Te Araroa Notes
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202088Cape Reinga Coastal Walkway
[Maps]: map001; [Start]: SH 1 road end, Cape Reinga; [End]: Te Paki Stream mouth, Ninety Mile Beach; [Track type]: Tramping track
[Requirements]: *No fires *Take all rubbish with you *Use toilets provided
From Cape Reinga, the track heads towards the West Coast, leading you down past steep cliffs and over rocks to the long, sweeping Te Werahi Beach.  Note: You are best to set off at a lowish tide to make the rock scrambling and stream crossing safer & easier. Carry enough water for your first day.
Beyond this beach, you will experience gorgeous peach-coloured dunes, unusual dune grasses, and views of Cape Maria Van Diemen and Motuopao Island. You follow orange marker posts over Herangi Hill, pass the turnoff to Cape Maria Van Diemen and along cliff tops of flax and manuka scrublands, before dropping down to Twilight Beach. Exit the south end of Twilight Beach on the 4WD track next to the orange marker.
The track climbs up and over Scott Point then drops down to Ninety Mile Beach, crossing a swamp via a boardwalk and down a steep set of steps.
(While passing over Scott Pt, you will need to watch carefully for a quad motorbike track which veers right off the main 4WD track. The marker may be very difficult to see.  Note: If you come to a farm gate and a paddock, you will need to double back about 10 minutes, as you have gone the wrong way).
Follow Ninety Mile Beach south for approximately an hour until you come to Te Paki Stream mouth. This is a popular vehicle entrance/exit to the beach so be prepared for cars and tourist buses.
(From the stream mouth, it is 1 hour upstream to the road should you wish to exit the beach here).
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track on Ninety Mile Beach *Tides, waves & rivers - safer at low tide *Track exposed to sun, wind or cold *Few water sources *Sand in shoes can cause blisters.
Extra info: Te Araroa's northern terminus in the North Island is at Cape Reinga, which is accessible by road. Kaitaia is the most northern gateway town to Cape Reinga, servicing a population of approx. 5200. An alternative is Kerikeri which has the advantage of being on trail, should you want to leave gear.
Detour option to accommodation:
13km by stream & road to Waitiki Landing Park - SH 1 (20 kms south of Cape Reinga), camping, cabins & backpackers, restaurants & takeaways, convenience store & internet café, drop off & pick up service for hikers. P: 09 409 7508 - E:manager@waitikiholidaypark.co.nz - www.waitikiholidaypark.co.nz
General Information
Far North I-SITE Visitor Information Centre - Te Ahu, Corner Matthews Avenue and South Road, Kaitaia - P: 09 408 9450 - E: kaitaia@visitnorthland.co.nz - www.visitfarnorthnz.com
Department of Conservation: Matthews Ave - P: 09 408 6014 -  www.doc.govt.nz
Tide times are important for coastal routes - http://www.niwa.co.nz/our-science/coasts/tools-and-resources/tides
Getting there/away
Air: Air New Zealand Link - P: 09 357 3000 / 0800 737 000 freephone (Within NZ) www.airnewzealand.co.nz
Kaitaia Airport Shuttle - P: 09 408 0116
Bus: Intercity from Auckland - Kerikeri - Kaitaia - P: 09 583 5780 - E: info@intercity.co.nz - www.intercity.co.nz
Transport to Cape Reinga Trailhead
There is no public transport, however the following operators can assist. 
Harrisons Cape Runner, 9am daily departures from Kaitaia $50 per adult - P: 09 408 1033 / 0800 227 373 freephone - E: capetours@xtra.co.nz
Sand Safaris , 9am daily departures from Kaitaia $50 per adult - P: 09 408  1778 - E: info@sandsafaris.co.nz - www.sandsafaris.co.nz
Naked Bus tour from Paihia $123.99 per adult - P: 0900 62533 Calls cost (Open 7am-7pm) - nakedbus.com
Salt Air - Charter flights to Cape Reinga P: 09 402 8338 / 0800 472 582 - www.saltair.co.nz
Alternatively if you are wanting to start the walk at Spirits bay the person to contact is Mr Lancaster 09 409 7500

Accommodation before starting the trail in Kaitaia.:
Mainstreet Lodge (BBH) - 235 Commerce St, Kaitaia - P: 09 408 1275
Pak N Save Food Warehouse - 111 North Rd, Kaitaia - P: 09 408 6222
4 Square - 65 Commerce St, Kaitaia - P: 09 408 1133
Amenities [Start]: *Car park *Toilets [On Route]: *Basic camp site Twilight Beach - 2 DOC self-sufficient camping sites. One at the very northern end, among the rushes with a small stream for water (if not dried up). At the south end, there is a larger and more sheltered campsite behind the dunes just before the orange marker. It is best to bring water to this campsite. [End]: *No amenities *Toilets At end of Te Paki Stream Road
Closest Town(s): Kaitaia & Ahipara. Sand Safaris run transport to Cape Reinga. Free Phone in NZ 0800 869 090
801002432Ninety Mile Beach
[Maps]: map002; [Start]: Te Paki Stream mouth, Ninety Mile Beach (1 hour’s walking downstream from Te Paki Stream Road, off SH1).; [End]: Boat ramp, Kaka Street, Ahipara Township; [Track type]: Tramping track
[Requirements]: *No fires in forest *Take all rubbish with you
Te Paki Stream is a popular vehicle entrance/exit to the beach so be prepared for cars and tourist buses.From here, you freedom walk down the beach to Ahipara at your own speed. Landmarks you’ll pass are The Bluff (20 km), Hukatere (49 km) & Waipapakauri (67 km).
Leave the beach at the Kaka St boat ramp and find your way into Ahipara village, a popular holiday and surfing hotspot at the southern end of Ninety Mile beach and 14kms west of Kaitaia
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Tides, waves & rivers - safer at low tide *Track exposed to sun, wind or cold *Few water sources - follow dry stream beds to find pools. Filter all water. *Beach walking can be very hard on feet which can swell and blister. Wear supportive walking sandals/shoes/boots.
Extra info: Detour from track to accommodation - Gunnypa's B & B - Located an additional 22km by road - 5373 far north Rd, Ngataki - P: 09 409 8108 - E: gunnypas@xnet.co.nz - www.gunnypas.co.nz - Pick up and drop off service available for hiker. Meals also available.Accommodation on track:
Hukatere Lodge -  Located right on Ninety Mile Beach - 809 Hukatere Rd, Houhora  - P: 021 884 145 - E: info@hukatere.com - www.hukatere.comNinety Mile Beach Holiday Park - Located at Waipapakauri Boat ramp (entry/exit to the beach) - 6 Matai St (off West Coast Rd), Waipapakauri - P: 09 406 7298 or freephone 0800 367 719 - E: ninetymilebeach@xtra.co.nz - www.ninetymilebeach.co.nz
Getting there/away:
Busabout  Kaitaia - P: 09 408 1092 - E: admin@cbec.co.nz
Accommodation in Ahipara:
Ahipara Holiday Park - 168 Takahe St - P: 09 409 4864 -  E:camp@ahipara.co.nz - www.ahiparaholidaypark.co.nz
Ahipara Bay Motel - 22 Reef View Rd - P: 09 409 4888 or 0800 906 453 - E: baymotel@ahipara.co.nz
More can be found at www.ahipara.co.nzResupply: Ahipara Superette - Takahe St - P: 09 409 4828
Amenities [Start]: *Toilets toilet 1 hour up stream at road end. [On Route]: *Serviced Campsite Waipapakauri: entry/exit from beach. Top 10 Holiday Park. *Accommodation Hukatere Lodge and campground is 50 km south of Te Paki Stream. Email: nznorth@yahoo.com [End]: *Full range of amenities In Ahipara Township *Accommodation Ahipara Holiday Park Ph.0800 888988. Range of accom; drop boxes, trail transport, warm welcome.
Closest Town(s): Ahipara & Kaitaia
9109234Ahipara Connection
[Maps]: undefined; [Start]: Boat ramp, Kaka Street, Ahipara Township; [End]: Herekino Saddle, Kaitaia-awaroa Rd; [Track type]: Road margin
From the boat ramp on Ninety Mile Beach, follow these roads:
* Kaka St
* Right into Takahe Rd
* Right into Foreshore Rd
* Left into Roma Rd
* Right into Kaitaia-awaroa Rd
* Past Pukeko Pa
To the start of the Herekino Forest Track on the left/east side of Herekino Saddle.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track
Amenities [Start]: *Full range of amenities At Ahipara Village [End]: *No amenities
Closest Town(s): Ahipara & Kaitaia
15124842Herekino Forest Track
[Maps]: map006; [Start]: Herekino Saddle on the Kaitaia-Awaroa Road; [End]: Diggers Valley Road; [Track type]: Tramping track
The track climbs steeply for the first kilometre through mixed bush with views to Te Oneroa O Tohe — Ninety Mile Beach. At 300 metres the track opens on to low scrub, bracken and orchids. Listen here for the distinctive u-tick calls of fernbirds.
A high ridge allows glimpses northward across the Aupouri Peninsula before a descent to the first large kauri. The track picks up an easy ridgeline then turns at right-angles down to the Rangiheke Stream and its rock pools. The stream is splash-through, but the cable strung side to side will help if the water is high.
The kauri grove, one of the largest groups of big kauri in the north, is about two hours in. The track emerges soon after on to an old forestry road then enters again into forest, passing disused logger huts and ascending Taumatamahoe.
A viewpoint on the way up gives a glimpse of Kaitaia, and the 558 metre summit of Taumatamahoe is the highest point en route. Cellphones work at the top, and are useful to time any pickup. The track’s steep, root-crossed descent, joins a farm track - Veza Road - which leads to an exit on to Diggers Valley Road. This exit is distant from any settlement, and you’ll need to have arranged transport back to town.
Hazards: *Poisons & traps *Small stream crossings *Weather extremes *Few water sources - carry plenty of water, refill whenever you can. *Bush track can get overgrown.
Extra info: Local Maori know the forest as Orowhana, and the saddle as Te Arai, the door, where spirits pause before fleeing north to Cape Reinga. Poupou totems mark the sacred site and the central pou is carved in honour of Taunaha, an ancestor.The Herekino (Orowhana) Track was a joint project between Te Araroa Trust and the Department of Conservation, Northern Region. Two other DoC tracks diverge from the Herekino Forest track — a tramp from Herekino Saddle through to the Kaitaia-Awaroa Road via Pukepoto Access Road takes 6.5 hours, and the tramp through to Larmer Road end, via the Kaitaia Walkway takes 11 hours. Te Araroa Trust acknowledges the assistance given by the people of Whakamaharatanga Marae, also Te Runanga o Te Rarawa, and the Herekino Landcare Group in establishing the main track. Resupply
It is recommended when crossing the Rangiheke Stream that you refill your water supplies if required.Support Services:*Peter Griffiths of Takahue can provide a drop-off and pick up service for a small fee and some backpacker accommodation is available. Contact him in advance on (09) 408-3685. *I-SITE Information Far North, Te Ahu Centre, cnr Matthews Ave and South Rd, Kaitaia Ph: 09 408-0879 www.visitorinfo.co.nz *Some local accommodation places will provide transfers. Ask when you book. *Roger Gale is available for guiding through Herekino and Raetea Forests. Contact 09 4093807 or roger@treeskills.co.nz
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [End]: *No amenities
Closest Town(s): Ahipara & Kaitaia
11135345Takahue Route
[Maps]: map007; [Start]: The end of the Herekino Forest Track, junction of Veza & Diggers Valley Rd, Far North; [End]: Junction of Takahue Saddle & Warner Rds, Takahue; [Track type]: Mixed grade
[Requirements]: *Keep to the track *Respect private land *Forestry operations - Track may be closed occasionally *No litter *No camping *No fires
From the Herekino Forest Track exit on Diggers Valley Rd, follow the windy metal road south for approx. 1.2 km to where a stile crosses a fence to the east into Crown-owned forestry lands.
Follow orange markers along forestry tracks to emerge at another stile onto Waiotenue Rd.
Turn left/NE and follow the road into the very small settlement of Takahue.
Turn SE on Takahue Saddle Rd for 2.5km alongside the Takahue River until the junction with Warner Rd.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Forestry operations
Extra info: Support Services:*Peter Griffiths of Takahue can provide a drop-off and pick up service for a small fee and some backpacker accommodation is available. Contact him in advance on (09) 408-3685. *I-SITE Information Far North, Te Ahu Centre, cnr Matthews Ave and South Rd, Kaitaia Ph: 09 408-0879 www.visitorinfo.co.nz *Some local accommodation places will provide transfers. Ask when you book.
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [End]: *No amenities
Closest Town(s): Takahue
181539.554.5Raetea Forest Track
[Maps]: map007; [Start]: Junction of Takahue Saddle & Warner Rds, Takahue; [End]: Makene Road (junction between Makene & SH1), Mangamuka; [Track type]: Route
[Requirements]: *Keep to the track *No litter *No dogs *No fires *Take all rubbish with you *Kiwis - no dogs allowed
From the junction with Warner Rd, follow the old Takahue Saddle Rd (just a track now) as it turns away from the River and climbs steeply through farmland for 2 kms. At the saddle, turn off left/East into the Ratea Forest. It's a rough climb up to the ridge and on to a 580m peak.
The Raetea Forest has some of the highest peaks in Northland, so expect cloud and rain. The bush track follows the ridge line on a largely west-east basis past:
* The 744m Raetea summit 
* An unnamed highpoint of 727m (past a junction with a track leading north ona route out to SH1).
* The 638m Kumetewhiwhia summit
* The 445m Umaumakaroro summit
The track then descends through bush & private farmland to Makene Rd, Mangamuka. Walk NE to the junction with SH1.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Farming operations *Few water sources *Dense bush - infrequently maintained; track markers not reliable.
Extra info: Support Services:*Peter Griffiths of Takahue can provide a drop-off and pick up service for a small fee and some backpacker accommodation is available. Contact him in advance on (09) 408-3685. *Some local accommodation places will provide transfers. Ask when you book. *I-SITE Information Far North, Te Ahu Centre, cnr Matthews Ave and South Rd, Kaitaia Ph: 09 408-0879 www.visitorinfo.co.nz
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities *Roadside parking only [End]: *No amenities *Roadside parking only
Closest Town(s): Kaitaia
11164357.5Mangamuka Connection
[Maps]: map008; [Start]: Makene Rd (junction between Makene & SH1), Mangamuka; [End]: The junction of Omahuta and Jacksons Roads.; [Track type]: Road margin
From the junction with SH1 & Makene Rd, keep following SH1 for 6.5 km.
This takes you through Mangamuka settlement and then south to pass the Mangamuka pub & dairy, to the Mangamuka Bridge.
Turn east onto Omahuta Road and walk 5km to the junction with Jacksons Road & Omahuta Forest Roads.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track
Extra info: Accommodation in Mangamuka:
Mangamuka Bridge Hotel - SH 1 - P: 09 401 8944 - Evening meals only on a Wednesday & FridayResupply:
Mangamuka Dairy - SH 1 - P: 09 401 9184 - takeaways available. Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 6am - 8pm / Sat-Sun: 7.30am - 8pm / Public Holidays: 9am - 8pm
Mangamuka Roadside Cafe - SH 1 - P: 09 401 8937Support Services:*Some local accommodation places will provide transfers. Ask when you book. *I-SITE Information Far North, Te Ahu Centre, cnr Matthews Ave and South Rd, Kaitaia Ph: 09 408-0879 www.visitorinfo.co.nz
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [On Route]: *Shop *Mangamuka Bridge Hotel [End]: *No amenities
Closest Town(s): Kaitaia
311951673.5Omahuta Puketi Forest Track
[Maps]: map009; [Start]: The junction of Omahuta and Jacksons Roads.; [End]: Puketi Recreation Centre, Waiare Road; [Track type]: Route
[Requirements]: *No litter *No dogs *No taking plants *Camp with care *Take all rubbish with you *Bury toilet waste well away from water *Kiwis - no dogs allowed *Kauri tree disease risk - Clean boots between tracks; avoid standing on root systems
From the junction, head east on old forestry roads. 700m up Omahuta Forest Rd, take the left fork onto Kauri Sanctuary Rd (vehicles are rare).  After 3.5 km there’s a junction where Kauri Pa Road runs off left. That’s the one to follow,
Detour: if you want to camp, turn right into Kauri Sanctuary Road 500m and look for the green and gold post marking a modest but pretty campsite with water tank and toilets – Apple Dam Campsite. The kauri sanctuary is further down this same road. 
Continue along Kauri Pa Road a further 1km, then fork right onto Blackbridge Road. You might see beehive clusters with significant bee traffic en route – just button up and walk gently past.
Follow along to cross a ford, then climb a further 1 km until at the top of the climb, a 4WD track leads left along a soft  ridge leading down to Mangapukahukahu Stream. The track is easy to follow down to an old forestry skid site, but then requires close attention.  Go down past the right hand side of the skid site, then turn immediately left (below the site).  You will then find a rough track that leads off down the ridge to the Mangapukahukahu Stream.  The stream through a gorge and is subject to flash floods in heavy rain. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO FURTHER IF THERE IS HEAVY RAIN IN THE REGION.As long as the weather is clear, walk SE mostly in the stream for 2.5 km until meeting up with the Waipapa River.  Immediately south (right) of the junction between Mangapukahukahu and the Waipapa,  a track leads away up the bank, and descends to a shoal where there's a shallow but wet boots crossing of the main river. 
Follow in/out of the Waipapa River NE for 2.5kms to the junction with the Puketea Ridge Track. (Note: A track runs parallel to the river for some of the distance, but usually this sections a wade.)  
The Pukatea Ridge Track climbs steeply, past a freedom camp site 30m up the track and then on up the ridge through young kauri for 3.5km to meet the Takapau Track. (Optional detour: see a huge kauri tree 500m south on the Takapau Track).From the junction of Pukatea Ridge & Takapau Tracks, head NE for 300m to the junction with Walnut Track & Pirau Ridge Road (a 4WD road). Follow Pirau Ridge Road east for 9 km to the Puketi Forest Headquarters, Waiare Rd. There's a campsite here.Wet Weather bypass option:
From the Junction, head NE on Jacksons Road. Follow this windy, gravel road past Mangapa where it merges into Pupuke Mangapa Rd (i.e. after the bridge at mangapa, take the left fork up the hill.)_After 11 kms take the Mokau Ridge Rd which after 200m turns in a SE direction. After 11.5km, you pass a quarry. Continue on for another 5.5km until your forestry road meets Waiare Rd. Turn South for 4 kms. - WARNING: Forestry Operations
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Poisons & traps *Forestry operations *River canyons - flash floods. Use bypass in times of heavy rain *River crossings - Never cross flooded rivers *Beehives near track.
Extra info: This is a challenging, wet route using river canyons - subject to flash floods. You need good equipment and navigation skills. Only go in dry weather.Some beehives en route.  Wet Weather option: Use Jacksons Wet Weather bypass as above.Acccommodation:
DOC Puketi Recreation Centre - Waiare rd. Cabins are to booked trough DOC, Bay of Islands - P: 09 407 0300*Standard camping & cabins with water, toilets, BBQ and cold showers. *Puketi Hut with all basic modern conveniences.
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities *Roadside parking only [On Route]: *Basic camp site 30m up Puketea Ridge Track *Standard Campsite Apple Dam, 500m down from Kauri Sanctuary [End]: *Carpark *Picnic area *Toilets *Standard Campsite *Accommodation Puketi Hut (with mod cons) – can be booked through DoC, Bay of Islands Tel: +9 407-0300
Closest Town(s): Kerikeri or Kaitaia
32227174.5Jacksons Wet Weather Bypass
[Maps]: map009; [Start]: The junction of Omahuta and Jacksons Roads.; [End]: Waiare Road junction with DoC’s Puketi Recreation Centre.; [Track type]: Road margin
From the junction with Omahuta Rd, head NE on Jacksons Road. Follow this windy, gravel road pass Mangapa where it merges into Pupuke Mangapa Rd (i.e. after the bridge at Mangapa, look take the left fork up the hill – a signpost is needed here).After 11 km, take the Mokau Ridge Road which after 200m turns in a SE direction.
After 11.5km, you pass a quarry.
Continue on for another 5.5km until your forestry road meets Waiare Road. Turn south & after 4 kms, you will reach the turnoff to DoC’s Puketi Recreation Centre, Waiare Rd.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Forestry operations
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [End]: *Carpark *Picnic area *Toilets *Standard Campsite *Accommodation Book cabins & Puketi Hut with DoC Tel:+9 407-0300
Closest Town(s): Kerikeri
Mangakaretu Track is CLOSED. Bypass trail: Puketotara Connection Bypass
192464.579Puketotara Connection Bypass
[Maps]: undefined; [Start]: Puketi Recreation Centre, Waiare Road; [End]: Rest Area at junction of Kerikeri River with SH10; [Track type]: Road margin
From the Puketi Recreation Centre, follow Waiare Rd south for 4.5kms. 
Turn east onto Puketotara Rd for 13.5kms to SH 10.
Turn north on SH 10 for 600m. On the eastern side of the road, just over the bridge and on the north banks of the Kerikeri River is the picnic layover (no facilities).
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track
Amenities [Start]: *Standard Campsite DoC “standard” campsite & cabins (water, toilets, BBQ, cold showers). Cabins can be booked through DoC, Bay of Islands Tel: +9 407-0300 *Accommodation Puketi Hut (with mod cons) – can be booked through DoC, Bay of Islands Tel: +9 407-0300 [End]: *Carpark *Picnic area
Closest Town(s): Kerikeri
6252281Kerikeri River Track
[Maps]: map012; [Start]: From rest area at junction of SH10 & Kerikeri River (on north bank, south of Waipapa village).; [End]: Stone Store, Kerikeri Rd, Kerikeri Basin.; [Track type]: Easy tramping track
[Requirements]: *Keep to the track *Respect private land *No litter *No dogs *No horses *No vehicles *No bikes *No taking plants *No camping *No fires *Kiwis - no dogs allowed
From the picnic area on SH10, follow the Te Araroa and orange track markers across stiles, pasture and along fencelines to the northern banks of the Kerikeri River. Continue following the orange markers until near Rainbow Falls Rd where Te Araroa’s track joins up with DoC’s Kerikeri Walkway. There one can view the 27m high Rainbow Falls that tumble over basalt lava fields which had flowed into the river valley after volcanic eruptions. 
From then on, the track is a well-developed and marked bush track. It passes through stands of young kauri & totara. It also passes the remains of a power house built as part of a hydro-electric generation scheme which operated between 1930-67.
Follow this track all the way to the picnic area/carpark area on Landing Road, then cross the footbridge over the river to New Zealand's oldest house, Kemp House (1821-22) and the world reknowned Stone Store (1832-36) on the Kerikeri Basin.
Hazards: *Poisons & traps *Farming operations
Extra info: The Kerikeri Basin is where Maori welcomed missionaries in 1819 to establish a Church Mission Settlement. This established the framework for New Zealand's bi-cultural society. Kerikeri is both a beautiful place in the Bay of Islands, and one of New Zealand's most historic sites.
More information about Kerikeri please refer to:
Paihia I-Site Information Centre:
Department of Conservation Bay of Islands area office - 34 Landing Rd - P: 09 407 0300 - E: bayofislandsbooking@doc.govt.nzGetting there/away:
Air New Zealand Link from Auckland airport - P: 0800 737 000 or 09 357 3000 - www.airnewzealand.co.nz
SaltAir from KeriKeri or Paihia - P: 0800 472 582 or 09 402 8338 - E: info@saltair.co.nz - www.saltair.co.nz
Bay Of Islands Airport www.bayofislandsairport.co.nz for flight and shuttle transport info.
Intercity bus from Auckland - Kerikeri - Kaitaia - P: 09 583 5780 - E: info@intercity.co.nz - www.intercity.co.nz
Kerikeri Taxi Shuttle & Tours P: 09 407 9515 or 021 407 951 - E: info@kerikeritaxis.co.nz - www.kerikeritaxis.co.nzAccommodation:
Kerikeri Top Ten Holiday Park & Aranga Backpackers - 23 Aranga Rd, Kerikeri - P: 09 407 9326 or 0800 272 642 - www.kerikeriholidaypark.co.nz
Hone Heke Backpackers - 65 Hone Heke Rd, Kerikeri - P: 09 407 8170Resupply:
New World Kerikeri - 99 Kerikeri Rd - P: 09 407 0200
Countdown Kerikeri - 1 Fairway Drive - P: 09 407 6163
Amenities [Start]: *Car park *Picnic area [On Route]: *Carpark Rainbow Falls Park *Toilets Rainbow Falls Park *Rubbish bins at Rainbow Falls Park [End]: *Carpark *Picnic area *Toilets *Phone
Closest Town(s): Kerkeri or Waipapa village
5257182Kerikeri Connection
[Maps]: undefined; [Start]: Infront of the Stone Store, Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri Basin.; [End]: Forestry gate, junction of Kerikeri Inlet Rd & Te Wairoa Rd (i.e. 600 east of bridge over the estuary. The start of Waitangi Forest Track).; [Track type]: Mixed grade
[Requirements]: *Take all rubbish with you *Kiwis - no dogs allowed On Hongi Hika Reserve
From the historic Kemp House & Stone Store on Kerikeri Basin, leave Kerikeri Rd & follow the Kororipo Pa Track which curves around the headland to the SE. .
Once on the headland, follow the wide pasture track SW until a DOC marker post identifies a track heading SE down into a gully and over a pedestrian bridge to Pa Rd. 
Walk SE up Pa Rd & turn NE into Kerikeri Inlet Rd. Continue on for 2 kms to a forest gate & the northern end of Te Wairoa Rd - the start of the Waitangi Forest Track.This route is a mix of footpath, grass, easy walking track & road berm.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track
Extra info: Kororipo Pa served as a coastal village, a fortified base for war parties and a trading postAccommodation:
Pagoda Motel & Camping Ground - 81 Pa Rd - P: 09 407 8617 or 021 071 8688 - www.pagoda.co.nz
Amenities [Start]: *Car park *Picnic area [On Route]: *Accommodation Pagoda Motel & Camping Ground on Pa Rd [End]: *No amenities
Closest Town(s): Kerkeri
142712.584.5Waitangi Forest Track
[Maps]: map012; [Start]: Forestry gate, junction of Kerikeri Inlet Rd & Te Wairoa Rd (i.e. 600m east of bridge over the estuary).; [End]: Waitangi Bridge, North Paihia; [Track type]: Easy tramping track
As it leaves Kerikeri Inlet Road the trail ascends gradually through young pines for 2.5 kms to a road junction, but stays on Te Wairoa as it turns left downhill to low swamp and a fern- and tree-shaded passage another 4.5 km  then turns right onto Te Puke Road. One km on from here, just before the junction with Skyline Road, you may see, if the grass is trimmed, Te Araroa’s first-ever track-opening plaque.From the forestry gate, follow Te Wairoa Rd (a forestry road) in a SE direction through the Waitangi forest.Turn south onto Te Puke Rd and pass beneath the summit of Te Puke (136m). About 1 km on and just before the junction with Skyline Rd, you might see the Te Araroa cairn, assembled from local volcanic rock by Kerikeri sculptor Chris Booth.Continue on 1 km to pass Mt Bledisloe (105m) before turning East onto Haruru Falls Rd.
leaving the forest enhind you emerge onto Tau Henare Drive, Waitangi. Follow the road through the Waitangi Golf Course, pass the Waitangi Treaty grounds. Continue on down to the Waitangi Bridge.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Forestry operations *Bikes and horses
Extra info: Original Te Araroa brochure available from www.teararoa.org.nz/userfiles/file/brochure/waitangi3.pdfTe Araroa’s first-ever track-opening plaque February 7th 1995. Then-Prime Minister, Jim Bolger whisked a yellow tarpaulin off a local volcanic stone embedded with lines from A. R.D. Fairburn’s poem ‘To a Friend in the Wilderness’–                        I could be happy, in blue and fortunate weather,                         Roaming the country between you and the sun
South of here, the trail follows the same route as the path that once connected the now-vanished Maori village Okura with Waitangi. It passes Mt Bledisloe (105m) and a short diversion to the summit lookout is worthwhile. The large swathe of land on view from this low summit, includes the Waitangi Treaty Grounds below. The track descends past Mt Bledisoe before turning east (left) onto Haruru Falls Rd then Tau Henare Drive and past the Waitangi Golf Course, to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.  
Waitangi Treaty Grounds: Open daily from 9am -7pm (summer season) and (9am - 5pm) during the rest of the year for the museum, guided tours and Maori Cultural performances, scenery and crafts. Entry is free to NZ residents (ID required)
On February 6th 1840, New Zealand’s founding document was signed here between Lieutenant-Governor Hobson, representing of the British Crown and Maori chiefs.  The manicured lawns and the solemn kaitiakitanga that surround the place indicate the importance now placed on the treaty. The Treaty House here was gifted to the nation in 1932 by the former Governor General, Lord Charles Bledisloe. As a British aristocrat, he perhaps saw more clearly than Pakeha New Zealanders then did what the Treaty of Waitangi meant to Maori, and the nation. Within two years he’d laid the foundations here for Waitangi’s Whare Runanga. That triumvirate of Maori meeting house, Pakeha treaty house, and flagstaff were seen by him, and are seen now in New Zealand’s more exalted moments, as symbolic of national unity.    
Waikokopu Café within the Waitangi Treaty grounds - P: 09 402 6275 - E: info@waikokopucafe.co.nz - www.waikokopu.co.nz
*There are many side roads in this forest so take care you are on the correct road. *The track passes through the Waitangi Endowment Forest – part of New Zealand’s conservation estate, a further gift to the nation by Lord Bledisloe, in 1936. *The Waitangi Treaty Grounds, are open daily from 9am - 7pm (summer season) and 9am - 5pm during the rest of the year for scenery, indoor shows, crafts, museum, guided tours and Maori cultural performances. No entry fee for New Zealand residents (ID required).
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [End]: *Carpark *Picnic area *Toilets *Cafe/restaurant
Closest Town(s): Kerkeri or Paihia
8279286.5Paihia - Opua Coastal Walkway
[Maps]: map013; [Start]: Waitangi Bridge, North Paihia , Bay of Islands; [End]: Opua Wharf, Opua, Bay of Islands; [Track type]: Mixed grade
From the Waitangi Bridge, follow the coastal Marsden Rd via beach or footpath south through Paihia township.
At the southern end of Paihia Beach (i.e. junction of Marsden & Seaview Rds by toilets/carpark), you have 2 options:
1. When the tide is out, follow the coastline from Paihia Beach around to Haumi Bay.
2. If the tide is in, take the footpath south on Seaview Rd to Haumi Bay.
From the southern end of Haumi Bay, follow the signed track beside/under the bridge and around the coast to the east until you reach Opua. The track provides wonderful views of the Veronica Channel.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Take care around water, slippery rocks.
Extra info: Other Amenities:Paihia: Available are a full range of amenities (population 1770)
i-SITE Visitor Information centre - The Wharf, Marsden Rd - P:09 402 7345 or 0800 363 463 - E: paihia@visitnorthland.co.nz - www.paihianz.co.nz and www.russellnz.co.nzGetting there/away:
For flights see Kerikeri
Intercity bus from Auckland - Kerikeri - P: 09 583 5780 - E: info@intercity.co.nz - www.intercity.co.nz
Northliner Express Coach Service - P: 09 307 5873
Naked Bus - www.nakedbus.co.nz
Passenger Ferry for Paihia - Russell. Departs on demand every 20 minutes from 8.30am until late.
Last ferry 1 September to 30 October 7.30pm, 1 June to 31 August 5.30pm. Tickets are purchased on board. Waitangi drop-off subject to conditions
Kerikeri Taxi Shuttle & Tours P: 09 407 9515 or 021 407 951- E: info@kerikeritaxis.co.nz - www.kerikeritaxis.co.nz Accommodation In Paihia:
There are many options available, however options include:
Waitangi Holiday Park & Mayfair Lodge backpackers - 21 Tahuna Rd - P: 09 402 7866 - E: waitangiholidaypark@xtra.co.nz - www.waitangiholidaypark.co.nz
Pickled Parrot Backpackers - Greys Lane, Paihia - P: 09 402 6222 - E: thepickledparrotnz@gmail.com - www.pickledparrot.co.nz
YHA Paihia - Corner of Kings & MacMurray Rds, Paihia - P: 09 402 7487 - www.yha.co.nz/hostels/north-island-hostels/yha-bay-of-islands-paihia/
Accommodation en route:
Beachside Holiday Park - 1290 SH 11, Paihia - P: 09 402 7678 - E: info@beachsidehioliday.co.nz
Opua Motel - 24 Franklin St, Opua - P: 09 402 7632 - E: opua.motel@xtra.co.nz - www.opuamotel.co.nzResupply:
Countdown - 9 Blackbridge Rd, Paihia
Paihia 4 Square - 41 Williams Rd, Paihia
Opua General Store next to Russell Ferry Ramp - P: 09 402 7575 - E:opuastore@paradise.net.nz - www.opua.co.nz
Amenities [Start]: *Car park *Picnic area *Toilets *Shop Cafe [End]: *Carpark *Toilets *Shop *Phone
Closest Town(s): Paihia
1329286.5Waikare Connection
[Maps]: map013; [Start]: Opua Wharf, Opua, Bay of Islands; [End]: Waikare; [Track type]: Mixed grade
[Requirements]: *Keep to the track *Respect private land *No litter *No dogs Or allowed on a lead (Kiwi Zone)
Two options exist to negotiate the Waikare Inlet through to the start of the Russell Forest Track -  by water or by road.Water -  A water taxi service runs from Opua up to Waikare Landing at the head of the Waikare Estuary but the Landing is tide dependent, so the run has to be carefully  timed. The cost is around $100 for the launch hire - it'll be less per person if you bunch with other TA walkers. Phone Dusty on 0800 387892 or 0274 992650, or see detail at www.diveops.co.nzAnother option is to kayak up the inlet with Bay Beach Hire, phone 09 4026078. This company is based on the beach at Paihia, and if you're going to kayak up to Waikare, Paihia is a better start point than Opua. This is a new service, and hire of a single kayak may prove expensive as the kayaks have to be brought back from Waikare. Again, it's better to travel in a group or two or three, which will reduce costs. Price on request, and is dependent on how many are travelling.  See detail at www.baybeachhire.co.nzRoad - From Opua, take the vehicular ferry over the Veronica Channel to Okiato. From there, follow Aucks Road for 4.5 km to its junction to the Russell Whakapara Road. Turn right and follow that road for 10 km before turning right onto Waikare Road. A further 7 km brings you to Waikare landing, and Waikare Valley Road directly opposite.If you want a  more relaxing route between exiting the ferry and joining with the Russell Whakapara Road, then turn left into Pipiroa Rd soon after leaving the ferry and link to the “Okiato to Russell Walkway.” This goes through wetland, bush, and around cliffs to rejoin Aucks road just before its junction with the Russell Whakapara Road.  Its several kilometres longer than walking directly through to the Russell Whakapara Road on Auck Road, but does take you off-road and is a good coastal meander if you have time.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track *Poisons & traps *Small stream crossings
Amenities [Start]: *Accommodation Opua Seaview Motel 09 402 7632 [On Route]: *Accommodation Orongo Bay Holiday Park, Russell 09 403 7704. Wairoro Park, near Russell 09 403 7255. [End]: *No amenities
Closest Town(s): Paihia Or Russell
2531786.5Russell Forest Track
[Maps]: map014; [Start]: Waikare; [End]: Russell Road; [Track type]: Tramping track
SOME PARTS OF RUSSELL FOREST HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY KAURI DIEBACK DISEASE - PLEASE TAKE CARE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO WASH BOOTS ON WAY IN AND WAY OUT OF FOREST.A RAHUI (traditional Maori precautionary closure) HAS BEEN APPLIED AT THE PUNARUKU ROAD END OF THE TRACK AND THE ENTRY/EXIT POINT FOR THE TIME BEING IS VIA PAPAKAURI ROAD.From the Waikare landing, Waikare Valley Road past the Waikare School and urupa, and farms 3 km to a roadbridge across the Waikare River. It then begins to narrow, and after a further kilometre you must ford the Waikare River. On a good day this is no more than ankle deep, and you can cross on a concrete pole laid on the river bed, and not get your feet wet. After rain, it can be dangerous. The track ahead runs parallel to the Papakauri Stream. This track is a Maori road, a surveyed access into Maori land blocks where the public does not have  access by right. It was made part of Te Araroa after a series of meetings at Waikare Marae with the landowners.  Please treat it with respect. After 1.5 km the track tails out, and for the next 4 km you're walking up the stream. This 4 km across shoals and boulders will take longer than you anticipate, and you shouldn't attempt the route after or during heavy rain. If conditions are right though, it’s a beaut walk.  Where the stream finally intersects the Russell Forest Walkway, follow signage left (east) out to Papakauri Road and turn right to head south on Russell Road.
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [End]: *Standard Campsite Contact Waikare Marae
Closest Town(s): Kawakawa or Russell
9326288.5Mokau Connection
[Maps]: map015; [Start]: Punaruku Road (4WD & unsigned), off Russell Rd, 2.8km N of Oakura t/o.; [End]: Junction of Russell Rd & Webb Rd, Helena Bay.; [Track type]: Road margin
From the junction of Punaruku Road (in Russell Forest) & Russell Rd, follow the road south passing the Oakura turnoff (2.7kms) and the small settlement of Mokau (4 kms) until reaching the junction of Russell Rd & Webb Rd, Helena Bay.
Hazards: *Vehicles on road or track
Extra info: Note:
o Punaruku Rd may be unsigned but is 2.8km North of the Oakura Turnoff, on the west side of the road.
o Punaruku Rd is not driveable for very far. Official Russell Walkway is a 4 kms walk SW of junction of with Russell Rd Pukapuka Road, off Russell Rd, near Mokau.
Amenities [Start]: *No amenities [On Route]: *Shop 2 kms down Oakura Rd. *Accommodation 1.5-3 kms down Oakura Rd. [End]: *No amenities *Helena Bay School (closed)
Closest Town(s): Whangarei or Russell
8334290.5Helena Bypass
[Maps]: map015; [Start]: Junction of Russell Rd & Webb Rd, Helena Bay.; [End]: Grassy 4WD track on East/left side, off Kaiikanui Road (2.6 km south of junction with Mimiwhangata Rd); [Track type]: Road margin
From the junction of Russell & Webb Rds, Helena Bay, follow Webb Rd SE past the old Helena Bay School and up a steep hill past Ngahau bay (Teal Bay to some).
After 5km, keep going past the turnoff to Ngahau Bay. After another 700m, Webb Rd ends at the junction with Mimiwhanagta & Kaiikanui Rds. Take the right fork and continue on Kaiikanui Rd for another 2.6kms kms to the start of DoC's Morepork Track (currently unsigned but is a well-benched track with some bee hives at the entrance).
Note: This narrow, windy gravel roadwalk passes through bush and has steep drop-offs with great views over the countryside. Occasionally, there are cattle belonging to local farmers grazing or being moved on the road.