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NameInterested in (Ex: YA, SFF, erotica, etc.)Qualifications (any qualifications you may have)Contact information (email address)Please verify that you are okay with this email address being made public on the Sensitivity Reader Database.References Available?Area of Expertise 1Area of Expertise 2Area of Expertise 3Area of Expertise 4Area of Expertise 5Please Discuss in Depth Your Areas of Expertise HerePricing Plan for Sensitivity Reads
AC AdamsFantasy and sub-genres (especially magic realism, dark fantasy, military fantasy, and secondary world fantasy), soft sci fi, historical fiction, LGBTQ, some literary fiction, genre mashups. MG/YA/NA/A are all fine. Also, love unreliable narrators, non-romantic/non-sexual relationships, and intricately clever worldbuilding and characterisation that turn tropes upside-down.Life experience; 10+ years of novel writing; numerous projects with, for, and by people belonging to marginalised groups; years of researchacadams.writer@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthOtherLGBTQ+ — especially non-binary genders, grey-/demi-/pan-/asexuality and grey-/demi-/pan-/aromanticism.
Mental Health — personality disorders (especially, but not limited to, cluster B); being a queer person with a diagnosis; depression; self harm; anxiety (including panic attacks); suicidal thoughts; dissociation and depersonalisation; living on mood stabilisers.
Other — unhealthy and abusive relationships (esp. non-romantic/non-sexual ones), with focus on either the abused or the abused; disordered eating (without an ED diagnosis); womb twin survivor (being an only child; knowing/feeling a twin should've existed); migraines, sunlight sensitivity, insomnia; polyamory; working in the Arts as a queer person with a MH diagnosis; other correlations of the aforementioned things.
$200 for works up to 100k words in length; $250 for works over 100k words; +$100 for editorial comments (details to be agreed upon on case-to-case basis); +$50 for query and/or pitch critique (up to three passes)
Adam B.Young Adult, Fantasy, Superheroes, Science Fiction, Mythology, Erotica, Horror, Thriller, Ghost Stories, Mystery, Whodunnits, Drama, Angst, Fluff, MG, Graphic Novels, Children's books, LGBT/queer fiction anything related to comics and manga, etc.BA in English, written for publications like PopWrapped, self-published, self-taught artist, podcaster, life experiences, copious research, HealthClassRace: Black (Somali-Canadian, second generation + child of Somali immigrants)/African-Canadian, but grew up in the southern States). Has experience with immigration and the struggles of trying to adjust to a new world, as well as the struggles of being a Person of Colour, especially a black person, in a world where Blackness is regarded as an ugly and vile thing at the very bottom of the racial hierarchy where "white is right" and black is the last thing anyone wants to be. Lots of experience with micro and macro aggressions, from white people and non-black People of Colour.

LGBTQ+: Gay (closeted due to home environment) and fear of changes with family and relationships with friends and others. Lots of self-loathing and nightmares about coming out or wishing I wasn't gay but straight instead, and learning to accept who I am as a person even if other people aren't ready to handle my truth.

Disability: ADHD, executive dysfunction, a severe inability to focus or stay on task and the lowered quality of life because of that and the stress it produces.

Mental health: long-lasting depression (for years and to this day), severe anxiety (and constantly overthinking and getting myself into trouble or putting myself in a bad mood even if I was in a good mood moments before).

Class: Grew up lower-middle class, moved around a lot because of it, and am still in poverty, surviving with my family through welfare checks. At the time of this writing, I am employed but the bills still stack up and stress over that and school and keeping a roof over our heads is still very much an issue.

Religion: Muslim (Sunni), and having to deal with Islamophobia, and the antiblackness within the Muslim community is a mind-boggling trip. Whether it's because I'm Muslim and gay, or Somali and Canadian, having to balance the duality of seemingly-irreconcilable and mutually-exclusive identities, having to balance the culture of my ethnicity with the culture of my nationality, these are my reality and thus I am experts on them.

I also have experience with being a beta reader; I've been commissioned several times as a Sensitivity Reader through this very reference form (Thanks Justine!), and am a freelance, self-taught artist, who is also learning to do podcasts and expand my artistic horizons to include graphic design and photography. Any creative need, I am the one to call!
$350 starting point, negotiable depending on length of project.
A'ishah Amatullahromance, YA, SFF, women's fiction, literary fictionI have experience as a disability justice and anti-trafficking activist, and as an editor. I have done sensitivity reads for Harlequin in the past.amatullah.aishah@gmail.comYesNoDisabilityMental HealthClassReligionLGBTQIAP+I'm a queer disabled Muslim woman and have experience working in diverse communities around gender, sexuality, class, disability, and faith.
Al RosenbergYA, SFF, erotica, historical fiction, literatureDirector of communications, degree in philosophy, years of experience as a sensitivity editorRosenberg.alexandra.c@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+DisabilityReligionOtherLGBTQIA+: I am a queer woman very involved in organizing queer community. I sensitivity edit about queer, bi, and lesbian characters.

Disability & Illness (other): I have intimate knowledge of progressive physical disability and chronic illness, and have also served as a primary caretaker for others in those communities. (I do not sensitivity edit about mental disabilities or cancer.)

Religion: Judaism. I was raised a Conservadox Jew and now practice Conservative/Reform Judaism. I keep kosher and work for a Jewish nonprofit organization.
For first novels I charge $300 per topic, up to 100,000 words with a 30 day turnaround. If it is not a first novel, please add $100. Each additional topic, or additional 25,000 words adds $50. If you need a faster return, each week faster adds $75.
Alejandra OlivaYA, adult (esp. literary), MGI have about a year of sensitivity reading for major houses, as well as spending several years within the publishing industry itself. I'm a graduate student in religion, and have spent a great deal of time facilitating workshops about identity, power & privilege, so I'm able to pick up on a lot of things, and communicate about them clearly and effectively.esolivalejandra@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+ReligionMental HealthOtherI am a Latinx, bi, cis woman who is a daughter of immigrants, but I feel like I read particularly well not only for characters who share my identities, but also for ensemble casts with characters that hold different identities, particularly along the lines of race, and queerness. I also know a great deal about immigration from Central and Latin America, including DACA and the asylum process.$250 for standard read, 1 month turnaround.
Alexandra SebőkYA, MG, SFF, fantasyEnglish BA degree, LGBTQAI+ volunteernellielavellan@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthOtherI am biromantic asexual. I also struggle with depression and anxiety. Moreover, I can help with writing Hungarian characters, including names or translation.
Alyse M.YA, Children's Lit, Adult Contemporary and Historical Fiction (non-romance genre)M.S. in Library ScienceRaceanminter@gmail.comNoYesClassReligionOtherMental HealthPersonal lived experience as a racial minority; personal social identities and experience working with populations on the margins in regards to class/SES, education levels, mental health, ability, gender, and religion.$250-$300/read
Alyssa Keiko (AK)SFF, Contemporary, Romance (Adult/YA)alyssakeiko@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+DisabilityMental HealthI'm biracial Japanese/white in the US, AFAB genderqueer/nonbinary bisexual/gay with ADHD, depression/anxiety.
Amber MYoung Adult, Middle Grade, ChildrensTeacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing for 7 years, also certified in Early Childhood Special Education and K-8 Special Ed. I have done a sensitivity read in the past for a book featuring a character with hearing loss.bookstacksamber@gmail.comYesYesDisabilityLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthI have been teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing students (birth-21) for 7 years. I have experience working with students who use hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHAs, American Sign Language, and interpreters. I student taught in a residential school for Deaf students, and work in an inner city public school now as an itinerant teacher. I work closely with school audiologists, so I know about hearing technology and equipment as well.
I identify on the asexual and aromantic spectrum. I have generalized and social anxiety, and depression that is related to that.
under 50 pages: $75, 51-150 pages: $150, 151-300 pages: $300, over 300 pages: $1 per page
Amelia CoombsYA in the contemporary realm is my bread and butter, but also mystery, thriller, humor, and SFF. Also willing to look at women's fiction and middle grade.BA in English, MFA in Creative writing, freelance editor, plus life experience in my areas of expertise.Mental HealthameliaeditsYA@gmail.comYesNoDisabilityOtherMental Health: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, particularly Purely Obsessional. Major Depressive Disorder, social anxiety, suicide, suicidal ideation, siblings with mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, different therapies (i.e. talk therapy, CBT, ERP) and the many medicinal therapies available for such disorders. Disability: ADD, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, chronic illnesses. Other: Emotionally abusive and manipulative relationships (romantically) and toxic/dysfunctional family dynamics.General pricing plan is .008/word, but negotiable, so please contact to discuss your work and the most appropriate rate for what you're looking for.
Amelia Menzelliterary fiction, short fiction, creative non-fiction, longform non-fiction, YA, SFF, technical writingB.A. in Philosophy, 4.5 years experience as a freelance copywriter and 3 years experience as a copy editoramelia.j.menzel@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthReligionOtherOtherI'm a Jewish lesbian trans woman of intersex experience, I have personal experience with and can assist you in addressing the following: gay and lesbian issues, transgender/transsexual/transfeminine issues, intersex issues, Jewish issues and Judaism, minority experiences in academia, discrimination in healthcare, and mental health concerns including PTSD and ADD/ADHDflat rate of $75.00 for works less than 10,000 words in length, additional $0.005 per word over 10,000
AndreaAllMasters degree in Social Sciences, I am also a writerandreanovelediting@gmail.comYesNoMental HealthPTSD, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, anorexia and non-differentiated eating disorders, self-harm$250 for manuscripts of 60k - 100k. Rush pricing or pricing for manuscripts outside the given word count available on request.
Andrew PattersonYA, SFF, Rom, Erotica, ContempLife experiencesapatterson@dyadicechoes.comYesNoMental HealthClassDisabilityReligionOtherLearning Disability (Dysnomia). Anxiety. Depression. Poverty. Abuse Survivor. Suicide. Self-Harm. Substance abuse (Parental). Catholicism/Episcopalian.Full: $200. Partials: Negotiable
Ashley MitchellYA, SFF, Romance, Literary Fiction, EroticaI have a bachelors degree in psychology with a double minor in English and African American Studies. I have worked in publishing for 3years and have been a sensitivity reader for half a dozen novels (mostly SFF, YA, and Literary). I am currently an occasional reviewer of title submissions for Book of the Month, where I also work as a marketing manager. Previously, I was a Beta reader for the YA series "The Legacy" by Necole Ryse, and interned for 6 months with Literary Agent Linda Langton, where I read submissions for review and possible representation by Linda.ashleyrymitchell@gmail.comYesYesRaceClassMental HealthReligionOtherI am am a black American woman, but also identify as afro Latina (my mother is a first generation Puerto-Rican American). I am comfortable reading and editing topics surround racism, black female experience, afro Latina experiences, and colorism. I am also comfortable with stories that tackle interracial relationships (romantic, friendship and familial) and speak to dismantling racism, white privilege + white supremacy. I am comfortable critiquing stories that deal with feminism, mental illness ( my family has a history of depression and bipolar disorder, and I have depression and GAD), abuse (I am a physical, emotional and sexual abuse survivor), poverty (I grew up impoverished), and stories about first generation college students (first in my family to go, first to graduate). Though not my area of expertise, I have edited stories featuring LGBTQIA+ characters, and am happy to assist with that as well, especially Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and sexually fluid characters.Standard manuscript and turnaround time of one month -$275 . For all others, available upon request.
Ava MortierYA, MGExperience in offering paid beta and sensitivity reads. Life experiences related to being a queer woman. Experience in blogging and reviewing for 4+ years.Bookishnessandtea@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+I sensitivity read for bisexual, biromantic, pansexual, panromantic, wlw, and aromantic spectrum representation. This comes from years of being a queer woman who has identified with all of the above labels. Testimonials and more information are available on my site:$ for manuscripts under 100k words, 250$ for manuscripts over 100k words.
BA FabianAll, though specialize in children's books through YA, and adult mystery, romance, and literary fictionBA in English (Children's Literature) & Anthropology (Native American studies), MFA in Writing Literature for Children, 10+ years in the book industry, and am currently a writer myself.LGBTQIAP+wildlyread@gmail.comYesYesRaceClassReligionOtherAs I mentioned under qualifications, I have a BA in English (Children's Literature) & Anthropology (Native American studies), an MFA in Writing Literature for Children, 10+ years in the book industry, and am currently a writer myself. I am also a bookseller, have worked in a children's literature library, have 3.5 years experience in publishing (editing, sales, marketing), am a former English Lit/Creative Writing instructor, and am a former ESL student AND as an adult an ESL tutor. In terms of personal life experience: I'm an out member of the LGBTQ+ community (bisexual woman married to another woman), was raised in a Jewish-Catholic-Shinto household in Japan, Brazil, and the United States, I'm an immigrant both to (from Japan) and from the United States (to New Zealand), grew up economically disadvantaged until my teens, come from a mixed-race, mixed-ethnicity family (Native, Caucasian, Brazilian), and continue to study culture/ethnicity identity formation academically.$250 for basic read-through; fees for structural editing/copy editing can be discussed.
Barbara JC MuschAllProfessional artist, with personal experience with bipolar disorder (including disability job discrimination in a corporate studio), stigma and medication. Experience with my spouse's chronic illness -- diabetes, kidney transplant, strokes and minor brain surgery. Also, my sister's congestive heart failure and later transplant, and further life experience with depression (as teen and adult) and with infertility.Disabilitybjcmusch@gmail.comYesNoMental HealthOtherOtherOtherCHRONIC ILLNESS, both patient and caregiver experiences; living with invisible illness (mental illness, diabetes, immunosuppression, mild stroke, severe heart disease in young mother). Hospital stays, emergency room visits for chronic illness. Biases and molding a life around chronic and invisible illness.

ORGAN TRANSPLANT (my spouse's live-donor kidney, my sister's wait-list heart); the diagnosis, the wait, the procedure, the aftermath, dealing with immunosuppression, side-effects, recovery expectations, money, travel concerns, and life-changes. Living dependant on medication.

MENTAL ILLNESS: DEPRESSION (as teen and adult), suicide ideation (pre-teen [age 10], teen, adult), BIPOLAR DISORDER (primarily as adult), therapy experiences, medication and side-effects, stigma, living dependent on medication. Also JOB: the prevalence and affect of mental illness in creative fields, creative professionals, working with neurotypical and non-neurotypical peers, and disability job discrimination related to mental illness.

CREATIVE JOB FIELDS: corporate design studio, freelance design, traditional fine art, atelier study, portrait painting. Dynamics in creative professional groups, and between creatives and corporate. Also high prevalence of depression/mental illness in creative professional groups. Art supplies, processes, techniques.

INFERTILITY, the “treatment-roller-coaster”, artificial insemination, egg and sperm donation, infertility grief, stigma, emotional recovery. Child-free couples; suburban married life; owning pets.
< 10k words = $5 per page; 10k to 30k words = $175; 30k to 60k words = $200; 60k to 100k words = $250
Bethany C. MorrowYA, SF, Magical Realism, Literary, Romance, ThrillerAuthor; Editorial intern with a publisher; Honors English sub; BA Sociology, graduate coursework in Clinical Psych.bethany.morrow@ymail.comYesYesRaceOtherOtherReligionDisabilityBlack Female experience (incl. motherhood, higher education, international travel, sisterhood/sibling dynamics, etc); BWWM Interracial relationship; International Baccalaureate high school experience (other accelerated education programs); Black perspective on Christianity; Invisible disability (specifically Sickle Trait Disorder); Performance culture (Marching Band, Drill Team, Clarinet Ensemble, Dance, etc);$300 base rate
Blake FlournoyYA, MG, SFF, Romance, Erotica, ContemporaryBA in Psychology (Narrative & Relational Psych focus), Four years editorial experience (short stories, novels, news articles, quarterly magazines), past book reviewer/columnist for major metropolitan paper, three years experience as a sex educator/activist for victims of sexual assault and abuse, published author (short stories), past radio/podcast host.Racecontact@blakeflournoy.comYesYesMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ClassOtherBlack (African-American), nonbinary (genderfluid) and queer (bisexual/pansexual): familiar with southern US culture (Georgia native), experience with depression, anxiety, and family/parent alcoholism. Past experience as a reporter, lower-income student in a high-income high school/college, and aide/contact to victims of abuse and sexual assault/rape.$250 average (novel-length), payment plans/budget compromises available.
Bridgette JohnsonYA & MG (all genres, but I have a soft spot for fantasy, magical realism, and historical fantasy)Bachelor's in English and a Master's of Library and Information Sciences (so basically I read a lot). I minored in History and Women's Studiesbridgette2652@gmail.comYesYesMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ClassOtherI identify as a demiromantic asexual (potentially demisexual, but that's a term I'm not totally comfortable applying to myself).

I have depression and anxiety and most likely bipolar II disorder (I don't have insurance, so the bipolar II isn't diagnosed, but bipolar does run in my family). I've had panic attacks off and on for most of my life (though I didn't know the name for them until college since they were different than the panic attacks I saw my cousin have). The depression ranges from moderate to severe, and I often have suicidal ideation.

I grew up just above or below the poverty line, depending on how much my mom made in a year; I'm still currently just above or below the poverty line with my own income and in our family, we had the most money growing up. Like many people, I have family members who are currently addicted to drugs, along with those in recovery, so if you've got a character dealing with a family member being a drug addict, I can definitely provide insight into the struggles of dealing with that. I know the effects of poverty from both personal experience and from my own academic studies of it.

I'm a feminist, and that tends to carry over into everything, but if you need your story read with an eye to its feminism or lack thereof, I can provide that too. I may likely end up pointing it out anyway.

Any questions/concerns you have about anything I have here, feel free to ask and we can discuss everything before we agree to payment and partnership for a sensitivity read.
$200 (up to $55k words) $225 (55k-75k words) $250 (76k words and above). Unless you exlicity say you don't want it, I'll leave notes in reagrds to grammar/punctuation/syntax, plot holes, character development, etc. Or other things you may want a second opinion on.
Brittany YostScience Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Upmarket FictionI have a BA in English Literature and Communication Studies with an emphasis in Intercultural Communication. I was just accepted into the 2017-2018 University College London Masters in Publishing Program. I served as a book reviewer for SIGNAL YA Journal. I was a member of the SPU School of Education Diversity Committee and led diversity seminars addressing minority experiences and white privilege. Also, as an undergraduate, I served at Klipsun Magazine as their copy editor for 6 months. I draw on my lived experience as an African American female.
BAYost16@gmail.comYesNoRaceClassMental HealthOtherOtherIn more detail my areas of expertise are as follows: Intercultural Communication, inter-sectional identities, feminism/gender equality, multiracial identities, African-American culture, domestic violence, gun violence/school based attacks, workplace discrimination, content editing, and copy editing.$250 for a full in depth read as suggested by the Writing in the Margins group. Prices for limited services are negotiable.
BrynnaAny and all fiction YA, erotica, general - I do most all of it.Undergraduate degree in English/psychology/arts, graduate degree in library science.cinemaholic.darling@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthDisabilityOtherOtherI personally am a bisexual cis woman with depression, anxiety, autism, and OCD. I am considered overweight, have experience being wheelchair-bound, and have been mentally/psychologically abused by people close to me, including my father. I am married to a woman who is a mixed-race demisexual lesbian with anxiety and autism who comes from a conservative Christian background. I have studied other mental health conditions and particularly LGBTQIAP+ experiences throughout my education.
Camila Rodriguez LaureanoYA, SFF, Romance3+ Years of Comparative Literature Studiesjustabookeater@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+RaceMental HealthReligionOther
Direct Experiences with:
- Being part of the LGBTQIAP+ community (specifically with bisexuality)
- Mental Illness (specifically clinical depression/anxiety re: Panic Disorder)
- Internment at a Psychiatric Institution / Medication
- Attempted Suicide + Hospitalization
- Experiencing an Eating Disorder (non-specified)
- Growing up in a Latinx household
- Being Latinx
- Being Biracial
- Puerto Rican/Latinx
- Catholic upbringing
- Living with grandparents/Caring for sick grandparents
- Dealing with abusive parents and siblings

What I can sensitivity read for:
- Puerto Rican/Latinx characters
- Puerto Rican/ Latinx (inspired) settings
- Puerto Rican/ Latinx issues
- Latinx immigrant situations
- Use of Spanish words/phrases (in terms of context, linguistics, etc)
- Bisexual/Biromantic characters
- Queer Parents
- Characters with eating disorders
- Institutionalized characters
- Suicide attempts + hospitalization
- Characters with mental illness (will point out ableism, if any)
- Characters with strict catholic upbringing
- Different sociological issues
Prices can be found on my Blog: Boricuan Bookworms
Carrow NarbyFiction (shortform and longform)Disability policy researcher, academic background in cultural studies and media analysis, autism advocatecarrow.narby@gmail.comYesNoDisabilityI am focused solely and specifically on the portrayal of autism; please see for more details$100 (US) flat fee for all manuscripts 10 pages or shorter; plus $5 (US) per each additional page
Charlotte DavisYA, MGMFA in Writing for Children, three years' experience in publishingcharlottenicoledavis@gmail.comYesNoRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthRace: Black/African-American; Gender: Nonbinary woman; Sexuality: Bisexual/Queer; Mental Illness: OCD
Chelsea LoganYAI am a writer and professional editor with six years of copyediting and developmental editing experience on educational and professional materials. I have a BA in English with an emphasis in creative writing.LGBTQIAP+Chelsea.r.logan@gmail.comYesNoMental HealthI am a cisgender lesbian who can read for lesbian representation. I have a sibling who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder at various points from from teenage years through adulthood. I can do a read for any of these, as well as psychosis, involuntarily hospitalization, and the jail/prison system as it relates to mental health. While I can't give insight into what these experiences are like firsthand, I can do a read for representation from a family/sibling perspective.$250 base price with one month turnaround. I also offer editing services; please contact me to discuss rates.
Christina FlorizaAll genreschristinafloriza@protonmail.comYesNoRaceMental HealthClassReligionDisabilityMaster's in Philosophy with concentrations in critical race theory and feminist theory; individual undergoing treatment for mental health issues; raised Catholic; living with an invisible disability, a rare neurological condition called pseudotumor cerebri/intracranial hypertension
Claudia MartinezYA, MG, PB, BilingualMasters in English. Writer of PB, MG, YA. My books include The Smell of Old Lady Perfume (Cinco Puntos , 2008), Pig Park (Cinco Puntos, 2014), and Not a Bean (Charlesbridge, 2018), as well as several work for hire books for educational publishers. I have won several awards including Americas Award Commendation and Texas Institute of Letters. Past sensitivity reads for publishers like Harper Collins, Sourcebooks, and Little Brown. In addition to being a writer, I'm a mom. I grew up in Texas and currently live in Chicago. I have also lived in California and MA.cmartinez50@hotmail.comYesYesRaceClassOtherOtherI specialize in Latino identity, Mexican identity, Chicano/a identity. I am bilingual and can read for Spanish accuracy. I also read for death/illness, border issues, immigration issues, social justice, racism and classism.300 average fee includes margin notes and editorial type letter
Danielle SeyboldYA, middle grade, fiction, historical fiction, literary fictionI have a BA in English and history, and I earned my certificate in copyediting through UC Berkeley extension. I'm an editor and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Any story that features a character with a disability automatically goes on my to-read list, so I'm familiar with how people with disabilities have been traditionally portrayed and how that differs, or not, from my own experience.danielle@putafinishonit.comYesYesDisabilityI was born with cerebral palsy (mild spastic diplegia, meaning balance and control of legs are affected).
Deanna SchwartzYAdeannaschwartz12@gmail.comYesNoReligionMental HealthClassI am Jewish, have had many mental disorders, and can accurate represent the upper middle classBuy me a book
Deeba ZargarpurYA all categoriesI've worked in multiple agencies and houses as both an assistant and freelancer for copy editing and sensitivity readingDeebazargarpur@gmail.comYesYesReligionMental HealthClassRaceDisabilityI sensitivity read for the following topics: Middle Eastern/Persian/Afghan/Uzbek culture/religion/language (Arabic and Farsi), anything Islamic based, jinn, mental health (across many topics included but not limited to eating disorders, OCD, bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, autism, etc), class differences, racial/minority issues, family dynamics (like divorce, split home, death of parent, large families), immigrant/refugee topics.$250 base but varies with higher word counts and timeline
Dharma KelleherMost fiction except erotica.Traditionally published author, former freelance editor and journalistdharma.kelleher@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthTransgender, Lesbian, Gay$250 for full-length novel (80 - 100K words)
Dhonielle ClaytonPB, MG, YA, SFF, Historical, ContemporaryBA in English from Wake Forest University, MA in Children's Literature from Hollins University, MFA in Writing for Children from The New School, COO of We Need Diverse Books, co-founder and CEO of CAKE Literary, 6 years as secondary teacher and 6 years as an elementary and middle school librariandhonielleclaytonwrites@gmail.comYesYesRaceDisabilityLGBTQIAP+Black American cis-gendered woman, descendant of American chattel slavery, southern United States (MS, AL, LA, NC), bisexual, suffers from IBS-D, immunodeficiency, anxiety, chronic pain.$250-$1000 depending on length and genre
DMG ByrnesAdult, YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, queer/LGBT fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Paranormal, Mystery, Literary, and select Horror.Life experiences; BS in Psychology with minor in English; former Victim Advocate at GSAC-CAC (Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy Center); former Intern/Assistant to an LPC (licensed counselor); Volunteer Active Listener on 7cups of tea (free service where people can login and find support or therapy; extremely diverse in the people looking for help and types of issued dealt with)dmgbyrnes@gmail.comYesYesDisabilityMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ReligionOtherQueer/LGBT- Pansexual, Asexual/Demisexual, Aromantic, Sapiosexual, partially closeted (haven't discussed it with most of my family, though they are aware I advocate strongly and passionately for equal rights and representation);
Physical Illness/Disability- chronic illness, invisible illness, chronic pain, spoonie, migraines, fibromyalgia, intermittent cane/wheelchair/apparatus use, Lupus, light sensitivity & sun allergy, APS (blood disorder), SVT/heart palpitations, herniated discs L4-L5, L5-S1) , degenerative disc disease;
Mental Illness/Health- depression, anxiety, panic and anxiety attacks, severe social anxiety, PTSD/C-PTSD, suicide/suicide ideation, self- harm, OCD;
Trauma- physical, emotional, verbal & sexual abuse; CSA (child sexual abuse); domestic violence;
Neurodivergent(ND)- PTSD/C-PTSD, unofficial ASD/asperger’s diagnosis (i.e. psychologist/counselor not specialized in autism believed it likely & suggested referral to specialist & further testing; unofficial mainly due to financial reasons);
Polyamory & dealing with prejudices associated with it (previously practiced and advocate for its practice between consenting adults);
Religion- former Pagan, former Wiccan, Omnist, experiences with religious intolerance to “Non-Christians” in the South (mainly when previously Pagan/Wiccan);
Ableism & internalized ableism;
Ageism- looking young when dealing with life events, social interactions, health problems, and disability, has its own difficulties (ex. people seem to often assume that to be young and disabled means you somehow cannot possibly really have a disability, or that you are likely to grow out of it; doctor's don't always take me seriously, etc.)
Pricing available by page or hour. Impending or hard deadlines that require a faster turnaround are automatically billed by hour; coupons/discounts available.
Dr. Bettye J. MillerAcademia, Fiction, Non-fiction,HistoricalTeacher/Professor Public School Teacher/ University Professor-Reading & Language development, Degrees: Masters degree in Reading , Masters degree in Elementary Ed., Ed.D degree in Reading and Linguistics. (Retired)drglovermiller@aol.comYesYesRaceOtherRace: African American experiences, study, Lectures on Unconscious Bias and
Sensitivity. Around-the-World Travel Scholar to Study Educational
Systems of Asia (Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong,
and India.
Academia: Teacher/Lecturer of Reading and Language development from
Kindergarten - Graduate school. ( Adjunct Professor of Reading, State
University of New York, Old Westbury, NY, Hofstra University. Hempstead,
NY, and Nassau Communyty College, Garden City, NY.
Ebony WilkinsYA, MG, PB,PhD Literacy, Language, and Culture; MFA Creative Writing; Published Author; English Professorebonybooks@yahoo.comYesYesRaceReligionClassOtherOtherPhD Literacy, Language, and Culture; MFA Creative Writing; Published Author; English Professor
ElinorAny except erotica, horror and poetry. (Mild horror/ghost stories/supernatural ok).Life experience: disabled since birth with diastrophic dysplasia (a type of dwarfism--I'm 3' 3" tall); powered wheelchair user since childhood (1980s); paraplegia, and spinal surgery to correct it; severe arthritis; attended special schools in Britain throughout the 1970s/80s including a residential boarding school from the age of nine; extensive childhood orthopaedic surgery; some physical/emotional abuse & neglect at school/hospital; phobia related to childhood trauma; mild PTSD (betrayal trauma).

Professional qualifications: Professionally published science fiction writer; former full-time non-fiction editor/copy editor (commercial popular astronomy and politics); experienced beta reader; published fiction includes a story in the Ditmar award-winning Defying Doomsday anthology of apocalypse fiction featuring disabled characters (Twelfth Planet Press); have been associate member of SFWA; member of the Codex writers group; worked in disability politics in Britain in the 1990s as elected disability representative; I ran some awareness events/wrote campaign publications at that time; continued interest and knowledge of disability issues and controversies. Currently part of a University of California, Irvine/University of Oregon National Science Foundation funded study into Virtual Worlds, Disability and the Embodied Self. First class honours degree in history and politics from Nottingham University (in Britain--yes I'm British).
disabilityreader@gmail.comYesYesDisabilityMental HealthDisability in general, but particularly physical and congenital. Powered wheelchair use. Dwarfism. Paraplegia. Arthritis. Residential special school.
I spent my entire youth surrounded by children/young people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy; spina bifida; haemophilia and other blood disorders; epilepsy; muscular dystrophy; cystic fibrosis; juvenile arthritis; other types of dwarfism including brittle bones (osteogenesis imperfecta); sensory impairments; learning disabilities.

Although my primary area of expertise is physical disability, I also have some experience with various mental health issues, particularly phobia and betrayal trauma. For the latter, an article I wrote was at one time included on a University of Oregon psychology reading list. Betrayal trauma (a type of PTSD) is particularly relevant for characters who may have experienced predominantly non-violent trauma, where the principal characteristic involves an extreme power imbalance and betrayal of trust. For example wrongful arrest/conviction, child abuse, cult membership and domestic abuse.

I'm British (English). Originally from London.
Please email or see my website:
Elizabeth RoderickYA, Adult, SFF, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Thriller, Chick Lit, Literary etc. Basically all genres.Published author, freelance editor, experienced professional sensitivity readerelizabethroderick@att.netYesYesMental HealthDisabilityClassLGBTQIAP+OtherI'm bipolar, autistic, and have PTSD. I have episodes of psychosis. I have experienced times of intense addiction and alcoholism for self-medication purposes, and have been homeless. I have been in prison because of my neurodiversity, and have suffered significant harassment from police, family members, and others because of my neurodiversity.

I do not have schizophrenia, but my partner is schizophrenic and I have been mistaken for schizophrenic at times. I feel qualified to read for any type of psychotic character, since diagnoses are labels put on us by abled people; they overlap and are very misunderstood. I can provide some understanding, though of course never perfect understanding, because such does not exist.

I am a survivor of severe physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I have been raped. I am a domestic violence and abuse survivor.

I am bisexual or perhaps pansexual.
$250 per manuscript under 100k words; $50 per each 25k words above 100k
Ellen RozekYA contemporary, fantasy/sci-fi, mystery/thriller, NA romanceI've provided professional sensitivity reads for several soon-to-be published authors. I've also written reviews for the Disability in KidLit blog, analyzing the quality of Tourette's Syndrome representation in a couple different YA novels.erozek10@gmail.comYesNoMental HealthMental HealthI have generalized anxiety disorder and Tourette's Syndrome.$250 as a flat editorial rate for manuscripts under 100k words. $300 for manuscripts between 100k and 150k words.
Erika TYA, MG, SFF, ContemporaryCurrently work in children's publishing. Previously interned at NYC literary agency, with a professional nonprofit background in social justice.erika@magicmultiverses.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+RaceClassMental HealthReligionI identify as queer and black American, and grew up with a low-income background. I have many years of experience in community organizing and activism regarding race, sexuality, and their intersections, for which I have been nationally recognized. Professionally, I have worked on broad issues of social justice, from mental health advocacy to criminal justice reform. In addition, my academic background is in East Asian studies (focused on Japanese culture) and religious studies (focused primarily on Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Islam, and Christianity - but with some study of Buddhism and Shintoism.)Starting cost of $250, which includes one page of feedback and an optional 30-minute follow-up discussion.
Erin Rossonanything but eroticaLiterary Intern. Author published with PRH.authorelatimer@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthReligionOtherOtherDiagnosed General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Sensorimotor fixation. Panic attacks. Hypochondria. Bisexual. Closeted in conservative christian home. Verbally/emotionally abusive parent. Depressed parent.Flat fee of 250 for 60k or below. Price TBD for additional word count.
Erin Servaisromance, young adult, mystery, thriller, memoir, science fiction, literary fiction, nonfictionten years of experience as a professional book editor; prior experience as a sensitivity reader; published writer; novelisterin@dotanddashllc.comYesYesDisabilityMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ClassOtherDisability: I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder. This causes mobility problems. This also causes severe and chronic pain. I could identify whether your disabled characters could actually do the actions you have them do and help you ensure they feel like fully realized characters and not gimmicks.

Mental Health: During my life I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety, agoraphobia, specific phobias, borderline personality disorder, EDNOS (eating disorder), and depression. I can help you explain symptoms accurately (not exaggeratedly) and ensure your characters are realistic and not stereotypes.

LGBTQIAP+: I identify as a bisexual woman. I can help you avoid stereotypes and offensive language and situations.

Class: I grew up on a farm in Appalachia. The area had a lot of poverty. I can help you write about poverty and the people in this region without being demeaning or inadvertently offensive.

Other (Substance Abuse): I grew up around substance abuse. I can help you write about characters with addictions accurately in a way that does not diminish their self-worth.
$335 for 70,000 to 90,000 words (This could be incorporated into my rate for a book edit, if the client wants that service.)
Erin WatleyAll typesEducation: PhD in Intercultural Communication. Work: Media analysis/critique (about cultural representations and identity), teach about cultural diversity issues. Personal Experience: Black American cis-gendered woman.erind.watley@gmail.comYesYesRaceClassLGBTQIAP+ReligionI'm well versed in evaluating representations of racial identities in a US American context (Black, Asian, Latinx, Native etc.) although my strongest base is in the Black American experience. I am particularly adept at evaluating the ways that race intersects with other areas of cultural identity (socioeconomic class, gender, sexuality and religion). My readings are informed by both pop culture and academic foundations and will place any sensitivity concerns in a broader social context.$250-300 for detailed commentary on a manuscript
FitriantiAnything EXCEPT Islamophobia, Science Fiction, BDSM, Erotica.I'm a Muslim who lives in Indonesia.fiyitapri@gmail.comYesYesReligionRaceMental HealthDisabilityClassI'm your reader if you wanna know about Islam or South East Asia (especially Indonesia). Also about the mystical entity of Islamic lore and/or Asian mythology. About brown skin Asians and the limitation it entails to, Asperger life, HOH, Ostracism, Depression. I also have a bit of knowledge about Mine (esp. Nickel Mining), and working life in a hospital, or as a civil servant/public official$250 for overall reading (any further question please contact in e-mail)
Gabby WhaleyYoung adult, adult, science fiction/fantasyBachelor's in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins UniversityRacegjwhaley2@gmail.comYesYesMental HealthClassReligionOtherScience fiction/fantasy, young adult, adult, novels, short fiction, non-fiction, prose
Gauri ManglikSouth Asian, Childrens booksFounder of KitaabWorld.comgmanglik@gmail.comYesYesRaceReligionClassOtherI am one of the founders of, a place for South Asian children's literature. I was born in India, grew up in New Delhi. I'm Hindu by birth. I actively read and review South Asian children's books.Based on scope of project
GeorginaEverything.Attended Clarion West in 2012. Slush reader. Awards reader. Past sensitivity reading.thessilian@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+ClassReligionOtherBritish Indian experience. Race relations in the UK, especially Indian/Desi diaspora. Immigrant culture. UK far-right anti-immigrant politics. (UKIP, BNP, Britain First). Biracial experience.£260 for 80k approx
GlaizaAll genres – especially fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, literary, contemporary and historical fiction. All audiences - Childrens, middle-grade, YA, crossover/new adult and adult fiction.I'm a Filipina-Australian with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Writing (focused on literature and cultural studies). I have experience in giving workshop feedback as a university creative writing graduate and as a former volunteer submissions reader for Aurealis magazine + co-editor of Warhols Children magazine. For more details, see:
paperwanderer@gmail.comYesNoRaceReligionClass- Asian-Australian and PoC representation in general.
- Filipino representation, culture, family dynamics, religion (Christianity), language (Tagalog) and code-switching.
- Both second generation and immigrant experience. Any generation for family representation.
- Colorism and racism.
- Experience with the death of a parent during adolescence.
- Experiences as a PoC growing up in a diasporic context. E.g. Australia.
- Australian English in addition to experiences within the Australian (Catholic/Private) school system and Australian public universities as a student.
Negotiable on case by case. See website for details:
Grace LiYA, literary fiction, nonfictionAgented writer, former lit agent intern.gracedantingli@gmail.comYesYesRaceI'm a first-gen Chinese-American and the daughter of immigrants. My parents grew up in poverty in rural China, and came to the US for grad school, where they had me. I am conversationally fluent in Chinese, and read and write the language. I am a graduate of Duke University, where I studied biology and creative writing, and can speak to the experiences of being Asian-American, and Chinese-American, within higher education, everyday life, and especially in navigating two cultures.
Hannah GivensSFF, comics, nonfiction, YA, childrens7 years of librarianship, MA in historyhannahgivens@outlook.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthReligionBisexuality/pansexuality and queerness
Asperger’s (mild, not diagnosed as a child)
Anxiety ranging from mild to severe
From the Deep South (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi)
Agnostic/ex-Christian (and can speak to Deep South protestantism, religious homeschooling, etc.)
$125 for adult book, $75 for children's, $25 for article/chapter
Heather SanfordYAAssociates Degree in Secondary Education; Bachelor's Degree in English & Communications (graduating April 2018)heather.l.little@wmich.eduYesNoMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ReligionClassMental Health- I have significant personal experience with depression and anxiety, and am a survivor of suicide.
LGBTQIAP+ - I am on the asexual and agender spectrums.
Religion- Paganism.
Class- Lived most of my life just above poverty level.
Helen KirkbyLiterary fiction, non-fiction, SFF, YA, romance, erotica, horror/thriller, mystery, short storieshelennhieu@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthDisabilityClassI am a disabled Asian-American woman who is part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. My areas of expertise include Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese culture.$15 flat rate for short stories (7500 words and under) and $0.02 per word for longer pieces.
Horizon RoseSci-Fi/FantasyProfessional ghostwriter & editorhorizonrosecorreia@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthDisabilityRaceReligionLGBT: I'm a nonbinary femme lesbian married to a nonbinary butch lesbian; my wife uses he/hym pronouns and I use shie/hyr.

Mental Health: I have schizoaffective disorder, DDNOS-1, and borderline personality disorder, and am an abuse survivor (physical and mental). I've spent about six weeks overall in a hospital psychiatric ward (two separate stays) and have lived at both a 24-hour and 16-hour supervision apartment complex (basically they come around every hour and make sure you're still alive). I'm unable to work full-time jobs, especially normal 9-5 jobs, and am currently reliant on my mom for a significant portion of rent every month.

Disability: In addition to mental health, I have significant mobility impairments that tend to coincide with chronic pain. It's a highly variable day-to-day thing, and some days it's painful to get out of bed, while some days I can walk to the corner store without too much pain. My wife uses a cane for hys mobility issues.

Race: I'm mixed white/native/mexican (specifically i'm taos, hopi, and zuni; i'm only connected to taos & zuni by blood, but only connected to taos & hopi by culture bc my grandma was adopted), I tend to consider myself native first, chicana second, and mixed third. I live in the southwest (Arizona particularly) so there's a lot of white people profiting off taos stuff and it kills me every day.

Religion: I was raised general Christian, I have a lot of trauma associated with it and currently identify as agnostic theist, but I do love the bible when interpreted as mythology. I have a LOT of knowledge about the bible (including many misinterpretations) and about religious trauma.
$30 for 25k words
Hridi D.YA, SFF, NApublished writerhridi_das@hotmail.comYesYesRaceMental HealthLGBTQIAP+DisabilityReligionSouth Asian (Bangladeshi), mental health (different anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorder), disability (scoliosis), asexual, religion- Hindu
Idris GreyYA, NA, SFF, LGBTQ+ Fiction, Middle Grade, Historical Fiction, Mystery/ThrillerI'm a black queer (bi ace) woman living that black queer experience. I have degrees in Anthropology (B.S.) and Public Health (MPH). I'm also a freelance writer and copy editor/proofreader with experience in academia and politics.greyidris@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthClassOther
I am a politically-active black queer intersectional feminist living with mental health issues in America; being sensitive comes with the territory. I'm particularly sensitive to the unique intersectional struggles black women face within the Black community, the LGBTQIA+ community, mainstream feminism, academia, and greater American society.
< 10,000 words - $75 10,000-15,000 words - $100 15,001-30,000 words - $150 30,001-60,000 words - $200 60,001-100,000 words - $275 to $350 > 100,000 words - contact for quote Rush Fee - under 30 days - +25% of quoted price
Iori KusanoSFF, YA, NA, romance/erotica, crime fiction, litficMaster's and Bachelor's degrees in Japanese literature. Have sensitivity read for 5 manuscripts to date, two of which are now published.ioriksn@gmail.comYesYesRaceMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ClassReligionIssues I am qualified by academic study and/or personal experience to read on include but are not limited to:

Japanese ethnicity issues, esp. in diaspora narratives
Chinese diaspora narratives, particularly in America, Singapore, and Malaysia. (Please note that I am not a suitable reader for mainlander or Taiwanese-centric material.)
Colorism in East and Southeast Asian culture
Economic prejudice in East Asian diaspora
Classical and medieval Japanese literature and folklore (700-1300CE specialty; don’t ask about anything that happened after 1636), including historical gender issues
Shinto-based mythology, yōkai
Post-traumatic stress disorder
$300 for 50k-75k words, $350 for 75k-100k words. Lower or higher word counts can be negotiated on an individual basis; email for details.
JalynAnything, esp. YA and fantasy/science fiction3 years experience as an editor; Bachelor's degree in communicationjalyn.ely@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthReligionLGBTQIAP+: Asexuality, bisexuality, nonbinary genders (esp. agender and female-aligned nonbinary)
Mental Health: Depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, autism
Religion: Ex-Christian, atheism, agnosticism, witchcraft
$0.004 per word
Ja-Nae Eppsyoung professional, african american, albinism, eroticaafrican american with albinism, MA in Strategic Communicationjanaemepps@gmail.comYesYesRaceDisabilityClassReligionOtheralbinism, african american, southern, religious, young professional, singles, single parent$250 and up
Jenae' SteeleYA, Satire, Romance, Fantasy, ActionStudent Diversity Leader on PWI (pre-dominately white institution) campus in Alabama for four years, freelance writer addressing social issuesjenae.e.steele@gmail.comYesYesRaceOtherOtherI am a socially conscious black woman who is an ally of the LGBTQIAP+ community, but I will not say I am an expert in that area. I have a degree in psychology (and history); however, because I do not identify as living with mental health issues I do not list it as an expertise. I also minored in Latin American Studies. What I can offer is a well-rounded perspective from an empathetic, well-educated cis black woman.Minimum of $250 for a manuscript near ready for publication.
Jenn BaileyYA, MG, PBMFA in Writing for Children and Young Adultsjenn.c.bailey@gmail.comYesYesDisabilityMental HealthOtherOtherIntimate knowledge of Autism, Aspergers, and anxiety/depression issues.$50 for PB; $300 for novels up to 75k words; deliverable includes marked manuscript and comprehensive editorial letter regarding area of sensitivity
Jenn PolishYA, Fantasy, SFF, Middle Grade, Comics, most fiction featuring characters with mental dis/abilities and/or LGBTQ+ characters, especially trans/nb charactersI teach college writing and theatre, wrote my MA thesis on trauma and dis/ability in The Hunger Games, and I'm currently finishing my dissertation on mental health in college writing classrooms. My queer YA fantasy novel is set for release with NineStar Press in March 2018. All listed areas of expertise come from life experience.jpolish13@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthDisabilityI can specifically focus on characters who experience BPD, depression, anxiety; characters who are genderqueer or trans; characters who are trans-masculine; characters who are queer/lesbian/bisexual.
Jenna BeacomAny, but particular interest in YADeaf, master's degree in Deaf Education, fluent in ASLjfbeacom@earthlink.netYesYesOtherDisabilityDeafness (also hard of hearing, late-deafened) and American Sign Language (ASL)$250
Jennifer BakerAll genres (adult literature, children's literature, fiction & nonfiction)Publishing professional w/ 14 years experience, former WNDB member, social justice advocate, Minorities in Publishing podcast creator. Have done authenticity reads for over a year for various publishers & authorsjbakernyc@yahoo.comYesYesRaceClassOtherAfrican American (Black) representation, Uses of AAVE, Low Socioeconomic Class, Representations of Privilege$250 (up to 60k words), Additional $50 for every 10k words after that. Negotiable for shorter works like picture books.
Jeremy BlausteinHistory, Science fiction, martial arts, mythology, games, YA, erotica,I have lived in Japan for 15 years and been a J>E translator for 25.jblaustein@dragonbaby.jpYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+ReligionClassOtherI prefer to discuss with interested people only and then I will be more than happy to answer any questions!Completely negotiable
Jessica BaylissAny age group or genreI am a published author and have a PHD in Clinical Psychology. I'm a full-time, practicing psychologist.jessicabaylisswrites@gmail.comYesYesMental HealthOtherI have over 15 years experience in psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy. My psychotherapy orientation is Cognitive Behavioral. I teach this therapy and I'm also an expert in Motivational Interviewing. I am a teacher for psychology trainees, medical professionals, and med students/interns/residents. I've also taught university classes at the graduate and undergrad levels. In addition to expertise in terms of how to write about mental health diagnoses and how to write about psychotherapy, I have also specialized in Clinical Health Psychology. I routinely work with clients on improving health and health coping for problems like: chronic pain; insomnia; weight loss; coping with chronic, progressive, and terminal illness; coping with cancer; smoking cessation; diabetes management; coping and preparing for surgeries (e.g., organ transplant, bariatric surgery, stem cell transplant); eating disorders. My research and scholarly publications have largely been in the area of weight loss, obesity, and binge eating.$300 for a full MS read
Jessica ReinoMG, YA, SFF, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, CrimeI live with several auto-immune conditions which led to anxiety issues. I have also edited books that dealt with mental health.jnrlitauthor@gmail.comYesYesDisabilityOtherMental HealthI live with several auto-immune conditions and am a member of many support communities which help to cope with the everyday tasks that can be difficult as well as battling the stigma of an "invisible illness". As a result of all of these issues I developed medical-related anxiety which I sought treatment for and now have learned how to handle on my own. I am a writer myself as well as an editor of YA and Adult Fiction and I have worked on a few books where the main characters are dealing with mental illness. I think it is important as an editor to always read for sensitivity and would be happy to assist anyone with questions about auto-immune diseases or anxiety.Email me at for pricing plan.
Jessie McCoyYA, SFFB.S. in English & M.S. in Publishingjessie.mae.mccoy@gmail.comYesNoRaceDisabilityMental HealthI am multiracial (African American and white), have a medical condition (UC), and experience with anxiety and depression. I have 5 years of editing experience, both freelance and with an independent publisher.Negotiable
Julie FengAllBA in English/Creative Writing with Honors. Communications specialist at organization for racial justice and education equity. Freelance published writer, poet, and journalist.inquiry@juliefeng.comYesYesRaceMental HealthLGBTQIAP+ClassReligionI'm a Taiwanese American, first generation immigrant, queer woman of color. My areas of expertise are: Asian American perspectives, East Asian diaspora, Taiwan, Buddhism, poverty, intergenerational trauma, sexual assault, PTSD, gender, interracial relationships, and intersectional feminism.Starting rate $250. Fee adjusts for word count, turnaround time, and weight of content. Consultation includes high level overall read, issues highlighted within the text, and a detailed notes page. Turnaround time is 30 days unless negotiated otherwise.
K. Tempest BradfordSFF, YA, Weird/InterstitialI teach classes on writing inclusive fiction and have been a media critic with an emphasis on representation and social justice issues for over 10 yearsktempestbradford+sr@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+I can read for American-centric general race stuff, African-American experience, Black women, mixed race, light-skinned Black experience, midwestern experience of POC, bisexual, lesbian, intersection of Black and bisexual identities$250 for novels up to 200K (email for reads above that), $50 for short story - novella length
Kaelan RhywiolAdult age unless it's super dark YA. SFF, Romance, Erotica.BA in BioAnthropology/Forensic Chemistry, Masters in Teaching in World History, work experience in both fields, multi published author, professional editor (as in I work with small press).kaelan.rhywiol@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+DisabilityMental HealthRaceClassI'm queer (Demisexual, gray aromantic, touch averse, pansexual, non-binary and kinky). I'm autistic, a rape survivor, and I'm mixed race. I have a chronic (pain) illness and multiple mental health issues including cptsd from trauma, bullying and abuse.250$ for up to 150k words. Sliding scale for lower incomes.
Kat O.speculative fiction, sci fi, fantasy, horror, mystery/thriller, literary fiction. Please NO romance or erotica.Beta reader for independent author, Michael Coorlim. I edit for grammar, consistency of style, continuity, sensitivity, and clarity.gotyertongue@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+OtherMental HealthClassReligion* Queer/bisexual. Gender agnostic. Female-bodied, but no strong attachment to gender identity. It only becomes important in the sense that others decide that my gender is important, usually to discriminate based on their assumptions of what a female-bodied person "should" be, and I have to confront and deal with that discrimination. She/her pronouns.
* Women's experience, experience with sexism/misogyny, feminism, women's representation in entertainment media.
* Mental illness, recurring-remitting depression, major depressive episodes, suicidal ideation, generalized anxiety, flashbacks / dissociation, self injury.
* Hodgkins disease (lymphoma), cancer, chemotherapy.
* Pagan, eclectic traditional witchcraft, Celtic / European indigenous religion, spiritual magic, tarot reading, cat parenting, cats as spiritual familiars.
* Emotional abuse survivor, adult child of a malignant narcissist. Survivor of sexual and emotional abuse in relationships. Survivor of severe childhood bullying, including sexual harassment and groping by peers, and a town full of adult authority figures who abandoned their responsibility to intervene.
* Small town homophobia, anti-feminism, anti-intellectualism, religious hypocrisy (Catholic school teachers physically assaulting elementary students with impunity, etc.), Christian indoctrination as emotional / spiritual trauma.
* Low-income adult, experience with poverty, experience with public assistance.
* BDSM, submissive-leaning switch.
$300 for up to 90,000 words. Contact for works of other lengths or additional editing services.
Kate BrauningMG, YA, NA, and adult all genres.YA author of How We Fall (Simon Pulse) which released to praise from Kirkus, School Library Journal, VOYA, and Booklist. Editor at Entangled Publishing with a list of award-winning and bestselling adult and YA authors, including USA Today bestseller No Kissing Allowed by Melissa West, Kirkus star recipient and Kirkus indie book of the month Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron, and Golden Heart finalist and RT Awards nominee Kimberly Bell.LGBTQIAP+katebrauning@gmail.comYesYesClassReligionOtherBisexual white cis female raised in extreme generational rural poverty. Raised in fundamental Southern Baptist Christianity. Experienced significant childhood domestic abuse- physical, mental, and emotional, including sexist abuse, significant neglect, and homophobia. Willing to read for bisexual representation, female-female relationships, sexism, childhood abuse, fundamental Christian culture, and other factors listed above..5 cents per word ($250 for 50,000 words, $500 for 100,000) Lower custom rates depending on weight of content- contact for details
Kate Wayman-DoddYA, SFF, erotica, Crime, Noir, Fiction, Paranormal, Thriller, Adventure, Social Sciences (ex: psychology)BFA in Writing for Screen & Television from the University of Southern California; Winner and Finalist in multiple writing contestswaymankaitlyn@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthOtherI'm bisexual and well-versed in LGBTQ+ politics, have an anxiety disorder, and have dealt with child abuse and the recovery thereof. If you're looking for someone with relevant regional experience, I grew up in the Midwest.$2.00 per 1000 words with 1-2 pages of notes. $8.00 per 1000 words for 1-2 pages of notes AND proofreading. Additional services (ex: editing grammar, structure, etc.) can be discussed.
Kathrene B.YA, SFF, children's lit, historical fiction, Christian litBA in English, with honors. Past editorial staff member of Fordham's art, creative writing and social justice magazine. Editorial assistant for major academic publishing house. Lived experiences of myself and family members.kfbinag@gmail.comYesYesRaceReligionClassI am a Filipino-American woman whose grandparents and parents are Filipino immigrants. I was born in Queens, NY and grew up in an American white suburban neighborhood, in a home characterized by Filipino values and that espoused evangelical Christian values. In addition to Filipino culture, I'm well-versed in Evangelical culture and big themes in the Bible.$250 for a high level overall read (not structural edit) on a manuscript (60-100k words) & 4-week turnaround. $50/week for faster turnaround, i.e. $300 total for 3-week turnaround, $350 total for 2 weeks, etc.
Kati GardnerYA, Romanceauthor, teacher, readerKatiGardner@gmail.comYesYesDisabilityMental HealthOtherI am an lower extremity amputee. I had cancer as a child. I have several chronic illnesses as a result, including cardiomyopathy and immune system disorders. I have anxiety.$0.0032/ word
Katricia SmithYA, SFF, LGBTQIA, erotica, nonfictionI am a queer black woman from a working class, urban background. I have traveled and lived abroad (in the Middle East and southern Africa), as well as around the United States. I have advanced degrees in the social sciences.smithkatricia@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+ClassLife experience and I have also academically studied topics of sociology, race, gender, sexuality, class, and religion. I also have experience with politically radical communities, intentional communities, and some activist spaces.$250+
Keffy R. M. KehrliSFF of all age groups & lengthsI am a SFWA professional writer with multiple published short stories. I have also done sensitivity reads for several writers and publishers in the past. I edit GlitterShip, which is an LGBTQ short fiction magazine & podcast.kehrli@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthI am a member of the LGBTQIAP+ community. I am a non-binary trans man (assigned female at birth), who has been medically transitioning to various degrees since late 2009. However, my experience culturally is limited to the United States, and I am not the best person to ask for characters who are in the intersection of race/ethnic minorities and trans.Short fiction up to 20,000 words: $50. Fiction between 20k and 40k: $100. Novels up to 100,000 words: $250. Other lengths: ask.
Kristen CarterYoung Adultrebecca.coffindaffer@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+ClassOtherOtherI am a black, bisexual woman, who grew up in a working class family. My parent's divorced when I was thirteen, and I have a big blended family via my father.
LainaYA and MGLaina1312@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+OtherI am grey asexual and grey aromantic, and I can also read for fat representation. However I will not read diet or weight loss arcs.Willing to be flexible depending on need.
Lamar GilesYA, SFF, Contemporary, Mystery, SouthernTwo-time Edgar Award nominee, Virginia Readers Choice Winner 2015, Novels on numerous state and high school reading listslrgileswriter@gmail.comYesNoRaceReligionClassI am black, raised in the south, familiar with Christian (Baptist) church culture, and come from a working class, blue collar town where most people are middle class or below.Full reads of less than 100K words = $500.00; +100K words, contact for pricing
Laura PohlYAFreelance editor, MBA focused in Publishing, authorpohlediting@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthOtherI am a Brazilian Latina that has lived in foreign countries. I can speak mostly for Latinx representation although I'm not the best for Afro-Latinxs), and also if you are setting your story in South America to make sure you avoid stereotypes. I am also bisexual and have struggled with depression and anxiety, which I also offer sensitivity reads for.Starting at $250
Lauren MartinYA, Children's Literature, Middle Grade, New Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Paranormal.I am a sophomore in college studying English and Women's and Gender Studies, Writing Center editing experience, and four published news articles in the Suncook Valley Sun.l.a.martinediting@gmail.comYesNoLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthClassReligionOtherLGBTQIAP+ expertise: queer, (AFAB) trans, nonbinary, genderfluid, bigender, trigender, agender, genderqueer, asexual, demiromantic, and polyromantic identities. Other related expertise includes being closeted, coming out, and passing specifically.

Mental health expertise: ADHD, anxiety, depression, executive dysfunction, APD, C-PTSD, trauma, abuse (especially child abuse), diagnosis and DBT (from a patient perspective).

Class expertise: poverty, trailer living, lower class, working class, and middle class.

Religion expertise: agnosticism.

Other: BDSM, the intersection of BDSM and mental illness, polyamory, relationship anarchy, queerplatonic relationships, feminism, intersectionality theory.
Standard pricing ($250.00 per 100k words)
Lex L.Any fiction (especially sci-fi and fantasy)Prior sensitivity reader, critique partner, and beta reader for multiple agented and traditionally published authors. Assistant to an agented author published with one of the Big Five houses. BA with studies in creative writing, English, screenwriting, and filmmaking. Extensive reader; knowledgeable about trends in past, current, and upcoming book releases. Life experiences with intersecting identities/marginalizations.AlleyCatEditing@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+DisabilityOtherLGBTQIAP+LGBTQIAP+Nonbinary gender (AFAB). Pansexual/bisexual. Aromantic spectrum. Disability (chronic debilitating migraines/headaches). Sakha. Grew up in Alaska.$250 is standard. Please contact me for pricing if you would like me to read for multiple identities, if you have a high word count, etc.
Lily ChoiYA, romance, women's fiction, suspense, thrillersEditor at Penguin Random Houselchoi127@gmail.comYesNoRaceMental HealthOtherOtherAreas of expertise include Asian-American/Korean-American representation, the immigrant experience, recognizing racially-charged language and stereotypes, issues of feminism/gender equality, eating disorders, particularly bulimia, and mental health, particularly depression. I can offer an editorial opinion (only if asked for, of course) in addition to a sensitivity read.$250 for sensitivity read; $300 for line-by-line editing
Linda Medina MartinezFiction, non-fiction, romance, children, poetry, self-help, young adult, Sci/Fi, horror, mysteryI have a B.S in Human Services (Mental Health Counseling) and a Spanish Translation Certifiate. I am currently working on my Master's in Social Work. I work as a Family Liaison and Translator and as an intern for a school social worker. I am an undocumented, first-generation college graduate who migrated to the U.S in 2001. I am bilingual and identify as LatinX. I have experiences working with children and families, college students, and people from diverse backgrounds; experience in higher education and student affairs, translation, K-12 education, tutoring/mentoring, children's day treatment, and veterinary medicine/animal care.lindamedina2013@gmail.comYesYesRaceMental HealthClassOtherImmigration (Mexico to US), living as an undocumented immigrant, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), immigrant rights, Latino, Latina, Latinx culture (Mexican/American, biculture), first-generation college student, student of color in higher education, low-income household, cultural inclusivity and awareness in mental health, intersectional feminism, Spanish translation and interpretation (Latin America), growing up biliterateBased on word count and type of feedback.
Lisa RosePB, Chapter Book, MGPJ Library picture book author, first grade teacher, Masters in Reading with an Early Childhood Endorsement, mother of a visually-impaired child, Host of Missing Voice Picture Book Discussion GroupLisaRoseWrites@gmail.comYesYesReligionDisabilityOtherOtherOtherI’m a reformed Jew who also has knowledge of conservative, modern and Hassidic orthodox customs. After my husband’s brain cancer, 5 failed IVF’s and surrogate story that belongs on Dateline, I adopted (domestic) my two-day old daughter. At three months old we were told she was visually-impaired/legally blind.Flexible depending on the page count
Lourdes VenardMystery, thrillers, crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy, YA, multicultural literatureI am a writer and editor with more than 30 years of experience. I have worked at major American newspapers (The Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Newsday, among them) and now operate my own editing business, Comma Sense Editing.LVediting@gmail.comYesYesRaceReligionMental HealthClassOtherMy master's thesis was on diversity within newspapers, and I have served on several diversity committees. I am also fluent in Spanish and knowledgeable about several Latino cultures. As a Latina myself, I have attended the Comadres Writer's Conference and National Association of Hispanic Journalists conferences. Please see my website,, for a portfolio of books edited and testimonials.Starts at $300; may be more for longer reads.
Lyn Miller-LachmannYA, MG, PB, adult literaryOwn Voices author, translator from Portuguese and Spanish to Englishlynml@me.comYesYesDisabilityReligionI am diagnosed on the autism spectrum and have one published Own Voices novel, Rogue (Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin, 2013). I am also Jewish, and my adult novel, Dirt Cheap (Curbstone Press/Northwestern University Press, 2006), explores themes of Judaism and the environment. I have written extensively about the experience of being a writer on the autism spectrum and have provided sensitivity reads for outsiders writing major characters who are autistic.$250 for novel length manuscript; shorter pieces negotiable
M. Michelle DerosierKidlit, YA, fiction, nonfiction, romancemmichellederosier@me.comYesYesRaceClassReligionMental HealthI'm the program director of an online mentoring nonprofit and have precious experience leading a crisis hotline team. I have degrees in psychology and organizational leadership. I write both fiction and nonfiction. I'm a freelance published writer of op-eds that examine education, social economic opportunity, and politics through a racial and cultural lens. For fiction I'm focused on all genres but currently writing a Christian romance, and a picture book.

I'm made in Haiti and bred in Brooklyn, and love highlighting girls and women who reflect the two cultural experiences. I also tell stories that reflect the interracial relationships (friendships and romance) in my life over the years. It's very important to me to showcase carefree, inquisitive black girls who love to explore their world.
Mandy RosasYA, SFFBA English Literaturemandymione@hotmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+RaceI am a homoromantic asexual, and a white Latina (Brazilian) who lives in a predominantly non-Latinx country (UK).$10 per project, irrespective of length.
Marianne RoblesYA, Romance, NA,-Bachelor's Degree in Sociology & Gender Studies
-Multiple political science courses
-Multiple English Literature courses
-Lived experience being a biracial puertorican
-Experience of being caretaker for people with Alzheimer's
- Experience being part of the LGBTQIAP+ community
-Mental health experience
marianneereads@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthClassOtherRace (for afrolatinx rep)/ LGBTQIAP+ (for bi/pan, aro or ace rep), Mental Health (for clinical depression, anxiety), Class (for poverty), Other (feelings of diaspora for latinx characters, latinx inspired settings, Spanish language/slang)Negotiable for marginalized authors
Marissa OsmanYA, SFF, Fantasy, High Fantasy, NA, Adult, Contemporary, no Horror pleaseMiddle-class university student from rural town struggling with anxiety. Well read with experience in writing and editing.growingupbooknerd@gmail.comYesNoMental HealthClassReligionI am a white, middle-class female in my early twenties; born and raised in a small town in a family with Christian values. I struggle with anxiety and am taking medication for it after about five years of denial. I am a university student.< 10,000 words = $100, 10,000-50,000 words = $250, 50,000+ words = $335
Mark O'BrienYA and MG, all genresYA writer represented by Heather Flaherty at The Bent Agency; former intern at Stonesong, another literary agency, and Entangled Publishingmarkobrienbooks@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthI'm a cis gay man with depression and anxiety, diagnosed when I was fourteen. I've also had psychosis (i.e. I heard voices) in the past.$250 for 60k-100k words, $0.0025/word thereafter
Mark OshiroYA (SF, Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance, pretty much any genre!), MG, Adult (SF, Fantasy, Contemporary)Owner/writer of Mark Reads and Mark Watches, which both serve as (basically) longform sensitivity reads, so please check them out for examples. Non-fiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction!, co-editor of 'Speculative Fiction 2015,' president of Con or Bust's board of directors. Current YA author with releases in 2018 and 2019, and have been writing about diversity and representation for many years on top of presenting about it at conventions and universities in the US and in Europe/UK.markreadsandwatches@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthClassReligionI identify as a queer/gay Latinx cis man. I am of Salvadoreño and Guatemalan descent, but can also provide a general sensitivity read for race/racism. I am also a transracial adoptee, adopted by a white mother and dark-skinned Japanese father. I lived in poverty for many years, and experienced homelessness as a teenager and again in my mid 20s. I can do a read for mental illness, specifically PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. Finally, I can also do a read for abuse (specifically domestic abuse, parental abuse, and bullying), but PLEASE make sure you notify me of this before you send me any further info, as I need to be in the mindset to read this.$300 for 100K with a 2-4 week turnaround.
Marley TeterI can read for anything but am most interested in contemporary/realistic YA.Agented writer of queer YA; five years (and on-going) as an English teacher; copy-editing experiencemarley.teter@gmail.comYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthI am queer and have both bipolar and (often debilitating) anxiety. I have experienced suicide ideation for more than half my life. I have additionally suffered from an undiagnosed eating disorder, although I will read for that subject more selectively, as it is quite triggering. I have experience with alcoholism. In non-sensitivity-related topics (in case that is what helps you to decide between me and someone else), I have extensive knowledge of both theatre and Japanese culture (especially lesbian Japanese culture, such as Takarazuka), although I am not, myself, Japanese. (For any book dealing with Japanese culture, Japanese voices should be considered long before mine. I did, however, live in the country and can offer an "outsider-insider" perspective.)Market price
Mary WilsonYA, or any genre besides erotica.I write fiction as a hobby. I'm also learning Japanese, French, and German.mgaylewilson420@gmail.comYesNoRaceLGBTQIAP+I am biracial (African-American and Caucasian) and an asexual lesbian(questioning).$85 flat, if the project is longer than 60,000 words, $5 for every 250 words past 60,000
Mathangi SubramanianYA, fiction, personal essayExperienced sensitivity reader for YA novels and personal essays. My novels and short stories dealing with social justice issues have won numerous awards (South Asia Book Award 2016; Katherine Patterson Middle Grades short fiction prize 2015). I have a doctorate in communications and education from Columbia University teachers college. Past work experience includes: public school teacher; educator at an alternatives to incarceration program; assistant vice president of international education at Sesame Workshop (the non profit that produces Sesame Street and its co-productions around the world); senior policy analyst for education, immigration, and child & family issues at the New York City Council; Fulbright-Nehru Senior Scholar; Project Officer at UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Education for Peace and Sustainable Development.ms2763@columbia.eduYesYesRaceReligionClassOtherI am a middle class cis-woman of color raised Hindu who writes about poor communities in South Asia. I am also an adoptive mother. I'm able to provide sensitivity reads on race (especially South Asian / Asian characters), religion, class / caste, gender, and adoption. I currently live in India so am also able to provide feedback on novels set int he South Asian region.$350 for a manuscript between 60,000-100,000 words + $50 for each additional 20,000 words; shorter pieces negotiable
Maya DavisYA, SFF, Mystery, Literary FictionBA in English and Communications, Kirkus YA reviewerm.p.davis333@gmail.comYesYesRaceLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthOtherI'm a black American cis woman of Caribbean descent, specifically Jamaican and Kittitian (St. Kitts & Nevis). I identify as bisexual and have mental health struggles, mainly with anxiety, dysthymia/low-grade depression, and some OCPD (this is different than OCD). I also grew up in the suburbs if that is of interest.$250 up to 100,000 words, additional $50 per 50,000 words. Jobs less than 2 weeks are an extra $100.
Megan FowlerYoung adult, fiction, graphic novels/comics, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Poetry, Anthologies, Nonfiction, EroticaBA in Queer Studies and Psychology, published author
Personal experience
Presenter on topics related to sexual assault and interpersonal violence
mfowle19@msudenver.eduYesYesLGBTQIAP+Mental HealthOtherBA in Psychology and Queer Studies, Personal experience as a genderqueer/trans person who also identifies as gray-asexual and queer. Survivor of sexual assault. Experience presenting at national and local conferences on transgender inclusion, interpersonal violence, kink/BDSM, 6 years at an LGBTQ resource center, research and lived experience in polyamory/non-monogamy, queer and trans identity. Avid reader and explorer.Please contact to discuss your work and the most appropriate rate for your needs.