Open Working Group 7 Committee Member and Panellist Nominations
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OrganizationEmailPlease indicate the day(s) for which you would like to be a committee member (January 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)Justification to be on steering committee/relevant expertiseWhich MGoS do you belong to
Mahmoud qannantogether to palestineila-falastin@hotmail.com6,7,8,9,10
( Mr.)Soon yoon, Chair CSW7To meet the following goals
1. to discuss on climate change
2.reducing pollution and green house gas emission
3.saving of fuel and energy
Jana Abou diabtogether to palestinejana.aboudiab@hotmail.com6,7,8,9,10
Blessing Mmeje8She has firsthand knowledge about waste and pollution in developing countries.
Olimar Maisonet9I work as a policy coordinator for SustainUS, a member of the UN Major Group of Children and Youth. SustainUS is a non-profit, nonpartisan, youth-led advocacy group in the United States. Its goal is to improve youth participation and youth empowerment as it relates to advancing sustainable development. SustainUS works particularly with youth aged 13-26 and on United Nations conferences related to youth and/or sustainability.
(Mrs. )Veena Kohli91. need of the hour
2. major goal for 2020
3.effect of deforestation
4. climate change causing natural disaster
Caroline Usikpedo-Omoniye9I want to bring my expertise and share experience and help plan these meetings, i have been actively involved in the promotion of Gender, renewable energy and Energy Efficiency in Nigeria as climate change mitigation strategy. made interventions on behalf of rural women at global conferences and discussions, including the Rio+20 conference in Brazil and the Post 2015 Development Framework processes with the United Nations High Level Panel members. have served as a member of Delta State Committee on Elimination of All forms of Violence and Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) 2009, and presently appointed in 2013 to serve in the Delta State School Based management committee (SBMC) for Ogor Technical College and the Steering Committee of Delta State Territorial Approach to Climate Change program (TACC).
Corina Villacorta9Broad experience on development issues focused in the Latin American and Caribbean region where she led 14 LAC offices for World Vision International.
Peter Vander Meulen9I was accredited and attended COP17 as a World Council of Churches observer. I have worked in international development and climate justice in a large faith based organization (CRWRC) and Canadian/US based protestant denomination for 30+ years. I presently head our denominations climate justice work and am deeply engaged in mobilizing people of faith in the US, Canada, and globally.
CAFOD (Caritas Internationalis/CIDS9CAFOD has been convening a series of roundtables together with WWF UK and with the support of CAN-International and Beyond 2015 on how to integrate climate change into the post-2015 framework. The roundtables brought environment and development organizations together to discuss concrete suggestions with representatives from the UN, government and other sectors. We are planning to contribute the resulting discussion papers to the OWG discussion on climate change, representing Beyond 2015 and CAN-I which are two major networks included in post-2015.
Dr. Aparna Basu, Patron
101. To know of the benefits of satellite communication in weather forecasting and avoiding impending disaster
2.To discuss the condition of Uttarakhand , India after it was hit by the severe flood that destroyed the Kedarnath Temple and took away 10,000 lives of pilgrims and dwellers and 1000's are still missing. Rescue work is still going on.
Naiara CostaWSPAncosta@wspa-international.org10WSPA has a long experience on DRR, including on recuing animals and development of preparedness plans. We would be interested in supporting the organization of this session and to speak from the floor.
Nina;;corina_villacorta@wvi.org10Longstanding experience working in disaster prone countries including extensive humanitarian first hand experience in major disasters such as Haiti and Indonesia.Highly involved in humanitarian transformative agenda.
Diam abou diabdiam.aboudiab@hotmail.com6,7,8,9,10
Peter Vander Meulenpvandermeulen@crcna.org10I have worked in international development - including disaster relief since 1974. As a part of our adaptation strategy for climate change I also lead the disaster prevention working group in World Renew and the Christian Reformed Church. We are active in over 20 countries in assisting local NGOs and governments in disaster prevention...
Leida RijnhoutANPED (EEB) or leida.rijnhout@eeb.org8ANPED has 20 years of experience in SCP issues, including the N/S dimension. We are now focal point for 10YFP for Europe, and alternate for the Global one.
Blaž GolobLjubljana Forum on the Future of Cities and Center for eGovernance Development in Southeast Europeblaz.golob@cegd.eu6preparing Global Challenges Urban Games
Miroslav PolzerInternational Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI polzer@glocha.info6 and 8facilitator of Rio+20 Issues Cluster on Innovation & organizer of MySDGs Global Youth Music Contest 2015
Philip SandickCenter for International Human Rightsp-sandick2013@nlaw.northwestern.edu6,7,8,9,10Human rights instruments and norms are implicated in each of the days' topics. The Center for International Human Rights has engaged with human rights issues in each of these areas and has an interest in ensuring that conversations about these areas include references to relevant human rights norms.Children & Youth
David CollsteEuropean Youth Forumdavid.collste@lsu.se1/7/2013I am the Global Focal Point for the Major Group for Children and Youth on the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production. I have worked within many youth organizations such as CISV and the National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations and was previously reporting on sustainable development working for the European Union’s Delegation to the UN in New York. Children & Youth
Jeffrey BarberInternational Coalition for Sustainable Production and Consumption (ICSPAC)jeffreyhbarber@gmail.com1/8/2014Before 2002 I co-chaired the NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production and Consumption; was one of the founders of ICSPAC (International Coalition for Sustainable Production & Consumption) as well as the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production & Consumption (GRF). Previous to my work with civil society networks I worked for 12 years doing consumer behavior & media research. I am also one of the founders of the North American Roundtable on Sustainable Production & Consumption, created to promote regional dialogue and action on this topic.NGOs
Philip VergragtGlobal Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption (GRF-SPaC)pvergragt@tellus.org6,7,8, Jan.Academic, widely published on SCP, sstainable transportation, and sustainable cities; cofounder of SCORAI, co-founder of GRF-SPaC, co-founder of Greening of Industry network; organizer of workshops and conferences, among them the upcoming GRF-SPaC conference in Shanghai, June 2014. Fellow at Tellus Institite, for a Great Transition. Professor Emerius of Delft University of Technology, Research Professor at Clark University, Worcester MA, Boston
Andrew Davis nrg4SD<>; andrew.davis@gencat.cat6,7,8,9,10 We are interested to seat in the SC to advocate and ensure subnational views and interests are taken into account, in particular, on climate change, sustainable consumption and production, and enriching sustainable cities debate and contributions with a city-region approach.LGMA
yunus arikan,ICLEIyunus.arikan@iclei.org6 and 9 iclei head of global policy and advovacy, and focal point of climate nego at unfcccLGMA
michael schmitzICLEI<>10ceo of iclei usa as coordinator of resilient commuinities for america . ICLEI is organising Resilient Cities - The Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation -the global platform for urban resilience and climate change adaptation since 2010LGMA
Emilia SaizUCLGe.saiz@uclg.org6 et 7UCLG has long been involved in sustainability issue in cities and urban areas. We are co-orgnaising with UN Habitat and friends of the sustainable cities a preparatory meeting on 13 december that is gathering all organisations of local and regional authorities and development partners. Transport is a key issue of sustainable cities, and members of UCLG have created a committee on urban mobility which is very active. LGMA
Juan José Galeano10 YFP Focal Point for LAC - Red Ambiental / Generación, 7 and 8, specially 8thI have been involved on sustainability issues since 12 years old. I have coordinated activities at Ecoclubes Foundation, the Pan American Health Organization and the International Water and Youth Movement from 2002-2007. In 2007, I founded Generación Par Civic Nonprofit Association with the mission of promoting responsible consumption and sustainability. In 2009, I founded, from Generation Par, together with other organizations, businesses and government agencies, Responsible Tourism Network, which now has over 60 members in Argentina and Uruguay. I work with young people from secondary school promoting SPC with the Program “Sustainable Schools”. Regional Focal Point for LAC at 10YFP.Children & Youth
Aurora BirbilajTakingItGlobalabirbilaj@gmail.com7/1/2013Eastern European Focal Point for the Major Group for Children and Youth on the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and ProductionChildren & Youth
Sue Riddlestone, CEO and Co-founderBioRegionalfreya.seath@bioregional.com8th January 2013BioRegional is the SCP Focal Point for Beyond2015- a global civil society campaign, pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals; Beyond2015 brings together more than 800 Civil Society Organisations in over 100 countries around the world. Sue Riddlestone, CEO and Co-founder, has led BioRegional's engagement in the 10YFP on SCP for the last three years and the organisation is currently nominated as the NGO Global Focal Point for the 10YFP. Sue Riddlestone is the co-creater of the One Planet Living sustainability framework that is used in more than 50 countries around the world to implement practical projects that deliver SCP at all scales. Sue is an experienced facilitator and has participated in a number of UN steering committees and roundtables during her career.NGO
Kaisha Atakhanova, Founder, Member of BoardSocial-Ecological Fund NGFkaisha_07@mail.ruJanuary 6-10, 2014The SocialEcoFund in Kazakhstan, a member of the National EcoForum NGO Network, is a nongovernmental organization working in Kazakhstan and the EECCA region together with partners, promotes sustainable development, and has been recently elected a UNEP focal point for sustainable production and consumption representing Women Major Group. WMG
Calvin James, Programme CoordinatorCaribbean Network for Integrated Rural; calvin.james@cnirdregional.org8th, 9th and 10thCNIRD is Co-Chair of the UNEP GMGSF for the Farmer's Major Group and was nominated and selected to serve as the Focal Point for the Farmers Major Group on the 10YFP on SCP. We have been very active in broadcasting and advocating for Farmer's issues and stand ready to bring the issues and experience of farmers to this meeting.Farmers
Lewis AkenjiInstitute for Global Environmental Strategies japanakenji@iges.or.jp6 - 10 jani've been doing capacity building for governments on SCP, developing policy briefs and advising on development of programmes under the 10YFPscience and tech
Eleanor BlomstromWEDOeleanor@wedo.org6 - 10 janEleanor Blomstrom is part of the core group of the Women's Major Group and co-chairing the WMG advocacy team for OWG7. She heads Women Environment and Development Organisation and is an expert on gender and climate, and women in sustainable developement WMG
Simone LoveraGFC Global Forest Coalitionsimone.lovera@globalforestcoalition.org6 - 10 janSimone Lovera is core group member of the women's major group. She is an expert in climate policy who has closely followed the UNFCCC negotiations since 1999. She also is stakeholder focal point for the women's major group to support the 10 Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production patterns.WMG
Nicole BidegainDAWNNicole Bidegain_ DAWN <>6 - 10 janNicole Bidegain is organising partner of the Women's Major Group and coordinator of DAWN from UruguayWMG
BIBHU SANTOSH BEHERAUDYAMA BHUBANESWAR ODISHA,INDIAb.behera88@gmail.com6-10 JanUdyama is a leading organization for improving livelihood and empowering poors via sustainable activities and also working for climate change,education and all activities leading to developement with best capacitiesScience and tech
Baskut TuncakCenter for International Environmental Law (CIEL)btuncak@ciel.org1/8/2013Expertise in chemicals management approaches under international and domestic lawsNGOs
Alyssa JohlCenter for International Environmental Law (CIEL)ajohl@ciel.org1/9/2013Expertise in integrating human rights and sustainable development principles in international climate frameworkNGOs
Galina AngarovaTebtebbaGalina@tebtebba.org6,7,8,9,10Tebtebba (Indigenous Peoples' International Centre for Policy Research and Education) is an indigenous peoples' organization born out of the need for heightened advocacy to have the rights of indigenous peoples recognized, respected and protected worldwide. Established in 1996, Tebtebba seeks to promote a better understanding of the world's indigenous peoples, their worldviews, their issues and concerns. In this effort, it strives to bring indigenous peoples together to take the lead in policy advocacy and campaigns on all issues affecting them.IPs
A.Tianna ScozzaroPopulation Action Internationalascozzaro@popact.orgJan 9 or 10Expertise in integrated women's health, gender, climate, population dynamics and sustainable developmentWMG
John RomanoNatural Resources Defense Counciljromano@nrdc.org1/6/2013Expertise and work in the area of sustainable cities, incuding with Communitas Coalition for sustainable cities and regions. Children & Youth
Gertrude Kabusimbi KenyangiWECF/ Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment /ruralwomenug@yahoo.com6,7,8,9,10Gertrude K. Kenyangi eloquently speaks from the vantage position of knowing, having been on the receiving end of the adverse effects of Climate Change, poverty and food insecurity. She has hands-on experience in mitigation of and adaptation to the adverse effects of the same. She was democratically elected by Civil Society Organizations across the African continent to the position of Observer on the Climate Investment Fund – Forest Investment Program. Ms. Kenyangi also serves as the East Africa Region CSO representative to the Civil Society Mechanism Coordinating Committee, for engagement with UN FAO’s Committee on Food Security.WMG, Farmers Major Groups
Tcharbuahbokengo NFINNFederation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity for Agricultural Revampment and Human Rights feedarsecretariat@yahoo.com6,7,8,9,10As Director General and Focal Point GEF-NGO Central Africa Region I intend to contribute in the discussions and share experiences ranging from the Sustainable Development Goals to indegenous communities perspective paving the way forward for an equitable and realistic society especially as Forests, Biodiversity and Food insecurity is concern.
Roli MahajanTakingItGlobal/Senergyroli.mahajan@gmail.com6,7,8,9,10Working as a Communications Focal Point of the MGCY in the 10YFP. At present, documenting and working with communities in the disaster struck regions of Uttarakhand as well as developing an online education resource for young people on sustainable energy consumption practises.Children and Youth
Khaled El MohtarNational Rehabilitation and Development Center -

I am a founding member and the
Director General of National Rehabilitation and Development Center-NRDC,
established in 1986, working as civil servant for the past 30 years. I headed
many social and health facilities in my country to serve the needy people in
the community.I am the vice coordinator for the Lebanese Non Governmental
Organizations network running and participating in many projects on social
development, Human Rights , Social justice building capacity and good governance.Currently,
I am very involved in disability issues, I participated in most of the Negotiation
took place in the UN Headquarters in New York between 2006 and 2008 where the
convention on the Rights of Person with disabilities CRPD was adopted.In my
capacity as the President of Rehabilitation International – Arab Region, and
since the CRPD has been put into force, I am working on ratification and implementation
of CRPD in the Region. I conducted 2 training workshops for empowerment of women
with disabilities, First in cooperation with Arab League in Cairo, and the second
in cooperation with Supreme Council for family affairs in Qatar. Moreover, 3
training workshops create leaders from disability community to train and monitor
implementation of CRPD, first workshop was executed early January 2013 in
Qatar,(CRPD and the Rights of PWD) , and second on Accessibility took place in
Oman early Sept 2013, in Cooperation with Ministry of Social Development,
whereas the third workshop on poverty was and disability was planned to take
place in Tunisia 19-21 January 2014. Needless to say that working and
cooperating with many colleagues in different fields for achieving the MDGs is
always main concern in all our activities.

Member nomination name TBD (Daniel Pieper: NYC-based contact)ACT Alliancedpi@actalliance.org9,10
Nelly-Diane ALEMFACKJVE CAMEROUNaldianelly@gmail.com6-10 janI am the vice coordinator for the Lebanese Non Governmental Organizations network running and participating in many projects on social development, Human Rights , Social justice building capacity and good governance.Children & Youth
Bassil EidInternational Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA)eid@fiata.com6-10 Jan more specifically Jan 7th for the topic of Sustainable TransportI represent FIATA, one of the oldest and largest transport related interest representatives in the world, with a constituencies comprising freight forwarding, logistics and Customs service providers, where we speak on behalf of some 40.000 enterprises in 164 countries. At the moment, FIATA has made it a top priority to address the issues of sustainable development through enhanced logistics connectivity. Recently, we had published a position paper geared towards urging the 30 Member States of the Open Working Group to start a process of designing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are action-oriented, conscious of the transport industry, limited in number, global in nature and universally applicable to all countries while taking into account different national realities.
Kate MunroGlobal Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reductionkate.munro@globalnetwork-dr.org9 - 10th January 2014I am Advocacy Coordinator for the Global Network for Disaster Reduction. GNDR is a Network of Civil Society Organisations committed to working together to improve disaster risk reduction policy and practice at every decision-making level. The Network has conducted extensive research on grass roots experience of disaster risk reduction and publishes 'Views from the Frontline' on a biennial basis. It also convenes and coordinates input into the Hyogo Framework for Action with the wider DRR community and I have recently put together a position paper on behalf of several international civil society DRR networks on how resilience should be integrated into the SDGs.NGOs
World Meteorological Organizationpegerton@wmo.int9,10Dr Paul Egerton is the WMO Representative to the United Nations He has 18 years experience of Natural environmental and Climate change issues in National ministries, European Science organizations and currently as the United Nations World Meteorological Organization Representative in New York. He is member of the HLCP Climate Change group supporting UNFCCC COP and Dr Egerton will advise on the Global Framework for Climate Services and refer to strategic aspects of Climate change including IPCC issueSpecialized Agency
Dr. Elizabeth LockwoodCBMemlockwood@gmail.com10CBM works with local partners to provide effective support to people with disabilities and their families during times of conflict or natural disaster. CBM, with partners, identify people living with disabilities among the affected population and meet their immediate needs of food, water, shelter and healthcare. After the initial emergency response, CBM remains in the affected area to support, plan and develop long-term programmes that promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities into all aspects of community life. CBM’s experience in humanitarian response, includes large scale disasters like the 2013 Philippines typhoon and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and works closely with persons with disabilities themselves and their representative organisations (DPOs) that are key partners in preparedness, relief and in reconstruction.
Rudolf Bastian TampubolonGlobal Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Youth SENCAP (Southeast, East, North, Central Asia and the Pacific)bastiangerard2003@gmail.com8,9I have been campaigning and projects implementing on Sustainable Development in the specific issue of poverty eradication (promoting the millennium development goals) and climate change since 2007 in Indonesia as well as holding the position as Youth representative to Global Call to Action against poverty ( for region SENCAP (Southeast, East, North, Central Asia and the Pacific). In Indonesia I work closely with other 29 consortiums that widely spread in more than 13 provinces in Indonesia, also with GCAP Global member that nowadays is campaigning in over 100 countries. In 2007 and 2008, I was appointed to be National and regional Focal Point in its campaign by the United Nations Millennium Campaign Indonesia to run some youth based project and compiling the GCAP Youth SENCAP annual campaign. Since 2008, I've been requested to design youth capacity building programs by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as the Indonesian Ministry of Environment, and I've invited large number young people to attend and involved the programs, through out Indonesia, as well as, ASEAN country member, including youth from China, South Korea, Japan, Australia. As Indonesia is one leading country on Climate Change, I'd like to share the lesson learnt and its best practice toward the sustainable development including in the sustainable consumption and production especially that affect on young people.
Children & Youth
Dr. Paul SaokePhysicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) Kenya, International Society of Doctors for Environmentpsaoke@isde.orgJanuary 6,7,8,9,10An expert on Chemicals and health. Has worked extensively on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and implications for Non-communicable Diseases. Has worked on children issues, conflict and war, small arms and light weapons, Landmines, nuclear.  Was instrumental in the formation of the WHO led Healthy Environments for Children's Alliance and plays a major role in the Global Alliance on DDT AlternativesNGOs
Avi SilvermanFIA Foundationa.silverman@fiafoundation.orgjan 7th. Has been coordinating and running global advocacy campaigns for safe and sustainable transport to be included in the Post-2015 Sustainable development Goals. Have coordinated submissions and inputs into the Post-2015 HLP, and the UNSG's report to the GA on the Post-2015 Agenda. Responsible for partnership working with UN 'MY World' assisted UNDP/Millennium Campaign in MY World at the UNGA. Initiated advocacy and advocacy with MY World as part of the 'Long Short Walk' campaign for road safety to be included in the Post-2015 goals. Member of and participate in the UN Road Safety Collaboration, ECOSOC, SLoCAT, BOND Beyond 2015.NGOs
Santosh KodukulaICLEI<>7ICLEI, manages directly two projects under EcoMobility : EcoMobility SHIFT and EcoMobility Alliance, and assists the management of the EcoMobility Festival project.Before joining ICLEI, Sunny worked with the German International Cooperation in the Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) as a Senior Technical Expert and coordinated SUTP in Asia and Pacific and in Sub-Saharan Africa.LGMA
Carmen CaprilesReacción Climática carmen_capriles@bolivia.comJanuary 6,7,8,9,10Carmen Capriles is part of the Women´s Major Group, Engineer in Agriculture with over 10 years of experience in Sustainable Development, in 2003 she collaborated in the analysis of the role of the Bolivia in Johannesburg Rio+10, in 2005 collaborated on the Assessment of the Progress of the Millennium Development Goals in Bolivia, she has coordinated the Partnership for Principle 10 and the Access Initiative in Bolivia (2006-2008), Manager of the Report GEO Cities - El Alto for UNEP (2008), consultant for Climate Change and Disaster and Risk Management for JICA-Bolivia (2009-2010) Ex-alumni of DAWN, focal point for, Coordinator Power Shift Bolivia, Steering Comity for the International Women´s Earth and Climate Initiative, Member of CLIC! (LAC Youth Climate Movement), Founder of Reacción Climática. Specialist on Climate Change and Gender.WMG
Arjan van HouwelingenWSPAHouwelingen@wspa-international.org8 - 10 WSPA has a long experience on DRR, including on recuing animals and development of preparedness plans. We would be interested in supporting the organization of this session and to speak from the floor. We are also interested in engaging on discussions on Sustainable patterns of consumption and production and to speak from the floor on January 8.NGO
Jeffrey NGO, Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety  jwitte@amend.org7Jeffrey Witte is President of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and as such is a key member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration. Witte is Executive Director of Jeffrey has been taking a leading role in advocacy on road safety and sustainable transport within the Post-2015 agenda. He has also initiated and directed project work in Africa addressing road safety and sustainable transport in a low and middle income country context. NGOs
Floor LieshoutYouth for Road Safety NGO (YOURS)floor@youthforroadsafety.org7Floor Lieshout is Director of the NGO, Youth for Road Safety (YOURS). In his role, he leads advocacy globally on road safety. YOURS has a focus on youth and road safety in developing countries particularly as road traffic injuries are the number one killer of 15-29 year olds globally with 90% of the casualties in low and middle income countries. Floor has also contributed to the debate on youth in the post-2015 agenda. Floor is an active member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration. Children and Youth
Bright OywayaAssociation for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), Association of the Physically Disabled of Kenyabrightoywaya@yahoo.com7Bright Oywaya is the Executive Director of ASIRT. She has been involved in the post-2015 process on sustainable transport, participating in the Second Meeting of the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Agenda in Monrovia, Liberia. Bright Oywaya has contributed at an expert level to policy reports on sustainable and safe transport providing material, for example to Kevin Watkins, Executive Director of the ODI in his reporting for the Commission for Global Road Safety. Bright conducts project work on safe and sustainable transport in Kenya.   NGOs
Julio UrzuaiRAP (international Road Assessment Program)julio.urzua@irap.net7Julio Urzúa is the CEO of iRAP for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is an expert on transportation and development and has been active in promoting safe, sustainable transportation in the post-2015 agenda. The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to promoting sustainable development through safer roads for car occupants, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Julio is responsible for the rapidly growing road assessment program in the LAC region, where more than 10,000km of roads have already been surveyed. Julio works closely with government and non-government organizations to promote road safety investment, training, research, communications and evaluation. Prior to iRAP, Julio served for many years as a senior official with both the Latin American and Caribbean Transitional Committee for Road Safety and the Chilean National Commission for Road Safety (CONASET) which is responsible for inter-ministerial coordination and development of road safety policy. NGOs
Matt SimondsInternational Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)simonds@tuac.orgJanuary 7, 8, 9OP for workers and trade unions major group. Has participated in different steering committees since OWG3. workers and trade unions
Mirjam Sidik AIP Foundation mirjam.sidik@aipf-vietnam.org1/7/2013Chief Executive of the AIP Foundation. AIP is one of the major road traffic injury NGOs in Asia. AIP works with a range of key donors, global public health organizations and international agencies on road injury. It also carries out in-country advocacy and road safety projects. AIP Foundation has contributed to the Post-2015 process, participating in the Post-2015 High Level Panel hosted in Indonesia. NGOs
Margo LaZaroGlobal Familymargolazaro@gmail.com1/7/2013Margo is the NY Representative for Global Family and has been active for many years with the NGO Committee for Sustainable Development. She wil bring a fresh prspective on the importance of safe, sustainable mobility as it relates to the environment and women's issues. Margo served over twenty years on the UNEP/NGO Committee for Interfaith and Environment which became the Interfaith Partnership for the Environment (UNEP/IPE). The UNEP/IPE’s two publications included “Earth & Faith.” She coordinated the UNEP/IPE Bag Brown Lunch Series with guest speakers from interfaith communities. She was a Coordinator for Bella Abug’s, 1991/WEDO, World Women’s Congress in Miami with Prof. Wangari Maathai and 1,500 women. For the DPI/NGO 2007 Conference on Climate Change, Margo was Co-Chair of the Fundraising/Journal Sub-Committee. NGOs
Iryna KurowyckyjInternational Council of 1/7/2013Iryna Kurowyckyj is the Co-Chair of the NGO Committee for Sustainable Development. She became a United Nations non-governmental representative for the World Movement of Mothers in 1982 and later served as UN NGO representative of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations. Safety and mobility of key issues for mothers and families, and Iryna brings that voice and deep knowledge of NGOs to the table. In 1993, she was invited to join the ICW team of UN representatives. That same year, she was elected president of NCW/USA. In 2000 she became the ICW’s main representative to the UN.
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