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1st Floor
Main Events- Hall BOpening CeremoniesBuilding a Gaming YouTube Channel in 2018 - NintendrewVideo Equipment 101 for YouTubers - SwankyBoxCosplay Consult Q&A - RJ HaddyMasquerade Contestant Check-InMasquerade (Cosplay Contest)DanceCosplay Combat - Brad Duct-Tape HaleJedi Academy - Ring of Steel(Sword) Fight Club - Ring of SteelK-pop and J-pop Cover ShowcaseClosing Ceremonies
Workshop Room- Rm. 102Otaku Crafts: Cosplay TailsA shoutout to all black characters in anime!Artistry of KPopQ&A - Little ManaketeLate Night Con with Kroze (18+)KaraokeDiversity in Cosplay - AkakiogaOtaku Crafts: Soot SpritesCosplay Level Up - Karmaluna
Panel Room A- Rm. 104Convention Survival 101Intro to Cosplay Sewing - KarmalunaFound Item and Closet Cosplay - KarmalunaHow to be a Gaming YouTuber without Let’s Plays - SwankyBoxMorality in Breaking Bad (18+)P********** in Popular Media (18+)All Tied Up LECTURE (18+)All Tied Up WORKSHOP (18+)Cosplay Modeling and PhotographyKaraoke
2nd Floor
Panel Room B- Rm. 202 & 204Anime Character Effects Workshop - RJ HaddyFamily of Moonlight present's World of Sailor Moon Through The Eyes Of The Moonie FansAll About LolitaThe Panel Panel: The panel about running panelsWhere Did They Go Wrong?! (18+)Cringiest Fanfiction 18+Death Note MafiaTake Your Heart: A Persona Panel - EmCat CosplayGender and Genre: Women in Speculative FictionFinal Fantasy 14: Eorzea's Heroes - Little ManaketeWaifu Wars30 Second Improv
Panel Room C- Rm. 206 & 208Skits and Cosplay Competitions around the World - KarmalunaCosplay Games - Youmacon AmbassafurrsCosplay 101 - AkakiogaGuess that AnimeAnime JeopardyDisability BendingKimono 101 - How To WearMystery Anime Theater 8999 (18+)Video Game MemoriesCan you beat the Punderdome?Ace Attorney Interactive Trial - EmCat Cosplay
Panel Room D- Rm. 213Influential Women in Japanese HistoryArtistry of Kpop [[MOVED TO WORKSHOP @ 4PM]]Guide to Small Press PublishingQ&A - Brad Duct-Tape HaleQ&A - NintendrewSnooty Sin's Dating Game Show (18+)Sir Snooty's Panel against GlassCityCon (18+)The Best of P*** Parodies with Sexy Shreksy Shelby (18+)Stories of Hollyweird - Jason Charles MillerPrism Paradise - All FriendsMatt Bitner Games / A Robot Named Fight Q&A - Matt BitnerBuilding a Career Through YouTube - SwankyBox
AutographsAUTOGRAPHS - Akakioga, Karmaluna, Brad HaleAUTOGRAPHS - SwankyBox, NintendrewAUTOGRAPHS - RJ HaddyAUTOGRAPHS - Akakioga, Karmaluna, Little ManaketeAUTOGRAPHS - Jason Charles Miller, Nintendrew, SwankyBoxAUTOGRAPHS - RJ Haddy, Brad Hale
AUTOGRAPHS - Jason Charles Miller (inside tabletop room)D&D w/ Jason Charles MIller (inside tabletop room)