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Alexander BarthelFrankfurt am MainGermany-I have studied Japanese Studies (MA), am very interested in academic research in this and other fields, participate in Fair Trade movement, always search for new inputs and ideas. My first contact with EA was about one year ago when reading the German translation of Peter Singer's "The most good you can do". I found the ideas of EA very inspiring and started to read several related articles. Getting in touch with 80,000 hours I thought about my potential to have a positive impact with my skills and hope to get new input through EA conference. Right now I have the "naive" idea to use my Japanese cultural and language skills to promote EA in Japan. Currently I am working at a consulting and relocation company specialized on Japanese companies, steadily developing my Japanese language skills and my network. - State of EA in Germany, groups in Frankfurt
- How about EA in highly developed Asian countries? (e.g. Japan)
- Useful carreer choices, use of personal skills and potential
- Is cooperation with existing charities a worthwhile option? Are they open to the ideas of EA
- Effective ways to fight poverty, how to identify fields and methods that are most effective (I am involved in Fair Trade-scene for some time now, thinking a lot about its impact and deficiencies)
Benjamin KolbBonnGermany
- BSc Economics Student at Bonn Uni.
- that type of ambitious student with quantitative background, who is considering careers like
- Management Consulting / any other sort of fast career capital accumulation
- Tech-Entrepreneurship, Data Science, Quantitative Trading, Corporate Management
- Master/PhD in Data Science / Machine Learning / Economics / Business
- AI research / any other high impact research
- risks from AI outcomes seem like a reasonable tentative quasi-single focus impact-wise to me. Tell me, if you think I am wrong.
- feel free give me negative feedback on anything you like
- more info: Founded the local chapter Effective Altruism Bonn. Also been involved in the Vegan University Group there. Been studying as exchange student at Warwick Uni last year. Been studying one year's worth of Mathematics during high school.
- career paths I am working towards or any other path that seems relevant (especially with people who are more advanced or similarily interested in them)
- a lot more will find me on Telegram using
Caroline BeretFrankfurtGermanyFoodsharingI work for the Goethe-Institut as an online editor and statistician – a job I cherish because it allows me to promote cultural exchange and work internationally. In addition, I volunteer for Foodsharing Frankfurt an organisation that strives to reduce the waste of edible food due to commercial reasons. Apart from bringing positive change to the world my biggest passion is life-long learning. Since completing my formal education in 2012 I have participated in a number of MOOCs ranging from personality psychology, chronobiology and macrohistory to unethical decision making in organisations. In the long term I plan to change careers to become more involved in the EA movement. I find the idea to look at the world from a metalevel very thrilling and I am convinced that it is the one perspective with the highest leverage for effective change.- EA and financial literacy
- Career choices and personality psychology
- How to optimize individual positive impact
- Activism and resilience
Denis DrescherZürichSwitzerlandKingfluencersI’ll go into earning to give as software developer for the next couple of years, so I’m about to move to Zürich to get the most out of it. I hope to go back to direct work once funding has become less of a concern. At the moment I’m particularly psyched about funding research into alleviating wild animal suffering.What direct work I should be doing in a few years, what I should fund once WAS is not neglected anymore, whether there is a market for EA music, etc.Email or Telegramdenis.drescher@claviger.net
Devon FritzBerlinGermanyFounders PledgeI have degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Computational Linguistics and have a history working for the US government as a software engineer. I am now working at Founders Pledge, a London-based EA organization, running our new Berlin branch. We have two main goals: 1) to build into the startup community the idea that one should give back to the world and 2) to convince them to give effectively according to EA principles. As a whole, we've already raised $350 million in just over two years.

I am more than happy to discuss what we do at Founders Pledge, talk about EA more generally, or just hear what you are up to, so feel free to come say hi! I'll be volunteering at the registration desk.
Founders Pledge, EA, philosophy, anything, really
Dinah SchönhusenBerlinGermanyI turned vegan and that changed my life big times. I love effectism and optimized work and it is a logical step for me to investigate how to have the most positive impact while we are here in this beautiful world. I love to travel. In the near future I want to combine my work with doing an effective positive impact but I still have to figure out how to do that. I am on my way to become a Happiness Coach :)Veganism, Coaching (in my eyes that is a perfect way to raise the conciousness of people)
Dylan ChambersBerlinGermanyStudentI have been interested in the topics of effective altruism since first reading a book by Peter Singer in 2008. Apart from being a vegan and donating money to charity in developing countries, I would like to be involved in the effective altruism community in Berlin. I am completing a dual master’s degree in International Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and the Free University of Berlin and am orginally from New Zealand. I currently work at the Berlin Social Science Center as a research assistant and am cofounder of The Policy Corner at www.policycorner.orgBeing active in effective altruism; politics; moral philosophy; youemaildylan.chambers@gmail.com17643846322
Friederike Grosse-HolzOxford for now, back to Germany in FebUK/DEUniversity of Oxford, Boston Consulting GroupI am interested in places to work and ideas how to get there & what skills will be useful for the mid-term future. Interested in biosecurity, policy, global health. At the moment, I'm finishing my PhD in biotechnology at Oxford University and in February 2017, I'll start working as a management consultant - but who knows what comes after that?... about how to work towards an exit (from consulting) into a job with direct impact, potentially one of a) politics (improving decision making, global collaboration) b) grant making for biosecurity (seems to fit with my background) c) something I haven't come up with yet. Inspire me! Besides that, I'd love to chat to EAs working at BCG - about whatever you think I need to,
Jacqueline PöppeI study International Management Double Degree German/Chinese in Reutlingen in the south of Germany. Right now I am doing an internship in Hamburg for a semester. Especially learning about how much influence a company can have and their constant drive to earn more profits during my studies have sparked in me the idea to take advantage of that attitude and leverage it into altruism. I hope to gain as much experience as possible along the way and then finally start my own business with a decisive focus on altruistic measures in the futures. There is so much that needs to be done in our world and I hope to be a part of making a change!Opportunities of EA involvement, internships, volunteering and entrepreneurship

How to work towards maximising the social impact of my future working life

Get involved and help and inspire others to get involved at a young age
Jakob WolskiBerlinGermany / PolandInfinity Deutschland e.V. + Blogging on proclaimed happiness nurse, aspiring lifehacker and full time explorer.
Head of Knowledge @ Infinity Deutschland e.V. - we provide input around social, ecological & economical sustainability through workshop, discussions and aim to apply our knowledge to solve local problems
I lead by example to inspire others and ignite positive change - I blog on where I pursue my vision to craft happy people for a happy planet.
How to ..
- live a life full of meaning and not regret
- leave the world better as we found it
- scale a social organization to create lasting impact
- live a purpose driven and valuebased life
- topics about exploring cultures & continents, experiencing our beautiful planet, happiness, self-improvement, self-discovery, spirituality ...
Just reach out! I am sure we will find a common interest to talk about :-)
Facebook or Emailjakob.wolski@gmail.com49 151 414 57146
James WinterfordBerkeleyUSAI spent time trying to fix social problems in EA and was ineffective; this is my responsibility. I aim to be someone who cares about the right things, and has steering ability and determination. Integrity and honor are important for me, for impact means less without them. S-risks and x-risks are important. My plans are to take responsibility and do what must be done for the world; many VOI estimates imply nobody has figured out what they should be working on yet.Please send me a note! We can chat about: how we're not doing enough to ensure good global outcomes, how EA can improve w.r.t. honesty, trust & power differences, if EA is net negative, psychology, and building teams + fitting high-impact people to projects.emailjames.winterford@gmail.com1 713 851 0807
Jan BeckFreelance webdeveloper born in Germany, living in Austria. Co-founded the EA Graz local group with Lukas Trötzmüller. Currently binge-reading the EAS reading list and updating my believes on everything.EA group organizing, brain debugging, hedonistic transhumanism, antinatalism, AI value alignmentMailmail@jancbeck.de
Jan BraunerGermanyPhysician
Experience in biomedcial research, clinical research, global health
I recently spent 3 months reading about EA and planning my career.
- someone working in or planning to work in biosecurity
- medical doctors to get some inspiration about ways of doing good I haven't thought about yet
- someone in German politics
Whatsappjan.brauner@gmx.de0049 177 9106783
Jan-Tobias MatysikI'm a master student of applied computer science with experince in project management and team work. I would like to work at and/or co-found a company making the world a better place. Therefore, I would like to find out where I can use my skills most effectively.their motivation for effective altruism, experiences and
Jens Tuider BerlinGermanyProVeg InternationalJens is Executive Assistant at ProVeg International, a new vegan food awareness organisation, and also works for Animal Equality Germany and Melanie Joy’s organisation Beyond Carnism. He heads an interdisciplinary working group on animal ethics (IAT) at the University of Heidelberg, and runs an online database with arguments in defence of animal rights (

Jens studied philosophy with a focus on animal ethics. He has published academic and non-academic articles on animal ethics and animal rights and has given presentations and workshops at a number of international events. Having started out as a theorist, Jens has become increasingly interested in questions of activism and strategy directed at bringing about effective social change for animals. His current projects include the Early Intervention Network.
Everyone interested in reducing animal suffering, especially addressing young people (future consumers, thought leaders etc.)
Jonas VollmerBerlinGermanyStiftung für Effektiven Altruismus / Effective Altruism FoundationCo-founder and executive director of the Effective Altruism Foundation, background in medicine and economics (focus on health and development economics). I'm happy to answer any questions about the organizations and projects I co-founded (EAF, REG, Sentience Politics, Foundational Research Institute), and more generally about direct work at EA organizations.Working at EAF, EA entrepreneurship, direct work, feedback, project ideas, poverty reduction / international development / foreign aid, political campaigns, meta-charityTelegram or 172 4595717Hi Jonas, I'm Marcello Veronese; I would like to talk to you about conference organizing. Please get in touch :)
Julia KroschewskiBerlinGermanyAccenture Strategy; (Link)- Consultant at Accenture Strategy Sustainability, advising companies on how to create shared value, contribute to the SDGs, shaping the regulatory framework etc.
- Voluntarily supporting, a social start-up distributing new consumer goods to charities, which were intended to be disposal
- Founded and worked for a social impact consultancy
- Studied Socio Economics, Business and Philosophy
- Answering this question would narrow it down to things I already know- Approach me personally or via emailjulia.kroschewski@accenture.com49 (0) 1755760256
Julia TermeerBerlinGermany- Online Marketer & Business Owner / Entrepreneur
- Musician
- Influencer / YouTuber
- With my online business I'm helping helping people all over the world to learn the violin
- Looking for an entry level position in online marketing (preferably performance marketing / SEA).
- Contributing with making free education available online, and personal habits such as mostly vegan diet, minimalism/not buying stuff, etc. Looking for ways to contribute more with my business or making use of my position as an influencer.
Entrepreneurship, Business, Blogging, YouTube, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Pay What You Want, Personal Development, Health and Fitness, Alternative Business Models (Businesses that contribute), Online Courses, Making Information Available Online, Online Marketing, Wordpress, Violin Teaching, Music Teaching, EducationSMS / Calljulia.termeer@gmail.com49 (172) - 188 198 2
Julian KrebsFrankfurtGermanyCurrently writing my master thesis in Neuroscience, but decided against going into academia, now unsure about what to do career-wise; would appreciate hearing from other EAs about their careers. @registration deskyour job
Justus SperlichHi my name is Justus Sperlich,

I have studied economics at Humboldt University in Berlin, with a focus on behavioral economics.

I am excited by the possible implications and contributions behavioural economics can produce to make the world smarter and a better place for humans to thrive.

Looking forward to meeting many interesting people.
collaborations to make the planet smarter and job opportunities in the field of political consultancies, NGO's and Think
Kai FabiI am currently doing a Master in Computational Physics. After graduation I want to work in a lab for AI research and safety. Besides that I spend my time in the animal rights movement and try to make actions more efficient.AI, EA, Animal Rights
#REF!Karl KochRotterdamNetherlandsHi! I'm currently writing my Master thesis at Rotterdam School of Mgmt. on whether/ to what extent companies integrate effectiveness principles in their philanthropic activities. Currently considering different career paths for after my Masters, will probably be in Strat consulting but am very interested in finding out about effective startups/ work in EA. Cause areas of interest: X-risks (especially AI bc/ who's not into that), Animal suffering relief, prioritization, outreachEffective startups/ work in EA. Cause areas of interest: X-risks (especially AI bc/ who's not into that).
EAs that have experience with fundraising from corporations
Katharina BergundeBerlinGermanyAbout to finish my M.Sc. in multidisciplinary Neuroscience with a focus on social cognition and creativity after a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy. I'm active in working with refugees and young people with migration backgrounds and am aiming for a career within the EA opportunities and the role education and public outreach methods will play in the EA and related movementswhatsapp/emailkatharina.bergunde@gmail.com0177 4260573
Kim KorteI work as Director of IT at the Effective Altruism Foundation. Previously I worked as a freelance web developer at several companies and studied Human-Computer-Interaction in Hamburg. Happy to elaborate on the IT systems we use at EAF.IT in EA orgs, tech-based EA ideas, far future risks, personal identitykim.korte@ea-foundation.org
Laura KrommingaBerlinGermanyLaura Kromminga is Program Director at the Hybrid Finance Initiative, which thrives to help Social Entrepreneurs in developing sustainable business models and getting ready for investment.
More on me here
Why they think Effective Altruism is the
Lucas EichhornLeipzigGermanyHey! I'm finishing my physics Bachelor in Leipzig. Afterwards, before my (physics?) Master I want to go to BRAZIL, preferably to do an internship. For any tips and connections, I'd be more than thankful.
Been in the Philippines for a year, working on a social project. Interested in talking to (business) consultants, especially with background in physics.
going to Brazil, internships abroad, (business) consultingTelegram: @TheFreak17 or
Lucius CaviolaOxfordUKOxford UniversityI am a psychologist and co-founder of the Effective Altruism Foundation. I studied psychology at the universities of Basel and Oxford and research in cognitive and moral psychology at the Department for Experimental Psychology and the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford. Find out more about my research here: of effective altruism, research ideas and collaborations, questions/ideas related to my talkFacebook or emaillucius.caviola@gmail.com447716091876
Lukas TrötzmüllerGrazAustria"System Change, Not Climate Change" AustriaEntrepreneur and Climate Activist. I work on connecting the EA and Climate Justice movements.

Activism: Member of Austrian initiative "System Change, Not Climate Change", active in the German anti-coal movement, organizing EA events in Graz. I'm interested in making activism more effective using EA principles, and I give EA workshops at climate camps.

Business: I run a software company with three main products: A 3D fireworks simulation software for pyrotechnicians, a fireworks game to be released on Steam, and a copyright service for authors of video courses.
Business Ideas
Being a Micropreneur
Climate Justice
Effective Activism and Civil Disobedience
Leveraging technology for EA and activism
Whatsapp, 650 6605463
Malte HendrickxTübingenGermanyEA TübingenI am a german Masters Degree student in Philosophy and Cognitive Science. I wanna work in science and currently work on publishing two empirical papers, one of them with connection to development aid. My main interest is promoting welfare and freedom in all humans, whereas I am not (yet) enthusiastic about animals and xrisks.Tractability and transparency of animal welfare and x risks charities, simplified EA presentation to raise busy donors that do not want to get involved with the movement directly, development aid in
Michelle HutchinsonOxfordUKI’m setting up the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University. Before taking on that role I was the Executive Director of Giving What We Can. I have a PhD in Applied Ethics from Oxford University on prioritisation in global health.Academic research related to effective altruism and operations for academic
Nico NettelmannBerlinGermanyProVeg International- Campaigner at ProVeg, a new international food awareness organisation based in Berlin. I am developing and implementing campaigns to reach the mission to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50%
by the year 2040.
- Studied Geography at the JLU Gießen
effective reduction of animal suffering & environmental impacts as well as food justice. What is the most effective way to communicate these issue to reach a broad public and which methods are relevantwhatever you likenico.nettelmann@proveg.com01771472763
Nils AlthausBernSwitzerlandI'm a Swiss comedian / actor and I try to use (and get on) platforms that will allow me to (at least partly) promote the values of effective altruism. My current solo-show "Aussetzer" is heavily influenced by EA . Right now my main focus is a weekly short videoclip series on social media (and hopefully on other channels soon). I also work in education (chemistry and biology teacher) and I'd be interested in getting EA into highschool classrooms. I'm reexamining my career choices at the moment, so I'm open for any thoughts, suggestions or collaborations. You can browse trough some of my ideas here: and career advice in high schoolsEmail or
Nora WinterI am the HR manager of ProVeg International, a new vegan food awareness organisation. My main goal is to attract the best EA-minded talents for our organisation. I am active for veganisms since five years and work at ProVeg (former VEBU) since 2013. In my freetime I help organising the Vegan Summer fest in Berlin.working at ProVeg, career choices, but of course you can talk to me directly as well!nora.winter@proveg.com
Oscar HortaAnimal EthicsI’ve been involved in antispeciesist activism for a long time. I’m on of the co-founders of Animal Ethics. I also teach philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela. I work mainly on wild animal suffering and animal activism more broadly, but I'm also interested in how to reduce future forms of suffering in general.EmailOscar.Horta (a)
Pascal ZimmerBonn / BerlinGermanyHi! I'm an entrepeneur, a co-founder of (a social network for German students with scholarships) and a current fellow of the "Hertie-Innovationskolleg", a social innovation fellowship run by the Hertie Foundation. I previously worked at the Effective Altruism Foundation and the Centre for Effective Altruism and continue to support both organizations: at EAF I help lobby for a better and more effective development policy in Germany, and together with CEA, Rethink Charity and a group of volunteers I help send out the international EA Newsletter each month.There are 3 things I'm particularly happy to talk to you about (besides Italian food and Stoic philosophy): 1) I have an idea for a new kind of jobs board for social impact jobs in Germany. If you'd like to know more or have thoughts to share, do let me know! 2) I previously worked in the German development ministry, co-authored the EAF position paper on development policy and always love to discuss all things global health and development. 3) Finally, let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for the EA Newsletter. See you around! You'll find me next to the snacks..
Philipp LangLeipzigGermanyI'm doing my master's in computer science at the university of Leipzig, Germany. In my forthcoming master's thesis I want to write something about artificial neural networks. I would love to help an NGO/NPO solve a problem with that, so let me know, if you have a potential master's thesis for me.
In my spare time I like to take documentary style photos and do effective street activism regarding factory farming. With regard to the latter, I'm also employed as a local coach at Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contemporaries. My job there is to establish, support and coach voluntary activist groups in different cities.
After my master's thesis I would like to have an IT related 20-30 h work week and do some advocacy work and useful photography in my spare time.
Artificial Neural Networks, AI, AI safety, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics
WhatsApp (if
WLAN is available),
SMS, Phone
mai11bli@studserv.uni-leipzig.de0162 163 10 25
Raphaël PesahParisFranceAltruisme Efficace FranceI'm in charge of communications at Altruisme Efficace France. I'm a student in Economics and founder of an EA university organization. I'm interested in reducing suffering, developing the EA movement in France probably by working in an EA organization, and in improving to reduce suffering, spreading EA in a new country, personal improvement + anything you likemessengerraphael.pesah@gmail.com
Remmelt EllenI'm working on building the effective altruism community in the Netherlands. I value having conversations with you about systems of coordinating people, spreading epistemic rationality, improving the welfare of neglected future sentient beings and qualia research (for the last two, I'll probably mostly listen).Facebook
Richard MöhnKagoshimaJapanI'm a computer scientist. I'm working on becoming a researcher or machine learning developer in the AI alignment space.More specifically, I'm implementing solution algorithms for POMDPs. In order to earn a living I work as a remote software developer on ERP software (enterprise resource planning). Sometimes I'm interested in EA outreach.…their problems and challenges.
…their sleep.
…remote work.
richard.moehn+ean@posteo.deRichard Möhn
Ronja LutzBerlinI've just graduated from Oxford with a BA in Philosophy & Linguistics, and am now looking for occupations that will enable me to have an effective career. In Oxford, I was involved with local volunteering groups (as president of a society linking up student volunteering groups) and part of the wider EA community. I'm currently interested in finding out more about jobs in (think tank) research, e.g. on cause prioritisation or policy, and looking for opportunities to develop my job capital.Effective careers, cause prioritisation, rationality, moral philosophy, more stuff I don't know yet!ronja.lutz@online.de
Rudolf ZeidlerMuensterGermany I'm in a postdoctoral position in (pure) mathematics. My near-term focus is on trying to excell in my role in academic research and teaching. In the meantime, I plan on modestly donating to Givewell-recommended charities, and I am gathering information to being better able to shape my future path towards higher impact.EA and academic careers, X-Risks and +49 1523 7900385
Sabrina KleinBerlinGermanyAlbert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere MitweltMy name is Sabrina and I'm a 22-year-old psychology student from Berlin. I am currently writing my master thesis and work as a volunteer for the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our Contemporaries (Albert Schweitzer Stiftung). My plan is to do as much as I can to support the organization, as I think spreading veganism and fighting for animal rights are two of the most important ways to create a happier world. I am not sure yet where the future will bring me. Maybe I will stay at the Albert Schweitzer Stiftung, but I also think about becoming a psychoanalytic therapist one day.mainly animal rights activism, politics & psychologyphones.klein@albert-schweitzer-stiftung.de004915231898092
Sascha FinkMagdeburgGermanyUniversity of MagdeburgJuniorprofessor for Neurophilosophy, specialized in neural correlates of consciousness, developing a theory of pain and suffering informed by neuroscience and evolutionary biology. I am pretty open, but I would like to know what the most primitive life form is where we can be reasonably certain that it does not feel anything. emailsfink@ovgu.de
Saulius SimcikasCurrently I am a research intern for Animal Charity Evaluators but I am interested in all cause areas of EA. I used to earn to give as a programmer in London. I also did some EA movement building, tried strarting an EA chapter in Lithuania and an Effective Animal Altruism group in London.Topics I don't know much about and want to learn more: transhumanism, GCRs and how humanity could (not) rebound from them

I think I'm good to talk to if you are deciding where to donate or you feel confused about morality. Also interested in discussing why most people are not altruistic
Sebastian JoyBerlinGermanyProVeg International, Berlin School of Economics and LawSebastian Joy is the founder and CEO of ProVeg International, an ACE-recommended international food awareness organization with the mission to reduce global animal product consumption by 50% by the year 2040. He is also the Vice President of the European Vegetarian Union, a co-founder of CEVA (Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy), as well as a lecturer of Nonprofit Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. a) volunteering, interning or working at ProVeg International; b) improving and supporting our work; c) networking with people that are working on related
Sonja FüllhaseOsnabrückGermanyEAOsnaI study Cognitive Science in Osnabrück. My current projects are promoting EA and veganism in Osnabrück and getting a good education. In the future I plan to study machine learning or data science and see whether I will be needed in the non-profit sector or whether I can
Stefan HöscheleFriedensau, near MagdeburgGermanyPhD in theology and religious studies, lecturing in theology since 1997. Just finished habilitation. Extremely interested in EA after reading the basic books. I am considering working for EA in the realm of Christian churches (that's my natural habitat :) ), but also among religious people of other backgrounds.

I will only be able to attend on Saturday Oct. 14, 2017, so I'll be happy to network on that day.

One more thing: I have been investing into real estate during the last 5 years, and I am about to start a little company with my wife for the purpose of raising funds for projects done with an EA mindset. If others are interested in this kind of approach, I will be excited to meet them.
(1) EA and religion; (2) Setting up foundations with an EA orientation; (3) Running businesses with the primary or sole purpose of supporting EAPhone, ++49-175-574 2695


ProVeg International

I blog about vegan advocacy and animal welfare stuff at I published the book How to Create a Vegan World. I give vegan advocacy trainings with Melanie Joy, and am co-founder of ProVeg International. Also part of the team of Effective Altruism Flanders
vegan advocacy in general, wild animal suffering, EA general, transhumanism...
Also about getting my book published in German and other langauges.
Tom VoltzDresdenGermany (US-born-
University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Dresden, Division of Water SciencesEngineering consultant in a research context since 2011, doing energy efficiency with water/wastewater utilities in Germany (and one in India). Plan to wrap up PhD mid-2018, then have up to 2.5-year part-time (20h/week) extension to keep fighting the energy efficiency fight and pay the bills.
This is when I plan to launch into a focused study of existential risks for humanity - am very open for recommended reading and study partners. This includes getting to know the EA community, so I wanted to get a head start here in Berlin!
By the end of those 2.5 years (or sooner) I'd like to move into a career in existential risk mitigation. I am strongly drawn to the problem of AI-Human Value Alignment, but am not yet convinced that it's the most urgent problem, which is why I want to update my model of all (known) existential risks first.
Would be glad to help organize EA events in Dresden/Berlin, but not until late 2018!
- What you care deeply about and why!
- Existential risks to humanity, and methods for quantitatively evaluating them.
- Methods of quantifying "good" in EA terms
--- are humans more valuable than other species?
--- assessing the Q in QALYs
- Recognizing actual evolutionary-programmed human values vs. culturally developed human ideals in our decision-making.
- Rationality training to beat our genes!
Email, WhatsApp, 176 3057 9446
Vasily KuznetsovI have a master's in mathematics and I worked as a programmer for most of my career. I'm currently working for (the creators of Adblock Plus) but I'm in the process of moving to AI safety research. Of the topics that EA community focuses on I'm most interested in AI safety and other existential risks.Unfortunately I won't make it to the conference. But if I did, I would have liked to talk about: AI safety (technical and strategy). Existential risks and global coordination. Rationality and other forms of self-improvement. What an ethical diet looks
Zoe CremerMunich/Zurich Germany/SwitzerlandI study life sciences at LMU Munich,but now based at ETH Zurich to complete my final year focusing on theoretical neuroscience and genetics. I have helped build up the EA network in Munich, have represented EA in German media and I'm currently particularly interested in the philosophical agreement and disagreement within the movement. Philosophy + Mistakes we're making + Nature of Suffering
Aaron BangertAlbert Schweitzer Stiftung
Aika BaumgartnerI am interested in ecology and working against climate change. In the next year I want to learn about permaculture and cultivate nutrition for a more local food supply. I am going to study Philosophy&Economics in Bayreuth.
Alexander EckrotBerlinGermany-Hi all, currently i am finishing my PhD-thesis in physics. Next year i would like to get a nice job, preferable in the data science area :)e-mailalexander.eckrot@live.dePatryk Kubiczek (
Alexander FieguthI am a PhD student in Physics on my way to finishing the thesis. As this is now the time do decide where road will take me, I want to be as open minded as possible for future opportunities and see how I can maximize my impact for the "good". There is nothing particular I am working on except some educational work within my university and further outreach.
Alexander HerwixPhD. student in information systems working in a transdisciplinary research project on the digital transformation of inclusive schools. I am also involved with a student run charity (GoAhead E.V.) focused on improving the lifes of children in Subsahran-Africa through the support of local charity projects focused on education. In the future I would like to build on the insights of EA and help to improve the efficiency of the organization.
Alexandra SurdinaI am pursuing a PhD on moral decision-making from a computational perspective. I'm currently interested in how people integrate different moral values e.g. when making charity donation decisions, and what makes us assume good/bad/neutral intentions in other people.
Alina MendtI'm a German student with a bachelor's degree in cultural studies and German. Earlier this year, I completed an internship with Effective Altruism Foundation. I'm very interested in learning even more about the effective altruism movement and its potential. Currently, I'm looking for a master program that suits my career plan to work at an effective NGO and/or earn enough money to be able to donate a certain amount to effective charities.
Alma BarnerMuenchenGermanyphilosophy PhD student at ANU in Canberra, Australia.
Anami Nguyen- From Munich, Germany
- Studied Finance, Management & Animal Studies at NYU Stern
- Work in private banking in Geneva, Switzerland at J.P. Morgan (Earning to give)
- Most concerned with farmed animals, sytemic oppression, AI risk
- Interested in venture capital/private equity, blockchain technology, machine learning
Andrej WoernerMy name is Andrej. I grew up in Munich. I then went to St. Gallen for my undergraduate studies in Economics and to Amsterdam for my graduate studies. I am now still living in Amsterdam to complete a PhD in Economics. After the PhD I might continue in academia, work in international organizations or join a start-up - but I am open for suggestions ;)
Anna-Maria FreundI´m a teacher and member and supporter of several animal rights and vegan organizations.
Annabella McIntoshI'm about to finish my BA of arts in cultural sciences with social sciences and cultural history as my chosen disciplines. In the past I have helped set up a language café for unaccompanied minors at Malmö University in Sweden and co-lead the local group of active volunteers of the Albert Schweitzer Stiftung in Berlin.
Annalena TetznerI'm studying in Bonn, starting with Economics this winter semester. I've been studying Asian Studies and Japanese before, also in Bonn, and have been volunteering at the vegan university group, the EA local/uni group, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation's local group, and at the Green party's uni group, also in the students' parliament. Volunteering, particularly in EA, has had quite an influence on my career planning, and I'd like to talk to people at EAGxBerlin about several career paths that I'm interested in, i.e. EA careers and projects in Economics in general, working at NGOs or Think Tanks, founding NGOs and maybe also start-ups, and writing, blogging and public speaking.
Anne-Sophie GaillardI am studying PNK at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg. I am engaged with the Effective Altruism Group at my University and want to start a reading club next semester. I am constantly educate myself on topics like the the ethics of artificial intelligence, animal suffering, neuroethics and psychology of morality. My plans for the future are to finish my bachelors. I don't have any long term plans at the moment.
Bastian SternEarning to give as a research analyst in traditional asset management.
Benedikt SchmidtI am currently studying in my bachelor`s in the field of medicine. I have been occupying myself with the philosophy of effective altruism for 2 years now and I hold severals smaller talks about it to groups of students. I am not working on concrete projects right now, but I intend to get involved in the next time.
Birte SpekkerI just finished my Bachelor in Cognitive Science and will now continue with the Master in Osnabrück as well. I am active in the local group for over a year now and organise group meetings, activities and talks. Also I have already been to EAGx Berlin in 2016.
Brett ThompsonI am currently the Program Manager for Beyond Carnism.

I studied finance and economics at the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University in South Africa. After completing my honors thesis, Making an Economic Case for Vegetarianism, I went on to work for the Fry Family Food Co., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant-based meat alternatives and dairy-free food. I am also passionate about the environment and was the National Program Manager for Meat-Free Mondays South Africa. I am an experienced public speaker and was part of the nationwide campaign that spread awareness to thousands of South Africans about the benefits of a plant-based diet for the planet as well as for the animals who inhabit it.
Burcu BayramCurrently I am a student at the school of economics and law in Berlin and studyind Business Administration in my last Semester.
I spend the last year in Thailand to study there and get to know with a new culture and new traditions as well as a different way of living. During this year i joined some activities supported by my university as well as continously visited orphanages to play with the children there and donate some food and clothes.
Since 3 years I am a member at unicef.
I am a very social and active person.
I love meeting new people and working on new peojects and helping people who dont have the same opportunities.
Carlotta WeltersBerlinGermanyI am studying medicine at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Especially I am interested in whole food plant-based nutrition, not only because its health benefits but also because of its environmental impact. Therefore I completed a course in plant-based nutrition at eCornell.
Carrick FlynnI am hoping to recruit people to work at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford.Hello Carrick, While I am most likely not a canditate to immediately join FHI, I would like to talk about how to prepare myself for a role as researcher with FHI, how to test my potential as a researcher and how to trade-off high impact research against other cother careers. Kind regards, Benjamin Kolb
Catherine TorresI'm a diplomat and writer from Manila now living in Berlin. Previously, my work has also taken me to postings in New Delhi and Singapore. I've written two books: Mariposa Gang & Other Stories about Filipino migrants (, and Sula's Voyage ( about a girl and her love of the sea.
Christoph HartmannI just started management consulting after completing a PhD in computational neuroscience. I used to co-organize the Frankfurt EA group and signed the GWWC pledge. I'm not working on any EA projects right now but would like to do so in the future. I'm attending the conference to get more connected with the Berlin and German EA community.Hey Christoph, someone else from Frankfurt here. Maybe we can meet tomorrow (Sunday)?
Christoph SträterJust finished my PhD in physics and now I am wondering how I can spend my time and effort for the good. Besides I am a passionate debater, science slammer and organizer of TEDxDresden,facebook or christoph.straeter@gmx.de
Clea PeterI am a physics student living in Berlin and writing my master thesis about organic semiconductors. Since my graduation is near, I hope to get information about ethical career options and how to contribute to the effective altruism community.
David AlthausResearcher at FRI. Working on a survey on (population) ethical views. Interested in collaborating with others.
Dezhi RongHello everybody! I'm Dezhi, med student at university and a member of EA Berlin. I've joined the group this year since I was intrigued by the ideas of this new movement. Currently, our group is working on improving the network between all the local EA chapters.
didem AydurmusInterested in environmental protection, (human and nonhuman) animal rights. Passionate consequentialist with a Phd in politics:
Dominik BalgI am a doctoral researcher working at the Philosophy Department of the University of Cologne. My research focus is social epistemology, especially the epistemology of disagreement. I would like to investigate the relevance of epistemology for the effective altruism movement.
Dominique RennerAlbert Schweitzer Stiftung
Doris LeeI was a European and German Studies major and was working in a EU funded academic centre after graduation. Since 2014 I started to gain interested in animal rights or welfare advocacy and started helping with coordinating projects for the Hong Kong Vegetarian Society. in 2016 I did an internship at the Albert Schweitzer Foundation in Berlin at the Street Campaigning department, and since 3 months I was with ProVeg international at the Internationlisation department, with a focus on Greater China Region.
Ekaterina IlinI am an astrophysics master student volunteering for the EA Berlin chapter and planning to start a chapter in Potsdam, too. My plans for the future may depend a lot on what I learn during EAGx, currently I am aiming for a PhD position in astrophysics. I am especially interested in sentience research and research on catastrophic risks.EA in academia, EA local groups, sentience research and stuff I do not know anything about
Elena PavlenkoBerlinGermanyI am currently finishing up my master's in Cognitive Neuroscience in Berlin, while working on an Open Science/ Open Data project. Still torn whether to continue in research (I'm very interested in language, risk literacy and neurotechnology) or rather get a job in UX Research/ Product Development in a somewhat EA-based company - please let me know if you have any ideas about what would be better or where to apply (Interdisciplinary PhD or Job opportunities).career opportunities, psychology/neuroscience, research outside and inside of academia, science communicationemaillenapavlenko@gmail.com
Elif Eke- turkish background, working-class family, Berlin
- currently studying international business administration exchange and trying to specialise in CSR within my student job + writing my bachelor thesis (UK and GE)
- looking for an effective way to volunteer
- plans for the future include traveling a couple of months (Asia) and volunteer in a sustainable way (worldwide)
- aiming for a master's degrees in Sustainability and Quality Management + suitable job
Eva HörmannCurrently, studying Public Policy in Berlin. Also, volunteering for the NGO TECHO Germany. Experience in development policy and public affairs (Federal Ministry, think tank, NGO, UN). Aspiring to work for an organization with social impact, in near future.E-Mail ehoermann@yahoo.de
Fabian EitelPhD candidate working on AI for Neuroimaging. How can we use AI to treat and better understand psychiatric and neurological diseases?
Fabian SchererI am currently a 4th year medical student co-founding the local EA chapter in Leipzig.
Fabienne SandkühlerMy background is a BA in Experimental Psychology and a MSc in Human Decision Science. I started the EA chapter in Düsseldorf. As I write, I am currently finishing the project "master thesis". ;) After this, I will apply for internships at the EAS and at top management consulting firms. I would love to start a CFAR-type project in Europe.
Felicia ZiesakI used to study human geography for two semesters, but will now start with Philosophy and Economics. Since I am at the beginning of my studies my career plans are still very open. As medium-term goal I would like to enter the field of
Felix SchneiderI grew up in a industrial area in south Germany, it was a normal and boring life. In 2015 i decided to do my MA in England and this changed a lot. In the beginning of 2016 i started to research about veganism and sustainable agriculture during my MA studies and i canged my livestyle completely. After i finished the MA i couldnt see myselfe working in an agency. So i continued researching and travelling around Europe. My goal is to bring vegan and sustainable lifestyle closer to the general public by new and interesting concepts.
Felix StruckmannWittenGermanyStudierendenGesellschaft e.V. / oikos Witten e.V. / Witten/Herdecke UniversityExecutive Board Member at StudierendenGesellscahft e.V., a NGO (gemeinnütziger Verein), which offers non-profit financial services to fund student loans in a spirit of fairness, solidarity and altruism. Executive Board Member at oikos Witten/Herdecke e.V. , a student organization for sustainability in Management and Economics.
Passionate about networking related to sustainability, poverty reduction/development cooperation, policy development and political institutions. Currently an undergraduate student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Witten/Herdecke University. I will attend EAG London as well.
Building Career Capital for a EtG career; Networking about sustainability and looking for peope who would like to do a presentation in a related field at public events at my universityLinkedin, Telegram or
Flavia D'ErasmoI am from Italy and I have a B.S. in architecture from Politecnico di Milano. After only a few months into my Masters Degree of Architecture at Columbia University, I decided to drop out and focus instead on effective animal advocacy joining the team at Beyond Carnism and CEVA. I am also passionate about graphic design, fitness, health, and nutrition, and volunteering: I have volunteered for a variety of animal protection organizations. I have lived in Italy, Indonesia, Australia, India, and the United States and have traveled to over 35 countries.
Florian PurschkeHi, my name is Florian and I'm passionate about sustainability. I'm working as an IT-Consultant in PLM. My goal is to learn as much as possible about digital strategies to use them to create a more sustainable way for businesses and for the private live. In context of profit, planet and people.Lukas Trötzmüller (
Francesca ZeniMy educational background is Economics and Management with languages (Italian, German, English, and Russian). I have experience in projects in the field of environmental sustainability (renewable energy, energy efficiency, event organisation). My plans for the future are to promote a fair and sustainable international development through projects related to the impact of the food industry and the food services over the health of the enviroment and all living beings.
Frederik BechtoldtI study philosophy, wrote my BA-thesis about Peter Singers and Thomas Pogges view about world poverty and responsibility. now i am looking for a EA-related topic for my MA-thesis.
Fritz DornI'm a computer science student, working on my Bachelor. I'm an EA group organiser in Düsseldorf.
I'm interested in IT-consulting as an EtG option and would like to get in touch with EAs who follow a similiar carreer.
But I think my biggest strengths lie within the field of communication, outreach etc. for EA., because I'm good at presenting/explaining difficult topics.
Big fan of Bostrom, Tomasik, Harris.
Keywords: Classical Utilitarian, Antispeciesist/-substratist, Transhumanist
Georges DelrieuI am a Public Policy student, currently finishing my masters. I would be highly interested in working in charity consulting, ideally for Givewell/Bridgespan type of companies.
Giorgio BrunoI recently moved to Berlin to start studying ecology and environmental planning in hope of getting a chance to be able to have a positive impact, not just for human, but for all sentient life. I successfully broke up studying philosophy and German literature and language in favour of the new field. If you're Berlin based and into food saving ("dumpster diving", diving to give of course ), or urban gardening projects etc. I would love to get in touch.
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