally masculine” aesthetics in general (like lumberjacks). There are dedicated rooms in the club for sex, but a lot of the members spend probably more time hanging out in the bar socialising with old friends.
StevenThe leader of Cruisers Club. An emotionally mature left-wing university lecturer with a working-class backgroundMr. T's Party
AndrewThe emotional core of Mr. T's inner circle and of the Cruisers Club. Tends to become everyone's trusted friend Mr. T's Party
JimmyFormer addict turned apostle for alternative healthy living. Lives and loves with a close knit group of friends.Mr. T's Party
WalterPsychologist recovering from an emotional breakdown of his own.Mr. T's Party
ChainChain wants to become rich, find true love and fuck all the rich and beautiful men in New York, all at the same time. Go-go dancer and porn modelShould perform a strip-tease / go-go dance during the game. Mr. T's Party
SimonSynth player in the band Urban Renaissance. Has an instinctive need to rebel against authority. Never afraid but his own emotions confuse him. New member of Cruiser's ClubShould perform with playback together with the band during the game.Mr. T's Party
Club DiamondClub Diamond is a drag show club owned and managed by Nate. It’s primarily a gay venue for those who like to dress up in drag themselves and those that fancy those that do. But straight people who enjoy drag shows come here too, in particular women on “girl’s night out.” In addition to its professional performers Club Diamond holds regular amateur nights. At the larp itself Nate will host an open stage so think about if your character would like to participate. (remember you don’t have to sing, drag queens generally mime to popular “Diva songs”)
Nate "The Queen of Manhattan"Owner of Club Diamond. Used to life breaking apart and having to build something new from the ashes.Performs as drag queen each night of the gameMr. T's Party
Daniel "Lady Verona"The star of Club Diamond. He moves around the city becoming the most important person in people's life. But then one day he's gone, maybe he'll come back, maybe he won't.Performs as drag queen each night of the gameMr. T's Party
FernandoBartender at Club Diamond. Not straight acting. Never could do it, and never wanted to try. One of the most visible gay activists in the city. Confrontational and passionate.Mr. T's Party
MarcusBroken with his conservative Christian family. Political activist. Temperamental. And a passionate amateur drag performerShould perform as drag queen during the game.Mr. T's Party
ReginaldA dancer who met his true love Jerrod at last year's party. Both attention seeking and genuinely empathic with other people. The type that has meaningful conversations with strangers on the street.Should preform a dance during the game. (of any style)Mr. T's Party
TrevorStruggling young actor vacillating between euphoria and despair. Throws himself hard at the city and it's people - losing control of his own actions and the situations he ends up in.Mr. T's Party
DianeA self-declared fag hag Diane has taken upon herself not to be outdone in ouragenous by any of the many drag queens she knows and loves.Mr. T's Party
FrancisAn established dancer and choreographer at Broadway. Also a volunteer counceler at the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre. In a relationship with Tony the record store owner. Should preform a dance during the game (of any style).Mr. T's Party
PeggyOwner of Peggy's Diner who is catering the party. Complicated relationship with her brother, Ruben. Spiritual and a 'Fairy Godmother' to the waifs and strays who work for her.Mr. T's party
The Cubby HoleEven in a large city like New York there aren’t many lesbian bars or clubs. This intimate bar in the Village is one of the staples of lesbian life in New York. It is a friendly place with a neighborhood pub feel where the owners are well updated on the intricacies of of the love entanglements of their regular guests. Male friends are also allowed entrance here as long as they behave and don’t hit on the women. Some up and coming celebrities such as Madonna and have also recently begun to stop by on occasion, probably to catch a bit of that lesbian chic the Village Voice is claiming to be the recent trend.
PenMr. T's secretary and friend. Cool headed power dresser. Loves life on full speed and being in control at the wheel.Host of Pen's guests.
CharlotteMr. T's lawyer. More quiet and composed than most people at the party.Pen's guests
KimberlyPhotographer. Uncompromising extrovert individualist feminist making her own rules for how life should be. Charlotte's girlfriendShould take photos in-game.Pen's guests
MorganMorgan is the radical young feminist intellectual who is good at creating drama among friends and lovers. She has a certain type of magnetism that keeps others fascinated even when they are angry with her.Pen's guests
DawnDawn is the young Butch having escaped the religious sect she grew up in. Works as a stage hand at an Off-Broadway theatrePen's guests
Dutch (Douglas)Dutch is The “Lesbro” straight boy hanging out with the lesbians. Occasional backpacker and wanna-be adventurer.Pen's guests
BarbaraFounder of the Amazons, a feminist health movement. A natural networker and well-known pillar of New York's lesbian scene.Saratoga friends
SamThe irresistible bad butch girl you can't help fall in love with. Notorious in the lesbian scene for her highly public rows and jealousy dramas. Saratoga friends
PriestFormerly a Methodist priest, now the dishwasher at Peggy's Diner. Abandoned her husband and congregation when she realised she was lesbian. Lives with depression and insomnia.Mr. T's party
The Literary CircleThe Literary salon is a series of private regular gatherings in the home of the famous poet Abner and his boyfriend Eli. The discussions can get loud and it’s not an ideal to soften your arguments among this crowd. Attendance at these gatherings is by invitation only.
Abner FinkelNihilistic poet whose favorite word is «Dionysian» Motto: «Deconstruct literature, deconstruct life, deconstruct relationships»Should recite poery during the game.Mr. T's Party
EliIntellectual hot-shot that loves the envy caused by being the youngest Ph.D. student at the faculty. Balances sarcasm with wit and tenderness.Mr. T's Party
JerrodAn aspiring author who met his true love at last year's party. A bit torn between the influence of his idealistic boyfriend Reginald and the iconclastic intellectual guru Abner.Mr. T's Party
SantiagoVisual artist originally from a prominent family in Puerto Rico. She is well read and with strong opinions on politics and most other aspects of life. Motto: "Consistency is overrated". Pen's girlfriendPen's guests
NickTransman who is the editor of a small independent gay magazine. Nick is an intellectual who was born in the Soviet Union.Mr. T's Party
RainGuitarist in the band Urban Renaissance. The singer Skye's serious and melancholic elder brother. A recent invitee to the The Literary salonShould perform with playback together with the band during the game. Mr. T's Party
Studio 54Studio 54 was probably the most prestigious discotheque in New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is the favourite hangout place for many of New York’s celebrities and its strict and erratic door men. The club is frequented by straights, gays and drag queens alike and, it is notorious for its hedonism; the balconies are known for sexual encounters, and the sale and use of drugs take place quite openly.
SorrentoThe notorious party fixer at Studio 54. He is eccentric, chaotic and extrovert.Mr. T's Party
EnriqueThis young bartender/medical student tries to do and be everything at once. It's not a question whether things will crash, it's just a question of when and how.Mr. T's Party
LeonHe is one of the biggest disco stars of the 70s with a now struggling careerShould perform with playback during the game.Mr. T's Party
DiegoLeon's son. Get's a kick out of being an object of desire to many and already being a regular at the hottest clubs in town. Ambitious, ambivalent and naiveMr. T's Party
SkyeThe narcissistic singer in the New Romantics style band Urban Renaissance. He keeps them guessing, ever changing, ever loved, ever lonely.Should perform with playback together with the band during the game. Mr. T's Party
KimOne of the informal leaders of Saratoga. She is the spirit of the 80s personified. Project manager for hire, life and career planning advisorSaratoga friends
ChantelleAn energetic, fun and self-centered woman with ambitions to become the next great pop star with her new HI-NRG singleShould perform with playback during the game. Saratoga friends
SterlingChantelle's producer and husband. Socially a bit reserved with a strong passion for music and a recent interest in alternative spirituality.Saratgoa friends
TonyThe owner of the small but well stocked Tony's records in Greenwich Village. He has been asked to play music for the party. Also a volunteer counceler at the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre. In a relationsship with the dancer FrancisIs the DJ of the party each night. (Playlists are provided by organisers)Mr. T's Party
SpiritualsAlternative spiritualities have existed for a long time in USA, but in the late 60s and 70s was when it truly started to spread in popular culture and among young people with the hippy movements. It’s a often characterised by syncretism, mixing concepts and practices from different traditions and adapted in a way that gives resonance in a modern and individualistic American setting. The 80s are characterised by increasing opportunities for making money and thus an increasing commercialisation on various forms of alternative practices. This is also an age where self-help books gain popularity, sometimes mixed with or inspired with ideas from new age and alternative spiritualities. The characters in this group are all involved in finding their own spiritual path, either as teacher or guru or as as someone joining one or more types of alternative workshops.
JoaniOne of the informal leaders of Saratoga and one of the leading tantric guru's in America. Wife of Kohana. Saratoga friends
KohanaOne of the informal leaders of Saratoga and husband of Joani. Masculinity guru who strives to both fully embrace his masculinity and to break with the destructive patriarchy.Saratoga friends
HollyMember of the Indigo house co-housing family. A modern day priestess of Dionysus, in her home there is enough for everyone – sex wine, food, passion and drama.Saratoga friends
KatieMember of the Indigo house co-housing family. The ideologist of the co-housing movement and their particular agreement on polyfidelity. Worships the Goddess. Saratoga friends
WallaceMember of the Indigo house co-housing family. Owns an art gallery and a difficult person to ignore. The last year the entire Indigo house has been involved in the quest for Wallace's potency which mysteriously seems to have disappeared.Saratoga friends
TomaszEveryone's friend, slacker and jack of all trades who according to others should soon find out what he wants to do with his life. Currently in a (probably doomed) relationship with the strange girl LizzieSaratoga friends
RosemaryRosemary is an anthropology student who is into alterantive spirituality and is a wanna-be feminist occultist Pen's guests
The L Club (Lifestylers)“Living the lifestyle” is a common expression among swingers, people who are part of the subculture of swingers clubs and partner swapping. Quite a few of the Saratoga friends have interpreted their vow to celebrate life through living out their sexual fantasies. Lawrence owns and manages a swinger’s club in Brooklyn that have differently themed nights, and many of his friends are current or past guests at some of these nights. The level of sexual activity with other people than your partner can vary a lot. Some people come to the club to swap partners or find a third person for the night, while others prefer to just have sex with their regular partner in a semi-public setting.
LawrenceCalls his life "a pleasurable chaos". Has some problems keeping appointments, jobs and girlfriends. Owner and manager of the L ClubSaratoga friends
BeatriceLast year she had to return to chemo again. Is the cancer finally gone now? Writing on a self-help book. Empatic but also tends to know what's best for other people. Finds outlet for her frustrations at the swingers clubSaratoga friends
HarveyMember of the Indigo house co-housing family. A somewhat neurotic culture journalist seeking to live out his bisexuality. Saratoga friends
EvelynA burning idealist and cynic at the same time. She is a medical doctor working on projects in Africa. Disciplined worker that thinks the best way to wind off is sex with no attachments.Saratoga friends
MaxSome guys just got it. It doesn't have to be elegant, it doesn't have to be refined. If you got it you get sex with women when you want to. Max is such a guy without being a slick player or having the looks of a heartthrob.Saratoga friends
LesterStock broker and "the sensitive yuppie". Married to Gwen and an active practioner of S&M (submissive)Saratoga friends
GwenNot one of the original Saratoga cancer survivors but she has been part of their group form many years through her marriage to Lester. Active practioner of S&M (submissive). Talks freely about sensitive subjects.Saratoga friends
MickeyArt student and bisexual S&M master. He recently moved in with married couple Lester and Gwen.Saratoga friends
The Brooklyn Book CafeThe Brooklyn Book Café is a gathering place for people active in the peace movement. It often hosts political debates and intimate concerts where Mary Lou is among the regular performers. The American peace movement grew strong during the Vietnam War as more and more people started questioning the reasons and costs of waging war there for more than a decade. In the early 80s the main focus of the peace movement is the threat of nuclear war and the American government’s support to military dictatorships in Latin-America. Peace organizations stage marches, vigils and debates on a regular basis. Conservative Americans often criticize them for being “unpatriotic”
Mary LouUp and coming singer/songwriter with a complicated relationship to Max and Lawrence, the fathers of her two sonsShould sing live during the gameSaratoga friends
LizzieShe hates it when she feels shy, and goes over the top to disprove it. Her social timing is often off. Hopelessly in love with her boyfriend's best (gay) friend. Saratoga friends
ClaireFormer model turned organizer for labour unions and the Democratic party. Barbara's girlfriend. Not one of the original Saratoga group, but also a survivor of breast cancer.Saratoga friends
BeverlyMember of the Indigo house co-housing family. Has a passion for photo journalism which she wants to develop. She longs for pleasure but she has problems really finding it in her life. Should take photos in-game.Saratoga friends
AllisonMember of the Indigo house co-housing family working in Wallace's art gallery. Wants everyone to be friends and to do what she wants when she wants to. Doesn't identify as lesbian but primarily interested in women. Saratoga friends
DennisPossible new member of the Indigo house co-housing family. Not one of the original Saratoga group. A former Vietnam veteran turned peace activist.Saratoga friends
HarrietYoung trans-woman and up-and-coming performance artist. Works at Peggy's to make ends meet. Has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Is in a complicated relationship with Howard.Mr. T's party
HowardLife is governed by three things: a complicated relationship with Harriet, the battle against psychosis, and the feeling of sex with other men. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, working at Peggy's gives his life some much needed stability.Mr. T's party
New Kid in TownBret isn't part of a scene yet (though has started working at the Diner)
BretNew Boy in town who has just come to New York. Eager to experience life, today – right now!Mr. T's party