This selection of recent prescribed fire science publications was compiled in November 2021 by NC State Extension Forestry, Southern Fire Exchange, and the Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists with input from researchers from around the region.
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A Fire Manager's Guide To Blue Ridge Ecozones
Fire EcologyWildlifeWarwick, A. 2020. A Fire Manager's Guide to Blue Ridge Ecozones.
A History Of Recurrent, Low-Severity Fire Without Fire Exclusion In Southeastern Pine Savannas, Usa
Fire EcologyRother, M. T., J. M. Huffman, C. H. Guiterman, K. M. Robertson and N. Jones. 2020. A history of recurrent, low-severity fire without fire exclusion in southeastern pine savannas, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 475: 118406.
Agricultural Land-Use History And Restoration Impact Soil Microbial Diversity
Fire EcologyFire HistoryTurley, N. E., L. Bell-Dereske, S. E. Evans and L. A. Brudvig. 2020. Agricultural land-use history and restoration impact soil microbial diversity. Journal of Applied Ecology.
Biomass Burning Organic Aerosol From Prescribed Burning And Other Activities In The United States
Fire Ecology
Theodoritsi, G. N., Posner, L. N., Robinson, A. L., Yarwood, G., Koo, B., Morris, R., Mavko, M., Moore, T., & Pandis, S. N. (2020). Biomass burning organic aerosol from prescribed burning and other activities in the United States. Atmospheric Environment, 117753.
Carbon Starvation Is Absent Regardless Of Season Of Burn In Liquidambar Styraciflua
Fire EcologyCarbonSweetgumRuswick, S. K., J. J. O'Brien and D. P. Aubrey. 2021. Carbon starvation is absent regardless of season of burn in Liquidambar styraciflua L. Forest Ecology and Management 479: 118588.
Climate Change Projected To Reduce Prescribed Burning Opportunities In The South-Eastern United States
Climate ChangeKupfer John A., Terando Adam J., Gao Peng, Teske Casey, Hiers J. Kevin (2020) Climate change projected to reduce prescribed burning opportunities in the south-eastern United States. International Journal of Wildland Fire 29, 764-778.
Could Canopy, Bark, And Leaf Litter Traits Of Encroaching Non-Oak Species Influence Future Flammability Of Upland Oak Forests?
Fire EcologyOaksBabl, E. K., H. D. Alexander, C. M. Siegert and J. L. Willis. 2020. Could canopy, bark, and leaf litter traits of encroaching non-oak species influence future flammability of upland oak forests? Forest Ecology and Management 458: 117731.
Covid-19 Lockdowns Drive Decline In Active Fires In Southeastern United States
PolicyPoulter, Benjamin, Freeborn, Patrick H., Jolly, Matt W., Varner, Morgan J. (2021) COVID-19 lockdowns drive decline in active fires in southeastern United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Oct 2021, 118 (43) e2105666118
Determination Of Burn Severity Models Ranging From Regional To National Scales For The Conterminous United States
Tools/TechnologyFire ModelingPicotte, J., C. A. Cansler, C. A. Kolden, J. A. Lutz, C. Key, N. C. Benson and K. M. Robertson. 2021. Determination of burn severity models ranging from regional to national scales for the conterminous United States. Remote Sensing of Environment 263: 112569.
Effect Of Prescribed Fires On The Export Of Dissolved Organic Matter, Precursors Of Disinfection By-Products, And Water Treatability
Fire EcologyWater QualityUzun H., W. Zhang, C.I. Olivares, C.U. Erdem, T.A. Coates, T. Karanfil, A.T. Chow. 2020. Effect of prescribed fires on the export of dissolved organic matter, precursors of disinfection by-products, and water treatability. Water Research 187:116385.
Effects Of Fire Seasonality And Intensity On Resprouting Woody Plants In Prairie-Forest Communities
Fire EcologyPrairieMeunier, J., N. S. Holoubek, Y. Johnson, T. Kuhman and B. Strobel. 2021. Effects of fire seasonality and intensity on resprouting woody plants in prairie-forest communities. Restoration Ecology.
Effects Of Frequent Fire And Mowing On Resprouting Shrubs Of Florida Scrub, Usa
Fire EcologyMenges, E. S., S. A. Smith, J. M. Olano, J. L. Schafer, G. Clarke and K. Main. 2020. Effects of frequent fire and mowing on resprouting shrubs of Florida scrub, USA. Fire Ecology 16: 17.
Effects Of Prescribed Fire And Social Insects On Saproxylic Beetles In A Subtropical Forest
WildfireBeetlesUlyshen, M. D., Lucky, A., & Work, T. T. (2020). Effects of prescribed fire and social insects on saproxylic beetles in a subtropical forest. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 9630.
Effects Of Prescribed Fire Frequency On Wildfire Emissions And Carbon Sequestration In A Fire Adapted Ecosystem Using A Comprehensive Carbon Model
Smoke/Air QualityWildfireCarbonVolkova, L., Roxburgh, S. H., & Weston, C. J. (2021). Effects of prescribed fire frequency on wildfire emissions and carbon sequestration in a fire adapted ecosystem using a comprehensive carbon model. Journal of Environmental Management, 290, 112673.
Effects Of Prescribed Fire On Northern Bobwhite Nesting Ecology
WildlifeBirdsQuailRosche, S. B., Moorman, C. E., Kroeger, A. J., Pacifici, K., Jones, J. G., & Deperno, C. S. (n.d.). Effects of Prescribed Fire on Northern Bobwhite Nesting Ecology. Wildlife Society Bulletin, n/a(n/a).
Evaluating The Influence Of Federal Prescribed Fire Regimes In East Texas On White-Tailed Deer Body Condition And Antler Size
WildlifeDeerWall, T. P., Oswald, B. P., Kidd, K. R., & Darville, R. L. (2020). Evaluating the influence of federal prescribed fire regimes in east Texas on white-tailed deer body condition and antler size (General Technical Report SRS-253; Proceedings of the 20th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference, pp. 100–103). US Forest Service, Southern Research Station.
Expansion And Population Structure Of Transplanted Aristida Beyrichiana (Wiregrass) Tussocks: Results Of A 37-Year Study
Fire EcologyWiregrassLaucevicius, A. M., K. M. Robertson, D. B. Means, T. R. Mitchell and P. B. Taylor. 2021. Expansion and population structure of transplanted Aristida beyrichiana (wiregrass) tussocks: results of a 37-year study. Restoration Ecology 29: e13404.
Fire Characteristics And Environmental Conditions Shape Plant Communities Via Regeneration Strategy
Fire EcologyDay, N. J., A. L. White, J. F. Johnstone, G. E. Degre-Timmons, S. G. Cumming, M. C. Mack, M. R. Turetsky, X. J. Walker and J. L. Baltzer. 2020. Fire characteristics and environmental conditions shape plant communities via regeneration strategy. Ecography 43: 1-11.
Forest Composition, Fuel Loading, And Soil Chemistry Resulting From 50 Years Of Forest Management And Natural Disturbance In Two Southastern Coastal Plain Watersheds, Usa
Fire EcologyFuelsCoates, T.A., A Johnson, W.M. Aust, D.L. Hagan, A.T. Chow, C. Trettin. 2020. Forest composition, fuel loading, and soil chemistry resulting from 50 years of forest management and natural disturbance in two southastern Coastal Plain watersheds, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 473:118337.
Frequent Burning Causes Large Losses Of Carbon From Deep Soil Layers In A Temperate Savanna
Fire EcologyCarbon
Pellegrini, A. F. A., McLauchlan, K. K., Hobbie, S. E., Mack, M. C., Marcotte, A. L., Nelson, D. M., Perakis, S. S., Reich, P. B., & Whittinghill, K. (2020). Frequent burning causes large losses of carbon from deep soil layers in a temperate savanna. Journal of Ecology, 108(4), 1426–1441.
Frequent Fire Slows Microbial Decomposition Of Newly Deposited Fine Fuels In A Pyrophilic Ecosystem
Fire EcologyHopkins, J. R., J. M. Huffman, W. J. Platt and B. A. Sikes. 2020. Frequent fire slows microbial decomposition of newly deposited fine fuels in a pyrophilic ecosystem. Oecologia 193: 631-643.
Frequent Prescribed Fire Sustains Old Field Loblolly Pine–Shortleaf Pine Woodland Communities: Results Of A 53-Year Study
Fire EcologyShortleafRobertson, K. M., Hermann, S. M., & Staller, E. L. (2021). Frequent Prescribed Fire Sustains Old Field Loblolly Pine–Shortleaf Pine Woodland Communities: Results of a 53-Year Study. Journal of Forestry, fvab035.
Frequent Prescribed Fires Favour Ground-Nesting Bees In Southeastern U.S. Forests
Fire EcologyBeesUlyshen, M. D., A. C. Wilson, G. C. Ohlson, S. M. Pokswinski and J. K. Hiers. 2021. Frequent prescribed fires favour ground-nesting bees in southeastern U.S. Forests. Insect Conservation and Diversity.
Frequently Burned Loblolly-Shortleaf Pine Forest In The Southeastern United States Lacks The Stability Of Longleaf Pine Forest
Fire EcologyShortleafLongleafMatusick, G., S. J. Hudson, C. Z. Garrett, L. J. Samuelson, J. D. Kent, R. N. Addington and J. M. Paker. 2020. Frequently burned loblolly-shortleaf pine forest in the southeastern United States lacks the stability of longleaf pine forest. Ecosphere 11.
Ground Flora Cover, Diversity, And Life-History Trait Representation After Wind Disturbance, Salvage Logging, And Prescribed Fire In A Pinus Palustris Woodland
Fire EcologyLongleafKleinman, J. S., Goode, J. D., & Hart, J. L. (2020). Ground flora cover, diversity, and life-history trait representation after wind disturbance, salvage logging, and prescribed fire in a Pinus palustris woodland. Applied Vegetation Science, 24(1), e12541.
How Do Fire Behavior And Fuel Consumption Vary Between Dormant And Early Growing Season Prescribed Burns In The Southern Appalachian Mountains?
Fire EcologyVaughan, M.C., D.L. Hagan, W.C. Bridges, M.B. Dickinson, T.A. Coates. 2021. How do fire behavior and fuel consumption vary between dormant and early growing season prescribed burns in the southern Appalachian Mountains? Fire Ecology 17:27 doi:10.1186/s42408-021-00108-1
Identifying Coarse- And Fine-Scale Drivers Of Avian Abundance Following Prescribed Fires
WildlifeBirdsMorin, D. J., Schablein, L., Simmons, L. N., Lorber, J. H., & Smith, M. K. (2021). Identifying coarse- and fine-scale drivers of avian abundance following prescribed fires. Forest Ecology and Management, 485, 118940.
Improving Coastal Plain Hardwoods For Deer And Turkeys With Canopy Reduction And Fire
WildlifeDeerTurkeyTurner, M.A., Gulsby, W.D., Harper, C.A. and Ditchkoff, S.S. (2020), Improving Coastal Plain Hardwoods for Deer and Turkeys with Canopy Reduction and Fire. Wildl. Soc. Bull., 44: 705-712.
Increasing Pace And Scale Of Prescribed Fire Via Catastrophe Funds For Liability Relief
Liability/InsuranceVarner, J.M.; Hiers, J.K.; Wheeler, S.B.; McGuire, J.; Quinn-Davidson, L.; Palmer, W.E.; Fowler, L. Increasing Pace and Scale of Prescribed Fire via Catastrophe Funds for Liability Relief. Fire 2021, 4, 77.
Introduction To The Article By Harold Biswell: Prescribed Burning In Georgia And California Compared
Fire EcologyFire History
Stephens, S. L., van Wagtendonk, J. W., Agee, J. K., & Wakimoto, R. H. (2021). Introduction to the article by Harold Biswell: Prescribed Burning in Georgia and California Compared. Fire Ecology, 17(1), 9.
Invigorating Prescribed Fire Science Through Improved Reporting Practices
Fire Ecololgy
Bonner, S.R., C.M. Hoffman, F.M. Kane, M.M. Varner, J.K. Hiers, J.J. O'Brien, H.D. Rickard, W.T. Tinkham, R.R. Linn, N. Skowronski, R.A. Parsons, and C.H. Sleg. 2021 Invigorating prescribed fire science through improved reporting practices. Frontiers in teh Forests and Global Change
Is A Prescribed Fire Sufficient To Slow The Spread Of Woody Plants In An Infrequently Burned Grassland? A Case Study In Tallgrass Prairie
Fire EcologyPrairieNippert, J. B., Telleria, L., Blackmore, P., Taylor, J. H., & O’Connor, R. C. (2021). Is a Prescribed Fire Sufficient to Slow the Spread of Woody Plants in an Infrequently Burned Grassland? A Case Study in Tallgrass Prairie. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 78, 79–89.
Large Ecosystem-Scale Effects Of Restoration Fail To Mitigate Impacts Of Land-Use Legacies In Longleaf Pine Savannas
Fire EcologyLongleafBrudvig, L. A., N. E. Turley, S. L. Bartel, L. Bell-Dereske, S. Breland, E. I. Damschen, S. E. Evans, J. Gibbs, P. G. Hahn, R. Isaacs, J. A. Ledvina, J. L. Orrock, Q. M. Sorenson and J. D. Stuhler. 2021. Large ecosystem-scale effects of restoration fail to mitigate impacts of land-use legacies in longleaf pine savannas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118: e2020935118.
Long-Duration Soil Heating Resulting From Forest Floor Duff Smoldering In Longleaf Pine Ecosystems
Fire EcologySoilsKreye, J. K., J. M. Varner and L. N. Kobziar. 2020. Long-duration soil heating resulting from forest floor duff smoldering in longleaf pine ecosystems. Forest Science.
Long-Term Effects Of Repeated Prescribed Fire And Fire Surrogate Treatments On Forest Soil Chemistry In The Southern Appalachian Mountains (Usa)
Fire EcologySoilsDukes, C.J., T.A. Coates, D.L. Hagan, W.M. Aust, T.A. Waldrop, D.M. Simon. 2020. Long-term effects of repeated prescribed fire and fire surrogate treatments on forest soil chemistry in the Southern Appalachian Mountains (USA). Fire 3, 20;
Long-Term Impacts Of Silvicultural Treatments On Wildland Fuels And Modeled Fire Behavior In The Ridge And Valley Province, Virginia (Usa)
FuelsFire ModelingHahn, G.E., T.A. Coates, W.M. Aust, M.C. Bolding, M.A. Thomas-Van Gundy. 2021. Long-term impacts of silvicultural treatments on wildland fuels and modeled fire behavior in the Ridge and Valley Province, Virginia (USA). Forest Ecology and Management 496:119475.
Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris Mill.) Branch Pruning By Prescribed Fire
Fire EcologyLongleafMcGuire, J. P., Kush, J. S., Varner, J. M., Lauer, D. K., & Mitchell, J. R. (2021). Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) Branch Pruning by Prescribed Fire. Forest Science, fxab018.
Longleaf Pine Seedling Growth And Survival: Effects Of Season And Intensity Of Simulated Prescribed Burning
Fire EcololgyLongleaf
Brethauer, D. K., Sharma, A., Vogel, J. G., Miller, D. L., & van Santen, E. (2021). Longleaf pine seedling growth and survival: Effects of season and intensity of simulated prescribed burning. Forest Ecology and Management, 502, 119719.
Mesophication Of Oak Landscapes: Evidence, Knowledge Gaps, And Future Research
Fire EcologyOaksHeather D Alexander, Courtney Siegert, J Stephen Brewer, Jesse Kreye, Marcus A Lashley, Jennifer K McDaniel, Alison K Paulson, Heidi J Renninger, J Morgan Varner, Mesophication of Oak Landscapes: Evidence, Knowledge Gaps, and Future Research, BioScience, Volume 71, Issue 5, May 2021, Pages 531–542,
Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowner Willingness To Pay For Prescribed Burning To Lower Wildfire Hazards
Human Behavior/Fire Perception
Shrestha, A., R. K. Grala, S. C. Grado, S. D. Roberts, J. S. Gordon and R. K. Adhikari. 2021. Nonindustrial private forest landowner willingness to pay for prescribed burning to lower wildfire hazards. Forest Policy and Economics 127: 102451.
North Carolina Climate Science Report
Climate ChangeKunkel, K.E., D.R. Easterling, A. Ballinger, S. Bililign, S.M. Champion, D.R. Corbett, K.D. Dello, J. Dissen,
G.M. Lackmann, R.A. Luettich, Jr., L.B. Perry, W.A. Robinson, L.E. Stevens, B.C. Stewart, and A.J. Terando, 2020: North
Carolina Climate Science Report. North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, 233 pp.
Optimum Prescribed Fire Conditions For Foliage Regrowth Among Longleaf Pine Seedlings
Fire EcologyLongleafSayer, M. A. S., Tyree, M. C., & Rudd, B. M. (2020). Optimum prescribed fire conditions for foliage regrowth among longleaf pine seedlings. E–Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS–253. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station, 253, 142–148.
Overwintering Behavior Reduces Mortality For A Terrestrial Turtle In Forests Managed With Prescribed Fire
WildlifeTurtlesRoe, John H., & Bayles, Z. (2021). Overwintering behavior reduces mortality for a terrestrial turtle in forests managed with prescribed fire. Forest Ecology and Management, 486, 118990.
Pine Savanna Community Disassembly After Fire Suppression
Fire EcologyDiaz-Toribio, M. H., S. Carr and F. E. Putz. 2020. Pine savanna community disassembly after fire suppression. Journal of Vegetation Science 31: 245-254.
Plant Community Shifts In Response To Fire And Bison In A Restored Tallgrass Prairie
Fire EcologyPrairieGrazingBlackburn, R. C., A. Nicholas and H. P. Jones. 2020. Plant community shifts in response to fire and bison in a restored tallgrass prairie. Natural Areas Journal 40: 218-227.
Post-Harvest Slash Burning In Coniferous Forests In North America: A Review Of Ecological Impacts
Fire Ecology
Mott, C. M., Hofstetter, R. W., & Antoninka, A. J. (2021). Post-harvest slash burning in coniferous forests in North America: A review of ecological impacts. Forest Ecology and Management, 493, 119251.
Potential Impacts Of Prescribed Fire Smoke On Public Health And Socially Vulnerable Populations In A Southeastern U.S. State
Smoke/Air QualityAfrin, S., & Garcia-Menendez, F. (2021). Potential impacts of prescribed fire smoke on public health and socially vulnerable populations in a Southeastern U.S. state. Science of The Total Environment, 794, 148712.
Predictors Of Fire-Tolerant Oak And Fire-Sensitive Hardwood Distribution In A Fire-Maintained Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
Fire EcologyOaksHannon, D. R., C. E. Moorman, A. D. Schultz, J. M. Gray and C. S. DePerno. 2020. Predictors of fire-tolerant oak and fire-sensitive hardwood distribution in a fire-maintained longleaf pine ecosystem. Forest Ecology and Management 477: 118468.
Prescribed Fire Management
Fire EcologyPrescribed fire management. (2021). Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health, 21, 100250.
Prescribed Fire Science: The Case For A Refined Research Agenda
PolicyFundingHiers, J. K., O’Brien, J. J., Varner, J. M., Butler, B. W., Dickinson, M., Furman, J., Gallagher, M., Godwin, D., Goodrick, S. L., Hood, S. M., Hudak, A., Kobziar, L. N., Linn, R., Loudermilk, E. L., McCaffrey, S., Robertson, K., Rowell, E. M., Skowronski, N., Watts, A. C., & Yedinak, K. M. (2020). Prescribed fire science: the case for a refined research agenda. Fire Ecology, 16(1), 11, s42408-020-0070–0078.
Public And Forest Landowner Attitudes Towards Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Restoration Using Prescribed Fire
Human Behavior/Fire Perception
LongleafGordon, J. S., Willis, J. L., & Grala, R. K. (2020). Public and forest landowner attitudes towards longleaf pine ecosystem restoration using prescribed fire. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.
Quic-Fire: A Fast-Running Simulation Tool For Prescribed Fire Planning
Tools/TechnologyFire ModelingLinn, R. R., Goodrick, S. L., Brambilla, S., Brown, M. J., Middleton, R. S., O’Brien, J. J., & Hiers, J. K. (2020). QUIC-fire: A fast-running simulation tool for prescribed fire planning. Environmental Modelling & Software, 125, 104616.
Regulation And Practice Of Forest-Management Fires On Private Lands In The Southeast United States: Legal Open Burns Versus Certified Prescribed Burns
PolicyHan, X., Frey, G. E., & Sun, C. (2020). Regulation and Practice of Forest-Management Fires on Private Lands in the Southeast United States: Legal Open Burns versus Certified Prescribed Burns. Journal of Forestry, 118(4), 385–402.
Short Term Effect Of Wildfires And Prescribed Fires On Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem Services
Fire EcologyShort term effect of wildfires and prescribed fires on ecosystem services. (2021). Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health, 100266.
Shortleaf Pine (Pinus Echinata, Pinaceae) Seedling Sprouting Responses: Clipping And Burning Effects At Various Seedling Ages And Seasons
Fire EcologyShortleaf
Clabo, D. C., & Clatterbuck, W. K. (2019). Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata, Pinaceae) seedling sprouting responses: Clipping and burning effects at various seedling ages and seasons. The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, 146(2), 96.
Smoke Management Guidebook For Prescribed Burning In The Southern Region
Smoke/Air Quality
Campbell, J.H., Fawcett, J.E., Godwin, D.R. & L.A. Boby, 2020. Smoke Management Guidebook for Prescribed Burning in the Southern Region. University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Outreach Publication WSFNR-20-91A (Nov 2020).
Soil Chemistry Following Single-Entry, Dormant Season Prescribed Fires In The Ridge And Valley Province Of Virginia, Usa
Fire EcologySoilsHahn, G.E., T.A. Coates, W.M. Aust. 2021. Soil chemistry following single-entry, dormant season prescribed fires in the Ridge and Valley Province of Virginia, USA. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis doi:10.1080/00103624.2021.1908327.
Spatial Scale In Prescribed Fire Regimes: An Understudied Aspect In Conservation With Examples From The Southeastern United States
Fire EcologyMason, D. S., & Lashley, M. A. (2021). Spatial scale in prescribed fire regimes: an understudied aspect in conservation with examples from the southeastern United States. Fire Ecology, 17(1), 3.
Tamm Review: The Effects Of Prescribed Fire On Wildfire Regimes And Impacts: A Framework For Comparison
Fire EcologyWildfireHunter, M. E. and M. D. Robles. 2020. Tamm review: The effects of prescribed fire on wildfire regimes and impacts: A framework for comparison. Forest Ecology and Management 475: 118435.
The Effect Of Repeated Perscribed Burning On Soil Properties: A Review
Fire EcologySoilsFonturbel, T., N. Carrera, J. A. Vega and C. F. Filgueira. 2021. The effect of repeated perscribed burning on soil properties: a review. Forests 12: 767.
The Impact Of Affective Heuristics In Decision-Making Regarding The Implementation Of Prescribed Fire On Private Rangelands In The Southern Great Plains, Usa
Human Behavior/Fire Perception
RangelandsThe Impact of Affective Heuristics in Decision-Making Regarding the Implementation of Prescribed Fire on Private Rangelands in the Southern Great Plains, USA: Society & Natural Resources: Vol 0, No 0. (n.d.). Retrieved March 2, 2021
The Impact Of Prescribed Burning On Native Bee Communities (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila) In Longleaf Pine Savannas In The North Carolina Sandhills
Moylett, H., Youngsteadt, E., & Sorenson, C. (2020). The Impact of Prescribed Burning on Native Bee Communities (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila) in Longleaf Pine Savannas in the North Carolina Sandhills. Environmental Entomology, 49(1), 211–219.
The Influence Of Prescribed Fire On Fine Particulate Matter Pollution In The Southeastern United States
Smoke/Air QualityAfrin, S., & Garcia‐Menendez, F. (2020). The Influence of Prescribed Fire on Fine Particulate Matter Pollution in the Southeastern United States. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(15), e2020GL088988.
The Influence Of Prescribed Fire On Site Selection In Snakes In The Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
WildlifeSnakesHowze, J. M., & Smith, L. L. (2021). The influence of prescribed fire on site selection in snakes in the longleaf pine ecosystem. Forest Ecology and Management, 481, 118703.
The Influence Of Prescribed Fire On Wild Turkeys In The Southeastern United States: A Review And Synthesis
WildlifeTurkeyWann, G. T., Martin, J. A., & Chamberlain, M. J. (2020). The influence of prescribed fire on wild turkeys in the Southeastern United States: A review and synthesis. Forest Ecology and Management, 455, 117661.
The Vascular Flora Of The Lake Thoreau Environmental Center, Forrest And Lamar Counties, Mississippi, With Comments On Compositional Change After A Decade Of Prescribed Fire
Fire EcologyWilliam J. McFarland, Danielle Cotton, Alford, M. H., & Davis, M. A. (2020). The vascular flora of the Lake Thoreau Environmental Center, Forrest and Lamar counties, Mississippi, with comments on compositional change after a decade of prescribed fire. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 14(2), 413–433.
To Insure Or Not To Insure? Factors Affecting Acquisition Of Prescribed Burning Insurance Coverage
Parajuli, R., Joshi, O., Poudyal, N. C., & Kreuter, U. P. (2019). To Insure or not to Insure? Factors Affecting Acquisition of Prescribed Burning Insurance Coverage. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 72(6), 968–975.
Underground Carbohydrate Stores And Storage Organs In Fire-Maintained Longleaf Pine Savannas In Florida, Usa
Fire EcologyLongleafDiaz-Toribio, M. H. and F. E. Putz. 2021. Underground carbohydrate stores and storage organs in fire-maintained longleaf pine savannas in Florida, USA. American Journal of Botany 108: 432-442.
Using Gatoreye Uav-Borne Lidar To Quantify The Spatial And Temporal Effects Of A Prescribed Fire On Understory Height And Biomass In A Pine Savanna
Tools/TechnologyFire ModelingShrestha, M., Broadbent, E. N., & Vogel, J. G. (2021). Using GatorEye UAV-Borne LiDAR to Quantify the Spatial and Temporal Effects of a Prescribed Fire on Understory Height and Biomass in a Pine Savanna. Forests, 12(1), 38.
Variation And Repeatability Of Home Range In A Forest‐Dwelling Terrestrial Turtle: Implications For Prescribed Fire In Forest Management
WildlifeTurtlesRoe, J. H., Kish, A. L., & Nacy, J. P. (2020). Variation and repeatability of home range in a forest‐dwelling terrestrial turtle: implications for prescribed fire in forest management. Journal of Zoology, 310(1), 71–82.
Wildland Fire Emission Factors In North America: Synthesis Of Existing Data, Measurement Needs And Management Implications
Smoke/Air QualityPrichard, S. J., S. M. O'Neill, P. Eagle, A. G. Andreu, B. Drye, J. Dubowy, s. Urbanski and T. M. Strand. 2020. Wildland fire emission factors in North America: synthesis of existing data, measurement needs and management implications. International Journal of Wildland Fire 29: 132-147.