Mapping disciplines to Forage experiences:
At Forage, we're on a mission to give every student access to meaningful work-based learning experiences with world leading organizations. Our diverse range of experiences are free and accessible to everyone, although we recognise that some experiences will be better suited to students with particular interests of levels of experience.
This document summarises the range of experiences currently available, the key practical skills that students will develop through the experience, and provides an insight into which student groups will be best suited to each experience. Experiences deliver a range of additional skills beyond those set out below and students from various backgrounds can still participate.

Forage Virtual Job Simulations are categorised as one of the following:
- High School Only
- Introductory (High school and first year)
- Intermediate (2nd year or beyond)
- Advanced (3rd year or beyond)
- All Years
How to use this document:
Use the filter below below to search for experiences that you would like to offer to your students. Please review the experience name, focus area(s), key skills and target student types. You can also click on the link in the 'Demo Link' column to explore a demo of the student experience of each program (please do not share any links from this document with students as they bypass the registration process).
Once you have selected the program(s) that you would like to offer, add these to your custom landing page on the Education Dashboard, make your page live and share the link with your students. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at
Program Category:Law
Program NameProgram CategorySubject area(s) / Topic(s)Key SkillsTarget Education LevelNumber of TasksDemo link (DO NOT SHARE WITH STUDENTS)
A&L Goodbody Commercial TechnologyLawCommercial TechnologyLegal analysis, attention to detail, issue spotting, critical thinking, legal analysis, written communication, legal drafting, issue spotting, commercial awareness, legal research, presentation materialsIntermediate4
Allen & Overy Employment LawLawEmployment LawVerbal communication, organisation skills, attention to detail, organisation, problem solving, information gathering, written communication, drafting, legal presentationIntroductory4
Allen & Overy Technology and M&A LawLawM&A and Technology LawLegal reasoning, contract interpretation, written communication, analytical thinking, issue spotting, analysis, critical thinking, lateral thinking, organisation skills, applying legal principles, issue spotting, legal reasoning, critical thinking, analysis, verbal communication, contract interpretation, analysisIntermediate4
Allens Commercial DisputesLawCommercial LawLegal research, attention to detail, chronology drafting, email drafting, factual analysis, plain English drafting, presentation skills, commercial awareness, analysis of legislation, memo drafting, case analysis, legal reasoningIntermediate4
Allens Commercial TransactionsLawCommercial TransactionsCritical thinking, legal reasoning, legal reasoning skills, identification of issues, legal drafting, legal analysis, attention to detail, legal analysis, written communication skillsIntermediate5
Allens Introduction to Commercial Law Virtual Experience ProgramLawLawIntroductory4
Arnold Bloch Leibler Australia Commercial LawLawCommercial LawContract drafting, contract review & analysis, due diligence, oral communication, commercial awarenessUniversity3
Ashurst AdvanceLawLegal Project Management, Legal Analysis, Legal TechnologyCommercial awareness, teamwork, project management, innovation, research skills, communication skills, email drafting, contract automation, process diagram drafting, attention to detail, resilience, presentation skills, problem solving, project managementUndergraduate (final year or penultimate) in Law, IT, business, etc (global)4
Ashurst Australia Commercial LawLawCommercial LawClient meetings, note taking, drafting skills, drafting advice, research skills, conducting research, commercial awareness, client communication, negotiation skills, time management, critical thinking, adaptability, interpersonal skills, research, substantiating advice, networking, elevator pitchUniversity8
Ashurst Commercial AwarenessLawCommercial lawReasoning skills, analytical skills, verbal communication skills, interview skills, organisation, commercial awareness, professional development, spotting issues, critical thinking, business development skills, writing and draftingUndergraduates in law/other degrees (global)4
Ashurst Law ApprenticeshipsLawLegal ApprenticeshipCommunication skills, issue spotting, analytical skills, research skills, attention to detail, written communication, focus, fact analysis, proofreading, comprehensionIntroductory4
Ashurst UK Energy & Infrastructure ProjectsLawCommercial Law, Projects, Energy, Infrastructure, ConstructionNegotiation, legal drafting, networking, elevator pitchUniversity2
Ashurst UK Finance and Mergers & AcquisitionsLawCommercial Law, Corporate Law, Funds, Financing, Restructuring, M&AAttention to detail, commercial awareness, structuring of loan agreement, filing and registration, note-taking, negotiation, communicating with colleagues, legal drafting, networking, elevator pitchUniversity5
Ashurst UK Intellectual Property and CompetitionLawCommercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition LawConducting research, commercial awareness, client communication, time management, critical thinking, adaptability, interpersonal skills, research skills, substantiating advice, networking, elevator pitchUniversity6
Ashurst Wellbeing and ResilienceLawWellbeing and Resilience, Mental Health, rest periods, Smart meetings and communicationsIntroductory
Baker McKenzie Australia Dispute Resolution and LitigationLawLitigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, ArbitrationOral communication, collaboration, civil litigation, written communication, drafting court documentsUniversity2
Baker McKenzie CorporateLawLawIntroductory Transactions Virtual Experience Program?corprefdonotshare=DEMO
Baker McKenzie Dispute Resolution and LitigationLawLawIntroductory Resolution and Litigation Virtual Experience Program?corprefdonotshare=DEMO
BCLP Real Estate LawLawReal Estate LawLegal searches, attention to detail, commercial awareness, legal drafting, commercial awareness, professionalism, legal analysis, critical thinking, issue spottingIntermediate4
Bird & Bird Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition LawLegal research, applying law to facts, written communication, commercial awareness, risk analysis, contract drafting, IP patent law, legal advice drafting, written communicationUniversity3
Bowmans Kenya Commercial LawLawCommercial LawDrafting and review skills, communication skills, client care, time management, attention to detail, legal research, drafting skills, multitasking, transactional experience, legal due diligence, organisational skills, time management, attention to detail, legal research and opinions, communication, client care, analytical skills, transactional experience, legal due diligence, effective communication, application of legal conceptsUniversity5
Bowmans South Africa Commercial LawLawCommercial LawLender/bank security, loan facility, research, legal research, critical thinking, legal drafting, court procedure, rules of court application, market analysis, critical and strategic thinkingUniversity5
Browne Jacobson: Introduction to LawLawLawReading comprehension, critical analysis, attention to detail, legal research, drafting and writing, written communication, issue identification, fact finding, data sorting, drafting and planning, verbal communication skillsIntroductory6
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Alternative Dispute ResolutionLawAlternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Arbitration, MediationClient communication, legal research, drafting a memo, drafting an arbitration agreement, legal research, strategic rationaleUniversity3
Clifford Chance - Structured, Asset Backed and Real Estate finance (SABRE)LawStructured, Asset Backed and Real Estate financelegal knowledge, market/industry analysis, understanding different legal structures, research, written communication, attention to detail, commercial awareness, drafting, identifying key issues, current events, commercial awareness, presentationUniversity5
Clifford Chance AntitrustLawAntitrust, Competition, Intellectual PropertyResearch, client communication, analysis, strategy, identifying legal issues, problem solving, research, practical drafting skills, legal analysis, government communication, analysis, strategy, identifying economic issuesUniversity5
Clifford Chance Business and Human RightsLawBusiness Law, Human Rights LawResearch, compliance,drafting, client advice, commercial awareness, communication, analysisUniversity4
Clifford Chance Climate ChangeLawCommercial Law, Climate Change, EmissionsResearch, analysis, strategy, client communications, contract review, identifying legal issuesUniversity3
Clifford Chance Cyber SecurityLawTechnology Law, Cyber SecurityResearch, presentation, business awareness, communication, legal assessment, risk assessment, drafting, strategic thinkingUniversity3
Clifford Chance Introduction to Commercial LawLawIntroduction to Law, Commercial LawLegal analysis, research, presentation, drafting, problem solving, communicating, attention to detail, self-reflection, analysisHigh School5
Clifford Chance Risk and Resilience – a Swiss Re and Clifford Chance CollaborationLawLaw, climate changeIntermediate
Clifford Chance Sustainable FinanceLawCommercial Law, Finance, Sustainability, ESGAttention to detail, legal documentation, research, communication, presentationUniversity4
Clyde & Co Law and Professional DevelopmentLawCommercial Awareness, CV Drafting, Commercial Case Study, Review a Contract, Draft a Finance DocumentCommercial awareness, attention to detail, research, CV drafting, personal impact and branding, presentation skills, personal impact, email drafting, legal knowledge, working efficiently, contract draftingHigh School & First Year University (14-18)
UK Focus
Clyde & Co UK Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, DataIssue spotting, fact analysis, attention to detail, drafting, communication, planning, critical thinking, legal research, communicationUniversity6
College of Law New Law CareersLawLawData analysis, data cleaning, visualisation, critical thinking, analysis, process mapping, legal design, process automation, chatbots, process improvement, document management, written communication, presentation, communication, due processIntroductory5
Corrs Chambers Westgarth Commercial LawLawCommercial LawDue diligence, corporate structure charts, contract review & analysis, commercial awareness, oral communication, legal drafting, critical analysis, court processes, settlement offers, legal research, construction variation,drafting client correspondence, dispute resolutionUniversity9
Freshfields UK Commercial LawLawIntroduction to Law, Commercial LawCommercial awareness, written communication, business development, verbal communication, growth mindset, legal research, attention to detail, evaluation skills, email drafting, drafting & communication, legal analysis, issue-spottingHigh School5
Freshfields UK Law and FintechLawM&A, Antitrust, Competition, Technology LawCommercial awareness, issue spotting, email drafting, attention-to-detail, legal drafting, problem solving, presentation, legal research, working at pace, understanding transaction documents, client focusUniversity5
Gateley Intro to M&A LawLawM&A LawCommercial awareness, attention to detail, critical thinking, concise writingUniversity1
Herbert Smith Freehills Digital LawLawCommercial Law, Technology LawIndustry analysis, complex subject matter, client facing legal writing, critical thinking, issue spotting, creativity, writing skills, process mapping, pseudocoding, design thinking, presentationUniversity5
Herbert Smith Freehills Financial Services RegulationLawCommercial Law, Financial Services RegulationDrafting, regulatory priorities, summarising facts, drafting, interview experience, internal investigation processes, providing feedback, revising documents, interacting with clientsUniversity4
Herbert Smith Freehills Global LitigationLawCommercial Law, Corporate Law, LitigationLegal research, commercial awareness, issue spotting, critical thinking, email drafting, planning, legal research, verbal communication, commercial awareness, legal research, attention to detail, drafting, fact analysis, verbal communication, desktop researchUniversity6
Herbert Smith Freehills International MergersLawCommercial Law, M&ALegal drafting, critical thinking, attention to detail, commercial awareness, research, presentation, research, attention to detail, working effectively under pressureUniversity4
Hogan Lovells UK Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, Competition, Financing, Disputes, LitigationPresentations, commercial awareness, written communication, competition law, legal research, drafting, fact analysis, project management, internal firm communication, clear communicationUniversity5
Hogan Lovells UK First Steps to LawLawCommercial Law, Introduction to LawCommercial Awareness, client focus, critical thinking, attention to detail, drafting, issue spotting, legal research, email drafting, attention to detail, verbal communication, client focusHigh School5
Jones Day Commercial LawLawCommercial LawDrafting, commercial awareness, attention to detail, legal analysis, client awareness, working effectively, legal drafting, legal research, critical thinking, pro-bono, contract draftingUniversity5
Kennedys Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, LitigationStrategic rationale, legal drafting, legal analysis, presentations, commercial awareness, pitching, document review, verbal communication, client contact, legal research, commercial adviceUniversity4
King & Wood Mallesons Advanced Commercial LawLawCommercial LawBusiness development, pitch documents, confidentiality agreement, contractual drafting, due diligence, regulatory and legal research, legal presentation preparation, smart contracts, corporate structuring, capital raising, client email skills, sales and purchase agreement, oral presentation skills, regulatory requirementsUniversity8
King & Wood Mallesons Introduction to Commercial LawLawIntroduction to Law, Commercial LawContracts, power of attorney, drafting clauses, due diligence, request for information, corporate structures, international arbitration, synthesising information, litigation, civil procedure, business development, client researchUniversity5
Latham & Watkins Antitrust & CompetitionLawAntitrust, Competition, Intellectual PropertyAnalysis of leading case on legal issue, application of law to case scenario, analysis of policy and legislation, application of legislation to case scenario, presentation to legal analysis as practical advice, analysis of facts for risk assessment, strategize and prepare for investigationUniversity3
Latham & Watkins Banking & FinanceLawBanking Law, Financing, Commercial LawUnderstanding acquisition agreements, summarizing acquisition documents, drafting issue lists, understanding loan documentation, checklist drafting & document tracking, verbal communication, analysis, issue spotting, diligenceUniversity4
Latham & Watkins Capital MarketsLawCapital MarketsIntermediate
Latham & Watkins Intellectual Property LitigationLawIntellectual Property, LitigationPatents, patent specifications, patent claims, patent drawings, patent disputes, patent jurisdiction, patent prosecution, patent litigation, categorizing patent assignments, patent analysis, discussing patents, public search tools, prior art seach, local patent rules, patent litigation, federal rules of civil procedureUniversity 6
Latham & Watkins Mergers & AcquisitionsLawCorporate Law, M&ANDA review, issue spotting, contract negotiation, key contracts review, contract analysis, transaction document structuring, commercial legal advice, regulatory advice, board advice, earn-out regime review, client presentationUniversity4
Latham & Watkins Restructuring & Special SituationsLawCommercial Law, Restructuring, Special SituationsLegal analysis, fact analysis, written communication, interpreting cases, client communication skills, critical thinking and strategy, drafting attention to detail, communication, commercial awareness, legal research, synthesizing information, bankruptcy procedure, preparation for court hearings, presentation skillsUniversity6
Latham & Watkins Start Ups & Emerging CompaniesLawEmerging Companies, Start Ups, Technology Law, Commercial LawClient communication, understanding common equity considerations for founders, practice skills, familiarity with incorporation/founder docs, due diligenceUniversity4
Latham & Watkins White Collar Defense & InvestigationsLawWhite Collar Crime, InvestigationsIssue spotting, developing document search terms, witness preparation, client communication, interpreting legislationUniversity3
Leo Cussen Criminal LawLawCriminal LawCritical thinking, communication, ethical practice, criminal procedure, forensic analysis, document review, drafting, strategic foresightUniversity3
Leo Cussen Family LawLawFamily LawResearching the law, applying the law, synthesising information, listen attentively and empathetically, interpersonal and emotional insight, apply family law knowledge to a real client, assertive communication, categorising family law information, observing which parenting or property clauses might apply in a given situationUniversity4
Leo Cussen Human Rights LawLawHuman Rights LawCommunication in legal practice, synthesising information in legal practice, communication, research in employment law, drafting, providing legal advice, problem solving, research in discrimination law, providing legal advice, research in administration law, providing legal advice, research in human rights lawUniversity7
Linklaters Hong Kong SAR Commercial LawLawCommercial LawBusiness development, client pitching, PowerPoint, email drafting, project management, internal communication, dispute resolution, legal research, technology, contract review, due diligence, legal research, competition law, commercial advice, financial management, project management, external communicationUniversity7
Linklaters Middle East Commercial LawLawCommercial LawLegal analysis, critical thinking, issue-spotting, risk assessment, email drafting, attention to detail, drafting, communication, fact analysis, presentation, translation, legal analysisUniversity7
Linklaters UK Commercial LawLawCommercial LawEmail drafting, client pitching, PowerPoint, email drafting, project management, internal firm communication, communication, resourcefulness, teamwork, technology, contract reviw, commercial advice, financial management, verbal communication, transaction management, legal researchUniversity7
Linklaters UK Introduction to Business TeamsLawIntroduction to Business, Commercial LawPresentations, marketing, sales strategy, financial analysis, accounting, project planning, software development, project planning, project management, fact finding, attention to detail, problem solving, communication, professionalism, critical thinking, communication, time management, project management, relationship management, pricing, commercial thinking, client pitching, learning, knowledge development, industry analysis, legal techUniversity12
Linklaters UK Legal FoundationsLawIntroduction to Law, Commercial LawDocument review, communication, due diligence, commercial thinking, witness interviewing, email drafting, commercial advice, corporate insolvency law, insolvency testing, fact checking, timeline creation, reviewing evidence, prioritisation, goal setting, scheduling, productivityHigh School10
Linklaters USA Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, Corporate LawMergers & acquisitions, document review, client management, securities, due diligence, corporate governance, sanctions, international transactions, contract review, contract drafting, confidentiality and non-disclosure, document review, document drafting, memo drafting, banking and lending, client management, client communications, review, firm managementUniversity7
Matheson LLP Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, Litigation, Finance, Capital MarketsDocument review, legal analysis, legal drafting, legal research, client communication, analysis of information from different sources, time management, client communication, transaction management, legal draftingUniversity4
Matheson LLP Environmental, Social and Governance LawLawESGLegal research, commercial awareness, memo drafting, attention to detail, contract drafting, critical thinking, legal analysis, written communication, cutting through complexity, working under pressureUniversity4,-Social,-and-Governance-Virtual-Experience-Programme?corprefdonotshare=demo
Mayer Brown Financing Renewable Energy ProjectsLawFinancing Renewable Energy ProjectsIntermediate
Mayer Brown: Introduction to LitigationLawLitigation (law)Critical thinking, applying the law, attention to detail, evidence law, analytical thinking, legal research, strategy, communication, critical thinking, presentation, fact analysisIntroductory4 Virtual Experience Program?corprefdonotshare=demo
MinterEllison Capital Markets & Corporate LawLawCorporate Law, Capital MarketsContract drafting, contract review & analysis, due diligence, oral communication, commercial awarenessUniversity3
MinterEllison Disputes, Competition & InsuranceLawDisputes, Competiton, InsuranceIssue spotting, practical legal research, commercial awareness, client empathy, civil litigation, disputes document preparationUniversity3
MinterEllison Infrastructure, Construction & PropertyLawInfrastructure, Real Estate, Construction, Property, ProjectsContract interpretation, dispute resolution, legal writing, managing relationshipsUniversity2
Monash University Introduction to LawLawCorporate Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Introduction to Law, Studying LawCorporations law, company types, director liability, director resignations, sentencing, criminal law, crowd-sourced equity funding, locating the law, applying the lawUniversity, High School11
Morrison Foerster LitigationLawLitigationLegal understanding, factual understanding, law application, executive communication, law summaryIntermediate
Morrison Foerster Patent Strategy & ProsecutionLawPatent Strategy & ProsecutionPatentability analysis, patent process, patent strategy, communication, claims requirements, drafting claims, communicationIntermediate4
Norton Rose Fulbright LawLawLawCommercial awareness, legal drafting, issue spotting, communication, attention to detail, transaction document structuring, commercial awareness, client communication, commercial legal advice, regulatory adviceIntroductory5
Orrick USA Commercial LawLawCommercial Law, M&A, Antitrust, Competition, Employment, Financing, Intellectual PropertyM&A, due diligence, corporate governance, client management, labor and employment law, agency and partnership, administrative law, securities, capital markets, patents, intellectual property, life sciences, energy, tax, statutory interpretation, legal writing, legal research University5