Resources to support Ghost Ship
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LocationNameContact MethodFacebook linkLodgingFoodHealing workOther
Fruitvale)$)Aaron Rosen room couch and possible guest room/officeWelcome to whatever we have in the fridge, eggs, etcInternet, hot shower
BerkeleyAlisa Javits978 394 6493 in living roomhappy to cookears, and a very loving doghot showers, laundry at house ($2.50 takes quarters), happy to give rides and haul stuff, childcare
East Bay (Richmond)Allison DeLauer415.828.1410 have an aerobed and guest/ room office I can share for a spell. I'm about a 30 minute walk to BART (both El cerrito del norte and Richmond stations,) and close to the freeways. sending love and healing.
Berkeleyamyamyastri@gmail.com provide vegetarian/vegan mealsquiet space, emotional support, social worker/crisis counselor, friendly cat rides, blankets, tent, thermarest, clothing, ipod, books, journals
East BayAmy and have a guest bedroom and bathroom available. Adams Point. There are cats and a small dog. All genders welcome.
East BayAmy Lund650-787-2584 Prep & Delivery. Grocery Shopping, drive to appts.Kids clothing boys sizes 6-8, shoes, warm jackets, gloves, hats. Women's clothing size 4-8, including work wear, shoes.
Betsy415-459-2427, emptional supportsize 11, 12 men's tennis shoes (Nikes, etc. a great warm, new, jacket, size large: men's)
North OaklandBrianna(510) 697 8597 cook and bring you food massage, tarot reading, emotional support, confidantinternet, shower, laundry, herbs and supplements
BothCalifornia Lawyers for the Arts888-775-8995 and low cost legal and mediation services for artists affected by the fire
SFCameron Sdtxŕt(415) 684-8929, cannot.can do grocery run and/or help with food costs; also happy to prepare some vegetarian dishesI have a very sweet senior dog (lab mix)
spare bedroom/queen size bedsurebeer
East Bay David Korman 415-603-9943 I have a car, available for airport pickups/drop offs for family/friends , or other rides as needed.
EBDea Flower213 300 7257 have an abundance of organic veggies, If you are able to cook them please call/text me and I can drop them off to you over the next few days. (thurs-sun) Its a mix of storage crops (onions, turnips, beets, butternut and spaghetti squash) as well as perishable greens (salad mix, kale, collards)
East Bay (Oakland near Lake Merritt)Deborah8186215845 mattress and couch in a semi-private living room. Can host up to three people for up to a week.Can cook or deliver foodCan offer support with housing, food, moving, resources, etc. Let me know!
Via WebDelia Mendoza310-500-9273 am a professional publicist and I am offering media counseling and written statements to the media free of charge to families of the victims, warehouse art spaces and anyone being contacted by the media due to this tragedy.
San FranciscoDena Beard415-864-8855 Lab, for memorials or other gatherings.
Near an East Bay Bart or SFDon Morgan206-372-4986donrmorgan@gmail.comWilling to help buy foodI've many items of quality men's clothing that I can donate. These are the best of my clothes, after giving most away, when I decided to dispossess of clothing, after being in business for years. Newer clothes, not old and not throwaways. Pants 34/34. Shirts Lg coats/jackets: Lg
Berkeley (Downtown)Elie Katzenson805-883-8281 I have, lots of bulk items (flour, beans, lentils)Dog therapy, restorative yoga led by me, free yoga class passes for Yoga Kula in BerkeleyClothing (femme), books, camera, internet, hot shower, bicycle (you can also email me at if you prefer that to cell/fb)
East Bay/SFElleoaklandelle@gmail.comHerbal medicine for the treatment of smoke inhalation, stress, and anxiety.
SFElysha Kensinger 415-505-4023elysha.kensinger@gmail.comWomen's clothing sizes Medium (top and bottom)/size 6 for bottoms. This includes a warm Merrill puffy jacket, warm sweaters, a few miscellaneous pieces that could work for the office, etc. I also have three garment racks for those without a closet space (two probably need some duct tape but have all the pieces (still works just fine), one is brand new (all three are pretty much brand new, used once just put too much weight on the two). Have an extra blanket and towel, and also some miscellaneous household goods. And lastly a rug. I can either drive these items to you or can pick you up so that we can peruse through the items together.
Anywhere Jet Blue Flies Gabby Miller 5102921422 have $140 in jet blue credit, can put it in the name of people who could use it in flying out to the bay
East Bay (Oakland)Ginamarie host 1-2 for dinner at a time and/or bring warm/easily frozen meals (vegetarian, can be vegan, gluten free on request)Experience as a crisis counselor - can listen, hug, hold spaceI work in nonprofit healthcare, and can sometimes help people navigate buying healthcare on Covered CA, Medi-Cal/Medi-Caid, or finding urgent care and sliding scale physical and mental health care services.
Used but functional windows phone up for grabs, needs SIM card
Some used clothing - femme sizes m/l, 8-10, casual and business casual (slacks, skirts, blazers, tights) shoes size 7, scarves
Tons of board games to play!
Cat - she's anxious around new people but sweet and cute
101 mattress (in good condition). household items, furniture, coats, women's clothes, art supplies. will arrange for delivery as needed.
SF or East BayJenifer Simon802.229.2306
East Bay (live) SF (work)Jenn Jones312-753-8697 work for an organization of architects and designers in the Bay Area. If your artist collective/shared space is looking for pro bono walkthroughs to determine what structural or fire hazzards may be in your space, and best practices to mitigate the damage of potential hazzards (fires, floods, seismic), I will help connect you with my network who can offer help.
SFJo Bauer415-425-4052 have a very small guest room - large enough for a queen size bed (currently have an aerobed there) - we are between the mission and the castro. We have a small dogshower. laundry onsite.
East Bay/SFJohna(512) 293-1248 am a Master EFT practitioner offering FREE trauma therapy. EFT, or often know as "tapping" is a trauma/stress relief teachnique that is used for effectively treating Post Traumatic Stress and extreme emotional pain. This process restores emotional balance inorder to have a gentler, safer grieving process. Group sessions are being held Dec 7th & 8th, possibly more depending on demand. I am a part of a network of practitioners, all offering free sessions.
San Francisco Kaitlin Trataris 661-373-1815 (text first) foodEmotional support, listening I have some womens med/large clothing. I can offer free entry tickets to SFMOMA.
Kara415-308-8105 buy, cook, and bring meals.I have a futon, blankets, floor lamp, and camera to donate. Also have an Amazon credit worth $100, happy to use it to purchase anything needed.
East Oakland/Mills areakarry walker510-499-4924 lodging - one bedroom trailer on property
Katherine404-558-0439don't have this to offer sorrywilling to offer money for foodemotional supportI am local and have lots of women's clothes in size 10-14 to offer as well as spare toiletries etc etc
Katie805-305-8823 couch/floor w/ warm blanketswarm mealsemotional supporthot showers
BerkeleyKatie C501.206.5527queen-size sofa bed in living roomfresh fruits/veggies, coffee, yogurt, tealisten, hug, quiet space
KDN760-420-5223 in a large living room, plenty of blankets and pillows for makeshift cot(s), available immediately in our quiet neighborhood apartment in the Elmwood/Rockridge areacook/buy/kitchen amenitiesemotional supportaccess to a car, bicycle / internet / hot shower / can run errands for you between work
East Bay(Oakland)Kellay J-H415.400.6642 / kellyjusewicz@gmail.com / & am an herbalist and would be more than happy to offer any kind of help I can in regards to medicinal plants and medicines. I also have a very cuddly and loving kitty who will snuggle your face.I cannot offer much in terms or lodging, but my home is always open if you need a place to come during the day to rest, love on kitty, use our internet or use my computer if you need to email, check FB, charge your phone, etc. Or if you need someone to hold you while you cry I would be more than happy to do that too. Please contact me, I am here for you. <3
Kendall510-685-1776 to discuss with partnerCan provide vegan foodFriendly cats to hang out with for stress relief Can help with transportation in East Bay, please let me know what else you need and I'll try to help if possible
Please FB message instead of calling-- I'll be checking message requests mealsemotional support
Oakland / Adams PointKim Adams510-444-0770x 703 Port Workspaces are happy to offer coworking to surviors and friends of those lost in the fire. We can offer one month of access to any of our three okland locations. High speed internet, showers and locker rooms, yoga/meditation room,complentary coffee, tea and beer. Our largest space in Uptown is a block from 19th street bart so you can easily get here or bike parking on site. THe Jack London Locations are 4 blocks from 12th street Bart. x meditation and yoga space to practice any movement artsWe are reaching out to our community for additional donations as well. TBA
Kim D Send fb message cook food, bake for anyone that needsHospital visits Some car access
Laura(408) 832-9551
Living room with pull out couch that fits 2
emotional supporthot showers, car transportation, childcare
East BayLauri Lalumondiere305-975-0814 cook & host mealsCan offer rides, run errands, deliver food or supplies, take donation calls and anything that requires time!
Lee Chen-Weinstein9493098389cook a couple warm mealscan do grounding exerciseswarm showers, emotional support, clothing (in SF)
SFLiana couch in living room2 cats in house, 1 bathroom with shower, currently 3 female residents
Lindsay773-934-8592 in West O available this week and futon in living room can cook for youemotional support
Lindsey Boldt & Steve Orthlindsbo@gmail.com energy healing, emotional support, tea & cats. Have a large van and can help w/ transportation. Femme clothes. Hot shower/bath.
Lisa H-Ksmallveggie@gmail.com out couch (in Berkeley)can buy, cook, bring mealsemotional support
Homemade turkey broth, possibly in season organic produceSome car rides, hauling stuff (got a Chevy Trailblazer), petite femme clothing, shoes, accessories, bags ... ask, I might (probably) have it
Liz H
Femme Clothes: Sweaters, jackets, shirts, shoes, jeans. Anything that will keep you warm. Sizes S-M, Jeans 29-30" waist. (8-10), shoes size 7. Can deliver them to you. Washer and dryer as well.
OaklandLuc & Anna
send fb message or email to or cottage in North Oakland with its own bed, kitchen, shower, laundry accessCan help cook/buyCan provide any emotional support neededWould be able to provide more than just this lodging arrangement through other community members depending upon need
Lu Lu Gamma Rayfb and deliver some foodhealing spellsoffer rides some food etc.
Maggie D717-471-0459 buy, cook, deliver foodlistening (cognitive behavioral interviewing and motivational interviewing trained), massage, social work stuffclothing (small)
San FranciscoMara B. & Carly F.; (858) 774-3464, shoulders to cry on, ears to vent toWe have TONS of women's clothing and accessories to donate - like 10 large bags full. Ranging in women's sizes small to large. Please reach out if you are in need. Also have an old bike that needs some TLC, but works!
RichmondMarc Mowrey415.706.5590 Bedroom + bath and small kitchen available now.
marcie several beds in west oakland/27th stfood/will cookanyI have a pick up truck and can drive/haul anywhere needed./Can donate clothes/blankets/kitchenware
Margaret510-418-0090, air mattress, sleeping bag, backyard for tentcook/bake/buy foodtherapist, emotional supportcar rides, access to hot shower, laundry and internet, extra clothes
Margaret Goodwin415-702-1588free or low cost short term therapy
registered MFTI, available for free or low cost short term therapy. please let me know when you call that you got my number from this list.
east baymaria kei845 489 4780 home-cooked meals, amenable to any diet restrictions. i live near foothill and fruitvale. i can also bike-deliver meals to you anywhere in east oakland.
hot showers. couch to sleep on. secure storage space for furniture, clothing, whatever if you need to store stuff.
SFMatt Flynn AKA Doctor
4155095222 room, massage room could sleep, house is having work done on it so a bit chaotic, 2 freindly dogs, hot shower clean towels, washer and dryer, rides to places in carcan buy grocery, can cook, medicinal cookingsweet cuddly dogs, food as medicine, herbal medicine, spiritual and witchcraft guidance, massage, support for the mourning process (i have had lots of experience with death of loved ones) i am kinda a clothes pack rat from thrifting so if you are near our size we could give up some stuff, i can take people thrift shopping to replace shoes and clothes
Matt Takaichi408-838-6911, floor mat. can fit 2. near macarthur/rockridge bartcan cook for youhave car & can give rides, clothes, washer/dryer, open to any miscellaneous help i can provide
Max8473085519 room can fit 3Emotional support
max available, need to arrange with housemates
141 supportfemme clothes (mostly size medium), car rides, art supplies, proofreading/editing
408-204-6454, cook and deliverEmotional support. I have a Great Dane that loves walks and hugsCan provide rides, picking up/dropping off essential items, running errands. Have lots of warm clothes to lend. Can help make phone calls/send emails.
Meagan & Hannah(210)862-6606hCouch in South Berkeley, safe and quiet and private, surrounded by treesCan cook and buy foodWe have a car, can give people rides. Text if you need!
Megan & Dereck415-902-0881can cook/deliver mealscan offer rides, clothing, childcare, hot shower
Megan B.609 579 8346 in E Oakland, quiet, with cat. Can make you meals- or send you mealscan offer quiet place in E. Oakland near the lakeI have an Android- it's still usable just a little cracked.
Melissa up with farms and non-profits in WA that may donate.counseling skillz/an open earLots of warm mittens/boot cuffs, hand warmers, etc.  Could possibly also provide food.  (Not local.)
Mena661-406-6141 cook vegetarian mealssome plant medicine available, but probably not the expert on this kind of healing work. can recommend names for that if needed. dog therapy, car rides, clothing
Meredith541-861-9333 local, but can send deliveryEmotional - chats, texts, skype, email or phone calls
Mia (Mya) cook for youemotional supporthave car,proofreading/editing, advocacy, navigating bureacracy and red tape, help find resources within community.
510-593-0280 (texting is best)
couch/air mattress available near the old parkway theatercan share CSA box/kitchenClothing, mostly women's small/medium, and shoes 7-9. A few old but functional PC laptops and desktop towers (like Windows Vista and XP old)
Milo out couch in living Room ( in SF) Can buy meals/bring mealsSupportive ear *House fire experience of my own-can listen/support; car rides where needed; legal advice/support (attorney), possible items-furniture/clothing; Im queer/trans in case that is helpful for other folks who are as well; laundry; wifi
mimi e. 707.342.4776 have food delivered to you emotional support, text, email, additional resources
Molli773-726-0362 cook for youemotional supporthave car, can give rides. hot showers, extra blankets
Molly Roa
510-703-9430 or to discuss with partnercan cook/buy foodemotional supprtHave an old ATT go-phone for anyone needing one to get by until a replacement comes --- I am also good at organizing for any fundraisers in the future (event planning, spreadsheets, etc)
Nate Wheeler3032297059 - text support, music therapy, lost my childhood home in a fireWasher/dryer, shower, big backyard for chillin and talking, safe space
Neil Berrett
510 301 8289 / at Standard & Strange have men's clothing (shirts, coats, pants) we are happy to donate.
oakland secret510-277-5166 beds and a couchwe'll cook for you
Oara Chocolate / Ryan Troy415.902.2182 /probiotic infused for sleep CBD infused for sleep have car for any logistics / access to color printer / scanner for any printing needs. Also lost family home in Oakland Hills Fire, savvy with insurance (many credit card purchaes or car insurance can cover some valuables even if you don't have renters insurance) if you need help navigating
SFPaige 925-389-2604Can deliver meals
Peggy Vincentcontact on FB a bed for a week or so for 1-2 in Rockridgecan feed 1-2can offer rides; laundry hot showers
puck lo bdrm apt near MacArthur BART for 2 ppl from 12/8 - 12/22 (would have to discuss details)
Quiver707-293-3253 couches/one private room in West O available this weekcan cook for youemotional support
Rachel J650-289-8360 in downtown Oaklandcan share foodfriendly cuddly cat, quiet comfortable space with good light, small garden space hot shower, washer/dryer, femme clothes, 1-2 bicycles
Rachneet by you, not judging and listeningCar rides at night, early mornings, weekends. Ready to also do labor work on the weekends. Also I have few extra blankets to offer
east bayrandy fulgham5106899376 floor. on requestworks at bbq restuarant can bring offerings to any gatheringsemotional support. light massage work.available for volunteer work, mens small/medium clothing,
Regina 831-588-5398 person futon in living room of Noe Valley (San Francisco) home. House is occupied by me, husband and female housemate. 20 min walk to BART/7 min bus ride. Generally easy public transit. You're welcome to dine with us :) Emotional support, good music, mediation recommendations, exercise in the living room. Perhaps some mens and women's clothing. Feel free to message me weeks later. This will take a while to heal.
Reina530-220-2849<---GOFUNDME for residents of Ghost Ship. Also have 2 futons open in Oakland near Ashby Bart for those who need lodging.
East BayReneasy cook and bring you foodhave a car and can transport you and your stuff. Daytime availability.
Rev. the First Church Berkeley clergy (Rev. Molly, Rev. Rachel and myself) would be ready and willing to offer to lead or assist with memorial services at no charge (meeting people where they are theologically, of course, including non-religious folks). I'm an ordained progressive minister (young adult minster at First Church Berkeley, an artsy, open community with tons of queer & trans folks in leadership). We also suffered a major fire at our church in September. I'm available to offer emotional and spiritual support, pray with people (no matter what you believe).Dog therapy; connections to the progressive & interfaith community for ongoing support
East BayRevae(763) 218-0794 (prefer texts), revaehitt@gmail.comCan buy, cook, and bring mealsI can provide emotional support (silence, talk, active listening, shoulder to cry on, someone to yell/scream with, hugs)I have a car and can drive to places mainly on the evenings or weekends.
rey314-956-2987 food to cook for you, or limited amount of food stamps to buy you comfort food. also coffee/teaemotional supporti have an old binder if anybody needs one - warning that it is stained and stretched out but will def work for certain people. also, have two surgical binders that can act as makeshift binders in the meantime.
East BayRiyana (Rebecca) Sang510-813-4606 can bring you big pots of soupHerbal Support (Certified Clinical Herbalist) and counseling for trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. All services and herbs free for victims, family, and loved ones. Skype sessions or in-person available.
Rosella Bearden707-338-6154 and bedroom floor in queer/trans house in Berkeleycan cook and deliver food or help buy groceries
rowan415-410-8292 cook a meal or drop off some groceriesHave a car- can offer rides.
Sally510-610-6589 cook for you at my house or bring it to youUnlimited puppy therapy and emotional support; plant medicineI have car for hauling and rides, women's clothing, smartphone burner available to use
samantha giles510.338.2730will cook for youemotional supporthave car for rides
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