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Alamance CCAronimink GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCCypress Point CAugusta National GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPebble Beach GLPine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCPine Valley GC
Aronimink GCAugusta National GCMedinah CC #3Harbor Town Golf LinksMedinah CC #3Merion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Cypress Point CMerion GC (East)Cypress Point CAugusta National GCCypress Point CAugusta National GCAugusta National GCPebble Beach GLAugusta National GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCPine Valley GCAugusta National GCAugusta National GCShinnecock Hills GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCAugusta National GC
Augusta National GCBallanIsles CC (East)Oakmont CCMedinah CC #3Merion GC (East)Oakland Hills CC (South)Oakmont CCMerion GC (East)Oakland Hills CC (South)Merion GC (East)Cypress Point CAugusta National GCShinnecock Hills GCCypress Point CAugusta National GCPebble Beach GLCypress Point CCypress Point CAugusta National GCCypress Point CShinnecock Hills GCAugusta National GCShinnecock Hills GCShinnecock Hills GCCypress Point C
Aurora CCBaltusrol GC (Lower)The Olympic Club (Lake)Merion GC (East)Oakland Hills CC (South)Oakmont CCThe Olympic Club (Lake)Oakmont CCOakmont CCOakmont CCPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLCypress Point CShinnecock Hills GCCypress Point CCypress Point CPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLCypress Point COakmont CCCypress Point CCypress Point CCypress Point COakmont CCShinnecock Hills GC
Baltimore CC (East)Barrington Hills CCPebble Beach GLOakland Hills CC (South)Oakmont CCThe Olympic Club (Lake)Pebble Beach GLThe Olympic Club (Lake)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Olympic Club (Lake)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Merion GC (East)Pebble Beach GLShinnecock Hills GCMerion GC (East)Shinnecock Hills GCShinnecock Hills GCOakmont CCPebble Beach GLOakmont CCOakmont CCOakmont CCCypress Point COakmont CC
Baltusrol GC (Lower)Beechwood GCPine Tree GCOakmont CCThe Olympic Club (Lake)Pebble Beach GLPine Valley GCPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLMuirfield Village GCShinnecock Hills GCPebble Beach GLWinged Foot GC (West)Oakmont CCShinnecock Hills GCWinged Foot GC (West)Merion GC (East)Shinnecock Hills GCShinnecock Hills GCPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLPebble Beach GLMerion GC (East)
Beechwood GCBelle Meade CCPine Valley GCThe Olympic Club (Lake)Pebble Beach GLPine Valley GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pine Valley GCPine Valley GCPine Valley GCOakmont CCMuirfield Village GCOakmont CCOakmont CCWinged Foot GC (West)Oakmont CCOakmont CCOakmont CCMerion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Pebble Beach GL
Belle Meade CCBellerive CCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pebble Beach GLPine Valley GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Seminole GCSeminole GCSeminole GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Seminole GCOakmont CCSeminole GCMerion GC (East)Shadow Creek GCWinged Foot GC (West)Merion GC (East)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Oakland Hills CC (South)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)
Bellerive CCBenson Park GCSeminole GCPine Valley GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Seminole GCSouthern Hills CCSouthern Hills CCSouthern Hills CCSeminole GCMerion GC (East)Merion GC (East)Muirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Winged Foot GC (West)Seminole GCSeminole GCFisher's Island GC Sand Hills GCSand Hills GC
Berry Hills CCBerry Hills CCSouthern Hills CCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Seminole GCWinged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Olympic Club (Lake)Medinah CC #3The Olympic Club (Lake)Merion GC (East)The Country Club (Brookline)Oakland Hills CC (South)Oakland Hills CC (South)Oakland Hills CC (South)Oak Hill CC (East)National Golf Links of AmericaCrystal Downs GCSeminole GCNational Golf Links of AmericaCrystal Downs GC
Beverly CCBethpage GC (Black)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Augusta National GCBaltusrol GC (Lower)Southern Hills CCSeminole GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Crystal Downs GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Country Club (Brookline)Crystal Downs GCMedinah CC #3Oak Hill CC (East)Fisher's Island GC National Golf Links of America
Big Foot CCBeverly CCBellerive CCChampions GC (Cypress Creek)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Cypress Point CColonial CCColonial CCBaltusrol GC (Lower)Colonial CCShinnecock Hills GCMedinah CC #3Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)The Olympic Club (Lake)Oakland Hills CC (South)Seminole GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Seminole GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Sand Hills GCSand Hills GCChicago GCCrystal Downs GCCrystal Downs GC
Blue Hills CCBig Foot CCChampions GC (Cypress Creek)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Colonial CCColonial CCCypress Point CHarbor Town Golf LinksColonial CCHarbor Town Golf LinksOakland Hills CC (South)Southern Hills CCWinged Foot GC (West)Medinah CC #3Medinah CC #3Crystal Downs GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Prairie Dunes CCThe Country Club (Brookline)Medinah CC #3Oakland Hills CC (South)National Golf Links of AmericaSand Hills GCSeminole GCSeminole GC
Bob O'Link CCBlue Hills CCColonial CCColonial CCFirestone CC (South)Firestone CC (South)Los Angeles CC (North)Los Angeles CC (North)Harbor Town Golf LinksLos Angeles CC (North)Shoal Creek GCOakland Hills CC (South)Quaker Ridge CCSeminole GCCrystal Downs GCMedinah CC #3National Golf Links of AmericaSeminole GCMedinah CC #3Seminole GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Pacific Dunes GCPacific Dunes GCThe Alotian C.Muirfield Village GC
Branch River CCBob O'Link CCThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)Firestone CC (South)Harbor Town Golf LinksLos Angeles CC (North)Medinah CC #3Medinah CC #3Los Angeles CC (North)Medinah CC #3Baltusrol GC (Lower)Oak Tree GCLos Angeles CC (North)Oakland Hills CC (South)Oak Hill CC (East)Seminole GCShadow Creek GCMuirfield Village GCSouthern Hills CCSouthern Hills CCMedinah CC #3Wade Hampton GCNational Golf Links of AmericaPacific Dunes GCThe Alotian C.
Brierwood CCBranch River CCFirestone CC (South)Point O'Woods G&CCPine Tree GCMedinah CC #3Muirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCMedinah CC #3Oakland Hills CC (South)Oak Tree GCBaltusrol GC (Lower)Crystal Downs GCPeachtree GCOakland Hills CC (South)Muirfield Village GCMedinah CC #3Crystal Downs GCNational Golf Links of AmericaThe Olympic Club (Lake)Fisher's Island GC Fisher's Island GC Crystal Downs GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Whistling Straits GC (Straits)
The Broadmoor (East)Briarwood CCMerion GC (East)Riviera CCRiviera CCPine Tree GCOakland Hills CC (South)Oakland Hills CC (South)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Riviera CCOak Hill CC (East)Oak Hill CC (East)The Olympic Club (Lake)Wade Hampton GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Shadow Creek GCPrairie Dunes CCNational Golf Links of AmericaMuirfield Village GCInverness CWade Hampton GCOakland Hills CC (South)Wade Hampton GCChicago GCOak Hill CC (East)
Brook Hollow CCBrierwood CCOakland Hills CC (South)Seminole GCShinnecock Hills GCRiviera CCPine Tree GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Riviera CCShinnecock Hills GCRiviera CCLos Angeles CC (North)Oak Hill CC (East)The Country Club (Brookline)Wade Hampton GCChicago GCCrystal Downs GCSan Francisco GCSan Francisco GCMuirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Whistling Straits GC (Straits)Chicago GC
Brookridge CCThe Broadmoor (West)Riviera CCSouthern Hills CCSouthern Hills CCShinnecock Hills GCRiviera CCRiviera CCShinnecock Hills GCSouthern Hills CCLong Cove CSan Francisco GCOak Tree GCQuaker Ridge CCSeminole GCNational Golf Links of AmericaSan Francisco GCMedinah CC #3Crystal Downs GCNational Golf Links of AmericaThe Country Club (Brookline)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Muirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCPacific Dunes GC
Brown Deer Park GCBrook Hollow CCWinged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Winged Foot GC (West)Southern Hills CCShinnecock Hills GCShinnecock Hills GCMuirfield Village GCMuirfield Village GCLos Angeles CC (North)Quaker Ridge CCOakland Hills CC (South)San Francisco GCBaltusrol GC (Lower)Oak Hill CC (East)Wade Hampton GCShadow Creek GCQuaker Ridge CCQuaker Ridge CCShadow Creek GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Medinah CC #3Wade Hampton GCOakland Hills CC (South)
Buena Vista CCBrookridge CCBay Hill C.BallanIsles CC (East)BallanIsles CC (East)BallanIsles CC (East)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)San Francisco GCThe Honors CourseLong Cove COak Hill CC (East)Quaker Ridge CCPrairie Dunes CCMuirfield Village GCQuaker Ridge CCRiviera CCCherry Hills CCVictoria National GCButler National GCPrairie Dunes CCOak Hill CC (East)The Ocean Course
Cal Club of SFBrown Deer Park GCCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)The Concord R&GC (The Monster)The Concord R&GC (The Monster)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Firestone CC (South)Firestone CC (South)Colonial CCScioto CCLaurel Valley GCThe Honors CourseNational Golf Links of AmericaQuaker Ridge CCOak Hill CC (East)Wade Hampton GCLos Angeles CC (North)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Pacific Dunes GCVictoria National GCWhistling Straits GC (Straits)Riviera CCWade Hampton GC
Camargo CBuena Vista CCCypress Point CDoral GR&S (Blue Monster)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Firestone CC (South)Firestone CC (South)The Golf ClubThe Golf ClubQuaker Ridge CCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Los Angeles CC (North)Southern Hills CCSan Francisco GCQuaker Ridge CCThe Golf ClubOak Hill CC (East)Crystal Downs GCWhistling Straits GC (Straits)The Olympic Club (Lake)Oakland Hills CC (South)Medinah CC #3Riviera CC
Canterbury GCCanoe Brook CC (North)Laurel Valley GCThe Golf ClubDoral GR&S (Blue Monster)The Golf ClubThe Golf ClubThe Golf ClubThe Homestead (Cascades)The Homestead (Cascades)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Shoal Creek GCSouthern Hills CCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Winged Foot GC (East)Baltusrol GC (Lower)Southern Hills CCRiviera CCInverness COlympia Fields CC (North)Prairie Dunes CCWhistling Straits GC (Straits)Victoria National GCOakland Hills CC (South)The Country Club (Brookline)
CedarPointe G&CCCarlton Oaks CCLos Angeles CC (North)Los Angeles CC (North)The Golf ClubHarbor Town Golf LinksHarbor Town Golf LinksThe Homestead (Cascades)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)Oak Hill CC (East)TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Desert Highlands GCThe Honors CourseSouthern Hills CCPrairie Dunes CCSouthern Hills CCGarden City GCSouthern Hills CCCherry Hills CCPrairie Dunes CCThe Olympic Club (Lake)Oak Hill CC (East)The Ocean CoursePrairie Dunes CCPrairie Dunes CC
Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Oak Hill CC (East)Oak Hill CC (East)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)The Homestead (Cascades)The Homestead (Cascades)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)Oak Hill CC (East)Pine Tree GCMedinah CC #3Riviera CCShoal Creek GCPrairie Dunes CCSpyglass Hill GCPeachtree GCThe Golf ClubOak Hill CC (East)Prairie Dunes CCRiviera CCSouthern Hills CCBethpage GC (Black)The Olympic Club (Lake)The Ocean CourseThe Olympic Club (Lake)
Cherokee CCCherokee CCPoint O'Woods G&CCPine Tree GCLos Angeles CC (North)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)Oak Hill CC (East)Pine Tree GCPoint O'Woods G&CCButler National GCLong Cove CColonial CCWinged Foot GC (East)San Francisco GCWinged Foot GC (East)Spyglass Hill GCLos Angeles CC (North)Garden City GCLos Angeles CC (North)Oak Hill CC (East)Shadow Creek GCThe GC at Black RockThe Olympic Club (Lake)Gozzer Ranch
Cherry Hills CCCherry Hills CCQuaker Ridge CCPrairie Dunes CCOak Hill CC (East)Oak Hill CC (East)Oak Hill CC (East)Pine Tree GCPoint O'Woods G&CCPrairie Dunes CCEugene CCPrairie Dunes CCHaig Point C (Signature)The Golf ClubGarden City GCThe Golf ClubBaltusrol GC (Lower)Garden City GCBaltusrol GC (Lower)San Francisco GCBandon Dunes GCChicago GCCastle Pines GCBandon Dunes GCFriar's Head GC
Chicago GCChicago GCShinnecock Hills GCQuaker Ridge CCPoint O'Woods G&CCPoint O'Woods G&CCPoint O'Woods G&CCPoint O'Woods G&CCPrairie Dunes CCQuaker Ridge CCHarbor Town Golf LinksColonial CCSan Francisco GCBaltusrol GC (Lower)The Honors CourseRiviera CCPeachtree GCInverness CScioto CCGarden City GCBethpage GC (Black)Kinloch GCBethpage GC (Black)Castle Pines GCShadow Creek GC
Coldstream CCCog Hill #4Spyglass Hill GCShinnecock Hills GCQuaker Ridge CCQuaker Ridge CCQuaker Ridge CCQuaker Ridge CCQuaker Ridge CCSan Francisco GCScioto CCCastle Pines GCThe Golf ClubScioto CCPeachtree GCGarden City GCRiviera CCSpyglass Hill GCOlympia Fields CC (North)Bethpage GC (Black)Quaker Ridge CCPrairie Dunes CCBaltusrol GC (Lower)The Honors CourseSouthern Hills CC
Colonial CCColdstream CCBallanIsles CC (East)Bay Hill C.Bay Hill C.Bellerive CCBallanIsles CC (East)Butler National GCButler National GCBay Hill C.Cherry Hills CCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Peachtree GCRiviera CCBlackwolf Run (River)Cherry Hills CCCherry Hills CCSand Hills GCShadow Creek GCScioto CCSan Francisco GCBandon Dunes GCRiviera CCShadow Creek GCMedinah CC #3
Columbia CCColonial CCBob O'Link CCBellerive CCBellerive CCThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)Bellerive CCCanterbury GCCanterbury GCButler National GCWild Dunes GL (Links)Pinehurst Resort & CC (#2)TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Garden City GCCherry Hills CCWade Hampton GCScioto CCPeachtree GCWinged Foot GC (East)Winged Foot GC (East)The Honors CourseSouthern Hills CCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Baltusrol GC (Lower)San Francisco GC
The Concord R&GC (International))Columbia CCCongressional CC (Blue)Congressional CC (Blue)Congressional CC (Blue)Congressional CC (Blue)The Concord R&GC (The Monster)Cherry Hills CCCherry Hills CCCanterbury GCPrairie Dunes CCButler National GCNational Golf Links of AmericaLong Cove CChicago GCLos Angeles CC (North)Inverness CCherry Hills CCPeachtree GCChicago GCKinloch GCQuaker Ridge CCBandon Dunes GCSan Francisco GCCastle Pines
Congressional CC (Blue)Columbine CCCountry Club of Birmingham (West)Dunes G&BCDunes G&BCDoral GR&S (Blue Monster)Congressional CC (Blue)Congressional CC (Blue)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Cherry Hills CCPlainfield CCPeachtree GCScioto CCNational Golf Links of AmericaThe Golf ClubSpyglass Hill GCMaidstone CBaltusrol GC (Lower)Spyglass Hill GCFisher's Island GC Winged Foot GC (East)Los Angeles CC (North)Southern Hills CCFriar's Head GCThe Honors Course
Coral Ridge CCThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)The Homestead (Cascades)Laurel Valley GCDoral GR&S (Blue Monster)Inverness CInverness CInverness CKemper Lakes GCHarbor Town Golf LinksPrairie Dunes CCOak Tree GCScioto CCInverness CChicago GCChicago GCWannamoisett CCColonial CCButler National GCThe Honors CourseThe Golf ClubVictoria National GCBaltusrol (Lower)
The Country Club (Brookline)Congressional CC (Blue)Dunes G&BCLaurel Valley GCLaurel Valley GCPeachtree GCLaurel Valley GCLaurel Valley GCLaurel Valley GCJupiter Hills C (Hills)The Golf ClubPlainfield CCGarden City GCChicago GCValhalla GCScioto CCWinged Foot GC (East)Winged Foot GC (East)Sand Hills GCInterlachen CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Castle Pines GCSan Francisco GCBethpage GC (Black)The Golf Club
The Country Club (SLC)Cottonwood at Rancho San Diego (Ivanhoe)The Golf ClubMauna Kea GCPeachtree GCPrairie Dunes CCPeachtree GCPeachtree GCPeachtree GCLaurel Valley GCPeachtree GCWild Dunes GL (Links)Castle Pines GCColonial CCLos Angeles CC (North)The Honors CourseThe Honors CourseScioto CCWade Hampton GCWade Hampton GCLos Angeles CC (North)San Francisco GCButler National GCPinehurst Resort & CC (#2)Canyata
CC of DarienThe Country Club (SLC)Hazeltine National GCPeachtree GCPrairie Dunes CCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)Prairie Dunes CCPrairie Dunes CCSan Francisco GCPeachtree GCOlympia Fields CC (North)Spyglass Hill GCWinged Foot GC (East)Shoal Creek GCForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Maidstone CLos Angeles CC (North)Maidstone CInterlachen CCSand Hills GCThe Ocean CourseThe Ocean CourseThe Honors CourseSouthern Hills CCBandon Dunes
CC of DetroitCountry Club of Birmingham (West)Mauna Kea GCScioto CCScioto CCScioto CCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Spyglass Hill GCThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)Riviera CCForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Riviera CCThe Homestead (Cascades)Plainfield CCKittansett CThe Golf ClubThe Homestead (Cascades)Chicago GCThe Prince CourseSebonack GCCanyata GCSebonack
CC of IndianapolisCC of DarienScioto CCSpyglass Hill GCSpyglass Hill GCSpyglass Hill GCScioto CCScioto CCScioto CCScioto CCChicago GCThe Golf ClubDesert Highlands GCCastle Pines GCSycamore Hills GCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Baltimore CC (East)Cog Hill #4Colonial CCMilwaukee CCBaltusrol GC (Lower)The Golf ClubInverness CThe Golf ClubPinehurst #2
CC of JacksonCC of DetroitAtlanta CCBob O'Link CCBob O'Link CCBay Hill C.Bob O'Link CCBallanIsles CC (East)BallanIsles CC (East)Baltimore CC (East)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Cherry Hills CCInverness CTroon G&CCLaurel Valley GCColonial CCThe Ocean CourseOlympia Fields CC (North)Bandon Dunes GCSomerset Hills CCInverness CInverness CShadow Creek GCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Los Angeles (North)
CC of Miami (West)CC of JacksonThe Broadmoor (West)Canterbury GCCanterbury GCBob O'Link CCButler National GCBay Hill C.Baltimore CC (East)Bob O'Link CCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Spyglass Hill GCSpyglass Hill GCCastle Pines GCBaltimore CC (East)The Homestead (Cascades)The Honors CourseMaidstone CButler National GCSomerset Hills CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Canyata GCThe GC at Black RockBethpage (Black)
CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)CC of Miami (West)Canterbury GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Cog Hill #4Butler National GCCanterbury GCBellerive CCBay Hill C.Cog Hill #4Winged Foot GC (East)Winged Foot GC (East)Plainfield CCButler National GCThe Prince CoursePlainfield CCSomerset Hills CCThe Prince CourseChicago GCSpyglass Hill GCFlint Hills National GCWinged Foot GC (East)Olympia Fields CC (North)Peachtree GCPeachtree GC
CC of OrangeburgCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)The Country Club (Brookline)CC of DetroitThe Country Club (Brookline)Canterbury GCCherry Hills CCBob O'Link CCBob O'Link CCThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)The Concord R&GC (The Monster)Inverness CCherry Hills CCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Long Cove CForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Castle Pines GCPlainfield CCFisher's Island GC Wannamoisett CCInterlachen CCBaltusrol GC (Lower)The Quarry at La QuintaSebonack GCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)
CC of RochesterCC of OrangeburgThe Homestead (Cascades)Cypress Point CCypress Point CCog Hill #4Cog Hill #4Cog Hill #4Cog Hill #4CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Interlachen CCInterlachen CCTroon G&CCInverness CButler National GCLaurel Valley GCKittansett CSomerset Hills CCSomerset Hills CCPlainfield CCRich Harvest LinksForest Highlands GC (Canyon)TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Pete Dye GCPikewood National
CC of Virginia (James River)CC of Virginia (James River)International GC (Pines)The Homestead (Cascades)Lancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Dunes G&BCInverness CThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)The Concord R&GC (The Monster)Crooked Stick GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Chicago GCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Laurel Valley GCMaidstone CLong Cove CInterlachen CCCastle Pines GCBethpage GC (Black)Canterbury GCGarden City GCArcadia Bluffs GCRich Harvest LinksKinloch GCPete Dye
Cypress Lakes CCCypress Lakes CCMeadow Brook CLancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Mauna Kea GCLancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Lancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)Congressional CC (Blue)Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)Bellerive CCEugene CCHarbor Town Golf LinksHarbor Town Golf LinksColonial CCWannamoisett CCColonial CCColonial CCPlainfield CCPacific Dunes GCRiviera CCThe Quarry at La QuintaLos Angeles CC (North)Los Angeles CC (North)Victoria National
Cypress Point CCypress Point CPalm-Aire CCMeadow Brook CMeadow Brook CMeadow Brook CMeadow Brook CLancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)Lancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Laurel Valley GCMaidstone CSahalee CC (South & North)Cherry Hills CCInverness CCastle Pines GCForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Sanctuary GCThe Homestead (Cascades)Shadow Creek GCMilwaukee CCMilwaukee CCKinloch GCEagle Point GCSpyglass Hill
Dallas Athletic Club (Blue)Desert Forest GCPeachtree GCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Muirfield Village GCSpyglass Hill GCOak Tree GCLancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)Oak Tree GCGarden City GCAronimink GCLa Quinta Hotel GCHaig Point C (Signature)Plainfield CCButler National GCLaurel Valley GCWannamoisett CCKittansett CVictoria National GCShoal Creek GCFlint Hills National GCArcadia Bluffs GCArcadia Bluffs GCOld Macdonald
Desert Forest GCDesert Inn CCPrairie Dunes CCInnisbrook GC (Island)San Francisco GCOak Tree GCShoal Creek GCCongressional CC (Blue)Garden City GCGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Wannamoisett CCShoal Creek GCHazeltine National GCBlackwolf Run (River)Baltimore CC (East)Milwaukee CCKittansett CCastle Pines GCShoal Creek GCShoal Creek GCSahalee CC (South & North)Butler National
Desert Inn CCDoral GR&S (Blue Monster)Bethpage GC (Black)Aronimink GCAronimink GCArcadian Shores GCArcadian Shores GCArcadian Shores GCArcadian Shores GCAronimink GCFirestone CC (South)Olympia Fields CC (North)Bellerive CCPlainfield CCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Valhalla GCLong Cove CLaurel Valley GCThe Prince CoursePeachtree GCThe Golf ClubRich Harvest LinksSpyglass Hill GCInterlachen CCKinloch
Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)Dub's Dread GCCherry Hills CCAtlanta CCAtlanta CCAronimink GCAronimink GCAronimink GCAronimink GCAtlanta Athletic CCanterbury GCBaltimore CC (East)Chicago GCThe Homestead (Cascades)Oak Tree GCSalem CCWannamoisett CCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Victoria National GCAronimink GCSand Ridge GCSpyglass Hill GCMilwaukee CCSpyglass Hill GCScioto
Dunes G&BCDunes G&BCColdstream CCBaltimore CC (East)Baltimore CC (East)Atlanta CCAtlanta CCAtlanta Athletic CAtlanta Athletic CAtlanta CCMaidstone CThe Country Club (Brookline)Butler National GCHazeltine National GCDesert Mountain C. (Renegade)Bellerive CCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)The Homestead (Cascades)The Honors CourseHazeltine National GCSpyglass Hill GCCherry Hills CCGarden City GCGarden City GCMilwaukee
East Lake CCEast Lake CCCC of DetroitBethpage GC (Black)Bethpage GC (Black)Baltimore CC (East)Baltimore CC (East)Atlanta CCAtlanta CCBallanIsles CC (East)Point O'Woods G&CCPoint O'Woods G&CCKemper Lakes GCPoint O'Woods G&CCWannamoisett CCInterlachen CCCog Hill #4Interlachen CCHazeltine National GCCrooked Stick GCThe Quarry at La QuintaKittansett CCherry Hills CCButler National GCInverness
Eisenhower GC (Blue)Eisenhower GC (Blue)Fisher's Island GC Beverly CCBeverly CCBethpage GC (Black)Bay Hill C.Baltimore CC (East)Bellerive CCBellerive CCInverness CKemper Lakes GCCanterbury GCDesert Highlands GCTroon G&CCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Shoal Creek GCBlackwolf Run (River)Sand Ridge GCBaltimore CC (East)Forest Highlands GC (Canyon)Camargo CForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Laurel Valley GCGarden City
El Niguel CCEl Niguel CCMedford Village GCBoyne Highlands GC (Heather)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)National Golf Links of AmericaNational Golf Links of AmericaBay Hill C.Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Bellerive CCCanterbury GCPoint O'Woods G&CCLong Cove CCanterbury GCMaidstone CArcadia Bluffs GCGarden City GCDouble Eagle CInverness CInterlachen
Elcona CCElcona CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Champions GC (Jackrabbit)Champions GC (Jackrabbit)Cedar Rider CCCedar Rider CCCedar Rider CCCedar Rider CCCedar Rider CCBay Hill C.Laurel Valley GCPine Tree GCMaidstone CHazeltine National GCHarbor Town Golf LinksDesert Forest GCForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Baltimore CC (East)The Golf ClubCamargo CSomerset Hills CCPete Dye GCMilwaukee CCArcadia Bluffs
Eldorado CCEldorado CCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)Chicago GCCherry Hills CCChampions GC (Jackrabbit)Champions GC (Jackrabbit)Champions GC (Jackrabbit)Champions GC (Jackrabbit)Champions GC (Jackrabbit)Pine Tree GCBay Hill C.Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Interlachen CCHaig Point C (Signature)Kittansett CButler National GCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Butler National GCThe Honors CourseCherry Hills CCScioto CCKittansett CRich Harvest LinksThe GC at Black Rock
Elmwood Park GCElmwood Park GCThe Stanwich CCog Hill #4Chicago GCCherry Hills CCChicago GCChicago GCChicago GCChicago GCSahalee CC (South & North)Bellerive CCCrooked Stick GCCamargo CTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Cog Hill #4Black Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Congressional CC (Blue)Valley C. of MontecitoLaurel Valley GCScioto CCDallas National GCDallas National GCDallas National GCBaltusrol (Upper)
Emeis Park GCEmeis Park GCWarwick Hills G&CCColdstream CCColdstream CCChicago GCColdstream CCColdstream CCColdstream CCColdstream CCEdgewood Tahoe GCPine Tree GCBonita Bay C.Somerset Hills CCBarton Creek (Fazio Foothills)Somerset Hills CCHarbor Town Golf LinksDouble Eagle CEast Lake CCCog Hill #4Kittansett CSand Ridge GCPeachtree GCOlympia Fields CC (North)Dallas National
Fairway Farms GCEugene CCCog Hill #4Country Club of Birmingham (West)Country Club of Birmingham (West)Coldstream CCColonial CC (South)Colonial CC (South)Colonial CC (South)Congressional CC (Blue)Kittansett CLa Quinta Hotel GCDesert Forest GCKittansett CPoint O'Woods G&CCShoal Creek GCValhalla GCShoal Creek GCLaurel Valley GCBellerive CCBlackwolf Run (River)Riviera CCScioto CCEast Lake CCEstancia
Fargo CCFairway Farms GCKaanapali GC (Tournament North)Crooked Stick GCCC of DetroitColonial CC (South)The Country Club (Brookline)The Country Club (Brookline)The Country Club (Brookline)The Country Club (Brookline)The Homestead (Cascades)Congressional CC (Blue)Mauna Kea GCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Baltimore CC (East)Blackwolf Run (River)Olympia Fields CC (North)The Ocean CourseWhistling Straits GC (Straits)Bandon Dunes GCMaidstone CInterlachen CCEugene CCThe Estancia COlympia Fields CC (North)
Fenway GCFinkbine Field GCMoselem Springs GCDesert Forest GCCrooked Stick GCThe Country Club (Brookline)Country Club of Birmingham (West)Country Club of Birmingham (West)Country Club of Birmingham (West)Country Club of Birmingham (West)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Firestone CC (South)Maidstone CBellerive CCSalem CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Canterbury GCDesert Forest GCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Congressional CC (Blue)The Prince CourseLost Dunes GCFlint Hills National GCBandon Trails GCBlackwolf Run (River)
Finkbine Field GCFirestone CC (South)NRC CCFisher's Island GC Desert Forest GCCountry Club of Birmingham (West)Dunes G&BCCC of DetroitCC of DetroitCC of DetroitCrooked Stick GCThe Homestead (Cascades)Wannamoisett CCDesert Forest GCSomerset Hills CCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Hazeltine National GCCanterbury GCCog Hill #4Shoal Creek GCPeachtree GCEugene CCInterlachen CCDouble Eagle CCherry Hills
Fircrest CCFlossmoor CCPauma Valley CCGrandfather G&CCDisney's Palm GCCC of DetroitCC of DetroitCrooked Stick GCCrooked Stick GCDesert Forest GCCharlotte CCSahalee CC (South & North)Point O'Woods G&CCSalem CCTroon North GC (Monument)Point O'Woods G&CCAtlantic GCThe Estancia CSalem CCHarbor Town Golf LinksDallas National GCGrandfather G&CCWinged Foot GC (East)Kittansett CPlainfield
Firestone CC (South)Gates Park GCPlainfield CCHazeltine National GCFisher's Island GC Crooked Stick GCCrooked Stick GCDesert Forest GCDesert Forest GCDunes G&BCWannamoisett CCCharlotte CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Congressional CC (Blue)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Crooked Stick GCThe Prince CourseEast Lake CCHarbor Town Golf LinksCamargo COcean Forest GCMayacama GCCongressional CC (Blue)Scioto CCMonterey Peninsula (Shore)
Flossmoor CCGolden Valley CCRed Fox CCHershey GC (West)Grandfather G&CCDesert Forest GCDesert Forest GCDisney's Palm GCDisney's Palm GCEugene CCLa Quinta Hotel GCDesert Forest GCWild Dunes GL (Links)Sahalee CC (South & North)Desert Highlands GCDesert Forest GCBellerive CCButler National GCThe Ocean CourseTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Mayacama GCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)The Prince CourseCherry Hills CCEagle Point
Fox Chapel GCGrand Forks CCTimber Point GCInterlachen CCGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Disney's Palm GCDisney's Palm GCDunes G&BCDunes G&BCGarden City GCAronimink GCSomerset Hills CCMilwaukee CCWild Dunes GL (Links)Cog Hill #4Congressional CC (Blue)Oak Tree GCValhalla GCShoal Creek GCCastle Pines GCDouble Eagle CValhalla GCStone Canyon CThe Preserve GCOld Sandwich
Francis E. Warren GCGreen Valley CCTorrey Pines GC (South)International GC (Pines)Hazeltine National GCGrandfather G&CCGrandfather G&CCEugene CCEugene CCGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Salem CCKittansett CInnisbrook GC (Island)The Stanwich CMauna Kea GCOak Tree GCCongressional CC (Blue)Mauna Kea GCDesert Forest GCSalem CCValley C. of MontecitoBlackwolf Run (River)East Lake CCSycamore Hills GCQuaker Ridge
Garden City GCHardscrabble CCWigwam GR (Gold)Inverness CHershey GC (West)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Garden City GCGrenelefe G&RC (West)Pauma Valley CCColdstream CCAronimink GCNRC CCHarbor Town Golf LinksMauna Kea GCCamargo CThe Stanwich CBlackwolf Run (River)The Ocean CourseValhalla GCDouble Eagle CGalloway National GCForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Bandon Trails GC
Gates Park GCHartford GCBeverly CCKaanapali GC (Tournament North)Interlachen CCHazeltine National GCHazeltine National GCGrenelefe G&RC (West)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Hazeltine National GCDesert Forest GCThe Stanwich CAtlanta Athletic CPine Tree GCCamargo CHaig Point C (Signature)Double Eagle CHarbor Town Golf LinksCongressional CC (Blue)Whistling Straits GC (Straits)Long Cove CCalusa Pines GCPlainfield CCBlackwolf Run (River)Shoal Creek
Gleneagles GCHattiesburg CCCedar Rock CCKittansett CInternational GC (Pines)Hershey GC (West)Hershey GC (West)Hazeltine National GCGrenelefe G&RC (West)Hershey GC (West)Mayacoo Lakes GCSalem CCBaltimore CC (East)PGA West GC (TPC Stadium)Interlachen CCThe Prince CourseHaig Point C (Signature)Milwaukee CCCrooked Stick GCForest Highlands GC (Canyon)Hazeltine National GCMaidstone CMonterey Peninsula CC (Shore)Shoal Creek GCFlint Hills National
Golden Horseshoe (Gold)Hazeltine National GCHershey GC (West)La Costa CCInverness CInterlachen CCInterlachen CCHershey GC (West)Hazeltine National GCInterlachen CCAtlanta Athletic CCanterbury GCEugene CCMilwaukee CCCongressional CC (Blue)NRC CCMilwaukee CCThe Quarry at La QuintaBellerive CCThe Prince CourseColonial CCSanctuary GCLong Cove CThe Quarry at La QuintaRich Harvest Links
Grand Forks CCHillcrest CCInverness CLakeview Resort & CC (Lakeview)Kaanapali GC (Tournament North)Inverness CKittansett CInterlachen CCHershey GC (West)Kemper Lakes GCColdstream CCCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)The Homestead (Cascades)Old Marsh GCSahalee CC (South & North)Eugene CCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Hazeltine National GCCastle Pines GCEast Lake CCCrooked Stick GCGalloway National GCShoreacresMountaintop G & Lake CBoston GC
Green Valley CCHiwan GCLa Costa CCMaidstone CKittansett CKittansett CLa Costa CCKittansett CInterlachen CCKittansett CHazeltine National GCAnnandale GCAnnandale GCBaltimore CC (East)Kittansett CSycamore Hills GCThe Stanwich CWorld Woods GC (Pine Barrens)Camargo CJupiter Hills C (Hills)The Homestead (Cascades)Ocean Forest GCHarbor Town Golf LinksFlint Hills National GCWhispering Pines
The Greenbrier (Old White)Holston Hills CCLakeview Resort & CC (Lakeview)Moselem Springs GCLa Costa CCLa Costa CCMaidstone CLa Costa CCKemper Lakes GCLa Costa CCSomerset Hills CCHazeltine National GCRidgewood CC (East & West)Lake Nona GCCrooked Stick GCThe Stanwich CCrooked Stick GCHaig Point C (Signature)Mauna Kea GCPoint O'Woods G&CCThe Estancia CSahalee CC (South & North)Aronimink GCPlainfield CCWinged Foot GC (East)
Happy Hollow CThe Homestead (Lower Cascades)New Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)NRC CCLakeview Resort & CC (Lakeview)Maidstone CMauna Kea GCMaidstone CKittansett CLong Cove CDoral GR&S (Blue Monster)Mauna Kea GCOld Warson CCOld Warson CCAronimink GCAronimink GCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)Bellerive CCPasatiempo GCLong Cove CLaurel Valley GCMonterey Peninsula CC (Shore)Laurel Valley GCCongressional CC (Blue)Congressional (Blue)
Harding Park GCHot Springs G&CCPreston Trail GCNew Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)Maidstone CMauna Kea GCMayacoo Lakes GCMayacoo Lakes GCLa Costa CCMaidstone CBob O'Link CCLa Costa CCThe Stanwich CCog Hill #4Old Marsh GCCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Eugene CCSalem CCValhalla GCDunes G&BCSage Valley GCLong Cove CThe Preserve GCAronimink GCBallyneal
Hardscrabble CCHouston CCRoyal Oaks CCNorth Shore CCMoselem Springs GCMoselem Springs GCMoselem Springs GCMeadow Brook CMaidstone CMayacoo Lakes GCAtlanta CCCrooked Stick GCCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)La Quinta Hotel GCSherwood CCValley C. of MontecitoSalem CCAtlantic GCGrandfather G&CCBlackwolf Run (River)East Lake CCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Mayacama GCCalusa Pines GCThe Preserve
Hattiesburg CCIncline Village GR (Championship)Wilmington CCOld Warson CCNRC CCNRC CCNRC CCMoselem Springs GCMayacoo Lakes GCMeadow Brook CCC of DetroitWannamoisett CCCharlotte CCMauna Kea GCBay Hill C.Troon G&CCNRC CCCrosswaterPoint O'Woods G&CCDesert Forest GCSanctuary GCColonial CCBandon Trails GCMonterey Peninsula CC (Shore)Aronimink
Hazeltine National GCIndian Spring CC (Chief)Baltimore CC (East)Olympia Fields CC (North)New Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)New Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)New Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)NRC CCMeadow Brook CMoselem Springs GCWilmington CCWilmington CCLoxahatchee CEugene CCMilwaukee CCGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Pumpkin Ridge (Ghost Creek)Point O'Woods G&CCThe Estancia CPine Tree GCHawks Ridge GCThe Estancia CQuaker Ridge CCSage Valley GCCalusa Pines
Hillcrest CCInterlachen CCCentury CCPalm-Aire CCNorth Shore CCNorth Shore CCNorth Shore CCNew Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)Moselem Springs GCNRC CCMeadow Brook CAtlanta CCColdstream CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Eugene CCShadow Glen GCWilmington CCCamargo CSahalee CC (South & North)ShoreacresAronimink GCLaurel Valley GCThe Estancia CMayacama GCSahalee
Hiwan GCInternational GC (Pines)North Shore CCPauma Valley CCOld Warson CCOld Warson CCOak Tree GCNorth Shore CCNRC CCNew Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)Old Warson CCAtlanta Athletic CSalem CCAronimink GCPasatiempo GCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)Pasatiempo GCSycamore Hills GCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Eugene CCThe Preserve GCTullymore GCEagle Point GCHudson National GCDouble Eagle
Holmes Park GCInternational Town & CCQuail Creek CCPlainfield CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Olympia Fields CC (North)Old Warson CCOld Warson CCNew Seabury CC (The Ocean Cse)North Shore CCLa Costa CCCC of DetroitWilmington CCBay Hill C.Olympia Fields CC (North)Camargo CGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Royal New Kent GCJupiter Hills C (Hills)Mauna Kea GCTrump International GCEast Lake CCSahalee CC (South & North)Valhalla GCKittansett
Holston Hills CCInverness CStanford University GCPreston Trail GCPauma Valley CCPalmetto Dunes CC (Fazio)Olympia Fields CC (North)Olympia Fields CC (North)North Shore CCOld Warson CCBaltimore CC (East)Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)NRC CCBonita Bay C.Wynstone CCMilwaukee CCValley C. of MontecitoNRC CCNRC CCDouble Eagle CBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Plainfield CCKiawah Island C (Cassique)Eugene CCForest Highlands (Canyon)
The Homestead (Lower Cascades)Isle Dauphine GCTimberlane CCQuail Creek CCPlainfield CCPauma Valley CCPalmetto Dunes CC (Fazio)Palmetto Dunes CC (Fazio)Old Warson CCOlympia Fields CC (North)North Shore CCMeadow Brook CAtlanta CCCharlotte CCThe Stanwich CPine Tree GCCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Pumpkin Ridge (Witch Hollow)Forest Highlands GC (Canyon)Atlanta CCCanterbury GCCongressional CC (Blue)Maidstone CHazeltine National GCMayacama
Hot Springs G&CCKaanapali GC (Tournament North)Univ. of New Mexico (Championship)Red Fox CCPreston Trail GCPlainfield CCPauma Valley CCPauma Valley CCOlympia Fields CC (North)Pauma Valley CCBallanIsles CC (East)Grand Cypress GC (North & South)Edgewood Tahoe GCEdgewood Tahoe GCDesert Mountain C. (Cochise)Sahalee CC (South & North)Sycamore Hills GCEugene CCShoreacresValhalla GCGrandfather G&CCPeachtree GCSage Valley GCDiamond Creek GCLaurel Valley
Houston CCKansas City CCWinchester CCRoyal Oaks CCRed Fox CCPreston Trail GCPlainfield CCPlainfield CCPauma Valley CCPlainfield CCMauna Kea GCMayacoo Lakes GCCongressional CC (Blue)Canterbury GCKauai Lagoons G&CC (Kiele)Old Waverly GCAronimink GCValley C. of MontecitoEugene CCThe Quarry at La QuintaAtlantic GCShoreacresSomerset Hills CCKapalua GC (Plantation)The Quarry at La Quinta
Incline Village GR (Championship)Kebo Valley CYale Univ. GCSalem CCSalem CCPrinceville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Preston Trail GCPreston Trail GCPlainfield CCPrinceville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Firestone CC (South)The Vintage C (Mountain)Canterbury GCBay Hill C.Old Waverly GCWilmington CCSanctuary GCThe Stanwich CCongressional CC (Blue)Hazeltine National GCBlack Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Boston GCDiamond Creek
Indian Hills CCKnollwood GCAronimink GCSan Francisco GCSan Francisco GCSalem CCPrinceville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Princeville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Princeville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Sahalee CC (South & North)Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)TPC at Eagle TraceThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Saucon Valley CC (Grace)Troon North GC (Monument)Pine Tree GCCrooked Stick GCDouble Eagle COld Warson CCHudson National GCHudson National GCTullymore GCOld Stanwich GCHudson National
Indian Spring CC (Chief)Kutcher's CCCanoe Brook CC (North)Sea Island GCSea Island GCSan Francisco GCSahalee CC (South & North)Sahalee CC (South & North)Sahalee CC (South & North)Salem CCSawgrass CC (East & West)The Vintage C (Mountain)Grand Cypress GC (North & South)Crooked Stick GCNRC CCWild Dunes GL (Links)Troon North GC (Monument)Ocean Forest GCThe Quarry at La QuintaPasatiempo GCPete Dye GCSage Valley GCHazeltine National GCGalloway National GCCrooked Stick
International GC (Pines)Lakeview Resort & CC (Lakeview)CC of Miami (West)Stanford University GCStanford University GCSea Island GCSalem CCSalem CCSalem CCSawgrass CC (East & West)Princeville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Old Warson CCThe Vintage C (Mountain)Desert Mountain C. (Renegade)Grandfather G&CCWilmington CCRobert Trent Jones GCOak Tree GCThe Stanwich CGrandfather G&CCGalloway National GCSycamore Hills GCCalusa Pines GCShoreacresMountaintop
International Town & CCLakewood CCDesert Forest GCThe Stanwich CThe Stanwich CStanford University GCSan Francisco GCSawgrass CC (East & West)Sawgrass CC (East & West)Sea Island GCChampions GC (Cypress Creek)Cog Hill #4Somerset Hills CCCC of North Carolina (Dogwood)PGA West GC (TPC Stadium)Old Warson CCTroon G&CCGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Long Cove CNRC CCShoreacresHarbor Town Golf LinksSycamore Hills GCMaidstone CPete Dye Course at French Lick
Inverness CLaurel CCDub's Dread GCTorrey Pines GC (South)Torrey Pines GC (South)The Stanwich CSawgrass CC (East & West)Sea Island GCSea Island GCSpyglass Hill GCCog Hill #4Boyne Highlands GC (Heather)CC of DetroitBel-Air CCDesert Forest GCBarton Creek (Fazio Foothills)East Lake CCPasatiempo GCSycamore Hills GCGreenville CC (Chanticleer)Old Waverly GCCanterbury GCHudson National GCSomerset Hills CCHazeltine National
Inwood CCLaurel CCLa Quinta CCUniv. of New Mexico (Championship)Univ. of New Mexico (Championship)Univ. of New Mexico (Championship)Sea Island GCSpyglass Hill GCShoal Creek GCTPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Innisbrook GC (Island)Bob O'Link CCMeadow Brook CLinks at Spanish BayThe Homestead (Cascades)Sherwood CCSahalee CC (South & North)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)Greenville CC (Chanticleer)Black Diamond Ranch (Quarry)Plainfield CCThe Preserve GCValhalla GCBallyneal G&HCSomerset Hills
Isle Dauphine GCLaurel Valley GCMaidstone CWarwick Hills G&CCWigwam GR (Gold)Wannamoisett CCThe Stanwich CThe Stanwich CSpyglass Hill GCWannamoisett CCDunes G&BCEdgewood Tahoe GCInterlachen CCThe Concord R&GC (The Monster)Jupiter Hills C (Hills)Atlanta CCOld Warson CCSaucon Valley CC (Grace)CrosswaterOcean Forest GCThe GC at Briar's CreekValley C. of MontecitoSanctuary GCCrooked Stick GCHarbour Town
Kaanapali GC (Tournament North)Lochland CCOld Warson CCWigwam GR (Gold)Wilmington CCWigwam GR (Gold)Wannamoisett CCWannamoisett CCWannamoisett CCInnisbrook GC (Island)Hershey GC (West)Princeville Makai GC (Ocean & Lake)Hazeltine National GCFirestone CC (South)Skokie CCRidgewood CC (East & West)Bay Hill C.Pete Dye GCWorld Woods GC (Pine Barrens)The Estancia CHarbor Town Golf LinksThe Homestead (Cascades)Ocean Forest GCThe Prince CourseKapalua (Plantation)
Kansas City CCLos Angeles CC (North)Salem CCWilmington CCWinchester CCWilmington CCWigwam GR (Gold)Innisbrook GC (Island)Innisbrook GC (Island)Wigwam GR (Gold)Lancaster CC (Meadow Creek & Highlands)BallanIsles CC (East)Kittansett CRidgewood CC (East & West)CC of North Carolina (Dogwood)Desert Highlands GCMauna Kea GCSahalee CC (South & North)Aronimink GCSahalee CC (South & North)TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium)Kiawah Island C (Cassique)Grandfather G&CCWinged Foot GC (East)Grandfather G&CC
Kebo Valley CLost Tree CTamarisk CCWinchester CCYale Univ. GCWinchester CCWilmington CCWigwam GR (Gold)Wigwam GR (Gold)Wild Dunes GL (Links)Wigwam GR (Gold)Champions GC (Cypress Creek)Doral GR&S (Blue Monster)Kemper Lakes GCRidgewood CC (East & West)Pasatiempo GCLinks at Spanish BayEdgewood Tahoe GCWilmington CCRich Harvest LinksSahalee CC (South & North)Pete Dye GCBlackwolf Run (River)Forest Dunes GCValhalla