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General Chatroom
SeungriJJYPolice Coverup
Jan 28, 2019Man Speaks Out About Arrest At Club Linked To BIGBANG’s Seungri + Reveals CCTV Footagehttps://www.soompi.com/article/1299989wpp/man-speaks-arrest-club-owned-bigbangs-seungri-reveals-cctv-footage
Mr. Kim, who claims to be the victim, was allegedly attacked by the security guards at the club but was arrested as the assailant.
November 24 at Burning Sun, a woman who was being sexual harassed grabbed my shoulder and hid behind me. I asked a security guard for help, but I ended up getting beat up by the security guards and people who seemed like their friends.” He claimed that he was put in handcuffs and taken to the police station, where he was further assaulted by the police. To support his claims, he put up a photo of his bleeding face and another photo of him receiving medical treatment at the hospital.
In a document explaining the reasons for Mr. Kim’s arrest, Mr. Kim was written as the assailant and Mr. Jang (club director) was written as the victim.
Jan 29, 2019Police Gives Official Statement About Assault Case At Club Linked To Seungrihttps://www.soompi.com/article/1300016wpp/police-gives-official-statement-assault-case-club-owned-seungri
Jan 29, 2019Burning Sun Club Issues Statements In Response To Controversieshttps://www.soompi.com/article/1300134wpp/burning-sun-club-issues-statements-in-response-to-controversies
video of incident
he woman grabbed on to the computer and desk and seemed to be in need of help, but the staff ignored that. I received information that the woman reported this to the police, but the police let it pass and Burning Sun deleted the CCTV [footage].”
Jan 31, 2019Yang Hyun Suk Shares Statement Regarding Seungri And His Relation To Burning Sun Clubhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1300537wpp/yang-hyun-suk-shares-statement-regarding-seungri-and-his-relation-to-burning-sun-club
Feb 4, 2019CEO Of Burning Sun Releases Official Statement And Apologizes To BIGBANG’s Seungrihttps://www.soompi.com/article/1301372wpp/ceo-of-burning-sun-releases-official-statement-and-apologizes-to-bigbangs-seungri
CEO Lee Moon Ho took to his Instagram account to release his statement
Burning Sun stated that they will be getting rid of the VIP rooms that are currently being questioned, as well as increasing the number of CCTVs to tackle blind spots. They stated they will also fire all employees who have a criminal record or other concerning factors, and create a KakaoTalk chat for female customers to submit complaints that can be dealt with immediately.
Feb 16, 2019BIGBANG’s Seungri Opens Up About Burning Sun Controversy + Sincerely Apologizes To Fans At Concerthttps://www.soompi.com/article/1304245wpp/bigbangs-seungri-opens-up-about-burning-sun-controversy-sincerely-apologizes-to-fans-at-concert
wish to speak about the recent controversy. I feel like if I don’t, the people who have come today will feel uncomfortable. I am very apologetic to all those who care for me. I’m sorry for causing disappointment for so many people, and I am reflecting on what has happened.”
Feb 26, 2019YG Denies Reports Of Seungri Telling Employees To Find Prostitutes For Business Investorshttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306377wpp/yg-denies-reports-of-seungri-telling-employees-to-find-prostitutes-for-business-investors
SBS funE reported, “We have obtained a KakaoTalk (mobile instant messenger) conversation between Seungri, singer C, Representative Yoo of Yuri Holdings (an investment company Seungri was preparing to establish), and an Employee Kim.”
According to the text messages revealed by SBS funE, on December 6, 2015, at 11:38 p.m. KST, Seungri told Employee Kim to “prepare a spot in the main area of Club Arena and call the girls” for foreign investor B and the people with her.
Seungri established Yuri Holdings in March 2016 to operate several businesses in the food and entertainment sectors
In response to Seungri’s alleged text, Employee Kim responded, “Two spots in the main area with guards…we’ll take good care of them.” Seungri wrote, “And the girls? Ones that give it well,” and Employee Kim replied, “I’m calling them but I don’t know if they’ll give it well. I’m calling cheap ones first.” Seungri said, “Anyway, do a good job.”
Forty minutes later, Representative Yoo texted, “I’m getting the prostitutes ready right now, so when two prostitutes come, you (Employee Kim) guide them and make sure they get to the hotel room safely.” Employee Kim responded, “Yes. I sent the two men [to the room].” SBS funE reported that they had not been able to confirm whether actual sexual favors had been made.
Hello, this is YG Entertainment. Here is our statement regarding today’s article about Seungri. Upon checking with the artist himself, the text messages in the article are fabricated and not true. In addition, just as we have always done, we inform you that we will take strong legal action against the proliferation and reproduction of rumors and fake news.”
Feb 26, 2019Yuri Holdings Denies Claims They And Seungri Pursued Prostitution Services For Foreign Investorshttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306399wpp/yuri-holdings-denies-claims-they-and-seungri-pursued-prostitution-services-for-foreign-investors
The text messages that have become an issue are all completely false, and we believe someone with malicious intent towards Seungri and our company has fabricated these text messages as a grudge and sent them to reporters. This is fake news that has been published without being confirmed.
Journalist rejects rejection
Feb 26, 2019Police Launches Investigation Into Claims Of Prostitution Services For Investors Surrounding Seungrihttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306389wpp/police-launches-investigation-into-claims-of-prostitution-services-for-investors-surrounding-seungri
On February 26, a source from the Seoul Police Department stated, “We have launched an investigation into the escort service claims that have been reported on by the media.”
Feb 26, 2019YG Entertainment Stock Prices Fall Following Reports About G-Dragon And Seungrihttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306390wpp/yg-entertainment-stocks-fall-following-reports-about-g-dragon-and-seungri
On February 26 at 2:34 p.m. KST, YG’s stock prices fell 2,350 won (approximately $2.10) and 4.95 percent to 45,150 won (approximately $40.39).
Feb 27, 2019Seungri Completes Police Questioning, Asks That Everyone Wait For Resultshttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306834wpp/seungri-completes-police-questioning-asks-that-everyone-wait-for-results
pent the night at the police station undergoing questioning about the various controversies and allegations surrounding him.
Eight and a half hours later, Seungri was released. It was revealed that the singer submitted to urine and follicle tests in addition to answering questions about the drug and sexual escort service allegations.
Seungri was also swept up in these controversies for his association with the club, although both he and the CEO stated that Seungri was simply a consultant for the establishment and not involved in management in any way.
Feb 27, 2019Seungri Revealed To Have Tested Negative For First Round Of Drug Testshttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306902wpp/seungri-revealed-to-have-tested-negative-for-first-round-of-drug-tests
Feb 27, 2019YG Responds To Allegations About Destroying Evidence Related To Seungri’s Burning Sun Controversyhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1306901wpp/yg-responds-to-allegations-about-destroying-evidence-related-to-seungris-burning-sun-controversy
YG has responded to a report that they had called in a document shredding service to destroy evidence regarding Seungri’s Burning Sun incident.
In a call with a reporter, YG Entertainment stated, “It was a periodic document destruction process we undertake every month or quarter.”
Mar 1, 2019Police Confirms They Have Not Yet Received Original Copy Of Text Messages Tied To Seungri From Reporterhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1307107wpp/police-confirms-they-have-not-yet-received-original-copy-of-text-messages-tied-to-seungri-from-reporter
A source from the Seoul Police Department’s Special Crimes Squad confirmed the news and explained, “We requested the KakaoTalk messages from the reporter who was first to report on the sexual escort services claims involving Seungri. However, we have not received them yet.”
Mar 3, 2019Yang Hyun Suk Shares Documents Refuting Claims That YG Tried To Destroy Evidence Tied To Seungrihttps://www.soompi.com/article/1307537wpp/yang-hyun-suk-shares-documents-refuting-claims-that-yg-tried-to-destroy-evidence-tied-to-seungri
He then proceeded to share the notice sent out on February 18 to all YG Entertainment employees regarding the most recent collection of materials, which took place on February 28. He then shared additional documentation showing how the process was a regular affair.
Mar 4, 2019Original Copy Of Messages Tied To Seungri Procured By The Anti-Corruption And Civil Rights Commissionhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1307677wpp/original-copy-of-messages-tied-to-seungri-procured-by-the-anti-corruption-and-civil-rights-commission
March 4, a source from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency initially stated, “We have yet to secure an original copy of the [KakaoTalk] messages. We are contacting people [who are tied to the messages] in order to confirm [the existence of the original copy].” The police continued, “Not only have we not confirmed its existence, but we also received a testimony that such messages do not exist.”
In contrast to the statement from the police, SBS funE exclusively reported that the original copy of the text messages has been secured by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission.
The source revealed, “The KakaoTalk messages suggested that there was a deep connection with the police, so I reported it to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission instead.”
The police commented, “We visited the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission’s office in Seoul and were told that the materials are currently in the mail [to the Sejong office].”
Mar 7, 2019MBC Refutes Seungri’s Statement Regarding Involvement In Burning Sunhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1308675wpp/mbc-refutes-seungris-statement-regarding-involvement-in-burning-sun
The statement of assets, sent by Burning Sun’s finance team to the board members, shows the initial investment money totaling about 2.5 billion won (approximately $2.2 million). Of this amount, Seungri invested 225 million won (approximately $198,600).
Mar 9, 2019Update: Seungri Booked On Charges Of Allegedly Violating Anti-Prostitution Lawhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309096wpp/police-begins-searching-club-arena-for-evidence-on-seungris-sexual-escort-service-allegations
Seungri has been booked on charges of violating the law on the punishment of prostitution mediation and other related actions. He will now be treated as a suspect in future investigations.
The police has also booked three to four other people who were in the KakaoTalk group chat and are currently investigating them.
Mar 10, 2019Police Question Celebrities In Alleged Chatroom With Seungri Discussing Prostitutionhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309252wpp/police-question-celebrities-in-alleged-chatroom-with-seungri-discussing-prostitution
On March 11, the police revealed that several other celebrities were also in the KakaoTalk group chat suggesting that Seungri and CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings were providing sexual escort services for foreign investors.
According to Yonhap News’s report, singer “A,” who debuted as a singer and is actively appearing on TV, was one of the celebrities in the group chat.
Mar 10, 2019New Report Claims Chatroom Involving Seungri And Other Male Singers Shared Illegal Hidden Camera Footagehttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309334wpp/new-report-claims-chatroom-involving-seungri-and-other-male-singers-shared-illegal-hidden-camera-footage
The report states that hidden camera footage and photos were shared in the chatroom that included Seungri and two other male singers. According to a source who has knowledge of the case, “There were approximately ten instances of hidden camera footage and photos that were illegally taken and then shared. Some of the videos and photos were shared in the chatroom that Seungri and other celebrities were a part of.”
On January 9, 2016, Mr. Kim posted a video and photos of a man and woman engaging in sexual intercourse.
eungri responded to the initial video by asking, “Who’s that?” before recognizing the man in the video and identifying him by name. The man in question was in the chatroom. In the video, the woman appeared to be intoxicated and unaware that she was being filmed. Mr. Kim then went on to post three photos of the woman that were secretly taken.
According to SBS funE’s reporting, a total of eight people were in the chatroom, Seungri, two male singers, CEO Yoo of Yoori Holdings, acquaintance Mr. Kim, one entertainment agency employee, and two regular citizens. All eight people saw the video and photos that were posted, but nobody spoke up about the potential problems with the situation.
police has secured other text messages that show similar acts of spreading hidden camera footage. A source from the investigation stated, “Most of the women who were being filmed were not aware they were being filmed.”
According to laws regarding sexual violence crimes, filming or sharing hidden camera footage is subject to five years or less in prison or 30 million won (approximately $26,500) in fines.
Mar 11, 2019YG’s Stocks Drop After News Of Seungri Being Booked + Other Agencies’ Stocks Also Fallhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309351wpp/ygs-stocks-drop-after-news-of-seungri-being-booked-other-agencies-stocks-also-fall
YG’s stock prices fell 6700 won (approximately $5.90) and 15.61 percent to 36,850 won (approximately $32.47).
SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have also seen a decline in their own stocks, with SM’s stocks priced at 39,900 won (approximately $35.16), which is a 11.92 percent decline from the previous day, and JYP’s stocks at 29,450 won (approximately $25.95), a 2.16 percent decline from the previous day.
FNC Entertainment’s stocks have also dropped greatly, as it is valued at 9,090 won (approximately $8.01), which is a 11.32 percent fall from the previous day. Cube Entertainment’s stocks fell 5.03 percent to 5,470 won (approximately $2.82) as well.
Mar 11, 2019Police Give Update On Seungri’s Investigation + Respond To Alleged Sharing Of Hidden Camera Footagehttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309349wpp/police-give-update-on-seungris-investigation-respond-to-alleged-sharing-of-hidden-camera-footage
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “We were already aware of the allegations of Seungri [and others] sharing hidden camera footage and photos [in the chatroom]. We are currently checking the details [regarding the allegations].”
He said, “Even if [Seungri] enlists, the police can’t pull out from the investigation. We will continue to investigate by consulting with the Ministry of National Defense.”
When asked if the principal investigator [on the case] will be switched to the military prosecution, chief Min Gab Ryong answered, “There were instances in the past where the police could continue with the investigation if a case was considered important and in need of investigation by the police.”
He concluded, “We will have to consider different ways [of investigation] before [Seungri] enlists as part of procedure, but the police will continue to investigate after consulting with the Ministry of National Defense.”
Mar 11, 2019Breaking: Seungri Announces Retirement From The Entertainment Industryhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309402wpp/breaking-seungri-announces-retirement-from-the-entertainment-industry
Mar 11, 2019Police Ban Seungri From Leaving The Country Due To Investigationhttps://www.soompi.com/article/1309399wpp/police-ban-seungri-from-leaving-the-country-due-to-investigation
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