Cork Legal Personnel From 1199, 1st May 2018
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Lawyers From 1199, Judges, Seneschals Court Officials, 5th May 2017, Cork City and County from 1199 (John de Spenser Provost/Magistrate), with Allusions in James Joyce 'Ulysses'
Medieval Gaol, Queen's Old Castle
1189Henry II‟s action in 1177 created Cork into a royal city. It probably received a charter of incorporation (see Sweetman 1875-86, i, No. 572; Otway-Ruthven 1868, 123) but the earliest surviving charter is that granted by John, as Lord of Ireland, c.1189 (MacNiocaill 1964a, i, 158; O‟Brien 198549). This confirmed all the land of the city to the citizens of Cork, to be held according to the laws of Bristol.
1620 Cork GaolCorporation votes 12 years tax revenue to Alderman Roche to build a new Gaol, three bridges and Market HouseIn Reign of James 1 Courthouse and Gaol in the Castle of Cork (King's Old Castle) taken down 1718, later Courthouse on site of Queens Old Castle[Advertisement] - NEW COUNTY GAOL - THE Commissioners for Building a NEW GAOL for the County of CORK, give notice that the Site now fixed on for said Gaol, is the piece of Ground at Gill Abby, known by the name of Mrs. Moore's Fields, and that Proposals and Estimates for Building an insulating or surrounding Wall, agreeable to the Plan now lying in their Treasurer's Office, in the County Court Yard, will be received by him there, or at Mr. Curry's, on Batchelor's-quay, before the 21st instant. Dated May 6,1790 - J. W. DE LA COUR, TreasurerCity Prison, North Gate 1715 built to a desigm by Coltsman, Sunday's Well Prison built in same style1730. That a watch-house be forthwith lmilt over the water at the South 'Vest angle of the North Bridge, and that :\Ir. :1\Iayor, Ald. Phillips, l\Iillerd, Mr. Alexander l\litchell do oversee and direct same, the expense to be raised on
the public. That a Bridewell be built on the Corporation ground next adjoyning 1\Ir. John Dennis's quay, and that a passage be left at the 'Vest side thereof adjoining the City Wails of 5 feet in breadth.Present--1\fr. l\Iayor, both Sheriffs, 1\Ir. Recorder ; Alden. Phillips, Terry, Broclesby, Bennett, Cramer, Rob. Atkins, l\lillerd, J n. Atkins; Mr. Croker,Lane, and Com. Speaker.
1680 Folio Folio 28, St Finbarrs cathedralNo person may act as an Attorney, Clerk of the Peace or of the Crown but such as are of the Protestant Religion and take the oath of Allegiance and Supremacy. Maziere Brady
1810John Westropp Carey’s Petition to be a Constable of Police, his backer Sir Nicholas Colthurst, who was MP for Cork City, was his cousin. In 1810, Sir Nicholas was granted £20,000 by the British Government to rebuild Cork City Gaol.
Gaol 1835Inspector E.R.Townsend MD, Chaplin Rev John Egan, RC Chaaplin Rev. Florence O'SullivanSurgeon Morgan D, Nugent M.D., Apothecary Richard Hobart, Governor John Murphy, Esq., Deputy Governor, F. LLoyd.1835 Pettigrew and Oulart Directory. Later Inspector and Chaplin Rev. John Quarry LLD, Surgen Julius B. Evans, M.D., Governor John Welsh.1835 Pettigrew and Oulart Directory
Chief Justice MunsterNicholas Walsh 1576, JCHAS1904
Lord Presidency of Munsterd 1607 Sir Henry Brouder buried St. Marys Sir George Carew, Sir Henry Becher 1604 (no record of circuits during his term), Lord Danveers 1610, Lord President of Munster: Sir William St. Ledger, sat in Doneraile, in will 1657 mentions Councellor in Fermoy Richard Fisher his own wife Gertude Doneraile, 1671 William St. Ledger (Cork Archives U 675/52), died
1790 MAY 6 1790 -[Editorial] - CORK - The trustees for constructing the new prison of the County of Cork, having fixed on a part of Gill abby, a bold bank over the river, for its site, the great objects of Sir Jerome Fitzpatrick are attainable thereon, wiz, ventilation, and complete command of water for every necessary purpose of the confined, as well for the cleaning of the sewers, as supplying the baths, wash-house, &c., with the pure element, so that we may expect to have the best prison in the kingdom, constructed for this county, in the course of three or four years.

Advertisement] - NEW COUNTY GAOL - THE Commissioners for Building a NEW GAOL for the County of COKR, give notice that the Site now fixed on for said Gaol, is the piece of Ground at Gill Abby, known by the name of Mrs. Moore's Fields, and that Proposals and Estimates for Building an insulating or surrounding Wall, agreeable to the Plan now lying in their Treasurer's Office, in the County Court Yard, will be received by him there, or at Mr. Curry's, on Batchelor's-quay, before the 21st instant. Dated May 6,1790 - J. W. DE LA COUR, Treasurer. Note UCC Science Block built on rear of old Gaol
1790 Cork PrisonProposals for wall around New Gaol at Gill Abbey known by the name of Mrs. Moore's fieldsPrison demolished mid 1960s for UCC Science Block. City Gaoler 1790 Rowland Sharp.Front portica still extant built 1818 (Windle)
19th November 1759 DiedDan MurphyGaoler, County Gaol South gateJohn T Collins, newspaper extracts, Dr Casey 2374
1769Christopher BeereKeeper of MarshallseaCork Journal
1818Cork Commitals 1,145, average number 194, females criminal minors debtors 28, debtors 80, criminals 228Bandon County Bridewell jurisdiction High Sheriff and Provost 271 commitals average number 21Rosscarbery Bridewlll Comon Gaol, 50 commotals averager12, Clonakilty Bridewell Sovreign and Seneschal Rev. Dr. Townsend 20 commitals average 2Skibbereen Bridewell The Sheriff averagr 91 felony and assaults average 22 Bridgetown (Skibbereen) The Lord of the Manor 50 commitlas average 12
1824J Welsh Esq Keeper of City Gaol, Rev Dr Quarry, Inspector and Chaplain of City Gaol and Bridewell, Rev John Falves (Falvey?) Roman Catholic Chaplin of Cith Gaol and BridewellJ.P. Mathis Keeper of BridewellPigot's Directory 1824
c1860John Barry Murphy Governor City prison uncle of historian Canon O'Mahony 1844-1911
Grand JuryTreasurer J. W. De La Cour c. 1790-1830Richard B. Cotter Secretary 1822
1768St. John JefferiesGovernor of Cork CityOf Blarney Family
1790William AlexanderHigh Constable
1826Robert CooteChiel Constable Caastletown BereMarried Rebecca Morris Symms Waterfall,
1791Richard LLoydChief Constable East Muskery
1824Robert Hewson R Rogers High constablesPigot's directory 1824
Assizes 1273Record in UK Archives SC 8/174/8666Proceedings at the High Court of Justice at Dublin and Cork 1652–1654 for Trying Irish Catholics Arising from Rising of 1641. Mentioned Belgooly, Bandon, Garretstow
Assizes1711, Kings Old Castle, Lord Chief Baron Rockford, John Nutley. March 1719, Munster Circuit at the Tholsel, Lord Chief Baron Gilbert and Mr. Baron Pockington.1731. County Warrants, Presentments of Grand Jury at Assizes, Co. Cork, Kings Old Castle, 10th April 1731. James Harnett, County Treasurer’ for prosecuting High Constables and other good services done this country’. £40. Spring 1749 Justice Yorke, Sergeant Marshall, City Tholsel, County Kings Old Castle. Summer 1749, Sitting Saturday City Tholsel, County Kings Old castle Baron Dawson, Justice Hassett.1753 Spring. Mr. Justice Arthur Blennerhassett Judge Court of King's bench 1745 subscriber to Ancient and Present State of Cork, Smith., Summer Mr Lord Chief Justice Caulfield. 1756, September, Baron Mountney, Judge Smith. 1759 Summer Tholsel for City, KIngs Old Castle County, : Lord Chief Justice Caulfield, French, Clerks, Samuel Owens Esq., Whitefriars St., Wiliam Knox Esq., Loughboy. 1759, 1764, 1759 presented with Freedom of Cork and silver box, 1765, Lord Chief Justice Willis.March 1768, Judge Clay, Baron Scott.Spring 1770 Mr. Justice Henn
1759 Summer Kings Old Castle: Lord Chief Justice Caulfield, Frencg, Clerks, Samuel Owens Esq., Whitefriars St., Wiliam Knox Esq., Loughboy1760 Spring, County Kings Old Castle, City Tholsel, Baron Dawson, Justice Marshall, Registrars: Charles Mears Esq., Mary St, John Wolverton Esq.,Georges Lane.
Assizes1769 March Justices Clay and Baron Scott1793: Lord Cief Baron Yelverton, Baron Hamilton, Serjeant Chatterton. 1817 August Baron Smith. 1794 prosecution for criminal liber (Show Trial) of Denis Driscoll ormer preist later Minister Innishannon and Editor Cork Gazette by Prime Sergeant Ftzgerald.1823 Spring Assizes, Hon Justice Burton, Baron Pennyfeather, Registers Samuel S. Reeves and Samuel Delap Esq. 1825 Spring. Special Commission 1826 Spring Assizes Baron Pennyfeather (County), Justice Torrens (City), 1828, Lent Assizes Justices Vandelour and Torrens Registrars: John Lambert and Andrew Torrens Esqs., 1829 Baron Pennyfeather, Judge Torrens, Registrars Andrew Esq., Samuel Delap Esq., 1829 City Assizes August Lord Chief Baron O'Grady1830 Spring; Baron Pennyfeather Sergeant Blackburn. 1833 Mr. Justice Van de Leuen on August Assizes, Cork 1861 Judge Christian (Criminal)
Assizes1866 Special Sessions Judge Keogh
Consistrorial Court of cork and Ross, Bishop St. 1824Judge Henry H Heard LLD Vicar General, Register John Heard Esq 12, Bishop St., Advocates William L Webb, A Connell, BarristersPre 1870 Jurisdiction
Legal Establishment 1824 Cork CityWilliam Wagett, Recorder, Robert Lawe william Crofts Esqs Sheriffs, William Colburne Common SpeakerThomas Pope Esq Chamberlain, William Jones Esq. Town Clerk and Clerk of the Crown, H Hardy Henry edward Jones Coroners, Robert Hewson R Rogers Esqs High ConstablesJames Hutchins Edward Dillon Esqs Sheriffs' Sergeants B Consughton adn William Roycroft Esqs Sheriffs BailiffsPigot's Directory 1824
1344An inquisition, held in Cork in 1344, concerns a quarrel that arose between various Barrys over tenancy of land around Rathcormac. Adam de Barry, of Rathcormac, did not wish to be a tenant of a David de Barry or to attend his court. David distrained against him for default and so Adam gathered a band of men together to wage war against David and all his people throughout the county of Cork. Oliver Tirry and Nicholas Fitz Adam Tirry were part of this band. They beat up the sheriff of Castlellethan, killed Philip son of Nicholas Malenfaunt. They burned Laghare near Castlellethan and robbed and stole from the friars of Carmel. They were welcomed by Maurice, son of Thomas the Earl of Desmond, who let them ride about armed throughout county Cork and elsewhere. Adam fitz William de Barry of Rathcormac, sued David in Dublin for the entire Barry inheritance. In another inquisition at Youghal, in the same year Oliver Tirry's name appears again. In 1355, Henry Whyte granted property to Peter Fitz Thomas (presumably Tyrry) in the parish of Killaspugmullane.
Court Shandon Castle c 1350Above river overlooking Dominican Friary used by sittings of Lord President of MunsterWindle. Often used by the Lords presidents of Munster holding courts of gaol delivery gone by 1750.In time of James 1 with Gaol on site of King's Old Castleprison taken down 17181733 Old Court an Gaol at South Gate Bridge survey of walls
1435-1610, MagistratesGibson’s History of Cork, vol. 2, p. 1, points out that the Ronaynes were one of the twelve families from which during the period 1435-1610 the chief magistrate of Cork was chosen—the remaining eleven being those of Gould, Roche, Tyrry (Terry), Meade, Coppinger, Galway, Sarsfield, Morrogh, Skiddy (Scudamore), Walters and Lavallyn
1586From Hamilton’s State Papers of Ireland in the Reign of Elizabeth (under the date 1558) it appears that “James Ronayne of Cork and James Hore of Cork” claimed that “the lands of Rochestown, Knocknamullagh, and Monfieldstown … belonging to James Ronayne … and the lands belonging to James Hore, all situate in Kerricurrihy in County Cork, were free from the burdens and exactions unduly found by an Inquisition taken at Cork, October 17th, 28th Elizabeth (1586).” Decision: “There lies no petition, traverse or monstrans de droit, and the Queen’s Counsel affirm the lands to be the Queen’s Majesty’s.”
1609 Court built on site of Queen's Old Castle
Manor Court of Shandon in Elizabethan timesWindle History of Cork (Cork past and present) online referes to discovery bt R. Sainthill Esq of old law Tract in Legal French of Court's Jurisdiction, serious crime etc
Charter of Charles 1Entitled 6 Aldermen of the Ward to hear cases of sums not more then 40 shillngs and to charge costs for their attendance
1625In an Inquisition p.m., taken at the Tholsell, in the County of the City of Cork, on 21 September 1626, it is set out that:5 “James Ronayne, late of the City of Cork, Gent., deceased, held in fee the lands of Ballynvilly (Monfieldstowne or Ronayne’s Court) … the lands of
Ballynrostig (Rochestown) … the lands of Knocknamullagh …
the lands of
Shanna Cuirt (Old Court) … and the lands of Doghlin (Doughcloyne);” also
house property in Douglas and in the City of Cork. “He died on the last day of
May, 1585. Maurice Ronayne is his son and next heir, and was aged 40 years,
and was married at the time of his father’s death.”
All the above lands were held from Queen Elizabeth in capite and by military service, except Doughcloyne (which
was held as of the manor of Beavor in County Cork), and the house property in Cork, which was held in free burgage.
The above Inquisition relates only to land within the County of the City of Cork. The Inquisition relating to lands
in the County of Cork does not appear to have been preserved. the lands are identified from the Inq. p.m. of his son Maurice
in 1626, in which the above aliases are set out.
Pre 1643Court of D'Oyer Hundred
1680Many killed in collapse of CourthouseCounty Court rebuilt after 1682Windle. Circuit Court, Kings Old Castle 1772
Manor Court of Bishop of CorkIn 1837 Seneschal an attorney may be Philip Austin, South Mall. 1837 return lists Manor Court for Newcastle and GarrycoyneManor of Newcastle and Garricloyne: Patent 5th year of King Charles the First, granted to Dominic Lord Viscount Kilmallock now (1837) property of John Callaghan Esq who purchased. Seneschal at Inniscarra believes courts should be abolished.Manor Court of St Finbarr: Court boulden by prescription, jurisdiction extends to part of Bandon. 1837 court similar to that of Assistant Barrister. Court held at Manor in the Consistory Court at Cork.
1837 Return of Manor CourtsReturns by James Chatterton, clerk of the peace for County Cork, of the details of the various manor courts in the county and the names of their seneschals, as follows: George Kingston (Abbeymahon), Patrick O'Sullivan (Altham), Thomas Morris (Baltimore), John Young and Theophilus Syms (Bantry), John Cotter (Ballymoodan), John Sweetman (Ballydehob), [?John Winson] (Buttevant), Charles Clarke (Bridgetown), William Lovell (Castlemahon), Daniel Leahy (Castlemacauliffe), Rev William Welland (Cloyne), William Travers (Carrigaline), James Kirby ([?Castledethan]), Alexander English (Castlehaven), John Townsend (Clonakilty), Andrew Batwell (Charleville), Thomas Morris (Cloghanmore), Alexander Cox (Dunmanway), Edward Collett (Fleetwood), Edward Johnson (Inchiquin), Edward Lloyd (Kanturk), Richard Lewis (Leamcon), John Warren (Macroom and Kilcrea), Rev W Montgomery (Mitchelstown), Henry Hume (Mallow), John Gaggin (Midleton), Michael Smith (Newmarket), Phillip Ruby (Newcastle and Garrycloyne), John Macarthy (Rathbarry and Gortnihorny), James Moyan (St Finbarr's). Includes letters from some individual seneschals giving details of the manor courts under their jurisdiction, and a letter from John Colburn, clerk of the peace for Cork City, stating that there are no manor courts in the city. - See more at:
AssizesSpring 1753 Blenerhassett, Summer Lord Chief Justice Caulfield
Admiralty CourtBlackroch Casle resrored after fire 17290 and later used as court, with ritual of throwing the dart.Rebuilding commecnced 1828 Thomas Dunsscomb, Maatyor, Robert Evory and Osborne Svage Sheriffs, Samuel Perry Common Speaker, possession 1829 to Thomas Pope Mayor, Samuel Perry Junior, James Cummins, Sheriffs, Richard Sainthill Common Speaker.27 June, 1730.
That the Chamberlain's accounts be settled by Alden. Morley, Bennett,
Cramer, Atkins, two Sheriffs, Mr. Austin, Rowland, and Croker, also that
they inspect the W aterbailiff's accounts, Mr. Martin's accounts of the
Gateage, also Nicholas White's accounts, and report.
That Mr. Mayor and Council go 1 Aug. next to Blackrock, view the
river, and hold the Admiralty Court then there, and that the Mayor do
prepare the entertainment, not to exceed 6 pounds.
1730. (Caulfield) The question being put whether the office of Common Clerk, vacant by the death of Edward Webber. Esq., was elective by the Mayor, .Ald. and Sheriffs, or by the Mayor, Sheriffs, and Commonalty in Court of Deer Hundred ? Carried for the latter. Jjkewise put, whether the office of Clerk of the Crown and Public Notary, vacant by Mr. Webber's death, was elective by the Mayor, .Ald., · and Sheriffs, or by the lfayor, &c., in Deer Hundred? Carried for the former Also put whether the office of Clerk of the Crown and Public Notary should be farmed or sold? Carried in the :Negative. Present-Mr. Mayor, both Sheriffs, 1\fr. Recorder; .Alden. Knapp, Delahoide,Allen, French, Morley, Terry, Hawkinfl, Broclesby, Bennett, Cramer,Rob. Atkins, Millard, Jn. Atkins; 1\fr. Addis, Croker, Fuller, Huleatt, Power, Lane.m" To the first and last orders we agree, but dissent from the second and
protest against it,-Hugh Dickson, W etenhall Hignet, and John Baldwin,mVic., John Terry, Wm. Hawkins, John Atkins, Sam. Croker, Frans. Power, W. Lane. " To the last question we dissent and protest against it, by reason a good sum of money or yearly rent may be had for said office,-Jn. M~rley, HughMille rd. "As the above proceedings are contrary to the Charter, I do protest against all the above orders in behalf of the Commons of this City,-Fran.
1730. Resoh·ed, that whoever shall be elected Clerk of the Crown of this City and Public Notary shall have no deputy, and should there Le an absolute necessity for a Deputy, that no practising attorney or uthL·r person lmt sueh as shall be appointed l,y the ~Iayor, &c., shall act as Vepnty. That the Clerk of the Crown, ur such as shall Le eleeted tu that ufiice, iu consideration of the office in the Exchange for keeping the Hecord::J, do cuustantly attend the :\Iayor, &c., and provide for them Looks, p~us, ink,paper, and other requisites for entering and keeping their HccorJs, ami give out their orders [p·atis. On the Election of a Clerk of the Crown and Pub. Xotary, Mr. 'Vm. Lane was elected nen~. con., said Lane was likewi::Je elected Clerk of the Council. Present-.lfr. l\fayor, :\Ir. Sher. Hignett, Mr. Recorder; Ald" 0 • :French, Morley, Terry, Hawkins, Broclesby, Bennett, Atkins, Millerd, Jn. Atkins; 1tir. Croker, Fuller, Power, Lane. John Atkins, S. Croker, Geo. :Fuller, Fran. I> ower voted for :\Ir. L~ne. "To the third Resolution I dissent, and therefore do protest against it.- Hugh l\fillerd. " I do protest against the Council's electing a Clerk of the Crown and Pub. Notary in right of the Commons.-Fran. Healy, Speaker."
Recorders 1574-1924The Recorder of Cork was a judicial office holder in pre-Independence Ireland. The Recorder was the chief magistrate for Cork city, and had responsibility for keeping the peace. The office was similar to that of Recorder of Dublin, but the Recorder of Cork, unlike his Dublin counterpart, did not have power to try cases involving a capital crime. A statute of 1877 provided that where possible the Recorder should also be the Chairman of the Cork East Riding Quarter Sessions.[1]
The office was an onerous one, requiring at least two sittings of the Court every week; at certain times the Recorder had a Deputy Recorder to assist him.[2] As with the Recordership of Dublin, it could be combined with another legal office, such as that of King's Serjeant-at-law.
The first known reference to the office of Recorder of Cork is in a charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1574, requiring the Recorder to act as a "keeper of the peace", justice of oyer and terminer, and justice of gaol delivery.
The office of Recorder of Cork was abolished, along with all other recorderships in the Irish Free State, in 1924.[3]
Recorders 1742Joshua Boyle, Robert Fitzgerald, Henry GosnardPeter Marks, Lawrence Parsons, Henry RuggeOwen Silver, Evay Thomas Andrew Wandrick
1754Justice Whitney Boleyn at King's Old CastkeLord Chief baron Bowes Kings Old castleLord Chief Justice Caulfield Justice French SpringFrancis Upton Gent Clerk peter St.Dublin
1824 CONSISTORIAL COURT OF CORK AND ROSS, BISHOP STREET, Probate, Matrimonial, Church of IrelandJudge, Henry J. Heard, L.L.D., Vicar General
Registrer, John Heard, esq. (12 Bishop Street)
Advocates, William L. Webb and A. Connell, esqrs., Barristers.
Proctor of Office, Thomas Pope, esq.
Proctors; Thomas Pope, Nicholas Vincent, William Gregg, Richard Chinnery,
and Henry Bennett, Gents.
1750Tholsel Court, Spring Assized there 1719Attorneys had to be presented there as Chatterton 17501807 Grand Jury Spring Presentments for new courthouse paid £1,00 to Abraham Hargreave Senior adn Junior adn 5% of gross cost to Richard Morrison, Dublin.
1832 Quarter SessionsHeld at Guildhall
Courthouse Washington (earlier George's St) 1835Designed by James and George Richard PainGutted by fire 1891, new courthouse includes marbel from Black Kilkenny, Green Conneara, Cork Red, Dove Colured Meath re opened 1895design by Wiliam Henry Hill (ancestor of Myrtle Allen, ballymaloe) project plauged by strikes.
1826 Civil Process Officers West RidingAppointment of Civil Process Officers, Co. Cork, West Riding, 1826, Bantry: Timothy Sullivan, Jeremiah Sullivan, Jeremiah Day, Robert Warner, Clonakilty: Thomas O'Hea, John Bateman, Dunmanway; Jeremiah Crowley, Timothy Daly, Enniskeane: Robert Thompson, Patrick Connor, Rosscarbery: Andrew McCarthy, James Brien,Skibbereen: George Hayes, Michael Caverly, Morty Sullivan.
Religious Breaksown of Profession 183370 Protestant Attornies, 23 Catholic12 Protestant Barristers 11 Catholic
1835 City CourtsRecorder appointed for life £250 per annum sits twice weekly and Court of Quarter SessionAssizes twice yearly for two weeksCourt of Conscience sits twice weekly Presided over by 6 Aldermen in Old Corn MarketPolice Office equivalent to Pettry Sessions sits daily week days Police Established against protest of ratepayers 97 policemen 12 stationsReport on Irish Municipal Boroughs
Petty Session Clerks 1836Bandon John Cotter, Bantry W. W. Warner, Ballnspittle F S Stawell, Balineen Thomas Conner, Blarney Henry RuberKilleagh Thomas Fitzgibbon, Currahally John O'Neill, Dunmanway John Norwood, Farrinavane Samuel Hosford, Kanturk Edward Saunders, Liscarrol William Sharpe, Mallow H Hume, Passage West M.W. Carthy, Skibbereen George Dudley, Glandore W. Atkins, Carrigboy William Dealy, Clonakilty James Tootrig, Innishannon Johnston McIntosh, Macroom Thomas Gramer Junior.Millstreet T Newman, Rathcormack Denis Dowling, Timoleague James Crofton
c1850Police Court, formerly on site of Queen's Old castle, formerly a Benedictine Nunnery dedicated to St. John the Baptist founded by William de BarryWindle History of Cork
Pre 1849 Bankruptsy CommissionBarristers sat as three including Recorder Waggett, Justin McCarthy, Anthony Connell, Joeph Dennis, William McCarthy, William L Webb., B. Hoare.
Petty Session Courts
Court of ConscienceSeeking clerk c 1830New Civil Bill Court November 1842 under Recorders City Court
1881List of venues, frequency of courts clerks
Slaters Directory 1880Clerk of the Crown for the City and East Riding William O'Keeffe, 73 South Mall, West Riding Thomas Babbington, 24 Marlborough St. Secretary to Grand Jury William Johnson DL, Crown Solicitor for County and City William v Gregg, 67 South MallASessional Crown Solicitors East Riding Thomas Rice, Fermoy Westr Bryan Gallwey, 23 South Mall. Record Borough Court every Thursday Recorder James P. Hamilton Q.C., Registrar and Deputy Clerk of the Peace Ralph Bull Sergeant William B Gallwey, Local Court of Admiralty as above Solicitors John and Joseph BennettPetty Sessions Kyrl St RM Robert B Stokes Chief Clerk Henry Humphreys. Local Solicitors to her Majesties Revenue Johnand Joseph Bennett, 17, Warren Place.Court of Conscience 17 Queen St. President D V DoneganCourt of Probate 13, Warren Place, Registrar Henry Richardson, Chief Clerk Richard Dowman, Second Clerk Richard Conner, Court Keeper James carey Diocesan Registry Office Registrar Wiliam T Atkins
1822, Stipendary Magistrates many formerly Chief Constables with 13 years prior serviceJohn Gore Jones Martin Kirwan Bantry, John Burke Kinsale, Richard Carpenter Dunmanway, Andrew Creagh SkibbereenAlexander Eager Midloton, Alexander Grant Clonakilty, Pierce E Green Fermoy, REdmond Power Skull, John Gun, CorkFrancis Kitson Macroom,Theopold Pepper, George Rutland Kanturk, W.D. Watkins Bandon.Sub-Inspectors Francis Perry Bandon, John Anderson Mallow. Roger Hayes Mitchelstown
Tholsel1799 South Main St/Castle St., 1801 The Exchange. 1843 Old Exchange.17 April, 1732. That Ald0 • Morley and Bennett do treat with Rich d. Norman and Thomas
:Afitchell about casting the Court-house Bell, nnd report
Courts 1833Mayor adn Sheriffs Court, Court of Conscience jurisdiction confined to matter under 40 shillins presided over by Aldermen.Recorder always a barrister preside one day a week in criminal matter also Curt of Record, salary £60 with some fees of £50Clerk of Peace Town Clerk £250City Session Court meet quarterly
Consistory Court Dioceses of Cork adn Rosss and Cloyne1850 Evidence of The Venerable Samuel Kyle, LLD, Vicar General of Dioceses of Cork and Cloyne, on Consistory (Probate) Court, Registrar Henry Stopford Kyle, Barrister, Resident in London, 6 Proctors, Advocates All Protestants. In Registry Attached to St. Finbarr's Cathedral, Cork, Book of Wills since 1575, Classified wills from 1606-1850, Court Documents from 1755 (All Probably Destroyed in 1922).

Average of 50 cases per year for each Dioceses, one of the few in Ireland regarded as well run. Proctors Exham (Senoior), Gregg, George Hodder, Lane, Morgan, Tuckey. Registrar Cloyne Wilkinson elderly son deputy did work. 2 Proctors Cloyne.
Up to 1870 Consistorial Court of Cork and Ross, Bishop St. Jurisdiction Probate MaritialManor of Carrigallne alias Bever: Patent 5th Year of Charles 2.
Deputy Liutenants and Magistrates 1835
Assistant Barristers commence c 1790, 1837Resposibel for assesing with Clerk of Crown voting applications
1838 Recorders being electedConstituency of Freemen 2,665 core group Friendly Club c 300 members.
Resident Magistrates 1888Professional background
Cork Bar 1803, 1826Daniel O'Connell in evidence to a Select Committee, House of Commons 6 months before he was elected MP in 1826 states there was a viable Bar in CorkThoms Dublin Directory 1803 lists the following Barristers as being in Cork, Con Heatley, B. Hoare KC, George JacksonJusrin McCarthy, Hugh MIllerd, Benjamin Phipps, John Puxley, John PuchellJ. Moore Travers, Thomas Warren. Joseph Woodley
1767Cash paid Attorneys for drawing Petitions, and doing other requisites, to entitle the following Debtors to the benefit of the late insolvent act [amount not included here - arranged alphabetically]

Attorney - James Chatterton Attorney - Roger Power Attorney Ben. Hayes Attorney - Geo. Ellis
Carthy, Florence Lyon, John Collaghan, Pat. Callaghan, Tim
Culbertson, Hugh Crowley, Mich. Coonehane, Ti.
Dawly, Laurence Desmond, Corn. Ellis, William
Deacy, Dennis Fencer, William Fowler, Marg.
Keleher, Elinor Holehane, Darby Holden, Mat.
Linnahane, Dan. Sullivan, John Maley, Denis
Minihane, Tim. Power, John
Mullowny, Edm.
Neptune, Henry
Quirk, Timothy
Regan, Alias
Sullivan, Barth.
Walsh, James
Wilkinson, W
Legal Profesion NumbersAttorneys 1787 42, 1808 75, 1837 113, 1842 £81Barristers 1787 12, 1837 25 1842 17John Windle
SheriffsDaniel McCartie, (Carrignavar?) Under Sheriff, 1765,possibly alos Magistrate.
FeesSkibbereen, 1844, Attorneys fees for common lease £3, labourer pay per day 6d
193158 Practising Solicitors in Cork City
Co. Cork
1843Thomas BellLawyerCo. Cork son Edward H TCD 1843, aged 19, ed Ennis College
1824Michael Callaghan TCDKings Inns 1770?1st son of Daniel and Mary Noonan
1732Richard CreighKilowen, father John Gent., son and heirAdmission Middle Temple Register 1661-1781, Vol 1, Linen Hall Library Belfast
1843Henry BadwinAssistant barrister East RidingThompsons Almanac 1843
1612James BarrettAdmitted Middle TempleBallynacally, father Andrew, son and heirAdmission Middle Temple Register 1661-1781, Vol 1, Linen Hall Library Belfast
1831Jasper Barry TCDAdmitted Grey's InnsLate Ballinahan, 25, Senior Sophister, 2nd son Garrret Esq., decd.
1737Henry BowernanColine. Son and Heir of late John Admission Middle Temple Register 1661-1781, Vol 1, Linen Hall Library Belfast
1766Hugh CogginGortroe, son of HughAdmission Middle Temple Register 1661-1781, Vol 1, Linen Hall Library Belfast
1785William CollisKings Inns2nd son Rev William, born Kerry