10Persona 3 ReloadPS570:28:00NPhysical20-Feb-2024★★★★☆
9Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost MemoriesSwitch8:03:00NPhysical3-Feb-2024★★★☆☆The sequel leans more into the story than the first game. Exploring the campsite and chatting with people felt very much like Life is Strange, complete with edgy teenagers. Most of your time is spent with a runaway named Matthew, who's searching for his father. His story was alright, but it did feel like a re-thread of the first game. The game suddenly remembers that Matthew wasn't supposed to be the focus and dumps him; the story then shifts to Ashley's original goal to discover more about her mother. The stories of both halves are serviceable but feel taped together. The puzzles take a real step back, with either nonsense solutions like navigating a remote control boat or lots of them being lockpicking sections with motion controls.
8Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthDS16:40:00YPhysical31-Jan-2024★★★☆☆The storys a bit weaker than the original trilogy but it really ramps up for the final two cases. The gameplay strikes a good balance of what you're used from the mainline games and the new logic sections that keep in line with Edgeworth's role as a prosecutor.
7Another Code: Two MemoriesSwitch5:44:58YPhysical22-Jan-2024★★★☆☆I wasn't overly fussed about this game the first time I played it but after reading above that there's a bad ending it makes sense why it seemed so unsatisfying. I don't know if it's been removed from the remake but I managed to get the good ending this time and the story was a bit better but I think they could've used more time to flesh it out.
A lot of the puzzles have changed because they relied on the DS functionality, making me wish I had done a replay to better compare them. None of them were too hard but the menus and interactions felt a little clunky and slow.
6Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and TribulationsPS520:35:00YPSN19-Jan-2024★★★★★Excellent bookend to the trilogy. It wraps up all the plot points from the whole series and has one of the best villains I've seen.
5Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For AllPS514:50:00YPSN15-Jan-2024★★★★☆A little weaker than the first game but still very good. Turnabout Big Top is one of the weakest cases in the trilogy, not helped by the fact that there are less cases in the game and is bookmarked by two much better cases.
4Before the Green MoonPC8:35:00NSteam14-Jan-2024★★★☆☆I've never played a farming-sim game before but this wasn't bad. If you were blessed by RNGesus and managed to get some chickens, it was easy enough to get into a rhythm of taking care of your tasks and building up your relationships in the small community.
Besides your goal of saving money for a moon ticket, the game is super chill with no blockers or time limits, making it very easy to pick up.
3Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyPS513:35:00YPSN10-Jan-2024★★★★★Remains one of my favourite games ever, the characters are all insanely lovable and it never gets tired to see the most ridiculous bluffs blow each case wide open.
2Final Fantasy IIIPSP15:13:00N7-Jan-2024★★☆☆☆I gave it a chance, but even leaving out the SaGa levelling, which I'm not usually a fan of, this was still pretty rough. I was surprised at how much the story goes in a dark direction, with a lot of death and destruction caused by the Empire. However, I didn't think the Emperor was that great a villain. Gameplay-wise, the fourth party member slot constantly changing was a bit annoying, even if they were the better characters.
The dungeons suck. Lots of dead ends and trap rooms, plus the high encounter rate with lots of status effects, made traversing them a complete drag.
1Process of EliminationPS516:08:00NPhysical7-Jan-2024★★★☆☆A murder mystery VN following a group of detectives trapped on an island who are trying to capture a criminal responsible for over 100 deaths, the catch being that it might be one of them. The short length meant the story moved from beat to beat quite snappy but at the expense of the murders themselves which were quite short to solve, with some leaps in logic due to lack of time.
The investigation sections play out like a combat-less strategy game, moving your characters around to find and analyse clues based on their different traits. The sections were a bit of a mixed bag. I liked the idea but either the cases had very tight timing to solve (with instafail obstacles) or were much too easy.
57Star Ocean: The Second Story RPS523:37:07NPhysical20-Dec-2023★★★★☆I haven't had the best luck with the Star Ocean series before but I finally managed to finish one and it was great.
The artstyle really grew on me, and the remake did a good job of keeping the PS1 charm with all the quality of life additions.
56Persona 5 TacticaPS521:45:00NPhysical3-Dec-2023★★★☆☆Pretty mixed on this, when it was good it was good but when it wasn't it really dragged.
The new characters and overall story aren't bad but the pacing is absolutely all over the place. It's takes a good while to get going and most of the final kingdom feels like unnecessary padding.
Similarly, the combat can take some time before it opens up with the complete party gathered and the tutorials out of the way. Sub-personas offered a lot of flexibility in who to have in your party but being limited to 2 abilities made fusing less interesting.
55Virche Evermore: Error SalvationSwitch32:10:00NPhysical1-Dec-2023★★★★☆VN about a cursed island where everyone dies when they reach the age of 23, unless they can afford to be cloned. It's extremely bleak and depressing throughout, even in the "good" endings there's no shortage of death and violence. All the plot points come together fairly well in the final route (apart from one important thing that's brushed aside), but it does get a little repetitive.
54UnsightedPS47:35:00NPSN12-Nov-2023★★★☆☆A bit mixed on it, the dungeons were the best part for me, felt very zelda-esque finding new tools and solving puzzles. Wasn't really a big fan of the combat, and the controls were a bit of a challenge with the late game abilities (like the wall jump)
You can also pet the dog which is always a positive
53Inescapable: No Rules, No RescuePS513:25:00NPhysical6-Nov-2023★★★☆☆A bunch of strangers are kidnapped and dumped on an island, they're told there's no rules during their stay and if they make it to the end they win lots of money.
It's a typical setup to a death game, a la danganronpa, but Inescapable actually has multiple endings depending on your choices and who you talk to. You can sneak around, make everyone suspicious and start killing each other, or you can simply embrace your extended holiday and live in harmony. It's a very interesting twist on the genre but sadly the execution is extremely lacking.
The first few hours are painfully slow, this is the time you spend setting up which route you'll take, but nearly nothing happens for ages besides mundane chit-chat. Add to that, pretty much every character is insufferable with questionable accents and one that talks in text speak.
52Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future RedeemedSwitch18:22:00NeShop4-Nov-2023★★★★☆Held off playing this hopelessly thinking we might have gotten a physical version (shakes fist at Nintendo)
Combat was much the same as base which was good. The map didn't have the same wow factor as some others in the series but I loved the return of some older locations, plus I really liked the added rewards for exploration, you always felt like you gained something when going off the beaten track. Unfortunately, the new characters weren't as strong as in the other games. There wasn't enough there to get invested in them as much as the returning ones.
Overall, though, this was an emotional end to the series, and it managed to wrap everything up very well.
51Assassin's Creed MiragePS519:20:31NPhysical28-Oct-2023★★★☆☆This should have just been DLC for Valhalla like they'd originally planned. The story will confuse anyone who hasn't played the previous game, and it doesn't add a whole lot more information for those who have.
The main assassination missions were the game's highlight, bringing back the black box approach, but outside of that I don't think it's the great back to basics game people were hoping for, most of the gameplay still sticks pretty close to Valhalla.
50Detective Pikachu ReturnsSwitch11:46:00NPhysical22-Oct-2023★★★☆☆This was fine. Gameplay is mostly the same as the first one but now you can use Pokemon abilities to help investigate which adds a bit of variety. The puzzles and investigations still feel very hand-holdy which was a shame. Story was a bit of a let-down too, it was pretty obvious how it was going to go but I had hoped they would do something a little more exciting with it.
Still it's a pretty chill game to waste a few hours and Kaiji Tang does a great job voicing detective Pikachu.
49Ghost Trick Phantom DetectivePS49:10:00YPSN8-Oct-2023★★★★★This is definitely one of my favourite games. It's got a great cast of colourful characters brought to life with gorgeous animations.
The story is full of crazy twists and turns, and it was cool to spot all the hints throughout on a replay.
48The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless TrailsPS419:39:43NPSN4-Oct-2023★★★★☆A spin-off of the Trails series but with its own standalone story and completely different gameplay, closer to a Ys game.
It still shows its roots as a PSP game at times with some finicky controls and some pop-in issues, but its short stages, combined with challenges to complete and level remixing when you change the season, make it a very fun to pick-and-play action RPG.
47Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: Rayman in the Phantom ShowSwitch3:17:22NeShop24-Sep-2023★★★★☆Thought this was a lot better than the first DLC. Takes itself way less seriously than the main game, for the better. Rayman's abilities are fun to use but can be a little OP.
46Dragon's DogmaSwitchNPhysical21-Sep-2023★★★☆☆When I got into the swing of things it can be a pretty fun game but that's behind a lot of jank, endless searches on wiki pages and many, many massacres at the hands of bandits
The game really isn't newbie friendly tbh, there's a lot I had to look up, which made me drop it a few times, I get that that's the appeal for some people, but I need a little more to go on sometimes
45Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: The Last Spark HunterSwitch4:18:41NeShop17-Sep-2023★★☆☆☆Adds a new planet, the design of which I really liked, combining music and nature. However, there's a lot of gimmick enemies and battles that were pretty frustrating.
44Anonymous;CodePS517:00:00NPSN11-Sep-2023★★★★☆The most hyper-focused and action packed game in the science adventure series. The production values are probably the highest I've seen for a visual novel, combining cgs, 3d character models, hand drawn manga sections, and a full English dub.
The more linear story, and the removal of character routes, takes away some of the lighter, more character focus aspects of previous games but gives it much tighter pacing. Worth the wait and a step up from the last few entries.
43Ys OriginPSVita8:27:00YPhysical6-Sep-2023★★★★★An excellent action rpg that's tightly paced and a lot of fun. This was my second playthrough, going through as Hugo this time. It's a little repetitive going through the tower again but Hugo has his own fighting style and story to keep it fresh.
42Mario + Rabbids Sparks of HopeSwitch21:17:00NPhysical2-Sep-2023★★★★☆Brings a lot of improvements, the bigger maps opens up more side quests and puzzles, and spark abilities lets you have a more flexible party. The changes also bring with them some issues, some of the side content is just not worth doing, and the addition of smaller battles on the map starts to drag it out.
It's still a very good game but its missing some of that wow factor of the original.
41Forspoken: In Tanta We TrustPS52:28:00NPSN20-Aug-2023★★★☆☆Strips out most of the open world bloat and is all the better for it. Much better paced and some fun, if a little spongy, boss fights.
40ForspokenPS518:04:00NPhysical19-Aug-2023★★★☆☆Starts off a little rough but once you start to unlock more combat and traversal abilities it ends up being a fun action game, albeit trapped in a bland, dreary open world.
39Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical PS56:10:00NPSN13-Aug-2023★★★☆☆A mixed bag, the musical numbers and colourful cast of characters help the game stand out, however, the murder mystery ends up falling a bit flat and the rpg elements are pretty much nonexistent.
38The Legend of Heroes: Trails into ReveriePS560:51:11NPhysical12-Aug-2023★★★★☆A big improvement from the last game, the pacing was good, and being able to switch between 3 parties kept it engaging.
The story was a bit of a re-thread of previous games but I'm more optimistic about future games than I was after the disappointment of Cold Steel IV.
37Fall GuysPS58:50:00NPSN5-Aug-2023★★☆☆☆The first couple of times I played it was ok but it quickly got boring getting thrown into the same rounds in quick succession, not to mention that some rounds just plain suck.
36Master Detective Archives: Rain CodeSwitch36:30:00NPhysical26-Jul-2023★★★★☆Ended up resembling a Danganronpa game even more than I expected. The story structure and minigames are pretty much the same, and it even has a psychotic mascot character. Despite the similarities, it does enough to stand as its own thing, there's a full city map to interact and explore, and the detective abilities bring variety to the investigations.
I don't think the story is as strong as the Danganronpa games, you can piece together things a little too early and some antagonists disappear almost as soon as they're introduced. But damn if I didn't get caught in the wild ride of the last two chapters!
35Final Fantasy XVIPS548:10:00NPhysical16-Jul-2023★★★☆☆The combat is quick and flashy but I think it needed a little more to it to keep the interest in a game that's 40/50 hours long and not 10. Some RPG elements would have been nice to see, you already have elemental spells and abilities but they don't affect anything (fighting bombs with fire attacks felt kinda dumb), and crafting felt useless since you'd always have the materials to get the next new sword.
The pacing was not great, you could go from fighting huge, over-the-top spectacle eikon fights, to then spending a couple of hours plodding away at fetch quests.
Jill ends up being completely shafted and I wish I could say I was surprised by that.
The game ended up being much more style over substance.
34Final Fantasy I Pixel RemasterPS46:15:00YPhysical24-Jun-2023★★★★☆Holds up pretty well given its age, I really enjoyed its simplicity. The QoL improvements are a great benefit even if it does make it a little easy.
33Harmony: The Fall of ReverieSwitch7:55:00NeShop17-Jun-2023★★★☆☆A visual novel with the twist that you can see the flow-chart as you go.
You play as Polly, who goes back home to search for her missing mother, and end up in a world called Reverie with beings called Aspirations. Polly takes up the role of an Oracle and goes between the two worlds making decisions that affect them both. The story itself didn't really do it for me but I liked the characters and their interactions, all fully voiced and animated which is a nice change.
The flow chart is an interesting idea as it lets you see what path you can end up on before making decisions; something that seems like the right answer in the moment might lock you out of decision later. The chart only shows you the flow for the current act so you can't plan the whole story in advance but you can see what paths are blocked/available and some idea of why.
In the Switch version at least, the flow chart was also a total momentum killer. With every story node you get brought back to flow chart to make the next decision even if there isn't one to make, this wouldn't be too bad but there are loading screens going to the chart and then again going back to the story, many lasting a good 10 seconds or so which really kills the pace.
32The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IVPS436:08:14YPhysical17-Jun-2023★★★☆☆When I played this at release I was pretty underwhelmed by a few things, namely certain aspects of the story, on a replay I'm still annoyed just slightly less so.
By this point the cast is huge bring with it both it's positives (interactions, party member mixups, side activities) and negatives (mostly cutscenes pacing and the need for everyone to get a line in when it's not needed).
Combat was pretty streamlined in the last game which carries over here, fairly quick and snappy for turn-based. Boss fights can feel dragged out as they get buffed and rather spongy as the fight goes on (never mind that they usually end with a cutscene of you getting beaten back anyways because they were "holding back").
I'm very much in a love/hate relationship with this series
31The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rdPC21:51:37YSteam10-Jun-2023★★★★☆An excellent bookend to the sky trilogy, packed full of fanservice, backstory and setup for future games. Kevin and Ries are great protagonists, it's a shame we haven't seen them in newer entries.
Not a huge fan of the shift to a dungeon crawler structure, and it did get a little repetitive visiting some locations.
30Planet of LanaPC4:05:00NGamePass5-Jun-2023★★★☆☆Visuals were gorgeous, it was a good length and it mixed the puzzles up enough to keep the interest. The puzzles were mostly on the easy side, with some tricky timings, and the stealth sections didn't add much
29The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIIPS432:26:31YPhysical4-Jun-2023★★★★☆
28The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SCPC31:58:07YSteam29-May-2023★★★★☆
27The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIPS415:58:45YPhysical21-May-2023★★★☆☆
26The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold SteelPS420:22:40YPhysical14-May-2023★★★★☆
25Picross S9Switch15:25:00NeShop10-May-2023★★★★☆
24Yakuza: Like a DragonPS547:35:57NPSN6-May-2023★★★★☆With such a big mix-up to the series, I think the team did a great job bringing together the new rpg elements with the tried and true rgg formula. There are a few nagging issues but nothing that can't be fixed.
Ichiban is such a lovable idiot, the whole party had a great dynamic and played off each other really well.
Enjoyed the combat system, I think it was a good idea to keep some level of interactivity there (keeping track of positions and the action/guard prompts).
There's a part late in the game were you were forced to grind, granted they have some good ways implemented to help with that but it did stall me a bit. Even being a good level some of the late game bosses still felt very spongy. Also please let me save before major boss fights!
23Unheard – Voices of CrimePS43:15:00NPSN3-May-2023★★★★☆A cool puzzle game with its own unique gameplay. It felt like playing an audio version of obra dinn, choosing your initial guessing and going back and changing them as you explore more rooms/conversations. The puzzles ramped up at a good pace and was satisfying when the clues came together. Definitely enjoyed this one.
22The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FCPSP20:06:25YPSN16-Apr-2023★★★★★
21Cube Escape: ParadoxMobile1:36:00NGoogle Play1-Apr-2023★★☆☆☆
20The Legend of Heroes: Trails to AzurePS447:26:23YPhysical1-Apr-2023★★★★★
19Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of HonjoSwitch9:45:00NeShop16-Mar-2023★★★★☆An excellent mystery point and click adventure, like a mix of Ace Attorney and Death Mark. Really like the artstyle as well, the characters are so expressive. It's also one of the few games I actually enjoyed reading the files about the curses and locations.
Only negative I have is that there are a couple of times that I was left confused of how to progress but that kinda comes with the genre.
17Lover PretendSwitch16:50:00NPhysical8-Mar-2023★★☆☆☆
16Like a Dragon: Ishin!PS518:03:00NPhysical5-Mar-2023★★★☆☆
15Saint MakerPC6:00:00NSteam3-Mar-2023★★★☆☆
14Theatrhythm Final Bar LinePS422:07:00NPSN21-Feb-2023★★★★☆
13Piofiore: Episodio 1926Switch30:30:00NPhysical15-Feb-2023★★☆☆☆
11The Legend of Heroes: Trails from ZeroPS434:37:35YPhysical12-Feb-2023★★★★★
10Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 PortablePS439:06:00YPSN28-Jan-2023★★★★☆
9Yousei: The Third InvestigationPC2:25:00NSteam17-Jan-2023★★★☆☆
8Kansei: The Second TurnPS52:00:00YPSN16-Jan-2023★★★☆☆
7Jisei: The First CasePS41:10:00YPSN15-Jan-2023★★★☆☆
6Chained EchoesSwitch23:16:00NeShop15-Jan-2023★★★★☆
5Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ReunionPS515:13:28YPhysical13-Jan-2023★★★☆☆
4Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingPC12:21:00NSteam9-Jan-2023★★★☆☆
3Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Dawn of RagnarökPS510:54:10NPSN3-Jan-2023★★☆☆☆
2The QuarryPS59:00:00YPhysical1-Jan-2023★★★★☆
1The Dark Pictures: The Devil In MePS58:00:00NPhysical1-Jan-2023★★☆☆☆
88Valkyrie Elysium PS514:57:00NPhysical17-Dec-2022★★★☆☆
87Cyberpunk 2077PC24:17:00NSteam8-Dec-2022★★★☆☆
84Mirror's EdgePC5:35:00NSteam30-Nov-2022★★☆☆☆
83God of War RagnarökPS530:28:20NPhysical27-Nov-2022★★★★☆
82Chaos;Head NoahPC29:00:00NSteam7-Nov-2022★★★☆☆
81Sayonara Wild HeartsSwitch1:00:00YeShop1-Nov-2022★★★☆☆
80The Letter - Horror Visual NovelSwitch14:15:00NeShop1-Nov-2022★★★★☆
77Picross S8Switch14:05:00NeShop23-Oct-2022★★★★☆
76Final Fantasy IIIPSP13:10:24Y20-Oct-2022★★☆☆☆
75Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgePS421:18:00YPhysical20-Oct-2022★★★★☆
74A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986PC4:25:00NSteam10-Oct-2022★★★★☆
73Red Dead RedemptionPS315:10:00NPS+8-Oct-2022★★★☆☆
72Night CascadesPC3:00:00NSteam7-Oct-2022★★★☆☆
71Tokyo Dark – Remembrance –Switch6:55:00NeShop6-Oct-2022★★★☆☆
70Tanuki Justice3:00:00N15-Sep-2022★★☆☆☆
69Soul Hackers 2PS538:35:00NPhysical11-Sep-2022★★★☆☆
68Red Dead Redemption 2PS434:10:00NPS+22-Aug-2022★★★★☆
67Variable BarricadeSwitch28:45:00NPhysical15-Aug-2022★★★☆☆
66Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusPS34:50:00NPSN14-Aug-2022★★★★☆
65Xenoblade Chronicles 3Switch100:26:00NPhysical11-Aug-2022★★★★★
64Taisho x Alice All In One - EpilogueSwitch5:30:00NPhysical25-Jul-2022★★★☆☆
63Taisho x Alice All In One - Episode ThreeSwitch7:15:00NPhysical24-Jul-2022★★★☆☆
62Taisho x Alice All In One - Episode TwoSwitch7:15:00NPhysical21-Jul-2022★★★☆☆
60Yurukill: The Calumniation GamesSwitch10:36:00NPhysical16-Jul-2022★★★☆☆
59The Centennial Case : A Shijima StoryPS512:45:00NPSN15-Jul-2022★★★★☆
58Cruelty SquadPC4:45:00N12-Jul-2022★☆☆☆☆
57Ghost of TsushimaPS519:56:00YPSN9-Jul-2022★★★★★