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SpoilerTV Pilot Watch 2018
Network/ShowPicked Up?DescriptionCast Info
Household NameBeing Redevelopedthe multicamera comedy follows a family who has an opportunity to buy the house of their dreams but under extremely abnormal circumstances: they must live with the previous owner, an eccentric, larger than life actress (Burnett).Carol Burnett as Vivian Valmont
Matt Oberg as Tim
Timothy Omundson as Edward Von Glimpse
Mary Holland as Wendy
Unitled Single Dad ComedyBeing RedevelopedAn intellectual but emotionally challenged single dad moves to Queens with his two young daughters and forms an unlikely family with the other residents in their apartment building.
Budding ProspectBudding Prospect is set in 1983 San Francisco. Three hapless city boys move to the country to grow marijuana. Their expectations of the experience being a back-to-the-land, nurturing adventure in a beautiful rustic setting run up against the harsh truth upon their arrival at “The Summer Camp” – a miserably run-down shanty out in the middle of nowhere, where they are bedeviled by rats, snakes, mosquitoes, and harsh, unfriendly growing conditions, noisy neighbors, dangerous locals, and menacing law enforcement.Will Sasso as Gesh
Joel David Moore as Phil
Adam Rose as Felix
CasanovaCasanova, shot on-location in three European countries, tells the sprawling, epic, true story of one of history's most misunderstood men, Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century's most controversial playboy. Amelia Clarkson as Manon Balletti
Ben Daniels as Francois-Joachim de Bernis
Bojana Novakovic as Madame de Pompadour
Diego Luna as Giacomo Casanova
Miranda Richardson as Marquise d'Urfé
EdgeOptions ExtendedEdge showcases the sly, raw power of the western genre. Set in 1868, Max Martini (Pacific Rim, Captain Phillips) stars as Josiah 'Edge' Hedges--a Union officer turned cowboy, who prowls the post-Civil War American West doling out his own peculiar (and savage) brand of justice. When we meet Edge in the pilot, his mission is personal and his vengeance hath no fury. Alicja Bachleda as Pilar
Max Martini as Josiah "Edge" Hedges
Ryan Kwanten as Merritt Harknett
Yvonne Strahovski as Beth
A History of Radness A History of Radness captures the authentic experience of aspiring musicians forming their band. The story follows siblings Jack and Tessie from their less-than-cool middle school beginnings at Pleasant Meadows Middle School to the start of their music careers as they put together a band of like-minded musicians, considered outsiders by fellow classmates.Bethany Cosentino as Narrator (Voice)
Dan Reynolds as Narrator (Voice)
Henry Rollins as Coach Carlucci
Love You MoreIt follows New York City cabaret sensation Karen Best. Karen is a big girl with a big personality and a big love of Chardonnay, which occasionally, causes her to make some big mistakes with men. But the biggest thing about Karen is her big heart, which she uses to excel at her job as a counselor at a group home for young adults with Down syndrome. And sometimes, Karen’s need to stand up for all the little people in life manifests into a fantasy rock music number, where we discover she also has a big and beautiful voice.
Oasisadaptation of Michel Faber’s praised 2014 book The Book Of Strange New Things, the story revolves around Peter Leigh, an English pastor who embarks on the journey of a lifetime into deep space that takes him light years away from his beloved wife, Bea. Described as “Heart Of Darkness in space,” Strange New Things is an epic with a heart-wrenching love story of a husband and wife with the universe between them at the center. Richard Madden as Peter
Haley Joel Osment as Sy
Anil Kapoor
Sea Oakbased on his short story, the genre-bending Sea Oak focuses on Aunt Bernie (Close) a meek working-class woman, who dies tragically in a home invasion in her Rust Belt subsidized housing complex called Sea Oak. Compelled by sheer force of dissatisfaction, she comes back from the dead full of rage, determined to get the life she never had.Glenn Close as Aunt Bernie
Rae Gray
Jack Quaid
Jane Levy
The AlamoThe Alamo is a 50's style motel located in Los Angeles that's home to a bunch of quirky characters who manage to form relationships despite their
The Legend of Master Legendhalf-hour pilot, based on Joshuah Bearman’s Rolling Stone article about real-life superheros. It centers on Master Legend and his sidekick, the Ace.Anjelika Washington as Cody
David Castaneda as Mandy Mandujano
Shea Whigham as Peanut Head
Dawnn Lewis as Tana
John Hawkes as Master Legend
GoliathNOdrama based on the book "The Autobiography of an Execution" by David R. Dow
Strange AngelBased on the life of Jim Parsons, a brilliant rocket scientist and co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While a pioneer in research that had only recently been dreamed up in science fiction, his bright future gave way to ruin as Parsons headed down another, darker path into the occult community of mid-century Los Angeles.
BBC America
Untitled Paul Attanasio Latino Family Cop Drama PushedLatino cop family drama, the untitled drama revolves around the multi-generational members of a Mexican-American family with deep roots in San Diego intertwine personally and professionally due to their powerful careers in law enforcement.David Castaneda as Bembe Medina
Roberto Aguire as Gustavo “Tavo” Medina
WarriorYESSet against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the aftermath of the Civil War, Warrior tells the story of a young martial arts prodigy, newly arrived from China, who finds himself caught up in the bloody Chinatown Tong wars.
The BeastNOmedical drama pilot. The Beast is a life-and-death procedural. Literally. Each week will follow three challenging medical cases. In the end, two of the patients will live, one will die. The series will center on their doctor — with a clinical fear of death — who never stops fighting the odds.
The PassagePushed Until After Pilot Seasona drama series based on Justin Cronin’s fantasy book trilogy. The Passage begins as a character-driven government conspiracy thriller and morphs into a post-apocalyptic saga with vampires. The series spans over a century and focuses on a young girl named Amy who must save the human race.Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Brad Wolgast
Saniyya Sidney as Amy
Genesis Rodriguez as Alicia
Brianne Howey as Shauna
BJ Britt as Peter
Jennifer Ferrin as Sarah
Vincent Piazza as Clark Richards
Brown GirlsAppears Deadmulti-camera comedy, Brown Girls centers on the relationship between Rimmi, an Indian-American aspiring beauty vlogger, and Devi, a young woman who has recently emigrated from India. Brought together by family, Rimmi and Devi instantly clash over their different views on modern life and love while slowly realizing they both have something to learn from one another.Punam Patel as Devi
Hina Abdullah as Rimmi
MisfitsMisfits centers on a group of young offenders in a community service program who develop supernatural powers after being hit by a mysterious electrical storm.Ashleigh Lathrop as Alicia
Tre Hall as Curtis
Allie MacDonald as Kelly
Jake Cannavale as Nathan
Dave Foley as Bernie
Charlie Saxton as Simon
Mayans MCSons of Anarchy spin-off; is set in a post Jax Teller world, where EZ Reyes, a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the Cali/Mexi border, struggles with his desire for vengeance against the cartel, and his need for respect from the women he loves.Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes
John Ortiz as Esai “Taino” Osorio
Richard Cabral as Johnny “El Coco” Cruz
Sarah Bolger as Emily
Jacqueline Obradors as Marisol Reyes
Andrea Londo as Carnalita
Raymond Cruz as Che "Padre" Romero
Carla Baratta as Carnalita
Maurice Compte as DEA Agent
Efrat Dor as Katrina
Singularitythe comedy is set in a future when artificial intelligence greatly surpasses human intelligence, resulting in profound changes to our society.Damon Wayans Jr. as Doug
Langston Kerman as Ethan
Amanda Lund as Anna
Untitled Cristin Milioti and Nina Pedrad ComedyAppears Deadhalf-hour comedy pilot follows Maxine, her best friends Natalie and Amy, and stepbrother Landis as they navigate the abject shit-storm that is adulthood. Milioti will star as Maxine, an entitled actress-turned-process-server who takes lemons and makes fire out of them — burning herself and others in the process. Max's dysfunctional, tight-knit clan serves as her surrogate family and always lets her sing the Aaron Burr parts of Hamilton.Nina Pedrad as Natalie
Cristin Milioti as Maxine
A Lot (aka Untitled Whitney Cummings Comedy Pilot)Appears Deaddescribed as a comedic portrait of modern relationships that focuses on human nature and social construction using documentary elements and appearances from experts to help the characters understand the biological basis of their behavior.Whitney Cummings as TBA
Lucy Punch as Izzy
Brett Goldstein as Max
Jenn Tullock as Lou
Krystal Smith as Opal
John Ratzenberger as Gerry
MaxAppears DeadSet in the Mad Men era, Max is described as a raucous comedy set in 1963 about the struggles of second wave feminism, centered on an ambitious magazine writer, Maxine Woodruff (Joyce), looking for liberation. Maxine is an enthusiastic, if misguided, low-level magazine employee who stumbles into the forefront of a civil rights movement both she and the world may not be ready for.Zoe Kazan as Maxine Woodruff
Cary Elwes as Ken Reece
Mary Birdsong as Sue
Mogadishu, Minnesotadescribed as a family drama that grapples with what it means to be American among the Somalis of Minneapolis. The drama was first announced in December, with the early logline of the original idea set to "draw open an iron curtain behind which viewers will see the highly impenetrable world of Jihadi recruitment."Thea Sofie Loch Næss as Lacy
Ezana Alem as Sameer
Hanad Abdirahman Abdi as Ali
Selam Tadese as Bisbaas
Rif Hutton as Afrah
Prince Abdi as Big Man
Elvis Nolasco as Liban
Yusra Warsama as Hawo
K.C. Collins as Jamal
Liya Kebede as Maryam
Untitled David Simon PilotAppears DeadSet in the present-day world of Capitol Hill, it is described as a detailed examination of partisanship and the influence of money on national governance.
Untitled Sarah Silverman Comedy PilotAppears Deaddescribed as a comedic look at a pathologically honest woman having a modern midlife crisis. Jack Davenport as Blake
Justin Kirk as Stacy
Kerri Kenney as Melissa
Mark Cohen as Graham
Sarah Silverman as Jude
USAppears DeadBased on an original idea from Katims, the drama is described as a sweeping examination of the often baffling, sometimes unexpected but ultimately heart-wrenching ways love and human connection can be found today through a vast web of seemingly unconnected people.
Crash and BurnBased on the bestselling book, the tense coming-of-age drama follows three troubled suburban boys through an averted school shooting in the mid-1990s, Crash and Burn explores the complex world of teen boys and the men they’ll ultimately become.
Locke & Keyhorror/ fantasy series that revolves around three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine only to find the house has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities. Little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys, and will stop at nothing to attain them.
A Midsummer’s NightmareThe first prospective season of the hourlong anthology series is based on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” but with a modern-day twist. Told from the perspective of Elena, a young woman reluctantly drawn into a summer getaway-turned-nightmare, the series introduces four young lovers who steal off into the woods in pursuit of their romantic desires, but their plans are quickly thwarted when terrifying forces in the deep woods target the stranded group, using their own fantasies and darkest secrets against them.Dominic Monaghan as Mike Puck
Ellie Gall as Hannah Becker
Jake Robinson as Daniel Brooks
Eric Balfour as Mark
Chelsea Gilligan as Josselin
Paul Walter Hauser as Nick Bottoms
Daisy Head as Elena
Casey Deidrick as Liam
Rhys Ward as Royce
Thomas Cadrot as Agent Wills
Anjali Jay as Agent Randlas
Courtney Love as Mysterious Woman in the Woods
Sea ChangeAppears Deadfollows a strong 17-year-old girl who, after the death of her father, moves to a small Nantucket-like island to live with her estranged mother. There she is pulled into classic small town rivalries and clashes with her mother, but quickly learns the depth of those conflicts when the island legend about dangerous Sea Walkers appears to be true, presenting a mystery for her and her family.Emily Rudd as Miranda Merchant
Skyler Maxon as Leo
Keenan Tracey as TJ
Maria Dizzia as Amelia
Your Time Is UpA family saga centering around complex and unconventional psychologist Imogen Hobbs. In an attempt to get her life back together after a family
tragedy, she implements a unique approach to help her patients, inspired by her unconventional upbringing.
Christina Applegate
The Sackett SistersNOsingle-camera comedy about two estranged sisters who perform a Sully Sullenberger-esque act of public heroism, then are forced to navigate their new found notoriety together.Busy Philipps as Mandy Sackett
Bradley Whitford as Henry Sackett
Casey Wilson as Sutton Sackett
Nightflyersspace drama which is set in the future on the eve of Earth’s destruction. In the hope of making contact with alien life, eight maverick scientists and a powerful telepath embark on an expedition to the edge of our solar system aboard The Nightflyer – a ship with a small tight knit crew and a reclusive captain. But when terrifying and violent events begin to take place they start to question each other — and surviving the journey proves harder than anyone thought.
The Machineset in a world that is being transformed by the emergence of artificial intelligence. The project explores the epic conflict between man and technology through the lives and motivations of six interwoven characters – each of whom holds the key to humanity’s victory or its destruction.Annet Mahendru as Yana
Bridger Zadina as Santiago
Malachi Kirby as Aaron
Olly Rix as James
Indira Varma as Hannah
Katee Sackhoff as Nadia (Super Computer Voice)
Lance Henriksen as Stanley (Super Computer Voice)
Jaeden Bettencourt as Kazimir (Super Computer Voice)
Tremorsreboot, in the new Tremors written by Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle), the killer Graboid worms that nearly destroyed Perfection, Nevada 25 years ago are back, and the town’s only hope for survival is Valentine McKee (Bacon) who beat them once. But to do it again he’ll have to overcome age, alcohol and a delusional hero complex.Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee
World's EndWorld's End follows Henry Mueller (Linklater), a charismatic high school English teacher who has a breakdown and is committed to a mental institution. There, under the watchful eye of Louise Baldwin (Sykes), he begins to feel "sane." Henry starts to question the system and the methods used to contain the inmates, ultimately becoming the leader of an inmate revolt. It's a dark comedy about an asylum that operates like a family, and as in all families, the question of who is sane and who is not is open for discussion.Aasif Mandvi as Dr. White
Ajay Naidu as Karl Magnus
Hamish Linklater as Henry Mueller
James Ortiz as Martin
Maribeth Monroe as Suzanne
Maya Kazan as Maggie
Robin Bartlett as Hildy
Wanda Sykes as Louise Baldwin
Deadlier Than the Male (Working Title)Deadlier Than the Male centers on a trio of characters, each with a mysterious and troubling past, including a young woman who once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer, a former serial predator desperate to find redemption and a grieving mother obsessed with finding her missing daughter. As each of them is pushed to the edge, the truth about their pasts and their motives grows ever murkier, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator.
Highlandcomedic drama inspired by Margaret Cho's personal history with substance abuse. Highland will chronicle what happens when two extended, dysfunctional Korean-American families who share the same patriarch must come together after tragedy strikes. As it turns out, the most reliable person in both families is the one who just got out of rehab.Margaret Cho
Hingesdescribed as a provocative and humorous dissection of middle-class suburbia. It follows two sets of neighbors whose lives are dramatically changed in the wake of a scandal that rocks the community. Shifting focus to a different set of families each season, Hinges will expose the American Dream to be an illusion as it holds up a fun-house mirror to the cracks beneath a community’s seemingly happy surface.
Snowpiercera futuristic thriller based on the award-winning film by Bong Joon Ho. Snowpiercer is set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, and the remnants of humanity inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival are questioned in this riveting television adaptation.Daveed Diggs as Layton Well
Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill
Mickey Sumner as Bess Till
Alison Wright as Lilah Anderson
Benjamin Haigh as Fergus McConnell
Roberto Urbina as Avi
Katie McGuinness as Josie McConnell
Time of DeathTime of Death (working title), is planned as an anthology of season-long horror tales that unfold in real time – each one taking viewers hour-by-hour through a single "long night of hell." The first season will follow a murderous psychopath who returns to his Midwestern hometown during the annual county fair to exact revenge on a community he believes destroyed his life.
The Deep Mad Darkmystery thriller, the pilot opens as Detroit neurosurgeon Polly Lewis begins an unorthodox study in the field of memory and trauma. Her once closest friend – the irreverent, brilliant Tash Hollander – comes home after living many years in a strange, off-the-grid community in Belize. Upon her return, Tash insinuates herself into Polly's life in audacious ways that threaten everything Polly has achieved. But it remains to be seen what Tash's motivations are.The drama is described as a "propulsive, layered mystery about an intoxicating friendship and how it leads to a brutal act of violence that drives two women in radically different ways." Set in modern Detroit, the project explores the power certain friendships have to shape who we are – in ways both good and bad.Jacki Weaver as Lydia Prince-Richard
Tom Wlaschiha as Joda
USA Network
Olive Forever follows the exploits of Olive, a mysterious high school student with an affection for cat burglary-type shenanigans, mostly because she is a cat burglar. New to a sleepy town with a criminal underbelly, Olive must navigate new foster parents, new boyfriends, new gangsters… and new crime opportunities.Emily Rudd as Olive
Sarah Yarkin as Hayley
Adam DiMarco as Tom Dern
The TapNOThe Tap is set at Yale University circa 1969, during the height of America's cultural and political revolution -- a time when the campus is being upended by antiwar protests, race riots and the arrival of the first female students. Three students struggle to find their true identities, including the ambitious and self-consciously conservative Jay, who desperately aspires to join the powerful secret society of Skull and Bones; Michelle, a strong minded feminist who has difficulty finding her community at the predominantly male institution; and Gloria, a student who’d prefer to focus on her education rather than involve herself in racial politics.Colin Woodell as Jay Butler
Erinn Westbrook as Gloria Murphy
Ginny Gardner as Michelle Cuttriss
David Corenswet as Kirk Lewis
WGN America
ScalpedBeing Shoppeda modern day crime story set in the world of a Native American Indian reservation, and explores power, loyalty, and spirituality in a community led by the ambitious Chief Lincoln Red Crow, as he reckons with Dashiell Bad Horse who has returned home after years away from the reservation. The project will employ a predominately Native American cast, a first for a television series in recent history.Lily Gladstone as Carol Red Crow
Alex Meraz as Dashiell Bad Horse
Gil Birmingham as Chief Lincoln Red Crow
Irene Bedard as Gina Bad Horse
Chaske Spencer as Sheriff Falls Down