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TimestampYour name or non-de-plumeFavourite Brevet foodBest meal Food you now hate the most Best wild life encounter Nicest locals Weirdest localsMost unexpected surprise Best piece of kit Things you were glad you didnt omit Worst bike failure Best accomodation Best day Best part of course Least enjoyable part of course Hardest section Craziest/funnest person to travel with Things you'd change Funniest moment Best direction, clockwise or counter? This was counterAdd anything you like in here : )
09/02/2014 16:07:17Jeff LyallChocolate milkBreakfast at the Voodoo Lounge day 1OSM barsThomas asleep on roadsideArthurs PassTo be lent a new pedal when mine brokeHorizontal drop-outsLezyne multi-toolCrank bros pedal and deraileur breakingWakefeild DomainDay 1 Port UnderwoodNorth BankNorth BankThomas Lindup wins again !Go for heavier weight tiresForgetting I had toe-clips on and falling over on Jacks passCounter!What a great event. Thanks Simon and helpers
09/02/2014 17:32:05Richard TaitPiesCurryCranberry OSMKeasLocals at CanvastownLa z boys in Trout HotelRevelate feed bag/pie warmerSunscreenDry chain (does that even count!)HanmerDay 1Maruia Saddle/Lake TennysonFist sized rocks on forestry road on north bank of WairauWakefield to St Arnaud in the heatNorth bank on last day was hard on forest roadMark skinny dipping in Lake TennysonCan't comment!
09/02/2014 18:15:31Hana BFish burger and iced coffeeSteak pie and Shandy at the Blackball HiltonOSMWEll that would definitely NOT be the pile of dead rabbits and severed pig head near Golden Downs!People everywhere were very friendly and curious about what we were up to. EVen the ones that told us we were crazy!The note left by Phil Brownie at the start of MacDonald Downs - it would have been better if the chocolate iscuit he'd left us for morning tea hadn't mysteriously disappeared!Homemade frame bag - my small frame meant I only had one bottle mount. The fram bag let me carry 1.5l water plus spare tubes, tools and pump.Bum cream, anti-flamme, codeine, no-doz, moro bars. None experienced. Wharfdale Hut - thanks to the kind person who left the big stack of dry firewood!Lake Rotoroa to Big River despite the heat. Braeburn was surprisingly short, Maruia very pleasant, West Bank road very flat, Rahu Saddle smooth and getting to Big River a real bonus. Wharfdale in the rain - seriously!Wairau Valley due to creaking achilles, rain, and general fatigue.The Rainbow Road - due to corrugated road surface, bitterly cold headwind then rain. Boo!Joanne Emmens for Fun. Steven Macleod for Crazy. Take warmer gloves next time - after mild weather for 2012 I wasn't prepared for the wintery conditions experienced.Seein Martin and Al going past ont he West Coast Shuttle - waving at the back window like a couple of schoolboys ;-)I think counter clockwise was easier for Maungatapu, Porika, Big river, Wharfdale and MD Downs - but not for Otira!Thanks heaps to the event organisers and for all the work done on Wharfdale track. Don't forget to buy a Kiwi Brevet Musette to help the track work donation made on behalf of all riders.
09/02/2014 19:02:16Dave SharpeLamb & Kumara Pie - Arthurs PassBeer in the shower - CulverdonCherry flavoured NuunA large green native parrot (Not a Kaka or Kea) taking off form right next to me through the WaiutaCulverdonHares darting out in front of me late at night, while down on the aero bars - could have ended badly if I wasn't paying attention...Revelate bags - Tangle and PikaChamois creme, ipod, extra elastic bungee on seatbagI had to stop and adjust my rear brake on the third day :-(Moana/Lake Brunner - lovely spot. Would love to visit in in the light of day some time.Moana to Culverdon - about 320km, fantastic weather, beautiful scenery, good singletrack (Warfedale) and a great climb up Arthurs Pass to start the dayMacDonald Downs, the Waiuta (and the run out to Ikamatua), the finish.The small stretch from Culverdon to Blenheim.The Maungatapu was physically hardest, while the Rainbow and Northbank sections were mentally challenging.I'll tell you next time...Take a full suss MTB, some mates, and make it a tough (but achievable 5-day adventure)Arriving at Lake Brunner at 11[m at the end of a 290km day - I was finding my way to my cabin, when I turned in deep gravel, and ended up falling over sideways. I lay there with my light pointing skyward, and my loaded bike pinning me to the ground for a few moments - then started laughing.Counter - Climbs are nicer, and the course seems to "flow" a little better.
09/02/2014 20:02:32Wayne GedyeCookie time triple chocolate cookieFish Burger at HavelockOSMWeka's fighting on Sunday morning on the Maungatapu Track SpringfieldNo accommodation in Culverden on Wednesday night. Spot, (my bike) it never let me down and only asked for oil.Chain oil, wet weather gear, biviy bagUnlocked my front fork and took a day to work out way my front bag kept dragging on the front wheel while going down hills and braking.Northbank Road, it was quiet and had a nice camping area.Day 1, not too hot and nice riding. Porika Track, the walk up was not bad and the down hill was so much fun and a good challenge with the extra gear.Pushing up the main road to Arthurs Pass, there was no room on the side to walk.Wharfedale Track with all the wind fall and slips would have been nice to have someone to help get through the trees and slips.Me? I spent most my time riding by myself.I would like to try those fancy gear things some other people had on their bikes.Having a local at Arthurs Pass telling me I had an IGH and not believe it was a single speed hub. He even went looking for the gear cable.A great event can't wait to do another one.
09/02/2014 20:04:45Pat HTamari nuts & seedsBowl of salad at SpringfieldApricot OSM - never againThe morning chorus Maruia saddleStaff at the German bakery in Picton who also gave us free pies and rollsSmoke coming out of the chimney at Island saddle hut was a welcome sight being that it was 9:30pm, cold & wet.Brooks B17 saddle = no issues with my hind quarters whatsoever. Wagon wheels & carbon fork.My down jacketNoneThe Starlight Hotel, Lees ValleyDay 5 - Lees Valley to Island Saddle hutMaruia SaddleThe coarse gravel on NorthbankThe hike sections of the WharfdaleThey were all crazy & all funMaybe take it slower next time & spend more time with the localsCrazy kaka's at Arthurs Pass having a go my eggs benedict and taking off with another riders sammiesDefinitely counterThank you Simon & the rest of the Kennetts in making such an event available & 'enjoyable' for everyone. The option of Brevet / Brevette made it more accessible & it was great to catch up with the Brevette riders in Hanmer.
09/02/2014 20:51:32Matt RobertsChocolate milkPizza in Hamner and the left overs next day through RainbowApricot OSMMaruia SaddleMaruiabivying with Andy one night and then finding we were i nthe same bunk room at a back packers the next nightframe bag so had nothing on backbutt butter, sun broke spoke and dent to rotor on Rainbowhard to saySt Arnard to MaruiaMaruia Saddleheat up Golden DownsRainbow was rough but when I did it cool, Golden Downs was on seal but heat was really sappingmeet lots of great peoplewider tyres so could do Porikapushing top gear to catch only person I caught all day on Lewis Passonly done counterthanks to everyone from organisers to riders
09/02/2014 21:10:11Julie WilliamsMini bacon and egg piesToasted sandwiches at Ikamatua Hotel - thus avoiding OSM'sOSM'sWekas having an early morning domestic on MangatapuHamner Springs takeaways. Even though toasted sandwiches were not on the menu they made 6 huge ones for me.Finding the fire going at St James homestead shelter - after arriving in the rain.Chocolate coated coffee beans (really they are kit)Chocolate coated coffee beansNone, but my front tire has several knobblies missing with the bead showing
09/02/2014 21:31:28Bryce LorcetToasted sandwichesBangers n mash, Sheffield PubScrogginKea stealing my sandwiches at Arthurs Pass while the tourists took photosFleur's parents somewhere near CulverdenGetting a house in Hanmer to sleep in with 7 other riders.Sweet Cheeks Butt ButterThe entire container of Butt ButterNONE.Fleur's aunties house in HanmerTuesday, Blackball to SheffieldArthurs Pass or RainbowNothing currently registersRoad section north of Rainbow waiting for painkillers to kick inJohn (China) Yu, from the multisport teamTake less gear, ride earlier in the morningsLong day into Blenheim to finish, riding silently for hours, then laughing at the absurdity of the moment.Only know counter clockwise thus cannot commentPlease someone take on organising this again in 2016.
09/02/2014 21:31:48Julie Williams (continued)Henry... my tarp tentBest and worst was Ikamatua to Wharfedale saddle - I went from wanting to quit to riding 270 km!to hard to chooseIkamatua to Lake Brunner region, my butt and saddle were not good friendsHalling my bike past the carnage ont the Wharfedale late at nightEvery one who does this is crazy and thus fun to be around!Carry less, omit pack towel, less shampoo body lotion etcDeciding to throw out my remaining toasted sandwiches and cambert on North bank section... you had to be there.. after all those hours into a headwind solo simple things became very amusingJury's out, clockwise for the more ridable downhills?A big thanks to the Kennet's and others behind the scenes.
09/02/2014 21:42:25Andy GILBERTNachosSteak Meal @ Blackball Hiltonnone, I had lots of varietyCresting Hogs Back Track, Craigiburn and having four deer run through the tussock across in front of me, stop and look, ( two were stags with antlers) before troting across the valley, visible for over a minute. It was a beautiful stil clear morning, I guess they weren't scared off because I was on a cousin, the Krampus.Couple from the HiltonThe amount of downhill bombing from Island Saddle to St Arnaud. The first time I had travelled in that direction, I didn't realise how consistent the decent was.Credit Card, noticed its value when I lost it on the second day.29+ wheels @ 9-15psibroken chainBlack Ball HiltonRiding Craigiburn in the morning and Wharfdale in the afternoon.Off Road/ Single trackWairau ValleyMangutapu track before my body had got used to the activityInspiring Riding Could travel lighter, some kit wasn't touched. Second gas bottle?Racing calves on Isolation Flat, no speedo so no idea of speed but I was high cadence in top gear.CounterIt was great to take part in something that involved such a diverse group with a common love, the cycle. I was reading comments ranging from no showers for four days, through to Nathan who must have swum in every decent creek through out the journey.I had found a bike that suited me well and left me smiling most days. Cheers and thanks to all of those who contributed to the organisation of the event and not a single national or international licence required. ;)
09/02/2014 22:44:49Mark WrightButter Chicken PieEggs, Beans, Sausages & ToastTamarillo (some things don't change)Yellowhammer leading us away from her nest for a good five minutesSt ArnaudBeing able to climb Jacks Pass after best mealRevelate Feed BagBent derailleurCanvastown to MurchisonMaruia SaddleHeavy metal on north Wairau forestry roadMaungatapu ClimbMy shorts
10/02/2014 08:15:08Simon MortonPiesVoodoo lounge breakfast pre-startI will never hate foodBill the farmerBill the farmerFinishing on ThursdayBrooks b17 saddleTentGiro Terraduro shoesTarptentOtira to Lees ValleyThe whole thing worked really wellIkamatua to OtiraDave DrakeNothingSheffield pie loo incidentCounter of courseA big thanks to Simon and Jonathan and everyone that had a go. And Bob and Chris for the first night comforts!
10/02/2014 09:08:54Calum ChamberlainCheds with Lemon and Pepper tinned tuneBoth first and second breakfast at Springs JunctionNone, nothing disagreed with me.Chasing a stampeeding heard of sheep through McDonalds Downs-dust and light made this special rather than the sheep.West CoastIt didn't hurt to the point of wanting to stopFreeload rackSleeping bag and liner (it was cold in the mornings).Chain break up Mongatapu.St. Arnaud motel after downpourCrossing the AlpsWaiuta trackNorth Bank headwindHeadwind to the bottom of the WharfedaleSimon MortonTake a tent rather than a bivy bagA story to not be shared onlineCounter (haven't done clockwise though)
10/02/2014 11:16:55Karl YagerPretty much everything except muslie bars and scroggin.$20 steak and potatoes in Hamner. Steak was actually pretty rubbish but the company was good.Never got to that.The tiny white horse that ran along beside us as we rode the wrong way to Jacks Pass.... think it was trying to warn us.Combo of the guys at Ritual Cafe in Blenheim (especially the dude who seemed to be on speed), and the staff at Alpine Lodge St Arnaud - towels and soap!How much food went in one end and didn't seem to come out the other.Water bottlesBikeWorn front chain ring (fixed 15mins before start)The AV room at the DOC Pelorus Bridge campsite (unexpected luxury)Murchison to HamnerEvening ride into Murchison was magical. Otherwise the Braeburn and Maruia Saddle.The Goulter River Rd boulder sized gravelLewis Pass to Hamner turn offLighter bikeToo many.Counter was pretty sweet!Thanks to everyone who helped organise such a sweet event! Thanks Oli and Paul for the company over the 700+km's.
10/02/2014 11:46:16Brian AlderQuiche at CulverdenSheffield burgerOSMsLocals in Springfield pubMaruia cafeGetting to Nelson in time for kebabsConti Rcae king tyreswet wipesnone!!Big River HutWakefield to Big RiverWaiutaNorth Bank WairauNorth Bank WairauJeffCarry more foodJeffs endo leaving Big Rivern/aThanks. Providing good cues would be an improvement.
10/02/2014 12:30:44brett whiteleytoasted sandwich ham pineapple cheesbreakfast Murchisonmorning chorus at Pelorus BridgeReeftonMe ...Aussie Butt Creamchamios creamnone Hanmer SpringsReefton to Arthurs PassMaruia Saddleriding out of macDonald downs to the Hurunui Hotel it just went on foreverThe Wharfdale as I was soloing itScotty D Andrewspush a bit more on day onetaking a pee on the side of the Wairau Velley road in the dark when a van comes out of no where slows and turns right next to me into the gate which I hadn't realised was there!counterbloody good event
10/02/2014 14:46:55Malcolm Hughesround wine biscuitsAlpine breakfast at springs junctionBackcountry mealschasing hares down numerous roadsWakefield cafeRainbow descentSunglassesInsect proof head net1 puncture, my own faultScotties hut on the st jamesst james and rainbowMaruia saddleNelson to st ArnaudMaling passCliff Carry less food from startCliff talking about his crash while descending at night to scotties hutcounterThanks
10/02/2014 15:11:11Revster - Mike RevellThe Big BreakfastHomemade pie at St Arnaudall food is goodCamping at Lake Rotoroa I thought it was raining, but turned out to be a dense later of sandflies trapped between my inner and outer tent - fortunately they weren't able to penetrate the inner layer!Owner at St Arnaud Hotel - kept kitchen open to after 9pmA bee sting at 70 km/hr coming into Hanmerwide grip handlebarsbutt cream2 punctures going down Porika track - ended up walking it for an hour in the dark.St Arnaud Hotel after 3 nights camping outFirst day from Blenheim to foot of Maungatapu - before my butt got sore!60 km with tail wind coming into Hanmer early in the morning (apart from the bee sting!)Heat and corrugations between top of Jacks Pass and Lake Tenyson - closely followed by riding the river stones on north bank of WairauRiding down Porika with flat tyreThomas LindupLess weight on my back and more on the bikeSeeing Thomas's tracker moving at 60 to 70 km/hr toward Christchurch from Oxford GorgeHard to say - road more of it on my own this timeThanks Simon and helpers for putting it all together. It was great to see som many people enjoying themselves out in the back country of NZ irrespective of whether they were going hard out or taking it easy.
10/02/2014 16:08:49Mark Humphreyscold meat pieFish and chips at wakefieldone square mealbush robin on marui saddleMurchison motlier offer her car to drive 800 metres into town for teaMurchison motlier offered her car to drive 800 metres to buy teaOld and heavy folding alien key setcomplete change of riding geardidn't happen love my pugsleySprings Junction Motel kept me entertained all night with rat racing in the ceilingPinning it back to Blenheim on the last dayMaruia saddle probably the most beautiful road i have ever ridden no complaints heremaungatapu Mckayla and Kelly nothing had a blast please dont change it aint brokewatching other riders doing the sandfly beating danceonly done this one so nothing to compare withThank you thank you thank you
10/02/2014 16:37:08Matthew PeploePackaged sandwiches. One straight away and one for later.Chips and sandwiches in Culverdon.Still love food.Kea stealing my sandwiches in Arthur's Pass. At the Maruia cafe.I'd nearly run out of food at the end of Rainbow Valley and was standing at the intersection wondering whether to head into St Arnaud to re-supply when Mike Hoogeveen rolled down from St Arnaud and gave me a supply of wraps and salami which got me through to Renwick. Cheers, Mike! I wouldn't have made it through North Bank easily with my one remaining Bumper Bar! Yeti Big Top. I love this bike!Water purifier.Slashed tyre on Mauntgatapu. Tenting beside Glenroy River swimming hole.Ben Hill Reserve to Lees Valley: West Coast lakes and rivers, Arthur's Pass climb and the spectacular descent that followed, Wharfedale track - so much variety in one day!So many options! Maruia Saddle, Porika and Braeburn, the list goes on ...Wairau Valley headwind slog into Renwick. Had to get home somehow though!Damaged sections of the Wharfedale Track. Parts of this track were sublime but the damaged parts were hard work! Anyone one a single speed automatically qualified as one of the craziest!Nothing.Having my lunch stolen by Kea.Counter was great. This was my first Brevet so can't comment on which is best.Thanks to the organisers. This event was a lifetime highlight for me. I finished exhausted but exhilerated to be alive and living in this amazing country. Thanks Simon and team for your efforts.
10/02/2014 18:09:28John Carman$2 lolly bagsChicken FajiatisMaybe 1 square mealsKea's or Kaka's on Lewis PassSt Arnaud Lodge LadyPublic's InterestButt Butter!Butt Butter!Rear brake died...Top 10 HanmerPelorus to St Arnaud2nd half of RainbowNorth Bank road section, head windRainbow CorragationsPaul Smith - FixieGo for the long courseHow simple things madde you happy, like clean towels and hash browns in your burger1st timerLoved it! Knee didnt but i did!
10/02/2014 18:39:32Clifford the Big Non-Red DogWedges with extra salt and katchup Garlic chicken in Hanmer x 2Bumper Bars though I could of used one late on day four. The wild horses and geese on the St James track. Cricket and Ronnie (?) from with water and fresh plumbs then the family that hooked me up with ice water and Replenish drunk AND fruit.... All these somewhere in Valley after Whafer"dumb". The sight of Nathan and his ice cream cone at Aurthurs Pass. 5+ scooper!!!Chamois. Not one saddle sore. I'm still
11/02/2014 09:13:44Ric the RimChoc milkLamb & Kumara Pie - Arthur's Pass Store: pure meat & carb joy!SqwincherFriendly/territorial robins during my al fresco toilet stop up Big RiverBlackball Hilton - salt of the earth...Finding that extra Moro bar when all was lost...Saddle/short combo - almost zero saddle soreness, considering the distancesMacpac raincoatCracked rear rim at Old Rainbow Homestead leading to penultimate day withdrawal: boo...Murchison luxury cabin with spa bath(!)Many excellent sections, but best overall day prob Jacksons to Springfield through Arthur's...Molesworth/Rainbow from Island Saddle: awesome, long, fun downhillFeckin' Porika...Feckin' Porika...Paul Smith: Inspiring Rider and seemed to share my joy in the surrealist nature of breveteering...Cracked rim - would have been nice to complete the course..."It's all downhill from here, of course..." at [fill in blank with whatever section you care to...]This seemed nice...Thanks to the Kennett crew, family, friends and other breveteers who made it all possible, and even pretty joyful for the most part... Memory's already putting a gloss on the harder parts and the little voice is saying: "Maybe again... maybe again..." ;0) Ricos.
11/02/2014 09:32:29Michael DannKiwifruitSpaghetti on toast x2 at Springs Junctio for breakfastHard, chewy muesli barsMad hares along the Matakitaki at duskManager at the Matai Campground, 'renting' me a towel so I could have shower was awesomePat picking my lost mandarin and deliverying it to me at the top of the Porika trackGood bibs. - no problems down there.Ipod shuffle for the long solo seal strecthesNone, headset came a little loose from the corrugations on the rainbow.Sedgemare sleepout on the Rainbow road after 2 nights bivvyingNelson to Maturia (day two)Braeburn track and Maruia Saddle at duskCorrugations on the Rainbow and the 'stone-fruit' gravel + logging trucks on the Northbank of the Wairau. oh and riding back thru Wellington from the ferry, all the traffic was a shock.Maungatapu trackGood company of the ferry going both ways, Tor on the way there and Michael and Richard (?) on the way back.Not much. Do the Brevet so I'd have more company.Eating a can of spaghetti with a tyre lever for dinner at the end of day 2.1st time, was good for me.Thanks again, I had a blast, would do again, the brevet next time. Thanks Simon, Jonathan, Mondo (excellent signage in the forest, didn't need my cue sheets, but I think I also had help just following your tracks!), Pat all the rest who did something behind the scenes.
11/02/2014 12:32:56Alex & DiCafe Latte Perpetuem / toasted sammiesPizza at alpine lodge after the Rainbow, thought we'd be going hungary that night so tasted even better!All good - still hungary now! fortunately didn't rely on OSM's.Not the best, but most disturbing.....rat/s scuttling around in ceiling at springs motelReid Store - very welcomingGreat riding into and out of MurchCredit cardCredit cardJust a couple of flatsAlpine Lodge -bed, shower, food, beer and friendly staff – all good!early morning through Lewis pass – clear blue sky and a nice tail wind – just magicLots of great bits...probably the Rainbow North BankNorth Bank - brutal gravel followed by howling headwind.Would take Tim and Chalotte’s lead , skip Northbank, stay on the road and head to the pub on the way into Blenheim!No preference, first timeA big thanks to the Kennetts and to all who put time and energy into making this happen, Great course, awesome ride, challenging and very rewarding!. (and thanks for the brevette option)
12/02/2014 14:13:33Garth Baker AKA Bob BikerOat cake crackers - they've got energy, taste and tensile strengthThe green and roast vegie salad in Blenheim after finishing. It was well earnt. Didn't add any food items to the hate list - a good way to finishAs a beekeeper I enjoyed seeing so many hives along the way - bees just doing their thingBig ups to Pelorus Bridge cafe - friendly with tasty hot cheese scones at 7:56am
12/02/2014 14:47:46Garth Baker AKA Bob BikerOat cake crackers - they've got energy, taste, tensile strength and go with anything elseThe green and roast vegie salad, with two coffees and an orange juice in Blenheim after finishing. It was well earnt. Didn't add any food items to the hate list and tamarillos is still my most hated so called food As a beekeeper I enjoyed seeing so many hives along the way - bees just doing their thingBig ups to the staff at the Pelorus Bridge cafe - friendly with tasty hot cheese scones at 7:56amUnexpectedly seeing my cuzz who was riding the other event at the entrance to the north bank forestMy bug eyed Dirty Dog sunglasses just kept on my nose quietly doing their job, only rewarded with the occassional washGlad I had my opinel knife to fight off a starving rider when making crackers and cheese. It was potentially an ugly scene, eh Cliff ClermontBike was perfect but solar charger was inadequate to charge phone. Should have tested it more b4 hand Under a big old fir tree across the Wash bridge in the Wairau - it was a soft and completely dry bivy in the rain. Best night's sleep ever. Early start from bivy near top of Jack's Pass, up the Clarence, down the Rainbow. In sync with the universeThe slightly downhill, tar-sealed straights towards the end of the Rainbow. With a tail wind and symmetrical scenery on each side, it was like a time trial video game. Great!From the Boyle River into Hanmer. I had no leg power and lost focus.I struggled on what was probably a reasonably easy stage from the Boyle River into Hanmer. Lost leg and mind power. But lived to ride (happily) again. I rode it solo but have to say my seat was a ever-present companion, always offering support, sometimes some tough love, but never abrasive. Left as friends, returned as friends. Now it is over I wished I'd gone slower so it lasted longer. I wish I was still out there.Wearing my mountain-biking shoes with cleats, I stood in a especially big and sticky dog turd in Murchison. Lesson = never get off the bike. Counter made Porika and Muangatapu more enjoyable, and the Braeburn a sweet descent. Thanks so much to all involved in organising such a great event - it is whatever riders want it to be. Opens the door to all sorts of similar type rides, for different lengths in new places.
12/02/2014 18:31:50Oli du BernHam and Cheese SammiesEggs Bene in Nelson after a morning on the MangatapuI can't hate food.The eels in the lake near St ArnaudSo many. The owner of Kiwi Motel Park in Murchison, the super friendly staff at Alpine Motel at St ArnaudHow truly beautiful the course was.Saddle bagshorts to free ball inI rode through a significant pile of cow pooAV room at Pelorus Bridge Camp ground. Unexpected awesome.They all had elements of pain but Pelorus Bridge to Murchison was epic.Maruia Saddle, Braeburn Track, Rainbow valleyGravel road on North bank going into Blenhiem. Out of control boulder gravelThe heat on day 2 coming out of nelson and from Lewis Pass to Hamner into the wind.Karl and Paul - it's why I ride with those two.get a pimpin' bike - the Trance was better than expected, but a nice light bike would be good.So many. Watching Paul freak out when he though e was going to eaten by the eels after a swim in the lake by St Arnaud was a crack up. You should have seen his face.Counter was great. I'm a first timer and it seemed to flow for me.Simon and the other who organised this event are awesome. Love the experience and approach to the whole event. Awesome work!
12/02/2014 22:09:52Richard Hiles-SmithBags of JetplanesMcDonalds at the endNup - love foodNearly whacked a hedgehog on RainbowTwo trampers at Springs Junction gave us an ice cold beerThat damned North Bank forestry roadRevelate bags - brilliant!None thank goodnessSleeping at Lake Tennyson - awesome even though we woke up freezing our butts offHard call - they were all goodRainbowNorth bank forestry road!North bank forestry roadMy mate Nigel was brilliantMake them every yearThe lady's face when I ordered $20 of takeaways in HamnerCounter - haven't tried the other but wouldn't like going up some of those downhills we didGreat bunch of people - it was great running into people and sharing the adventures
14/02/2014 15:56:37[continued input] Clifford the Non-Red DogI'm still….not sure were I was going there, but my iPhone 5s captured the journey and the "Gas Tank" was key, NONE - Cannondale Scalpel - bravo!Roxbourgh (sp?) MortelDay 4 - St. James on to finishBig River sectionForestfor some reason….(lack of food)…Aurthur's to ShefeildThomas Lindup….nuff said.…not eat 4 LARGE Kababs in 8 hours near Nelson…seeing Thomas in the grass, napping I liked this directionTHANK you to everyone that helped make this event happen!
15/02/2014 20:52:23Phil BrownieHard boiled eggsMurchison Cafe -Breakfast, 3 eggs, 3 saugages, 3 peices of toast, 300grm baked beans , 3 hash browns and yip 3 cups of tea as well BananasReefton local at 5.30am in the mist The Owners of Macdonal Downs who stopped for a yak discovering how accurate the spot tracker was when you got texts from mates qouting the the name of the cafe that I was in - big brother was watching thats for sureMy Specialised Comp 2014 lent to me by the Cyclery Bike Shop dznuts chamios creamboth sets of brake pads and only one set of sparesArthurs Pass Railway station waiting room. heaters, comfy benchs , toilets, and not too many trainsReefton to Arthurs Pass - absolutley stoked with the day Seeing those HUGE trout in the Glenroy river up the Matakitaki That Rainbow rd up to Island Passup over Arthurs Pass at 11.00pm in the misty rain , spooky and very darkSteven Mcleod - crazy as Id take my puffer for those chilly nights bivying out Those voilet rubber dish gloves worn by Joanne Emmens - colourful and perfect attire for the Waiau Pub on a Friday nightCounter Thanx to everyone who contributed in any way to the success of the event from the organisers their helpers and friends to the locals and friends at home and not forgetting all the fellow riders i met and shared the road with on the journey -what great company
16/02/2014 12:24:23Niel the WheelPiesSteak & ChipsBacon & Egg PieKea Stealing SandwichesOtira Hotel PublicanWild Sheep Dog Attackcotton cycle capclean lens cycle glassessticking front changermotel BlenheimArthurs PassFinishing the Waiuta TrackCircuit Road Wairau Valley.Top of Lees Valley.Andrew ScottNo tent next time or bed roll next time.Andrew trying to get me to go 1/3rds in purchase of thermal socks.counter
16/02/2014 21:58:33Andrew ScottPies and choc milkLate lunch of sausages, eggs and chips with a pint at Hurunui Pub as southerly drizzle set in ousideEnjoyed all of itSublime dawn chorus on Maruia Saddle with PatPretty much all of themSaturday afternoon B-Grade thrash to PelorusEureka Spitfire Solo Superlight TentProctosedyl Ointment, Used on feet ,between toes, as butt butter 3 x day, smeared on shock stanchions as well as prescribed useSam Turner,never grizzled ,groaned, moaned or whined at all. I love him dearlyFowlers Hut,which used to be derelict and is now far from it. Shelter from the stormAll good, didn't want to finish so had a final toasted sandwhich and pint at Renwick PubPort Underwood, Maungatapu, Porika,Maruia Saddle, Big River, Waiuta, Waimakariri Basin, Mac Downs, Island Saddle, Manuka Island Forest.Fecking boulder bash that was Goulter RdNorthbank boulder bash ,headwinds ran out of food.Niel the WheelI'm getting me a B17Counter, though I haven't done it the other waySo many thank yous. All those I rode with and those I didn't. The K bros especially Simon for bringing us the Brevet. Mondo for the brilliant Manuka Island Forest, and wifey of course for all the support.
18/02/2014 20:11:17NigelBarbeque at st ArnuardHamner springsBeers provided by the trampers in the next room at springs junctionAfter bike my bed chain oil, tool kitchain brakeSprings junction, Alpine motelsprings junction - lake TennensonBraeburn trackNorth bankRun up to St ArnardRichardthe need to be bike fit on day one, found I tapered for too longStopping for a swim in the river, Bloody cold but refreshingcounterGreat event, Must have a strnge sense of humor to throw North bank in
20/02/2014 08:39:37Nathan FaavaeAbsolute Wilderness Freeze Dry - Creamed Rice & ApplesGreymouth Coaster BreakfastRussian Cuisine - never liked it reallyBreaking up a fight between 2-bulls in Clarence ValleyFarmers, north canterbury, filling my water bottlesCar pulled alongside me late one night asking WTF was I doing, I rode along explaining and they gave me a bag of fruitMaps and mapholderFull suspensionFreewheel bearings ground to metal dustconnors creek hutDay 2, lots of passesWaiutanorth canterburynorthbank wairauthe fly who sat on my map holder all the way up arthurs passseatgetting to halfway mark thinking I must be at least 2/3 doneCounter worked for methanks for the opportunity
20/02/2014 09:58:38Paul SmithMilkshakesVenison and mash, with a pint, at BlackballI still like food. Always will.Dave Ryan on WaiutaAstounded by the support from everyone I met all the way around. Can't pick just one standout. But probably the COC guys at Big River who brewed up a lunchtime coffee for us.Talcum powder and chammy cream in combination is awesome.My bike. And my expensive roadie-cafe gloves while they lasted (RIP)A sense of humour.Didn't unpack my tools or tubes for the entire event.A rental tent, inside a barn at Jackons. Inside a barn I say. Still wondering why.Springs Junction to Jacksons.Everything other than Porters Pass in the cloud and cold driving rain. Oh, and Port Underwood Road. You can keep those two. I'll take the rest. Really? It was all good. Just some bits better than other bits.30km of corrugations on Rainbow made me feel physically nauseous.The little fellow who lives inside my head. I talked to him a lot. Mostly out loud.Nothing. Really. Nothing.Missing a Weka by millimetees at 40kmh on a gravel road in the twilight semi-darkness around Brunner. I think it lost a tail feather or two to my front wheel. Funny now, wasn't at that very moment.Only ridden counter. So that one.
02/03/2014 13:25:45Dave Ryan (Grumpy)Cooked breakfasts (Nelson and Hanmer were the standouts)Venison and mash at Blackball, Steak at Sheffield.OSM Bars, creamed rice.Kea that tried to eat my rear tyre in Otira. Sandflys at Lake Rotoroa.Blackball, SheffieldDOC workers at big River Hut giving us a cup of coffee.Ground Effects Flash GordonTub of sweet cheeks, credit cardRear deraileur cable.Camp ground pavilion at CulverdenLast Day, Culverden to Blenheim, felt good all day. Big River, Wharfedale, Rainbow ValleyLees Valley to Hurunui, endless farm roads and tricky navigateOtira to Sheffield, a bit lumpy and cursed by the weather gods.The inspiring Paul Smith, fixed and unrelentingly positive.A bit less highway and a bit more singletrack. 9:00am stat for Grand Depart.The Publican at Blackball telling me who I was.Only done counter, some of those climbs look a bit daunting in the other direction.Very enjoyable event, enhanced by friendly and interested locals, good company on the road and some magnificent locations.
11/03/2014 21:30:47Martin 'mfw NicholsFull cooked breakfast, with a pie on the sideHmm, Steak, chips and a bowl of pasta at Blackball HiltonOSM'sKea destroying hire car at the viaduct carparkBlackball Hilton proprietorsBivvying on a conveyor beltPsych frame bag for full suspension frame (so no backpack)Aero barsChain jammed around front derailleurSheep shearing shedFirst 24 hoursRideable sections of Waiutu and WharfdaleWalking sections of Waiutu and WharfdaleRainbow due to injury.Muzz my riding buddy!More singletrack, less road if possibleSplashing each other in the puddles, just didn't care anymore...N/ABrevet on 'Brevette fitness' is an epic test of body and mind!
19/08/2014 21:15:40YipFresh SandwichesReefton BreakfastNothing this time..Plenty of bird life...Not OtiraFood glorious food...Great LG bib shorts + Brooks saddle + Sweetcheeks Butt Butter = happy butt. Was all sweetNone, good luck and Under the stars, several times. Richmond to Reefton Most of it. Northbank section. Not fun. Probably Wharfdale. Some wasted dude we met up with. I'd avoid the unnecessary detours and big rocks on the Northbank section. Hmm..Clockwise..
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