STUDENTBettina Bellande: Active Learning ExpeditionsCharlene DeCesare: Charlene Ignites, LLCDanielle Della Pella: PR ConsultantDanny MorrisJaime Diglio: BelieveKayla Hinderscheid: Menlo VenturesMajbritt Sandberg: PlayMyDaySamantha Dong: Ally ShoesSameer Shah: Khaana MarketingSophia Stone: HalotopiaStacy Hendrie: FitStop DeliversVicki Salemi: Uncaregiver
KEEPGood start with Alex - tapping into the pressures and what is NOT working for him. But Alex is still too generic - we need more details!You've identified Anne Marie’s business.
You can tell she really cares: target clients who really are invested in their business. Not just financially but emotionally as well. 

Great job with the family portrait - now zero in an individual - are you targeting Betty? If so - what is going on in her mind, specifically?Emma is in motion. Recently promoted. I think this could be a powerful target- people who don't want to stand still.  "You don't want to stand still, why should your innovation”. Great start with Jennifer. We are getting the sense that she is active and fit in her personal life and interesting idea emerging around what's NEXT.Great start on Jennifer - let's go into more details! Where does she live? What specific volunteer commitments does she have? - The portrait of Julie and her family
- Interesting idea of ‘Experience’ | ’Well-rounded adults”
Interesting portraits of Jenny and Hannah - Look for the commonalities and start to develop ONE Bull's Eye. What we see that's similar: running on empty, no time for herself, no one understands her
EXPLOREMore specifics on Alex - what business is he in and why? What did he study? What does his personal life look like? What are his passions outside of work?The emotional investment What was the TRIGGER for her own remodel?
Explore the specifics of your individual? If its Betty, what are her specific emotions/thoughts?Concepts of Movement with purpose - to what end? (play vs. game ready)& Being the leader that walks in front What are her TRIGGERS? Why does she need to look professional and put-together - why does she need to shop right now (despite her lack of time) - Does she have a big client meeting coming up? networking event? interview? Why does she need you right now?While you explore the details of Jennifer we will discover her individuality that we can take further. There is an interesting idea in here. Also in living out her purpose. Is this something she doesn't feel like she is doing right now? Is her purpose well-defined?What problem are you really solving for Julie? Is she having a health issue? Is there something that is adding to her stress. Is Robert working for a firm in DC so she is alone with the kids a few nights a week? Need a TRIGGER. For Jenny/Hannah - Explore your idea of a collective spirit. Also explore the TRIGGERS. What specific moments happen where they realize they can no longer do it alone and need help from a community? A particular break-down? Missed Appointment? What is the trigger for them to say - enough, I need the Uncaregiver?
TWISTWe LOVE Indian Motorcycles -
Interesting idea of making something, no nonsense, showing the process, no pretax. “See how an idea becomes a bike”. I.e. “see how a strategy becomes a sale”. The un-consultant.
Sub-Zero: Moments worth Savoring, Preserve what matters > Messages that matterOnce you figure out the individual you are targeting, we can start to TWIST with brands they love!Nike: Concepts of Performance - ready | A new brand to explore: noom coach as it relates to Staying ahead & innovationLove your initial look at Blue Mercury - You could TWIST with PowerLips - PowerShoes - for your NEXT move. We recommend you TWIST outside of fashion and design - its too close to your category! For example: what does she love driving? where does she love to eat? What Netflix shows does she love to watch? Any brands in these categories that she LOVES?Experience Brands like REI - TWIST with a bigger family experienced that fit stop can fulfill - not just meals for her - but what is the entire lifestyle experience?Explore Soul Cycle more and how they provide a collective spirit for their riders, no matter the demographic. For all their riders - no matter age or relationship status - they offer an immediate release and common bond.
KEEPGreat job. Keep all the details that bring her to life. You can really feel her stresses, pressures, urgencyThe insights around John Smith being passionate about the value of females - Dads with daughters. Keep the concepts of cool, new, nicheThere is a specific insight you have within: Food is a chore vs. something she looks forward to with her family. So while she doesn't have time for it - she also doesn't want to make time for it.Time to commit to ONE target. Recommendation: Keep the target with the more acute needs - the mom with more pressure, less time
EXPLOREWe are interested in understanding more about her experience working with PR/Social experts. Has she worked with them before and not happy? Why is she looking to switch - what is the trigger? Or is this her first time investing real monthly budget in PR/Social? If so, what happened specifically that she thought - now is the time? Was she declined an interview opp due to lack of credibility? Is she preparing for a big event and need media to support her credibility? What specific triggers are driving her to need you?Explore his Triggers a little more closely - why did he tops sales guy leave? For financial reasons? For culture? While his appreciation for diversity - but focus in and explore the value of women specifically as you progress the next few weeksExplore how Alvie wants to carve and make his niche. Explore the edge, the attitude, his tribe. While she may not want to make time preparing meals and all that goes into it - does she still want her kids to have a healthy, creative relationship with food and nutrition as part of their well-rounded growth and appreciation of the outdoors? Explore this concept of REAL - your target it looking for straight - not shiny and perfect.
TWISTGreat TWIST brands in your Mind Map, but also interested in the brands you mentioned in her About box: The High Line, Eataly and Soul Ryders - interesting artistic, experiential and experimental characteristics you may want to explore to develop your TWIST. How can you tie the shared qualities of these brands to your PR consulting? For example, your PR is not one-dimensional, but experiential - just like the Nespresso TWIST we did in class together. Also feels like Anne-Marie what's to explore but with a safety net. How can you assure her that she can get out of the box ideas but without compromising on solid delivery. The visual lights are BOTH practical and beautiful. What "tensions" is she trying to solve?Under Armour: Girls Play, We WinConsider brands with edge: Mini CooperKeep going with your exploration of experiential/outdoors TWISTS. But also interested in your Prius reference. Prius says "Take everyone by surprise". Explore how this can TWIST with how you are providing the meals for her to surprise her family. They know she doesn't have time, they know she thinks its a chore, but can you give her the meals to surprise her family at mealtime and not with the same old?TWIST Brands: Dove Real Beauty, Luvs, Shoebox
KEEP(featured in LIVE class recording) Bravery, Optimism, bias towards action
(featured in LIVE class recording) - Real language – great job avoiding jargon!
- ‘Secretly insecure”, “Geeky cool”

An idea you have in your writing that we found interesting: "one to be remembered" - Keep going with this idea, but keep your specific target in mind that you worked out a few weeks ago rather than going broad again. Your entrepreneur was the cabinet/kitchen designer with a personal passion that really mattered to her. This week, you seem to have generalized away from her. Why does she need you? Has she had bad experiences in the past? Is she a PR virgin? (featured in LIVE class recording) Powerful, visual words: Wonder woman, empire, Keep going on Jennifer’s pressures –what is keeping her up at night? What does she need to do the next day that she is stressed about Keep getting specific on your target. With you new focus (gluten-free) keep writing down how you are specifically helping them. The energy behind your benefit: tremendous relief. We like the idea that 'somebody actually cares' - we also think there is something in 'somebody actually gets it'. We also like your intent behind 'awesome' as long as this it not leaning to the 'everything is perfect' type of awesome - but more the real, soul cycle awesome.
EXPLOREWhy should they invest in an immersive experience Fresher expressions for the transition into real Focus on the active - Personal Geek Passions
Keep asking "What's the benefit of that" for your target to get away from the language every PR consultant uses. Why does your target need for you to have your finger on the pulse? Why does she need fresh? Why does she need all-encompassing vs. niche? Push yourself to get away from this general promise to why what you do really matters to her. Why will it change the trajectory of her business and even her life?The details to go from broad to specific: Immediate triggers. Urgency. What apps are on her phone to maintain wonder woman status? Has the woman been diagnosed, or has somebody in her household been diagnosed? She was already cooking two meals (for kids and for her) and now she has to cook 3 (kids, gluten free and adult)? We recommend a 1:1 at this point to help you get on track.Explore the the 'finally' exhale. The tremendous relief that you mentioned. What would your target actually say at that moment when they finally get connected with you? Would they describe the feeling to a friend: Finally, I found somebody who gets me and the situation we are - and I actually want to hear their advice because they are real.
TWISTZara – Join Life; Step in Geek Cult Brands: Comi-con
Indian Motorcycles
TWIST with brands that focus on being icons/doing things in a fresh way, i.e.
Dr. Pepper, Mini, Lipton #BeMoreTea. There is also great ideas in this story for Anthropologie. “A Brush with what could be”…:
Wonder woman Zum rides: Answer a very specific need Look at how Stitchfix. They are solving a similar need - they help women who don't have time (or don't want to) shop but want to look their best. They know their profile, fix a delivery and give the what they want plus a few surprises... they curate, promise unexpected finds, unique matches - so the woman on the time crunch can look their best. There are many parallel promises to TWIST with. Explore brands that give that 'awesome' outlet - we recommend you go back to Soul Cycle for more ideas on language
KEEPGreat ACTIVE language: dive, jump, journeyKeep her need for sharing her story in a 'creative way' - creativity can be a really interesting differentiator for you - a fresh way.
Pay Attention People in. You win.
Tapping into your target’s specific mindset: smart, keep moving, stay ahead – “breathing down her neck”
Keep pushing for fresh language for coaching and innovation

Conquer in comfort: Love this. 'Conquer' really implies they they want to do and how you have their back to do it.Your wingman concept: together we win, I'm on your teamEnjoy more of life > you are getting to a higher need for them. Yes, they want to eat gluten free so they don't feel sick... but when they feel good, what can they then do?Keep TWISTING! Amazing language – so fresh and visual
Great sense of urgency

EXPLOREExplore the immediate benefit in your pillars. "Bright Future" is of course a powerful end benefit - but what will they get right away from investing in ALEX?Explore the TWIST!!! Very wah, wah, wah at the moment - sounds like many PR consultants out there - what TWISTS/language/works - i.e. Guitar/Music? Your brother?Pay Attention. Less stress. More success. People in. You win. “Together on the Path to great / Together Smart Collaborate”
What is bolder than path to great and collaborate? i.e., Trailblaze together

Explore brands and categories that help their audience 'conquer' and not fail. - Is it conquered in comfort OR Conquer in heels. Conquer in BeautyExplore fresh language to avoid sounding like everyone else - i.e. focus in on what it means to be a wingmanGo further on their needs and what they don't like about eating gluten free beyond just 'meal time chores'Potential Pillars: Spiral, Smooth, Stamina
TWISTNike: For their Game-ready perspectiveExplore guitar brands, i.e. Gibson's new concept: Introducing Gibson's New Signature Artist...You.Be alert: Nest
/ Real people: Humans of New York
Tesla: "Lay rubber where your carbon footprint used to me"Check out: Conquer Life Brands: TWISTING with Mini Cooper copyGo deep into Yoga by Adriene - you are on to something with this TWIST!New York Magazine for AARP Tennis upheaval – permission to exhale
Brand Pillars
KEEPTuning into the negative in your target: stuck, dread, hate

Finish Line PR: Delivering your substance with style Your target needing “The right appearance” Great work on your brand idea and very interested in this newly published target insight: "How to solve big problems and test new ideas in Just 4 days" - How can you incorporate this is a 'get it done NOW ' in your promise?Energy and Optimism in your Pillars
A women recently diagnosed with XXX, overwhelmed, consider her whole family
Wake up! > Brand Idea: Wake up to better wellness – It’s a new day, I'll bring you a new way

EXPLOREFun: Have fun with sales Can't stand > Can't wait / Have to > Want to What is unique about your POV and approach to sales – how do you get your clients to have fun with it and want to run towards it? Style in your words: Rigor vs. Technique Get to the “Touches” that help you deliver with your personality Explore editing your pillars down further. You have fit 6 pillars in space for 3 :). Can you make the focus more on the first word? Reshape to recharge
Execute with edge
Dare to be different Think hard about the end benefit for your target. i.e. Reshape tomorrow so you can... We focus your ideas and challenges so you can....
Pillars: Whole / Work / Wow Remember: Conclude each Pillar with what’s in it for Julie Challenge for next week: Avoid ‘Deliver’
TWISTFun - In-Flight Safety Videos: Virgin Fun – Student Debt: Navigate Makeup Brands: CliniqueBrands that dare to be different: Harley Davidson, brands that have urgency (Red Cross?)Life is Good.
Names and Taglines
Nurturing the Potential in Each Individual.
Concept of forward/transition

Keep Edge in your what to keep pushing and aspire your internal teams to achieve your TWISTStep into your power
Keep TWISTING with your unique approach to wellness/wholesome eating. Avoid 'Whole' as you will get lost in wholefoods. Most interesting name so far: New Way - because it is optimistic, a new approach, a whole way of life. There could also be an interesting design element in the double WW - especially given your W Pillars. You should definitely consult with Laura on TM potential.Stop the Spiral
Smooth the Ride
Boost your Stamina (maybe also Secure, Preserve instead of Boost)

“moving you to what’s next”
Focused on your momentum
Focused on your potential
Moving at the speed of your potential
Personification of the name
Tagline: Better Ideas. Faster. / Smarter Ideas. Faster. - Think more about the end benefit of 'Faster'. Smarter Ideas. Faster to Market. . Also really love the TWIST with NPR for you. It's not just smarter ideas. It's your edge.More than comfort
Stand for something – What’s your movement
TWIST with imagery for more ideas on names. Did you try the naming brainstorm tree in the exercise? Let's look at that in our 1:1. “Live.Love. Lighten your load.”
“Lighten. Love. Live”
Illustrator you asked about: Max BixbyUber vs. Lyft
Logos with personification

Another edgy brand to have a look at for language: Dyson#Leanin : #Stepin

The Great Do-over: Like Deb - you are targeting women who are ready for a big change. Keep going with Soul Cycle!
Brand Story
KEEPThe personal celebrations of starting a new business - so relatable.
What's in it for them right up front
EXPLOREA nod to your brother for a personal TWIST - without getting too personalBringing in the New Way (more than grab your fork and tastes great)”
TWISTArts to Thrive

Erin Pryor –take us into the moment when things shifted