Top Female Health, Diet & Fitness Blogs (2020)
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Alexa Rank (Jan 2020)BlogDescriptionURLFocusFemale
247,00012 Minute Athlete12 Minute Athlete itself is not a blog but an app that helps users do HIIT workouts without having to hit the gym.
287,000A Healthy Slice of LifeA Healthy Slice of Life is a site about parenting, food and natural living. The author Brittany has also released a weaning book for her audience. LifestyleYes
ACE (American Council on Exercise)
Their blog focuses on various fitness topics such as exercises for the lower body, strength training, exercises for agility, and the benefits of these exercises. https://www.acefitness.orgFitnessNo
1,100,000Ancestral NutritionHead on to Ancestral Nutrition to get a hold of recipes, meal plans, and tips on how to lose weight and eat healthy at the same time.
237,000Andie MitchellThis blog has less to do with fitness, and more to do with in the kitchen, cooking your favorite foods, but in a sorta healthy way.
1,300,000Anthony MychalAnthony Mychal was the first person in the industry to really talk about skinny-fat syndrome- people who are at a “healthy” weight, but still have too much fat and very little muscle.
1,200,000Appetite for HealthAppetite for Health is run by a pair of nutritionists who aim to help people lose weight, eat better and live healthier lives.
237,000Authority NutritionHealthline Nutrition provides daily articles about nutrition, weight loss and health, all based on scientific evidence.
80,237AvocaduLauren McManus from Avocadu helps guide her audience on how to lose weight in a safe and healthy way through diet, healthy living, and yoga.
1,000,000Bach PerformanceSite owner Eric Bach is one of the few coaches out there who is equally good at coaching people for muscle gain, fat loss, and athletic performance.
199,174Bayesian BodybuildingCreated by statistician and bodybuilding coach Menno Henselmans, Bayesian Bodybuilding is arguably the best source on the internet for advanced training & nutrition advice based on hard scientific evidence.
63,928Ben Greenfield FitnessBen Greenfield started out as a specialized coach for triathletes, but now he publishes some of the most cutting edge information on fat loss, biohacking and reversing age-related problems.
643,000Bites of WellnessFitness chef, nutrition coach, and personal trainer Samantha Rowland created her blog, Bites of Wellness, to showcase her healthy recipes and workout routines.
620,000Black Girl's Guide to Weight LossBlack Girl's Guide to Weight Loss covers one woman's quest for health, happiness, and healing, whilst inspiring others.
845,779Black Girls Run!Black Girls Run! was founded to combat the obesity epidemic amongst the African American community, where diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be prevalent due to lifestyle and genetics.
68,895BlogilatesBlogilates creator Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor with more than 10 years of experience in motivating people to move.
619,000Body UnburdenedNutritional therapy practitioner, author, and the blogger behind Body Unburdened Nadia Neumann believes that you are your best self when you feel great.
390,000BodyrecompositionBody Recomposition covers article topics such as fat loss, muscle gain, training, and nutrition.
301,450Born FitnessBorn Fitness' goal is to make sure its readers have a place where questions about health, fitness, and nutrition are answered in a helpful way as possible.
55,000Breaking Muscle Breaking Muscle is a blog second to none because of its versatility. The blog publishes quality content about fitness and healthy living backed up by scientific facts.
16,000BulletproofWhilst Bulletproof are known for their coffee, the site covers health, fitness, and workout advice for it's audience.
1,500,000Carly RowenaFrom working out when pregnant to daily workout options for all, you’ll love the positive vibes and inspiration that this fitness blog brings.
355,958Carrots N' CakeCarrots 'N' Cake is where Tina, a 39 year-old wife and mom, shares her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy life.
51,186Chocolate Covered KatieHealthy dessert blog. Features innovative keto, sugar-free and vegan recipes that work within your healthier lifestyle.
69,000Chris KresserChris Kresser shares his expertise on a whole host of health and medical topics through articles on the site, he also offers private patient services.
289,560Chuze FitnessThis site offers support for first-time gym goers and experienced fitness buffs alike.
798,000Civilized CavemanThe Civilized Caveman blog is focused on gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly recipes as well as content on fitness and wellness.
720,000Clear + WellThe folks behind Clean + Well are wellness-centric, and that is why the blog is filled with content full of strategies on how to make your overall wellness more holistic Lifestyleno
349,220Comeback MommaJenn Mitchell introduces herself as a ‘mom, wife, social media junky, wanna-be fashionista’ among other things on her blog, Comeback Momma. Lifestyleyes
1,600,000Cranky FitnessIf you've ever felt cranky about your fitness journey, this blog shares your sentiments. Informational with a touch of well-placed humor, Cranky Fitness is a blog all about nutrition, weight-loss, and of course, overall fitness.
1,700,000Curvy YogaCurvy Yoga is a yoga practise site with the intention of helping people feeling good about themselves both inside and out.
468,063Daily Cup Of YogaA yoga blog with tips, tools, & wisdom on yoga, fitness, & technology
Daily GarnishDaily Garnish provides very honest and practical, health and lifestyle articles covering a variety of themes.
3,100,000Dan JohnDan John is a famous former Olympian know for both his lift and throwing, the site shares Dan's expertise on various aspects of training.
Danica's DailyDanica's Daily is a source of inspiration to be healthy each and every day, through helpful and practical recipes shared on the site.
Dear CrissyFamily recipes, parenting, lifestyle, beauty, and other related topics all while taking care of her family and career and living in faith.
Diane SanfilippoBalanced Bites is a resource creation to provide tools that allow people to have better nutrition, a healthier mindset and more control in their lives.
Diet DoctorDiet Doctor is designed to provide the reader with information on low carb and keto diets, so that they are informed to lose healthy weight.
Diet of LifeDiet of Life is a trusted online resource of information on nutrition, health, weight loss, raw food, and diet.
DIOXYMEThey have a decent blog to ‘show the ropes’ of different products, vitamins and supplements, not only that they provide, but universally (such as CBD, Macronutrients, How to build and sustain muscle.)
Healthy Lifestyle
639,644DIY ActiveThe mission of the site's creators is “home fitness for everyone.” It is true that almost all of us are crazy-busy every day of the week.
Dr. AxeDr. Axe releases content on a range of topics such as fitness, remedies, low carb diets, and health advice.
Eat Pray WorkoutOrganic and sustainable food is the best and having a fitness routine that works is just as important as eating well to take care of the body.
1,500,000Eat, Lift and Be HappyThis personal trainer and United States Air Force alum, Neghar Fonooni, writes the blog Eat, Lift and Be Happy.
Healthy Lifestyle
113,000Eating Bird FoodEating Bird food covers workouts but mainly the creation of new recipes, it is designed to help the audience live happier and healthier lives.
1,880,890Eleat Sports NutritionAngie, the dietitian behind Eleat Sports Nutrition, serves up recipes, tips, and articles on her blog that should be mandatory reading for athletes of any skill level or background.
Empowered SustenanceLauren Geertsen is the owner of Empowered Sustenance. She believes that food has healing powers, which help her conquer her autoimmune disease.
Escape from ObesityEscape from Obesity covers a tale of weight loss and the lessons learnt, helping the readers to understand various recipes and weight loss programme habits.
Everyday HealthEveryday Health covers health from A to Z—literally! This comprehensive site is a go-to resource for a wide range of symptoms and illnesses.
Everyday PowerJeff Moore has created such a powerful blog. He has guests writing their inspiration and motivations to help bring others up.
31,000ExamineThis site fills a very specific niche in the fitness industry: independent synthesis and analysis of the scientific research on popular dietary supplements.
fANNEtastic foodFannetastic Food helps inspire others to lead happier, healthier live by understanding that being healthy doesn't have to be complicated, or indeed dull.
Fat-Burning ManFat Burning Man is a blog and podcast designed to share methods of burning fat and building muscle, essentially highlighting their 'wild diet' programme.
Fit Athletic ClubBalancing the body and mind and getting the help of a supportive community will definitely guide you on your ongoing wellness journey.
207,144Fit Bottomed GirlsTwo friends, Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, have inspired people all over the world to lead a healthy life – but with a different approach than the regular “eat healthily and exercise.”
Fit Foodie FindsFor those who want to live healthy without sacrificing flavor or nutrition, Fit Foodie Finds is a good blog to check out.
Fitful FocusIncludes favorite recipes that are not only healthy but are delicious and nutritious too. Also a variety of helpful workouts that are guaranteed to help you get moving.
1,700,000Fitness In The CityFitness In The City is a blog by Lee Sutherland, personal trainer and certified health coach living in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
595,000Fitness on ToastFitness on Toast was founded by Faya Nilsson, a personal trainer who writes about nutrition, fitness, health, fashion, and travel.
1,300,000Fitting It All InWhile recovering from an eating disorder, Clare needed an outlet to escape from her isolation. The blog addresses mental and physical health issues.
Flo & GraceThe core of Flo & Grace is to inspire women to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
Food & Fitness AlwaysThe idea behind Food & Fitness Always is to find new and exciting ways to stay fit.
Food PoliticsFood Politics is a series of articles and publications focused on news, reviews and developments within the global world of food.
Furthermore by EquinoxCrisp, beautiful design and a host of helpful conversations on fitness and wellness are what you’ll find on this blog.
GarminAmazing advice from people who do outdoor sports.
200,000Get Holistic HealthGet Holistic Health is an amalgamation of information all related to health. From nutrition, mental health, diets, weight loss, fitness, environment, and science, you can read about trending news, reports, and roundups of related matters.
Healthy Lifestyle
377,000Girls Gone StrongRun by a collective of seven female strength coaches, Girls Gone Strong helps women of all shapes and sizes to get strong and healthy and feel good about their bodies.
GreatistGreatist focuses its articles on a wide variety of wellness topics, including food, fitness, beauty and workout videos.
Healthy Lifestyle
Gretchen, In-BetweenGretchen, In-Between is a very personal blog following Gretchen's journey through life, whilst discussing weight issues and introducing new recipes.
Gulf Coast WellnessFrom recipes, essential oils, nutrition, and fitness, Ashley continuously publishes content to help you make informed decisions about your health.
852,000Gym TalkGym Talk combines humor with great information into one super cool blog. It offers great posts about health, fitness, nutrition, workout tips, supplement reviews, and much more.
Happy Fit MamaA certified fitness expert and running coach offers her individualized training to anyone who needs it.
Harvard Health BlogHarvard Health Blog derives from Harvard medical school and helps the readers to stay healthy by providing advice on a full range of medical conditions and preventions.
Health & WellbeingReliable content on weight loss, workouts, fitness, health, fashion, and beauty,
Health, Home, and HappinessContent is aimed at encouraging other women, mothers, and the whole family to consider a holistic health approach in eating by using sustainable and traditional food.
HealthifyMeHealthifyMe is an app that tracks a user’s food intake, exercise, and weight.
HealthistaHealthista wants to help their readers love themselves, though articles on topics such as health, fitness, recipes, diets, and more.
HealthlineYou can rely on this website if you want to know more about a certain health condition, medication, healthy lifestyle tips, and more.
Healthy HelperKaila Proulx aims to nourish herself with good food, travel experiences, and exercise while encouraging others to do the same.
Healthy Home EconomistThe mission of Healthy Home Economist is to promote the significance and importance of traditional diet.
Healthy Living by HuffPostArticles cover tips and tricks for your own health and wellness in all areas, but they also give helpful advice on how to assist friends and family in achieving a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy Living in Body and MindA great stop to look for articles regarding DIY natural products, essential oils, home and gardening, health, beauty, and pet care.
Healthy. Happy. Life.Healthy. Happy. Life. is a site by cookery author Kathy Patalsky, she provides in-depth videos and recipes with are all completely vegan.
150,488Hungry Healthy HappyThis blog promotes positive body image. The creator encourages her readers to find activities that they'd love to do to promote wellness.
Integrative NutritionThe blog for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) offers useful little tidbits about health, food, and even travel.
Intoxicated on LifeTheir mission is to pursue holistic growth as a family by nurturing the physical body, mind, and the soul.
742,000Jason FerrugiaJason is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets- a no-nonsense trainer who helps hardcore trainees get extreme results.
Jeanette's Healthy LivingJeanette's Healthy Living is a collection of recipes designed to be healthy and full or flavour, but also providing goodness to those on special diets or in need of strength.
1,300,000Jessi KneelandJessi Kneeland wants her audience to learn to love every inch of their body. Her site’s content is empowering and features body-positive pieces about fitness, diet, sex, and physical health.
Jessica SepelJessica Sepel, a qualified Australian nutritionist, health blogger, and wellness coach, is the voice behind her self-titled blog, Jessica Sepel.
692,000JMAX FitnessThe home of Jason Maxwell, JMAX is a great source for articles that get straight to the point with simple, actionable advice.
Kath Eats Real FoodKath Eats Real Food is a lifestyle and healthy food blog which gives wholesome, balanced and nutritious recipe ideas to it's readers.
Kayla in the CityKayla Kleinman hopes to inspire other millennial women like her and tell them that it is possible to have a busy career while living healthily.
408,000KetogainsThis site is all about getting into shape on the ketogenic diet- an extreme low-carb diet that can be very effective for rapid fat loss with simultaneous gradual muscle gain.
Knocked-Up FitnessWith more than 10 years' experience training numerous clients, Erica is an expert in prenatal and postnatal training, and teaching women how to strengthen their core muscles for an easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.
Laura Landon FitnessLaura Landon decided one day that she wants to take back her life, and that means a healthy and fit body. She was in her forties when she made the switch, and in her blog, Laura Landon Fitness, she shares what her journey was like.
230,000LeanGainsMartin Berkhan of LeanGains is the single most influential voice in the intermittent fasting movement; Martin is particularly known for popularizing the 16/8 daily intermittent fasting protocol.
52,322Life By Daily BurnCommitted to helping you live a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle. Mix of articles on fitness, dieting, sleep, stress, and recipes.