SanKu Jo, CEO of, got an Interview with HanKyung TV
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SanKu Jo, CEO of, got an Interview with HanKyung TV[The Coins The Founders], disrupting Airbnb, harnessing Blockchain
0:00AnchorIt is time to take a block chain and a password currency reader and discuss current value and future value. Today, I will be with Mr. Tae Won Kim, CEO of Glosfer and TaeEon Koo, Chief attoney at Tech & Law. The weather got warmer. How have you been a week?
0:19TaeWon KimThere was a lot of rain this week. But this Friday I was very excited. In the meantime, if you have talked about what the block chain is doing for a couple of weeks, it is highly anticipated that the expert representative will come back and talk about ICO for the first time today.
0:26TaeEon KooI agree. Would not the rainy season be a season for rich fruit? It is my hope that the block-chain projects will bring about fruitful results in the light of society.
1:14AnchorOkay, well, today I am preparing a lot of content with these two people again.
Today, especially as President Kim Tae-hoon said, let's take the cryptic leaders who prepare for ICO and plan business plans in detail.

I am sure you would be curious to know who will appear today.
I am sure you will be curious to know who will appear today.

It is representative of the midwifery of the upper groove.
Hello. There are some people who listened to this website. I would like to introduce you to this web site simply.
1:58SanKu JoThe homepage is a blockchain based Home Sharing community
Without the intermediary, the guest host is the owner.
So it is a new innovative shared economic service where there is no fee and there is a reward for participation.
2:16AnchorCan we think of the same concept as airbnbie, a famous lodging-sharing company we often know?
2:25SanKu JoYes, Airbnb has created a very innovative value for travel and accommodation, and it is up to us to add new value by using the block chain on top of it.
2:39TaeWon KimAirbnb and the fact that this is a decentralization in a property, but in fact it is now quite common for the public to see how things like this in the middle of the reservation
3:02SanKu JoThat's right. And that's not it.
If technology and these things are perfect, it would be without intermediary Airbnb
But since the technology of the block chain is still in the development stage,
You may need an existing model. Now,
I've been doing a lodging business for seven years.
So, to make the most of the block-chain technology and the existing AirBiennie model
If possible, the advantage of that existing system and the advantages of the block chain,
So ultimately we are also aiming for a distributed autonomous Home Sharing community.
But I can not do it perfectly at this stage.
That's why the current technology and the block chain are some combination of innovative concepts
We plan to develop optimally in time.
4:02TaeEon KooBefore you say it before, the people of the city will share our economy in Korea
Not familiar.
  Because many regulations effectively prevent the spread of shared economies
Because it is also because it is.
So, in order to help viewers understand,
It has long been known as a lodging company called Koza,
I know that you have been running for a shared economic forum in Korea.
Please tell me your philosophy once about the Sharing Economy.
4:33SanKu JoNow 6 years and 7 years now and now practically sharing business in the field
After that, we are now faced with institutional problems and are frustrated,
In the meantime, the world's Sharing Economy has developed enormously.
Sharing Economy has started sharing milk resources.
4:53SanKu JoBut how did you gradually evolve? Individuals simply consumed economic value.
5:01SanKu JoFor example, if you have a 3D printer,
It is the age.
So now, the Sharing Economy is
Democratic citizens who are responsible for the production, distribution and consumption of economic value
It is evolving into a central economy.
5:21SanKu JoSo, from that point of view, it is now common to understand how the economy is shared
In addition, many countries around the world
Do not we have many problems, too?
Creating Jobs Then Sustainable Growth Possibilities
Especially Japan China is doing a lot of things as a solution to solve this problem.
There is a lot of sadness now. Then,
Three of the world's best start-ups share a Sharing Economy
"It's an enterprise.
And more than 32 shared economic enterprises "
It's called a unicorn.
The total value of the companies is more than 300 trillion won.
However, our reality is that there is a definition of Sharing Economy,
Next, I have a little policy on that.
Fortunately, the government also has a Sharing Economy,
I have started to talk about the solution of the problems.
When we go into the Home Sharing for a while and talk about it,
Seoul city scale accommodation hotel
At least 50,000 are needed
50,000 rooms. There are already plenty of empty rooms.
Even if you activate it, you can make 50,000 jobs in 23 years,
I can attract and revitalize tourism and local economy. this
It seems to be fortunate that the government is more likely to identify and actively
7:03AnchorYes, I have recently been to a conference on block-chain technology.
One of the many corporate executives or experts we talked to
It was the Sharing Economy that we shared in common.
But the truth is how deeply the Sharing Economy will come into our lives
It's hard to imagine how it's related to the block chain yet.
How can you explain?
7:43SanKu JoWhat kind of innovation will come out of the Sharing Economy and the talk of the blockchain?
The first companies to come out are Uber and Air Bibi.
That's as relevant.
There's a reason to go inside.
The p2p network is a black chain that connects individuals and individuals
Trust network.
Sharing Economy is now the Sharing Economy that individuals create and share economic value
8:28SanKu Jo
So, what happens in the block chain,
From a point of view, that's a Sharing Economy.
So the presence of Air Bianbi comes out.
If the block chain develops in the future,
So I'm "block-chain is the engine of Sharing Economy."
I understand this.
9:00TaeWon KimTo add a little more, in the end,
It's the most important and trustworthy thing.
I think it's a block-chain technology.
Uber and Airbnb are some of the leading unicorn companies in the Sharing Economy
I think these companies have limitations.
Can you jump the limit through the block chain?
9:29SanKu Joindeed.
With the emergence of Airbnbi and Uber, we have changed the service paradigm in transportation and lodging.
So I was enthusiastic, but who are the participants in the Sharing Economy.
But one day when the enthusiasts were excited,
The platform operator that enabled the Sharing Economy is taking most of the value created by the participants.
Something's wrong, so you do not actually do it well.
The commission was too high, or these social problems just happened.
But in that situation, you can not beat Uber or Airbnbi,
It was hard for the business to come out.
In such a situation, there are limitations in reality, and in order to solve such problems,
What the sociologist says is that the platform must be a combination
Platform unionism emerged, but there was no real way to implement it,
As the block chain emerged, the story changed.
So when you become a chain of chains, you can ultimately tie up the trust of an individual without an intermediary.
But the technology has not been there yet until it is so ideal.
That's why we need it. We have that philosophy,
We, too, have expertness
It is not the owner of the platform but ultimately the autonomous community
We make contributions in the process of making.
That's why we need to make money to invest in the Airbnb
We have a fundamentally different approach to our ultimate goal of creating an autonomous community.
That's why we can do it.
11:11TaeEon KooEven if you say yes, you can see that it is very different from the philosophy of the existing shared economic companies.
On the one hand, would not the block-chain projector be a global project?
In our country, now the city-style homestay is allowed only for foreigners
There are a lot of restrictions in our country. Then you go straight to the global
Are you planning to enter other areas besides lodging business?
11:35SanKu JoIn two ways,
We are going to be a little bit of a block chain.
It was made in December 2011 and announced in early 2012.
In the years that have not changed a single line,
It is legal for foreigners to stay, but it is illegal for Koreans to stay there.
That way, Air Bibi is a friendly law.
So I tried to compete with Airbnb in that situation, but it's not easy for a small company
I tried to do it in the domestic market, but it was not legally illegal.
12:10TaeEon KooThe law itself is a tilted playground.
12:23SanKu JoIt's not tilted.
The athlete is also leaning and the judge is eager to do so. That was the limit in that situation, and the block chain actually allowed me to go beyond that limit.
We can do the global business with the block chain,
I was able to overcome what I had in mind,
Now, what is happening in the domestic environment is blamed for this kind of thing.
Rather than going out and succeeding, it's no innovation whatsoever as domestic energy
There is a desire to create such a successful unit to bring.
13:01TaeWon KimHere, in general, it's a bit of a curiosity for viewers
I think you might have some questions about whether the block chain is versatile.
For example, the difficulties that many of the difficulties in the business you are talking about are true
There is a problem that laws and regulations can not catch up with technology.
By the way
If the technology of the block chain is introduced,
I do not think the law will go away, but what kind of strategy do you have in that area?
13:37SanKu JoI think it is very ideal. Even in real terms.
Once a large platform operator like Airbnb is already doing a global business
Because of this, we have a big edge in connection with
The block chain can also neutralize the force.
Next, on the legal side, using smart controls, for example,
There are N countries of travelers and then there are N host countries.
If you do that, then the legal provisions of the N
Using the SmartController in the block chain is almost impossible with the traditional approach
I am able to follow the law and do the operation operations after that.
Of course, not everything is right now,
Our entry into Airbnb model then we know that block chain
In a situation where you can approach it with great optimality,
I'm not just looking at the block chain with technology.
It's a token economy that has a lot more meaning than technology.
So we look at governance, token economy, and technology.
The first thing to do is to access the token economy to make the fee free.
Then, as I said before,
I am thinking of using smart contract to do it automatically.
14:58AnchorI have heard that now the hospitality market is more
Like Airbnb, is it the most representative?
I think it would be nice if you could explain some of the current status of this sharing law.
15:15SanKu JoAs the saying goes, Korea has not changed for 6 years.
The next conservative Japan was released on June 2nd.
China is the way to go.
So we are sorry that we are visiting Tokyo in Japan
"It was 8 million a year or two ago.
It was less than Korea. "
However, Japan is now 24 million,
I'm looking at 40,000 to 60,000.
Then it 's not just to build a hotel.
And now sharing this accommodation city mansion is simply increasing the hostel
It's not an issue of supply.
As it changed, the people who stayed in the hotel are now staying in the neighborhood
I want to breathe.
16:12AnchorYes, there are other charms.
16:19SanKu JoTherefore, in order to increase tourism competitiveness in our country,
We have no choice but to grow accommodation
Now, in the case of Home Sharing, compared with existing lodging companies
It's less regulated.
So now there may be some friction, but as you can see in statistics
It's not about when we play zero games. 15 million 17 million.
It's not that, it's accepting 30 million, the hotel industry is growing, and then
I think it should be this way to grow a trendy homestay.
Now, the city house law is on the National Assembly,
I think we should proceed.
17:03AnchorIf you listen to what your delegate told you today,
I think the growth potential is going to be huge.
17:16SanKu JoYes, because the beginning and end of the trip is accommodation.
I have already talked to Airbnb.
We are already in the process of Iranian service and the value of Airbnb
It is 40 trillion now. And there are 5 million accommodations.
Three typical hotel chains have around 2.5 million accommodation.

And last night was the maximum of 3 million a night.
It says that there are 1 billion people staying on Airbnb after ten years.
And what are you adding to your stay?
After that, I got my plane ticket, then trip
There are trips in a few million.
This shows how devastating this sharing of accommodations is.
Home Sharing is part of a Sharing Economy.
Then we are talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution Block Chain,
I was so surprised because there was no word. Even now
We put four industrial revolution and then a block-chain-sharing economy in a straight line.
Not only will we quickly solve the problems we face, but also the welfare state we value
I would like to recognize that this is the best way to achieve this.
18:00TaeWon KimAs you said, the market seems to be quite large.
While the market is fairly large, competition within that industry is likely to be quite intense.
In the end, people do not see the block chain technology that's inside them,
You will see how convenient and accessible you are in such competition.
Now, what is the special differentiation strategy of this home?
18:24SanKu JoOnce in a while it will not compete with Airbnb and previous models.
You heard him, he heard Didschus, he heard the grab.
So, do you have a company that reminds you of Airbnb?
Why not?
That's the difficulty of sharing accommodations and then the barriers to entry.
But how can we do that?
It is impossible if it is not a block chain.
That's a model we make money. We do not make money.
Ultimately, to guest hosts
I'll tell you it's possible to compete by offering attractive services.
19:06TaeWon KimSo, does not the grocery get any money?
Or do you get a little basic fee there?
19:09SanKu JoBasically you do not get paid for lodging.
However, the host has just made a new watermelon in the city,
When you want to pull it, you can get it through the promotion.
But all the money goes into that community.
Of course we are now hosted by other host
You need it and need a cleaning service, and then you have to trip
You need multiple services.
We bring such good services through our partners to marketplaces.
We'll pay for it when we make it.
So the token economy grows due to network expansion,
It's very ideal.
19:53SanKu JoAs I mentioned before, there are many other ICOs in the competition
There is definitely a big market for the first accommodation.
Second, there is a clear user value to attack that market.
Third, we can add the token economy to the platform we've already built for six years.
Since we have experience then we are surely competitive.
20:20 TaeEon KooI would like to talk about ICO.
You have an ICO plan.
20:24SanKu JoWe are doing.
20:30TaeEon KooOh yes you are.
The goal of getting through ICO, as you said,
The money earner is not a project, it is almost a thing near accommodation public interest project
I think so.
I'd like to ask you something about this.
20:37SanKu JoI am currently working on a private ICO., please contact me.
Initially, it is difficult to conduct ICO in Korea legally,
The financial reliability of the country is important, so that Switzerland and Singapore
I thought about it, but now I have a little bit different idea.
I'm very confident when we go through this.
ICO thinks it will be opened. Common sense, so Korean law
Even if it's tricky, I will keep the law in Korea,
I want to succeed with such a model that definitely affects the real economy.
And it's not just a process of collecting money on our ico course
Because it's our philosophy and we have potential customers.
Especially in the early days, I plan to approach this superb host for Airbnb for free.
So ICO is very important for collecting hosts.
Of course, the most important thing is securing funds.
21:50AnchorIf so, I think you may have a new business plan.
21:56SanKu JoOnce the accommodation is created in the field of shared blocks,
It is easy to make an airplane booking easily to the hotel or the other side easily if it is surely positioned.
And ultimately, if you share your accommodation properly through the grocery, there can be something common to any share.
Decentralized Sharing Protocols (DSPs)
I have such an aspiration to try something like this.
But once the goal is to create a decentralized autonomous Home Sharing community that will share accommodation in the Sharing Economy.
22:40AnchorFrom today, we will have a representative of this company who is actually preparing ico
I have talked to you, and with this block chain technology,
Which system will now be built Big picture is now a little bit
It seems to be drawn.
Mr. Kim Tae-won and Mr. Gutaeon who are now here
I think you might have some more questions.
3 minutes until the broadcast finishing now
I will leave you with the last question.
23:06TaeWon KimYes. I'll ask you a question first.
Clearly, the Sharing Economy is a very active part of the economy.
The block chain seems to be more important.
In the end, however, those who consume these are actually
You may not be so curious about the technical stuff.
So that's a bit like the question I had a while ago,
People have to be more comfortable than Airbnb.
Yes it should be easier and faster than Airbnb. then
Can you briefly tell me if you are preparing for the part?
23:38SanKu JoYeah,
That's why we call it a superb hostel in an Airbnb hostel.
I will collect all the accommodation and talk about it free of charge.
But philosophy and these things can not be ignored on the other side.
Well, if we have six years of experience,
It's strange to see so many people have been so hard to do so until now
I have survived thanks to my support and encouragement.
I think that the situation that can spread the dream came.
24:08:00TaeWon KimDo you think it's a platform that consumers can not just use and feel that philosophy?
24:16:00SanKu JoYes, it is. It has real value, and next time it should be there.
24:20:00TaeEon KooBut eventually, if you continue to say it, it feels like a competitive model that targets Airbnb.
As I said, after all, if you do ICO now, you will be HOM Token.
This HOM Token will eventually be used by guest guests, and the host will use it.
Could you please explain how the economy with this HOM Token can be competitive in your relationship with Airbnb?
24:46:00SanKu JoIt is HOM Token that can bring a certain value of free commission once.
And now you have to pay for the HOM Token in your home token eccentricity,
Internally this community needs to be activated.
In addition to the home tokens here, there is a home diamond home diamond.
Only economic value is the reward for participation. Besides economic value,
This person's reputation goes into these things, and ultimately our community has an economic value social value
Then, these things seem to be harmonious and we can make ideal progress.
25:21:00AnchorFourth It seems to be time of meeting of the block economy and the Sharing Economy today.
"I've heard from an ancestor in the home on the Home Sharing platform.
There is no Tae Won Kim and Gwacheon Lawyer.
Thank you all for coming today.
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