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Entrance to base/endzone area is awkward for both O and D, and progressing across the map, assuming you don't go for the meme gate hole (which is a terrible idea for pubs imo, since a few dumbasses will constantly go for it and piss off everyone else), is pretty slow. That can be OK, but for me, the only way to save this map would be to make it exciting.This map really is a lot of fun in theory to me. The portals are a concept that I think people would eat up for sure. The gate is safe, but the shape would be a breath of fresh air while being realistic too. Does this gate need a button? Probably. Looks pretty fun though.The base has to be curved to avoid turtles, those gates without a button will be too easy to abuse, the distance from flag to base is a bit too short, there aren't any interesting ways to cap.I like the map in general, but think the corner boost is way too powerful
So obviously this has been improved a lot, it's been Fronjified. However, despite it probably being a lot more balanced, I do have a couple of concerns. The main one is that despite it being highly offensive in the past I think it's been made just a little too defensive. The endzone is big but to get to it you have to get through a 6 tile choke and then make it through the defense which has a handy dandy backdoor gate. Also curve to endzone is pretttttty extreme. I think the simple fix to that is just to make the gate island smaller, I don't think balancing it out that much will hurt anything. Plus then you can maybe have a skill route into the endzone via the pup boosts. Speaking of boosts all of the boosts on this map are really well done, good job. I think mid could be a tiny bit more interesting but apart from the overly defensive base I think this is good to go, as is I'm not quite sure though. I'm gonna predict that this map will make rotation within 3 threads but we shall see.Looks like it could be fun, mid is pretty open with a good sense of progression which is nice in NF. Interested to see if there are any bottlenecks in testing.
I still wish you'd have implemented some of the ideas in my shitty remix but I'd say this is good enough to at least warrant a test. There are a lot of fun routes and top has been made much better. I do feel like a lot of the polish is Alchemist-level instead of Fronj-level, that needs to be changed. The elements are pretty well done but in a lot of spots I just don't like the flow. The portal boost to flag is pretty nifty though it's easy enough to use so that I think you can just take out the aiming 45 and make the tile diagonal to exit a solid block, trebuchet portals are fun and the 45s are pretty clunky all around. Aside from some pretty rough polishing, these ideas are sound and I think a 4v4 would be the best way to figure out what needs fixing. Also I dislike button placementsIt's cool in that it's a 45 degrees map. I have a few qualms with this though. I don't really think these portals are well-designed; I don't think people would like being boosted into a corner like that. The middle is okay, and a return of a 45-esque skill boost is interesting. Still, I don't really feel too excited by this despite seeming promising. The polish is good though.Get rid of the boxes in the back of the bases. Too much action will wind up there, especially since the portal-boost into base and the boost between the spikes out and back to cap both dump you in the box.

Mid is also really weird, and not in a good way.
Once again, decent map, but portal boost is a bit one sided, don't like how powerful of a tool it is for O
the portal grab mechanic is neat and could have some interesting interactions. The whole map seems way to blocky with movement and boosting being very bouncy and spiky with not much room for making clean routes other than a lackluster skill boost. Boosting around the map is just unsatisfying for the most part.
Base shapes like this have been tested before and have been proven not to work. Your polishing is pretty bad, if you want though you can ask Fronj to remix because he's reeeeeeeeeeeeeally good at polishing and will make almost any map better than the original mapmaker ever could have. For this though you need a bigger curve to the endzone or it will have the same problems as Shine and Kite. Some of the other elements might be cool with better polishing. Also in the version I tested you could go outside the map but it doesn't look like you can in the preview so there might have been an update that wasn't fully implemented or something. So yeah, this has some cool stuff and a nice shape, you just need to redo the base so that there isn't as much opportunity for really cheap caps.Cool map. Terrible horrible polishing.This needs some work before i can put this though. It feels large and doesnt have enough elements on the map besides the gates. The exit need to be moved.
You could also make the map look more like an ovary.
I walked outside the map after capping. Either this is some next level mapmaking or this map needs a lot more polish.This map had some success in the past, and I suppose I can see what people liked in it. It's an interesting shape for an NF that isn't necessarily broken. However, there is just nothing about this map that excites me. It might play decently balanced (and maybe you sacrificed some interesting elements for this), but as is this just doesn't look fun.This needs to condense in size a bit before it's ready, but I really like the layout of the elements. Also you can get out of the map due to walls not being behind the endzone.I like the corner boosts into the end zone. A lot.

The rest of the map is kinda bland and unpolished, but pretty inoffensive. Maybe get some help polishing; someone with lots of experience like fronj or ball-e could help you there.
This might've worked a few years ago, but not at this point. It's just too large and chasey.everything seems very spaced out and independent. I'd like to see more unity in the map elements and less open unused spaces / boring lanes.It looks like you put a lot of thought into this, but it's just too big and clunky to ever work in rotation. I would suggest that before you go further you take a look at some more formulatic maps such as Cedar and try to make a map like that. Once you get good at formula maps you can start making more creative things of your own. Good luck!maybe 4 years ago this would make rotation
way too big
Generally you want lots of the elements of a map to work together, this just feels like you had some cool ideas and just threw them on a map.There's some cool aspects here. The base gates are cool in theory, but as is, they're a little bit too strong probably. I really don't like this shape; it's really straight and doesn't give much space for the defense to catch up outside of base. Compensating with a really strong teamboost is kind of a boring solution. The side gates are interesting; I think they're probably cool but I'd want to see them in action.
This might play all rightnothing seems thought out here. Movement is overly restricted, the back button shouldn't also be wired to the bomb (or did you intend the? why?) I feel like this has a lot of potential but it's just so different that I don't know what to do to change it while still keeping the weird flow. it's like market but less marketlikeI don't like the gate button being tied to the bomb but other than that I could see this being a fun experience. The kill gate is a fun idea and the bombs have some creative uses for capping. Wouldn't mind testing despite a mostly unpolished look. Floating single blocks always rub me the wrong way.I'm not sure how I feel about this map. It looks like it will be a blast, but it also looks like it will be shit. The bombs/gate combo seem really strong for D, but i'm passing this though to see how it plays in a 4 v 4.Some things never change I guess? The block gimmick is sort of cool but overdone. The base gates are mediocre at best. The bombs are pretty chaotic in a bad way (although buddy bombs are a great concept to keep working with). The polish isn't great here.hmm Feels a little bit constricted, making the boost routes not flow quite right. High potential. Not a fan of 15% of the polish or so but for the most part its good.
This map is like some cheap earl gray tea. Solid when looking at it in the store, but pretty bland when you try unique mechanics to speak of but maybe there's some hidden potential that will shine in a 4v4. At the very least it's not an ugly map. I think it should play a little boring at worst.It plays decently.

3 pups is probably too much, though. It also seems kinda bland, but that's harder to fix.
Maybe it's not the most interesting thing in the world, but the polish is super duper good here, particularly in base. I think it'd be a shame to not at least 4v4 this's like boombox but better than boombox but still too boomboxy. i don't think it would be too bad but it's really l o n g and will be kinda chasey and boring so i doubt people would like it
Other than the fun boost routes, this map doesn't have a lot going for itEverything about this feels restrictive. There's not much freedom to be had as an FC on this map and it feels a little too easy to spike yourself for a pub map.The gate concept is cool but definitely could use a cleaner design. I think the button may need to be slightly further away to help offense some. I really don't like the boosts in base here. The middle isn't amazing but it would be sufficient with some improved bases. Good concepts here that need some cleaning up.The polish on this is bad.. the awkward islands and the thicc walls outside just doesnt do it for me.This base is really cool, I'd like to see how it works. The gates are pretty interesting though I'd like to see the green gates have a little more utilization, like make the spikes green and then have a pup behind them. No pups is fine but they need more use than they have now. A portal would also be an option. Mid I don't like as much. Bombs are pretty awkward and useless and do nothing but clutter up mid. The boosts have maybe 2-3 uses and overall I just feel like you could do a lot more with the top half of the map. imo the rotational version of this was better. Still though, this base is cool except for the walls, I just think there's a lot more you need to do with this map to make it interesting and playable. Right now the top part isn't going to work too well I don't think.The lanes move too fast, there's no time for catchup/OD setup at all.

I'm not the biggest fan of big boxy bases, but I don't hate them so much here. I don't like the bombs/their areas, though.
Memes Die YoungCAEUOCLA
This was one of my favorite maps from the preview but after testing it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too cluttered to work in pubs. There's a PIZZAspartan level of elements in mid and most of them are clunky, somewhat boring, and just interfere with each other. Gates are a good idea but as is they're pretty pointless. To me this seems worse than the older version except for bottom bomb execution, those are good. I think the rest of this has potential to be really good, you've just gotta widen it out a bit so that things don't interfere with each other as much. Nobody likes that level of chaos except me.I like the look, seems like another well balanced 2 flag map with some neat teamplay and skill boosts thrown in while not making it unplayable for newbies.Way to quick to cap on this map, one bomb and you can cap in like 1.5 seconds wthout the D being able to stop itFeels like it favors offense so much.. both the bombs and the portalsThis almost certainly favors offense, but tbh I'd much rather test something that looks fun and imbalanced than boring and even. I might come back and bump this up depending on how bad everything else is.

fr tho this plays pretty well. Double bombs might be a tad strong tho.
It feels like a rough version of gumbo thats less a lot less fun.I feel like the "combo" that the three bombs are supposed to send you on doesn't work very consistently. I also don't like how after capping you're immediately put out by a teamboost to grab again. I also don't like the overabundance of defensive team boosts on each side.Gumbo but it's actually hurricaneWell I'm glad there are at least a few people that read the feedback, that's basically all my job is. Anyhow this map has some pretty cool ideas, but overall it's just a worse gumbo. One of the primary concepts it seemed like you tried to make was that portal thing. While it's not a horrible idea and the boost is placed well, it's pretty clunky and not something we really need in rotation. I do like having a boost there so if you could maybe change up the portal thing somehow you could get it to work like that. I think by now you should have figured out what wall polish is, but these walls do not have that. Like, in particular the ones around the powerup and boost, it seems like you just made a random line by dragging and called it good. Try to make it so that there's a good, natural route no matter how you boost into the wall. Also those pups should be by your weird spike things, not where they are now. That is a spot for a bomb or something. Speaking of bombs I do like the mid ones but I don't really like the wall where you end up. Also if you don't hit it perfectly there are a lot of awkward ways to hit it, ideally you want multiple routes like the ones in Ricochet. Endzone could also probably stand to be less gumbolike, and the teamboosts are all placed pretty badly. You can take out two of themand just make the endzone wall a little longer, lack of curve leads to cheap caps. Even in a somewhat formulatic neutral flag like gumbo you can still see a lot of dirty scores due to the endzone being two tiles away form the curve. The islands in mid are well placed byt they need a bit more going on, perhaps a boost or something. Overall I sort of like the shape and some of the concepts have potential but you need to rework all the boosts and especially the polish.Having bombs that block entering endzone is a cool concept. That's about all I particularly like here. The portal is way too awkward as is for it not be rage inducing. A lot of the boosts feel placed almost randomly. Also, having that many team boosts is probably a bit much.This is Gumbo's red headed step child. the spike/portal combo is super awkward and after you cap you have a perfect boost to grab flag again before the D can really do anything about it, too quick to grab again. Not to mention if they get past you, just portal and you have a snipe pretty much lined up already.

I like the ideas, the execution needs a lot of work. Think about how slow it's going to feel moving across your map and how well boosts and lanes will flow together. For example if you want a roadblock for a certain route to make it risky, consider adding something to it to make it faster but even more risky. In general calm down with the long long routes from base to base and the expansive separating walls in the mid. Getting from point A to point B on a map should be fairly straightforward and move along the natural curves of the map no matter what points you choose.Geo meets transilio with additional chaos that just doesnt work in pubsDoes it look neat? Yes. Does it look like a pub playable map? No.

Triangles typically don't work in a back-and-forth game. The mid gimmicks seem fun for messing around in, but unfortunately that doesn't really have a place in tagpro at the moment.
I reallly like the top and bottom lanes, but the middle needs to be more open if the other two are that chokey. Widen the bottom a bit with less team tiles should make it better.
This just feels really dated. Maybe it had a chance a few years ago. The entire middle is pretty archaic compared to today's game. Knockoff transilio portals that are inferior is also a no-no.I know you're a first time mapmaker but this is actually really, really good conceptually. Some of the execution needs a bit of work though. I do think this has potential to be quite a great map once you put a bit more work into it. Anyways, starting with base, I think it's pretty good but get away from all those 45's. Especially in base you're gonna want some slightly more jagged staircases to allow for walljukes that create a lot of fun plays and give skilled flag carriers more options. Also it's gonna be a tad defensive since the bombs have a 30 second cooldown. I'd say the base would be a lot more balanced if you just turned the back of base bomb into a boost. Upper mid is perfect, the only thing I'd change is the button placement. After that though, I don't really care for the whole bottom half of the map. Something that laney is going to lead to a lot of frustration from everyone, and the shape of your walls makes for a loooooot of clunk. You never want something quite this vertical, I'd say you should shave at least 5 tiles from the bottom. Then the boost bomb thing is fun to bounce around on while you're on your own but there's absolutely no way that would work in pubs. Remember Mighty? It'd be like that but about 5x worse since it goes through the middle of everything, plus the bombs only respawn every 30 seconds while boosts respawn every 10. The outer island superboosts aren't the worst idea but you need to redo mid so that they can work without having to curl down to the bottom, mid isn't that great currently so removing all the walls below the spikes should be fine, then just add a few islands Fronj-style. Also add a third yellow tile on the superboosts, that makes them work a lot better mechanically. Overall this is pretty good but bottom needs reworking and there are other minor issues, if you make the bot mid completely different I think this will be a really, really great map though. Nice work!
You've got a basic idea of what you're doing, you even added some pretty decent boost routes. Good job on that. Apart from that this is way too big, chasey, clunky, and boring to work. You should really try making a Cedar-like formula map so you both get a better idea of what you want your map to basically look like and get better at judging other maps. Good luck.Feels like a very unpolished SNESThe blocky nature and weird spacing issues make it feel very unpolished. There should be a relatively uniform distribution of map elements for players to interact with throughout the map and the boost lanes should flow smoothly across the map. The geokoala style gate across the bottom makes the map feel very dated and doesn't add much in terms of enjoyment, it will be a pain going down there to kill an FC.if you got rid of the entire bottom I may consider giving it a maybeTop spikes don't really make sense and are chase-inducing in a big map. The middle lane is kind of nice though. Bottom lane wouldn't boil over well. Bad boosts in base.If you made this look less aesthetic and more like a normal map it could be decent, but as it is, form is taking precedence over function and creating a ton of clunkiness
Neunundneunzig LuftballonsCAEUOCLA
Did you even change it at all?

I'm putting it through mostly to see the applicants figure out the portal. And partly because it's actually kinda fun. Maybe I'll be sold this time, who knows.
i still dont like the in base exit portalsI remember testing this and finding it super mediocre with a forced gimmick. Not really feeling doing it again.too big and slow and elements are weirdly spaced out into blocked sections that feel somewhat emptyI mean it was pretty successful last time so I'd definitely be willing to see how it does with new people but I don't know if it's quite changed enough to be successful...I really want this map to work because I love the endzone portals, but the 2 tile change you made isn't enough
The bottom is pretty good here, but unfortunately, the top is still distinctly pizzaspartan. If that area could be improved this is a legit map, as is though, it has some potential I guess.This feels a bit large to me and probably a bit boring to play on.. does have potential and im a fan of the updatesTop is super boring. Monarch-style spike lanes down the sides seem like they would work pretty decent. cluster of boosts that close to the flag seems like it would be too chaotic for a well balanced based to version was better but I love what you've done with the bottom left / right corner boost spike areasss!!! Bases still need work and so does the gate land area.This map has become monarchI wish people would actually understand the curl boostsI honestly can't say exactly why I like this one, it just feels pretty good to me. There's not much I don't like about it except maybe a ltitle element spacing
what's not to like about a stupid amount of bombs? :(How you gonna say you removed the dumb shit when you have 16 bombs scattered around the map bud lol

Not a bad start
Reintroduction of Mighty boosts is a bold hill to die on.

This actually doesn't suck in shape and the mid though. Bases need a reimagining.
Seems a little large and chaotic. The emphasis on bombs would be nicer if they offered a consistent flow to them but they just seem like a bunch of isolated elements that don't interact. The boosts also don't do a good job of connecting the bombs either which leaves me concerned about movement flow.The amount of bombs is just ridiculous lol
I dont like the left and right bottom corners
Not a huge fan of the boosts/portals at the top, but decent otherwise
Hexane bottom, Mighty-ified top, the perfectly unplayable mix of boring and chaotic

I shouldn't roast you like this since I know you're trying and it's not that far from being decent, but it's past midnight and I can't help myself
no me gustaFor such a small map there does seem to be a lot of unused space. Consider adding some obstacles to navigate around and providing defensive catch up options.It's probably one of the more okay maps I've ever seen. I don't see anyone wanting this but I can't really decide what's wrong with it besides being super boring.Just like most of the Shire (outside Michel Delving and the couple other towns around, it's actually quite boring and empty.There is nothing going on in this
Also way too empty and wideThis is a thicc boy, but I see some potential here. The lower exit from red base is kind of a nice area, and the base itself is okay... I would like to see a more powerful tool than that boost though. The middle section is too open to even consider testing this atm though.This is way too largeSeems to have an issue with huge empty areas that people will have to slowly roll across, the lanes are so large that they hardly count as lanes and will be a complete pain to contain in.
Circular maps dont work because chasing in circles isnt fun. Its also too largeIn its best form this map is an underdeveloped jardim. In its worst it's a circle.There are almost no good boost routes available on this map. The map feels like it would be slow paced and chasey.This is okay. The verticality decision is dumb though as well as how round it is. Smaller complaint, but I'd like a less awkwardly placed gate button.
?wow i fucking hate this. I'm probably just a mad person inside that doesn't like fun

It's a cool idea but I don't see this being the best version for executing it.
Sure, it's unpolished as hell, but at this point I don't see why not. Polish can be fixed by fronj in tops.thanks, I hate itfuck it, I wanna play this
There is a coolness to the simplicity of this design, but I really don't think it'd play well. The button placement is horrid.I could easily see the bases being too defensive. feel like the wall defined lanes could make this an interesting map for containing an FC on.I generally hate long lanes without the ability to switch between lanes to chase... but this is kind of coolJamm'dI don't hate this as much as I thought I would from the preview. In fact I kinda like it.
There are some decent boost routes and mechanics in here. I still think it might be a bit too large for the current meta but I'm interested to put it to the test.I knew it was your map from the preview. Who else still makes large boi nf maps in 2018? Especially ones that are actually kinda decent?

Not sure the recessed end zones are a good idea, and it feels pretty damn big, but it's not that bad all around.
Woah this is pretty good, I think it could end up working quite well. It does feel pretty basic, like the boosts don't have much fun to do because all the space around them is just so open. This goes for the back of base boosts especially, I want them to have more variety like Gumbo's. In general I don't really have many complaints except that it just feels a little too slow in general. I know you dislike chaos, but I'm not talking about chaos. Just a few more boosts and/or bombs scattered around isn't going to make it overly chaotic and I think it could help out this map a lot. Still though this is really cool and everything works together quite well. I definitely think it's worth a test and the other things can be fixed in tops. Oh also base curve balancing might be an issue but I'd need a test to know for sure. Teamboost could certainly be placed better though, if fc goes through gate there's absolutely no catching up with this endzone placement.Hmm... it's got a lot going for it in some other eyes I'm sure. But for me personally, I can't really get behind this. The bottom portals are just a trasher version of Gumbo's bombs in practice. The side portals also aren't really great to me. I think it might have more size than one would like, maybe there's too much empty space.
This is far too small to work properly,I like all the skill boosts. Whether it translates into a good map or not is beside the point.

Kidding aside, I'm not a fan of mid and it feels pretty small, but it's enjoyable in single player so why not give it a try 4v4?
The map is super small with a lot going on everywhere. It'd be a mess with 8 people.Too small the the mid "lanes" will never work in pubs as they are almost impossible to use in a fluid way.
i think you already know this is unfathomable but i'm just going to say emerald here since everyone else's notes say something about this being a worse emeraldEMERALD bases on an inferior map, so it's pretty much just an auto no. What are these superboosts? Way too crazy.Damn EMERALD sure lost weightEmerald already does what this does but betterEMERALD but with no flow and cramped based>Unfathomable

I agree
pls stopThe aesthetics on this are ughhhhhh but it might be funThe pathways throughout the map seem very counterintuitive to providing a smooth movement of the flag from one end of the map to the otherThere's too much going onThe structure of this map could be cool, but man, there's a lot of awkwardness everywhere here currently. Also, tbh, these aesthetics are definitely gonna frighten some people.
I will always vote to test minimapsactually not the worst map in the threadI'm strugglingwhat in tarnation
Has all the same problems that I had with the original del

could be a fun thing to improve...
While this doesn't come close to fixing del's issues, I really, really loved some parts of the map, such as the mid and teamboost through gate. I'd say you should just get rid of stuff like the pup lane and work on making it a lot smaller from there.The map has cool elements, especially the mid bombs. I think this has more going for it than most maps here. Though, I'd be hesitant to add an update to a pretty unpopular former map.not bad, not bad at all...

...except for mid. Why is mid so hard to make good?
Too large, but has potential, reminds me of NirvanaSeems pretty boring to me, but well built, not sure if peoplel will enjoy playing it due to its size.

Feels just a bit too large but the polish is there and it could end up playing a lot better in a 4v4 setting so I'm down to test it
This looks like it could have some interesting things happen on it. But there are a lot of weird low-polish and questionable decisions that make me think it's not ready. Like I'm struggling to determine what purpose those 2 unactivated gate tiles serve.apparently I helped make this

is this a Levitate update? what have you done
Imma keep it real with u chief. This ain't it.

It's just so damn big and unnecessarily spaced out
I just cant see 2 entrances far apart and that are that large working. That portals also seems OPhow you make cool ideas that are so unpolished so consistently impresses me

I think I've given this note before. That's how consistent you are

still love you tho sorry don't want to be mean
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