Transportation on the Ballot: November 6, 2018
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Major transportation referenda on the ballot, 2018
by Yonah
LocationReferendum nameReferendum typeResultDetailsMore infoPolls close
Arlington County, VirginiaCounty BondBonds for transportation investmentsPassedAbout $7 m in annual funding for multimodal transportation investments; funding supports contribution to Metro and street improvements.Link7 pm ET
Austin, TexasProp. G.Bonds for transportation investmentsPassedFunding over ten years at about $16 m a year for multimodal improvements. Most funding for street, sidewalk, and signals investments.Link8 pm ET
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
MOVEBR Sales Tax (December 8)
1/2-cent sales tax increaseTBD$30 m in annual revenues for multimodal transportation investments, totalling $805 m; projects improved streets and traffic signalization.Link9 pm ET
Broward County, Florida (Fort Lauderdale)Sales Tax1-cent sales tax increasePassedFunding would raise $357 m a year, or $16 b over 30 years, for multimodal improvements throughout the county. Could fund improvements for roads as well as additional bus service and new light rail services (on Broward Blvd, University Dr., SR 7).Link7 pm ET
California (statewide)Proposition 6Fuel tax and vehicle fee repealFailedWould repeal gas tax increase and vehicle fees passed in 2017Link11 pm ET
Collier County, FloridaSales Tax1-cent sales tax increasePassedWould fund $70 million in annual investments in improved roads infrastructure.Link7 pm ET
Collin County, TexasProp. A, BBonds for road investmentBoth passedProp. A would support the construction of a $600 m new roadway; Prop. B would support $140 m in arterial road improvements over 10 years.Link8 pm ET
Colorado (statewide)Prop. 109 Bond Issue for Transportation$3.5 b in transportation projectsFailedRoads construction, renovation, and expansionLink9 pm ET
Colorado (statewide)Prop. 110 Bond Issue and Tax Increase for Transportation$6 b, including 0.62¢ sales taxFailed45% safety/maintenance/congestion; 40% municipal/county projects; 15% bike/pedestrian/transitLink9 pm ET
Connecticut (statewide)LockboxTransportation LockboxPassedTransportation revenues would have to be spent only on transportationLink8 pm ET
Flagstaff, ArizonaProp. 419, 420, 421Sales tax propositions for new roads funding, bridges, and transit improvements.419, 420 Passed; 421 FailedProp. 419 would fund road/bike/ped work; 420 would fund a new bridge; 421 would increase transit service.Link9 pm ET
Hillsborough County, Florida (Tampa)Sales Tax (#2)1-cent sales tax, 30 yearsPassed45% for transit (to HART); 55% for roads/bridges/sidewalks/bike lanesLink7 pm ET
Maine (statewide)Question 3$106 m in bondsPassed75% highways/bridges; 19% multimodal; 6% otherLink8 pm ET
Marin County, CaliforniaMeasure AA1/2-cent sales tax renewalPassed30-year funding to renew Measure A, raising $27 m/year, for improving Highway 101, improving transit.Link11 pm ET
Michigan (statewide)Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act10% excise tax on marijuana productsPassedWould fund about $35 m in roads improvements.Link8 pm ET
Missouri (statewide)Proposition D
10¢ gas tax increase (among other things)
FailedMoney from revenue increase, about $288 m a year, would go to state highway patrolLink8 pm ET
Pima County, ArizonaProp. 463Bonds for road reconstructionFailedFunding would go to increased support for road reconstruction, raising $36 million a year and $430 m total.Link9 pm ET
Roaring Fork, ColoradoBallot Issue 7AProperty tax increase of 2.65 millsPassedWould fund improvements for transit, bike, and pedestrian uses, raising about $9 m a year.Link9 pm ET
St. Lucie County, FloridaAmendment 14Sales tax increase over 10 yearsPassed$19 m in annual revenues would fund investments in roads, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure.Link7 pm ET
San Benito County, California
Measure G1-cent sales tax increasePassedFunds would extend for generation transportation improvements, raising about $16 m annually.Link11 pm ET
San Jose, CaliforniaMeasure TBonds for road reconstructionPassedFunding for road improvements on exising streets; could raise about $8 m a year, producing about $650 m in bonds.Link11 pm ET
San Mateo County, California
Measure WSales tax increasePassedSales tax would raise about $80 m a year for 30 years for multimodal transportation improvements. 60% of funding to go to transit improvements; 5% for bike/ped investmentsLink11 pm ET
Scottsdale, ArizonaQuestion 10.10% transactions tax for transportationPassed10 years of funds for transportation purposes.Link9 pm ET
Thurston County, Washington (Olympia)Prop. 10.4% sales tax increasePassed$18 m in annual funds would support improved transit system.Link11 pm ET
Washington (statewide)Initiative 1631Carbon Fee (starting at $15/ton)Failed70% to clean air/clean energy (including transit); 25% clean water/forests; 5% communitiesLink11 pm ET