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DRC = Digital review copies, also called "digital ARCs". Unless otherwise noted in comments, all titles are available from Edelweiss and may also be on NetGalley
Diversity = by or about people from under-represented communities
HEATING UP = growing enthusiasm
HOT = has come up many times. Multiple chatters have read and loved.
Interest = One or more GalleyChatters are interested in reading
LMR = Library Marketing Rep recommendation
LR Deadline = LibraryReads voting deadline,
Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss = Titles that are getting a significant number of "Much Love" on Edelweiss, some may not be "HOT" or "Heating up" among GalleyChatters
NO DRC = Digital Review Copy not yet listed
New = first time title has been mentioned on GalleyChat
PAST DUE = Library Reads voting deadline has passed
Bisac Category Description
Publisher Name
Format Description
EANList PricePubDatePrint RunNewDiversity
LR Votes Due
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Hepworth, Sally
The SoulmateMacmillan
St. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
Robin B., "DRC just added!"
Fiction / Women
Cai, Delia
Central Places
PRH/Random House
Ballantine Books
DEBUT, The Anglophile Librarian @anglophilelibr, "CENTRAL PLACES by @delia_cai January 2023. A young woman brings her fiancé home to the midwest to meet her Chinese immigrant parents. She's been avoiding doing this for awhile."
Fiction / Women
Clayborn, Kate
Georgie, All Along
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
DRC on NetGalley, LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "GEORGIE, ALL ALONG by Kate Clayborn Rising Star author Kate Clayborn returns with an emotional romance about transformation when a woman finds her old FriendFic diary & decides to pursue some of her old dreams."
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Hlad, AlanThe Book Spy
PRH/Random House
A John Scognamiglio Book
Trade Paperback
No DRC as of June 6, LMR, vida @BookOfVida, "It's not on Edelweiss yet, but I gotta brag about spending the long weekend w/ the manuscript for Alan Hlad's THE BOOK SPY (1/31/23). Set in Lisbon and based on the real librarian spies of WWII. Stay tuned for eARCs ahead of his visit to ALA!"
Fiction / Magical Realism
Burges, Audrey
The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
DRC added since May chat, Beth Mills @BethMills2, "Description of Audrey Burges' MINUSCULE MANSION OF MYRA MALONE had me downloading egalley ASAP"-- MAY, Kelly Moore @kellywellread, "I'm highly anticipating getting my greedy read-y hands on this one that's not out until January: THE MINISCULE MANSION OF MYRA MALONE by Audrey Burges, a magical (realism) story centered around a dollhouse that surprisingly connects 2 lonely people"
Fiction / Literary
Minnicks, Jamila
Moonrise Over New Jessup
Algonquin Books
LMR, WorkmanLibrary @workmanupdate, "Have a host of new egalleys on @edelweiss_squad: V excited for FATTY FATTY BOOM BOOM and MOONRISE OVER NEW JESSUP" --Featured on the virtual Buzz Books Editors Panel May 18, Publishers Summary, "Winner of the 2021 PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction, a thought-provoking and enchanting debut about a Black woman doing whatever it takes to protect all she loves at the beginning of the civil rights movement in Alabama."
Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary
McGuire, Seanan
Lost in the Moment and Found
Hardcover with dust jacket
Susan Balla @suebee135, "So excited for a new Wayward Children (#8). LOST IN THE MOMENT AND FOUND by @seananmcguire …Love this series."
Language Arts & Disciplines / Writing
Hagerty, James R.
Yours Truly
PRH/Random House
No DRC as of June 6, LMR Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "The @WSJ's obit writer @JamesRHagerty is a master of storytelling. In YOURS TRULY, he'll tell you how to shape your own life story, warts and all, before someone else does."
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Parlato, Terri
All the Dark Places
PRH/Random House
DEBUT, LMR, Jesse Cruz @JesseCr85441778, "I'm THRILLED for the debut of ALL THE DARK PLACES by Terri Parlato, a domestic suspense with dual (and dueling!) female narrators that must unravel the truth behind a savage Massachusetts murder."
Travel / Food, Lodging & Transportation / Restaurants
Cecchi-Azzolina, Michael
Your Table Is Ready
St. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
Robin B @robinsbooks, "YOUR TABLE IS READY by Cecchi-Azzolina, story of a high-profile NYC Maitre D' "
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Traditional
Penny, Louise
A World of Curiosities
Minotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
No Dec as of June 6, Vicki Rock @VickiRock11, "Fingers crossed for ARCs "
Fiction / Thrillers / Historical
Meadows, Rae
Henry Holt and Co.
Hardcover with dust jacket
DRC on NetGalley, JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "My current read is WINTERLAND by Rae Meadows. Set in 1973 USSR, this story of a young girl rising in the Soviet gymnastics machine is utterly captivating and will likely be one of my favorite reads of 2022. Just astonishing."
Fiction / Coming Of Age
Howrey, Meg
They're Going to Love You
PRH/Random House
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "THEY'RE GOING TO LOVE YOU BY Meg Howrey, set in 1980s NYC ballet world and current day L.A., is a poignant and heartrending story about legacy, dance, child-parent estrangement, and the devastation of the AIDS epidemic. Do not miss! "
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Dade, OliviaShip WreckedHarperCollinsAvonPaperback978006321587016.9911/15/202250000New!0/1/22
Jules @jmgeduld, "Downloaded SHIP WRECKED by Olivia Dade & flew thru the hot & funny fat-positive romance last night. Anonymous night of passion, awkward meeting at audition next day, enemies to friends, six years of building sexual tension as they film on a remote island."
Biography & Autobiography / Women
Chaudry, Rabia
Fatty Fatty Boom Boom
Algonquin Books
LMR, WorkmanLibrary @workmanupdate, "Have a host of new egalleys on @edelweiss_squad: V excited for FATTY FATTY BOOM BOOM and MOONRISE OVER NEW JESSUP" -- Publishers Summary, "From the bestselling author and host of the wildly popular Undisclosed podcast, a warm, intimate memoir about food, body image, and growing up in a loving but sometimes oppressively concerned Pakistani immigrant family."
Fiction / Coming Of Age
Wilson, Kevin
Now Is Not the Time to Panic
Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack,"So excited for the Galley Club pick - one of my faves Kevin Wilson- NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PANIC Young romance between quirky teens and what begins as a harmless project spirals into a full scale panic. Warm, witty and you will love Zeke and Frankie." -- Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_, "Ann L calls NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PANIC a study in unintended consequences, the weight of secrets, what makes art, & the wide range of normality. Contains offbeat characters that I expected from a writer who had toddlers catch fire when they got upset in his previous book." -- LMR, Librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "Kevin Wilson will join us on 6/28 on #GalleyClub on FB Live and Zoom. Hope you all can join! … Watch our announcement here: And join us next week (6/7) for a book buzz!" -- MAY, Jennifer Dayton @jenniferdayton, "NOW IS THE TIME TO PANIC by Kevin Wilson was terrific. He does such a great job of portraying ordinary people who put themselves into extraordinary circumstances. And yes, there was chortling."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural
Mathews, Francine
Death on a Winter Stroll
PRH/Random House
Soho CrimeHardcover978164129274027.9511/1/2022N/ANew!0/1/22
Beth Mills @BethMills2, " Just downloaded Francine Mathews' DEATH ON A WINTER STROLL. So happy to see a new one!"
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
Priest, CherieFlight RiskS&SAtria BooksHardcover97819821689262711/1/2022N/ANew!0/1/22
Joe_Jones @Joe_Jones, "I loved FLIGHT RISK by Cherie Priest! A perfect blend of a cozy mystery with a touch of paranormal suspense! And I need to try one of Tiffany's drink specials! This is book 2 in the Booking Agents series and I hope there will be more!"
Fiction / Biographical
Hornby, Gill
Godmersham Park
Pegasus Books
Anbolyn Potter @anbolynp, "Next up for me is GODMERSHAM PARK by Gill Hornby. Loved MISS AUSTEN by her and I love anything in the Austen world."
Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological
Hays, KatyThe CloistersS&SAtria BooksHardcover97816680044012811/1/2022N/ANew!0/1/22
DEBUT, Beth Mills @BethMills2, "As a metro NYC area resident, Katy Hays' THE CLOISTERS definitely caught my eye."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Morris, Wanda M.
Anywhere You Run
William Morrow Paperbacks
LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "Can't wait to dive into Wanda M. Morris' second novel, ANYWHERE YOU RUN. A thriller set in '60's Jackson, MS." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "After debuting to uproarious acclaim with ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS, Morris offers a tale of two Black sisters fleeing 1964 Mississippi in different directions, Violet after she kills a white man who attacks her and Marigold because she is unmarried and pregnant. Alas, someone sinister is tracking them both. With a 100,000-copy paperback and a 30,000-copy hardcover first printing." -- Paperback Original, also available in hardcover library edition, 9780063271821
Fiction / Crime
Cornwell, Patricia
Grand Central Publishing
Vicki Rock @VickiRock11, "Fingers crossed for ARCs "
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
Brecher, Christin
Photo Finished
PRH/Random House
Kensington Cozies
Trade Paperback
LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "Something wicked (fun) this way comes! Fall is a great time to cozy up with some of our new Kensington Cozies!" -- see catalog,
Fiction / Historical / Civil War Era
Miller, SarahMarmeeHarperCollins
William Morrow
Beth Mills @BethMills2, "Can't resist spin-offs of the classics; looking forward to Sarah Miller's MARMEE." -- Library Services @TheLibraryLife_, "Her CAROLINE was really interesting! This one sounds great as well."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / International Crime & Mystery
O'Connor, Carlene
No Strangers Here
PRH/Random House
LMR, Larissa @Laroodoo, "an eerie mystery set amongst the cliffs of County Kerry, Ireland and features a veterinarian who grapples with dark secrets in her small community. For fans of Tana French, Lucy Foley, and Dervla McTiernan. "
Fiction / Romance / Historical / Regency
Spencer, Minerva
The Boxing Baroness
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
DRC added since May chat - LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "THE BOXING BARONESS by Minerva Spencer, Inspired by a real-life figure, climb into the ring & fight the patriarchy in Regency UK with this witty romance that pairs a spy with a beautiful & fierce circus performer."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Cambridge, Colleen
A Trace of Poison
PRH/Random House
DRC added since May chat - LMR Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "In the second Phyllida Bright mystery, A TRACE OF POISON (10/25, 9781496732477) Agatha Christie's Poirot-loving housekeeper must uncover a murderer among the entrants of a writing contest who have gathered for a cocktail party."
Fiction / Women
Greenwood, T.
Such a Pretty Girl
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR vida @BookOfVida, "While I'm bragging... I have ARCs for T. Greenwood's 1970s NYC-set novel SUCH A PRETTY GIRL. And yes, those are the custom Magic 8 Balls we're sending out with them! Email Vengstrand at KensingtonBooks if ya want one …  fabulouso CELEBRITY blurbs on the inside cover from the likes of @VNesting, Kim McGee, Cyndi Larsen." -- MAY, LMR, vida@BookOfVida, "Kim McGee @LakeTravisLib described SUCH A PRETTY GIRL better than I did: 'Pretty Baby meets Mommy Dearest… Child exploitation, stage moms and the power of childhood friends to save you play out in this powerful and disturbing look at manipulation and innocence lost.' " -- APRIL, Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "…a compelling and sensitively written story of a negligent, self-serving mother and a young girl forced to grow up fast, of surviving childhood and moving beyond a painful past."
Young Adult Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Women
Mahoney, Ellen
Food Stars
Independent Publishers Group
Chicago Review Press
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Hahn, ErinBuilt to LastMacmillan
St. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
Jill Minor @JillRhudy, "There are times when a light, easy read with a really cute premise is all you crave. @erinhahn_author and @MacmillanLib bring BUILT TO LAST on October 18. Our heroine's the one who's the carpenter/restorer, btw."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Margaret, Joanna
The BequestNortonScarletHardcover978161316344326.9510/18/2022N/ANew9/1/22
DEBUT, Beth Mills @BethMills2, "Joanna Margaret's THE BEQUEST was an enjoyable tale of academic skulduggery in a PhD program mixed with attempt to solve 400 yr old mystery."
Fiction / Coming Of Age
Kingsolver, Barbara
Demon Copperhead
Jill Minor @JillRhudy, "David Copperfield set in Appalachia at opioid epidemic ground zero. DEMON COPPERHEAD: total artistic genius from Barbara Kingsolver earned my *awe.* She translates each character so impeccably that this Dickens fan squealed with each reveal. OMG." -- APRIL, Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "A retelling of David Copperfield from one of my favorite writers. DEMON COPPERHEAD by Barbara Kingsolver. Love Demon's voice, I fell in love with him by page 10." -- Kelly Currie @kellydcurrie, "Immersed in Barbara Kingsolver's upcoming DEMON COPPERHEAD starring a young Appalachian boy in a hard-scrabble life. He's one of those characters I know will stay with me a long time."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Golden, S. K.
The Socialite's Guide to Murder
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC on NetGalley, LMR Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "The hotel was her refuge, but scandal is afoot-and a killer stalks the halls in THE SOCIALITE'S GUIDE TO MURDER."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Beckman, Alicia
Blind Faith
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC on NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "Long-buried secrets come back with a vengeance in a cold case by @LeslieBudewitz. BLIND FAITH is perfect for fans of Laura Lippman and Greer Hendricks!"
Biography & Autobiography / Entertainment & Performing Arts
Leerhsen, Charles
Down and Out in Paradise
Simon & Schuster
Robin B @robinsbooks, "I can't read enough about Anthony Bourdain so looking forward to a more objective biography from Leerhsen, DOWN AND OUT IN PARADISE."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Belli, Kate
Treachery on Tenth Street
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC on NetGalley, LMR Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "Somebody's killing the most glamorous models in Gilded-Age New York, but Genevieve Stewart is up to the task in @Kate_Belli's third Gilded Gotham mystery, TREACHERY ON TENTH STREET."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
DeMille, Nelson
The MazeS&SScribnerHardcover97815011017863010/11/2022N/ANew9/1/22
Robin B @robinsbooks, "Patrons and fans of Nelson Demille will be happy to know his next book featuring John Corey, THE MAZE, will be available in October"
Fiction / Holidays
James, Victoria
A Christmas House Wedding
PRH/Random House
Alcove Press
Trade Paperback
DRC, NetGalley, LMR, AlcovePress @AlcovePress, "From NYT bestselling author @VicJames101, 'Tis (almost) the season for a wedding at The Christmas House, but a winter storm of emotion could derail the whole affair in A CHRISTMAS HOUSE WEDDING!"
Fiction / Horror
Davidson, Andy
The Hollow Kind
Hardcover with dust jacket
Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_, "Becky just started THE HOLLOW KIND by @theandydavidson because: southern gothic! Who doesn't dream about inheriting a creepy old farmhouse with evil lurking in the soil?!"
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary
Romeril, Christina
A Christmas Candy Killing
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DEBUT, DRC on NetGalley, LMR Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "A delicious cozy debut, A CHRISMAS CANDY KILLING by @RomerilChris is the perfect read for the holidays!"
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary
Lush, Tara
Live and Let Grind
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC on NetGalley, "Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "Calling all coffee lovers! Devil's Beach is percolating with a hot murder case & reporter-turned-barista Lana Lewis could be the next in Tara Lush's third Coffee Lover's mystery, LIVE AND LET GRIND."
Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Watson, Amy
Closer to Okay
PRH/Random House
Alcove Press
Trade Paperback
DRC on NetGalley, LMR, AlcovePress @AlcovePress, "Honest and heart wrenching, CLOSER TO OKAY by @amywatsonwrites, takes an appraising look at how we deal with the world when it becomes too much."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy
Camp, Amber
Canter with a Killer
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC Net Galley, LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "Amber Camp's CANTER WITH A KILLER will have you galloping through the pages, as a horse rescue owner races to find a killer and clear her name."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy
Young, Kate
Crime for the Books
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC, NetGalley, LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "The Jane Doe Book Club is hot on the trail of another real-life whodunit in @KAYoungBooks' third peach-perfect mystery, CRIME FOR THE BOOKS."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Crafts
Andrews, Donna
Dashing Through the Snowbirds
Minotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Crafts
Abbott, Bailee
Kill Them with Canvas
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC on NetGalley, LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "In @BaileeAbbott1's KILL THEM WITH CANVAS, Chloe and Izzie are taking their paint party business on the road-with murder as the first stop!"
Fiction / Literary
Millet, LydiaDinosaursNorton
W. W. Norton & Company
LMR, Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary, "Watch the recording of the Booklist Authors & ARCs webinar to learn more about DINOSAURS, by Lydia Millet. Publishing in October!" --
Fiction / Women
Dávila Cardinal, Ann
The Storyteller's Death
Sourcebooks Landmark
Trade Paperback
LMR, Sourcebooks Library @SBKSLibrary, "THE STORYTELLER'S DEATH is magical realism at its FINEST!" -- MAY, GC interest -- LMR, Sourcebooks Library @SBKSLibrary, "In THE STORYTELLER'S DEATH, Isla discovers she has a gift passed down through her family's cuentistas where the tales of dead family storytellers are brought back to life. But these seemingly harmless stories could cost Isla her life..." -- Publishers Summary, "Even untold stories have consequences in this enthralling Puerto Rican saga steeped in equal parts magical realism and mystery, and brimming with dark family secrets…Vivid descriptions of Puerto Rico from a Puerto Rican award-winning author"
Fiction / Horror
Thorne, Jennifer Marie
LuteMacmillanTor Nightfire
Hardcover with dust jacket
Mara @mrlzbth, "I sped through Jennifer Thorne's atmospheric folk horror novel LUTE, set on a remote island where something very bad happens every seven years. A young bride who doesn't take the stories seriously soon realizes that she really, really should."
History / United States / 20Th Century
Hochschild, Adam
American Midnight
HarperCollinsMariner BooksHardcover978035845546229.9910/4/202250000New9/1/22
Susan Balla @suebee135, "First up for me is AMERICAN MIDNIGHT: THE GREAT WAR, A VIOLENT PEACE, AND DEMOCRACY'S FORGOTTEN CRISIS by Adam Hochschild…Scary times. Amazing how easy it was (is?) to lose Constitutional rights..."
Fiction / Short Stories (single author)
Hilderbrand, Elin
Endless Summer
Little, Brown and Company
Robin B @robinsbooks, "For my next book I'm ready to embark on a good beach read, HOTEL NANTUCKET by Elin Hilderbrand (June 14). Also looking forward to her fall release of short stories, ENDLESS SUMMER."
Fiction / Literary
Kidd, Jess
The Night Ship
S&SAtria BooksHardcover97819821808122810/4/2022N/ANew9/1/22
Jill Minor @JillRhudy, "THE NIGHT SHIP by @JessKiddHerself scared the everliving beejeebus out of me. A boy and girl in two timelines like to cross-dress & believe in an eel monster, but in both 1600s and 1980s he's not the ONLY monster, maybe not even the worst."
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Quinn, Joanna
The Whalebone Theatre
PRH/Random House
DEBUT, Jennifer Dayton @jenniferdayton, "WHALEBONE THEATRE by Joanna Quinn was perfection. I think it's in the #1 slot of my favorite for 2022. I am a weird kind of homesick for the characters in this book and I finished 2 weeks ago."
Fiction / Science Fiction / Crime & Mystery
Lafferty, Mur
Station Eternity
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_, "I love watching Sci-Fi, but I'm not a big reader of the genre. @mightymur may convert me with STATION ETERNITY, an amateur sleuth mystery set on a sentient space station. Also, the cover is fabulous." -- MAY, Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Mallory Viridian thought going to space would solve her problems, but the respite is brief. STATION ETERNITY, by Mur Lafferty, is a delicious combination of murder mystery & space adventure."
History / Women
Hieber, Leanna Renee
A Haunted History of Invisible Women
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
No DRC as of June 6, LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "What's that ghost trying to tell you? Timed to Halloween, A HAUNTED HISTORY OF INVISIBLE WOMEN (@KensingtonBooks, 9/27/22) is a narrative of America, the changing roles of women, & feminism, revealed through the lens of the paranormal."
Fiction / Dystopian
House, Silas
Lark Ascending
Algonquin Books
KaiteStover @MarianLiberryan, "Engrossing & a little heart-breaking LARK ASCENDING @silasdhouse Two qualities I love in SFF." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "With much of the United States destroyed by fire, its inhabitants become refugees, and Lark and his family grab room on a boat sailing for Ireland, the last country in an extremist-plagued Europe willing to accept huddled masses from across the water. He alone survives but finds Ireland less welcoming than rumored and is soon on the run, befriending an abandoned dog and a woman seeking her lost son. Near-future dystopia from the author of the award-winning SOUTHERNMOST." -- BISAC, Fiction / LGBTQ+
Fiction / Romance / Paranormal
Beharrie, Therese
A Ghost in Shining Armor
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
Publishers Summary, "In this spellbinding romantic comedy from acclaimed author Therese Beharrie, a woman with a supernatural talent is haunted by one persistent spirit-and a seductive, impossible love . . ."
Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Box, C.J.
Treasure State
Minotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Robin B @robinsbooks, "C. J. Box's TREASURE STATE, this new title in the Cassie Dewell series is a good suspense/mystery set in Montana, a major part of the story. Perfect for fans of J. A. Jance's Joanna Brady series."
Fiction / Historical
Atkinson, Kate
Shrines of Gaiety
PRH/Random House
Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Hamdy, Adam
The Other Side of Night
S&SAtria BooksHardcover9781982196189279/27/2022N/ANew8/1/22
LMR, S&S EducationLibrary @SSEdLib, "For fans of Matt Haig and Anthony Horowitz, comes THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT by @adamhamdy, a novel in which the lives of a disgraced police officer, a prolific author, and an upstanding citizen are inextricably bound together by a series of mysterious deaths."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy
Howell, Dorothy
Seams Like Murder
PRH/Random House
Kensington Cozies
LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "Something wicked (fun) this way comes! Fall is a great time to cozy up with some of our new Kensington Cozies!" -- see catalog,
Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
Novik, Naomi
The Golden Enclaves
PRH/Random House
Del ReyHardcover9780593158357289/27/2022N/ANew8/1/22
Lucy Lockley @colldev00, "Any word on an ARC for Naomi Novik's THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES? #3 of 'The Scholomance' due out in Sept from @DelReyBooks Perhaps at Annual?" -- LMR, PRH Library @PRHLibrary, "None yet but hopefully soon!"
Fiction / Literary
Backman, Fredrik
The WinnersS&SAtria BooksHardcover978198211279028.999/27/2022N/A8/1/22
Vicki Rock @VickiRock11, "Fingers crossed for ARCs "
Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
Henderson, Alexis
House of Hunger
PRH/Random House
DRC added since May chat -- APRIL, Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "No ARCs yet, but the cover was revealed for HOUSE OF HUNGER by Alexis Henderson and ommggggg look at that gorgeousness."
Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Gilmore, Olesya Salnikova
The Witch and the Tsar
PRH/Random House
DEBUT, Interest.
Fiction / Family Life / Siblings
Zusy, Jeannie
The Frederick Sisters Are Living the Dream
S&SAtria BooksHardcover9781982185381279/20/2022N/ANew8/1/22
DEBUT, LMR, S&S EducationLibrary @SSEdLib, "THE FREDERICK SISTERS ARE LIVING THE DREAM by @JeannieZusy is a very funny, occasionally romantic, and surprisingly moving novel about how one woman's life is turned upside down when she becomes caregiver to her sister with special needs."
Fiction / Science Fiction / Space Opera
Muir, Tamsyn
Nona the Ninth
Hardcover with dust jacket
No DRC as of June 6, Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- Joe_Jones @Joe_Jones, "NONA THE NINTH by Tamsyn Muir is my first pick I am currently reading. This is book 3 and is bonkers fun so far in one of the craziest series I have ever read!"
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Collections & Anthologies
Khan, Vaseem
The Perfect Crime
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "THE PERFECT CRIME - 22 authors from diverse cultures - S.A. Cosby, Sulari Gentill, Ausma Zehanet Khan, Thomas King... Again, some excellent stories." -- First Clue newsletter, "An anthology of 22 short stories that are selected to witness, as Maxin Jukubowski writes in the introduction, 'an explosion of crime and mystery writing by writers of all colours and ethnic backgrounds, winning awards and enjoying critical acclaim, as well as opening up a whole new readership in the process.' And this marvelous collection certainly doesn't disappoint, …A surefire way to introduce readers to authors, THE PERFECT CRIME is a required purchase for all public libraries."
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Rea, Kerry
Lucy on the Wild Side
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
Mara @mrlzbth, "I thoroughly enjoyed Kerry Rea's delightful LUCY ON THE WILD SIDE, a romcom set at the Columbus Zoo about a primatologist who initially clashes with a boorish reality star filming the next season of his show at her workplace...but soon realizes he may not be SO bad."
Fiction / Magical Realism
Parker, Liz
In the Shadow Garden
DRC on NetGalley, Interest
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
Christie, Agatha
Marple: Twelve New Mysteries
William Morrow
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "Hits & misses in every anthology - the first new Miss Marple in 40some years - MARPLE: TWELVE NEW MYSTERIES with stories by Ruth Ware, Val McDermid, Lucy Foley." -- MAY, LMR, Virginia Stanley @VStan523 " Calling all Miss Marple fans! 12 female writers picking up the baton and writing short mysteries featuring Agatha Christie's character.…"
Fiction / Humorous
Anthony, Gretchen
The Book Haters' Book Club
HarperCollinsPark Row
Trade Paperback
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "Love the premise- Gretchen Anthony's THE BOOK HATERS' BOOK CLUB (@parkrowbooks 9/13).When a bookstore owner dies, his co-owner plans to sell. But, others rally to save it. 'Celebration of found family,love letter to everyday heroes-booksellers and librarians.' " -- MAY, Kelly Moore @kellywellread, "THE BOOK HATERS' BOOK CLUB by Gretchen Anthony isn't out until September, but I will read anything this author writes. Having a bookstore setting is just a bookish bonus." -- Publishers Summary, "THE LAST CHANCE LIBRARY meets THE READING LIST in this heartwarming and character-driven story about what happens when a messy group of people try to save their local Indie Bookstore and save each other along the way." -- HARDCOVER LIBRARY EDITION, 9780778333647
Biography & Autobiography / Literary Figures
Worsley, Lucy
Agatha Christie
Pegasus Books
Anbolyn Potter @anbolynp, "looking forward to AGATHA CHRISTIE by Lucy Worsley. I enjoyed Worsley's book about Jane Austen and like her writing style. Plus, Agatha!" -- Tracy Babiasz @tracymine, "OMG! I know Worsley from her PBS specials. Historian and mystery afficionado. What's not to love?!" -- Anbolyn Potter @anbolynp, "She's great on TV and in print."
Fiction / African American & Black / Historical
Jaye, Lola
The Attic Child
William Morrow
KaiteStover @MarianLiberryan, "Intrigued by premise of THE ATTIC CHILD …Two children trapped in an attic separate by 100 years and some floor boards …I can see #bookclubs enjoying this." . -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In early 1900s Britain, young Celestine lives in an attic in a house by the sea, having been taken from his African home to act as an unpaid servant to English explorer Sir Richard Babbington. In 1974, orphaned Lowra, whose privileged family has suffered misfortune, is trapped in the same attic, where she finds mementos and a message carved in an unknown language by her predecessor. British therapist/novelist Jaye (BEING LARA) turns to historical epic in a story inspired by the photograph of a boy named Ndugu M'Hali taken from his home in Tanzania; with a 75,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Literary
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson
On the Rooftop
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "Can't wait to get to ON THE ROOFTOP by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton, about a young Black sister act and their ambitious mother, set in 1950s San Francisco. I thought 'Gypsy' but @eccobooks says 'echoes of Fiddler on the Roof!' "
Fiction / Hispanic & Latino
Mestre-Reed, Ernesto
PRH/Random House
Soho PressHardcover9781641293648279/6/2022N/ANewDiversity8/1/22
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "Next on my agenda is SACRIFICIO by Ernesto Mestre-Reed (out 9/6 from @soho_press), about HIV+ Cuban counterrevolutionaries, set in 1998. Have heard great things about this!" -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In 1998 Havana, fresh-from-the-country Rafa, an African-Cuban orphan, falls in with his boss's son, Renato the mastermind behind "Los Injected Ones," a group of young, HIV-positive counterrevolutionaries …his disappearance sets Rafa on a search through tourist hotels, an AIDS sanatorium, and finally the distinctively slapped-together slum that serves Los Injected Ones as home. From the Guantánamo-born, New York-based author of THE SECOND DEATH OF ÚNICA AVEYANO."
Fiction / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial
Armas, Elena
The American Roommate Experiment
S&SAtria Books
Trade Paperback
LMR, S&S EducationLibrary @SSEdLib, "From @elenaarmasbooks, the author of the Goodreads Choice Award winner THE SPANISH LOVE DECEPTION, comes THE AMERICAN ROOMMATE EXPERIMENT, the eagerly anticipated follow-up featuring Rosie Graham and Lucas Martín, who are forced to share a New York apartment."
Fiction / Asian American
Huynh, Carolyn
The Fortunes of Jaded Women
S&SAtria BooksHardcover9781982188733279/6/2022N/ANewDiversity8/1/22
DEBUT, GC interest, LMR S&S EducationLibrary @SSEdLib, "For fans of Jonathan Tropper and Kevin Kwan, the debut THE FORTUNES OF JADED WOMEN by @carolynkhuynh follows a family of estranged Vietnamese women-cursed to never know love or happiness-as they reunite when a psychic makes a startling prediction." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In debuter Huynh's THE FORTUNES OF JADED WOMEN, three estranged Vietnamese American sisters living in Orange County's Little Saigon must find a way to lift a curse placed on their family long ago never to find love or happiness (100,000-copy first printing)"
Fiction / Short Stories (single author)
Degollado, Rubén
The Family Izquierdo
W. W. Norton & Company
DEBUT, KaiteStover @MarianLiberryan, "I know y'all are raving about THE FAMILY IZQUIERDO … Now I know why."-- Publishers Summary, "A masterful debut that weaves together the lives of three generations of a Mexican American family bound by love, and a curse."