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Sigma Challenge Overview
PurposeBuilding a foundation for brotherhood while adjusting and assimilating into the chapter and compus community.
Outcomes1. Understand the history, structure, benefits, and values of the national Fraternity and local chapter.
2. Understand the resources and involvement opportunities available on campus.
3. Develop skills necessary to live independently including effective time and stress management skills, as well as test taking and study habits.
4. Understand how to maintain a sound body in college.
5. Understand the importance of SMART goals and how to achieve these goals.
6. Obtain a New Member Mentor and understand how to utilize him.
Expectations1. Attend all Sigma Challenge meetings, and notify Challenge Coordinator when you will be absent.
2. Work with the challenge coordinator to track challenge progress.
3. Set defined expectations with your New Member Mentor.
4. Meet with your New Member Mentor on a weekly basis.
5. Schedule a transition meeting with Sigma Challenge Coordinator and VP of Member Development before entering the next challenge.
(in weeks)Maximum10
TopicInstructionsEventEvent InstructionsIndividual Prep.Follow-UpMeeting/PersonalRequired/Optional
SigEp Development
Chapter and National HistoryComplete all designated as "Required."SigEp WebsitesExplore Local and National websites. ( and
SigEp's FoundingDiscuss SigEp’s founding, focusing on the Jenkins Lesson with the Sigma Challenge members and Coordinator.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
SigEp National Fraternity StructureUnderstand the structure and different entities of the SigEp National Fraternity.While looking through the National Fraternity's website, spend some time looking at the different areas of SigEp (i.e. National Board of Directors, SigEp Foundation, etc.).N/AMeetingRequired
SigEp SongsLearn the SigEp songs, including “Anthem,” “Bamboo Bungalow,” “Wonderful SigEp Girl,” “I Want to Be a College Man,” “Rum Rum,” “Hail Fraternity,” and “The SigEp Marching Song.”Take the time to practice these with your brothers, and don't forget to have fun!N/APersonalRequired
Local SigEp Volunteer MeetingMeet with a Faculty Fellow, Renaissance Brother, and/or a local SigEp volunteer to discuss how they play a role in the chapter. Talk with the Sigma Challenge Coordinator for contact information.Set up an appointment, and make sure you are prompt!N/APersonalRequired
Complete all readings.Chapter 1: The American College FraternityRead pg. 3-7 of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Chapter 2: The History of Sigma Phi EpsilonRead pg. 9-25 of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Chapter 3: Your National FraternityRead pg. 27-39 of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Chapter 5: Our SymbolsRead pg. 45-47 of the LROB, focusing on their significance and potential interpretations.N/AN/APersonalRequired
The Creed of Sigma Phi EpsilonRead pg. vii of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
1st and 2nd 50 YearsRead the 1st and 2nd 50 years located online at
Chapter StructureComplete all designated as "Required."Volunteer RolesLearn about SigEp’s Alumni and Volunteer Corporation and Faculty Fellows, and how each of these positions plays a part in our chapter.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Executive BoardLearn about our chapter’s executive board officers and their roles and responsibilities.N/ATalk with the executive board member(s) whose position(s) you are most interested in.MeetingRequired
Executive Board MeetingAttend an executive board meeting to better understand the chapter’s leadership structure and officer roles.Talk with the chapter President to let him know you will be attending. He will be able to tell you times/locations.N/APersonalRequired
Committee MeetingAttend a committee meeting to understand how a committee works and the roles of committee members.Talk with the chair of the committee you are interested in to let him know you will be attending. He will be able to tell you times/locations.N/APersonalRequired
Risk ManagementLearn about risk management and what to do in an emergency.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Chapter Expectations and StandardsLearn about chapter expectations and standards.N/AIf you have any further questions, talk with your New Member Mentor or the Chaplain.MeetingRequired
Final PresentationWith a group assigned by the Sigma Challenge Coordinator, create a presentation to present to the rest of the class. Background information is that SigEp is not on campus, there are already several other fraternities, and you need to convince campus officials to allow SigEp to charter. Be sure to cover history, cardinal principles, and what makes SigEp different from other fraternities.Take the time to do research and create a quality presentation. This shold encompass everything you have learned during your time in the Sigma Challenge. Keep in mind, if the original 12 founding fathers came to this campus and looked at all the fraternities on campus without their letters, could they pick out which one is SigEp?N/APersonalRequired
Complete all readings.Chapter Legislative DocumentsRead and understand our chapter’s Constitution, Standards Code, and House Constitution.N/AIf you have any further questions, talk with your New Member Mentor, the Chaplain, or the President.PersonalRequired
Complete all designated as "Required."Founding of Greek OrganizationsDiscuss how the founding of Greek organizations ties in with SigEp with the Sigma Challenge members and Coordinator.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Greek AlphabetLearn the Greek alphabet.Take the time to learn this well. It will help you down the road. Try utilizing a technique to learn them if you are having difficulties.N/AMeetingRequired
UW-Platteville Greek LifeLearn about the different fraternities and sororities on UW-Platteville’s campus.N/AGet to know members of other Greek chapters, and learn to appreciate our differences and similarities. We are one big, Greek community!MeetingRequired
IntroductionComplete all designated as "Required."SigEp CovenantReview the Sigma Phi Epsilon Covenant with your New Member Mentor, the President, and the Chaplain, focusing on the meaning of a covenant and the message presented.Take the time to read between the lines. This is almost a ritualistic take on our brotherhood.N/APersonalRequired
Statement on Chapter & Individual ResponsibilityReview the “Statement on Chapter & Individual Responsibility.”N/AN/APersonalRequired
Complete all readings.Introduction: Your Lifetime Journey BeginsRead pg. ii-vii of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Ritual StudyComplete all designated as "Required."Phi ROPGo through the Phi Rite of Passage.N/AAsk the Chaplain if you have any questions pertaining to what you experienced during your rite of passage.PersonalRequired
Pre and Post Ritual ReflectionParticipate in a personal pre and post ritual reflection.Coordinate this with the Chaplain. He will keep the reflections until you graduate.N/APersonalRequired
Phi ROP Ritual StudyComplete the Phi Rite of Passage Ritual Study with the Chaplain.N/AN/APersonalRequired
SigEp KeynoteDiscuss the SigEp Keynote with the Chaplain and members of the Sigma Challenge.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Complete all readings.Chapter 4: Our RitualRead pg. 41-43 of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Sound Mind Development
Academic SuccessComplete all designated as "Required."Academic Advisor InterviewSchedule an appointment with your academic advisor and utilize the questions you brainstorm in class to get to know your advisor on a more personal basis. Write a 300+ word summary on what you learned from the interview and submit it to the Sigma Challenge Coordinator.Be prompt to your meeting! Also, don't forget to thank them for their time.N/APersonalRequired
Registering for ClassesLearn how to register for classes, take classes in an appropriate order, meet with your advisor for scheduling classes, and how to use Hasker’s “UWP Classes.”N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Milestone ReflectionComplete all designated as "Required."Milestone ReflectionTowards the end of the Phi Challenge, utilize the provided questions to create a milestone reflection on a separate piece of paper, and then review it with your Big Brother or mentor. The purpose of this is to review your time within the Phi Challenge and what you have learned. Feel free to make it your own, similar to scrapbooking, and then add it to the Milestone Reflection Binder.N/APlace your completed Milestone Reflection in the Milestone Reflections binder.PersonalRequired
Stress ManagementComplete all designated as "Required."Maintaining a Healthy MindDiscuss how to keep your mind healthy during stressful periods of college, warning signs of stress, and best practices to help relieve stress.Read about "Stress Management."Try and implement some ideas mentioned, but not too much that you let your coursework suffer!MeetingRequired
Fun ActivityDo something fun for an hour to relieve stress!N/AN/APersonalRequired
Stress ManagementRead pg. 136-137 of “Chapter 13: Knowing Yourself and Your Road to Success,” of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Time ManagementComplete all designated as "Required."15 Ways to Get AsReview UW-Platteville’s “15 Ways to Get As” presentation, and discuss how to be a good student, effective studying habits, and how to take tests with the Sigma Challenge members and Coordinator.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Time Management TechniquesDiscuss different techniques for managing your time with the Sigma Challenge members and Coordinator.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Time TrackerTrack what you do for a week to see how wisely you spend your time.N/AAnalyze how you spend you time, and think about how you could restructure your schedule to "gain" more time in your week!PersonalRequired
Explore Time Management TechniquesIf you have never used a planner, try it to improve your time efficiency. If planners do not work for you, explore other time management techniques.N/AIf you try a technique and it doesn't work, try another. There's something for everyone!PersonalRequired
Complete all readings.Time ManagementRead pages 99-103 of “Chapter 10: Sound Mind” in the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Sound Body Development
Healthy LivingComplete all designated as "Required."Cooking Cheap and Healthy Meals in CollegeLearn how to cook several cheap and healthy meals in the residence halls, and how to eat healthy in college in general.N/ATry and utilize what you have learned to eat healthy in the residence halls!MeetingRequired
Smart Sexual HealthDiscuss smart sexual health in college, including condom use, the science behind birth prevention, STIs, etc.N/ADon't be a fool, wrap your tool!MeetingRequired
Effects of DrinkingLearn about the effects of drinking.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Physical FitnessComplete all designated as "Required."Fitness AssessmentParticipate in the Fitness Assessment each semester and track your progress. Assessment activities include:
height, weight, resting blood pressure, sit and reach, push-ups (1 minute), sit-ups (1 minute), 40 yard dash, and mile run.
Make sure you stretch!Set fitness goals and work on them. At the next Fitness Assessment, you can see how far you have progressed!PersonalRequired
SMART Fitness GoalsCreate 3 S.M.A.R.T. goals based on your Fitness Assessment on how to improve your physical health, and compare your results each semester.Be realistic when setting your goals, but make sure you challenge yourself too!Review your SMART goals frequently, and remember that they can change over time.PersonalRequired
Personal Development
Art of ManlinessComplete all designated as "Required."Manliness DiscussionDiscuss what it means to be a man in general, in college, in a fraternity, and in SigEp with the Sigma Challenge members and Coordinator.Read "What It Means to Be a Man."N/AMeetingRequired
Complete all readings.Chapter 14: What It Means to Be a ManRead pg. 139-141 of the LROB.N/AN/APersonalRequired
Select a Big BrotherComplete all designated as "Required."Select a Big BrotherThe big brother is selected by the member before he begins the Phi Challenge. The point of personally choosing a big brother is so that each member can select his big brother based on his own personal objectives. The big brother should first and foremost serve as a role model and guiding influence to his little brother.Think about who would be a good fit for you and who could help you the most. A good relationship will enhance your development through the Balanced Man Program.N/APersonalRequired
SMART GoalsComplete all designated as "Required."SMART GoalsReview what SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals are with the Sigma Coordinator.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Set SMART GoalsDevelop three written, personal, SMART goals, focusing on improving your academics and other areas of your life, and review them with your New Member Mentor.N/AReview your SMART goals frequently, and remember that they can change over time.PersonalRequired
Leadership Development
Team BuildingComplete all designated as "Required" and one designated as "Optional," or create your own.Sigma ProjectComplete a Sigma Project with the members of the Sigma Challenge. Approve and coordinate your project with the Sigma Challenge Coordinator.Think about a good way to give back to the chapter and make a lasting impresison.N/APersonalRequired
EDGEAttend EDGE (ask your Challenge Coordinator, Vice President of Member Development, or Regional Director for dates and locations in your area).N/AN/APersonalOptional
Team-Building ActivityParticipate in a ropes course, paintball, or other team-building activity with the entire chapter.Check with the VP of Programming for potential opporutnities.N/AMeetingOptional
Chapter Community Service ProjectParticipate in a community service project as a chapter.Check with the VP of Programming for potential opporutnities.N/APersonalOptional
Professional Development
Parliamentary ProcedureComplete all designated as "Required."Introduction to Robert's Rules of OrderRead the “Introduction to Robert’s Rules of Order” handout, and review it with the Sigma Challenge members and Coordinator, focusing on the purpose of it and key areas that help expedite meetings.N/ATry to practice using proper Parliamentory Procedure during chapter meeting.MeetingRequired
Professional CommunicationComplete all designated as "Required."Interview 101Learn the purpose of an interview, how to conduct one, and tips for when you are being interviewed.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
Interview Your BrothersInterview all the brothers of the chapter to practice your interview skills and start a relationship with each of them.Start with your New Member Mentor. Ask Name, Hometown, Major, Scroll, Joining Class, Big Brother, and 14 other questions (20 total).N/APersonalRequired
Social SkillsComplete all designated as "Required."Basics of Ties and BowtiesLearn the basics about ties and bowties.N/ATake some time to practice. Many knots aren't easy to get!MeetingRequired
Social Media EtiquetteDiscuss proper social media etiquette to keep in mind on Facebook, Twitter, etc., with the Sigma Challenge Members and Coordinator.N/ATake some time to analyze your social media usage and how it could affect yo in the future.MeetingRequired
Etiquette Training SessionAttend an etiquette training session.N/AN/AMeetingRequired
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