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SpoilerTV Pilot Watch 2020
Network/ShowPicked Up?DescriptionCast Info
Heart of LifeBeing Redevelopeddrama inspired by John Mayer's song of the same name. Heart of Life follows two sets of adult siblings from wildly different worlds who discover they're related and must reassess everything they thought they knew about their shared father. As they explore the mystery of their separate childhoods, they'll experience the difficulty in overcoming the sins of the past and learn the joys of reuniting with long-lost family.Harry Shum Jr. as Brendan Winter
Katie Findlay as Syndey Winter
Dave Annable as Wesley "Wes" Reid
Jessica Stroup as Alexandra Reid
Nick Thune as Jimmy
NanaBeing Redevelopedmulti-cam hybrid comedy, Nana centers on an obsessive, overprotective dad, who after the death of his wife, is forced to invite his brash and bawdy mother-in-law – Nana (Sagal) – into his home to help raise the two granddaughters she barely knows.Katey Sagal as Nana
Ben Lawson as Alex
Bill Bellamy as Burke
NYPD Blue Sequel (Pilot Production Commitment)Being Redeveloped for MidseasonNYPD Blue will follow the son of Andy Sipowitz, Theo, who tries to earn his detective shield and work in the 15th squad while investigating the murder of his father. Much like his father, Theo is a hard-drinking, hard-headed and quick-witted copAlona Tal as Detective Nicole Lazarus
Kim Delaney as Det. Diane Russell
Bill Brochtrup as PPA John Irvin
Fabien Frankel as Theo Sipowicz
Rick Gomez as Pettibone
Ashley Thomas as Detective Chris Gamble
TriangleIn Consideration for MidseasonTriangle asks the question, what if the Bermuda Triangle was not a watery grave in the middle of the ocean, but a land lost in time that has trapped travelers over the course of human history? When a family is shipwrecked in this strange land, they must band together with a group of like-minded inhabitants — from throughout history — to survive and somehow find a way home.Mike Vogel as David Roman
Edwin Hodge as Ulysses
Mallory Jansen as Grace
Matt Passmore as Liam
Lorenzo Richelmy as Ham
Amit Shah as Dr. Owen Patel
Sibongile Mlambo as Lieutenant Priscilla
Diana Bermudez as Tama
Sarah Catherine Hook as Natalie
Pallavi Sharda as Alex
EdgeOptions ExtendedEdge showcases the sly, raw power of the western genre. Set in 1868, Max Martini (Pacific Rim, Captain Phillips) stars as Josiah 'Edge' Hedges--a Union officer turned cowboy, who prowls the post-Civil War American West doling out his own peculiar (and savage) brand of justice. When we meet Edge in the pilot, his mission is personal and his vengeance hath no fury. Alicja Bachleda as Pilar
Max Martini as Josiah "Edge" Hedges
Ryan Kwanten as Merritt Harknett
Yvonne Strahovski as Beth
Good Peoplecomedy, Good People revolves around three generations of women working in the ombudsman’s office of a college that navigates the current cultural climate, the concept of feminism across different generations, and the struggle to reconcile socially constructed ideas with current ethical views regarding complex issues such as sex, race, class, and gender.Lisa Kudrow as Lynn Steele
Whitney Cummings as Hazel Miller
Greg Kinnear as Dr. Paul Keating
Martin Short as Dean Ed Brown
Ian Harding as Will
Josie Totah as Tallulah
Tasha Smith as Shar Johnson
Half-Emptysingle-camera comedy, Half-Empty follows a sardonic college student (David) whose overactive imagination leads to catastrophic thinking and an endless chain of social disasters.Cazzie David
On the Spectrumhalf-hour comedic drama based on the Israeli format. On the Spectrum is a coming-of-age comedic drama about three 20-something roommates on the autism spectrum, striving for the same things that we all desire: To get a job, keep a job, make friends, fall in love, and navigate a world that eludes them.Rick Glassman as Jack
Sue Ann Pien as Violet
Albert Rutecki as Harrison
Sosie Bacon as Mandy
Chris Pang as Van
The WildsYESA group of teenage girls from radically different backgrounds find themselves stranded on a remote island, unaware that they have just become the subjects of an elaborate social experiment. Part survival drama, part dystopic slumber party, The Wilds explores the past and present struggles of these young women, offering up a vivid portrayal of what it means to grow up female in our time — whether you are lost in the wilderness or not. Mia Healey as Shelby
Helena Howard as Nora
Reign Edwards as Rachel
Shannon Berry as Dot
Untitled Mehar Sethi Projectcomedy based on the UK series "People Just Do Nothing". The untitled, half-hour project is a mockumentary following a group of working class DJs and their friends in a town called North Las Vegas: a land of mini malls and vast parking lots, where the lights of The Strip act as a beacon of fame and glory that’s just out of reach. The series tracks their stumbling ambitions, and explores how relationships between friends and family evolve as the reality of peoples’ dreams starts to hit.Jorge Diaz as Koyote
Eliza Bennett as Krystal
Andre Hyland as Beats
Conner McVicker as Brody
Amir Talai as Farouk
BBC America
The Lincoln Lawyer (Series Production Commitment)Written by Kelley, The Lincoln Lawyer centers on Mickey Haller, an iconoclastic idealist, who runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car, as he takes on cases big and small across the expansive city of Los Angeles.
SurveillanceNOSurveillance is described as a complex and timely spy thriller centered around the head of communications for the NSA (Bush), a charming operative who finds her loyalties torn between protecting the government’s secrets and her own.Sophia Bush as Maddy
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Natalie
Raphael Acloque as Jack
Matthew Modine as Man in a Red Tie
Allen Leech as Mike
Dennis Haysbert as Barry
GlamorousNOdrama, Glamorous centers on a gender non-conforming recent high school graduate who lands the gig of a lifetime interning at a cosmetics company whose products he panned on YouTube.Brooke Shields as Madolyn
Jade Payton as Venetia
Ben J. Pierce as Marco
Pierson Fodé as Chad
Peyton List as AlyssaSays
Susan Santiago as Julia
Chester Lockhart as Dizmal
Brady Dalton Richards as Ben
The Lost BoysFilming New Pilot; Recastingdrama reboot. After the sudden death of their father, brothers Michael and Sam Emerson move to Santa Carla with their mother, Lucy, who hopes to start anew in the town where she grew up. But the brothers soon find themselves being drawn deeper and deeper into the seductive world of Santa Carla’s eternally beautiful and youthful undead.Medalion Rahimi as Stella
Dakota Shapiro as David
Lil Kevanimated comedy which is the story of a 12-year-old, pint-sized, optimistic, highly imaginative kid who navigates growing up in the crime filled inner-city of North Philly with the help and sometimes hindrance of his strong, quick-tempered mother, drug addicted father, pessimistic older brother, ex-con uncle and wise-ass talking dog.Kevin Hart
Wanda Skyes
Keith Robertson
Gerald “Slink” Johnson
Deon Cole
Close Upa one-hour drama set in Centreville, New Jersey, a suburban town just like any other … at least on the surface. Centreville high school student Rachel Guyer is on a mission to expose the truth about her seemingly normal hometown and turn her community inside out.
Now & Thensingle-camera comedy about a group of old college friends, who, having lost touch over the years, are brought back together unexpectedly for one wild night only to be given a new lease on life and friendship. Reuniting as friends gives them the opportunity to discover who they always promised each other they would be.Myko Olivier as Nick
Mia Serafino as Emily
Punam Patel as Sarah
Brandon Mychal Smith as EZ
James Earl as Moose
Ana Cruz Kayne as Jane
Party GirlsFreeform announced today that it has signed a script to series deal for "Party Girls," a half-hour, single-camera dramedy inspired by the true story of Ericka Suzanne, daughter of the first female leader of the Black Panther Party, Elaine Brown. Set in Oakland in the '70s, "Party Girls" will follow Ericka's attempt to survive her adolescence as her mother rises in the Party. The plot explores an unconventional mother-daughter relationship, balancing the stakes of the movement with the humor inherent in coming-of-age, and asking the question how do you rebel when your mom is leading a rebellion?
Compliancehalf-hour single-camera comedy, Details about the project have not been revealed but word is that it is centered around a private equity manager and his government-appointed compliance monitor.
Gone Hollywooddrama, the Mad Men-meets-Entourage story. Set in 1980, Gone Hollywood centers on a group of talent agents who defect from an old-guard percentery to found their own, which skyrockets to industry dominance, disrupting the business and changing movies forever. The show will mix its fictional protagonists with real-life entertainment figures and events.Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jack DeVoe
John Magaro as Eli Zeller
Lola Kirke as Abbie Jinks
Ben Schnetzer as Robbie Riese
Jonathan Pryce as Benny Landau
Judd Hirsch as Lev Kertzman
Nelson Franklin
Eric Lange
Sarah Ramos
Peta Sergeant
Jeremy Shamos
Game of Thrones "Jane Goldman & George R.R. Martin" The Long Night Prequelthe untitled project is set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones. The series chronicles the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. And only one thing is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend… it’s not the story we think we know.Naomi Watts
Josh Whitehouse
Naomi Ackie
Denise Gough
Jamie Campbell Bower
Sheila Atim
Ivanno Jeremiah
Georgie Henley
Alex Sharp
Toby Regbo
Kansas Citycomedy Kansas City is set in a modern U.S. riven by cultural and political divisions so much so that it has chosen to split itself into two nations. One city, however, was too evenly divided to align with either side so Kansas City split in two: the liberal East K.C. and conservative West K.C., with a wall built to divide the two. The comedy will explore the rivalry between the two.John Slattery as Ellis Brookmeyer
Allison Tolman as Tabatha Brookmeyer
Rafe Spall as Ben Graham
Andrew Caldwell as Seth
Jade Pettyjohn as Clarissa
Anthony Keyvan as Jamaal
Wokelive-action comedy with animated sequences. Woke is Inspired by the life and art of cartoonist Keith Knight. Woke centers on Keef (Morris), a cartoonist living in San Francisco on the cusp of mainstream success when an unexpected incident involving cops changes everything, putting him in a state of “woke.”Lamorne Morris as Keef
Blake Anderson as Gunther
A5 (production commitment)comedy, A5 is centered on a bioengineer who discovers the gene that makes a person an asshole and attempts to answer the questions nagging at all of us: Why do assholes exist? Why have they come to dominate our culture? And can they be cured?
Queen Furhour-long drama, QUEEN FUR is set in a small town in Central Florida - a place where beauty pageants, gun culture, Cuban revolutionaries and Southern hospitality co-exist and collide. And at the center of it all is Macy Dunleavy (Harrington) - a curvy, sexy, unapologetic high school dropout who is finding her womanhood and is ready to seize a big opportunity.Lily Mae Harrington as Macy Dunleavy
Kim Dickens as Macy's Mother
Michael Mosley as Todd
Jon Foster as Rob
Joshua Mikel as Ryan
Machekanyanga as Ralph
Howell as Jim
Qualityland (production commitment)comedy, based on Kling’s novel, is set in the very near future. It’s everything we have now, and more so. It’s the story of humanity’s struggle against the tyranny of convenience. But funny.
How To Make Love To A Black Womancomedy anthology series, How To Make Love to a Black Woman will be a collection of multi-part episodes which will include a new characters in an authentic world, telling stories about connection and rejection that explore our most harrowing – and harrowingly comic – sexual secrets.
RitaHeadey will play the title character, a headstrong, unconventional teacher and single mother who takes on every kind of authority – as well as her family – in a messy and unfiltered way.
Shining Vale (Pilot Production Commitment)Shining Vale is a horror-comedy about a dysfunctional family that moves from the city to a small town in a house in which terrible atrocities have taken place, but no one seems to notice except for the mother — and the evil spirit that’s trying to possess her. It’s a show about mental illness, small town politics, religion and a family battling their demons. But in a really funny, and scary way.
The Wrong Mans (Pilot Production Commitment)half-hour single-camera action comedy based on the 2013 British series. The Wrong Mans follows two ordinary office workers (one played by Ben Schwartz) who have their menial existence turned upside-down by a chance phone call and a case of mistaken identity: “If you are not here by 5 o’clock, we will kill your wife.” As the only people who can help, these two unlikely characters must find their inner hero in their quest to save not just themselves, but their loved ones and ultimately their whole town.Ben Schwartz as Sam
Jillian Bell as Anne
Annie Chang as Katie
Untitled Jonás Cuarón Project (Pilot Commitment)The untitled drama centers on a Mexican-American family man living undocumented in the United States. When his wife is detained by ICE, desperate and resourceful undocumented immigrant Marco (Bernal) assumes the identity of an immigration officer to rescue her. The project is an emotional thriller about a man enmeshed in a dangerous double life; torn between his desire to help in any way possible and his family. Karla Cornejo Villavicencio upcoming novel, Undocumented America, served as inspiration for the series. Gael García Bernal as Marco
Cipher (working title)father-son AI drama, in Cipher, secret military technology is unexpectedly implanted in the brain of a 13-year-old video game junkie, when the boy and his father unwittingly find themselves at the center of the next great war — over artificial intelligence.Gabriel Bateman as Asa
Kyla-Drew Simmons as Annie
Adrian Grenier as John
Sydney Morton as Bridgette
Elias Koteas as Hal Berek
(Future) Cult Classic (working title)the darkly comedic (Future) Cult Classic combines the genres of slasher films, high school drama and speculative satire. It is set 18 years in the future and centers on a group of teens whose community is rocked by a 1990s slasher-movie obsessed serial killer. Our heroes quickly realize they’re being targeted and decide to take matters into their own hands and track down the killer—before time runs out.Emily Alyn Lind as Bree
Jacob McCarthy as Andy
Cayden Boyd as Henry
da’Vinchi aka Abraham Juste as Peyton
Zoe Renee as Mila
Justin Bartha as Jeff
Geoffrey Owens as Detective Moscovitz
Run for Your Lifedrama which takes place on the last night of Dia de Los Muertos (otherwise known as the Day of the Dead) and follows a grieving detective who is thrust into a deadly game to bring someone back from the dead.Josh Segarra
Andrew Jacobs
Carlos Leal
Danube Hermosillo
Angela Alvarado
Jennifer Landon
Kadeem Hardison
Fernanda Andrade
Highlandcomedic drama inspired by Margaret Cho's personal history with substance abuse. Highland will chronicle what happens when two extended, dysfunctional Korean-American families who share the same patriarch must come together after tragedy strikes. As it turns out, the most reliable person in both families is the one who just got out of rehab.Margaret Cho
Laura San Giacomo as Sally Silverman Choi
Hingesdescribed as a provocative and humorous dissection of middle-class suburbia. It follows two sets of neighbors whose lives are dramatically changed in the wake of a scandal that rocks the community. Shifting focus to a different set of families each season, Hinges will expose the American Dream to be an illusion as it holds up a fun-house mirror to the cracks beneath a community’s seemingly happy surface.
Time of DeathTime of Death (working title), is planned as an anthology of season-long horror tales that unfold in real time – each one taking viewers hour-by-hour through a single "long night of hell." The first season will follow a murderous psychopath who returns to his Midwestern hometown during the annual county fair to exact revenge on a community he believes destroyed his life.
USA Network
Masters of Doomis the true story of two computer geniuses in an obscure corner of America who, along with a group of rebellious misfits, created one of the biggest franchise hits of the 90s, the video game DOOM. John Carmack and John Romero were best friends who became bitter rivals, as they created a video game empire and transformed pop culture forever.
Run for Your Lifedrama which takes place on the last night of Dia de Los Muertos (otherwise known as the Day of the Dead) and follows a grieving detective who is thrust into a deadly game to bring someone back from the dead.Josh Segarra
Andrew Jacobs
Carlos Leal
Danube Hermosillo
Angela Alvarado
Jennifer Landon
Kadeem Hardison
Fernanda Andrade