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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
6/30/2022 10:18:26Purdue University NorthwestIndianaBiological Sciences7/15/2022 Visiting Asst ProfessorFixed Term
6/29/2022 15:12:41American UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaEnvironmental Science7/15/2022 Term
6/28/2022 12:03:08Stonehill CollegeMassachusettsEcology & Evolution Asst ProfFixed Term
6/24/2022 21:02:48Hamilton CollegeNew YorkInstruction in Biology (Cellular & Molecular)7/1/2022 Asst ProfFixed Term
6/24/2022 12:28:21Vanderbilt UniversityTennesseeMicrobiology LecturerFixed Term6/25/22 0:08Official start date in January 1, 2023 but ideally candidate would be available to start around October (flexible).
6/23/2022 12:03:26Field Museum of Natural HistoryIllinoisMammaology9/1/2022 CuratorFixed Term6/23/22 12:04This is the equivalent of a tenure track job, with standard promotions from assistant to associate to full, each with a 7 year, renewable contract. Curator of mammals, with an emphasis on mammal systematics research.
6/23/2022 6:42:13University of Northern British ColumbiaCanadaConservation Science & Protected Areas7/4/2022 ProfTenure Track6/27/22 15:34
6/22/2022 21:46:54University of CambridgeUnited KingdomPlant Ecology8/1/2022 ProfTenure Track6/27/22 18:49Does anyone know why Cambridge is doing multiple hires off-cycle? It's nice to see jobs whenever they come, but I'm curious what it's related to. 2) I feel like the UK doesn't really have a 'cycle'... jobs just pop up when they pop up and you have like 2 days to accept them if offered. 3) All of the UK jobs I've applied to have been posted in late spring/early summer. They don't follow the NA job cycle, as far as I can tell.
6/22/2022 21:45:33Roskilde UniversityDenmarkEcosystem Ecology8/15/2022 ProfTenure Track
6/21/2022 14:58:31NOAATexasMarine Ecology7/5/2022 Ecologist (GS-13/14)Permanent Non-Academic
6/21/2022 14:48:12Union CollegeNew YorkEcology9/9/2022 ProfTenure Track
6/21/2022 2:47:45University of Zurich SwitzerlandRemote Sensing Fundamentals & Methods7/24/2022 ProfTenure Track6/21/22 9:431) follow the techical application requirements to the letter, former UZH researcher and this is always their first screener
6/16/2022 15:57:54George Mason UniversityVirginiaAquatic Ecology8/14/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/17/22 12:58There was an Aquatic Ecology position in this department last year at just the Assoc. level. Not sure if this is a new or failed search. 1) Search Committee Member here: The previous search failed. We re-vamped the position and are readvertising for an aquatic ecologist. We have removed the joint position as Assistant Director of PEREC.
6/16/2022 3:27:24ETH ZurichSwitzerlandEnvironmental Microbiology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track6/28/22 4:20"as a general rule, the academic age of assistant professors (e.g. without the time period of maternity leave, industry experience, military service, etc.) should be 35 years or under at the time of appointment" 1) diversity and teaching are big priorities in the ETHZ. Expect a salary above 100-115 k 2) Seems like it would be better to phrase as years post PhD, but this may be dictated by the school. 3) switzerland is moving towards 'effective years of full time work post phd' so you could easily argue for an extension if you have taken mat leave but the hard age limits are still a thing in CH. 4) current postdoc at ETH here: they take the age rule particuarly seriously; other Swiss universities are more lenient. Definitely worth contacting Faculty Affairs to ask about your personal situation, though. Maternity leave, as long as post-PhD, definitely counts, as do some other things. And yeah, my guess is pay would be like 130-140K. 5) Also ETH postdoc, agree with #4. 6) Wow, how incredibly ageist! X2
6/16/2022 0:49:32Friedrich Schiller Universität JenaGermanyMechanistic Modeling of Microbial Interactions7/6/2022 Research Group LeaderTenure Track
6/15/2022 21:12:28Lewis & Clark CollegeOregonEcology9/15/2022 ProfTenure Track6/29/22 22:38"Three letters of recommendation to be uploaded separately by recommenders." - boo x5 1) wow, this seems like a really early announcement for a job that would begin in Fall 2023. 2) FYI the college is also searching for positions in math, biochemistry, physics, art and theater. 3) #2 do you know if the Chem position is TT? I saw a VAP position on their website but did not even see the Eco position on their website. TIA! 4) this is #2 again - yes, those are all TT positions but the listings are just getting going... expect to see more in the summer. The ecology ad is one of the first to be posted, hot off the presses. 5) Very exciting! Thanks! 6) Any insights into living in Portland with a family on 60-70k? (serious question, not snarky) Seem to be few houses under half a million. 6) former longtime Portland resident here - that salary is not commensurate to the cost of living there x2 7) This would be difficult if your partner didn't also work. 8) How do you know the salary? Nothing on the job ad and when I searched for Assistant Prof salary there it looked like more? 9) @8, what was the salary you saw posted then? 10) 11) does anyone know the teaching load for this position? - didn't see it listed in the ad 12) I believe it's "rotating slate of five lecture or lab courses per academic year" but honestly don't know enough about PUIs to know exactly what that means. 13) @10, that site is incredibly inflated - maybe they adjust all salaries to 12-month, even though most are 9-month? Whatever the reason, they say the average Asst Prof salary at my school is $85k, but its actually ~$65k. The best source I know is the Chronicle of Higher Ed Faculty Salary Survey (just google it). 14) I always liked the AAUP survey tool ( It has been right on the money (zing!) the times I needed that info. @11&12, from my PUI expeience, five courses/labs usually means a 3-2 load. Everything that takes 3 hours per week counts as 1 so it can be a course+lab one semester, and the same + a single lecture the next. Keep in mind some institutions have their own way to describe load. During interviews ALWAYS ASK for how your ACTUAL schedule for the 1st Fall and Spring will be like. 15) FYI: The salaries reported on the AAUP page are for Lewis & Clark State College in Lewiston, ID; so, those are salaries at a different university 16) The Chronicle faculty salary database lists Lewis & Clark average assistant prof salary at $68k. It does seem unusually low compared to a handful of other comparably ranked/sized/funded colleges I looked up, especially when you factor in the local cost of living. 17) yeah that salary is nuts for SW Portland
6/15/2022 4:22:29University of Leeds United KingdomEnvironment & Development6/28/2022 ProfTenure Track6/15/22 10:51"we are seeking applicants working on cross-cutting issues in environment and development in low and middle income countries, such as biodiversity conservation and development, climate resilience pathways to development, environmental risk and disaster management, sustainable food systems, livelihoods and ecosystems services for poverty alleviation, and environmental justice"
6/14/2022 14:38:12Towson UniversityMarylandBiomedical Sciences ProfTenure Track6/14/22 14:40"Candidates must have a research background and expertise in the biomedical sciences (e.g., cell and molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, virology, physiology, genetics) ... The candidate must successfully complete a two-year fellowship before the planned transition to a tenure-track position.The purpose of the Fellowship is to support promising scholars who are committed to diversity in academia. We particularly invite applications from members of groups historically underrepresented in the professoriate."1
6/12/2022 16:27:02National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanInsect Ecology or Behavior6/30/2022 OpenTenure Track
6/12/2022 14:26:53Yale UniversityConnecticutBiodiversity EngineerPermanent Non-Academic
6/11/2022 19:34:03US Forest ServiceNorth CarolinaForest / Grassland Spatial Ecology6/21/2022 Non-Academic6/11/22 19:35Two positions, one in Asheville, one at another of the Southern Research Station's sites in NC, TN, GA, SC, or VA; federal research position with open-ended promotional potential2
6/9/2022 7:19:53Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (LMU)GermanyPhylogenomics & Systematics of Plants or Fungi7/8/2022 ProfTenure Track
6/7/2022 23:09:24University of South AlabamaAlabamaIntroductory Biology6/20/2022 Non-Academic6/8/22 11:331) Several folks in this department are great. The university is investing a good amount into growing the marine sciences and environmental science offerings, so I know biology has benifited from that. 2) From someone who spent >5 years here, most folks in this department are awesome. Also, note that the review date looks to be rolling, so they start review on 6/20.
6/2/2022 10:52:45West Texas A&M UniversityTexasAnimal Science Genomics / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/13/22 9:29"primary focus on functional genomics and bioinformatics of livestock and livestock production systems" 2) I'm glad to have herd of this opening! 3) Interested applicants should moove quickly 4) I got some beef with this listing. 5) I am udderly disinterested in this position. 6) But it's tenure-track - milk it for all it's worth. 7) I tend to steer clear of such positions myself.
6/1/2022 15:39:56Georgia Southern UniversityGeorgiaBiology6/17/2022 Term6/7/22 11:383 positions
5/30/2022 9:28:26World Wildlife FundDistrict of ColumbiaBiodiversity Conservation6/23/2022 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic6/8/22 9:35location negotiable 1) Anyone have any ballpark idea for salaries in these positions? It says to list your 'salary requirements' with the application but I have no idea what the range even is. 2) these positions have been posted on the WWF website and other job boards for at least 45-60 days already. 3) Invited for interview May 23 4) @3, just curious what career stage you're at like comments below discuss. 4) Anyone have an idea on what location negotiable means here? Is this a remote position? 5) @1, maybe too late for this one, but salary should be in the 70-90k range if a recent PhD, 90-110k-ish if experienced; source, comparing to DC gov't jobs and my conservation NGO position.
5/30/2022 9:27:43World Wildlife FundDistrict of ColumbiaOcean Conservation6/23/2022 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic5/30/22 13:47location negotiable 1) Says "12+ years with an advanced degree". Does that mean 12 years experience after the PhD or 12 years after bachelors degree? In my opinion graduate school should count as "years of experience", but probably many HR staffers would not see it that way.
5/25/2022 16:15:48Rocky Mountain Research StationMontanaWildlife & Terrestrial Ecosystems5/27/2022 Biological Scientist (GS 13)Permanent Non-Academic6/6/22 13:32From usa jobs post: For additional information about the duties of this position, please contact Michael Schwartz at 2) this is literally open for 4 days (even less, if you assume it wasn't posted at 12:01am on the first day) and closes after 30 applications. This does not seem to be a real advertisement, though I'd love to be proven incorrect. 2) they had a open call for this position a few months ago wiht instructions for applicants to email the contact I assume for initial screening. 3) Many federal govt jobs at this level have short open windows and limits on applications. The fact that there will be an opening is usually well advertised ahead of time, but then there is a short period to actually submit your application. 4) Agree, especially with USFS. There was one very similar in the southeastern region earlier in the year. 5) This is not unusual at all for federal hiring. Honestly in these situations it is much more parismonious to assume that federal hiring practices place some very stringent constraints on how and when postings come open, that hiring managers have very little control over how things go, and that folks are trying to make the most of a hiring system that was not designed to for PhD-level research scientist positions. Job searches in the federal government look very different from the academic environment. 6) My PI at the USDA said that any job posted for less than a week wasn't "real" and was usually created as a way to bump a person to a higher "promotion potential" GS series. Like if a person was capped at a GS 10, they would create a new position that was a GS 11-12 and only open it for 3 days so that person could slide in. It's interesting that that advice might not be universal across government agencies. My postdoc there was also only open for a few days technically, but that was because he had advertised elsewhere and chosen me, then I had to apply through USAjobs in a 3 day window. 7) @6, but couldn't they then close it to the public and only open to career transition? unless there is some agency rule about GS 13+ being open to the public. Regardless, the limit on applications does look like this was some sort of internal/already decided hire. 8) If this was truly an internal hire it would not be open to the public 9) My federal agency has to fight HR to get USAjobs postings open for a reasonable length of time; the default is quite short, even when there's no internal candidate. We were recently quite pleased to get a 14-day window. 10) The time and # of applicants accepted is all HR. My USFS research position was open for 5 days or up to 30 applicants, whichever came first. I assumed internal hire as well, but got the job without any federal experience. Always apply if you think you're qualfiied.2
5/25/2022 16:13:06Angelo State UniversityTexasBiology (Mammalogy)7/1/2022 ProfTenure Track6/7/22 15:00Starting salary on 51K...thats less than some post docs
5/24/2022 18:04:20UC Los AngelesCaliforniaMicrobiology and/or virology6/6/2022 Term
5/23/2022 15:18:31Case Western Reserve UniversityOhioDepartment Chair, Biology6/24/2022 ProfTenure Track5/23/22 15:19The successful candidate is expected to have an active research program in the biological sciences with a focus in neurobiology, ecology and evolution, cell biology and development, or a related, complementary field.
5/23/2022 13:23:23University of HelsinkiFinlandCoastal Ecology6/19/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track
5/20/2022 8:46:31Haverford CollegePennsylvaniaMicrobiology, Bioinformatics, Ecology & Others6/3/2022 Asst ProfFixed Term6/7/22 10:12Reposted, extended to 6/3. Visiting faculty needed to cover junior faculty sabbaticals and fluctuating enrollments. Subjects vary year-to-year; renewals aren't guaranteed, but many VAPs stay > one year. 2) Multi-year contract for 2 to 3 years. 3) Is everyone who applied during the first round out of the running? Or are they keeping all those candidates in their back pocket still (had this happen to me in a previous job application and it was demoralizing to not hear back, hope it goes differently for this crop!) 4) @3 No those being considered for hire in first round turned down or accepted other offers
5/19/2022 20:26:33Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural HistoryDistrict of ColumbiaMarine Science6/27/2022 Research BiologistPermanent Non-Academic5/19/22 20:25leadership position in ocean sciences
5/18/2022 16:55:14University of MinnesotaMinnesotaPhysiology and/or ecology, evolution, or population biology6/5/2022 Asst ProfFixed Term
5/18/2022 11:06:22University of MarylandMarylandGeoinformatics / Remote Sensing / GIS5/18/2022 Term
5/17/2022 16:11:48Project DrawdownUnited StatesClimate Solutions6/13/2022 Scientist / Sr Scientist / Assoc ScientistPermanent Non-Academic5/19/22 23:41Multiple Hires. Location = 100% Remote 2) Only remote within US 3) The pitch, salaries, and business model are fascinating... is this the privatizable future of ecological research? (**though technically they are a nonprofit 503C)4
5/13/2022 18:24:45Texas State UniversityTexasOrganismal (Intro Bio) Lab Coordinator5/10/2022 Term5/13/22 18:27They are still looking so apply even though the deadline has passed if you are interested.
5/13/2022 18:20:43Texas State UniversityTexasWildlife Biology5/20/2022 LecturerFixed Term5/24/22 20:41Any intention to make this TT?
5/12/2022 23:37:16University of Arkansas at Little RockArkansasEcology, conservation biology, animal physiology, or vertebrate zoology5/13/2022 ProfTenure Track5/24/22 9:30Job posted on 4/12 without a deadline. Invited for first-phase, zoom interview (5/12) x4. 3) what organism 4) mostly mammals. 5) invited for in person interview on 5/20 x25
5/12/2022 16:35:26University of Hawai'iHawaiiCoral Reef Systems6/30/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track6/21/22 12:47Ruth D. Gates Endowed Chair at Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB)2
5/12/2022 7:07:03Kenyon CollegeOhioOrganismal Biology6/1/2022 Asst ProfFixed Term6/13/22 14:24We seek a broadly trained biologist to teach courses including department-coordinated introductory laboratories and lectures, and a 200-level organismal biology lecture and lab course, for instance in plant biology or entomology. 2) This description matches well with the description they used for a hire early in the cycle this year. Did that hire fall through? Job is not actually posted at the URL listed.... 3) I can't imagine why anyone would apply for these visiting positions. It just shows these colleges that it's ok not to invest in hiring faculty full-time 4) Or it shows that they need someone to cover a course for a year...and all kinds of reasons people might apply. 5) These positions are great for people looking into PUI/SLAC careers. Better stepping stone than a PostDoc for most of those jobs. 6) @4 more accurately, it shows that they are running under-staffed and are forced to cover for internal shortages through exploitative short-term contracts that are probably not as well compensated as the person being replaced for the year. 7) @6 and 4 -- it's certainly worth checking into to avoid those traps but I've held a VP at PUI that put me on pay scale as TT faculty and I filled gaps due to sabbatical and NSF program officer assignments. Students needed and/or planned for those classes to be available. with a small faculty being down even 1-2 profs for a year causes all sort of scheduling havoc. 8) faculty member in the dept here - we actually have a second record sized incoming class and have someone leaving, so this is a last minute VAP search. This is a FANTASTIC place to work. Manageable teaching load, wonderful colleagues, possibility of - and support for - research for visitors, great students. 9) I agree with #3’s comments… The fact that the department expects people to quickly uproot their lives for (I’m assuming, based on the disappointing lack of information) a one-year gig with no stability seems to go against the idea of them being supportive to visitors. The best way to support early-career academics is to not take advantage of their desperation in this abhorrent market and dangle these short-term jobs before them. How on earth is someone supposed to teach/mentor, pursue their own research/publish, and still churn out applications to hopefully land something permanent in the 2022-2023 cycle? 10) Not to mention they'll mostly be submitting applications in approximately their first month at this job so it's not like the experience can be much help in the single job cycle you might get while there. 11) From personal experience, these jobs may help you get a TT position but not at a place like this. High-ranked SLACs want the prestige that comes from someone doing a productive research post doc, securing grant funding, and publishing papers. These positions would be better if there was a remote chance they would hire one of their own VAPs.
5/9/2022 14:55:28University of IllinoisIllinoisGeospatial analysis, GIS, remote sensing5/31/2022 Teaching ProfessorFixed Term5/13/22 9:54"The individual will be the lead for catalyzing growth in geospatial technology and spatial analysis offerings in NRES." " Instruction will include on-campus and online courses in GIS, remote sensing, and other geospatial technologies related to natural resource management and environmental sustainability. We welcome candidates well-suited for a department that trains students to take interdisciplinary approaches to address environmental problems."
5/9/2022 10:03:24Memorial UniversityCanadaOcean Science8/31/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/9/22 12:05particularly interested in candidates focused on the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and their functioning. The ideal candidate will be able to teach in at least one of the following areas: oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, polar and/or deep-sea ecology, or marine environmental adaptation We anticipate nominating this position for a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) and thus seek applicants with a profile compatible with CRC criteria ( [link fixed, thanks -AP]1
5/6/2022 14:37:06University of HullUnited KingdomZoology5/27/2022 Lecturer / ReaderTenure Track5/11/22 2:33"contribute to inter-disciplinary teaching in biological conservation and wildlife management in terrestrial systems". 2) Tenure track here means that after a 12 month probationary period, your appointment becomes permanent. You can combine the UK academic salary with a super low cost of living area which is a real benefit. Happy to answer any questions.
5/6/2022 14:36:26University of HullUnited KingdomBiology5/26/2022 Track5/11/22 2:33"provide either microbiological, cellular, molecular, genetic and/or genomic expertise" 2) Tenure track here means that after a 12 month probationary period, your appointment becomes permanent. You can combine the UK academic salary with a super low cost of living area which is a real benefit. Happy to answer any questions.
5/4/2022 18:01:15New Mexico State University New MexicoRangeland Ecology5/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
5/4/2022 0:35:51Salk InstituteCaliforniaPlant Biology8/1/2022 ProfTenure Track5/25/22 7:11Not actually sure if it's TT? See tweet: 2) looking for talented applicants for an assistant professor position in the area of interactions of plants and other organisms or organismal communities in their biomes (e.g. microbes, fungi, animals, or other plants).
5/2/2022 18:39:36Mississippi State UniversityMississippiForestry ProfTenure Track6/21/22 12:48100% extension, 12 month appoinment 1
5/2/2022 17:23:20USGSWashingtonFish Disease5/9/2022 BiologistPermanent Non-Academic6/2/22 21:33Announcement closes 5/9 or the day 30 applications are received. Emphasis on parasites of fish. 1) Application referred to hiring manager on 6/21
5/2/2022 3:33:16Krea UniversityIndiaBiological Sciences OpenTenure Track5/2/22 13:231) Fields: Animal physiology, Bioinformatics, Comparative anatomy, Developmental Biology, Genomics, Evolutionary biology, Microbiology, Plant biology including physiology, Immunology; 2) current faculty member here, we are a new liberal arts university in Southern India using the latest in edu technology (Canvas, Perusall) working with some sharpest minds - attractive benefits when you consider PPP, our labs will be ready in the summer and we are in the process of setting up a PhD program in the sciences.
4/28/2022 16:47:18Claremont McKenna, Scripps, and Pitzer CollegesCaliforniaBiology5/2/2022 Asst ProfFixed Term6/6/22 16:061) SC member; review begins immediately as applications received; 2) Zoom interviews requested; 3) second-round interviews requested
4/28/2022 9:36:14Oak Ridge National LaboratoryTennesseeBiodiversity and Sustainble Systems HeadPermanent Non-Academic5/21/22 8:43Requires a Ph.D. with a minimum of 12-year relevant experience 1) My 10-year postdoc will finally pay off! 2) @1 hahahahaahaha! X2 3) @1 high five! 4) likely an internal hire like most other positions in ORNL
4/28/2022 9:35:06Defenders of WildlifeDistrict of ColumbiaConservation ScientistPermanent Non-Academic5/3/22 17:59Bioinformatics
4/27/2022 11:40:22University of AmsterdamNetherlandsEvolutionary Ecology5/20/2022 ProfTenure Track6/5/22 9:201) Seems to be a readd of the assistant prof position from 2021, which was not filled yet. Last time there was rumour about an internal candidate. 2) I'm fairly sure that the internal candidate for last year's position got the job. This is probably a new position. 3) Honest questions: is this a liveable wage? A gross salary of 3800/month with 37% taxes is barely 2400 euros a month...4) The internal candidate did get the last job and this is a new position. As for living wage, 3800/month is the lowest end of the pay scale and you get a 30% tax deduction clause for 5 years (if you're an immigrant going into the Netherlands). It should also be noted that the Netherlands pays you for 14 months per year (an extra month for holiday pay and an extra month for end of year bonus) with an automatic 2-3% pay increase per year and increase in payscale on top. So if you're the lowest possible pay bracket you make 53,200 euros per year which is more than enough. You have to remember that you'll likely live within a 20 minute cycle to the campus and almost everyone here cycles, which saves you an immense amount. Yes, I currently work in Dutch Academia! 5) Plus you don't spend inordinate amounts to send your kids to college, and get government pension, healtchare is cheaper, etc..etc...etc... 6) Unless you want to send your kids to the local international school (not saying you should, just something to consider) 7) Well that applies for any job, life anywhere will be more expensive if your kids go to private school.... 8) Perhaps more relevant if applicants are international. 9) That also applies to all postings here (a considerable number of people here are not from the countries they are applying for) 10) @4 Ah, the internal candidate from last time is finally listed as assistant prof on the webpage ;)... 11) invite to zoom interview 6/1 12) Just heard that they received about 70 applications6
4/27/2022 10:16:23Mississippi State UniversityMississippiDisease Ecology5/31/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track4/27/22 11:261) 70% research / 30% teaching, dual PhD/DVM highly desired
4/27/2022 1:01:52University of Hawai'i at ManoaHawaiiOcean Biogeochemistry7/1/2022 ProfTenure Track
4/26/2022 18:24:54USDA-Agricultural Research ServiceIowaSoil Science5/6/2022 Scientist (GS-12/13)Permanent Non-Academic4/26/22 21:46Soil scientist position with focus on soil physical properties and soil organic matter dynamics. Assistant Professor Equivalent.
4/25/2022 18:51:46University of MarylandMarylandQuantitative Ecology4/15/2022 ProfTenure Track6/15/22 16:39The best consideration date was 4/15, do you think it is still worth sending a app? 2) Honestly no, I don't generally think it's worth applying late to positions. But there will be people on here who say "I applied late and still got the job!" So ... if it's your dream job why not, but I wouldn't expect anything if it were me. 3) I might counter that and say yes. Someone came and posted this on here 10 days after the best consideration date. It could have been someone on the search committee because they have a small applicant pool. 4) I am the person who posted this job here - I am not on the serch committee or affiliated with this university, but I saw the job posting and wanted to share it here. No idea if it is worth submitting an app. 5.) I contacted the search committee, they are already in zoom interview stage 6) Nice that they advertised on Craig's list but not here. 6) I just applied it and then noticed that it was posted past the due date. Who is on the Committee we can contact? 7) Well either it was purposely poorly advertized because they already had the person they wanted or they didn't really attempt to publize it in the common places for our fields. 8) You can contact Shannon I think it is more the second re: #7. They have begun zoom interviews but application is not formally closed and they may review additional applications. I just learned about it last week and am applying now. 9) Only requires cover letter, CV, transcript (no separate research/teaching/diversity statements). 10) conducted a Zoom interview this week (x2). x3, wish I had found this page before my Zoom screening interview! 11) Anyone hear anything / receive any updates / campus invite? 12) invited to on-campus interview @12 Congrats!! What day did you get notified that you got a campus interview? I'm wondering if I still have a chance... 13) 12 here, notified around May 20th 14) @12 Congrats again and good luck! And I appreciate the reply, cause coincidentally I emailed the search chair for an update on May 20 (2 weeks after my Zoom interview) and he ghosted me (still hasn't replied). 15) Applied around 1 May and have sent a couple follow-up emails; crickets. 16) 3 days scheduled for candidate research seminars in June. Guessing if you (like me) haven't heard from search committee there is no good news coming your (or my) way. 17) @16 Where did you see these seminars scheduled?5
4/25/2022 18:49:34Eastern Washington UniversityWashingtonVertebrate Zoology5/24/2022 Term5/19/22 4:29
4/25/2022 18:42:59University of TennesseeTennesseeGeneral Biology Term5/13/22 11:292 positions 2) Has anyone heard from this position?
4/22/2022 17:28:00University of Wisconsin - Green BayWisconsinBiodiversity5/8/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track6/16/22 15:01Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity. 2) Any updates? 3) zoom interviews week of 5/23 4) @3 Thank you!2
4/22/2022 16:16:33Bates CollegeMaineData Science4/29/2022 ProfFixed Term
4/21/2022 17:00:27University of St. ThomasMinnesotaEcology / Environmental Science / Conservation Biology5/7/2022 ProfFixed Term4/21/22 17:19renewable for up to three years
4/21/2022 16:59:45University of St. ThomasMinnesotaMicrobiology5/7/2022 ProfFixed Term4/21/22 17:19renewable for up to three years
4/21/2022 13:05:09Appalachian State UniversityNorth CarolinaGeneral Biology4/26/2022 of General BiologyFixed Term4/21/22 13:05Contract for 2 years, renewable for 3 year contracts after that
4/21/2022 12:53:24University of British Columbia (Vancouver)CanadaGlobal Change Ecology5/16/2022 Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track4/21/22 13:15Canada Excellence Research Chair. "establish a comprehensive research program focused on climate change impacts on Arctic and other northern ecosystems"1
4/21/2022 12:01:19University of GroningenNetherlandsEcology & Evolution5/15/2022 ProfTenure Track6/15/22 14:24"Education profile" 2) Rejection email 6/152
4/21/2022 4:49:50University of GroningenNetherlandsEvolutionary Plant Eco(physio)logy5/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
4/21/2022 4:48:58University of GroningenNetherlandsMolecular Genetics of Adaptation5/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/15/22 9:55Email about first round interview 6/7 2) Rejection email 6/15 x23
4/21/2022 4:47:37University of GroningenNetherlandsTheoretical Biology5/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
4/20/2022 11:53:28University of WyomingWyomingPlant and Fungal Biology5/15/2022 Instructional ProfessorNon Tenure Track4/22/22 11:471) This is not tenure track according to their website
4/20/2022 11:52:22University of WyomingWyomingAnimal Biology5/15/2022 Instructional ProfessorTenure Track4/26/22 17:33Required to have a driver's license?? What's the point of that, and is that even a legal requirement?? I think I would be a good fit for the job, but I dont have a drivers license, so...? 1) When I've seen that requirment for teaching its because of field trips, but that may not be the case here 2). Sometimes they are used for employment eligibility verification and/or required for all state employees. If you are a fit otherwise never hurts to ask 3) While it may be silly to require a DL for a job at UW, if you don't have one ...Laramie is not gonna be a fun place to live lol. x3 4) UW has gone through several nasty budget cycles and like 5 presidents in the past decade or so, and the financial management system is a nightmare, but the outdoor amenities are nearly unparalleled imo and the people across all the EEB-adjacent departments are fantastic. I personally would work there in a heartbeat, but it is not for everyone. 5) I work at UW and #4 is pretty spot on. It's a good spot to be an ecologist even if the administration has been volatile and sub-par. Awesome colleagues. Also I would not want to live here if I did not have a drivers license... everything in town is very close and walkable/bikeable but getting outside requires driving and is a major draw to living here. Lots of courses go on field trips, so could be related to job duties too. I think they want these people to teach field ecology and that would definitely involve car transport. 6) @ OP so just get a driver's license? If the job requires driving and you can't do that, you can't do the job (recognized disability(s) aside). 7) It's like saying vegetarians are welcomed, but meat-eating required for job. 8) @7 except it's not implausible that taking students on field trips is a required part of the job of teaching intro bio labs 9) OP here. Thank you, #7! #6, i dont think you know how much it costs to get a drivers license in my state 10) @OP, just apply and get your DL if you get the job. 11) Not sure if people realize some of us are more passionate about not driving than vegetarians are about not eating meat. It's one of the biggest thing you can do (stop the automobile romance) for societal change to combat global warming. I routinely biked a good distance with a trailer full of equipment in the snow - not that I am saying everyone should (what about public transport?) but then don't make driving an academic job requirement. I'll drive - over my dead body - but that's literally impossible. 12) I'm EXTREMELY sympathetic to the non-driver position but I still don't think that it's a big deal that it's in the job description. Just apply, see if you're otherwise a good fit, and then see if driving is actually an integral part of the job (eg student fieldwork) or if it's negotiable. If it's non-negotiable then, well, it's not a good fit, as things can be a bad fit for any number of reasons. 13). If you don't want to drive for any reason, then this position is probably not a good fit for you. Alternatively, if you are willing to consider that what you do 90% of the time (aka not drive) is more important than the few times you might drive as part of your duties as an instructor of the course, then go ahead and apply.
4/19/2022 11:14:50Western Carolina UniversityNorth CarolinaForest Ecology5/1/2022 ProfFixed Term
4/15/2022 17:27:55University of IdahoIdahoConservation Genomics and Molecular Ecology4/26/2022 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic4/17/22 15:51Is this like a lab manager position? It reads like a USFWS or USGS position (but doesn't seem to actually be a government job), but they pay is kind of low and it seems to be through UI. It says the person would mentor students, but there's no teaching. hm. 2) Can't speak to how lab manager-y this will be, but can confirm it is based at UI and will be located on Moscow, ID campus. Would be worth reaching out the the PI - Lisette Waits.
4/15/2022 14:56:54University of New Brunswick Saint JohnCanadaEcological Modelling5/15/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track4/16/22 7:05NSERC Tier 1 Canada Research Chair. "Applicants must identify within one or more of the following groups: women, racialized people, people with disabilities, and Indigenous people. Please note that the category of 'women' includes individuals who identify as cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, two-spirit, and non-binary."
4/14/2022 18:36:19University of MinnesotaMinnesotaCorn Entomology5/20/2022 ProfTenure Track4/28/22 8:00You people better not start with the corny jokes 2) Come on, the joke will be a-maize-ing! 3) Best of luck next year potato entomologists 3) Does anyone know what type of corn entomologist they are looking for? If you have tips I'm all ears. 4) This job looks like it really pops! 5) @4 there is a kernel of truth in what you say there 6) Better cob-ble together an application 7) Aw shucks! And I thought I was done applying this year. 8) Looking for a job this year is leaving me as a husk of a man. 8). laugh, but this is likely a position funded by farm bill with hard money research support. 9) All these corn puns are really bugging me. 10) <-- number 8 giving us all an earfull 11) Aw, I was having a bushel of laughs. 12) Corny jokes1
4/14/2022 13:35:45Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaEnvironmental Science4/29/2022 Non-Academic4/14/22 13:453/3 teaching expectation, opportunities for multi-year contract
4/12/2022 17:31:06Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia / Drexel UniversityPennsylvaniaNatural History Collections5/22/2022 PresidentPermanent Non-Academic
4/12/2022 12:42:39University of VermontVermontGeospatial Technology & Environmental Science5/15/2022 Non-TT
4/12/2022 12:40:21University of VermontVermontNatural Resources & Conservation Bio5/15/2022 Non-TT
4/12/2022 10:52:07University of St. ThomasMinnesotaBiopsychology4/18/2022 ProfFixed Term4/12/22 10:53full-time one-year visiting faculty position (2022-2023)
4/12/2022 10:51:20University of St. ThomasMinnesotaNeuroscience4/18/2022 OpenFixed Term4/12/22 10:53full-time one-year visiting faculty position (2022-2023)
4/12/2022 4:47:11Academia Sinica (Taiwan's science academy)TaiwanPlant Biology / Microbial Biology7/1/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track4/13/22 3:26pretty cool place, worth looking into 1) Link not working for me. The link is working now (GMT 07:26 13/04/2022).
4/11/2022 18:02:54Wheaton College (MA)MassachusettsBiology4/21/2022 Term4/29/22 14:59One-semester visiting assistant professor (fall 2022) 2) I thought 1 year positions were predatory, but one semester? X7. 3) This is almost certainly to cover someone's courses due to something like illness or a last-minute change in job where the college wasn't allowed to hire a longer-term replacement. Calling it predatory seems a bit unfair as departments are often stuck in terms of hiring. There is probably someone on here who would appreciate a position like this; not every job posted is for every single person on here x4 4) I'm sure they have some reason and someone will take it, but it is still predatory and the department should be ashamed to post it. I would be embarassed if I was a prof in the department. 5) It's ok, I'm sure the department would also be ashamed to have you and your lack of understanding that they can't control these situations. 6) also, this is not a job that someone moves to MA for. this is a part time job that someone local takes to make some extra money
4/11/2022 16:55:26New College of FloridaFloridaEcology5/2/2022 Assistant Prof.Fixed Term
4/11/2022 16:51:01Marian UniversityIndianaBiology4/18/2022 Assistant ProfessorFixed Term4/11/22 17:021) Review begins immediately. 1-year visiting position to teach 12 load hours per semester in various 100-200 level courses and labs including general biology for non-majors, genetics, cell biology, biostatistics, anatomy, physiology, microbiology and/or others. Upper-division courses may be assigned based on expertise and departmental need. Great department; happy to answer any questions!
4/11/2022 15:19:18St. Cloud State UniversityMinnesotaEcologist5/10/2022 ProfFixed Term4/14/22 16:411-year fixed term position
4/11/2022 13:21:13William & MaryVirginiaEstuarine and Coastal Numerical Modelling4/18/2022 / Full ProfTenure Track5/15/22 13:50In the School of Marine Science (SMS), Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS); Any updates? (5/6); Bump (5/15)
4/7/2022 16:26:19University of British ColumbiaCanadaForest Genetics and Genomics5/15/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/27/22 18:00Reference letters requested (6/16)2
4/6/2022 6:51:39University of SouthamptonUnited KingdomClimate Sciences5/23/2022 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/20/22 5:38"...all areas of climate science, and particularly those with interdisciplinary interests and ambitions. Specific areas of research interest could include: global and regional climate-Earth system modelling, analysis of observational and modelled data sets, ocean and atmosphere circulation, ocean-atmosphere interactions, climate-cryosphere dynamics, organism-environment interactions and/or adaptations in a changing climate, and climate-Earth system changes on anthropogenic and palaeo timescales." 2) Deadline extended to 6 June.
4/4/2022 10:53:31NortheasternMassachusettsBioinformatics / Assoc ProfTenure Track4/4/22 13:33teach six (6) courses per academic year 2) Assistant/Associate Teaching professor
4/3/2022 20:32:38Kalamazoo CollegeMichiganVertebrate / Human Anatomy & Physiology5/1/2022 Assistant ProfessorFixed Term4/11/22 11:04Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo. 2) Home of Bell's Brewery! 3) Yes, Kalamazoo is awesome 4) Your kids could go to the same high school as Derek Jeter!
4/3/2022 6:56:52Macquarie UniversityAustraliaPlant Biology5/1/2022 / Sr LecturerTenure Track4/3/22 6:583 positions (2 lecturers, 1 senior lecturer). "Relevant discipline areas include plant ecology, plant physiology, plant conservation, and urban ecology or environmental management and sustainability with a plant focus."
4/1/2022 10:53:07UC RiversideCaliforniaMosquito Biologist / Ecologist5/20/2022 ProfTenure Track6/28/22 6:35This position was just posted, with a very short gap between application window and start date, wondering if this might indicate an internal candidate? 1) No 2) If EOFY influences faculty lines, they may just be in a rush to fill. 3) good point, maybe pinched between finally getting a position approved and the fiscal year. Any insights into this department? 4) Former postdoc here, aware of sudden death of mosquito biologist last year 5) @4, huh?? 6) Here #5 (not #4, I did my PhD there) 7) Any updates on this one? 8) Any zoom or on-campus interviews yet? 9) Nothing here as of June 28th2
3/30/2022 16:36:12Connecticut CollegeConnecticutDevelopmental Biology4/11/2022 ProfFixed Term3/31/22 9:09Two year visitor position
3/30/2022 15:03:31University of Hawaiʻi at MānoaHawaiiMicrobiology4/15/2022 ProfTenure Track5/31/22 17:30Search has to be completed before the end of this semester. Budget was just given to the department and there is a true need for a microbiologist. Pay attention to the teaching needs. 1) FYI, they are already asking for the letters of recommendation. 2) Really fast. Hope they also check folks who just applied or will apply in coming days. 3) Everyone who applies by the deadline will be considered! Requests for letters are going out immediately just because of the tight timeline. 4) Letters were requested for everyone? or on a short-list? 5) I think everyone. 6) Have invites to interviews gone out? 7)Letters went out for everyone. They have not sent out request for interviews yet - faculty are reviewing the search committee's long short list this week. 8) interviews being scheduled. 9) any updates?8
3/29/2022 20:32:43University of Louisiana at LafayetteLouisianaBiology3/28/2022 ProfTenure Track6/7/22 9:43Cell or molecular bio, but other field considered if they fit within department; applications accepted until filled. (2) Missed this one, bummer. Probably too late to submit an application for this job, right? (3) contact commitee -- maybe not too late. (4) Any word on this?1