Chicago Restaurant Week 2016
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Restaurant Week Deal?Good Deal?Why?Recommended for Restaurant Week?Website
312 Chicago$44 dinner onlyProbablyIncludes items not on normal menu; most combinations lead to a good deal.Maybe. It's a pretty good deal, but not a restaurant I'd go out of my way to visit.
676 Restaurant and Bar$44 dinner/$22 lunchYesCan't create a non-bargain for lunch or dinner.Maybe - it's not a particularly great restaurant, but the deals are good.
720 South Bar & Grill$44 dinner/$22 lunchMaybeDinner (mostly because it's only 3 courses) is on the edge of not breaking even.No. Not a notable restaurant and not a great bargain.
A Tavola$33 or $44 dinnerCan't TellOnline menu is unpriced.
A10$44 dinnerMaybeIncludes items not on regular menu, but approximating equivalent pricing - if you order a pasta as a main, you're probably losing money. If you order the venison leg, you'll likely just break even.No. Go as a normal diner.
Acanto$44 dinner/$22 lunchMaybe not.Includes items not on regular menu. If you order pasta for dinner, you're probably losing money (dinner is only 3 courses). No. Go as a normal diner.
Ada Street$33 dinnerProbablyAll special dishes for restaurant week, and with an awesome rock theme. Based on average prices of similar sized dishes on the menu, you would have a hard time not breaking even.Yes! I love anyplace that does a theme for restaurant week.
Adamus$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesYou can't create a bad deal from this menu.It's not a particularly noteworthy restaurant, but the deal is good and has lots of variety.
Allium$44 dinnerMaybeIncludes items not on regular menu, and doesn't have many choices. Using approximate prices, you'll likely break even.Maybe. It's a good restaurant, but the limited menu and not great bargain suggest going at another time.
American Craft Kitchen & Bar
$22 lunchYesNot many choices (and salads are half-portions) but you'll definitely break even. It's a better deal if you order rotisserie chicken instead of the sandwich or pasta.If you want a nice lunch, sure. It's not a unique restaurant, but it's a decent deal.
Andy's Jazz Club$33 dinnerProbablyIncludes items not on regular menu. Based on average prices, you're probably getting a good deal.Why not? I didn't even know they served food, and it's probably nothing to write home about. But a good bargain, along with entertainment.
Ani$44 dinnerCan't TellMenu online isn't working
Appellation$44 dinnerMaybeIt's four courses, including a cheese plate (if you're into that), but if you order the chicken thighs, you're probably not breaking even. Get the halibut instead.Maybe. It's brand new and it's a good menu, but not a ton of choices, and you might not get a great deal.
Aquitaine$33 dinnerProbablyIt's hard not to get up to $33. However, if you order the vegetarian savory tart, you're not getting a good deal.Yes. Several choices, good value and a really nice selection of dishes.
Arami$44 dinnerMaybeOne of the dishes is Market Price, so it's difficult to tell if you're getting a bargain.You don't have any choice at all for 3 of the 4 courses, and it's difficult to tell if you're getting a deal. Go as a regular diner.
Artango$44 dinnerProbably notIncludes items not on regular menu. With only 3 courses, it seems difficult to break even with this one, based on the average menu prices.. No. You probably won't get a good deal, and note that the restaurant normally runs a 3 course prix fixe for $40 several nights a week. Do that instead.
$22 lunch/$33 dinner/$44 dinner
YesAll three of the menus add up to a bargain, no matter what you order. Why not? It's a bit of a drive, but the restaurant week menu looks good, and you're sure to get a bargain.
Atwood$44 dinnerMaybeIt's a 3 course, $44 dinner. If you order the roasted beets and meatloaf, you'll do alright, but if you order the least expensive dishes, you won't top $40.Probably not. There a ton of choices on the menu, but you aren't guaranteed to get a deal. Go as a normal diner instead.
Balena$44 dinnerMaybeNone of the dishes are on the regular menu. Based on average prices for similar dishes, you're probably getting a good deal.Maybe. The choices look delicious, but there aren't very many options per course.
Bar Pastoral$33 dinnerYesYou can't create a bad deal from this menu.Yes. It's going to be a bargain, the dessert looks awesome and it's an inexpensive splurge.
Bar Siena$22 lunch/$44 dinnerMaybe notIt's tough to break even at dinner - most combinations come in a few dollars short. If you want good lunch, go for it - but go for dinner as a regular diner.
Bar Takito$22 lunch/$33 dinnerMaybeIf you order the wrong dessert, you won't break even for dinner, and even with the right one, it's not a big savings. Go for dinner as a regular diner.
Bar Toma$22 lunchProbablyBased on what's included in their normal $15 lunch deal, this is a bit better.Maybe. Their regular lunch deal is pretty great, but if you're looking for a dessert to go with it, go for restaurant week.
Barbakoa$33 dinnerNoYou can't possibly break even.No. Their regular menu includes a deal for $29/person that includes more than this restaurant week menu!
Barcocina$33 dinnerCan't TellThe regular menu is so different than the restaurant week menu, it's difficult to tell.
Beatrix$22 lunch/$33 dinnerMaybeIf you order hummus, chicken bebe and chia pudding, you won't break even at dinner. If you order just right, you can get a good deal.Only if you're interested in the few dishes that help you break even, including the salmon.
BellyQ$33 dinnerCan't TellThe regular menu is so different than the restaurant week menu, it's impossible to tell.
Benny's Chop House$22 lunchCan't TellNothing is on their regular menu.
The Berghoff$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesIt's difficult not to break even with this menu, even if you order cheap dishesYes! It's a good deal, there are plenty of choices and it's a nice excuse to try a classic Chicago spot.
Big Jones$33 dinnerYesThis is a four course meal for $33, and though some dishes aren't on the regular menu, it seems like every combination would be a good deal.Yes. It's one of my favorite Chicago restaurants, their menu is a good deal, and it includes their famous fried chicken.
Bistro Campagne$33 dinnerYesThe worst combination possible comes out to $42, which means you're getting a great deal. Yes. This menu has good selections and is a great deal. Get the steak frites.
Bistro Voltaire$33 dinnerYesNo matter what, you'll break even, though you'll do better ordering steak than ordering gnocchi.Yes. This is an underappreciated restaurant, and the menu is a good deal.
Bistronomic$33 dinnerHard to TellNothing is on their regular menu. Yes anyway. This is one of those spots doing a cool, unique thing for restaurant week. This year, every dish on the menu is from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, so you'll get some fun old-school French flavors.
Bistro Zinc$33 dinnerProbablyIncludes items not on the regular menu. But it looks like you'll break even, at least.Sure. If you order correctly, this can be a great deal, but no matter what you'll do fine.
Blackbird$22 lunchYesBlackbird has a prix fixe lunch all the time that is substantially identical, but is $25. So you'll save a few bucks.No. The deal is fine! But lunch at blackbird is already a crowded zoo. Go on an off time and spend the extra $3.
Blackfinn Ameripub$22 lunch/$33 dinnerYesThis menu includes alcohol and three courses, which automatically bumps up the quality of the deal. You'll break even.Maybe. I can't in good conscience "recommend" a mediocre pub with a silly name, but their restaurant week deal is genuinely good.
The Blanchard$44 dinnerYesIncludes items not on the regular menu, but all of the combinations look like you'll be a winner.Yes. It's one of the best new restaurants in the city, there's plenty of options on the menu and it's a good deal.
The Boarding House$33/44 dinnerSort ofIt's only 3 courses, but it's $44 unless you get the vegetarian mushroom risotto. Maybe. It's not a bad deal, but the menu isn't very interesting, and you could end up paying $44 for soup, roast chicken and a dessert assortment.
Bohemian House$22 lunchCan't TellOnline menu isn't working.
Boka$44 dinnerYes!The cheapest combination I could come up with still breaks $50. Absolutely. It's five courses for $44, which is a great deal considering the normal seven course tasting menu costs $115.
Bottlefork$33 dinner/$22 lunchMaybeThis menu has one of the biggest swings. If you order the salad and tots, you'll lose money, but if you get the octopus and the tuna crudo, you'll do very well.No. It's too risky that people in your party won't love the bargain dishes, and it's easier to go as a normal diner.
Bread & Wine$33 dinnerProbably notIt's 3 courses, but two of them are very inexpensive. If you order right, you can end up with about $36 worth of food, but you have to be carefulNo. Bread and Wine is a great spot for charcuterie and small plates, and you should go order plates of that without worrying about making budget.
The Bristol$44 dinnerMaybeThe dishes aren't on the regular menu, but estimating with approximations suggests it might be a good deal.No. There aren't any choices, so if you don't like the one option, you're out of luck. Plus, it's not clear that it's a particularly good deal.
Bub City$33 dinner/$22 lunchYes!This is an amazing deal, especially since it includes four courses and a beer.Yes. It's a great deal.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
$33 dinner/$22 lunchYeah, sadlyYou more than break even on this deal.No. You must be kidding, right?
Bull and Bear$33 dinner/$22 lunchProbablyNo matter what you order, it's a decent deal - and if you order the BB Kobe burger, it's a very good deal.Sure, if you like the restaurant. It's a fancy bar and the food isn't that special, but at least you're getting a decent deal.
Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba$33 dinner/$22 lunchHard to tellOne course isn't on the regular menu, but for your main course, you can either choose any two tapas or a serving of paella. If you pick right, you'll definitely do well, but you have to be careful.Nah. Go at a normal time, so you can order what you want - it's too confining to do this deal when there are so many great small plates on this menu.
Cafe des Architectes$44 dinner/$22 lunchCan't TellNothing is on their regular menu.
Cafe Spiaggia$44 dinner/$22 lunchMaybeThis is one of the big swingers. If you order incorrectly, you won't even break $40. But if you get steak and campanelle, you'll get an incredible deal. No. Don't risk it, and anyway, I'm more excited by their appetizers. Go as a normal diner.
Cantina Laredo$33 dinnerProbablyIt's hard not to make your target here.You might get a slightly good deal, but I still can't recommend you go out of your way to eat at this upscale Mexican chain.
Capital Grill$33 dinnerAbsolutely!This is a ridiculous deal, mostly because they actually mention the size of the 14 ounce NY strip steak on the restaurant week menu. The steak normally goes for $46 by itself. If you order right, you'll get about $80 worth of food.If you don't mind that you're at a chain steakhouse, this is actually a great option. Though it makes me wonder about ever paying full price...
Carmine's$44 dinner/$22 lunchYesEven if you order chicken and soup, you'll still break even, but to do a good job, you should be ordering steak.If you like Carmine's, sure. The menu is fairly generic, but the deal is adequate.
$44 dinner/$33 dinner/$22 lunch
YesSome dishes aren't on the regular menu, but you'll likely break even no matter what you order.This is a good deal for restaurant week, with some nice choices. I wouldn't recommend the upsell option, unless you're a big ceviche fan.
Carson's$33 dinner/$22 lunchBarelyBecause sides are normally included with their entrees, this is actually just a 2 course meal. You get a lot of meat, but would spend almost exactly the same if you went during regular hoursNo. Go as a normal diner.
Catch 35$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesYou'll definitely do well, even if you don't order steak. No, because they have a $35 prix fixe all the time that has slightly more choices. Go at a normal time and pay the extra $2.
Ceres Table$44 dinnerHard to tellMost of the dishes aren't on the regular menu, but given normal prices, you are probably coming closeNo. Go as a normal diner. Also note that Sunday-Thursday, they have a $22 dinner deal that includes pizza, a glass of wine and a dessert that is a better deal than this.
CH Distillery$44 dinnerHard to tellTheir menu isn't online, so I can't compare.Sure. It's a good excuse to go to this attractive bar, it's a four course menu and they have a cool add-on - $10 for mini cocktail pairings for each course.
Cherry Circle Room$22 lunchHard to tellThey don't have a lunch menu online.Yes. This is one of our best new restaurants of 2015, and the 3-course lunch deal can hardly fail to be a good bargain.
Chez Joel Bistro$33 dinner/$22 lunchProbablyUnless you order the vegetarian entree, you're likely going to get a good deal.Sure. We've never been to this French bistro, but the menu has plenty of choices and is a good deal.
Chez Moi$44 dinnerHard to tellThe dishes aren't on the regular menu, but estimating with approximations suggests it might be a good deal.The three course, $44 dinners are rarely a good deal, and since the dishes aren't on the regular menu, it's tough to give this a big yes.
Chicago Oyster House$44 dinnerProbablyEven if you order the cheapest entree, it adds up.Nah. It's not that great a bargain, the restaurant week menu is uninspiring, and I don't think it's worth going out of the way.
Chicago Q$33 dinner/$22 lunchCan't TellMenu online is unpriced.
Chicken and Farm Shop$44 dinner/$22 lunchNoThere's no possible way to break even - this is a terrible deal.I created a meal that only would normally cost $27 - and it's a $44 three course meal. That's a huge loss.
Chop Shop
$44 dinner/$33 dinner/$22 lunch
MaybeThe regular $33 dinner deal is good if you eat lots of meat - i doubt you'll break even if you get beets. The $44 menu has nothing on it at this time.If you're looking for a burger, yes. They've got a good one, and the price is alright.
Chuck's: A Kerry Simon Kitchen
$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesYou'll almost certainly do well, especially because you're getting an expensive dessert.If the menu looks good - there is no choice for dessert and only two for appetizers - it's a decent deal.
Chuck's Southern Comfort's Cafe
$33 dinnerProbablyIt's a good deal, mostly because it's 4 courses for $33.If you like comfort food and you're already in the 'burbs, sure.
Cindy's$44 dinnerHard to tellThe regular menu is all meant for sharing, so it's hard to price compare. Plus, there are only 3 courses.No. It's impossible to get up there when it's not restaurant week, let alone now, and there are no choices.
City Winery$33 dinner/$22 lunchProbablyNo matter what you order, you'll beat $33.It's a bit overpriced normally, but the restaurant week menu isn't bad. There are also wine pairings - 3 pairings for an extra $12.
Club Lago$33 dinner/$22 lunchMaybe notIt's pretty easy not to get a good deal if you don't order just the right thing.No. It's not a great deal, and the slight discount on wine they are offering doesn't make up for it. Go as a normal diner.
Cochon Volant$44 dinnerProbablyIt's a wide swing in price, but even the lowest-end one still breaks even.Sure. It's a decent excuse to try out this French bistro and all the classics are on the restaurant week menu.
Coco Pazzo$44 dinner/$22 lunchYesYou'll likely do well with this menuYes. You'll get a good deal, and the menu has a ton of choices on it.
Coco Pazzo Cafe$33 dinner/$22 lunchProbablyIt's not as much of a slam dunk as Coco Pazzo, but the math works.Sure, if you're looking for a decent Italian meal in Streeterville.
Connie's Pizza$44 dinner/$22 lunchHard to tellThe menu is complex - some dishes are shared, some are per person - so it's difficult to figure out if you're breaking even.
Coq d'Or$22 lunchCan't TellDishes aren't on regular menu.No. It's only a 2 course lunch, and there are many better deals.
Current$33 dinner/$22 lunchHard to tellDishes aren't on regular menu.It's probably a decent deal, though this restaurant isn't worth going out of your way for.
Davanti Enoteca$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesNo matter what you order, you'll beat $33.Yes. This is a good deal menu, there are 4 courses for $33 and the selections are interesting.
Dave & Busters$33 dinner/$22 lunchCan't TellOnline menu is unpriced.You're not going to Dave & Busters for restaurant week.
David Burke's Primehouse
$44 dinner/$22 lunchMaybeLarge swings here. If you order the caesar and filet, you'll make bank, but if you aren't careful, you'll end up with a very expensive veggie pasta and tomato soup.If you're a steak eater, go for it - it's a big discount.
The Dawson$44 dinnerProbablyThe entrees aren't on the normal menu, but based on their standard prices, this is likely a decent (if not awesome) deal.Check the menu first. The restaurant week selections aren't as generic as many others (which might be a good thing!) but you should definitely know before you go.
De Cero$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesIt's four courses and a margarita for $33. One course is salsa, so it's not a slam dunk of a deal, but you'll do fine.If you're in the neighborhood, sure! It's a bargain, there are plenty of choices, and you get a free drink. But if you don't drink, it's definitely not worth it.
De Quay$33 dinnerCan't tellThe entrees aren't on the normal menu.
Del Friscos$44 dinnerYesEven if you order the roast chicken, you'll still break even.This is a good deal if you want steak. Not to mention, it's a better deal than their regular $55 prix fixe, and with more choices.
Demera Ethiopian$33 dinnerProbably notThis is one of the rare bad $33 dinner deals, mostly because the appetizers are so cheap. It's also possible, if you go vegetarian, to come in under $30.No. It's normally a pretty good bargain, so skip this menu and come another time.
Devon Seafood Grill
$44 dinner/$33 dinner/$22 lunch
ProbablyAt $33, this is a good deal no matter what you order.If you like the selections on the $33 menu, yes. They aren't as fancy as some things the restaurant offers, but it's a solid set of choices.
Ditka's$33 dinner/$22 lunchMaybeBe careful with this one. If you order lake perch and chicken soup, you won't break even. Only if you want to get Da Pork Chop.
Dolce Italian$44 dinner/$22 lunchMaybeIf you order incorrectly, you'll end up at exactly $44 - and you won't have many choices.Nah, go as a normal diner.
Duck Inn$44 dinnerProbablySome dishes aren't on the normal menu, but best guess is you're doing fine. It's a better deal than the normal $58 four course tasting menuCheck the menu first - choices are very limited. If they sound good, go for it.
Dunlay's on Clark$33 dinnerYesYou'll always break even, but barely.The deal is just fine, and if you order exactly right, you can break $40 in value. And who doesn't love a skillet cookie?
Earl's Kitchen + Bar$44 dinner/$22 lunchBarelyThis meal is priced perfectly - you'll probably get about $45 worth of food for dinner, while giving up most of your choices.I have to give them props for smart pricing, but why bother going for the deal?
Eddie V's Prime Seafood$44 dinnerYesEven ordering the cheapest chicken entree, you'll still get about $50 worth of food.The only reason the math works out on this if you order a cheap entree is because their sides are over-priced - $10 for au gratin potatoes?! But if you're a fan of this restaurant, it's a good deal, and there are tons of more expensive choices.
El Mariachi$33 dinnerNoThis is another rare $33 dinner that doesn't add up. I created a $28 dinner deal without aiming low.No.
El Tapeo$44 dinnerYesIf you order correctly, you'll break $60, and there is no bad combination.Sure. I'm not familiar with the restaurant, but the menu looks like a good tapas selection and the deal is good.
Eli's Cheesecake$22 lunchHuh.This is interesting, because the lunch deal is awful - except you get a whole cheesecake to take home!If you happen to be going to buy a cheesecake, why not stay for lunch?
$44 dinner/$33 dinner/$22 lunch
YesThis menu is a good deal no matter what you order.Yes! There are some good dishes on the restaurant week menu and it'll definitely be a bargain.
Enolo Wine Bar$33 dinnerHard to tellIt's difficult because the online menu isn't complete.
Enso Sushi and Bar$33 dinnerMaybeIf you order wrong, you can come in under $33.It's too easy to get a bad deal - go at a normal time.
Farmhouse$33 dinner/$22 lunchYesNo matter what you order, it's a good deal - and if you order the pork, it's an excellent deal.Yes. The selections are good, you can get a shot of fernet for dessert and you're gonna break even.
Fig & Olive$44 dinner/$22 lunchYesIt's a deal even if you order the penne, which is rare.Sure. I'm not going to give it a ringing endorsement because of the recent scandals, but at least it's a good deal.
Filini$33 dinner/$22 lunchCan't tellWebsite is down