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Friday, August 28th, 2009Unfortunately, I don't want to upload the next "day" (video), due to the fact of promising my family that I wouldn't. Sorry, but they all want to be "private."Jun 1, 20137/26/1724:19:00home, car, mcdonald's, lake kabetogama, holiday innsleeps, car travel, uses flip phone, eats, watches tv, swims in hotel pool, brushes teethyapple juice box, egg mcmuffin (2), hashbrown (not shown), pop-over, orange glazed chicken stir-frygot ("got my water")wedding (?)yay videos! i'm going to do a video watching marathon of all your videos lol. do you still watch degrassi? i still do, it's just not as good as it used to be though.n / an / ay - but idk whoπŸ“ΊπŸ’­ 😐😫 a little sick from all the eating"are you gonna put in jewel?"
"later i found out it was a hottub (typed)"
patty says hi to her granny (my mommy)n / aAug 27, 20147/28/171:02nora's housepatty walks around and meowsnn / apatty
? *mumbles off camera*
OMG NORNNA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!n / an / ay - but idk whonokπŸ‘πŸˆ patty (patches)"say hi to mother."n / a
Saturday July 12th 2014testing... this is NOT copyrighted, mother fucker! so go to fucking hell!Aug 27, 20147/30/1721:09
nora's house, at fair with friend
sleeps, watches tv on computer, at fair with friend, blurry pics of sky, pig racingy?, spaghettiyesthatn / an / an / anπŸ“Ί... πŸ‘Œmore relaxed"sorry there's no donkeys in that pen over there." - friend
TO MY SUBSCRIBERSPLEASE READ! IMPORTANT!Aug 28, 20147/30/175:51πŸ’» only - slide showslide show about how she is making her videos private again due to cyberbullyingnn / awhere's (typed)cyberbullies (typed)I am so sorry you had to deal with this idiot!! Hot ass toilet water ga is our stalker her real name is natika and she is a very miserable and evil person she used our video where we are laughing at something totally different not at you at all we have blocked her time and time again and she continues to come back under different names. I am a twin and my sister stop doing vids with me because of this idiot I will do my best to get the vid flagged for using our voice. If you didn't know you can have the video removed for copy right infringement she used your video without your permission again I'm sorry you encountered this idiot I will be doing a video this week coming up telling my subs what she's up to again you stay the nice person that you are and don't believe anything that bitch say about you or your friends.Yes, disable comments. More people enjoy your videos than you know. Don't let the haters get to you. I hope you cime back.Nora, I'm so sad and sorry to see that you'll no longer be making videos! I for one enjoyed them! Take care of yourself and I do sincerely hope that one day that you will start posting videos again soon! This is one of the reasons I no long make videos! Take care, sweetie, I'll be thinking of you! Hugs, Kylie xxnn...sad that she is constantly cyberbullied :(n"you can thank a user on youtube. hot ass toilet waterga (typed)""i just wonder how they would feel if someone throws acid in their face (typed) "n / a
FOR YOUTUBE STAFFn / aAug 29, 20147/30/173:19πŸ’» only - slide showslide show about how she received an email from youtube about a privacy complaint against her submitted by her cyberbullynn / alol (typed)now (typed)Jackie Mceachen: im with you Nora 100% anyone ever calls you or your friend retarded or anything else for that matter because you have a slight differance in life from some others is Bull.... I will share this and dare anybody out there to with me or your friends again!! I'm ready Nora Love you and stay always being you! God put all of us here for a reason and thats to strive for a better world.n / an / annokglad she's standing up for herself and her friendsn"taking a stand for those that bash people with "special needs" (typed)"because people like "toilet" doesn't deserve my respect"n / a
Thursday August 28th 2014Keeping this video up for to prove that there was such a video of the bullying. Listen for it on the first clip of this video, and PLEASE listen to the part where I am talking to my friend.Sep 4, 20147/31/1714:47nora's house, in town, on bustypes at computer, talks to man on street about people stalking her for 10 years, rides bus, uploads videos, uses windows movie maker, watches videos, plays video game, talks on phoneyshake or coffee, something fried (pringles around but not eaten)okaymomma (?)Hold your head up high lovely and fuck the haters! I've loved watching your vids and I as im sure many others have loved watching your vids too. Xxn / an / anydrainedstill drained"makes me want to dress up in black, hunt them down and...""i've been doing it since 2006 and it's just me doin the talking videos"
ONE MORE PUBLIC VIDEO....The "NOT COOL" trailer The "SMILEY" trailer 6, 20148/1/179:06nora's housevideo blog showing off grumpy cat doll, talks about cyberbullying, Frozen and other movies, video posting problems, mentions Facebook several timesnn / aheybyeOmg I have watched you since you started on YT!!! So glad you're back, the world needs more nornna!YOU ROCK, NORNNA! I LOVE YOU!!!!!Some people are so nasty and need to get a life and leave this girl alone. Seriously you should copy all the nasty comments and get the police involved, because it is harassment and cyber bullying! Keep your head up high Nora. I love your vids xnnsleepy and a little sadless sadn"i went to the library and got some ER episodes""this toilet person can continue what they're doing but i will catch them"n / a
Sunday August 31st (Labor Day 2014)n / aSep 6, 20148/2/1728:41:00labor day parade, in a bar, nora's house, walking around neighborhoodtalks to different people at labor day parade, watches parade, walks through a bar, films guy with mic and beer, edits video ?, plays video game, walks around neighbhorhood, takes a bath (not shown)yribs?, fast food sandwich (probably egg mcmuffin)hiumn / an / an / aclears throaty...
sad that patty died!
"i still love eeyore""my mom died of cancer and my cat died of old age (RIP!)"
HELP ME TAKE A "STAND"n / aSep 8, 20148/3/178:52nora's house (bedroom)vlog style video. talks about making videos again despite her being bullied, shows off rings, grumpy cat dolls, talks about doing things with friends, what kinds of videos she wants to post, explains she is empathetic, talks ice bucket challenge ("maybe next year")nn / ayounowNornna helped me discover #ASMR ! I'm forever grateful 😊You go gurl!Good on ya lovely ;@) Don't let the bullies get you down....they've obviously got boring lives. I'll keep an eye out for you! As I mentioned before, keep all the negative comments and show the police. They can track them down very easily. We've had many successful cases of prosecution here in the U.K. Keep smiling ;@) xxnndrainedhappy that nornna found wants to stand up to her bullies"i use hand sanitizer by the way""okay i'm getting messaged or something on facebook"n / a
Tuesday September 02nd 2014In response to a YouTube user (Wesley) : Whoever comments - like you for example - goes straight to my e-mail. So, yes, it's all ready documented. I ended up getting a Pumpkin Spice drink instead.Sep 9, 20148/3/1716:52nora's house (living room / bedroom), downtown, therapist's officeusing the bathroom ?, talking about things she will do downtown, walking around downtown with sushi, going to therapy, watching tv, eating, running a bathysushi (actual eating not shown), pringles (just in background) pumpkin spice coffee, coke zero, pot pie ?, sandwich, orange juicehicenterIt's good to see you posting again and taking a stand against the bullies Nora ;@) Love your vids :@) xGood to see a daily vlog video from you again!!n / anysadsleepy"excuse me, i'm burping""gotta throw this away for two reasons: one - it's too warm and two - it's upsetting my stomach"
RE: DO ONTO OTHERS (GOLDEN RULE)n / aSep 10, 20148/4/175:32nora's house (bedroom)vlog about bullying, the golden rule, etc. talks about what videos she will show us and explains some of themnn / ahibyeYou rock Nora!Please don't go off glad you're taking a stand against these freeks that have got nothing better to do. Just remember Nora that there are more people that care for you. ;@) "Leave this girl alone!" You keep yourvids coming and ignore the weird os out there....they are not worth getting upset about. Keep smil7ng lovely ;@) Γ—n / annok:)"if i could turn back time, i would have got off my feet and i would have slapper her for saying that (is that your stomach or your boobs)""i don't think it's fair that i have to be offline just to lay low so i won't be attacked anymore"n / a
Friday September 05th 2014Unfortunatley, Youtube didn't let me post the link in this description. "Brackets aren't allowed", it says. Whatever… Go to Zipter08 channel to find CONDOM PROOF video.Sep 10, 20148/5/1714:28nora's room / bathroom, pharmacy, restaurantsleeps in bed, watches tv, laughs at olaf goods, uploads videos, plays video game, eats and watches tvystuffing & gravy, taco saladsummer ?yeahLove playing Bubble Witch Saga, but I suck at it lol! Take Care, Kylie Xn / an / any:):)"you know what's tempting right now? taking a bath but i'm gonna do a little something more on the computer, so yeah...""this is stuffing and gravy - i've been craving for it for some time, i don't know why"
Saturday September 06th 2014n / aSep 10, 20148/6/1716:29nora's room / her friend is at an arts festivalher friend is walks around the festival of art and sees a man playing dulcimer, looks at art. nornna watches tv, plays video games, uploads videos, and sleeps in her bednn / anora: the friend: that'snora: fuck friend: outn / an / an / ay - friendyok:) - her friend seems really nice. this video was unusual because some of it was from her friend's perspective"half and half woman man - ha! what the fuck?""i had an embarrassing coughing fit in there. i had to leave - coughing my brains out. i wish this damn cold would go away" -- nora's friendn / a
PLEASE WATCHJUST TYPE IN "HI"Sep 12, 20148/6/20172:34nora's roomexplains what kind of video she wants to make, gets call, answers, and talks to friend. wants viewer to comment "hi" to see if she will be notified via email, is very pissed off!nn / ahinowHiHerroHi Norannokok - i keep accidentally pressing the caps lock after watching this video"god - for 5 minutes i had the cap lock on and i couldn't sign into my fucking youtube -- pissed me off""when you type in your password, make sure your fucking caps lock is off"n / a
I am NOT cheating on Eeyore with Olaf!n / aSep 12, 20148/7/20173:44nora's roomtalks about what she was trying to accomplish with her last video, isn't working, asks for help setting this up correctly, makes olaf doll flip off the viewernn / aheybyeThis is my favorite! I love Eeyore. Olaf's great too but nothin beats Eeyore's little sad voice.n / an / annsleepyamused - i really enjoyed the middle finger gag"well i went under my google +, i added my new email in there and i don't know how to make it, where for, instead of, my... um old email to be sent to my old email to have it sent to my new email, the comments, so anyone who is good with the editing the email parts to where it could boom, you know send it to your emai-- new email, let me know""i'd better not do that - cause uh, i don't want to wreck his uh foam of his body"n / a
Sunday September 07th 2014n / aSep 13, 20148/7/201723:58nora's room, at church, outside of building, outdoor concert, nora's bathroomsleeps, looks around at church, watches man making balloon animals for children, plays video game (including solitaire), hugs grumpy cat doll, watches concertnBUT heard some crunching - probably chipsn / an / an / an / an / anyoka little annoyed by musical performance in videodoes not speakdoes not speakn / a
Webcam video from September 14, 2014 12:08 PMn / aSep 14, 20148/7/175:44nora's roomvideo blog style video. talks about getting jellybeans from her friend, checks phone notification, considers having two youtube channels, shows photo sent from her friend katie, talks about seeing a free lawyer for advice on cyberbullying, is still obsessed with olaf doll's teeth sticking out and considers taping them downycoke zerohithoughtsYou could try sewing the tooth down. Just get some white thread and put a stitch at the bottom. That should hold it down =]I hope these idiots stop bullying you really peas me off. I know its easy for me to say, but try not to let the idiots get you down....they're really not worth it. The internet is full of turds like them...just remember that a lot of people think you're fab ;@) and that they, including I your vids ;@) keep smiling lovely xxn / annokhighly amused - burps at 3:42 while holding two olaf stuffed dolls"maybe have my daily videos on that one and um talking videos like this just on this one""me and my friend did go to a free lawyer place and asked them if they do, help others with cyberbullying and they say that they couldn't"
Monday September 08th 2014n / aSep 14, 20148/8/1714:24nora's room, hot topic, the mall, biggy coffeesays she will go to the mall today to get a caramel apple cider, makes a purchase at hot topic, looks up recipe for tuscan chicken shepherd's pie, cooks food, uses computer and sings along with michael jackson cover, watches her own video, plays solitaireycaramel apple ciderhistuffn / an / an / anysad / tiredfeel less sad - i liked watching nora watching herself[how come you like eeyore?] "i just do because he's so sad and... and um... and um...""hi guys - that was a good meal. now as you can tell, i'm in the mall"
Webcam video from September 15, 2014 01:39 PMn / aSep 15, 20148/8/171:14nora's roomshows off her beef and tater tot casserole, says she's thinking about her other channel and what to do with it
not actively
tater tot casserole (shown but not being eaten)hinowYum yum ;@) xn / an / annsad / tiredno feelings"i just got done sampling this - it's beef and tater tot casserole""if you like what you see, you can get the recipe"
WHO HAS A FACEBOOK?n / aSep 16, 20148/9/179:13nora's roommakes olaf doll talk, talks about uploading her shorter videos to facebook, wants viewers to add her on facebook, wants us to 'like' olaf the snowman, shows dvds she got from the library (gimme shelter, her, man of steel), talks about repairing dvds, reads info about a book sale at the library, tells her friend to be on the lookout for an unscratched piglet dvdnn / aibyeYou can actually use toothpaste to clean a scratched up DVD. I know it sounds strange but it works. Put the same amount of paste you'd use to brush your teeth on the disc. Gently rub it in with a cloth. Let it sit for a couple minutes and then run the DVD under warm water, you don't want the water to be too hot. Then dry it off with a clean cloth and you're good to go.nornna's response to comment 1: what kind of tooth paste? any with flavor? loln / anncrazyi wonder if people are constantly coughing at nora's library"so yeah, i taped his tooth down with double tape so it doesn't stick out like a tongue" "me and olaf are wondering if any of you have a facebook account""when are they going to have olaf magically transform into a human being for like a day or so?"n / a
Webcam video from September 17, 2014 02:36 PMn / aSep 17, 20148/9/170:56nora's roomsays she uploaded a video from 2009 and explains her favorite part, will post videos over 20 minutes to this account, eats a hot pocketymeatball hotpocketalrightyyan / an / an / annrestless legsher long videos are more elegant"my favorite part is where i swim in the pool and how my mom says um "gummy lifesavers nora, yum yum yum yum yum" when i was at mcdonalds, so...i've been eating a meatball hot pocket, so um... see ya"
NEW VIDEOS ON THE WAY!!!n / aSep 17, 20148/9/172:23nora's roomtalks about what videos she will upload, something about the 12th of every month posting videos, something about 20 minute limit on videosnn / ahibyeCan't wait!n / an / annalmost asleepi wonder what she is trying to say about the 12th of every month. i think i saw eeyore in the background"she cooks good food - i go, gee i wish i had the recipe for all that stuff dude""sorry about the long drive back home but i wanted to show all the scenery and stuff and you know hear me and my mom talking and you'll see us go out to the country kitchen"n / a
Sunday_January_12th_2014n / aSep 17, 20148/10/1710:02nora's room, applebee's, nora's bathroomsleeps in bed, watches a happy birthday cat animation, special birthday at applebee's, plays video games, watches tv, sings in bathroom (something about mommy eeyore), really enjoys tv in this video - laughs, comments, etc.ythree different stills of food from applebee's: two savory, one ice cream and some kind of tv dinner at homeit'syou ( i think that last actual word)n / an / an / anynervouswas really excited to hear applebee's employees sing happy birthday to nora"i miss the old tv guide that used to be in the paper. i liked that" - friend"32 years old and no i don't have a boyfriend"
Wednesday_February_12th_2014n / aSep 17, 20148/10/1729:09:00nora's room / bathroom, bus (wearing eeyore hat), hair salonbath (not shown), 3:18 - 7:40 black screen, sleeps in bed, rides bus, gets hair cut, wakes up computer, eats and watches tv, in bathroom again, one of her videos plays on her laptop, sits on bed and shows minions t-shirtyburrito or wrap?yeahokayn / an / an / anyalmost asleepfeel like our lives aren't that different - only hers might be more exciting"now i can see sort of - i say sort of because i don't have my glasses on""i remember the last time i was here - one of the ladies scratched the scissors on my neck and i felt a scab"
Wednesday_March_12th_2014n / aSep 17, 20148/11/1710:36nora's room, gym, video game store, at the mallsleeps in bed, at the gym (stills of nora using different equipment), shows still shot of book (the truth about poop and pee), walks outside with friend, eats at a restaurant (maybe at luby's?), watches videos on youtubeypic of shrimp plate, cafeteria meal on tray ( sandwich, soup, saltines, coleslaw?, brownie?)no@ 2:53 ?n / an / an / anyokexcited that nora started going to a gym - hope she likes it. i love the windows movie maker transitions she uses!"maybe walmart has some stuffed olaf dolls" - nora's friend"thank you - just had to take a note"
Saturday July 28th 2007 (Nornna's Trip to the Twin Cities Day Two)Sorry it is dark in some places. This was way back when I had that crappy Kodak camera.Sep 18, 20148/14/1736:29:00nora's house, in car, mall of america, her brother's apartmentwalks around house, talks to dog, brushes teeth, sits in car, walks around in mall of america with her family, sees cat at her brother's apartment, checks email, plays with brother's cat, at family bbq, puts drops in eyes, brushes teeth againydrink in red solo cup, cherry, cereal (cherrios), sausage from family bbqheyumn / an / an / anytoo aware of my own breathingfeel like nornna when i'm at work"what are we gonna do now? i wanna check my email.""i had an email from ?? saying 'i can't watch these videos anymore. they're personal, they're too long and second of all, you are just watching tv - i don't wanna just watch you watch tv. that shit's boring,' and so i have decided that i'll only make videos, like film videos, when something cool happens..."
OLAF NECKLACEn / aSep 18, 20148/15/172:00nora's roomvlog - talks about getting extra breadsticks, shows off her meal, is very excited to show us an olaf necklace, says she will review a movie called gimme shelteryravioli with artichokes and chicken, breadsticksheydonkeysn / an / an / annsad / tired
wish this was a longer video
"hey guys - they gave me extra um breadsticks""if you haven't done so already, watch my 2007 video which was before this"
Webcam video from September 18, 2014 08:43 PMn / aSep 18, 20148/16/170:36nora's roomtells us she's going to take a bath and will do a movie review later - will post a video from 2014 for us to watch insteadnn / aalrightybyen / an / an / anninsane from reading newsstill insanen / a"i'm gonna take a bath now - so movie reviews later""stay in touch - keep being subscribed to me"n / a
Saturday_April_12th_2014n / aSep 18, 20148/16/1718:32nora's room / kitchen, at a bar, riding in car, at churchsleeps in bed, walks around house, plays video games, write in notebook, goes to baby shower, goes to church, on facebook, watches tv, tries to explain why the time stamp on her video looks off but is actually correctychex mix ?, green tea in plastic bottle, maybe nachos ??oohtoodle-oon / an / an / anyokthe baby shower was intense - i can relate trying to explain something but being unable to find my words"yeah they had an open house at the mall""ok - i only have a few um minutes to show you something, in case you got confused and go, 'what - you got the wrong time giiiiirl.' okay on my april 12th video, ok, right here can you see that? 11:29 and then i show you the clock (??) okay i show you the clock - remember how i said it was 11:30? there! and i will show you real quick what i did guess this was right here at 11:01:44 but i like did it right here because what i do right here when it shuts off exactly - right when my camera shuts off - so the time was right, BUT - this is the right time when the camera shuts off. again, sorry if this is confusing... um... so... mmm-hmm, alrighty, donkey toodle-oo"
FUTURE GOAL IDEAS!n / aSep 20, 20148/17/176:52nora's roomvlog - tells us about her goals: math, reading, and YMCA. shows us a waterproof bag for her camera (for her water aerobics classes) and a tripodnn / ahibyeSounds like a great plan lovely ;@) Γ—That sounds like a fun plan. I'm also in a reading funk right now.n / annoki want to set similar goals for myself"i have no idea how to hold my camera and do the bicycling""i really need to get out and about more and i am going to set that as a goal"n / a
Sunday July 29th 2007n / aSep 20, 20148/20/1722:43at a family member's house ?, nora's parent's car, nora's housewalks around house, uses q-tip in ear and then stares at it, puts down toilet lid, takes a shower, gets ready, puts eeyore in car, thinks about patty, dumps orange juice into sink, brushes teeth, fills water bottle, rides in car, kisses eeyore, films out car window, hugs patty! yorange juice in solo cup, water, life savers, fritos flavor twistshey or hinown / an / an / annsad / insanereally nice to see patty!"hi - i'm putting on my angel pin""five hours from now i'll be seeing my baby girl patty. hope she was behaving herself and stuff at home, all alone - not coughin' up hairballs on my bed"
Monday_May_12th_2014n / aSep 21, 20148/21/1713:36nora's kitchen / room / bathroom, the mallmakes food with another person, uses laptop (can hear lots of clicking), uploads videos, films road and cars driving by, walks around mall, watches tv, plays video gameycoffee (did not consume coke zero on camera)???eeyore ??n / an / an / anylonelysame - i think this was my first time seeing nora wearing her eeyore hat"hey his wife was a bitch near the end of her life because she had dementia"""nora the grass is wet because it was raining today - ah, i must be out of the world or something, ha ha - 'why is the grass wet (laughs at self)'"
Thursday_June_12th_2014n / aSep 21, 20148/22/1711:08bus, unknown building, nora's room / bathroomrides bus, talks to someone, writes in spiral notebook, cleans fingernails ?, interacts with woman in her room, eats while watching tv, plays video games, runs a bath and sings 'hallelujah' by leonard cohenyfast food burrito, sandwich from subway, chocolate conei (i think)? mumbles to woman in her roomn / an / an / anylonelythat was a lot of eating on screen - almost too much for my sensitivities"so why are you in a hotel? are you just travelers or somethin'?"actually i'm having problems with my camera"
Sunday August 30th 2009n / aSep 21, 20149/4/1748:58:00hotel room, car, gas station, country kitchen, homeputs on shoes in hotel room, rides in car, eats at country kitchen restaurant, sleeps in car, sees roads, cars, factory, bridges, trees, water out of car window, uses restroom, walks around gas station, very excited to see patty when she gets home, tries to call friend (dena) on flip phone, uses computer, voiceover on videoywater, hearty ham and cheese benedict, can of sode, other not shownmaybethings (i think she said 'whatever' after but not sure)n / an / an / anysadstill sad but i really liked nora's voiceover near the end of the video / happy to see patty!"yeah that chicken thing at dinner was pretty good""i've gotta catch up on the young and restless and watch that on youtube"
Tuesday_August_12th_2014n / aSep 22, 20149/4/1727:58:00nora's room / kitchen, hot topicwatches her videos on computer then addresses camera, eats while watching tv, breaks down box in kitchen, black screen for few minutes while sleeping, logo keeps popping up, shows video comments to friend in room, talks about going to library, goes to hot topic with friend, watches tv with friend, hold kitten, sleeps in bed / wakes up / yawns / kisses eeyoreyplate of food (green beans and other things?), erbert and gerbert sub sandwich with souphimistern / an / an / anysadsame but i like seeing nora hang out with her friendpatty!"yes, i'm going to film all through the night so bear with me if you get bored""i saw an olaf thing over here but it looked too freaky"
Webcam video from September 23, 2014 12:51 AMn / aSep 22, 20149/4/171:17nora's roomvlog style video - tells us she's doing fine and she's going to be back in the choirnn / aseptembernown / an / an / annsadsame but also sleepy"just wanted to let you know i'm doing fine. i'm back in the choir starting this week but i'm not sure if i will post any choir videos on youtube due to um privacy issues with the choir"
"eeyore's waiting for me to go to bed now"
n / a
Webcam video from September 24, 2014 04:24 PMn / aSep 24, 20149/4/171:19nora's roomvlog - lets us know she will post new videos in a few minutes, shows us an olaf cupnn / ahiknowLove your Olaf cup, Nora :) Super cute!n / an / annsaddidn't want to read the olaf cup so i didn't"hi donkeys - yeah you. um anyway i wanna let you know, in a few minutes you'll be seeing new videos""um one from my 2014 playlist um and two long ones, so one long one is from 2007 of november and another one is from this year but september 19th, 2014. it's a little too long for facebook"n / a
Friday_September_12th_2014n / aSep 24, 20149/4/1717:54nora's room, on buswatches tv, plays video games, black screen while she sleeps in bed, watches her videos, rides bus, eats/chats/watches videos with friend (sleeps over), imports videosysushi rolls, something fried ?, something in a bowl ?hi (audio from video) oh (on the bus)fucker (could be friend ?)
Hope the bullying has stopped! Love your vids Nora. We're here for u lovely xx
n / an / ay (friend)ysadlike her friend who's always coughing"phyllis woke up! phyllis woke up! she was in a coma (bus driver says - uh really, what happened?). sharon pushed her down a stairwell""nice hair - i like those curls"
Saturday November 17th 2007n / aSep 24, 20149/6 - 9/7/171:05:54nora's room / bathroom / house, department store ?, churchwalks around house, kisses patty, talks to mom, sits on floor and eats in the dark, fills bathtub, drinks bottled water, brushes teeth while holding eeyore, lists movies she wants to rent, drinks from fountain, tells us about transfering videos to computer, explains why she makes videos, walks down the street, goes to church, greets church people, shows tables full of food, eats at church, walks homey? while sitting on the floor, macaroni and cheese, bottled water, chicken ?, pizza, a wrap ?, juicewowmichaelLoved your long hair babe!n / an / anyworried hurricane irmastill very worried about my parents in puerto rico, special because she explains why she makes videos"if you were me, which you're not, you would understand my popularity on youtube, ok, and yes, i have ocd - obsessive compulsive disorder but i'm not obsessed with makin' videos. i just like makin' videos just because my fans like watching me""hi, i'm putting my shoes on. those that are still with this video, god bless you ha ha ha. and i'm not sitting with mom cause she'd say, 'put that camera away!'"
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