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llDo Now - 12/7 - How will you use your study time today?Exit Slip - 12/7 - What did you accomplish today? How well did you use your time?11/28 - Without looking it up, what do you think social entrepreneurship is?11/17 - How should prisons be used in America?What value should schools place on having a diverse student body?Exit slip: What resonated with you from "The Diversity Bargain"?What organizational system do you use to keep track of your assignments?How does 2Pac's "Changes" reflect our current society?
Nyi Nyii will use my time on it by study hard on the trobling subjects extrmely hard, but for the good grade class im doing well then im gonna study a little bit just enough for me to rember. my secrete plan is quizlet i finsh biology study guide and study maybe a little math. where a small company starts out by making it bigger by creating investments and other types of business plansPrison should be used like a elementary school because they would remember as when they were in school. Also, due to the prison rules they should follow the rules ,but as like a school. For example if two people are fighting the warden could break them up. The more diverse can tell your school accepts anybody and aren't discriminating in a foreign third view. the more diverse and people would come in more if a person speaks in other native and trying to friend new native friend that speech the same language by remembering them or just remember where i put them. Also, it would just pop in my mind.It tells and reflects how we think in our society with people's diversity that might need a little or major change
JaKellI studies quiz let's for biology since I need help with that subject the most and did my missing work in English .I think it has something to do with how you Prison should be used like a elementary school because they would remember as when they were in school. Also, due to the prison rules they should follow the rules ,but as like a school. For example if two people are fighting the warden could break them up.
TyreeI will do all my work in class and I can stay after school to review more with my teachers.I will ask all my teachers for help.I just turn in my health work on canvas and a little bit of English.Where it is a little bit of space and making plans and making the company bigger and better.Nothing is changing it's still the same in this world and people are still killing each other.
SalmaDuring my study time today I will try to finish my vid-notes for history.I will also finish my prompt for Enghish lass. I also need to help for Algebra 2. I think that social entreprrneurship is when a person or group of people envest money to help make the community better for the people around them. Using your resorces to make the place they live in a lot better. Fixing whatever is wrong with their community.During prison I believe that it should be used as a learning experience. For the people that go to jail with a low level of education use it as a chance to higher the their education. Using it as a way to fix people when they get out of jail. Give them some back ground in a career that the they could do. I believe that it is important to be able to have a very good diversity. It should be part of the college experience to learn how people live and their lives. In a way it helps your life to change for the best and can sometimes change you for the best.in order to be able to keep track of my work i write it all down in my agenda book and then look at it in the afternoon to be able to do it. I sometimes write it on my hand for really important things.It reflects everything bad that is happening and no one seems to do anything about it but stand back and watch saying that there is no way for them to make a change.
KalebI will do a study plan first and then do missing work for my classes, primarily English.I accomplished some stuff for English and health. I used my time well.Prisons should be used to hold all the bad criminals and the ones who do the wrongful things to people. But if it's a misdemeanor then hold them for a little bit.It has a great effect about what college you decide to go toI put my homework or any other assignment in my folder so I know that my stuff is in there.Killings are still occurring
DeshawnteI will spend my time studying for french.Being an entrepreneur by socializing with people.Prison should be used to hold the dangerous criminals.Having a diverse school is very important because it means the school has more cultures.I keep track of my things through canvas.And also by notes.People are getting killed due to problems in our society.
KaniyahI will study for all my my classes but mainly math. My teacher will give me a packet for all of the units that I dont understand so he can check over it and help me out fo what I am doing wrong. I also will use a lot of websites and games to help me study. Today i finished half of my packet for math and also a study sheet for spanish and yes it went well becuase I no whave a better understanding of new thing with math.To put away the people who are causing harm on the streets away. They should care a lot. My agenda book and foldersIt still states many facts that are going on today with the world.
WeedorI will make flashcards for history and spanish. After I'm done I'm going to study spanish Making flashcard for history and spanish were the two things I accompished todayI think Social entrepreneurship is the buying and selling of things that have been invest in by an individual or group socially(internationally). New ideas that were thought of by individuals and groupsThe purpose of prison is to keep the inmates that have committed crimes in prison and away from the world. From keeping them from committing more crimes and sometimes to get them to straighten out and possibly realize what the did was wrong. I think schools should value diversity so that there would be different people. It makes everyone welcomed because they see people like himself. Why have a college with only a majority of one race when you could have a mixture of people. I use an agenda book to keep track of my assignments. I use my agenda book to do all my assignment We have to start making changes but there there aren't any changes and we aren't making changes.
KaimbaI will be using this time to study for my spanish midterm and some biology worke I need to review. Today I looked over canvas for all my classes. I also looked over my history packet absPrison should be use for criminals who should be put away from the world and not be given a second chance depending on the crimes they have committed.Black people are still getting killed
KelseyToday I will use this time to study Chemistry and try to get my English grade up. I will also try to start studying my Spanish vocab.I accomplished figuring out the things that will be on my midterms and doing work that will help me on them.absThe purpose of a prison is to enclose the people who have committed a crime in the government's eyes and out of more trouble.I think diversity is an important factor in school to make everybody feel comfortable and like they have a place to fit in. Without having different groups of people there wouldn't be any kind of difference and a chance to make great new friends and get help in places you may need it. I use the sticky notes tab on my chromebook to write my assignments down. I have a folder for all my classes and my homework will go in the very front. It shows that really nothing changed in how our society treats diverse groups of people, and if it hasn't changed yet it may never change from any influential character.
DakariI will finish my wh2 paper and get some grades up.i almost finished my paper , i'll turn it in tomorrow.i think it's when you have a group of people and you invest in something you likeThe purpose of prison is to keep the crime makers in jail so everyone can be safe .i use my folders and label them by class. things will never be the same. people still are going to be killed. people don't want to make a change.
JadaabsabsDiversity plays a big part in new creative ideas in your major and learning..
C'erraI will use my study time by going over each subjects and figure out what I need to study from it. As well ask for extra work to look over and make flash cardsI talk to my Algebra II teacher and got a worksheet. I complete my unit 5 study guide in History I plan out what I will be studying each daythe use of techniques to start a company. As well to develop and earn funds to support social, cultural, and environmental causes.prisons should let people continue their education while serving their time as well we should use prison to help others and make sure they don't commit their same actions and help them improve their self and not just a punishment and let others go. We should try to reboot them and restore themI feel that diverse body at school are important. It show that the school accepts anyone no matter what the color of their skin. It also show that we are moving from the past. It shows your skin is just and color but were all determin. So I believe that diversity at school show be very importantI use an agenda book to write assignment down and due dates, I use a binder to put notes in, I put my homework in a folder that is labeled homework so all my stuff is in there, and use my phone to remind me to do my homework and put assignment due dates since I always on my phone. Innocent people are being accused and killed from inaccurate and how the world is unfair and noone seems to take actions about it and if they did they were judge by others of being bias or just a followers so people are afraid to take that's step. But he gave hope to others and wish that someone take actions. Instead people are not follow actions speak louder than words.k
MajesticBy using it more wisely than I normally do, and by studying more.I think that it is when you build something and use it for the community Prison is to keep all of these criminals and scavengers off of the streetsI use my Chromebook, Agenda, and Folder.
LaAsiaI will talk to mr.kayser about nay extra credit i could do and an assigmnet i missed. I will also work on upcoming quizzes and work that i need to turn in. I feel the judicial system is not fair in any way. Prisons should be used for only people who actually deserve it such as murder or harm of any kind.Schools should be diverse because it gives everyone an opportunity to learn about new people their personalities and their culture rather than your own.Homework folder, agenda book, sometimes phone calendar Tupac is considered a leader of hip hop. Rap now and days is all about killings, drugs, and disregarding women. His passion for hip hop has changed the society by letting know there are other things to care for and pay attention to. He let his true feelings and beliefs into his music rather than what he grew up around or what he originally hears everyday. More and more rappers are being encouraged by his accomplishments.
layaComplete any missing assignments and study for my finals the followin week ahead. I think it means it's an individual working for their selves
TinyToday I'm really going to focus on ways I can get ready for the mid-terms coming upToday I thought of several ways i could get ready for the mid-term. Then i started working on other work that is due.I think social entrepreneurship has to do with worldwide businesses working together. ]
BrittanyI will use it to study the main top three classes i struggle with. Also i will be doing some study guide and writting my paper for public speaking. Today in class I found out some new ways to study, I did finish a study guide, and I really like how I spent my time in class. I think I spent my time very well. Prisons are used to prevent people that do crimes from doing even more crimes. Yes, they should care about it because if it is more diverse then more students would want to come their
DaimonI worked on stuff due in English and looked over things that are going to be on test and quizes in other classes the rest of the week.I think it is something that business do to get their businesses out there for support and more moneyPrison is where people go if they don't follow the rules of America.It should be very important thats schools are diverse. I put all my work in sections of my binder and the very important papers in the front of the right section. Also put reminders on my phoneIt explains what he sees going on in society or the world. Since people like listening to music him and his music he put it into a song so people would actually listen to what he's saying.
NiediaFind out what I need to finish and what is assigned. Also find what i'm missing. Did some missing work for geometry, did study plan, finished study guide for bio and organized binderSocial businesses coming togetherprison should be used for houses.Binder, Chromebook, and agenda bookIt reflects it by more danger happening.
kaniyah keyI think it means to help change things socially. folder,agenda book
SayveonI think that it's when you invest money and time into something big. I think diversity is a huge part of school,it shows a sign of fairness for everyone in each classroom and it also shows opportunities for everyone
CalistaI will do work that im missing in English to get my grades upI did my annotated bibiograohies Schools should be diverse because you get to learn about other people's cultures and if the school is diverse there won't be as many stereotypes.
TamyaI will do all my work in class and focus on the subjects that I know im going to need help with and maybe do some missing work .I worked on biology work and turned in my missing work in englishsomething that has to do with business and many people .Diversity is important because more than one race makes the school interesting. it makes people more comfortable in that environment
ZyanaDE Crim Law study guide, looked over chem study guide, study plan, make up work, english assignment; yes!Social entrepreneurship is a way of changing society and commnities by making innovative changes and adaptations in business. Philanthropy can even be an example of such. It is very important because the level of diversity signals intentions and priorities to me. The fact that Universities still try deny that so much stems from race and institutionalized racism.
EmilyI have to study for AP world history the most because it's my first one and it's the one I am the most worried about. made study chart in LOTS of detail; kind ofI think it is when a person comes up with an idea and then spreads it by word of mouth. Maybe a business or group of people come together to make the idea popularIt is important that schools are diverse because you get to not only see aspects of life in different points of views. Different ethnicities have different ways that they look at things ,whether that be their culture or their up bringing, that affects how they act. When you go to a school of diversity, it is much easier to knock down the stereotypes about a certain race because you are exposed to all types of races and cultures.What seemed to point out to me is that they said that colleges were saying they wanted to be diverse but not following through with it.
JakiyaI will use it studying for my bio test because I struggle with that the most FInished math study guide, studied for spanish, study plan; yeah I guessabsabsI think when school is more diverse people will feel more comfortable.
CeairraII will use my study time in Avid today by studying my notes from my classes, most likely my classes that I dont do to well in on tests, and quizzez.worked on study guide for history, biology study guide made study chart; yes!absabsI myself feel like diversity is important because I think different "things to the plate" different cultures, themes, and ect. and it gives everyone to see a different point of view on how they are treated or maybe how life is for them.
Sanoracompleted geometry midterm review, science review, WH2 review, made study chart; yes!Working with things that have something to do with our social life. I feel like diversity is a big and important thing in school it makes people feel comfortable and safe in a environment Well, I felt like it was a pretty good article and it had me really thinking
SabiasI went on canvas to modules for spanish , and study different documents made study chart, got on canvas, studied spanish; yesI don't even really understand it , I mean it don't really affect me cause i'm not into it.diversity is important , without diversity it's going to be groups of people without other groups of people
SamI will study all my old quizzes that i didn't so well on and look at my grades to study for the classes that i need the most help on.i used my time very well. i made a study plan that i will use and i worked on my geometry study guide packet.I think it means helping to chnage something in our social life.
Princessstudy for different classes Study spanish and longs aviud midterm planout looked over english paper requirements Everybody can get to know each other and their cultures and it can help them as a whole along with the college and how they represent the college. It is very hard to find diversity in schools.
Darriussdid study chart, worked on missing assignment for health, worked on "struggles" essay; yes
TyejahI will study for the different classes that i have an midterm in.I accomplished getting my health work done and studying for history.Social entrepreneurship is investing money into the community to make changes.Schools should value everyone's race and culture. They should value all of the different things people like and bring them into the school.
Trinityiw will work on my geometry study guide finish some stuff In engliah i finished my enlgish stuff and my geometry study guide absabs
KorpoSocial Entrprenuership is when try to help out with the society and try to make a changePrisons should be used in America I think the more diverse the student body the more race of different cultures there are.I use my agenda and canvasIt reflects how we think and the way things are happening now. I don't think that anything is changing really.
ZanderabsabsDiversity is a big thing in this country because they think everything is about skin color . we are all human being with feelings and they can be hurt .
CamprisBy completing all my six packets for my classes that I have work due in.I completed 2 of my packets and I'm going to also work on them tomorrow.Social Entrepreneurship is when you socialize with other corporations in order to create a bigger and better organizationTo protect people from the others that can cause harm.I think they should value being able to experience new things with different cultural groups and they should be able to work as a team and not separately.That there will always be diversity and our groups in schools will never be together. We all have our own place where we belong in our schools.I usually just look at my messages on canvas to see if there is anything that I am missing for that class or if anything is due for that class.Nothing will never change willingly. People don't like change because they are accustom to where we are now in life.
EsmeToday I will seperate my notes for my classes and find the exact materials I can use for studying. I found all of the materials I need and have to use for studying. The Midterm Study Plan helped me set up the plan for studying which is what I needed. I BELIEVE THAT SOCIAL ENTREPRENUERSHIP IS WHEN PEOPLE COME UP WITH IDEAS TO CHANGE THINGS IN A SOCIETY. It probably is when people also invest money to make an object that will better a community. Diversity is a very big thing in society, the United States has become a very diverse country. Not having diversity in a university isolate college students from the rest of what the country truly is. The thing that most stood out to me is the way some students in order to study where they wish they have to write an essay about everything but that is truly them.
KionaI will be studying, and paying attention.My notes. Classwork I missed. investing money into something.They should be used to help, poeple that need it, also they should be a place for rehabilitation. Agenda, Canvas, Google Calender.
KeshawnaI will work on study stuff for APHG and Alegbra 2.I got my APHG work done and math stuff done. I used my time very wisely.Social Entrepreneurship is when you use your social platfrom to make your ideas/ inbventions happen.I think schools should value a diverse student body because it can add a lot to the school. It can lead to students learning a lot from each other. I think it is really cool too.I'd never really thought of the fact that most of the tome people talk about their hardships in college essays but that's not really their main focus when going to college.
EddyI will use it to study and make up some work that I didn't do them yet, in the same time listening to some music.I done most of things that I plane to do and I am prood of it.for me it is a way of doing some thing in any field of business or social life, all by following your own conviction ( doing what you want to do in it, moderate it in your own way than following someone else instruction). in other word: be your own bos. for me prison doesn't work at all because people does have nothing to do instead they should make it a working camp ( comfortable of curse) so people will still be doing something everyday.diversity help no just teacher but I feel like it is more important to student too because that alowe student tu learn how to different there are or how similar there are, school should alow student with some different culture, and financiar problem but they shouldn't alow student with other goal than studingmost of the university know that it is impotat to have diversity in their university but most of them don't because they feel like it is a lot of risk that they will be taking by doing that.
Clareto do any make up work and finish my studying guides.Finished my AFDA study guide To start a compony or group something that helps people socially A more diverse school is important to show our differences and that we can all work together no matter what we look like.That students at colleges with more diversity makes the experience better for them.
PatriciaI will keep working on my geometry study guide. worked on math study guide packet, study chart; could have gotten more done but okI think it means how to better things socially Prisons should only be used for people who commited crimes A more diverse school shows that the school is well ahead of society because its more accepting.
KorpoI will use this study time wisley. I will try to get as much work done and study as much as I canI accomplished my English project which was dueI think that the more diverse the school the more the school is unique and accepting. If we have a diverse school we can all learn something from each other through activities and group work.I started my agenda book lately