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SpoilerTV Pilot Watch 2018
Network/ShowPicked Up?DescriptionCast Info
A Million Little Things (Put Pilot)hourlong dramedy follows a group of eight friends, four men and four women, in which the one whose life looked most put together commits suicide — is loosely based on personal experience. “It’s an optimistic look at how the loss of a friend is the impetus for the other seven to finally start living, to make a promise to him and to themselves to finally be honest about what’s really going on,” Nash said. “I know in my own life, my friend’s passing is a constant reminder to keep things in perspective.
Broken Record (Put Pilot Commitment)soapy drama which revolves around the former members of a girl band. Nine years ago, superstar girl group The Candies imploded. Now, on the anniversary of their breakup, a tragic event brings the girls back together for an unexpected encore. Broken Record tracks the journey of these four women of a certain age as they navigate changing tides in the music business and attempt to find their second acts—in life and in friendship.
Eight Hundred Grapes (Put Pilot Commitment)Eight Hundred Grapes centers on Georgia Ford, who learned some important secrets growing up on her family’s Sonoma vineyard. The secret number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine: eight hundred. The secret ingredient in her mother’s lasagna: chocolate. But just a month before her wedding, 30-year-old Georgia discovers her fiancé has been keeping a secret so explosive that it will change their lives forever. Georgia does what she’s always done: She returns to the family vineyard, expecting the comfort of her long-married parents and her brothers and everything familiar. But it turns out her fiancé is not the only one who’s been keeping secrets.
Eligible (Put Pilot Commitment)soapy drama series based on Curtis Sittenfeld’s book Eligible: A Modern Retelling Of Pride And Prejudice. Seen through the eyes of the five Bennet sisters and their complex journeys to finding love in its many traditional and non-traditional incarnations. When Liz Bennett is compelled to return home, she finds herself not only thrust back into the humorous lives and unearthed secrets of her large family but also — against her better judgment — falling for the handsome and mysterious Darcy, a man who could prove to be either her salvation or undoing.
Get Christie Love (Pilot Production Commitment)reboot, an action-packed, music-driven drama that centers on Christie Love, an African American female CIA agent who leads an elite ops unit. She transforms into whomever she needs to be to get the job done, especially when it’s down to the wire and the stakes are life and death. The high-adrenaline missions of the series are anchored by an emotional mystery about Christie’s first love — unearthing the truth about this relationship will be the biggest mission impossible of her life.
Harmony (Production Commitment)musical cop drama revolves around the residents of Harmony, New York, who have the most unique dialect in the world, they sing their feelings and dance their emotions. When a brutal murder rocks the thriving tourist destination, a repressed detective must return to the musical town he left as a teen — to solve the crime and confront the ghosts that have haunted him ever since he fled.
Heartland (Put Pilot Commitment)one-hour family drama, described as an unconventional family drama about a couple who adopt a new baby … and the baby’s teenage birth mother.
Household NameBeing Redevelopedthe multicamera comedy follows a family who has an opportunity to buy the house of their dreams but under extremely abnormal circumstances: they must live with the previous owner, an eccentric, larger than life actress (Burnett).Carol Burnett as Vivian Valmont
Matt Oberg as Tim
Timothy Omundson as Edward Von Glimpse
Mary Holland as Wendy
Kristy Kottis (Put Pilot)comedic hourlong drama, Kristy Kottis is inspired by the real-life Vespa riding, shit kicking, former New York City public school teacher-turned-FBI agent, Kristy Kottis. The is a darkly comedic drama seen through the eyes of a real woman – not a super hero, not first in her class, but fiftieth, who found her calling in a place she never imagined; as the first female supervisor in charge of the Guardian Squad, the division responsible for uniting the NYPD, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Amtrack and Port Authority Police in New York City.
Neighbors Of North Sycamore (Put Pilot Commitment)single-camera neighborhood comedy which follows a millennial couple who buy their first house only to discover they’re living on a block where privacy is a myth, and everyone’s drama plays out 24/7 on the street’s secret Facebook page.
Raised by WolvesSheila Gable is a tough Midwestern mom who doesn't sugarcoat anything - well, except her famous "Dr. Pepper Ham." Recently laid off after a factory closure, Sheila's been applying for entry-level jobs with no luck. She has five kids to support and the family's budget has dwindled from "small" to "pathetic." Luckily, the Gables have their trademark gallows humor - and shared love of pop culture - to carry them through these lean times. Sheila's 14 year-old daughter, Dusty is a legend in her own mind - an outgoing, boy-crazy diva who makes onlookers cringe. 13 year-old Dolly is the sardonic, bookish foil to her older sister. Next, we have sweet, dreamy 10 year-old Yoko who just wants to save the world's bees, 7 year-old Banksy, who wishes he wasn't the only boy in the house, and 5 year-old Beebee, the cheerful mascot of the family. Sheila's father, Paul "Grampy" Kosinski is a pathological narcissist who always seems to need something from his daughter. Right now, he needs a roof over his head. The timing couldn't be crappier, but he vows to pitch in and help Sheila as much as he can. Can Grampy redeem himself after decades of jackassery? (Probably not.)Cooper J. Friedman as Banksy
Craig T. Nelson as Grampy
Georgia King as Sheila
Izabella Alvarez as Dolly
Lulu Wilson as Yoko
Mia & Ella Allan as Beebe
Talia Jackson as Dusty
Romeos & Juliets (Put Pilot)light one-hour drama, Romeos & Juliets centers on a badass, tough-as-nails, Female CIA operative who is forced to partner with a handsome, self-absorbed agent from the CIA’s elite “Romeo and Juliet” division – agents who are trained to use sex and charm to keep America safe.
Spirited (Put Pilot)Currently titled “Spirited,” the one-hour drama would follow a fake psychic (Cox) who realizes she can really communicate with the dead. She decides to put her con-woman past behind her and actually start helping people.Laverne Cox
The French Detective (Put Pilot Commitment)Light and sexy procedural series titled “The French Detective” which is based on James Patterson’s Luc Moncrief mystery novels. The series is described as a light procedural drama that centers on Moncrief, a Parisian detective who moves to New York and joins the NYPD in order to leave his previous life behind and start fresh. The show would follow Moncrief as he and his blue collar female partner solve New York’s most complex and inscrutable crimes, while Luc simultaneously tries to keep his dark past from catching up to him.Jean Dujardin as Moncrief
The Greatest American Hero (Put Pilot Commitment)half-hour single-camera project reboot on the 1981 cult classic. The re-imagining of The Greatest American Hero centers around Meera, a 30-year-old Indian-American woman from Cleveland, whose talents include tequila drinking and karaoke and not much else. Then some aliens entrust her with a super suit to protect the planet, and the world has never been in more unreliable hands.
The Heiresses (Put Pilot Commitment)soapy drama based Sara Shepard's novel. The Heiresses is a family soap with a mystery twist, set in the diamond world. The Saybrooks are a household name. They’ve been blessed with great fortune, but cursed with epic loss. The events surrounding a deadly accident a year ago drove a wedge between the once inseparable diamond empire heiresses. But when an unspeakable tragedy brings the cousins back together, they create a truly unbreakable bond. They set to solve the mystery of who wants the Saybrook family dead before one of them is the next target.Shay Mitchell
The Jetsons (Put Pilot)multi-camera sitcom is set 100 years in the future and looks at America’s favorite future family through a modern filter.
The Real Fairy Godmother (Put Pilot Commitment)single-camera comedy, The Real Fairy Godmother centers on a self-absorbed “real housewife” (Chenoweth) who learns that she’s descended from a secret order of Fairy Godmothers and has an inescapable destiny to use her magical abilities to help those in need. As she begrudgingly executes her assigned weekly FGM missions, she slowly begins to realize just how superficial and morally bankrupt her actual life is and — to the confusion of her dysfunctional family and friends — tries to get them all to be better people.Kristin Chenoweth
Trouble Finds Me (Put Pilot)P.I. drama which follows a tough but lonely New York stuntwoman who helps an inexperienced single mom take over her late father’s private detective business, forming an odd-couple partnership and friendship as they work their various P.I. cases.
Untitled Dan Levy, Doug Robinson & Marc Firek Comedy (Put Pilot Commitment)multi-camera, untitled multi-generational family comedy based on Dan Levy's life. The comedy centers on a young couple that is trying to hold on to their easier past while navigating their chaotic new life with a house that is never empty, always loud and always full of tiny toys to trip over.
Untitled Liz Friedlander Project (Put Pilot)The currently untitled series is described as a character-driven procedural that follows the first female partnership in an elite division of the LAPD, where the two detectives use their particular set of skills to tackle the most high-profile cases as well as a system that doesn’t necessarily want them there.
Untitled Liz Meriwether & J.J. Philbin Project (Put Pilot Commitment) single-camera comedy, the untitled project revolves around a group of single parents who lean on each other as they raise their kids and look for another chance at love (or at least sex).
Untitled Mike Schur & Shea Serrano Project (Put Pilot Commitment) the untitled single-camera comedy is based on Serrano's life growing up in a family with five uncles who all have different perspectives on manhood.
Unitled Single Dad ComedyBeing RedevelopedAn intellectual but emotionally challenged single dad moves to Queens with his two young daughters and forms an unlikely family with the other residents in their apartment building.
Untitled Tim Doyle Comedy (Put Pilot Commitment)single camera family comedy, the untitled series would follow an Irish-Catholic family with a working class dad, traditional mom. and eight sons as they struggle to cope in the turbulent 1970’s. Ten people, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one shower and zero care about “building a child’s self-esteem.”
Whiskey Cavalier (Put Pilot Commitment)Whiskey Cavalier follows the adventures of FBI agent Will Chase (codename: Whiskey Cavalier) — played by Foley — who, following an emotional break-up, is assigned to work with CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge (codename: Fiery Tribune). Together, they lead an inter-agency team of spies who periodically save the world (and each other) while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance and office politics.Scott Foley as Will Chase aka Whiskey Cavalier
Budding ProspectBudding Prospect is set in 1983 San Francisco. Three hapless city boys move to the country to grow marijuana. Their expectations of the experience being a back-to-the-land, nurturing adventure in a beautiful rustic setting run up against the harsh truth upon their arrival at “The Summer Camp” – a miserably run-down shanty out in the middle of nowhere, where they are bedeviled by rats, snakes, mosquitoes, and harsh, unfriendly growing conditions, noisy neighbors, dangerous locals, and menacing law enforcement.Will Sasso as Gesh
Joel David Moore as Phil
Adam Rose as Felix
CasanovaCasanova, shot on-location in three European countries, tells the sprawling, epic, true story of one of history's most misunderstood men, Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century's most controversial playboy. Amelia Clarkson as Manon Balletti
Ben Daniels as Francois-Joachim de Bernis
Bojana Novakovic as Madame de Pompadour
Diego Luna as Giacomo Casanova
Miranda Richardson as Marquise d'Urfé
EdgeOptions ExtendedEdge showcases the sly, raw power of the western genre. Set in 1868, Max Martini (Pacific Rim, Captain Phillips) stars as Josiah 'Edge' Hedges--a Union officer turned cowboy, who prowls the post-Civil War American West doling out his own peculiar (and savage) brand of justice. When we meet Edge in the pilot, his mission is personal and his vengeance hath no fury. Alicja Bachleda as Pilar
Max Martini as Josiah "Edge" Hedges
Ryan Kwanten as Merritt Harknett
Yvonne Strahovski as Beth
A History of Radness A History of Radness captures the authentic experience of aspiring musicians forming their band. The story follows siblings Jack and Tessie from their less-than-cool middle school beginnings at Pleasant Meadows Middle School to the start of their music careers as they put together a band of like-minded musicians, considered outsiders by fellow classmates.Bethany Cosentino as Narrator (Voice)
Dan Reynolds as Narrator (Voice)
Henry Rollins as Coach Carlucci
Love You MoreIt follows New York City cabaret sensation Karen Best. Karen is a big girl with a big personality and a big love of Chardonnay, which occasionally, causes her to make some big mistakes with men. But the biggest thing about Karen is her big heart, which she uses to excel at her job as a counselor at a group home for young adults with Down syndrome. And sometimes, Karen’s need to stand up for all the little people in life manifests into a fantasy rock music number, where we discover she also has a big and beautiful voice.
Making Friendsmulti-camera pilot which centers on Mark, a brilliant guy with an artificial intelligence degree who creates robots and spends his days hanging out with them as his main group of friends.Adhir Kalyan as Mark
Oasisadaptation of Michel Faber’s praised 2014 book The Book Of Strange New Things, the story revolves around Peter Leigh, an English pastor who embarks on the journey of a lifetime into deep space that takes him light years away from his beloved wife, Bea. Described as “Heart Of Darkness in space,” Strange New Things is an epic with a heart-wrenching love story of a husband and wife with the universe between them at the center. Richard Madden as Peter
Haley Joel Osment as Sy
Anil Kapoor
Sea Oakbased on his short story, the genre-bending Sea Oak focuses on Aunt Bernie (Close) a meek working-class woman, who dies tragically in a home invasion in her Rust Belt subsidized housing complex called Sea Oak. Compelled by sheer force of dissatisfaction, she comes back from the dead full of rage, determined to get the life she never had.Glenn Close as Aunt Bernie
Rae Gray
Jack Quaid
Jane Levy
The AlamoThe Alamo is a 50's style motel located in Los Angeles that's home to a bunch of quirky characters who manage to form relationships despite their
The Legend of Master Legendhalf-hour pilot, based on Joshuah Bearman’s Rolling Stone article about real-life superheros. It centers on Master Legend and his sidekick, the Ace.Anjelika Washington as Cody
David Castaneda as Mandy Mandujano
Shea Whigham as Peanut Head
Dawnn Lewis as Tana
John Hawkes as Master Legend
Uploadsingle camera half-hour comedy set in the future.
GoliathNOdrama based on the book "The Autobiography of an Execution" by David R. Dow
Strange AngelBased on the life of Jim Parsons, a brilliant rocket scientist and co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While a pioneer in research that had only recently been dreamed up in science fiction, his bright future gave way to ruin as Parsons headed down another, darker path into the occult community of mid-century Los Angeles.
BBC America
Chiefs (Pilot Production Commitment)drama, Chiefs explores the professional and personal lives of three driven, successful, but very different women who are each Chiefs of Police of their own precincts in L.A. County. They band together to create a task force to catch a dangerous serial killer.
God Friended Me (Put Pilot)light hourlong procedural, described as a humorous, uplifting series, which explores questions of faith, existence, and science. It centers on an outspoken atheist whose life is turned upside down when he is “friended” by God on Facebook. Unwittingly, he becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him.
History Of Them (Put Pilot)multi-camera/hybrid comedy, the semi-autobiographical History Of Them is a multi-cultural (Latinx & White) romantic comedy about how two friends fell in love, narrated by their future daughter, using the couple’s social media from present-day (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) as a guide.
I Mom So Hard (Pilot Production Commitment)multi-camera comedy based on the web series of the same name. It revolves around two moms who show how their friendship gets them through being wives and mothers.
Ladder 54 (Put Pilot Commitment)multi-camera workplace comedy, Ladder 54 is set at a big city firehouse. Stuck at the firehouse for long shifts, a crew of firefighters eat, sleep, live, laugh and fight with each other, their relationships made more intense by the fact that at any moment, they’ll be risking their lives for one another. They’re led by a flawed but devoted captain (Cedric) whose biggest fires are in his personal life.Cedric the Entertainer
Magnum P.I. (Pilot Production Commitment)reboot of the Hawaii-set Tom Selleck cop drama. The new Magnum is described as an update of the original. It follows Thomas Magnum (Selleck's former role), a decorated ex-Navy SEAL (also like the original) who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator. With help from fellow vets Theodore "TC" Calvin and Orville "Rick" Wright, as well as that of disavowed former MI:6 agent Juliet Higgins, Magnum takes on the cases no one else will, helping those who have no one else to turn to. Action, adventure and comedy aside, Magnum P.I. will also explore a brotherhood forged by the trauma of combat, what it means to return home an ex-soldier, and a commitment to continuing to serve while in the private sector.
Murder (Put Pilot)remake of the BBC miniseries “Murder”, The potential series will be shot like a true crime documentary, taking audience inside the emotional journey of an investigation, allowing them to discern the truth and judge the suspects’ guilt or innocence for themselves. The first installment of the BBC version released in 2012, with three follow-ups released in 2016. Each episode serves as a standalone story and describes the events leading to and immediately after a murder has taken place.
The Big House (Put Pilot)multi-camera comedy, inspired by real-life experiences, The Big House centers on a newly engaged woman and her son who are settling into life with her fiancé when her ex-con ex-husband gets out of jail on good behavior and moves in with them.
Untitled Martin Gero, Greg Berlanti & Sarah Schechter Project (Put Pilot)legal family drama which revolves around five multi-racial adopted siblings who fight for justice in the courtroom amid wildly different legal careers as they delve into the mystery of a family tragedy that exposes the sins of their father.
Untitled Paul Attanasio Latino Family Cop Drama PushedLatino cop family drama, the untitled drama revolves around the multi-generational members of a Mexican-American family with deep roots in San Diego intertwine personally and professionally due to their powerful careers in law enforcement.David Castaneda as Bembe Medina
Roberto Aguire as Gustavo “Tavo” Medina
WarriorYESSet against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the aftermath of the Civil War, Warrior tells the story of a young martial arts prodigy, newly arrived from China, who finds himself caught up in the bloody Chinatown Tong wars.
Bastards (Put Pilot Commitment)single-camera comedy which revolves around a philandering game show host who dies and leaves his mansion to his three children — each of whom thought they were an only child. They ultimately decide to live together and form a new unconventional family.
Bless This Mess (Pilot Production Commitment)single-camera comedy, Bless This Mess centers on a newlywed couple — half of it played by Bell — that gives up their drab and unfulfilling lives in NYC and moves to Nebraska to live a simpler life. It doesn’t work out like they planned.Lake Bell
Classified (Put Pilot Commitment)CIA drama, Classified is set in the high stakes world of the CIA. It is a character driven drama focusing on the dedicated attorneys who represent the Agency. At the heart of this show is a fearless woman trying to navigate her way to the top while putting out fires professionally and personally.
Cool Kidsmulti-camera comedy, Cool Kids revolves around three guy friends in a retirement community who are the top dogs until they’re blown out of the water by the newest member of the community, a female rebel whose ready to challenge their place – it’s high school with 70 somethings.Vicki Lawrence as Margaret
David Alan Grier as Hank
Leslie Jordan as Sid
Martin Mull as Charlie
Daddy Issues (Put Pilot Commitment)single-camera comedy, the project revolves around the relationship between a womanizing father and his adult daughters: Andi, who is perpetually single and has become her dad’s wingman, and Jane, the perfect one who is married and takes joy in Andi’s failures. Their lives are turned upside down when their dad starts dating Andi’s 30-year-old best friend from college.
Filthy Rich (Put Pilot Commitment)soapy family drama, Filthy Rich is based on the New Zealand series of the same name. It revolves around the family of a mega-wealthy Southern businessman who is stunned to learn there are three previously-unknown heirs to his fortune. When the family tries to pay them off to go away, the newly legitimate heirs have very different ideas.
Kung Fu (Put Pilot Commitment)drama with a female lead based on the 1970s David Carradine-starring TV series. The new Kung Fu follows the adventures of Lucy Chang, a Buddhist monk and kung fu master who travels through 1950s America armed only with her spiritual training and her martial arts skills as she searches for the man who stole her child years before. When she teams with JT Cullen, a charming Korean war vet with his own secrets, the two form an unlikely alliance that allows Lucy to continue her search while also coming to the aid of people in need.
Mrs. Otis Regrets (Put Pilot Commitment)drama which centers on FBI Special Agent Clementine Otis -- wife, mother, patriot -- who is in the midst of investigating a domestic terrorism threat when an affair with a prominent government official shatters her life and career at the FBI. While her former lover endures little blowback from the revelation, Clementine is publicly shamed, loses her job, her reputation, her credibility, potentially her family and even her access to the one person that could help her thwart a huge violent incident.
Operation Nexus (Put Pilot Commitment)thriller drama, Operation Nexus centers on the courageous but nowhere near perfect members of NYPD’s Counter Terrorist Unit, the largest municipal anti-terrorist division in the world.
One Hit Wendy (Put Pilot Commitment)single-camera musical comedy which follows a one-hit wonder, Wendy, who peaked at 18 who now tries to guide her talented niece, Jordan, through the music industry and keep her from making the same mistakes she did.Julianne Hough as Wendy
Strange Conditions (Put Pilot Commitment)medical drama set five minutes in the future. This show needs to start with a warning: The conditions you will see are rare and potentially disturbing— and the treatments portrayed are not proven to work. At least not yet. Set five minutes in the future, the show takes place at the New York Institute of Experimental Medicine— on the bleeding edge of biotechnology and a little beyond. These whiz kids take on only the most singular cases— medical mysteries that will make your jaw drop! Each an expert their own field (medicine, bio-ethics, law, and psychology) with healthy egos—our team clashes in their battle to cure the incurable and expand the boundaries of nature. But just because they can do something, does that mean they should?
The BeastNOmedical drama pilot. The Beast is a life-and-death procedural. Literally. Each week will follow three challenging medical cases. In the end, two of the patients will live, one will die. The series will center on their doctor — with a clinical fear of death — who never stops fighting the odds.
The Long Walk (Put Pilot Commitment)The Long Walk is based on the upcoming novel The Bomb Maker by Thomas Perry. When a killer with a deadly vendetta sets a trap and blows up half of the LA Bomb Squad, private security expert and retired bomb tech Dick Stahl (Chestnut) reluctantly returns to the team he left behind. Intent to not let the squad’s remaining rookies go it alone, Stahl must confront his past head-on as he trains, recruits and rebuilds the best bomb squad in the country – all while working to catch the killer, and responding to the diverse calls of an elite Bomb Squad. This extended family is a group of real heroes, risking their lives to protect the city, their loved ones… and each other.Morris Chestnut as Dick Stahl
True Lies (Put Pilot Commitment)reboot of James Cameron’s hit 1994 action comedy movie. It's said to be a modern version of the story about how a suburban couple adjusts when one of them is revealed to be a spy.
Revivalsingle-camera comedy, the half-hour centers around Elliot, formerly the little kid from a beloved '80s family sitcom and now living a normal life, who reluctantly gets sucked back into the show's revival with his old TV family.
Suspended (Put Pilot)multi-camera comedy, Suspended centers on an honors government teacher accustomed to teaching the best and brightest who winds up being put in charge of a bunch of students in in-school suspension.
The PassagePushed Until After Pilot Seasona drama series based on Justin Cronin’s fantasy book trilogy. The Passage begins as a character-driven government conspiracy thriller and morphs into a post-apocalyptic saga with vampires. The series spans over a century and focuses on a young girl named Amy who must save the human race.Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Brad Wolgast
Saniyya Sidney as Amy
Genesis Rodriguez as Alicia
Brianne Howey as Shauna
BJ Britt as Peter
Jennifer Ferrin as Sarah
Vincent Piazza as Clark Richards
Untitled Amy Poehler, Mike and Julie Scully Project (Pilot Presentation)half-hour animated comedy, the untitled project is centered on the family and friends of 15-year-old Duncan Harris, an average kid with dreams of being a UFC fighter, tech billionaire, video game champ, or any job where you make a ton of money and don’t have to wear a tie.
Untitled Billy Finnegan & Nahnatchka Khan Project (Put Pilot)single-camera ensemble romantic comedy, it follows “Girl meets boy, boy very much doesn’t notice. Girl meets bus, boy notices… sort of.”
Untitled Danny Zuker, Trevor Engelson, Jake Kasdan and Dan Farah Project (Put Pilot Commitment)single-camera comedy. Divorce is hard. Sharing custody is harder when an ex-wife marries a British prince. Sharing custody with the British Royal family in the unforgiving spotlight of London’s tabloid media is next level.
Untitled Jerrod Carmichael Project (Put Pilot)untitled multi-camera series deals with Bargatze’s struggle moving back home to Tennessee and being caught between his wife and opinionated parents.
Untitled Lee Daniels & Vali Chandrasekaran Project (Put Pilot Commitment)untitled culture clash single-camera family comedy, based on the Israeli format Nevsu: A Young Multicultural Couple. It centers around three typical Minnesotan families — a household of African refugees, a household of outdoorsy Midwesterners, and a young interracial couple — testing the idea that we are all more alike than we are different.
Untitled Lil Rel Howrey, Josh Rabinowitz & Kevin Barnett Project (Put Pilot Commitment)multi-camera comedy, the untitled project centers on Lil Rel, a prideful, self-made success who lives by the code to “always believe in yourself and great things will come." However, he finds that attitude put to the test when he learns his wife is having an affair with his own barber. He tries to rebuild his life post-divorce as a long-distance single father on the West Side of Chicago on a quest for love, respect, and a new barber.Lil Rel Howrey
Untitled Meredith Lavender & Marcie Ulin Project (Put Pilot Commitment)family soap, the untitled project centers on a couple. After twenty years of marriage, they try to reignite their passion and strengthen their family by starting over in paradise on earth: Hawaii. They move their two teenage kids to the island of tourist fantasies, but the reality of paradise is not all sun, surf, and sex on the beach — dark family secrets, a complicated social structure they don’t understand, old mistakes, and messy new relationships threaten to tear the Campbell family apart, even as they struggle to find their way back to each other.
Untitled Rob McElhenney & Rob Rosell Project (Pilot Production Commitment)multi-camera, blue-collar family comedy. Described as an unconventional family in working-class America.
Victory (Put Pilot Commitment)one-hour drama set in the world of competitive gospel choirs. It tells the story of a prodigal son and a group of forgotten young people who must rise above their personal hardships to save a church and heal a broken community through the power of song.
Brown GirlsAppears Deadmulti-camera comedy, Brown Girls centers on the relationship between Rimmi, an Indian-American aspiring beauty vlogger, and Devi, a young woman who has recently emigrated from India. Brought together by family, Rimmi and Devi instantly clash over their different views on modern life and love while slowly realizing they both have something to learn from one another.Punam Patel as Devi
Hina Abdullah as Rimmi
MisfitsMisfits centers on a group of young offenders in a community service program who develop supernatural powers after being hit by a mysterious electrical storm.Ashleigh Lathrop as Alicia
Tre Hall as Curtis
Allie MacDonald as Kelly
Jake Cannavale as Nathan
Dave Foley as Bernie
Charlie Saxton as Simon
Now & Thensingle-camera comedy about a group of old college friends, who, having lost touch over the years, are brought back together unexpectedly for one wild night only to be given a new lease on life and friendship. Reuniting as friends gives them the opportunity to discover who they always promised each other they would be. Myko Olivier as Nick
Mia Serafino as Emily
Punam Patel as Sarah
Brandon Mychal Smith as EZ
James Earl as Moose
Ana Cruz Kayne as Jane
Pretty Little Liars: The PerfectionistsPretty Little Liars spinoff. "Everything about the town of Beacon Heights seems perfect, from their top-tier college to their overachieving residents. But nothing in Beacon Heights is as it appears to be. The stress of needing to be perfect leads to the town’s first murder. Behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie and a needed alibi."Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentis
Janel Parrish as Mona Vanderwaal