Role Response to Question 1
ParentRecognize successful schools and increase access to more OUSD students through: ADA accessibility upgrades for students with physical needs kitchen and food service upgrades to lunch program for students with economic needs expand seat capacity by replacing portables (and existing) with high-density permanent classroom building remodel existing facility to meet future growth additional restrooms, renovate admin. offices, existing staff rooms.
ParentKaiser Elementary: expansion replace portables with 2-story classroom library kitchens
ParentNot enough space for upper grades, only one 5th grade classroom. Not enough space for special needs students, tutoring often takes place in the hall, library often has 2 to 3 different uses going at the same time. Multi-purpose room cannot support all school events and is really not large enough to accomodate 3 grades at mealtimes. Kids eat at overflow tables outside, not possible during wet weather. ADA upgrades are completely absent. Safety/Evacuation upgrades are needed.
ParentNone at this time we are slighted for closure. The district did repave the circular driveway last summer, it was riddled with potholes. Adding portables to our school to take on more enrollment and absorb other schools that were closed by the district. Traffic would not be as dense as it will be at Grass Valley. Marshall is a hill school on a slope whereas Grass Valley is in a small house surrounded community on all sides with small streets that has not had to deal with an SDC bus population. There are also no sidewalks walking down to Grass Valley but there are sidewalks that lead to Thurgood Marshall. Maybe the district can put sidewalks in for my son to get to his new school!
UnknownThere is a need to increase the investment in gardens & landscaping and the aesthetic improvements at many school sites. More funds should be allocated to them than the $27M out of $1.5B (in the bond). Need more food growing in gardens and planters, and better landscaping and less emphasis on the asphalt and fencing that make the schools look like prison.