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ACLED (Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project)Acled API https://www.acleddata.com/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2017/10/API-User-Guide-10.pdf

Specific APIYes
Political violence and protests
Agency for Digital ItalyRNDT REST API
RNDT REST API allows to query the Italian national Catalog for Spatial Data (RNDT - Repertorio Nazionale dei Dati Territoriali), that makes available the metadata for spatial data sets and services held by Italian Public Administrations at every level. The descriptions of the API are available here: http://geodati.gov.it/geoportale/eng/about/rest-api and, in OpenAPI standard, here: https://developers.italia.it/it/api/repertorio-nazionale-dei-dati-territoriali---geodati.gov.it.html. A CSW service is also available at the URL http://geodati.gov.it/RNDT/csw?request=GetCapabilities&service=CSW&acceptFormats=application%2Fxml&LANGUAGE=ita (GetCapabilities document).
Specific APIYesVariousNationalIT
AustriaAustria-Datadata.gv.at offers a catalogue of open records and services of the public administration, which are based Open Data principles. Data can freely be used for personal or commercial purposes. The website also offers an API that can be used to directly connect to the website.
Specific APIYesVariousNationalAT
INSPIRE geo-Portal catalog service of the Federal Ministry of agriculture and forestry, environment and water management.
Specific APIYesGeospatialNationalAT
Dieren Theater is an independent web service delivering structured data scraped from the website of the Belgian Parliament (La Chambre De Kamer). Available data includes information relating to Deputies, Parties, Commissions, law projects, annual reports, and more.
Specific APINo
Politics, Parliament
Belgium, Brussels
Discovery of the Brussels-Capital Region metadata service.
http://www.geo.irisnet.be/GeoNetwork/SRV/fre/CSW?service=CSW & VERSION = 2.0.2 & REQUEST = GetCapabilities
Specific APIYesGeospatialCityBE
Belgium, FlandersFlanders-UtilityFlanders Underground Utility Location System. Central platform where all public administrations could share their information regarding the location of underground cables and pipes. See also: https://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/75503
Specific APINoUtilitiesRegionalBE
Belgium, FlandersFlanders-DataThe open data portal is an initiative of the Flemish government where citizens can freely get access to public data.
Specific APIYesVariousRegionalBE
Belgium, GhentBelgium-Ghent
The service provided by the city of Ghent in Belgium encourages open data sharing by companies and other organizations It seeks to make available operating information about a business such as location, hours of operation, product offerings, and prices. The service encourages interoperation and interaction by applications providing information useful to both residents and visitors.API methods implement protocols of the Data Tank methodology to present open data about government and public services, health and social support functions, demographic information, jobseeking and employment, places of business, tourist attractions and festivals, etc. Returned data provide name and activities associated along with the location, expressed as latitude and longitude.
Specific APIYesVariousCityBE
The Open data portal is a web-based public information systems that provides publication and management of information for reuse in an open, machine-readable format and together with their metadata. The platform is constructed in a manner that allows the complete extraction of the published information, or parts thereof.
Specific APIYesVariousNationalBG
Canada- Geogratis
The GeoGratis platform offers an application-programming interface (API) that provides developers with the ability to search, discover, assess and access data and information products such as maps, images, photos and documents.
Map Services Open Government API GeoLocation API Elevation API Maps for HTML NapGen (NAP XML Generator)
Specific APINoNatural resourcesNationalCA
Community, ECMWF, Intergovernmental organisationECMWFECMWF API: https://software.ecmwf.int/wiki/display/WEBAPI/Web-API+FAQ
Quite a well establish community
TIGGE and TIGGE-LAM systems. Poc (from GEOWOW project): David Richardson, Baudouin Raoult: https://software.ecmwf.int/wiki/display/TIGGE/Project

Specific APINoWeatherInternationalWorld
Community, GBIFGBIFGBIF—the Global Biodiversity Information Facility—is an international network and research infrastructure funded by the world’s governments and aimed at providing anyone, anywhere, open access to data about all types of life on Earth.
Specific APINoBiodiversityInternationalGlobal
Community, hackAIRhackAIRhackAIR combines community measurements with official data to provide reliable and real-time information on local air quality.
Specific APIYesAir qualityInternationalEU
Community, hslayersHslayers
In the case of the RDF data, as you know we have some sample applications that query datasets in virtuoso (currently holding more than 700 Million triples), and visualize this data, for example in hs_layer applications, e.g., http://ng.hslayers.org/examples/foodie-zones/ . The query is in SPARQL, and the application only specified that the result should be returned in JSON format. So, in this case Raitis, in the application, loops through the results and creates the features to be displayed. Hence, no particular JSON schema is used, the JSON returned is based on the query columns.
However, all the datasets have an underlying model (ontology), available at: https://github.com/FOODIE-cloud/ontology
Specific APINoGeoSpatialInternationalEU
Community, Programmable Web
It's the most complete list of Private and Public APIs
API registryNoVariousInternationalWorld
Community, Traffic controlDatex-IIDATEX II
API initiativeNoTraffic controlInternationalWorld
Community, YourDataStories
YourDataStories envisions to combine and fuse the two “suppliers” of open data (traditional producers and user-generated content) and to exploit the added value from this amalgamation in order to better satisfy the needs of the “demand side” – meaning citizens, journalists and others.
Specific APINoVariousInternationalEU
Czech RepublicCzech-ARES
"ARES" displays public data on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic provided from information systems (source registers) of public administration. All data is of informative character only (cannot be used as evidential documents for legal proceedings nor is it possible to claim for damage arising from use of that).
Specific APIYesBusinessNationalCZ
Czech RepublicCzech-CEDRThe "CEDR" - Central budget subsidies evidence (database) published as open data. The Financial Administration of the Czech Republic is not responsible for data accuracy, since the subsidy providers are obliged by law to provide them.
Specific APIYesSubsidiesNationalCZ
Czech RepublicCzech-Data
CKAN is the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, a non-profit registry of open data. CKAN prepares data and provides access to data in ways that make that data more discoverable and usable. The government of the Czech Republic makes some datasets available through CKAN, including data on schools; poultry market statistics; unemployment; wild birds protection; tourism statistics; and more. The CKAN API provides access to this data. The API is RESTful and returns responses in JSON and JSONP.
http://cz.ckan.net/Specific APIYesVariousNationalCZ
Czech Republic
https://mapybezbarier.cz/en The data on public sites accessibility provided by Maps without Barries app are open to be used. “Maps without barriers” will help with the planning of trips and holidays. A project of: https://www.kontobariery.cz/home.aspx
Specific APINoDisabilitiesNationalCZ
Czech RepublicCzech-O2The API provided by the O2 mobile phone operator as a pilot. Can be used by public adminsitrations and/or application developers working with information on people travelling and their demographics.
Specific APIYesVariousNationalCZ
Czech RepublicCzech-Taric
TARIC is an online customs tariff database maintained by the European Union. This database integrates and codes all measures relating to tariff, commercial, and agricultural legislation. TARIC_CZ is used in the internal information system of the Czech Customs Administration. It includes all of the TARIC data, as well as information on the Czech Republic's national integrated tariffs (NIT) and other national legislation. The TaricCZ API provided by the Czech Customs Administration is used to programmatically obtain information from the TARIC_CZ database. API users can issue SOAP-based calls, which will then return the desired information in XML format. The Czech Customs Administration website is provided primarily in Czech with some parts (not including the API documentation) provided in English.
Specific APINo
Commercial, Business
The Central Business Register (CVR) contains primary data on all businesses in Denmark, both public and private. The CVR API allows users to access this information programmatically using SOAP calls. The register contains business's names, addresses, industry information, telecommunications data, etc. The CVR includes both active and historic legal entities.Most portions of the website are provided in both Danish and English, but some are only given in Danish.
Specific APINoBusinessNationalDK
The Central Company Registry allows elastic search into historic and present data on companies' registered in Denmark. Data includes basic data on legal entities, as well as deatils like earnings reports.
Specific APIYesBusinessNationalDK
The Common Data Foundation ("Det Fælles Datagrundlag") is the hub of all employment related activities in Denmark.
Specific APINoEmploymentNationalDK
The Danish Customs and Tax Administration, "SKAT" is currently (2018) in the proces of developing a new portal for distributing tax related data, "Generel Udstillingsløsning". Once operationel, exhisting APIs will be discontinued.
Specific APINoTaxesNationalDK
The Data Distributor ("Datafordeleren") is the central infrastructure for distributing data in the Danish Basic Data Programme. Datafordeler will replace existing distribution systems and APIs, including e.g. data from the Civil Registration System. It is to be fully operational in 2019.
API registryNoVariousNationalDK
‘Danmarks Adressers’ Web API (DAWA) displays data and functionality regarding Denmark's addresses, access addresses, road names, and zip codes. DAWA is used to establish address functionality in IT systems. The target audience for this site is developers who want to integrate address functionality into their IT systems. DAWA is part of the AWS Suite .
Specific APINoAddressesNationalDK
List of Danish API
API registryNoVariousNationalDK
The Map Supply ("Kortforsyningen") is a national distribution platform for maps and other kinds of geospatial information.
API RegistryNoGeoSpatialNationalDK
The Municipalities joint data distribution platform, "Serviceplatformen", ensures municipalities efficient acces to relevant data from national, regional and municipal regsitries.
API registryNoVariousNationalDK
The National Service Platform ("Den Nationale Serviceplatform") is an infrastructur that enables using national registries and services when treating patients in the healtcare system.
API registryNoHealthNationalDK
The Danish Natural Environment Portal "Danmarks Miljøportal" distributes data concerning for instance natural resources, soil contamination and water quality to support the monitoring, managing and safeguarding of our natural and environmental resources in the best possible way.
API RegistryYesEnvironmentNationalDK
DenmarkDenmark-StatisticStatistics Denmarks "Statistikbanken" distributes statistical information via GUI and in beta also as API as "Statbank".
API registryYesStatisticsNationalDK
ESRI API for JavaScript
The ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x reimagines the API in terms of its support for both 2D and 3D, its ease of use, its ability to work with map and layer web resources stored as items in the ArcGIS geoinformation model, and its support for building engaging and elegant user experiences.
Specific APINoVarious, businessPrivate CompanyWorld
Company registration API. Comment from Andrea Perego: We guess here we should add examples of national registries. Also, we wonder whether business registries run by 3rd parties are in scope – e.g., https://www.gleif.org/ (for Legal Entity Identifiers - LEIs) and https://opencorporates.com/
Specific APINoBusinessNationalEE
EstoniaEstonia-HealthOf possible interest because it is cross-border
We will provide details later
Specific APINoHealthNationalEE
EstoniaEstonia-XRoadEstonian X-Road architecture
We will provide details later
Specific APINoVariousNationalEE
Estonian Ministry of Economics and Communications have published the source assets of the Public Service Portfolio Tool on Github for reuse. IT development companies can use the assets while developing the systems in purpose of Public Service Management. The tool consists of functionalities of describing Public Services. The description dataset is based on the CPSV-AP vocabulary. This work is supported by Action 29 of the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA2) Programme of the European Commission. The homogenisation of public service descriptions is thanks to their harmonisation using the Application Profile of the Core Public Service Vocabulary (CPSV-AP).
Specific APINoVariousCross-borderEE
EU, Citizen ScienceEU-CITSCIAPI for citizen science contribution to different topics. E.g. invasive alien species and Natura2000. To check how they make the distinction.
Specifc APINoEnvironmentInternationalEU
EU, Community, FiwareEU-FIWARE
FIWARE project

Specific case:GIS Data Provider - Geoserver/3D.
The GIS GE itself will be build of a server, which is able to process geolocated queries, an extension to it which is able to manage 3D data and a backend database where all geolocated data is saved. Because the GIS GE needs to serve both single user client apps (browsers) and multiuser enabled virtual spaces, an API will be defined to serve fluently both of the cases. In this API is a RESTful one, and allows both the browser app as well as realXtend virtual world platform to use it for downloading geolocated data. Overall, this GE is a simple way of hosting 3D geographical data for your application. (TO BE EXTENDED TO THE ENTIRE PROJECT)

API ecosystem
Specific API
EU, CopernicusEU-Copernicus
Copernicus DIAS services. Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) that facilitate access to Copernicus data and information from the Copernicus services. By providing data and information access alongside processing resources, tools and other relevant data, this initiative is expected to boost user uptake, stimulate innovation and the creation of new business models based on Earth Observation data and information.
We will provide details later. Still to verify the maturity level of the APIs. The News here: http://copernicus.eu/news/upcoming-copernicus-data-and-information-access-services-dias
Specific APINoVariousInternationalEU
EU, EDPEU-EDPEDP (European Data Portal) API. Currently can be accessed in two ways: CKAN APIs and SPARQL. EDP is a European portal that harvests metadata from public sector portals throughout Europe. EDP therefore focuses on data made available by European countries and the European institutions.
API access URLs can be found here:
CKAN: http://www.europeandataportal.eu/data/en/api/3
SPARQL: http://www.europeandataportal.eu/sparql
API Documentation is available for the following system:
CKAN: http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-2.5.2/api/
SPARQL: https://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-query/
Specific APIYesVariousInternationalEU
Engage is an open government data resource for researchers and citizens across Europe. The ENGAGE platform can be used to submit, acquire and search public sector datasets from all the countries of the European Union.Engage offers Search and Publish APIs which allow third parties to automatically retrieve datasets or automate dataset publication to the ENGAGE portal. Both are REST APIs and data is formatted in JSON.
Specific APIYesResearchInternationalEU
EU, European Environment AgencyEU-EEA
The EEA provides geographic information system (GIS) application programming interfaces (APIs) to obtain a wide range of environmental data for Europe, and helps users create their own map services. Map services available from Discomap are freely available for reuse. EEA content can be integrated in many different ways by developers or by end users who wish to combine EEA's information with their own or other public map services (mash-ups).
*Note: Leverages INSPIRE
Specific APINoEnvironmentInternationalEU
EU, EuropeanaEU-Europeana
Europeana APIs allow you to build applications that use the wealth of our collections drawn from the major museums and galleries across Europe. Their scope includes over 50 million cultural heritage items (from books and paintings to 3D objects and audiovisual material) that celebrate over 3,500 cultural institutions across Europe.
Specific APIsNoCultural heritageInternationalEU
EU, EurostatEU-Eurostat
Programmatic access to Eurostat data, with the possibility to download a subset of a given dataset. This operation allows customizing requests for data. You can filter on dimensions to retrieve specific data subsets. Our contacts are in GISCO (Hannes Reuter, Ekkehard Petri). They have APIs to access NUTS data as well as an API-based geocoding / reverse geocoding service.
Specific APIYesStatisticsInternationalEU
EU, FIWAREEU-FIWARE-BrokerOrion Broker will be one of the
Consider the Context Information Management Standard API (https://www.fiware.org/news/etsi-releases-preliminary-specification-of-context-information-management-standard-api-leveraged-on-the-fiware-ngsi-api/) in our APIs4DGov Study. The API might play a role in our CEF Building Block(s) for big data currently in development. Consider the API of the ORION Context Broker (https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiware-orion) itself
API ecosystemNoIoTInternationalWorld
ETF (European Testing Framework (http://docs.etf-validator.net/v2.0/index.html) validator
ETF is an open source testing framework for validating spatial data, metadata and web services in Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs).
The design of ETF is driven by three goals: be user-friendly, consistent with the standards and capable of testing all resources in an SDI.
User-friendly means that you do not have to be a developer to use it and that test reports include sufficient information for technical staff to understand the reasons for warnings and errors detected during the execution of tests. The user interface and the test reports support multiple languages, too.
The concepts in ETF are based on ISO 19105 and the OGC Specification Model which underpin the standards used in SDIs. Tests are organized in Executable Test Suites, which may be developed and executed using different tools to properly support all kinds of resources in an SDI. Currently supported are:
· SoapUI, a widely used tool for testing web services
· BaseX, an XML database, for testing sets of XML documents - including very large ones
· TEAM Engine, the tool used by the OGC CITE tests, to support the modern CITE tests developed using TestNG
Specific APINoGeospatialInternationalEU
EU, ItsyEU-ItsyIt's Your Parliament provides an overview of the votes cast in the European Parliament, including voting records of individuals and political groups. The It's Your Parliament EU Data API provides free developer access to XML structured voting records dating from 2004.
Specific APINo
Politics, citizens, participation, democracy
EU, JoinUpEU-JoinUp
Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission that offers a set of services to help e-Government professionals share their experiences with interoperability solutions. The goal is to help such professionals find, choose, re-use, develop, and implement open source software and semantic interoperability assets. Information stored on the platform can be accessed and managed programmatically using Joinup's SOAP-based APIs.
Specific APINoVariousInternationalEU
EU, LawEU-LawThis API opens up core EU legislative data for further use. The API extracts, organize and connects data from various official sources. Developers can use the API to help conduct research, create data visualizations or build applications upon it. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.http://api.epdb.euSpecific APINoLawInternationalEU
EU, LobbyEU-LobbyFacts
LobbyFacts provides access to information regarding the lobbyists and consultants who influence the European Union's (EU) policies and decisions. It also provides access to financial information on grants issued by the EU to various entities. The LobbyFacts Data API provides easy access to all of this information via REST calls, which may be issued in JSON, JSONP, or CSV format. All of the databases referenced by LobbyFacts are hosted by the European Commission website.
Specific APINoLobby, PoliticsInternationalEU
EU, OrganicityEU-Organicity
OrganiCity is a service for experimentation that explores how citizens, businesses and city authorities can work together to create digital solutions to urban challenges. This API allows you to read global roles assigned to a user, read roles specific to requesting client assigned to a user, add or remove global roles to or from a user and more. This component streamlines the handling of reading, editing and assigning roles for specific users. The functionalities of this API are only available to the service accounts of clients, and require appropriate roles. Organicity is a company that creates smart cities of the future as a platform for interaction between everyone including citizens, activists, researchers, businesses, government and more.
This API facilitates exploration and inspection of available assets using OrganiCity. It allows access to the urban data observatory while providing data scientists, city decision makers, organizations and citizens a way to explore mixed static and real-time urban and social data streams. This includes; searching, retrieving and filtering assets using multiple options such as; information about services, sites and providers, assets data and experiments. OrganiCity is a company that creates smart cities of the future as a platform for interaction between everyone including citizens, activists, researchers, businesses, government and more.
This API provides access to the data stored in Organicity. This includes; information about services, sites and providers, assets data and experiments. OrganiCity is a company that creates smart cities of the future as a platform for interaction between everyone including citizens, activists, researchers, businesses, government and more.
https://accounts.organicity.eu/permissions/; http://organicity.eu/what-is-organicity/
Specific APINo
City, Various, smart city, Citizens
EU, PublicDataEU-PublicData
PublicData.eu aims to gather disparate open data from throughout Europe, from many different government websites, at different levels of government. PublicData.eu may also include related data, in various formats, created by web developers and the public, to provide a more comprehensive and social set of information. PublicData.eu runs on the CKAN data management system and data is accessible via CKAN's RESTful API.
Specific APIYesVariousInternationalEU
EU,INSPIRE Geocatalogue
The INSPIRE geocatalogue lets access to the MS geodata that are shared for the Purpose of the INSPIRE directive.
Specific APIYesGeospatialInternationalEU
Facebook, GraphqlFacebook-Graphqlhttps://developers.facebook.com/docs/.
Have a look also to: https://github.com/APIs-guru/graphql-apis
Specific APINoBusinessPrivate companyWorld
opengov.fi provides open government data for Finland. The site works closely with suomi.fi, the Finnish government services portal, for formal data cataloging purposes. Available datasets include environmental and spatial services information; transportation; events; maps; and more. opengov.fi is powered by CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) and data is accessible through the RESTful CKAN API.
Specific APIYesVariousNationalFI
Suomi.fi is the online portal for citizens of Finland. It offers online services, forms, and more. Also available is information about a number of topics including housing and construction; health and nutrition; public safety and order; library and information services; work and pensions; and much more. The site is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. A RESTful API is available for retrieving contents from Suomi.fl. Responses are returned in XML or JSON.
Specific APINo
Various, documents, citizens, public services
Finland, Helsinki
The Helsinkikanava Open Data API provides open and free-to-use access to the Helsinki city council meeting video recordings and associated metadata. The data is primarily targeted towards developers who wish to embed or include the recordings in their own applications. All resources are accessible using RESTful calls in JSON or JSONP.
Specific APIYesVariousCityFI
Finland, Helsinki
Open Ahjo is a service for accessing decision-making materials for the City of Helsinki. The service focuses on materials related to political decision-makers such as committees, the city board, and the city council. This year, data from non-political civil servants involved in decision-making are also expected to be made available.All accessible data is provided in zipped XML files, though the REST calls used to retrieve the data are issued in JSON. The ZIP data files also contain other types of files, usually PDFs.
Specific APINo
Decision making, politics, citizens
Finland, Helsinki
The Helsinkikanava Open Data API provides open and free-to-use access to the Helsinki city council meeting video recordings and associated metadata. The data is primarily targeted towards developers who wish to embed or include the recordings in their own applications. All resources are accessible using RESTful calls in JSON or JSONP.
Specific APINo
Council, politics, participation, democracy
Finland, Helsinki, Issue
The City of Helsinki in Finland provides the Issue Reporting API to let people send service requests to the city government regarding things like broken street signs and potholes. These issues are typically handled by the Public Works Department. In the future, other issues for other departments will be included as well.The API's specific functions include providing information on possible service requests, submitting service requests, and checking the descriptions and statuses of previously submitted service requests.
https://dev.hel.fi/apis/open311/ ;
Specific APINoVariousCityFI
List of APIs available for the city. Helsinki is one of the most productive Smart Cities, it makes available a list of APIs available for the city
API registryNoVariousCityFI
The Helsinki City Service Map API provides service points (schools, daycare places, etc.) for the city of Helsinki, Finland. Service points include: education; health services; social and family services; culture and leisure; technical services and city environment; financial, planning, and administrative services; Rescue Department services; State services; and tourism & events. A RESTful API is available to access this data in JSON and XML formats.
The City of Helsinki Service Map provides an overview of groups capable of providing useful information and services to people in Helsinki, along with data on the connections between those groups. The Service Map REST API allows users to retrieve information on organizations, departments, units, services, and the overall network created by those entities.Documentation for the City of Helsinki Service Map API is available in Finnish and English.
Specific APINoGeospatialCityFI
FranceFrance-APIAPI registry collected at national level. OpenDataSoft support the French Government in building APIs (https://www.opendatasoft.com/)
API registryNoVariousNationalFR
Supported by Etalab, data.gouv.fr hosts the French government's open datasets. The state, local authorities, and private entities pursuing a public mission may upload their datasets as well. Therefore, data recorded in conjunction with a public service mission is the type that may be uploaded into the system for others to browse. The data spans a wide array of French societal information, including tax, demographic, budgets, grants, planning, crime, housing renovations, tourism, elections, agricultural data, and more. As a public service, groups are encouraged to share their datasets so that innovative applications may interpret the data. The data.gouv.fr API requires an API key for access, and all HTTP calls return JSON formatted responses.
Specific APIYesVariuosNationalFR
FranceFrance-DSNThe DSN is based on a monthly transmission of personal data of employees, automated payroll software, after payroll, via a single reception point responsible for allocating data to the recipients. The DSN public API provides access to social statements in France.http://dsn-info.frSpecific APINoSocial statementsNationalFR
How obtain Enterprises data through APIs
Specific APINoBusinessNationalFR
API Géo: Query geographic repositories more easily (France)
The Geo API is an easy-to-use toolkit to make your applications and databases smarter in terms of positioning and knowledge of territories.
Thanks to her you can:
Search for municipalities by name, postal code or geographic coordinates Know the groups to which a municipality belongs and their skills (soon) Know if a parcel belongs to certain zonings (appellations of origin, priority neighbourhoods...) (soon) The different features are coming gradually, stay informed by following this page or by contacting us.
Specific APINoGeoSpatialNationalFR
NosDonneses.fr (Our Data) opens government data to the public, encouraging citizens to find and reuse public data. Available datasets include: geographic data; health; export and imports; energy statistics; election results; tax rates; maps of amenities; and more. NosDonnees.fr runs on the CKAN platform and makes data available via the CKAN RESTful API.
Specific APIYesVariousNationalFR
France, Nantes
Nantes open data is the government data portal for the city of Nantes, France. Available data includes: schedules and routes of local transit; real-time parking lot availability; real-time traffic; hours of local cultural facilities; lists of public facilities (by theme); environmental data; names of children born in Nantes (by year); and more. A RESTful API is available to access much of this data. Responses are returned in XML and JSON. The site and documentation are in French.
Specific APIYesVariousCityFR
France, Paris
Description: https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01261012/document (Not sure it is currently working). There’s only the main web site in Paris: https://budgetparticipatif.paris.fr/bp/
The Participatory Budgeting Paris. https://pb.appcivist.org/#/
https://github.com/socialappslab/appcivist-pb-client (Client)
Specific APINoBudgetCityFR
France, Rennes
Rennes Metropole en acces libre (City of Rennes open access) is a web portal for datasets for the city of Rennes, capitol city of Brittany, France. Categories include budget data, housing, transport, and more. The website provides several data view options. Datasets are available via a RESTful API, returning responses in XML or JSON formats.
Specific APIYesVariousCityFR
GDELT (Google Global Database)GDELT API
The new API now allows you to create maps of any arbitrary keyword or phrase, rather than being limited to just the GKG topical themes of the previous GeoJSON API.
Now you can enter any English keyword and instantly receive back a map of every location mentioned within a sentence or two of your keyword across everything GDELT has monitored in all 65 live machine translated languages over the last 24 hours, updated every 15 minutes.
Now no matter what word or phrase you're interested in, you can map it and even combine multiple terms into basic boolean OR statements.
Specific APINoMedia MonitoringGlobalUS
The BundesTagger is an unofficial open government website exposing the plenary proceedings of the Bundestag, Germany's national parliament. The BundesTagger API provides developer access to Bundestag parliamentary groups, sessions, speeches and other resources. This RESTful API supports HTTP GET calls and returns XML or JSON formatted responses. JSONP is supported for callbacks.
Specific APINoPoliticsNationalDE
OffeneDaten is an open government data portal for Germany. Powered by CKAN, the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, Data groups include Data Catalog of Federal Ministry for Education and Research; GENESIS database of the Federal Statistical Office; Data Catalog Berlin; Data Catalog Bremen; MOGDy Munich. OffeneDaten datasets include: elections; waste disposal; employment; air quality; GDP; education; public budgets; and more. The CKAN API provides access to this data. The API is RESTful and returns responses in JSON and JSONP.
Specific APIYesVariousNationalDE
The Deutschland API lets users access information about elected officials. This information includes candidates, mandates, internet links, social profiles and more. Methods include politician, petitions, people, spatial data, committees and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, JSONP, CSV and Key Values.
http://v1.d-api.de/Specific APINo
Politics, administration, elections
GENESIS-Online is a database provided by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis). It provides web-based access to GENESIS, which contains statistical information on traffic, taxes, tourism, and other topics important to governing bodies. The GENESIS-Online API allows users to retrieve and download data from the database. Registered users can use these services to integrate database information into their applications and services. Although the website is available in both English and German, much of the statistical information is only available in German.
Specific APINoStatisticsNationalDE
GermanyGermany-KBAThe KBA API is an API that returns German vehicle data based on its KBA (“Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt”) code. The vehicle data returned includes the make, model, engine power and capacity, and a representative image. Data is provided in both XML and JSON format.
Specific APINo
Traffic, Car, Vehicle
Germany, Bayern
Open data Bayern offers public data that is freely available to all interested users and can be used without any restrictions. The website also offers an API that allows you to directly attract data from the platform. This data also makes public administrations more transparent.
Specific APIYesVariousCityDE
Germany, Berlin
Berlin.de is the online portal to the city of Berlin, Germany. The site offers information and news for government, arts and entertainment, tourism, economy, traffic, weather, and more. Berlin Open Data (daten.berlin.de) is the data portal for the records of the Berlin public administration. Available records include: labor market; education; geography and urban planning; sports and recreation; elections; economy; and more. A single, RESTful API is available to access data from both. Responses are formatted in XML, JSON, CSV, KML, and more.
Specific APIYesVariousCityDE
Germany, Leipzig
API.LEIPZIG is part of the Leipzig Agenda 21 to improve the lives of current and future citizens of Leipzig, Germany, through culture and civil involvement in government. API.LEIPZIG is an API which opens Leipzig city government data to the public. API.LEIPZIG is RESTful. The data sources are still in development (more being added regularly) and new data suggestions are encouraged.
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Germany, Munich
Munich Transparent. The website offers data from public administrations, which can be reused by citizens. The goal of the project is to increase transparency in Munich.
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Google, APIGoogle-APIhttps://developers.google.com/apis-explorer/#p/
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Government of NavarreAPI SITNA
"The API SITNA is a JavaScript API that enables us to include an interactive map viewer, representing geographically referenced information, in web pages and web application.

This SITNA product has been developed to be used in the web applications of the Government of Navarra. However it can be used by any user or organization in their web pages.

The API SITNA currently provides the following functionality:

- Navigation tools included in common map viewers, such as zoom, location map and basic measuring tools.
- Searches by municipality name, address, cadastral parcel or coordinates, among other options.
- Configuration default facilitates the creation of a basic map of Navarra with common tools and four background maps from IDENA , - specifically orthophoto, base map, topographic mapping and cadastre-.
- Possibility to add geo-information using WMS and WMTS services.
- Creation of specific markers with associated information.
- Geospatial information can be uploaded from a KML file.

The API is based on various third-party JavaScript libraries, but it is completely self-contained. All the related resources are dynamically loaded by simply inserting the API script in the page. This development approach has as a main goal to make API accessible for developers with a limited GIS knowledge."
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API for georeferenced data visualization in web applications - Several Themes
GreeceGreece-DataNational data portal
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The open government service from Greece provides access to information about decisions and actions by the Greek national government. It allows search against records of all decisions and decrees by public authorities in that country for compliance with its national Transparency law. Data may be used freely under a CC-BY (Creative Commons - Attribution) license.API methods support retrieval of decisions by department or organization, type, topical tag, date range, or the signing authority that approves the decision. Documentation includes XML-formatted lists of all organizations and operating units, decision types, topic tags, and signing authorities.
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Geoadata.gov.gr provides open geospatial data and services for Greece and it serves as a national open data catalogue, an INSPIRE-conformant Spatial Data Infrastructure, as well as a powerful foundation to enable value added services from open data. Citizens are invited to publish, discover, reuse, and visualize all published data. Several features for publishing geospatial data have been made available, OGC web services, INSPIRE services, Data API, and Mapping API.
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The Greek Republic Ministry of Finance GSIS (General Secretariat for Information Systems) provides APIs that allow users to retrieve information on persons or traders using their TIN (taxpayer identification number), ID (identity card), or name. Information can be retrieved for individual or non-individual traders on the Greek markets as well as for people registered with the Information Registry for Natural and Non-Natural Persons.
http://www.gsis.gr/Specific APINoFinanceNationalRL
The publicspending.net is an independent and self-funded research initiative, created and operated by scientists and professionals from Greece and Spain. The goal is to open up financial data provided by governments and to increase transparency. And to let citizens and business reuse this data for their own purposes. The Platform Your Data Stories is also interesting
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GreeceGreece-VouliwatchIt's a Digital Platform aiming Greek citizens participating to political process with crowdsourcing. Vouliwatch seems to be API enabled, but we do not understand how.
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As one from API candidate for INSPIRE hack we recognize HS Layers NG Map composition scheme supporting combination of data and services in different format (WMS, WFS, WCS, KML, GeoRSS, GML, GeoJSON, RDF and SOS.). i.e. detailed definition and metadata of each layer of the composition along with the composition itself, it can be saved as a JSON-styled text document. This JSON style document, is now used by Map Composer for creating of map composition. Map composer is providing the necessary functionality for displaying spatial data on a map and then creating a map composition (a thematic map) that can contain several data layers. Then, this document can be read and visualized by an HSLayers NG (http://ng.hslayers.org/ ) -based web application. This concept was used for by SDI4Apps, Open Transport Net and FOODIE project and now is supported in PoliVisu, EUXDAT and DataBio projects. See detail scheme https://github.com/hslayers/hslayers-ng/wiki/Composition-schema. The idea is to test this scheme by other platforms.
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CKAN is the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, a non-profit registry of open data. CKAN prepares data and provides access to data in ways that make that data more discoverable and usable. The government of Ireland makes some datasets available through CKAN, including data on transit; all TDs in the ...; renewable energy; schools; port traffic; marriages; and more. The CKAN API provides access to this data. The API is RESTful and returns responses in JSON and JSONP.
http://ie.ckan.net/Specific APIYesVariousNationalIE
Ireland, Dublin
Dublin City Community Maps is a service of Dublin (Ireland) City Council, providing maps of local amenities. Available mapped facilities fall under the following categories: arts and culture; community; community health; council facilities; education; government and legal; information services; places of worship; recycling; sports and recreation; transport; and youth services. A RESTful API is available to access this data in XML format.
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Ireland, Patient opinion (NGO)
Patient opinion is a platform where citizens can share their stories regarding their injuries and where they can suggest improvement for the health services. The website also offers an API where developers can easily connect to the data on the website
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CKAN is the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, a non-profit registry of open data. CKAN prepares data and provides access to data in ways that make that data more discoverable and usable. The government of Italy makes some datasets available through CKAN, including data on immigration; real-time parking in the city of Turin; National Energy Balance; tourist accommodations in various cities; Italian state schools; museums; and more. The CKAN API provides access to this data. The API is RESTful and returns responses in JSON and JSONP.
http://it.ckan.net/Specific APIYesVariousNationalIT
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