11/18/2000The DowntownFarmingdaleNYdownload linksetlistReleased by Mike Dubin in late 2013, this may be the earliest full band Brand New recording. Solid quality recording that features a "Fuck You Hoe, My Nine Rides Shotgun," a never released "Untitled" song, and the original 2000 demo-sounding version of "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad." This is about as early as a look you can get into Brand New.XTo download shows, hold SHIFT and click from the top of the setlist to the bottom of the setlist. Then choose "Standard Download" or "Download As ZIP" from top menu. Mobile MEGA app allows for song previews.
Suggestions? Tips? Issues? Have a show to send? Email me: brandnewarchive at gmail dot com
2001The Stone PonyAsbury ParkNJdownload linksetlist (see right)Not the greatest quality, but a fun show for the sake of hearing a very young Brand New fresh off the heels of the "Your Favorite Weapon" release have a field day with a rabid crowd. "This song is called 'There's No I In Team'" introduction to "Seventy Times 7." The exact date of this show is unknown. If anyone can help fill that in it would be greatly appreciated.Enjoying this collection and looking for a way to say thanks? Small donations to the Diabetes Research instutute Foundation––the organization most dedicated to *curing* Type 1 Diabetes and not just treating it––would be an incredible gesture. I am not affiliated with the organization in any way.
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7/31/2002The EpicentreSan DiegoCAdownload linksetlistVery blown out, rough recording, not recommended. Features 7 song YFW set.@BrandNewArchive
8/23/2002Birch Hill Night ClubOld BridgeNJdownload linksetlistMildly muffled recording (could be worse) with a high-energy all YFW setlist and lots of crowd scream/sing-a-longs.
11/2/2002Meow Meow ClubPortlandORdownload linksetlistfull show videoThe recording can be just a tad too loud at times (it's still damn good) and your mileage may vary depending on how much you desire live Your Favorite Weapon content, but this one is still worth a download for a few reasons. For one thing, in the 2000-2003 era this is easily one of the best bootlegs that exists of Brand New's material. The set features some funny banter (why is Jesse rocking out in a hoodie indoors?), a groovy full band rock out for the breakdown of "Soco Amaretto Lime" (not sure this exists on any other recording), a jammed out "Jude Law," the always welcome "Moshi Moshi" and lively renditions of other YFW material. Fun to think that during this, or shortly thereafter, the pieces that would become "Deja" would begin to assemble. There is a full video bootleg of this show available on YouTube that features different audio and is worth seeking out.X
3/14/2003The ZodiacOxfordUKdownload linksetlistGood quality recording -- features extended "Jude Law" jam intro and the infamous/hysterical "shut the fuck up" during "The No Seatbelt Song." He's right: the crowd won't shut up. Brand New was opening for Finch at the show.
6/25/2003CrowbarState CollegePAdownload linkarchive.orgsetlistfull show videoNo review currently available.
8/2/2003Vans Warped Tour, Molson ParkOntarioCAdownload linksetlistA 7 song set that takes place before Brand New started doing one of a kind acoustic sets on this Warped Tour run due to Jesse hurting his leg (I believe). Sound quality isn't terrible but not good enough to warrant a must download. I just personally wish someone had recorded one of the acoustic sets because they were really unique.
11/17/2003KNDD 107.7 The End / End SessionsSeattleWAdownload linksetlist (see right)Full band set ripped from Seattle radio station KNDD 107.7 The End for their "End Sessions" series. This is Session #85. Setlist features acoustic and electric/acoustic hybrid versions of "I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light," "Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis," "Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades," "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot" and "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows." Recorded off the radio soundboard, the set is great in terms of sound quality and features relative rarity "Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis" with a unique version. Jesse adds random lyrics to the "Sic Transit" bridge. Recommended, and if you enjoy these versions, 3/29/2007 End Sessions is a great sister set. Thanks to @davezucker for the rip.X (SOUNDBOARD)
11/20/2003The Fox TheatreBoulderCOdownload linksetlistRecording is a bit overblown, but features a YFW and Deja setlist in the midst of the Fall 2003 Deja tour. Bonus points for the rarely played "Good To Know If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die."
12/14/2003KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas / Universal AmphitheatreUniversal CityCAdownload linksetlistA no-frills, straightforward, fast and furious rocking 6-song set comprised of YFW and Deja material at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas in 2003. "Seventy Times 7" features a slightly extended riff on the bridge and Vinnie has some real primal screaming during the "Sic Transit" chorus. There's some odd sound popping during "Guernica." This is not a true soundboard based on the fact that it's ripped from the radio, but in terms of YFW and Deja era Brand New recordings, a soundboard or something resembling a soundboard is essentially non-existent. For that reason, it's worth a recommendation.X (SOUNDBOARD)
12/23/2003Much Music Studios, Live on IMXNew YorkNYdownload linksetlist (see right)Recorded at Much Music (now Fuse) studio in Manhattan. Show was IMX, where you could trade artists/bands like stocks. Great quality recording with unique acoustic/electric hybrids of "Quiet Things," "Boy Who Blocked" and "Sic Transit."X
2/11/2004BBC RadioLondonUKdownload linksetlist (see right)3 song set for BBC Radio 1, good quality soundboard recording: "Sic Transit," "Guernica" and "Quiet Things."X (SOUNDBOARD)
3/11/2004Adelaide Entertainment CentreAdelaideAustraliadownload linksetlistHere lies one of the most pleasant surprises since releasing the Archive. A forgotten and previously unreleased audience recording of Brand New opening for Blink-182 in Australia in 2004, in the middle of a tour that would be canceled due to Travis Barker’s broken foot. Apart from possibly “Guernica,” the 7 song set of YFW and Deja material has no real wrinkles, but the recording is very crisp and just about as good as it gets in terms of quality for live shows from this era (2000 through 2004) of Brand New. “Jude Law” features the minute-plus intro jam that was common for the time period and the bridges of “Guernica” and “Quiet Things” definitely have a little extra mustard (see Jesse screaming “IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE!?” before the “Quiet Things” bridge starts). Recording captures vocal interplay between Vin and Jesse well and Jesse thanks Blink after “Quiet Things,” acknowledging that Australia is “about as far from home as we could ever be in our entire lives.” As an sidenote, stories from the tour indicate that Brand New got trolled pretty hard by Blink-182 (see link to the right). Recommended download, but most specifically recommended if you’re a YFW/Deja era devotee. Thanks to u/kineticm for the rare recording. FLAC rip included.X"Brand New Feel The Venom of Blink-182"
4/27/2004The DowntownFarmingdaleNYdownload linksetlistfull show videoJesse Lacey solo set. This Mike Dubin recording is one of the best recordings you'll find of the band's material, featuring pristine quality and incredible banter from Jesse (for one thing, his dad is the master of Pac-Man). It also features a legendary setlist, mixing one-of-a-kind takes on YFW and Deja material, along with wrenching covers of Jawbreaker's "Accident Prone" and Neutral Milk Hotel's "Two Headed Boy." Must download of the highest order. Full video of this set is available on YouTube.X
7/13/2006Showbox Comedy and Supper ClubSeattleWAdownload linksetlistNo review currently available.X (SOUNDBOARD)
10/15/2006Bamboozle Left / Cal Poly PomonaWalnutCAdownload linksetlistNice to see Brand New take "Devil and God" songs for a walk a month before the album came out, but overall not recommended due to poor quality recording.
200797X Green RoomTampa BayFLdownload linksetlist (see right)Two song acoustic set recorded for the 97x Tampa Bay's "Green Room Series." Two song set features "Degausser" and "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows." Sure, it's only two songs, but I can see it being worth a download for: A) both songs being great quality and B) Degausser acoustic versions being pretty rare. Exact date is unknown.X (SOUNDBOARD)
3/29/2007KNDD 107.7 The End / End SessionsSeattleWAdownload linksetlist (see right)Full band set ripped from Seattle radio station KNDD 107.7 The End for their "End Sessions" series. This is Session #142. Fantastic quality from the soundboard recording, the band performs unique acoustic-electric hybrids of five songs: Degausser, Jesus Christ, Luca, Play Crack The Sky (Jesse solo) and Sowing Season. Similar to the great 12/17/07 and 4/21/08 sets at Looney Tunes -- but in much better quality -- these are some really nice, innovative takes on Brand New classics. Garrett's bass lines come through clean while Jesse's acoustic is complemented perfectly by Vinnie's echo/reverb tinged and trippy riffery. Highlights include a seamless, restrained version of the "Luca Bomb," Jesse's explanation of a "Degausser," minor lyric changes in "Play Crack The Sky" (kiss me instead of call me) and "Sowing Season" with the original lyrics. Appears to be a private performance for winners of a radio contest. Recording features clicking and popping at some points. 11/17/2003 is recommended if you enjoy this. Thanks to Matt Goff for sending this one over. X (SOUNDBOARD)
4/24/2007WFNX Radio / First Act Guitar StudioBostonMAdownload linksetlistJesse solo and acoustic on WFNX Radio. Great quality with interesting interview tidbits, including Jesse's thoughts on "Limousine" (along with a performance), the 13th Floor Elevators influence on "Degausser" and the story of how "In An Aeroplane Over The Sea" finally clicked for him. Features fantastic covers of Iron & Wine's "Upward Over The Mountain" and Neutral Milk Hotel's "Oh Comely."X
4/24/2007The AvalonBostonMAdownload linksetlistNot the best sound quality, not the worst sound quality for an audience recording. Just pretty middle of the road overall, but the setlist has a few nice wrinkles -- "No Seatbelt," "Handcuffs," and "Good To Know" sticking out as some of the more rare stuff for sure.
4/25/2007The Electric FactoryPhiladelphiaPAdownload linksetlistNot the best recording, but certainly good enough, and it's hard to argue against how hard Brand New brings it at the Electric Factory every single time. Audience bootleg with lots of fun crowd participation and a beefy setlist that includes a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "Oh Comely" (that the crowd won't stop talking during). Solid troll by Jesse opening "Degausser": "This song is called 'Seventy Times 7.'"X
6/9/2007UNSW RoundhouseSydneyAUSdownload linksetlistThis one has a whole lot going for it, apart from Brand New playing in a place they don't go all that often -- Australia (20 shows total since 2000 according to This is a very good audience bootleg that captures a perfect balance between the band going hard and the audience going hard as well. When I say hard, Jesse has some great screams in this one, in places like the "Maradona" breakdown, "Degausser" or "Shower Scene." The set is 21 songs and includes 10 songs off "Devil and God," a jammed out 9-minute long "Tommy Gun" and even a mini-cover of Green Day's "Basket Case." The "Jude Law" version is the one where Jesse does the the first verse and chorus of the song solo before the band comes in and rocks it. And how can I forget: One of those badass "You Won't Know" versions where Jesse screams "YOU WON'T KNOW!" over the riff for the final 2 minutes. Recommended!X
8/5/2007Swell-O-VenueJacksonMSdownload linksetlist"You guys really are the quietest, nicest bunch of kids I've ever played to in my life." Jesse's quote during this solo show with Kevin Devine is on point. This soundboard recording captures a unique, intimate show that took place during Jesse and Kevin's tour in 2007 and is certainly under the must-download umbrella. Kevin and Grace Read figure into some songs ("Maradona," "Boy Who Blocked," "Luca," the sped up "Jesus" and "Play Crack The Sky") and the harmonies really give the songs a really nice extra layer. Add in funny banter with improv Q&A sessions, the hysterical origin of "Play Crack The Sky," lots of fun wrinkles (sublime "Untitled 01," an Archers of Loaf cover with "Web In Front," a powerful "Oh Comely" rendition and "Sowing Season" with the original lyrics) and you have a really great show. Kevin and Jesse played at the same time, but the shows in the download link are separated by Jesse and Kevin. Listen in order for the full experience, because Kevin's set with Jesse figuring in on some songs is also worth many listens, specifically a wrenching "Ballgame" and "Tautou" hybird.X (SOUNDBOARD)
8/6/2007The ParishNew OrleansLAdownload linksetlistJesse Lacey and Kevin Devine tour, with Grace Read featured on "Play Crack the Sky."
11/7/2007SOMASan DiegoCAdownload linksetlistThe first of a two night stint at the SOMA in San Diego with mewithoutYou and Thrice, what this show lacks in length (a snappy 15 song set) it more than makes up for in quality from a fantastic audience bootleg and some choice song selection. Some great stuff here such as a "Not The Sun" opener, a "Karma Police" tease after "Luca," a wrenching rendition (is there any other kind?) of "Untitled 01," some nice screams from Jesse and Vin and a solid quality 9-minute version of the "Untitled" 2007 encore. Recommended. X
11/20/2007The House of BluesNew OrleansLAdownload linksetlistThis audience recording (originally from is a mixture of good and bad. The good: this is really solid quality. Not overblown or overwhelming, the mix gives every wrinkle some shine (ie: guitar echoes in the second verse of “Not the Sun”). Some rare cuts in Sun, “Untitled 01” and “Handcuffs.” A short, pleasant interlude prior to the start of “Jaws Theme Swimming” and some interesting vocals in the actual song. “Play Crack the Sky” was dedicated to Dustin and Teppei of Thrice for “being good dads, I guess.”

The bad: Some banter appears to have been edited out, which makes for some awkward and jarring transitions. Some poor singing from audience members (see “You Won’t Know”) chimes in occasionally. The recording misses the last four songs (“the batteries in my recorder died and I guess I wasn't prepared enough to have extra working batteries with me. Oh well”) which were Limousine, Jesus, Degausser, and then the extended 2007 Untitled jam as the encore. Judging by a comment on the original blog post, a recording of the final songs once existed, but the link is now dead. Message me if you’re holding on to them.
12/9/2007Tsongas ArenaLowellMAdownload linksetlistI remember reading that Jesse was sick for this one, which may explain a show full of gutteral, vicious screaming -- and it's awesome. Audience bootleg, but a damn good one in which every song on "Devil and God" is played. Great setlist with some fun rarities ("Not The Sun") and about the best quality version of the "Untitled" 2007 encore you can find -- 11 minutes too!X
12/17/2007Looney TunesWest BabylonNYdownload linksetlistfull show videoFull band acoustic set at the Long Island record store Looney Tunes. Average quality recording, but some really unique takes on "Degausser," "You Won't Know" and "Sic Transit Gloria" among others. Two recordings exist, a slightly better quality recording features only 5 of 8 songs. The donwload link directs you to both.X
4/21/2008Looney TunesWest BabylonNYdownload linksetlistSet at Long Island's Looney Tunes record store featuring a three-headed acoustic guitar monster with Jesse, Kevin Devine and Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, a setup that Jesse refers to as "Nikola Tesla"-like. It's an audience recording, but considering the small space and the lack of overpowering electric instruments, the quality is quite good -- though it appears to cut out any, or most of, the banter that transpired during the set. The 11-song set is a mixture of Brand New tracks ("Jesus Christ" done in the folk-y, fast style and "Play Crack The Sky"), Kevin Devine tracks ("Brooklyn Boy" and "Cotton Crush"), Manchester Orchestra tracks ("Wolves at Night" and "Where Have You Been?") and a few covers for good measure with Neutral Milk Hotel's "Holland, 1945" and Weezer's "Say It Ain't So." It's definitely a treat to hear three artists who clearly respect each other play off each other with harmonies fit together really nicely. If you're a fan of one of these artists, it's worth downloading. Fan of all three? For sure.X
7/21/2008The RoxyWest HollywoodCAdownload linksetlistfull show videoNo review currently available.
3/7/2009University of New Hampshire (UNH)DurhamNHdownload linksetlistAverage setlist, average quality recording that has a good amount of crowd interaction. As you can see, there are a few more 2009 live recordings that will give you more bang for your buck.
3/28/2009NeumosSeattleWAdownload linksetlistfull show videoYou've probably seen YouTube videos of this one. Vinnie and Jesse did an acoustic set in Seattle to make up for the canceled Alaska show and it's a keeper. The set features the live debuts of "Gasoline" and "Bride" (great versions), a nice "Moshi Moshi," great banter with Jesse and Vinnie, lots of funny flubs and mess ups (see "Tommy Gun," "Jesus" and "Luca") and a fantastic cover of Liz Phair's "Fuck and Run" by Jesse.X
6/20/2009Southside Festival / take-off GewerbePark, Neuhausen ob EckTutlingenGermanydownload linksetlistMost certainly in the "must have" category. Appears to be ripped off German radio stream, but the quality is the among the best of Brand New's live recordings. Incredible screams in the choruses and breakdown of the "You Won't Know" opener (seriously, this version is MASSIVE), machine gun drums in "Archers," the epic guitar scream into real scream "Sic Transit" bridge, some seriously tight versions of "Bride" and particularly "Gasoline" 3 months before the release of "Daisy" and a thunderous "Degausser" to wrap it up. Tremendous show, great recording.X (SOUNDBOARD)
7/18/2009The TroubadourWest HollywoodCAdownload linksetlistAudience recording of a 18-song set that is Your Favorite Weapon heavy for this live era (5 songs) but overall very balanaced across the catalog. Goodies on the more rare side abound in the setlist in the form of "Jaws Theme Swimming" and "Flying at Tree Level," in addition to the very seldomly performed "Bed." Recording quality is solid with lots of crowd participation. Minor instances of sound dipping out on "The Shower Scene" and "You Won't Know." Good, clear interplay between Jesse and Vin. "Tommy Gun" sees Jesse screaming "alright!" several times before the second chorus, in addition to a fiery extended bridge. "Bed" features a peaceful jam on the end that goes into "Jaws Theme Swimming." The "You Won't Know" outtro is a quiet, extended version. Humorous crowd shuts down clapping at the beginning of "Jesus Christ." This is the show where Jesse remarked that the upcoming "Daisy" would be their last *physical* piece of music. Thanks to @davezucker for sending, and @jasonbordeaux for recording.X
7/10/2009North Star BarPhiladelphiaPAdownload linksetlistCool set -- features solid banter, "Flying At Tree Level," a cover of Weezer's "El Scorcho" (!!!) and a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "Oh Comely." The recording is rough towards the beginning and in some spots Jesse's vocals overpower the instruments. Still worth a download for sure though.X
7/12/2009The Middle EastCambridgeMAdownload linksetlistThis one is right on the fringe of a recommendation. It's a clean, although slightly low in volume, audience recording with nice, loud backing vocals from Vin. Some fun stuff in the setlist including "Flying At Tree Level" and the ever underrated "Bed."
10/21/2009The House of BluesSan DiegoCAdownload linksetlist
10/31/2009Verizon Wireless TheaterHoustonTXdownload linksetlistThis one's a pretty solid audience recording, from about a month or so after "Daisy" came out, so the setlist is heavy on that and "Devil and God" with no YFW in the set. Band played show in full costumes. Particular highlights include "Sowing Season" and "Gasoline." Main complaint about the recording would be that you need to turn it up a bit and Vinnie's vocals occasionally overpower what Jesse is singing. Often dubbed "Halloween in Houston."X
11/17/2009The House of Blues (Night 1)BostonMAdownload linksetlistAverage quality audience recording that's a bit muffled. 19 song set is Devil and Daisy heavy.
11/18/2009The House of Blues (Night 2)BostonMAdownload linksetlistSimilar quality to night 1 at the House of Blues above, but with a 22 song set as opposed to a 19 song one. In terms of funny Brand New concert hijinks, you'd be hard pressed to find something better than Jesse screaming "no!" instead of "yeah!" in this rendition of "Sowing Season," leaving the crowd laughing, confused and still enthralled.
11/28/2009Nassau ColiseumUniondaleNYdownload linksetlistDefinitely a historic show for the band -- playing sold out Nassau Coliseum as an ultimate kind of homecoming 2 months after the realease of "Daisy." The setlist is "Daisy" and "Devil" heavy, and the show featured a stunning visual display featuring clips from the original "Night Of The Living Dead" and old science experiments. Unfortuantely this is a low quality audience recording and is missing the last 3 songs.
4/27/2011The Electirc FactoryPhiladelphiaPAdownload linksetlistIf you're a Brand New fan, you've almost certainly seen the videos from this show. They're the black and white ones on YouTube where the crowd is screaming and moving so much, it's amazing the walls of the place didn't simply tumble (I was there and I was amazed they didn't). This soundboard rip loses the incredible crowd you hear in the YouTube videos, but because the quality is so sublime, it's hard to care that much. There's no deep cuts or surprises, just 19 songs played tight, loud and fast, with Jesse taking almost no time to talk. This one is a must-have.X (SOUNDBOARD)
4/30/2011Brubaker Auditorium at Messiah CollegeGranthamPAdownload linksetlistComing at the end of the "Keystone" 5 show mini-tour in April 2011, this set is an absolute barn-burner, mainly due to the fact that Jesse's vocal chords sound like they've been put through a shredder from the past few nights...and it couldn't be more awesome. The screams sound borderline painful (for Jesse) but they accentuate the songs on this crisp soundboard recording in a way that no other Brand New concert recording really has, apart from maybe Southside Festival 2009 or Tsongas in 2007.

Look at the crescendo of "Quiet Things" when Vinnie and Jesse's screams sound like starved animals fighting for meat, or the "Degausser" breakdown where Jesse sounds like he's in between clearing his throat and screaming himself to death. All that sound and fury wraps up perfectly with Jesse doing electric solo renditions of "Soco Amaretto Lime" (extended with awesome love from the crowd) and "Moshi Moshi." For some, this style may not be their Brand New cup of tea. For others, it will be a teasure. Must download.
11/26/2011The House of BluesAtlantic CityNJdownload linksetlistNicely varied set featuring a 4-song acoustic break in the middle, but the quality of the bootleg is a little rough. The band sounds a bit distant and hollow, and unfortunately some of the crowd chatter or singing has a habit of overpowering what the band is playing.
New Years Eve 2011The House of BluesAtlantic CityNJdownload linksetlistThis certainly qualifies as a marathon set. With 3 sets and 27 songs, you almost have to download this one for all the great stuff it has. The first set is a little bit of a sleepy acoustic set but things really pick up in the second set when Your Favorite Weapon kicks in, followed by a third set that featured fan requests from Twitter. The fan requests set yields some nice surprises in the form of "Flying at Tree Level," "Moshi Moshi" and "Untitled 05" (!!!) which according to has only been played by Brand New 4 times in their history. Also, a "Soco Amaretto Lime" for the "ball drop." Lot to dig into here.
12/20/2013The ParamountHuntingtonNYdownload linksetlistInfamously known as the "Daisygate" show, the show was Brand New's first on Long Island since the two night Paramount run in 2011. The discography show saw Brand New playing Devil and God and Daisy front-to-back, with some b-sides mixed in. The set was great, but the audience bootleg is mixed and a bit loud with lots of crowd chatter mixed in and at one point the very nice bootlegger had to muffle the recording during "Vices" and "You Stole" to speak with an EMT. Live versions of "(Fork and Knife)", "Untitled 03" and "Noro" could make it worth your while though.
12/22/2013The Bell HouseBrooklynNYdownload linkarchive.orgsetlistfull show videoLet's separate my miracle entrance into this show and just focus on the real thing. Been listening since 2001 and going to shows since 2002 and this was: A) the best Brand New show I've ever seen, B) the best show I've ever seen period.

Playing for an insanely small crowd of 300 people, this blistering, emotional set recorded from an audience bootleg has it all -- and in great quality too because of how tight the sound at the Bell House was. A rabid, screaming crowd (see "Logan" or "Sic Transit," hell, EVERY SONG), awesome improvisation and riffs on songs ("Tommy Gun" bridge, soloing in the "Sic Transit" bridge, a HAUNTING extended "Limousine," a seamless segue from "Deguasser" into "You Won't Know"), seriously funny banter regarding "We Didn't Start The Fire," a bizarro cover with "Your Love" and the cherry on top -- a "You Won't Know" that literally sounds like a bomb is exploding in the venue during the breakdown. Seriously, Garrett's bass is tuned to 11.

This is Brand New at their absolute finest. Download it.
5/26/2014Boston Calling / City Hall PlazaBostonMAdownload linksetlistfull show videoWarming up the stage at Boston Calling 2014 for Modest Mouse, Brand New put on a set that many claimed was worthy of a full on-headlining spot. The set is a tight 11 songs, but due to the recording being at a massive outdoor festival, the sound quality meanders in middle-of-the-road territory.
6/21/2014Pegasus Music Festival / Verizon TheatreGrand PrairieTXdownload linksetlistfull show videoRipped from a full show video bootleg, the quality on this clip is quite solid. Though only a 12 song festival set, the songs are played with a lot of gusto, and if you have ever seen the video of this show it really appears like Brand New are having the time of their lives. This features a really interesting "You Won't Know" instrumental outtro unlike many of the others...has a kind of funky and bouncy feel. Seek out the video for the full experience. Worth noting that there are some minor issues in where the songs come in and out.
8/9/2014Forest Hills Tennis StadiumForest HillsNYdownload linksetlistOnce again warming up the stage for Modest Mouse, this time in a co-headlining scenario, Brand New put on a firey, energetic (near) hometown set that spanned a *loud* hour-and-a-half. Quality is solid with lots of the instrumentation coming through clear and Jesse's vocals staying firmly in the mix. Highlights include a full band bustout of "Untitled 03"/"Brothers," an even more extended version of the extended "Limousine" (a powerful 10 minutes), some booming screams by Jesse (see "Degausser" > "You Won't Know") and a nice "Luca." Minor quibbles are crowd chatter during "Luca" and "Limousine" along with some other quieter segments (though some nice singalongs come out of this), but overall this is a recommended download. "Soco Amaretto Lime" was written as a closer on the setlist but was not played. Recorded by Reddit user /u/theglassjaw.X
10/17/2014The Civic TheatreNew OrleansLAdownload linksetlistIn the midst of a south run with 20-plus song, 2 hour setlists rife with bustouts, this New Orleans show is no different. "Untitled 01" or "Good Man" opens things up with a nice extended intro, though it unfortunately battles with an obnoxious, chatty crowd (beer can hitting the floor for bonus points). There's also a recording of "Untitled 04" or "Missing You" which made its live debut during the tour, and "Brothers." Across the 20 song set there's something for everyone, but the recording is hit or miss. Done from iniside the audience it certainly captures the intensity of the performance but the sound -- between the talkative people (guys, "Limousine" is on) and occasional blow out when things get real heavy -- it's definitely listenable but your enjoyment will vary. Thanks very much to Reddit user /u/joetherobot for the recording.
8/15/2015Ommegang BreweryCooperstownNYdownload linksetlistReview forthcoming.
9/13/2015Lollapalooza Berlin / Tempelhof AirportBerlinGermanydownload linksetlistfull show videoIn the midst of Brand New's most prolific touring year since Daisy's release in 2009, the band has shredded all over both America and the world at large with tight, energetic performances. And finally, 9 months later, we get our first full show recording...and it's a soundboard doozy. Ripped from the Lollapalooza Berlin stream, the 12 song set sees Brand New perfrom an energetic, visceral set comprised primarily of material from the Devil and God and Daisy.

Jesse's screams sound primal as ever (see the "Sink" and "Gasoline" breakdowns) and the soundboard recording quality puts this one in the "recommended" category. Show is light on banter apart from Jesse admitting his guitar is "terribly" tuned as "Spin Light" starts and a remark about how it continually blows his mind that a band from New York still draws a crowd as far as Germany 15 years after inception. The "Sowing Season" closer has a small jam tacked on that sounds a whole lot like "You Won't Know" with Brian wailing on the skins.

Extremely minor gripe aside that a live "Mene" recording would be fantastic aside, this is yet another great gift in a year that has been very kind to Brand New fans.
10/2/2015Austin City Limits Music Festival (Weekend 1) / Zilker ParkAustinTXdownload linksetlistfull show videoTwo Brand New soundboard recordings in a month? Pinch me. Miracles aside, this soundboard from the weekend 1 stream of Austin City Limits 2015 manages to make the Lollapalooza Berlin soundboard sound poor (and that one is still pretty great). A pristine, perfect sound mix complements the exact same setlist as Lolla Berlin, and every member gets a chance to shine.

See Garrett's bass in "Sic Transit," Brian's drumming for the outtro for "Millstone," Jesse's flawless screams throughout the entire set (seriously, the vocals are dynamite for this entire show) and some awesome mad scientist riffery from Vin. Vin deserves a little extra praise for this performance, from a fully realized and swelling "At The Bottom" bridge to twang-infused guitar bits in the second "Spin Light" verse and the moments before the second "Tommy Gun" chorus, there are some fun, crisp curves thrown around the set. Bonus points for nice crowd participation at the end of "Sic Transit" and during the opening of "Mix Tape." There is an extended intro jam for "You Won't Know" and the "Sowing Season" closer once again has a short, fiery, "You Won't Know" sounding jam tacked on to close the set out.

This one is an absolute, no brainer must-download.
10/8/2015House of BluesHoustonTXstreaming linksetlistReview forthcoming.
6/1/2016Vogue TheatreVancouverBCdownload linksetlistfull show videoA fantastic audience recording from @patkroll of Brand New's first show in 2016 and the first of a short Canadian headlining tour. Not much in the way of banter apart from Jesse thanking the crowd and openers (Greater Pyrenees, mewithoutYou) but the show is all-around well played.

Opener "Sealed to Me" sees Jesse unleashing some extra oomph during the second half, which the crowd goes wild for. End of "Tommy Gun" features a tiny jam that segues into a "You Won't Know" which features the usual heavy outro. The bass and guitars appear to thump a bit more on "Mene." Great screams for the "The Luca Bomb." Despite chattiness during "Jesus" and "Limousine," the tightly played, 11-minute extended Limo is a set highlight, with some interesting crowd singalong of "seven loves you so much..." in between the end of composed section and the additional outro. "I Am a Nightmare" is a live debut, with Jesse smashing his guitar after it ends.

At the end of the show, a banner and merch was revealed with an upside down flower cross and the words BRAND NEW 2000-2018, seeming to confirm the band's disbanding in two years time. Sound occasionally favors one ear over the other, but the quality is solid through and through. Recommended.
6/2/2016Vogue TheatreVancouverBCdownload linksetlistNo review currently available.
6/12/2016Olympia de MontrealMontrealQCdownload linksetlistNo review currently available.
6/29/2016Red Rocks AmphitheatreMorrisonCOdownload linksetlistLow quality audience recording that manages to be both blown out and distant. Recommended only for the most ardent completionist.
7/2/2016FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly IslandChicagoILdownload linksetlistNo review currently available.
7/15/2016Xfinity CenterMansfieldMAdownload linksetlist
10/17/2016Oakdale TheatreWallingfordCTdownload linksetlistfull show videoPart of the 2016 Devil and God fall tour, so the album is performed in its entirety, complete with "Untitled" jam to close i tout. This show has two recordings. The recording by @MichaelRatner (recommended): This audience recording is rather solid, with a mostly even mix of instruments and clear vocals. The usual extended "Tommy Gun" bridge features some new shred riffing from Vin. Jesse libs "got two more years now" in "Play Crack the Sky," alluding to the 2018 talk and opens up "Degausser" by saying "Degausser, baby." An extended, reverb-laden jam after "Limousine" segues into a 10-minute version of "You Won't Know," which features a "Tautou" refrain before transitioning back into a heavy jam outro.

The recording by @DaveZucker: Missing the first two songs, which were "I Am a Nightmare" and "Quiet Things." Audience recording is best on the quiet tracks such as "Play Crack" and "Handcuffs" but rougher and blown out elsewhere.
10/21/2016The Deltaplex ArenaGrand RapidsMIdownload linksetlistNo review currently available.
10/22/2016The Rave / Eagles ClubMilwaukeeWIdownload linksetlistNo review currently available.