Pathfinder 2e Autosheet (v1.0)
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This sheet is free to use, but a Paypal link is listed below. Maintaining this old gal is a labor of love that requires many sleepless hours, so if you feel that this project is worthy, please consider donating a small amount. :)
I want to thank Paizo for creating an awesome game, my friends and fellow gamers for playing it with me, and /r/pathfinder_rpg for being an awesome community.
Welcome to the PF2 AutoSheet!
To use this character sheet, you must first copy it to your own Google Drive. You will then have full Edit access to that version.
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The most up to date Version is:White cells are not referenced by anything - write notes here!CLICK HERE
v1.0Yellow cells are referenced by formulas and refer to pluses
This sheet is:v1.0Red cells are referenced by formulas and refer to minuses
This Sheet is up to Date!
Orange and Grey contain formulas, and should not be edited!
Mini-FAQ (Permissions and Compatibility):
Other Pathfinder Resources by me:
"File" -> "Make a Copy"
> No, I will not grant you access to this sheet. This is the Master. You may not build your PC on it. My Gmail automatically filters requests. Go make a copy.The OG Autosheet for PF1. Accept no substitutes.
All of the below links are meant to support this main sheet, but you can probably repurpose the Equipment and XP/Treasure/GM Reference sheets
This sheet is meant to be viewed without gridlines. It will look super ugly if you have them enabled. To toggle gridlines, go to "View", then uncheck "Gridlines"
PF1 Autosheet v6.2
I followed the link to make a copy, but it still isn't letting me Edit.
> If the provided link doesn't work, try making a manual copy to your personal Drive by going to "File" -> "Make a Copy". If that's still giving you grief, double check that it is "Copy of Pathfinder Autosheet" and that it is from your Google Drive - the most common error I've seen is being signed into alternate work or school Google accounts.
Hover over this cell to learn how to Insert Notes
Notes are a HUGE asset to minutia tracking - very important for when the GM asks how in the hell you have a +59 to Stealth checks without Invisibility.
Massive, comprehensive, and automatically updating. Copy/Paste the address of your copied sheet to link this seperate GooglyDoc to your PC.
(See ImportRange permissions protip to the right if you're having difficulties - sharing permissions are important!)
PF1 AutoSpellcasting Sheet
Named Ranges: many important values can now be used by directly typing their names into formulas. For a complete list, see "Data" --> "Named Ranges".
I can't find feature X that was in Autosheet v5, what gives?
> Some of v6's functionality has been split over multiple spreadsheets. Cohorts and Animal Companions should get their own sheet, the old-school Spell Sheet is a standalone now (see right), and Encumbrance-tracking madmen can find that feature in the Equipment Tracker (ditto). While it IS possible to reintigrate these support sheets, doing so is difficult and may make the sheet laggy and less responsive. I suggest pasting a hyperlink to your support sheets into the Main Sheet's note section.
Are you a pack rat? an OCD neat-freak? Does your GM force your party to actually track encumbrance? This Equipment page has you covered. Features multiple sections to sort your gear and automatically calculates carry capacity for you, your magical bags, AND a pack animal!
PF1 Equipment Tracker
Printing this character sheet: I recommend 69% zoom, Narrow Margins, and Portrait orientation. This cuts the less-important right-hand edge of the sheet off while retaining all of the critical information. I also recommend:
1. Replacing the Quick Toggle section with large resource-tracking boxes
2. Add 13 rows above Spellcasting to place that section entirely on the second page instead of being cut in half by the page break (or delete/hide rows 59-68 if you're a tertiary caster). Maybe move the Resources, Magic Items, and Notes sections that would otherwise be deleted over to this new space.
3. Edit the HP box to =" / " & $AK$6
4. Print in Black and White, obviously
Party Treasure, XP, and GM ReferenceInput Treasure and XP into this chart to track your progress as you adventure. Easily divide your rewards fairly. Also has calculations for debts, loans, and of course XP tracking. Every party should have 1 shared copy of this sheet.
Also contains an automated GM Reference Screen
Can I do a thing with this sheet?
You probably don't need this, but my players do. Have a look if you'd like, though!
-- Feat Tax reduction -- Class Balancing (buffs/bans)
-- New/Modified Feats (more buffs/bans)
-- Marksman Weapons (new firearm/crossbow rules)
> You may use or modify this sheet for any non-commercial purpose. You may link to this sheet from other websites, but you may not rehost this sheet as your own work.
My Personal PF1 Houserule Doc
My internet is terrible. Can I use this offline?
Like Pathfinder? Like Sci-Fi? You're probably already a fan of Starfinder. The Starfinder Autosheet contains all the goodies and tricks of the Pathfinder Autosheet, combined with a sweet sci-fi color scheme.ImportRange updates only when something else on the sheet is changed, NOT a timer, so if you're trying to keep something like the "Party Treasure, XP, and GM Reference" sheet synced, all you need to do is type a quick string of gibberish in the margins, hit Enter, and re-delete it.
> To use the autosheet offline, try downloading the offline Googlesheets app. The AutoSpellcasting Sheet ABSOLUTELY will not work, but everything else should. Unfortunately, this sheet isn't compatible with Microsoft Excel. Many of its important formulas rely on GoogleSheet-only commands.
Starfinder Autosheet
(no longer in Beta, is very cool)
The previous-gen Autosheet, if for some reason you decide this one is ugly and everything is terrible about it... or if it breaks for some strange reason and I can't figure out why for a while.ImportRange permissions may cause an error for the AutoSpellcasting, Equipment , or Party Treasure support sheets. In order to work, these sheets need permission to access the main sheet they pull values from just like a human would. You can solve this problem by setting everything's Sharing Settings to "Viewable by Everyone with the Hyperlink".
Pathfinder Autosheet v5
Building an Undead Character? You'll want to set your Constitution score equal to your Charisma score (overwrite F11 with "=F14"), with that done, you can hide the Constitution row either by filling it Black or changing the text color to the same parchment-esque yellow as the background.
DO NOT DELETE THIS TAB! When those grey cells in the top-right go missing, lots of things break.
(actually just Skills, but you get the picture)
Feel free to right click the red "Welcome Page" tab below and select "Hide Sheet" though. You can find it again by going to the top bar menu, View->Hidden Sheets
Massive Errors in the Skills Section probably originate from either trying to customize the skill list or messing up the formatting. The cell which is causing you grief is AE9 "Acrobatics", which is importing the entire 34-row list of skills from the bottom of the Formula References tab. You can either Copy AE9:AE45 and Right-Click -> "Paste Special" -> "Paste Values Only..." to break the OFFSET formula, or you can edit the Formula References tab to change things around.