WR RulesFAQsScore RanksScore Obtained
Max. Punishment
1No TeamingTrucing is when players ignore each other, and is allowed. Teaming is when they help each other out fighting opponents. You may temporarily team on hunters; with a few caveats. If the entire server is hunting you, you need to choose which hunters you're allowed to team on. Teaming on hunters has to be short-lived, and you should generally not stay in the same area as your "teammate." Think of this sort of teaming as a /kick command: you have a limited number of uses and it's a quick command designed to save the leader from being yeeted by hunters.1-week tempban for repeated offenses, invalidation of record. Tempban will not be administered if the ruling was unclear. Who are the WRMs?Spank and JTS are the Head WRMs. Imagine, Conspirator, Frezzer and {ER} are the other WRMs.Mercury0
2No Bug AbuseNo. Just no. This includes scores with a significant portion of score gained from bug abuse, even if it's not strictly the scorer's fault, e.g. some Shock bugs.2-week tempban, invalidation of record. How are assists and bosses counted?A boss counts as 2 kills. An assist counts as 0.5 kills.Ammonite300000
3No FeedingFeeding is where you or your friends suicide into your high-score to give it kills and points, and both the feeder and fed will be punished. An exception is Malicious Feeding, where the feeder feeds against the fed player's will. This will be punished VERY harshly. High scores suiciding into players does not count as feeding. Abusing the miniboss command counts as feeding.Permaban from submissions and possibly a WR wipe. Tempban only for mild first offences.Why does my WR count have a decimal?For each tank in each category, there is a first, second and third place. If you finish first, you hold the WR and therefore get a point. If you have a second place, you will get 0.5 of a WR and for third place, you will get 0.3. This is both to show we recognise the effort you put towards that run, but also recognise that it is not entirely a WR.Titanium1000000
4Follow Kill Ratio150k/kill minimum except for bugged tanks. If you're above the ratio, your score will be reduced accordingly. For scores 1m or above, you need 2 kills for every visitor.Reduction of score, potentially invalidation of record.Why are you making this sheet?To put it simply, the WRMs of the old sheet were inefficient and irresponsible, denying scores from their own biases and keeping pointless rules like the idiotic 34k rule in the system.Amethyst2000000
Follow Score Minimum
300k for WRs, and 5 kills for Kills WRs.Invalidation of record.Speaking of the 34k rule, does it still exist?No.Emerald3000000
6Submit ProofEverything within the game "" has to be shown in the proof. Exceptions may be granted, but they will be few and far between.Invalidation of record. Potential tempban if you were trying to cheat your way into a WR.Why choose the FCAR sheet?The FCAR sheet has catalogued every score ever gotten since May 1st, 2020 like no other sheet has ever come close to doing before, providing a great service for the community.Ruby5000000
7Submit Proper TankIf you play most of the game with one tank and upgrade to another, do not submit the WR. Same goes for pulling bullshit with a Switcheroo.Invalidation of record, potential tempban.Ratio for shock etc?500k/kill.Diamond7000000
8No MultitabbingUnless you have a good reason, just don't.1-week tempban, invalidation of record.An FFA score from early May is on the sheet... Why? Doesn't this conflict with official Tankster WR sheet rules?Yes, the grandfather was changed from only TDM scores to all scores, including FFA scores.Topaz10000000
9No BiasesWRMs are expected to be consistent and not deny or accept scores based on their own biases. Demotion from WRM.Why isn't my full name on the sheet?If your name is spammy, long, or profane, it may be altered. Also, if you have a known alt, or if you are submitting under an alias name, the WRs will be redirected to your main. Example: Any records by deadlron are redirected to kek.Sapphire15000000
10No Bruh'ingDo not abuse a loophole in the rules. You will be punished.Invalidation of record to a permaban, depending on severity.Where do I submit WRs if I do not have a Discord account?
11No Invalid DatesScores are only valid if obtained on May 1, 2020 or afterwards.Invalidation of record.Hey, why is there a disconnect screen being counted for kills?If you have a very high score, witnesses, and a poll, scores can be counted for kills even with a disconnect screen.Serendibite25000000
12No Photo EditingDo not edit your scores to make them seem higher than they are, or to fabricate them as your own, or for any other malicious purpose.Invalidation of record, potential permanent ban on submitting.Laser Ship has both bugged and non-bugged elements - what is the ratio for it?300k/kill.Pezzotaite30000000
13RestoringIf you are killed by a banlisted player, need to go, the server crashes, the arena closes, you are abused on, or your WiFi disconnects, join the Discord ( and inquire about getting your score restored. Further information is available in the Discord channel "#restore-submissions".Permanent ban if found to have abused restoring.What is Mastery?Control 6 WRs for a tank in a given gamemode = level 3. 5 WRs = level 2. 4 WRs = level 1. Think of it like a meta-WR.Jadeite40000000
14No BasecampingIn TDMF, do not basecamp. This means attacking other players from your base. An exception is if you are getting heavily hunted or basekilled, for example by Blackholes attempting to pull you out while you are AFK.1-week tempban for repeated offenses, invalidation of record. Tempban will not be administered if the ruling was unclear. Can I get Discord ranks from TDMF?Yes.Obsidian50000000
15Extreme TrucingDo not truce with more than half the number of people in a server. If you do this by accident, it's okay; if the server dies, try to end any truces necessary. If a large portion of the server is Spectator, exercise more caution that you aren't over-trucing.Invalidation of wr.
16Developer BiasDo not use /loadmap to give yourself or anyone else an unfair advantage during your run, and do not exploit the balancing process (e.g. nerfing a tank immediately after obtaining its WR in order to prevent others from also obtaining it) in order to benefit yourself or anyone else. In general, taking actions as a Developer that would impact your or anyone else's score is heavily discouraged.Invalidation of record to a permaban, depending on severity.