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NameInterested In…QualificationsContactArea of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise Area of Expertise
Adam B.Young Adult, Fantasy, Superheroes, Science Fiction, Mythology, Erotica, Horror, Thriller, Ghost Stories, Mystery, Whodunnits, Drama, Angst, Fluff, MG, Graphic Novels, Children's books, LGBT/queer fiction anything related to comics and manga, etc.BA in English, written for publications like PopWrapped, self-published, self-taught artist, podcaster, life experiencessa.bouraleh@gmail.comGay (closeted due to home environment)Black (Somali-Canadian, second generation + child of Somali immigrants)/African-Canadian, but grew up in the States)Muslim (Sunni)Balancing the duality of seemingly-irreconcilable and mutually-exclusive identities, having to balance the culture of my ethnicity with the culture of my nationalityBeta ReaderLow-income family/experiences with povertyAnxietyDepressionArt (commissioned/freelance artist)
Adam BoothmanFiction, Historical Fiction, Romance / Erotica, YA, Crime, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-FiMTA: Networking MTA: Security MTA: Server Administration, 2 Lvl 3 Diplomas in IT Practice and Professionalism, Media Studies AS Level, Business Studies AS Level, ICT OCR National and AS Level, English Language and Literature GCSEsamjbooth@gmail.comQueer TheoryTransness and Trans Culture from an Assigned Male At Birth perspectiveGender Expression and Gender DivergenceDrag as an art formMasculinity, Femininity and Gender Norms in History and Modern SocietyLGBT History and PoliticsGay CulturePoetryComputer Science / ComputingMental Illness (Aspergers, Anxiety, Depression)
Aimee MuiYA, Romance, Erotica, Fiction, healthLibrarian, Project Manager, Korean adopteeaimeebe@gmail.comproject management, specifically government project management and virtual teamsCommunications: nonverbal, presentations, interpersonal, intercultural, organizational, internal communications, including marketingSociology/Psychology/geo-politics related to international, transracial adoption and traumaPublic administration, public service, customer service, management, working with the public, leadershipNonprofit leadership: founding board member, leadership position on several other nonprofits, including being treasurerlaw and government: federal employee, policy, government programsInstruction and teaching: instructional design, teaching technology and EnglishHealth and wellness, including medical insurance, holistic or alternative medicine, mental health treatment and care
Aishah AmatullahEspecially interested in YA, Fantasy, Romance, and general fiction but open to all.I am a disability justice educator and focus on multiply marginalized identities.amatullah.aishah@gmail.comLGBTQ (especially pansexual/demisexual/queer & butch/femme)Islamrural and southern U.S. culturespovertywomen & femmes
Aishah AmatullahEspecially interested in YA, Fantasy, Romance, and general fiction, but open to anything.Disability justice education with experience focusing on intersectional identities and multiple marginalization. ESL teacher with editing experience.amatullah.aishah@gmail.comLGBTQ (especially bi/pan/demisexual & butch/femme identities)Islampoor/working class background, first gen college studentphysical and developmental/cognitive disabilitiesmental healthrural & southern U.S. cultures
Al R.EverythingParalegal, diagnosed with a terminal illness, gay, Jewishrosenberg.alexandra.c@gmail.comTerminal or chronic illness - degradation of muscles and organsLesbianism/queernessJewish faithChronic painAbusive childhood - verbally and physicallyOCD - Hoarding Syndrome
Alejandra OlivaYA, literary fiction, sociology, etc.editorial assistant at a major houseesolivalejandra@gmail.comrace (esp. Latinidad, white-passing folks)queer/LGBTQgender
Alex HansenYA, Science Fiction, FantasyCollege student specializing in Spanish studies, with an interest and deep knowledge of LGBT issues and musicavx1998@gmail.comLGBTPoliticsHispanic culture/issuesReligionContemporary music
AlyssaYA, SFF, whateveralyssakeiko@gmail.comJapanese-American girlBiracial (AsAm/white)genderqueernon-binary AFAB
Amber Potentially any except erotica and horror (zombies are okay), no major character deathLife experiences, BA in Education (Deaf Education, Early Childhood Special Education, K-8 Special Education), 13 years of American Sign Language, 5 years teaching (oral and sign-dependent; both hearing aid and Cochlear Implant users; experience in residential Deaf schools and public schools)bookstacksamber@gmail.comDeaf and Hard of Hearing (I recommend using an actual D/deaf or HoH person as a reader, but I'm available if you can't find someone)Asexuality spectrum (grey ace and grey aromantic)Anxiety, both generalized and socialFeminismFibromyalgia (mother & several other close family members have been diagnosed)
Anah SpiersYA, NA, Contemporary, SFF, LGBT/queer fiction, Horror, Magical Realism, Mystery/Thriller, Superheroes, MythologyBlack queer woman; B.A. in English Liberal Arts from the University of Northern Colorado; Editor-in-Chief of The Crucible Literary Magazine; Editor at Paperweight Editorial. Novelist and short story writer; my work has received various awards, including Rosenberry winner for Best Creative Nonfiction. Life;; strangerthereader.blogspot.comBlack (African-American)PansexualityGeek Girl – The experience of a black girl teased and mocked for enjoying popular geek culture. Accused of acting white, being an oreo, etc.Token Black Friend – Often the only black friend in a group.Agnostic – Growing up non-religious in a religious, southern black home.First-generation college studentMicroaggressions against black women.
AndreaEverything!The lived experience of myself and close family members. I am a writer with a BA and MSc in the social sciences.andreanovelediting@gmail.comSchizophrenia (especially violent and undifferentiated types)Eating Disorders (Anorexia and EDNOS)PTSD (non-combat) and TraumaHallucinations (auditory, visual, and tactile)Self-HarmDepressionAnxiety (including panic attacks)
AngelYA, SFF, NA
BFA in Creative Writing, 5 years of book blogging, copy editing experience, writer for several online publications including Women Write About Comics and Book Riot
angelcruzwrites@gmail.comFirst/second-generation immigrant experience
Filipina-Canadian (but raised in the States and the Philippines)
Anxiety/depressionCatholicismAsian representation
Anna BowlesParticularly MG and YA, but any genreI'm a highly experienced children's and YA editor. I'm British and have type II bipolar.If you'd like to hire me, please go via Reedsy: II disorder and related experiences, e.g. depressionBritish, especially English, life and culture
Ash H.YALife Experiencesash.holland@outlook.comTransgender Characters - common issues, correct terms, problematic language, contextLGBT - common issues, correct terms, problematic language, context
YA contemporary, science fiction and fantasy
Life experiences, YA writerashiamonet@yahoo.comBlack/African AmericanBisexualityFeminismRacism
Ashley MitchellYA, SFF, Romance, Literary FictionWorked in publishing for 3years, Occasional reviewer of title submissions for Book of the Month, Beta reader for a YA series (Necole Ryse, "The Legacy", was manuscript reader for Literary agent Linda Langton, Life Experiencesashleyrymitchell@gmail.comBlack American WomanAfro Latina (my mother is Puerto Rican-second generation immigrant)FeminismRacism/Colorism - seen as less then if Latin community for being brown, unable to speak languageChild of a parent with depression/alcoholismPoverty, Poor UpbringingFirst-generation college studentAnxiety (GAD/Phobias)Abuse survivor (sexual, physical, emotional)Spiritual/Agnostic – Growing up non-religious in a religious black home.
AvaLiterary and commercial fiction, magazine and newspaper articles, memoire, biographies, nonfictionMA in Creative Writing, experienced editor, published author, journalistava.homa1@gmail.comMiddle East politics and cultureKurds in Iran, Iraq, Syria and TurkeyWomen of Middle East, culture and movementsIran, day to day life, language, politicsUS Foreign policy and KurdsUS- Iran relationsKurdish language, literature, cinema, music
B gender
Barbara MuschanyLife Experience: My own bipolar disorder (30+ years); my spouse's lifelong diabetes, kidney transplant (in his 30s), minor brain surgery (also in his 30s) and mild strokes (in his 40s); my sister's heart disease (in her 30s) and recent heart transplant; plus infertility, suburban living, and working in a corporate design studio and as a freelance artist.bjcmusch@gmail.comCHRONIC ILLNESS, both patient and caregiver experiences; living with invisible illness (mental illness, diabetes, immunosuppression, mild stroke, severe heart disease in young mother). Hospital stays, emergency room visits for chronic illness. Biases and molding a life around chronic and invisible illness. ORGAN TRANSPLANT (my spouse's live-donor kidney, my sister's wait-list heart); the diagnosis, the wait, the procedure, the aftermath, dealing with immunosuppression, side-effects, recovery expectations, money, travel concerns, and life-changes. Living dependant on medication.MENTAL ILLNESS: DEPRESSION (as teen and adult), suicide ideation (pre-teen [age 10+], teen, adult), BIPOLAR I & II DISORDER (primarily as adult), therapy experiences, medication and side-effects, stigma, living dependant on medication. Also JOB: the prevalence and affect of mental illness in creative fields, creative professionals, working with neurotypical and non-neurotypical peers, and disability job discrimination related to mental illness.INFERTILITY, the “treatment-roller-coaster”, artificial semination, egg and sperm donation, infertility grief, stigma, emotional recovery. Childfree couples; suburban married life; owning pets.CREATIVE JOB FIELDS: corporate design studio, freelance design, traditional fine art, atelier study, portrait painting. Dynamics in creative professional groups, and between creatives and corporate. Also depression/mental illness in creative professional groups. Art supplies, processes, techniques.MISC. LIFE EXPERIENCE: Growing up in a large family; growing up in rural midwest; growing up a girl with many brothers, being a “middle child”, growing up Catholic. Growing up a “brainy” girl: school, stigma, bullying, fictional identities/worlds as escape, peer groups, books, poetry, comics and role-playing games; geek culture. Also liberal arts colleges in the 1990s, suburban married life, and owning pets.ORGAN TRANSPLANT (my spouse's live-donor kidney, my sister's wait-list heart); the diagnosis, the wait, the procedure, the aftermath, dealing with immunosuppression, side-effects, recovery expectations, money, travel concerns, and life-changes. Living dependant on medication.
Bethany C Morrow
YA, SF, Magical Realism, Literary, Romance, Thriller
Editorial intern for a publisher, Honors English substitute teacher,
Black Female experience (incl. motherhood, higher education, international travel, sisterhood/sibling dynamics, etc)
BWWM Interracial relationship
International Baccalaureate high school experience (other accelerated education programs)
Black perspective on Christianity
Invisible disability (specifically Sickle Trait Disorder)
Performance culture (Marching Band, Drill Team, Clarinet Ensemble, Dance, etc)
Bettye J. MillerSensitivity - Children's Books (all ages)M.S. and Ed.D. degree in Readingdrglovermiller@aol.comLanguage analysis of writingTeacher of Reading-all levelsUnconscious Bias in writingBias in Academic writings
BrynnaYA, erotica, general fictionUndergraduate degree in English, psychology, & creative arts; masters degree in library science (during which I focused regularly on diverse programming and content)cinemaholic.darling@gmail.comSapphic female content (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, otherwise queer)Mental illness/invisible disability (personal experience with depression, anxiety, OCD, autism, PTSD; academic and real-life knowledge of other types as well)Physical disability (limited personal experience with being in a wheelchair; academic and real-life knowledge of other situations as well)Mental/emotional abuse (by family members and friends; repercussions such as PTSD included)Asexual spectrum experiences (asexual, gray-asexual, demisexual, etc.)The repercussions of a(n aggressively) Christian upbringingDebilitating dermatological conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scars, etc.)Being overweight and the possible psychological repercussions (internal, i.e. self-doubt; external, i.e. familial pressure and emotional abuse) thereofBullying (from acquaintances, friends, and potential romantic partners)So-called alternative sexuality (i.e. kink, BDSM) being practiced healthily (i.e. not like it's practiced in most conventional literature)
Caelegh SnowAnything but eroticaLife experiencecaelegh@gmail.comBipolar II DisorderBorderline Personality DisorderAvoidant Personality DisorderSchizoid Personality DisorderSocial AnxietyGeneralized AnxietyInvisible DisabilityBisexuality/Polysexuality
Carrow NarbyFiction, any genre or marketGraduate degrees in gender studies and public policy, with a focus on disability and inclusion as well as media analysis; published cultural criticism on autism in media; current work in disability policy research and advocacy; lived experience as someone formally diagnosed with Asperger syndromecarrow.narby@gmail.comAsperger's/"high-functioning" autism
Chanie B.anyLife experiences, writerwriting@chaniebeckman.comOrthodox Judaism (and being a half breed in that community)Parent of child with Asperger'sBipolarRape/sexual assault survivorPansexualInvisible physical disability (Ehlers-Danlos), includes use of wheelchairChronic degenerative illnessHolocaust (grandchild of survivors, have met/talked to about 20 survivors)
Charlotte DavisYA, MG - all genres
MFA in Writing for Children from The New School, former editorial intern/temp at Arthur A. Levine Books, CAKE Literary
African-American/BlackBisexual/QueerFemale/she/her/hersNon-gender-comformingNeurodivergent (OCD)
Chelsea M. Cameron
Romance, YA, NA, Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, International Bestselling Author (Italy), #1 Amazon Bestseller (Style) in Teen LGBT Anxiety Disorder
Christina FlorizaAnything!Master's degree in Philosophy with concentrations in critical race theory and feminist philosophy, first-generation Filipino American woman, non-binary sexual orientation, lives with a rare neurological disorder called Pseudotumor Cerebri, survivor of mental and emotional abuse, previously copyedited and proofread for academic articles and monographs that went to (double encrypted for security!)Race and intersectionality (e.g. what it means to be not just a woman, but a woman of color, and how one's lived experience situates her socially, historically, politically, etc)The Asian American experience, especially as the daughter of immigrantsThe Filipino American experienceWestern Philosophy, such as Kant, Hegel, Marx, Beauvoir, SartreLiving with a rare neurological disorder (specifically Pseudotumor Cerebri, also known as Intracranial Hypertension)Survivor of mental and emotional abuse in romantic relationshipsThe performing arts, especially acting, improv, and classical singingAcademia, especially academic librariesLiving with anxietyHaving a non-binary sexual identity (pansexuality)
ChristineMG, YA, NA, and select Adult.I'm a graduate student at the University of Washington. My work will be published in OUR STORIES, OUR VOICES (Simon Pulse, 2018), a resistance anthology edited by Amy Reed. As a sensitivity reader, I draw from my extensive education in media and diversity studies, as well as my lived experiences as a biracial Native American woman.chlday@uw.eduBiracialNative AmericanIndigenous DiasporaNative History (federal policies, assimilation tactics & resistance, etc.)Urban/Suburban Native Experiences
Claudia Guadalupe MartinezYA, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Bilingual,My debut novel, The Smell of Old Lady Perfume (Cinco Puntos, 2008), received the 2009 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People, the 2008 Texas Institute of Letters Best Young Adult Book Award, and a 2009 Americas Award Commendation. My second novel, Pig Park (Cinco Puntos, 2014), won the 2015 Texas Institute of Letters Best Young Adult Book and the 2015 NACCS Tejas Foco Young Adult Fiction Award. I also have a forthcoming picture book. I grew up in El Paso, TX, but now live and write in Chicago. In addition to writing, I'm a mom and an English ED MA. I am represented by Adriana Dominguez of Full Circle Literary.cmartinez50@hotmail.comRealistic FictionBilingual KidlitLatino IssuesMexican IssuesDeath
ClemSFF is favorite but everything goeslife experience; academic background (psychology student specializing in developmental psychology), runner of a blog aiming at helping writers create autistic characters, very familiar with the autistic self-advocacy and activist community and related issues, familiar with LGBT-related activism. I have been a sensitivity reader once before.clem.carle@gmail.comAutismNon-binary (cfab)lesbiandepression, social anxiety, dissociationFrance
Conner HabibFilm, Television, Fiction, NonfictionWorld-recognized expert on sex workers, porn performers, and sex & culture. I was a porn performer for 8 years, an escort for 4 years, and the Vice President of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee for two years. I have published dozens of articles on the subject and communities.ConnerHabib@gmail.comSex workers and particularly porn performersLGBT issuesThe Occult
Daniel AlexanderScience fiction, fantasy, LGBT fiction, comicsLife experiencerdanieloliver@openmailbox.orgTrans issues (AFAB nonbinary)Asexuality (aromanticism as well)Autism (especially from late diagnosis perspective)ADHDDepression
Deanna S.YABook bloggingDeannaschwartz12@gmail.comNon-Orthodox Judaism
Debra Kempallauntiegrizelda@hotmail.comChronic Health Issues/Pain: Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Celiac Disease, Migraine, Endometriosis, Menopause, Depression, PTSD, OCD, hearing impaired, eating disordersDomestic spousal abuseChildhood sexual/physical abuseFamiliar/experience with others' addictions, bipolar disorder, deaf culture
Denise C.YA contemporary, Middle Grade fantasy & Contemporary, YA fantasy, YA sci fi, YA Horror, adult fictionRandom House Children's Books Editorial Intern, English DegreeDconejo138@gmail.comStory arch developmentReal life Latinx experienceFirst generation Queer Dominican/Costa Rican living in HarlemGentrification and its effects on those who have lived in the neighborhood for yearsColorism in the Dominican communityCaribbean and Central America history
Dharma KelleherCrime fiction, YA, literary, women's fictionI am transgender and a lesbian, having come out 25 years ago. I am also a rape survivor and have dealt with PTSD, suicidal depression, and substance abuse.dharma.kelleher@gmail.comtransgender and lesbian issues/representationalcoholismmental illness, PTSD
Dhonielle C.YA, MG, PB, SFFBA in English, MA in Children's Literature, MFA in Writing for Children, former Middle School Librariandhonielle.clayton@gmail.comAfrican American (Black American)Stomach disability (IBS-D, Crohn's)Southern United States
Diane B.AnythingAD Nursing, BA International Studies, MA Creative Writing. Writer and proofreader. Long personal history with depression, complex PTSD, OCD, and dissociative identity disorder. Neurodivergent, with epilepsy, chronic migraine, and surgically corrected Chiari I Malformation. History of non-psychotic hallucinations. Also academic work in and personal experience with BDSM and D/S relationships. Have trained extensively in mindfulness and am a practicing Buddhist.blueheronproofreading@gmail.comGeneral Mental Health/Chronic IllnessDepression/Complex PTSD/DIDEpilepsy, esp. partial seizuresChiari I Malformation/Brain surgeryBDSM, D/S relationshipsUS Foreign PolicyBuddhism/Mindfulness
Diane McRaeAnyLicensed Independent Clinical Social Workerdmcraemsw@hotmail.comObesity (I weigh ~380 lbs)Chronic Illness (multiple including asthma & allergies since infancy, glaucoma, migraine with aura, type II diabetes now on insulin, hypertension, gout, multi-joint osteoarthritis w/joint replacements, etc.Mental Health (in addition to professional background, depression history for self/mother/grandmother/daughters. Daughters with anxiety disorder. Spouse with BiPolar Disorder 1 including psychotic and suicidal ideation.)Mother of twins (born 1988)Mother of sexual minority child (asexual, non-binary gender)Childhood sexual abuse survivor (ages 3-5)Rural life (raised on farm in Central Washington state)
Ditrie SanchezSFF, Mystery, Romance, YAB.A. in piano performance and musical composition, 9 years teaching at a performing arts public high school,MFA Creative Writing, ALLi memberditrie.sanchez@gmail.comPuerto Rican (raised in the states), diaspora, transnational, pale PoC with slave ancestors (duality of looking/sounding "white"; issues with being accepted by Latinx and PoC community)American in Canada, immigrant, expatchronic illness (hidradenitis suppurativa)General anxiety disorderdepression (dysthymia)OCD (mild/"high functioning")bisexualnonbinary/genderfluidfeminist (non-TERF)in an interracial marriage
EbonyAnyBA Journalism; MS Elementary Education; MFA Creative Writing (Writing for Children); PhD Curriculum and Instruction; Previously published author (Scholastic), editor, and reviewer;;; wewriteinthemargins@gmail.comBlack (african american),Biracial Literacy, Language, and CultureFamilyEducationChristianity
Elizabeth Roderick
YA, A, SFF, Mystery, Magical Realism, Romance, Historical, Literary, Humor
Published author, prolific writer, contest judge, professional writer, freelance editor.
I am a neurodiverse person - I have bipolar and PTSD with psychosis. My partner has schizophrenia
I am a survivor of rape, physical/mental/sexual abuse.
I am a recovering heroin addict and alcoholic.
I have been in prison.
Elle McKinneyPretty much anything so long as it's SFF and any subgenreLife experience. BA in Creative Writing (In progress). Slush reader. Agent reader. Online contest creator and host.critiques at llmckinney dot comBlack (African American) -- Culture, slang, dialect, code-switchingGamer Girl -- The experiences of gaming as a teen and an adult, while being female and black. The struggles and harrassment therein, the communities formed outside of the "main" collective. Geek Culture -- Dealing with a love of comics, anime, cartoons, etc. before it was popular and one was teased and mocked for not "acting black."Tokenism -- Often the only black person in groups of friends, the treatments and observations associated.Body ImageAddiction in the homeVictim of racism and micro aggressions
Ellen KalinAny25 years as an editor and writerellenj530@gmail.comJudaismAging/AgeismDepressionLiving in suburbiaOwning a petBeing an artistHaving self-doubts
Ellen RozekYA and NA contemporary, romance, mystery/thriller, fantasyI've provided professional sensitivity reads for both unpublished and soon-to-be published writers. I've also reviewed for Disability in KidLit.ellenmrozek@gmail.comTourette's SyndromeGeneralized Anxiety Disorder
Erin WatleyEverythingPhD in Intercultural Communication. 6 years experience teaching intercultural interaction and media criticism. Life experiences as a Black woman with a culturally diverse upbringing.erind.watley@gmail.comIntersectional cultural identities (and related conflict) in a US American context. Race, gender, social class, religion, sexualityBlack American culture. Woman. ChristianityFat/Plus-size bodiesBlack "Millennial" generation
Erin XAnything but Erotica.Hobbyist writer, Life ExperienceErrenscrawls@gmail.comAbuse SurvivorLatina (White-Passing)First-generation American
FitriantiAnything (except SF)
Lifetime Experience as a Muslim in South East Asia i.e. Indonesia, diagnose as an Asperger and ADD with physical disabilities. I am working in Government based Hospital and currently sat as Chief of Occupational Health Department.
Muslims life in South East Asia (I am an Indonesian Muslim so I do know about this)
Asperger especially those combine with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Lost Of Hearing, Deaf
Asian Mythology & Folklore i.e. South East Asian and East Asian
Medical FieldHorror e.g. djinns and after lifeDepression in teenOstracism
Mining life (My father and my uncles work as Miners, this is also the reason I took Occupational Health as my undergraduate program)
Gabrielle WhaleyLiterary and genre fiction (specifically science fiction/fantasy). I have experience with both adult and YA writing and editing.I am a Johns Hopkins University graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. I am currently working as a Technical Writer.gjwhaley2@gmail.comWomen/feminismMental illness within a familyAfrican American experiencesGreek lifeYoung professionalSci-fi/FantasyMilitary
GeorginaAny and allAttended Clarion West in 2012. Life experience. Slush reader. Awards reader.thessilian@gmail.comBritish Indian experience. Race relations in the UK, especially Indian/Desi diaspora.Immigrant culture in the UK.UK far-right anti-immigrant politics. (UKIP, BNP, Britain First).Biracial experience in the UK.
YA (all), mythology/retellings, literary fiction, nonfiction (narrative, memoir, science)
Agented YA author, literary agent
Asian/Asian-American representation. I'm second-generation Chinese-American, and my parents grew up in poverty before coming to the US for grad school. I go back to China every few years to visit family there.
Women in STEM. Studied biology at Duke, conducted both wet-lab and dry-lab research (two first-author papers). Teaching assistant for computer science and engineering courses.
Other things I can keep my eye out for: science/tech plausibility (biology major, medical track), higher education/college admissions (Duke grad, studied at Oxford and King's College London, was accepted to Harvard and Yale).
Hale DodgesAll genres and age ranges, but a special interest in fantasy and fiction that engages with issues of race, class, gender, and sexualityCurrent undergrate Creative Writing major and Women's and Gender Studies minor, going for an MFA in Fiction post-undergradhdodges@ithaca.eduNonbinary/trans experience and identityLesbian experienceADHD (esp. as part of a group that goes chronically underdiagnosed/late-diagnosed)Life in conservative/small towns
HannahYA, MG, adult with protagonists under 30
MA children's literature, MS library and information science, BA creative writing, working towards PhD in children's literature
hannah@shgmclicious.combiracial (black/white)Transracial adoptionJewish (reform, secular)
Chicana identity & Spanglish poetics/grammar
bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety
Hannah Givens
SFF, comics, YA, childrens & middle grade, nonfiction, romance & erotica, most other genres
Work in public libraries for six years (understand genres and readerships), history grad student (experience with research, writing, critiquing, and some queer theory), and life experience.hannahgivens@outlook.comBi+/pansexual/queer issuesAsexuality Asperger's (mild, not diagnosed as a child)Anxiety
American Deep South (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi)
Agnostic/Ex-ChristianBeing homeschooled in a religious context
Academia and grad school (history/public history profession)
HeatherFiction, nonfiction, mediaLife experiences in: multicultural dating and marriage, trilingual, expat living, Jewish and Muslim experiences, biracial child. I am a researcher in environmental and sustainability issues.davidson.heather@gmail.comBi-cultural relationshipsClimate changeEnvironmentMultilingual mindsetJewish-Muslim relationshipsSustainability
Heather LittlePrimarily YA/children's fiction, but open to other.Major in English w/ minor in Communications (<1 year left of degree)heather.l.little@wmich.eduDepression/AnxietyTeen SuicideGender & Sexuality IssuesChild AbuseAutism SpectrumLow-income
Hridi D.YA to start. possibly sci fi toopublished poet, author of articles, self-published magazine creatorhridi_das@hotmail.comwomen (possibly non binary demi girl)race (Bangladeshi), desi culturescoliosis (invisible illness/ chronic illness)mental illness (PTSD, social anxiety, depression)abusesuicidal thought and ideationreligion (Hinduism)immigrant
Idris Grey
YA, NA, SFF, LGBTQ+ Fiction, Middle Grade, Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller
I'm a black queer woman living that black queer experience. I have degrees in Anthropology and Public Health (for what that's worth). I'm also a freelance writer and copy editor/proofreader. I'm also a voracious autodidact--I teach myself many more things than I will ever get a degree for.
greyidris@gmail.comMy experience as a black person in America
My experience as a cis woman in America
Academia (from a minority perspective) and general purpose research
Intersectional feminism
Anthrpology at the theoretical level (cultural & bio/phys)
Public Health at a theoretical and practical level (emphasis on community health and chronic & communicable disease)
Pop culture (inc. social media, television (plus Netflix), film, books, and celebrity gossip)
U.S. Politics (have experience as an election volunteer and online media critic)
Music (wide-ranging tastes)
Food and food culture (an avid cook, baker, foodie, and Food Network/Cooking Channel aficionada)
Iori KusanoSFF, YA, Historical Fiction
SFF writer, Japanese/Chinese American grad student in Classical Japanese Literature, personal experience
ioriksn@gmail.comJapanese literature
Japanese American experiences and culture
Chinese American experiences and culturePost-traumatic stress disorderBisexualityShintoAsian American returnees to AsiaCrossdressing
YA, historical fiction, memoir/nonfiction, horror, just about any form of REALISTIC fiction
Professional translator (work has included two full novels, among other things), freelance editor, major interest in literature. Future: B.A. in English with a concentration in literature.isabelleknudsen@gmail.comLesbian/queer/gayWomen
Mental illness: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD
Dating another woman who is latina, has Native American ethnicity and alcoholic parents. I have experienced living with her and understand her situation, but this is only from my point of view and not hers
BullyingEuropean (bilingual, multicultural)Porn addiction (from woman's point of view)
Living internationally, constantly moving
Ivanildo da Costa TrindadeGender and minority issues, refugees, evangelicalism, femenism, poverty, cross cultural studiesI am a linguist, fluent in several languages, a masters in theology, editor of periodicals and journals in Portuguese, storyteller and writer, public, motivational speaker, expert in setting up platforms for minorities to connect for the purpose of fundraising and development, voracious reader of all kinds of literature from differnt culturesivanildoctrindade@gmail.comDesigner and teacher of workshops for minorities living/studying/working in the U.S., cross-cultural communication facilitator, interpreter (including simultaneous, medical, tourism), leader of cross-cultural trips to Asia, Africa and Latin America, translator of theological books and articles to Portuguese and Spanish, volunteer teacher of English to speakers of other languages, facilitator and trainer for U.S. companies hiring employees from overseas, cultural advisor in muti-cultural marriages
Jacqueline Koyanagi
All speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror), contemporary, literary. Adult or young adult.
Fiction writer short listed for the James Tiptree Jr. Award. Published novelist and short fiction writer. BA in cultural anthropology and religion. Life experiences.
Polyamory (I have been actively, openly polyamorous for six years.)
Queer romantic orientation (romantically attracted to multiple genders)
Chronic illness / chronic pain (fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, suffered for over two decades)
Autism spectrum disorder (diagnosed with Asperger's)
Adult ADDSkepticism/atheism as worldviewMixed-race Japanese-AmericanChildless by choice
Jada JonesYA, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction,Masters Degree in Library Science, Long-time bloggerjadaljones@gmail.comAfrican American history and cultureLGBTQ issuesLatinX culture
Jalyn ElyAnything (fantasy is a personal favorite)Book reviewer for ~4 years, professional editor for 3 yearsjalyncely@gmail.comLGBT (esp. bisexual, asexual, and agender/nonbinary genders)Mental illness (esp. Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, and PTSD)Trauma/trauma victims (esp. emotional/mental/sexual abuse and sexual assault/rape)
Ja-Nae Epps
YA, African American, albinism, Southern, young professional, religious
BA in English and MA in Strategic Communicationjanaemepps@gmail.comAfrican AmericanalbinismSouthernyoung professionalsingle women
religious (specifically African American Baptist)
Small townsingle mother
Janani VaidyaAdult/YA: Literary fiction, contemporary fiction, magical realism, romance, erotica, urban fantasy, science fictionBehavior Analyst, book bloggertheshrinkette@gmail.comSouth Asia, South Asian/diasporic characters, specifically India and Indian/diasporic charactersIndian history, politics, culture, and social issues.Languages: Tamil (spoken and written), Hindi (spoken and written), Sanskrit (written). Including multilingualism and code-switching with English.Immigrant and expatriate experiences (any generation).Mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, neurodiversity/disability from a caregiver/professional POV.Chronic pain and chronic illness (specifically PCOS).Fat characters and fat positivity.LGBTQIA+ representation, specifically gray/sapio/demi-ace, bi/pan/gray-aro, sexually fluid and genderfluid characters. Including characters that are still in the closet/not fully out/out to very specific audiences.Characters with complex relationships with parents and siblings.Hindu practices, traditions, festivals, mythology, etc. Generally Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and other religions as practiced in India.
Jen WildeAll YA/NA.YA writer. jenmariewilde@live.comAutism/AspergersBisexualityGenderfluid/Non-binary Anxiety/Panic attacksMigraines
Jenna FAll, especially YALife experience (I am deaf), M.Ed Deaf Education jfbeacom@earthlink.netDeafnessASL (American Sign Language)Disability
Jennifer HallmanYA, Deaf LitWriting Tutorhaggarstar@gmail.comGraduate Student
Jeremy BlausteinHistorical Fiction, Fiction, History, Society, SFF, Fantasy25 years game script writingjblaustein@gmail.comJapanGamesHistory of JapanJapanese modern cultureJapanese languageMythologyAnimeBi-racial Asia
Jesselynn SutantoYA, MG, Adult, all genres except Historical Fiction, Hard SF, Erotica.Masters in Creative Writing from Oxford University, B.A. in English Lit from Berkeley.jqsutanto@gmail.comI am of Chinese descent. I speak Mandarin and Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration of the year for my family. I know about growing up in an ethnically Chinese family.My grandparents immigrated from China to Indonesia, so I'm a 3rd generation Chinese-Indonesian. I spent the first 8 years of my life in Indonesia. I speak Indonesian (but with the limitations of an 8-y-o). I now live in Indonesia. I know enough about Indonesian culture to feel comfortable acting as a sensitivity reader about the culture, BUT I have to specify that I am not a Native Indonesian. I don't know enough about Islam as a religion, though I know of some of its practices, so I'm quite limited there.I spent 8 years in Singapore. I speak Singlish. I know all of the Singaporean foods. I know Singaporean history because that was what I learned in school (I actually know more history about Singapore than Indonesia). I know the places and the subway (called the MRT) system.I lived for 6 years in California. 3 yrs each in SoCal and NorCal.Lived for 5 years in Oxford, England. My husband is English and lived in Oxford for 15 years. I know enough about English slang to do a read for that, but I don't know enough about English history and culture to do much more than that.Years ago, I struggled with depression and SI. Though I am doing quite well in terms of that and have not thought about harming myself for years now, I can still remember what it was like to be in that state. I feel comfortable doing a read for books that tackle the subject of depression and SI.
Jessica R.Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's, Adult in most genres except horror and eroticaPublished author, Freelance Editor (Query Critiques, Manuscript Critiques, Non-Fiction Proposal Critiques, Manscript Edits-Developmental, Copyediting, & Proofreading), Member of SCBWI, contributor to The Children's Writers Guild Online Magazine, Member of Food Allergy Research Education (FARE), Member of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), speaker on food allergies and food intolerancejnrlitauthor@gmail.comFood Allergies Food IntoleranceCeliac DiseaseAsthmaAuto-Immune diseaseshealth-related anxiety from my own life experiences.
Jessica WaltonAny books but I particularly enjoy YA, MG, Picture BooksBachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Secondary Educationjessicahealywalton@gmail.comLeg amputeesBi/queer sexuality
Jessie McCoyYA, NA, SF, Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, MGB.A. in English, M.S. in publishing, and professional editing experiencejessie.mae.mccoy@gmail.comMixed race family (black & white)Mixed race experience (black & white)Parental abuseHealth Issues (specifically Ulcerative Colitis)1st generation college studentParental divorce (including parental infidelity)Mixed family (siblings from other parents)Emotional abuseFemale experienceParental alcoholism
Julia E.SFF (all age groups)Author, Professional Book Buyer for Distributorjulia_ember@yahoo.comBisexuality (in same sex relationship)Polyamory Depression and Anxiety
Julie F.AnythingBA in English/Creative Writing with Honors. Freelance published writer, journalist, and poet.Teacher/Youth Advocate. Life experiences. julie@juliefeng.comAsian AmericansImmigrationTaiwaneseEast Asian DiasporaQueer IssuesFeminismInterracial RelationshipsBuddhismMental HealthMicroaggressions and harassment at the intersection of race and gender
Julie S.YA, NA, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, EroticaI'm queer &have congenital heart disease, fibro & PTSD. I also have a MA in Critical Disability Studies sadler.julie@gmail.comChronic illnessDisabiltyHistory and politics of disability Bisexuality Fibromyalgia/Chronic painChildhood surgeryMedical Trauma TraumaBiphobiaAbleism in queer spaces
K Tempest BradfordSpeculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Weird, YAI write and edit SFF, I teach classes on writing inclusive fiction, have done multiple sensitivity reads in the pastsr@ktempestbradford.comGeneral Black/African American experienceLight-skinned Black American experienceBisexualityMidwestern Black communityBlack activismIntersection of Black and Queer experience
Kaelan Rhywiol
SFF, Erotic Romance, Erotica, Action/adventure, Historical Fiction.
Forensic Chemist/Bioanthropologisit, Indie Author, Developmental Editor
kaelan.rhywiol@gmail.comBDSMKinkRape SurvivorPansexualityDemi-Sexuality/Gray AsexualityChronic Illness Asperger's/AutismGrowing up poorAbuse survivorAlcoholic parents
KalliopeScience Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Women's Fiction (All other genres are fine too!)I have a BA in English Literature and two years of experience in the publishing industry. I have been working as a professional freelance writer and editor for four years. I am also a queer woman with diagnosed mental illness.kallioperodman@gmail.comI am a queer woman (attracted to all genders). I'd love to help make sure your manuscript is inclusive of queer people and avoids any unintentional stereotyping or microagressions!I am well-versed in intersectional feminist theory and feminist writers both classic and contemporary. I can help identify problematic elements in your manuscript based on lived experience and academic study.I have major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and I am a trauma survivor.I have experience living with a mentally ill parent.I was part of a low-income family as a teenager.
Kat O.speculative fiction, sci fi, fantasy, horror, literary fiction. Please NO romance or erotica.Beta reader for independent author, Michael Coorlim. I edit for grammar, continuity, sensitivity, and clarity.gotyertongue@gmail.comqueer / bisexualwomen's experience, feminism, women's representation in entertainment mediamental illness, recurring-remitting depression, major depressive episodes, suicidal ideation, generalized anxiety, flashbacks / dissociation, self injuryHodgkins disease (lymphoma), cancer, chemotherapypagan, ecclectic traditional witchcraft, Celtic / European indiginous religion, spiritual magic, tarot reading, cat parenting, cats as spiritual familiarsGender agnostic. Female-bodied, but no strong attachment to gender identity. It only becomes important in the sense that others decide that my gender is important, usually to descriminate based on their assumptions of what a female-bodied person "should" be, and I have to confront and deal with that discrimination. She/her pronouns.Emotional abuse survivor, adult child of a malignant narcissist. Survivor of sexual and emotional abuse in relationships. Survivor of severe childhood bullying, including sexual harassment and groping by peers, and a town full of adult authority figures who abandoned their responsibility to intervene.Small town homophobia, anti-feminism, anti-intellectualism, religious hypocrasy (Catholic school teachers physically assaulting elementary students with impunity, etc.), Christian indoctrination as emotional / spiritual trauma.Low-income adult, experience with poverty, experience with public assistance.BDSM, submissive-leaning switch.
Kathrene B.YA, SFF, children's lit, historical fiction, Christian litBA in English, with honors. Editorial assistant for major academic publishing house. Lived experiences of myself and family
Filipino-American (grandparents and parents are Filipino immigrants); born in Queens, grew up in white suburbs
First-/second-generation immigrant experienceEvangelical ChristianityBalikbayan
Kati GardnerYA, RomanceAuthor, Lit TeacherKatiGardner@gmail.comLower Limb amputationChildhood cancerChronic illness
Kavelle Christie
Everything (literary and genre fiction & non-fiction)
Life experience, experienced editor and freelance writer. Ex-journalist. Political campaign staffer.kavelle.reads@gmail.comJamaican/Caribbean/West Indian culture
(POC) Immigrant experience in the US
Patois language/dialectSeventh-day AdventismDomestic AbuseReligion and politics in JamaicaIntersectional topics related to US politics, immigration and/or POC
KaylaYA and MG (all genres), SFFSenior editor at Disability in Kidlit. Agented author. Graduate of the Clarion Writers' Workshop. Essayist with work appearing at The Toast, The Establishment, and in the upcoming YA anthology Feminism for the Real World, among other venues. Life experience.kayla.m.whaley@gmail.comBisexualityQueernessWheelchair usersMuscular Dystrophy/Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Keffy SFF, YA, HORRORWriter, editor and publisher of short fiction. Attended Clarion in 2008. Served on the 2015 Tiptree Award jury. Currently in a Genetics PhD program. BS Physics, BA Linguistics.kehrli@gmail.comTrans male experienceTransgender issues (general)LGBTQ generalAsexualityGenetics (not a sensitivity thing, but can give suggestions while reading for lgb/trans issues.)Working as a scientist (not a sensitivity thing, but can give suggestions while reading for lgb/trans issues.)
Khadijah Karim (Zainab)
YA, middle grade, SF, new adult, non-fiction, self-help
MA in Written Communications; MS in Psychology; Freelance writer and editor. Edited 3 full manuscripts and life experience;
Feminism and Women's StudiesLiteracy and LanguageReligion- Islamic WritingsBlack/African American Fiction/Non-fiction
Kimberly TaYA, SF, EssaysI'm the executive director of a nonprofit for underrepresented stories (Project Ava). I've written on representation for underrepresented identities in media and politics which have been republished by the Huffington Post. I also engage in activist/advocacy communities related to Asian American identity and representation.kmbrly.t.ta@gmail.comMedia RepresentationAsian AmericanIntersectionalityFeminism
Kristin ReynoldsYA, MG, Fantasy, Literary, ContempI am a published agented author and poetpoetesskristin@live.comSexual, mental, physical, psychological abuse in childhood and as an adultSevere anxiety and panic attacksSelf harm: cutting, anorexia, exercise addictiondepression--from myself, as a child and teen, and as the child of someone with severe depressionSuicide (my mother took her life when I was 7, as did my great uncle before her).Regressed memories as a result of sexual, mental, and psychological abuse from my step-father (I have regressed years of memory).mother of a teen on the autism spectrum;mother of 3 children with depression and anxietyI was kidnapped as a childalcoholism (someone very close to me for years)lived through several disasters (house blew up, 13 months later our house burned down, then we ended up losing the house we rebuilt).
La Deidra GaisAA experience; Travel, poverty, communityI excelled in grammar and English. I read or deezuks@yahoo.comBeing the only AA youth in class or schoolAfrican Americans living in rural AmericaAfrican American and White marriageAfrican American raising white step children and grandchildrenWhy I feel like I don't belongTravel in AAThe fear of raising an AA male child in Americasurviving rapedealing with physical abusechild rearing regrets
LainaYA and MG especially, and all genres of those, but anything under the children's lit umbrella pretty much.Over eight years of book blogging, and a solid history of beta reading. I also read several hundred picture books a year for my library job and work with children.Laina1312@gmail.comAsexuality (I'm grey-ace specifically)Aromanticism (Grey-aro)Fat/plus size representation and fat acceptance. No weight loss stories.
Lamar GilesYA, Mystery, Thriller, SFF, Horror2 time nominees for Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award, author of FAKE ID, ENDANGERED (from HarperCollins), OVERTURNED (from Scholastic), and editor of LIFT OFF: A We Need Diverse Books Anthology (Penguin Random House)lrgileswriter@gmail.comBlack/African-American heterosexual maleSouthern CultureBlack Christian (Baptist) cultureBlack Geek/Outsider cultureCode Switching (changing speech or mannerisms based on audience)Comic Books
LauraYA favorite genres are SF/F, thrillers, contemporary, but will consider all YABA in Literature with a focus on Linguistics, as well as life experiencespohlediting@gmail.comLatinaAromanticBisexualityDepression and AnxietyCheck website for other interests:
LauraAll genres - expertise in YA thoughI have a MFA in Creative Writing from the New School. I've been a freelance editor for three years now. I've interned at literary agencies and publishing houses. I have an agent for my novels, and Sourcebooks Fire just acquired my first book. Judaism (specifically conservative Judaism but also have family members that are Orthodox and Reform)Invisible Disability / Chronic Illness - I suffer from debilitating chronic pain, and the doctors have spent the last four years trying to diagnose Death of a sibling (brother passed away in a car accident when I was 16 and he was 18)
Lauren B.YAI am a lawyer who founded and runs a non profit in NYC. I have been named a Forbes 30 under 30 and have appeared in two documentaries, on NPR's all Things Considered, and in the NYTimes. llaburke@gmail.comImmigration - particularly areas of immigration law and young immigrant issues. Human Trafficking - particularly labor but also sexYouth RightsGender Equality
Lavana B.YA, SCI FI, DYSTOPIAN, HISTORIC, COMEDY, HORROR, EROTICA, SELF HELP, SATIRE, A&A, COMICDouble Majoring in History and English// Paid and Volunteer Peer Reviewer// Comic Book Writerpukeghost@gmail.comJewish (Polish Ancestry)FemaleQueer
Layla M Herschany life/study/worklayla.m.hersch@gmail.comJudaismArabic culture/languagemilitary