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1Discovery (Participating)Vendor identified as possible partner with MiDataHub. Begin to engage in alignment of purpose, mission and value-adds to potential partnership.System TypePrimary ContactTitleContact EmailIntegration ContactIntegration Contact TitleIntegration Contact Email
2Build(Developing)Vendor develops the integration collaboratively with the MiDataHub team to ensure it meets technical specifications. Proposal accepted for pilot with 1-5 schools complete with timeline
3Pilot (Testing)Integration is available for select group of districts. Vendor and MiDataHub see the integration in action.SISSPEDAssessmentDashboards/Data Analysis/WarehouseEducation ApplicaitonsEd analyticsCollege and Career PlanningEarly ChildhoodAlertIntegration Management SystemFood ServiceTransportLibraryOnline School SystemFinance/HRSchedulingState of Mi SystemLearning Management SystemsBehavior/ Discipline Track
4Certify/ScaleVendor presented with a formal agreement. Vendor is officially a partner with MiDataHub and added to the
catalog for all participating districts to use.
StatusSystemVendor PartnerAPI TypeProduct DescriptionsConfiguration Guides
1Discovery (Participating)
Pathblazer (K-5)
Edgenuity Inc.One Roster and EdFiAs an interactive learning experience to engage young minds, Pathblazer can be implemented as an automated intervention and acceleration support or used alongside core curriculum. Intervention needs are addressed with an adaptive screener and standards-aligned diagnostics identifying skill gaps, then automatically creating personalized learning paths for each student. Pathblazer is accessed via an interactive web-based experience that includes robust online reporting, data management, on-demand training help, and printable resources.
MyPath (6-12) - MyPath addresses intervention needs at the secondary level with a placement exam to identify each student’s individual learning level and provide an individualized learning path in English language arts / reading and/or mathematics. MyPath provides age-appropriate instruction with content ranging from 3rd through 11th grade levels.

Pathblazer (K-5) - Pathblazer addresses intervention needs at the elementary level with an adaptive screener to determine each student’s proficiency level in English language arts / reading and/or mathematics, state-aligned diagnostics to identify individual skill gaps, and an automatically created personalized learning path to fill gaps and accelerate learning.
xLynette McVayDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations480-675-7284 ext. 1122Lynette McVayDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations
1Discovery (Participating)DIBELS (Classic)xxx
1Discovery (Participating)Edgenuity Courseware (6-12
Edgenuity Inc.One Roster and EdFiEdgenuity offers a customizable suite of 6-12 digital content for ELA, mathematics, science, social studies, general electives, world languages, CTE, test preparation, AP and optional expansion with dual credit and/or subscription-based electives. The AdvancED accredited curriculum is built to state standards and developed in accordance with iNACOL. Student tools support success for all learners, for example transcripts, read aloud, translation (60+ languages), and scaffolded eWriting. Educators are supported with on-demand data management, training, and reporting.xLynette McVayDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations480-675-7284 ext. 1122Lynette McVayDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations
1Discovery (Participating)MyPath (6-12)Edgenuity Inc.One Roster and EdFiMyPath addresses intervention needs with a placement exam (or universal screener data) to identify each student’s individual learning level. MyPath provides data-driven differentiated instruction spanning skills and concepts from grade 3-11. Students are assigned to Individualized Learning Paths with engaging interactive content at their skill level, regardless of their grade level. Administrators and teachers have access to robust reporting and on-demand support.xLynette McVayDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations480-675-7284 ext. 1122Lynette McVayDirector of Sales and Marketing Operations
1Discovery (Participating)PolyplotWayne RESASQL Client Server 11 - OLE DBPolyplot© provides a broad range of formats for displaying school district information. The transportation office can develop and maintain complete, detailed route schedule information by day of week. For school district administrative planning, Polyplot© can be used in building/classroom utilization studies, boundary analysis, or any other map-oriented studyxKurt RheaumeDirector of Information Technologyrheaumk@resa.netLarry WallApplication
ED: Your Friend in Learning
Houghton Mifflin HarcourtOne RosterEd: Your Friend in Learning® is a teaching and learning system that combines the best of technology, content, and instruction to provide a personalized experience with HMH® programs. Ed is designed to be a seamless learning experience for students while supporting teachers and simplifying their instructional practice. xHMH Account Executive800.323.9239
2Build(Developing)Career Tech IntegrationVan Buren ISDCTE programs, students are given the opportunity to earn academic credit toward graduation... some via the satisfactory completion of their CTE program and other via additional independent coursework.x
2Proof of ConceptCatchOnCatchOnCatchOn is a comprehensive data analytics tool that provides administrative leaders a window into the efficacy of their technology investments and integrations.xJena Draper
General Manager
jdraper@catchon.comSimon WellerTechnology
2Build(Developing)Delta Math
Ottawa Area ISDEd-FiDelta Math RtI Program resources include online readiness and tier 3 screeners, standard based reports, paper based progress monitoring and tiered instructional resources for Kindergarten through Algebra 1. Implementation support is available through the Ottawa Area ISD, with the support of Alt+SHIFT, to help schools build systems to screen, identify and provide intervention to flexible groups of students.xxMike KlavonDelta Math Director (OAISD Instructional Specialist)mklavon@oaisd.orgMarc EickholtApplication Development
2Build(Developing)EPG - Emergency Preparedness GuideTechnology Solutions of MichiganEd-FiEPG (Emergency Preparedness Guide) is a web and mobile application specifically for crisis control. A highly intuitive, reliable and customizable app that places crisis control and prevention at your fingertips. EPG is designed with the key elements of preparedness, crisis response and reunification. It is easy to use and understand, while promoting a fast, accurate and seamless process to navigate crisis management. EPG was designed and developed by the user, for the user.xSteven HeystekPresidentSteven@ts-mi.comTed RobertsHead DeveloperTed@ts-mi.comx6/1/20176Climax-Scotts Community Schools
Comstock Public Schools
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Parchment School District
Portage Public Schools
Schoolcraft Community Schools
9Kalamazoo RESA (KRESA)
2Build(Developing)i-Ready Diagnostic and InstructionCurriculum AssociatesEd-Fii-Ready is a K-12 adaptive diagnostic and instruction application which is designed to assess student capabilities and deliver personalized instruction.xxThomas MignosaSenior Product Manager781 6404920David MellorVice President and Chief Architect
2Build(Developing)Kickstand Edify LMSKickstandEdFiOur IO Insight platform offers many views, reports and customizations to get the right data into the right hands at the right time. Users can define Early Warning Indicators from disparate data points such as course performance, credit attainment, attendance, behavioral and social achievement and then view progress to goal and identify issues. Then users can track intervention progress from custom best practices intervention templates, establishing consistent set of actions and outcomes within the District. Our dashboard view of RTI monitoring makes it easy to track all intervention plans, as well as automated reminders of scheduled intervention activities. Our platform also includes a Virtual Data Wall to allow teachers and administrators to sort students instantly on any (or multiple) measures, taking the labor-intensive practice of gathering and sorting data out of the equation and allowing users to act upon the data.xTom BieniewiczPrincipal and Co-Foundertom@kickstandsystems.comJeff Gross
Nick Olman
2Build(Developing)KRA - Ready for Kindergarten Online SystemKRA - Ready for Kindergarten Online SystemThe Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) is one component of the broader Ready for Kindergarten Online system. The KRA is a kindergarten readiness tool that allows teachers to measure each child's school readiness across multiple domains.xxBobby MooreProject Administratorbobbymoore@jhu.eduKristen ThompsonSenior Program
2Build(Developing)MiSchoolDataCenter for Educational Performance and InformationxJoel Thiele
Data Integration Specialist
MDE Office of Educational Assessment and AccountabilityM-STEP - Statewide Standardized Assessment
WIDA - English Language Assessment
MiAccess - Modified Statewide Standardized Assessment for Special Education
2Build(Developing)My.HRW.comHoughton Mifflin HarcourtOne is a one stop shop for K-12 program components, supplemental products, as well as our full catalog of award-winning general interest, culinary and children’s titles.xHMH Account Executive800.323.9239
2Build(Developing)OAISD Data Integration
Delta Math
Ottawa Area ISDData Integration - Generic categorization applications created to integrate with OAISD/OAITC member Student Information Systems.
Delta Math - Math RtI assessment and reporting application.
InQwizIT - Multi-disciplinary assessment and reporting application.
xxMike RohwerCIOmrohwer@oaisd.orgMarc EickholtApplication Development
2Build(Developing)PCG EdPlan/EasyIEPPCG EdPlan/EasyIEPXEDPlan is a suite of tools and services from PCG that helps you promote a plan for student success—in special education, academics, behavior, and beyond. EDPlan’s features have been designed in partnership with teachers, education professionals, and project management experts; it is used in more than 30 states, supporting thousands of schools and districts nationwide.xStephanie Lewandowskislewandowski@pcgus.comDavid
2Proof of ConceptSpotlightSpotlightComprehensive report informing students and parents about the students' post-graduation prospects, and the specific steps they can take to pursue higher levels of aspiration. Makes use of transcript, college admissions and career interest survey data.

NWEA MAP Parent Video -- home language-based video report that explains MAP results to parents in understandable language and animation

Comprehensive Classroom Profile -- teacher-facing report that captures the full range of data available about students: grades, courses taken (if relevant), SEL data, survey results, and more, providing a periodic prioritization of student needs
xMike FeeCo-Foundermike@spotlight-education.comDan
2Build(Developing)Student Analytics
Performance Measurement
Comprehensive Needs Analysis
Public Safety Drill
MunetrixMunetrix is a comprehensive suite of data analysis, benchmarking, reporting, and compliance tools that uses machine data science technology to simplify many of the tasks required of school administrations, all in one location. Munetrix outputs information that allows for immediate analysis and action, saving countless hours often spent collecting, cleansing and preparing data. xStacey FrankovichChief AdministratorMathew VargheseVP of Technology
2Proof of ConceptSymbalooSymbalooSymbaloo is an EdTech homepage built for teachers, librarians, and their schools. Use our simple, tile-based platform to easily curate, blend, and share valuable resources like websites, articles, videos, and more! Create a free account today to join millions of educators worldwide who are using Symbaloo to deliver the right content, in the right place, at the right time, to the right person.
xKlaas LameijerCEOklaas@symbaloo.comThomas HauserMarketing &
2Build(Developing)Think CentralHoughton Mifflin HarcourtOne RosterThinkCentral is the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Web site that allows teachers and students to access digital materials associated with one or more HMH programs. It also allows administrators to set up and modify accounts, and run reports of student, class and school progress.xHMH Account Executive800.323.9239
3Pilot (Testing)Acadience ReadingDynamic Measurement GroupAcadience Reading is a data reporting service developed by the authors of DIBELS, which is designed to provide data management and reporting for a family of assessments, including IDEL (Spanish-language testing), Acadience Math, PELI (pre-school), CARI (grades 7 to 9), and IDAPEL (French-language testing).xxxJoshua WallinDirector of R&D Operationsjwallin@dibels.orgJoshua WallinDirector of R&D
3Pilot (Testing)Algebra NationAlgebra NationEdFiAlgebra Nation provides free, Michigan standards-aligned videos, practice problems, and interactive discussion boards (moderated by certified teachers) to all students and teachers int he State of Michigan. Our service is 100% paid for by the state of Michigan, and includes printed workbooks for students, all at no cost to schools.Alegbra Nation Setup GuidexMarlene Scott
Assistant Director, Algebra Nation - Michigan
3Pilot (Testing)BrightBytes DataSense
BrightBytes Early Warning
BrightBytes Learning Outcomes
BrightArrow Technologies
DataSense is our Integration Platform as a Service tool that connects disparate data systems into a single Operational Data Store using Education Common Standards.
Early Warning/Intervention Management uses predictive analytics to identify at-risk students and tie them to resources for intervention and tracking of resources.
Learning Outcomes is our solution to measure usage of ed tech tools and tie that to student outcomes.
xRussel LongChief Data
3Pilot (Testing)Discovery EducationDiscovery EducationOneRosterAs the global leader in standards-based digital content for K-12 classrooms worldwide, Discovery Education is transforming teaching and learning with award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, professional learning, and the largest professional learning community of its kind.xx
3Pilot (Testing)Educational Entity Master (EEM)Center for Educational Performance and InformationThe EEM application serves as the directory for identifying and linking educational entities with other data collection applications in the State of Michigan.x
3Pilot (Testing)Eidex InsightsEidex LLCEidex Focus brings true business analytics to K-12 administrators. With Eidex Focus, administrators can evaluate and analyze data, compare with peers, discover trends, set realistic goals, and gain insight into their districts. Then, backed by our support and consulting staff, they turn that insight into action.Eidex InstructionsJack GunnCEOjgunn@eidexinsights.comAna Falling
David Langlois
3Pilot (Testing)Follett Destiny Library ManagerFollett Destiny Library ManagerOne RosterMore K-12 schools and districts use Follett Destiny Library Manager for managing their library resources than any other platform. There’s a reason why: Our solution not only allows librarians and administrators to keep thorough, real-time track of a library’s inventory and media assets, but also gives students a fun means of discovery and reading.

Destiny Library Manager is a complete library management system that can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and home.
xxDon RokusekProgram directordrokusek@follett.comAndrew SnarskiProduct Manager of Library
3Pilot (Testing)Illuminate DNA
IlluminateEdFiIlluminate Data & Assessment (DnA) provides a standards-based assessment platform with robust reporting to improve a school or district's instructional program. Teachers and administrators can use DnA to develop and administer various assessments, capture multiple sources of data, inform instruction according to student strengths and weaknesses, and direct students to tiered and appropriate resources needed to support specific, targeted standards. The platform allows educators to have access to a singular ecosystem of continuous feedback to improve student performance and make sure no student falls through the cracks.xMike OswaltExecutive Director, Partnerships and Alliancesmikeo@illuminateed.netJeremy LupoliVice President, Technical Integration
3Pilot (Testing)MiLEARNState of MichiganThe Michigan Linked Educational Assessment Reporting Network (MiLearn) is a legislatively funded project that delivers state assessment data electronically to students, parents, and educators in a more direct manner.MiLearn Instructions
3Pilot (Testing)MiReadx
3Pilot (Testing)MiSuite/MiCHMiCase ConsortiumxMiSuite is a Web-Based Financial Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll application.xScott WilliamsCustomer Experience Managerscott.williams@kresa.orgDirk
3Pilot (Testing)Mosiac District Progress MonitoringSchoolzilla, PBCEd-FiMosaic District Progress Monitoring is a multi-measure dashboard system that districts use to make progress on their most important goals. Integrating data from your district’s
source systems, it allows you to set and track progress on strategic goals, move from
the district to the student level in three clicks, and easily explore your data to understand root causes.
xxLynzi ZeigenhegenCEOlynzi@schoolzilla.comCasey Reinhardt
Shannon Stackhouse
Senior VP Product
Senior Impact Manager
3Pilot (Testing)MSTEPState of MichiganMSTEP Instructionsx
3Pilot (Testing)OneRosterIMS GlobalOneRoster 1.0 and 1.1 API Connectivityx
3Pilot (Testing)SIRENS - School Incident Reporting Examination and Notification System
CTE Solutions
Technology Solutions of MichiganEd-FiThe SIRENS application provides a digital mechanism to alert school districts of students that may pose a safety concern to students and staff. Each day, the SIRENS system receives an electronic update from the Prosecutor's Office database. This update contains case information on juvenile petitions submitted to their office, as well as disposition information on cases that proceeded through the juvenile system formally. The application works in real-time, officers are alerted as soon as possible.xxSteven HeystekPresidentSteven@ts-mi.comTed RobertsHead DeveloperTed@ts-mi.comx6/1/20176Climax-Scotts Community Schools
Comstock Public Schools
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Parchment School District
Portage Public Schools
Schoolcraft Community Schools
9Kalamazoo RESA (KRESA)
3Pilot (Testing)STAR AssessmentsRenaissance.csv via SFTPRenaissance® applies its proven, data-driven educational technology to amplify the effectiveness of classroom teachers so that students of all levels can achieve their full potentials.

Renaissance Star Assessments® deliver the valid, reliable screening, progress monitoring, and student growth data you need to make informed decisions.

By giving teachers the right insight, tools, and resources, Renaissance helps teachers teach better, students learn better, and school administrators lead better.
xJennifer GrimesDirector of Partnershipsjennifer.grimes@renaissance.comAmanda
3Pilot (Testing)SWIS SuiteU of OregonThe SWIS Suite is a reliable, confidential, web-based information system to collect, summarize, and use student behavior data for decision making. Research tells us educators can make more effective and efficient decisions when they have the right data in the right form at the right time. SWIS provides school personnel with the information they need to be successful decision makers.xxxJoesph BolandDirector of Application Developmentjboland@uoregon.eduDrew Braun
Dylan Bragg
SWIS Integration
4Certify/ScaleaimswebPlusPearsonEdFiaimsweb™Plus is an efficient and effective formative assessment, data management, and reporting system for grades K-8 supporting multi-tiered instructional models. Designed to universally screen and progress monitor, aimswebPlus builds upon brief, valid, and reliable measures of foundational skills in reading and math by adding standards-based assessments useful for instructional planning.xScott HanlinScott Hanlinscott.hanlin@pearson.comaimswebPlus Support
4Certify/ScaleBrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer
BrightArrow Technologies
BrightArrow provides an automated notification system for mass voice calls, text messages, emails, and social media posts. It integrates tightly with your SIS, is feature rich, easy-to-use, and reliable.xxRaymond BilyCEOrbily@brightarrow.comRaymond BilyCEO/
4Certify/ScaleCareer Cruising (Xello)Career CruisingEdFiCareer Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life. Users learn about themselves—their interests, skills, preferences and aspirations—so they can explore the opportunities right for them. CareerCruising InstructionsxBen PierceDirector, Data Servicesbenp@xello.worldMony PalOnboarding
2Build(Developing)eSchoolPlusSunGardeSchoolPlus Configuration GuideXx
4Certify/ScaleInfinite CampusInfinite CampusEdFi and One RosterInfinite Campus helps schools and their stakeholders by Transforming K12 Education®. More than 2,000 districts use our flagship student information system to streamline educational processes, promote stakeholder collaboration and personalize learning. Administrators efficiently run their schools and spend more time with kids. Teachers take advantage of digital learning tools to deliver instruction in a way each student can best relate. And, students and parents access learning information in real-time via web browsers and mobile apps.xxxDan OstlundMI State Reporting Software Product Analyst
Mike Mock
Jon Berry
Dave Noles
Jennifer Downey
Client Executive
Product Manager
Partner Alliance
Software Product Analyst,,,
4Certify/ScaleMeal Magic SuiteMeal MagicEd-FiMeal Magic Cloud is a food service management and POS software for K-12 schoolsxBrad BoyinkVice Presidentsales@mealmagic.comCustomer Experience
4Certify/ScaleMISTAR/QAequitas SolutionsEd-FiMISTAR/Q is our next generation Enterprise Student Management Solution. Q uses state of the art technology to deliver a fast, interactive and intuitive fully web-based application experience to end-users. Q works to proactively provide information to users not just dataMiStar Configuration GuidexBill NaughtinPresident/CFObnaughtin@myaequitas.comLou
4Certify/ScaleNWEA MAP GrowthNWEAEd-FiNWEA® is a research-based, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction. For 40 years, NWEA has developed pre-K–12 assessments and professional learning offerings to help advance all students along their optimal learning paths. Our tools are trusted by educators in more than 9,500 schools, districts, and education agencies in 145 countries.NWEA Set up GuidexData Hub TeamCarolyn
Powerschool SE
Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Math
STAR Reading
STAR 360, etc.
PowerSchool Group LLCEd-FiPowerSchool Configuration GuidexxCarolyn Mock
Senior Manager, State & Government Partnerships
Carolyn.Mock@nwea.orgCarolyn Mock
Senior Manager, State & Government Partnerships
4Certify/ScaleSAS EVAAS for K-12SAS InstituteSAS EVAAS for K-12 provides a solution which measures the effectiveness of teachers, schools and programs. SAS EVAAS for K-12 goes beyond a single estimate of effectiveness to provide a comprehensive set of school improvement tools that are delivered through a fully-hosted, secure and interactive web applicationSAS EVAAS Set up GuidexxxxScott PeoplesProject Managerscott.peoples@sas.comScott PeoplesProject
4Certify/ScaleSkywardSkywardEd-FiSkyward’s SIS and ERP systems get the right information in front of the right people at the right time. The result? Better communication and transparency, and easier completion of daily tasks in the areas of student management, financial management, and human resources. Administrators, teachers, staff, families, and students have access to the information they need, including mobile access. Skyward has been committed to providing a better experience to schools and families since 1980.Skyward Configuration GuidexBobbi Gordon
Michigan State Compliance Specialist
bobbig@skyward.comBobbi Gorden
Amber Stieber
Josh Riemer
Keaven Olson
Michelle Przybylski
Michigan State Compliance Specialist
State/Federal Compliance Manager
Principal Software Engineer
Systems Programming Manager
Vice President of Application Development
4Certify/ScaleSynergyEdupointSynergy Education Platform is an industry-leading student data management ecosystem built to fit the way K-12 educators already work, with seamlessly integrated student information management, learning management, assessment, special education management, and analytics.Synergy Configuration GuidexxxNorm Luftnluft@edupoint.comWilliam Risiusbrisius@edupoint.comx68Alcona Community Schools
Alpena Public Schools
Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona ESD
Atherton Community Schools
Bangor Public Schools (Van Buren)
Beecher Community School District
Bendle Public Schools
Bentley Community School District
Burr Oak Community School District
Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools
Clarkston Community School District
Climax-Scotts Community Schools
Covert Public Schools
Davison Community Schools
Fenton Area Public Schools
Flint, School District of the City of
Flushing Community Schools
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Genesee ISD
Genesee School District
Godwin Heights Public Schools
Goodrich Area Schools
Grand Blanc Community Schools
Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Greenville Public Schools
Gull Lake Community Schools
Hillman Community Schools
Kalamazoo RESA
Kearsley Community School District
Lake Fenton Community Schools
Lakeside Charter School
LakeVille Community School District
Lansing Public School District
Lapeer ISD
Lawton Community School District
Linden Community Schools
Montrose Community Schools
Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools
Northview Public Schools
Parchment School District
Paw Paw Public School District
Schoolcraft Community Schools
Tri County Area Schools
Westwood Heights Schools
White Pigeon Community Schools
Wyoming Public Schools
Initial Development Completed. Data Hub Certification Testing In Progress- Both XML and Web Services
4Certify/ScaleUSA SchedulerUSA SCHEDULEREd-Fi and OneRosterMaster scheduling for Middle and High schools. Easy, intuitive and quick. Fast and powerful building of schedules for even higher student accuracy with much lower student conflicts. Smaller and better, balanced class sizes. Teacher preps balancing and teacher dept meetings too.xJake van NiekerkCEOjakevn@usascheduler.comJake van
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