Ambitious 1-Year Goals
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Lean In Together Minneapolis-St. Paul exists to help women and girls actualize their ambitions.
Circle member (insert a hyperlink to invite other to connect), circle name or location if outside MinnesotaAmbitious goal*: In the next year I will...Date setSix month dateSix month check-inDate accomplished**(Optional) Tweet-length ambition: I am leaning in with others....
Abir Abdul Rahim, Asia Women 1) Pass one more of my professional Actuarial paper to progress in my career (salary increased)
2) Grow a revenue of MYR100k ($25k) for my home grown fashion label Lisa&A
3) A speaker at an international conference overseas
4) Buy a property in Malaysia
5) Get married
8/8/20168/2/2017I'm leaning in with others to harness my potential, not just a woman, but as an individual in giving back to the society, and add value to better the society.
Afton MartensWrite the first draft of my book4/5/1710/5/1710/5/1712/5/17To live a wholehearted life
Aisling Reynolds1) Write business plan for B&B in Tully, Northern Ireland 2) Cross the finish line of the TC 10 mile8/26/2016, 4/5/172/26/2017, 10/5/1710/9/2016! (TC10Mile)
Alex EricksonMatch into one of my top OB/GYN residency programs8/1/162/1/17
Ali Rodway1) Hired as in-house executive coach 2) create 2 more passive income streams 3) surprise my wife with a tropical getaway 8/25/2016
Alicia RedmondMeet at least 3 CEOs in the Seattle area and recruit them as allies for Lean In
Alissa JohnsonPresent my story to The Moth radio show - complete my pre-req classes for pre-med. 8/24/20162/24/2017To model confidence and to give women specific exercises/strategies they can use to become more confident.
Ally DIs celebrating one month of sobriety (yay!) and her goal is to realign herself.5/3/1711/3/17
Amanda HerrCommercialize three of my products, say "YES!" to what I do6/8/16; 10/5/1612/8/16/ 4/5/17
Amanda Gramstad 1. Feel inspired at my curent job while I find a more inspiring job to transition to 2. Seek alignment and flow in my life 3. Develop a passive income; Start a creative project1. 2/1/17 2. 3/1/17 3. 6/26/17 1. 8/1/17 2. 9/1/17 3.12/26/171. 8/1/17 2. 9/1/17 3.12/26/171. 5/17/17
Amanda Prince1. Secure my first adjunct faculty opportunity.  
2. Take piano lessons
3. Start running again (begin with 8-10k steps per day)
Ambreasha FrazierTake better care of self: Make self-care a part of my routine by being more present, appreciating nature and my surroundings (disconnect from technology more), incorporating more family time, and doing things that help me rejuvenate every once in a while; Learn more about leaning in and how it can help me continue to grow as a professional, ambitious woman. Launch web design and consulting biz.1/1/17
Amy WardLearn new language5/1/201711/1/2017
Amy JohnsonDiscover a way to make my current role bring me happiness and fulfillment or find a new role that does this for me, while still providing my family financial stability.12/6/20166/6/2017
Amy SullivanWrite a book12/7/20166/7/2017
Amy TomczykLaunch own professional Website for business12/7/2016; 4/5/17, 6/7/176/7/2017; 10/5/17, 12/6/1710/12/17 DONE
Andrea Harrill
1. Launch website for business
2. Launch group + online portal for clients
3. Outsource strategic parts of business
Andrea Wynne
1. Write the first draft of my book 2. Explore higher positions and confidently apply for them!
Andressa Ramos dos SantosGo to New York24/08/201624/02/2017
Angela Yu, Palo Alto Lean InComplete my career transition from business back into engineering by (1) serving as an engineering manager that recruits (1+ new hire) and retains (<20% attrition) a high-performing engineering team (>avg performance ratings), by (2) refreshing my technical skills enough to contribute production code to my team's product, and by (3) publishing new code to my dormant personal Github account. All this in spite of the additional challenge of taking maternity leave for my second child.8/27/20162/27/2017SolitaryI am leaning in with others to find the courage to reclaim my engineering roots after a 14-year hiatus.
Ann KirchnerBuild a sustainable financial planning practice helping people understand and realize their financial goals.10/5/16, 5/3/174/5/17, 11/3/17
Ann MotlBecome a better writer, start being a writer6/8/16; 3/1/1712/8/16/ 9/1/17
Ann VidoloffHave a plan; less hostile workplace - regroup and move on; Maintain herself and not succumb to negativity at work – not living in the imposter syndrome8/3/16; 4/5/17, 5/3/172/3/17; 10/5/17, 11/3/17
Anna LarssonJust keep it going7/6/16; 12/7/16; 4/5/17, 6/7/171/6/17; 6/7/17/ 10/5/17, 12/7/17
Anne KerstenDecrease debt by $10,0007/6/161/6/17
Anne-Marie TrostAdvance career - more responsibility12/7/166/7/17
Annika EngbergGet a job6/7/1712/7/17
Anya PuzankovaMake my on-line business profitable; gain 7 pounds; starting finding out what to do (entrepreneur or corporate job); self-care6/8/16, 1/4/17; 3/1/17; 6/7/1712/8/16, 7/4/17; 9/1/17, 12/7/17
April SeifertLearn Python (programming language)4/5/201710/5/2017
Arielle Ziv, Disney Circles
Get into a top 10 business school; rollout Women@Disney in at least 1 international region
Ashley Gray, Coca-Cola CirclesLand a new role at my current company & to make A(s) in all of my masters courses.8/10/162/10/16To work on personal development and engage with other women on the same path!
Ashley LewisComplete three certifications pertaining to my career including doula and lactation education counselor7/6/161/6/17
Astrid Becker MondiGet settled in Minnesota with a network1/4/177/4/
Bailey DoyleDevelop a content strategy for distributing Lean In Content to the Clorox Chapter7/11/161/11/17To modify the Clorox Lean In Strategy to meet the needs of our members & grow our
Barbara StainsackPerform 10 new Interior Design Projects for 10 new customers.08/25/201602/25/2017
Beth FirkinsWork overseas. Accelerate my career while becoming a mother. Get more involved in female collegium at work. Breastfeed for a year.7/6/16, 10/6/16, 1/4/17, 6/7/171/6/17/ 4/5/17, 7/4/17, 12/7/17
Bethany von SteinbergsClose a bunch of work deals (transformative work). Start a Lean In circle in Rochester, Minnesota6/8/16, 8/3/1612/8/16, 2/3/17
Bijanca ClarkMove to NY or LA to work in entertainment4/5/1710/5/17
Bonnie Randall-Hanson3-day rock & roll camp ending with a club performance1/4/177/4/17
Brandy ChurchillSee the women's group at work go beyond being just another women's group10/5/164/5/17
Brenda HalvorsonSecure employment as a user experience designer. Complete UX certification12/28/201606/28.2017UX designer seeks FT permanent opportunity to build human-centric solutions that drive business results.
Brenda M. PaloSecure a short-term, income-producing, fun job to make ends meet while I seek and find a middle-term, full-time professional position that more fully develops my relationship- and community-building skills (over the next 2-3 years) in preparation for my longer-term goal of launching my practice as an astrological counselor (2-3 years out); Getting a job for counseling/training people8/3/16, 3/1/17; 6/7/172/3/17, 9/1/17; 12/7/17
Britta ScamptonWrite 50 articles for my Website6/8/1612/8/16
Calley BlissBook 3 commercial VO gigs to add to resume. Add 3 more private weekly yoga clients.6/22/1612/22/16
Cara BangasserGet promoted at work4/5/1710/5/17
Carolyn McBrideDevelop interests outside of work4/5/1710/5/17
Carolyn VreemanProduce and promote my website, building my business connecting Leaders with professionals, Publish 2 Children's Books- Year 2: publish my book8/26/162/26/17Bringing more of myself to the table and choosing courage over fear every day while helping others to do the same.
Cassie BreeggemannNarrow down jobs to just one3/1/179/1/17
Chelsea TunellEstablish new department to provide resources to employees6/8/1612/8/16
Chitra RajanBe a badass Product Manager in the eCommerce domain08/25/201602/25/2017
Chrissy BellGet a promotion 11/1/174/1/18
Christina Chateauvert, Detroit Lean InFinish my Learning Design and Techology doctoral degree at Wayne State University.8/24/ 20162/24/162/24/16
Goal will be accomplished BY (most likely before) my 40th birthday in October 30, 2017!
Cindy MoyWork with a life coach3/1/179/1/17
Claire VanderEykStarted new role - build confidence; start a business12/7/166/7/17
Clare Healy, Sifs Small CircleCreate and execute a professional development plan around measure & evaluation or data visualization.6/7/2017, 7/5/1712/7/2017, 1/5/18Another program at work: Feb 2017 complete!Goal setting is contagious! Now that I've completed my 2016 goal, I'm leaning into my professional development for 2017.
Claudia JenningsPursue a work-funded certifcation7/6/161/6/17
Claudia VillanuevaPay off my credit card debt!8/25/2016
FB and LinkedIn messages sent asking for contact info
Cordila Jochim, Seattle Circle Chapter & Veterans ChapterStart a non-profit called Seattle Leadership Collective creating change through leadership; write a book called #FullDollar - encouranging women to build a powerful life on the basis of knowing their value; host a community-wide celebration on Veteran's Day for 500+ bringing community members, leaders, and influencers together to celebrate women veterans and the work of Lean In Women Veterans; distribute 100 Bloom Boxes - a healing kit developed from my own tragedy and healing process and galvanyzed into life by Sheryl's own tragedy; work with Amazon to increase the percentage of women empoloyed in their operational fulfillment centers from under 20% to 30% within 6 months; and work with Comcast to develop a national PSA highlighting the national conversation around women leadership and how each person can play a role.8/1/20162/1/
Damiian Mario LangProduce a play called The Penis and Vagain Dialogue6/8/1612/8/16
Daniela Felletti - Bordeaux France
Make the Tailor Made Program project work and make it more profitable and have more good collaborations in the international recruitment as a freelancer / take care of my body going back to exercising and swim / Make Lean In Bordeaux grow in more small groups and keep the quality of sharing06/26/201712/26/201726/06in progress1- The TailorMade Program is working well since July, but need to improve stability on my business 2- I started working out almost everyday by stopping procrastinating special when the alarm rings 3- Lean In is on hold, will organise the first meeting after summer in the next week 24th or 26th of October 2017
Danielle HouserObtain and begin a marriage and family therapy internship for graduate school- with a clinic that excites me! Make mistakes at my job and learn
1/1/17, 7/5/17
6/7/17, 12/7/17
Dannah ReiterMake a career decision and refine path; learn traditional style rock climbing1/4/2017; 4/5/177/4/17; 10/5/17
Dawn BinaSend birthday greetings to all of my friends and family, ski 1/2 Birkebeiner cross-country ski race next February10/5/2016; 4/5/174/5/2017; 10/5/17
Deepa Sethi1) Find an international sales job 2) pick up 2 spiritual practices 3) Spend 30mins learning about something new each day 4) volunteer more8/25/2016, 9/11/20171/25/2017, 2/11/189/11/20171. found international sales job, 2. volunteered more- ongoing goal, 3-being more mindful and letting go fears 4) ongoing learning new things 5) learn how to swim 6) forgive my culture and family for their unintentional pains.
Diana Eicher Complete my website and learn WordPress 7/11/20161/11/201712/31/
Diana ProemmDevelop my Bigger Picture Business so that it's self sustaining on adventure trips and beyond.7/10/16
Diane HatcherLearn about the community and bridge into my next career.7/5/171/5/18
Dominique JessenMove to Rice Lake, Wisconsin; Make a decision about moving into leadership
4/5/17; 6/7/17
10/5/17, 12/7/17
Elizabeth DickinsonGet elected as the first female St. Paul Mayor on 11/7/17 2/3/17 (official announcement)
Elizabeth Stanfield - MSP ChapterDecide what Masters Degree I want to pursue and begin the application process (including scheduling and possibly taking the GRE)4/4/17
Emma Porteus, Lean In SF- Women of the 4151) Promotion to manager (and subsequently learn how to be a good manager) 2) learn more about personal finances and begin investing/ plan for real estate purchase 8/24/162/24/16
Erica HannaIncrease speaking revenue by 60%7/6/20161/6/2017
Erika Cashin, Northern Lights CircleGrow the Lean In Military chapter to 2,000 since the launch by Secretary of Defense Carter Sep 2015; affect a change in how American society views our veteran population, to increasingly include women via joint legistative / community forums March 2017 Women's History Month7/20/20169/30/2016   3/30/2017CONNECTION / COLLABORATION / AWARENESS for #sistersinarms and #sistersafterserviceerica
Eva Tucker - St. Louis Regional ChapterFinish transition from my existing business (web, marketing, and digital work for others) to working full time on my new business (a digial media company creating my own network of websites and online advertising technology).8/25/162/25/17
Fe MahlerBe a more proactive communicator, lose 30 lbs7/5/171/5/18
Fiona ReynoldsBuild school1/4/177/4/
Gina Richards, P&G circlesFor Lean In:  1)Launch Lean In 2.0 @ P&G; 2) connect at least 2 P&G/community events; 3) connect at least 1 P&G/corporation event; Personally:  Secure crucible role as next assigment that positions me for
Giulianna Perrotti dos Reis - 'Women of the 415: Tech Edition' circle1) double my annual salary 2) become a data scientist / data manager08/25/201602/25/201730% raise
Grace NgunuVisit two new countries within a year6/7/1712/7/17
Heather LankaBe certified in MOS 5/3/1711/3/17
Heather TeschSecure 4 free workshops for my health coaching 2.begin the initial phases creating biz strategy for my 2nd business venture 3. Heal my gut1/24/177/24/177/24/17to surrender, accept and co-create my beautiful life with the universe
Helen NelsonRecuperate; triathlon8/3/16, 1/4/172/3/17, 7/4/
Ida Pandur, Lean In CroatiaTo put my company ( on a world map as a relevant creative tech player in the field with an innovation product. 24.08.2016.31.03.2017.
Ikuska Sanz, Lean In Barcelona
Undust my electric guitar, get back on track with lessons. Be able to play Starway to Heaven.
Ilana Ospina1) Finish 2nd part Co-active coach training, 2) Start giving group workshops to both social & private sector, 3) Increase channels of income through serving, coaching & some music dj. 4) Grow the Lean-in Circle Mx; 5) Invite people home more often 6) Have a growing savings account. 12/6/20166/6/2017To help women have effective communication skills, and healthy burgeoning relationships with money. To continue growing and helping other women do so in the process
Inga Kulberg, Walmart circleStart my nonprofit that helps connect underprivileged parents with work that can lead to careers as a part of a startup funding group.
Insaff El Hassini, Women Empowering One Another, Lean In France, Paris ChapterDevelop my brand new company and making it viable 7/11/201612/31/201612/31/20167/11/2017To exceed my potential in a satisfying career with joy, life balance and mindfulness. To support keep on supporting others ladies in general and ladies of my circle so we can continue to build a generation of strong and driven women.
Jaks PierreNew career with good experience; finish PR plan for 30 year business (parents), tell their story8/3/2016, 4/5/17; 7/5/172/3/2017, 10/5/17, 1/5/18
Jan WiliamsTo be in a role at work where I apply my skills and find myself fulfilled and happy8/3/20162/3/2017
Jeanne BainTackle life clutter6/7/1712/7/17
Jeff RoblesMake an impact in community around me. Find work as a paralegal.7/5/171/5/18
Jen PelletierTake on more leadership or projects and write a grant for a group. Publish final portion of dissertation5/3/17, 6/7/1711/3/17, 12/7/17
Jen VetterBe more vulnerable. 1) Take time for personal reflection/silence/hobbies every day 2) Set aside time every week to connect with someone (new or already in network) to get to know them better 3) Date8/27/272/27/18
Jenny BreenHave a steady consistent work and income without overcommitting or being stretched too thin6/29/201612/29/2016
JessicaMore confident communicator12/7/166/7/17
Joanna Ong1.) Make a ritual out of studying/self-improvement every morning, to build up towards a 175+ on my LSAT, a great GRE score, and a good dual JD+PhD degree program :*)
2.) Clean my studio and go through the KonMari method and minimalize things to 50 items per category.
3.) Draft a manuscript outline or article to publish.
4.) Colombia, Cuba, and/or Brazil
5.) Learn how to invest.
Jodi Tervo RobertsMove her family to the Minneapolis area and find a position doing what she's passionate about which is being outdoor in nature and connecting people with that. 5/3/1711/3/17
Joelle TegwenPresent my "guided Retrospective" for agile teams at a conference. Write a white paper on it. Learn how to write a white paper. 8/24/162/24/17
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