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NoGameYearAgeWas it one of my best games? (I speak about these games a lot)PlatformDetailsComments
Running N catching19944OutdoorsBefore I was introduced to technology, this was a simple game of tag I used to play with my cousins. I remember playing this game until we got tired or bored.
Lock N key19944OutdoorsThis was a modified game of tag, where "it" locks people(cant move) and the others who arent tagged can unlock them. These were few of the games I used to play when I was young
Hide N seek19944OutdoorsThings I remember about this: there always used to be atleast one person whom you could never find and we would change the game if we couldn't find that person and he would come out after a long time just to find out we ditched him and were playing a differrent game
Tom and Jerry (Old Pc game)19955MS DOSMy very first PC game, things I remember about this game were that it was top-down, move using keyboard. You needed to dodge tom and could enter the mouse hole to launch 3 differrent traps at tom.
putt putt19955MS DOSI remember playing 2 putt putt games one being in outer space and another where you needed to honk the car in order to move the cow. Someone needed to tell me that you needed to honk for the cow to move out of the way. It was a point N click classic adventure game for kids, I remember that I really loved the visuals
Snakes N ladders19955Board gameThis was my 1st board game that I played with my family. I remember that I never used to get why we fell down if we got bit by a snake. It was also a game I used to play with my grandma during her dying days a few years later when I was 12
GI Joe toys19966ToyI just loved playing with these toy figures. I still do when I get the chance(I still buy toys). But back in the day I used to try getting a GI Joe figure whenever I could by any means. My best friend and I used to play this for a few years. We never used to have any story while we played it. We used to first pick the figures, vehicles and weapons that we thought we would use, then we made up a short background and improvised the story as we played the game. Watching cartoons that time had a heavy influence on the story although we used to adapt other cartoons and not just limit ourself to gi joe & cobra
Lego blocks19966ToyReally loved sandbox games at that age because I could play by myself and also with my friends. We could share our story with each other and construct things based on what we came up with. After that we would ALWAYS improvise the story
wolf 3d19966MS DOSThis game was installed on my fathers office computers. I used to go to my fathers office after school, disturb all the employees at the office just to make sure I got to play wolf3D(thank god India still doesn't follow ESRB). I did not know that we could save the game, so I used to play the first stage every day and could never find my way past stage 5
road rash19966PCThis game was installed on my friends PC, I remember playing this game a lot. The pre-rendered photorealistic graphics used to amaze me. I never really liked racing games but I used to play this game for the most part just to unlock the cool new bikes and bikers who had some cool equipment. I remember "Slim Jim" being my faviourute
descent19966MS DOSThis was a DOS 3D game, I never really crossed the first stage. Another game that was installed on some PC in my father's office. I used to watch other people play this game and got excited whenever someone else picked up weapons that changed the color of the laser or launched missiles
math blaster19966PCMath blaster was a cartoony math game with some stunning visuals and voice over. I did find the game a little tough, but the varied difficulty helped me. The game was installed in a PC at my cousins house, so she used to help me play the game, even though I did not understand how to play most of the mini games in it, I enjoyed watching the visual feedback it gave when I was wrong or right
Tic tac toe19977PaperThis was a game I used to play during class with my friends at school. I remember my tuition teacher was the person who actually thought me how to play this game. I used to play it with her everyday. I thought this game to a few friends in class and we used to play this game during breaks and sometimes while the class was going on. First or second grade memories here
Ludo19977Board gameThis was another board game I picked up from my uncle. During our vacation in the hill stations of Ooty. My family used to go to the hill stations just to relax and take sometime off during the summer, mainly to escape the heat. We used to play Ludo in teams during the evenings next to the fireplace
doom19977MS DOSOne of my faviourute games ever!!! Really inspires me to this day. Every day it reminds me that "if 4 people in a garage can alter history with their dreams there is nothing to stop me from doing the same". This game was installed on my friends PC, for a few months we never knew that there was more than 1 stage. Someone else needed to tell us that "you need to press space" once the level is over to go to the next stage, I remember my best friend and I playing the 1st stage for a few months until we found out that the game actually had more than 1 stage. It was also the first game that I discovered that had "cheat codes: IDKFA IDDQD". We use to chant these codes every day while playing the game and also feel little superior to other friends at school when we shared the code with them telling them all the cool stuff the game could do. The word BFG(even though we didn't know the meaning that time) became a staple during trash talk. There always used to be older cousins and friends who used to play the game in "Ultra violent" with the cheats on, and we used to treat them as gods because they played in that difficulty. I recently read "Masters of Doom" to see how they managed to pull it off
fury 319977PCThis was a flight game from MS, I used to be the "cheat code" typer in this game. Three of us got together to play this game, one of my friends used to control the movement, another used to change and fire weapons and I used to refill ammunition by tying in cheats. I remember typing in codes to get more "FFF missles" whenever we encountered a hard enemy. During 96, using cheat codes were the "in-thing" and knowing as many websites to find cheat codes was considered cool in my friends circle. I probably knew like 40 websites that just had cheat codes for video games
duke nukem 219977MS DOSI remember buying a 7-disk cube CD with a collection of 700+ DOS shareware games. Duke nukem 2(side scroller) was one of the games in the disk. I found this game incredibly difficult, but I liked it since the graphics were awesome and enemies dropped some cool weapons and pickups. Never really crossed the second stage but I did play it for a while
commander keen 419977MS DOSI loved this game for its slowly increasing difficulty. I would say that the level design for each of the levels in this game was really good because, unlinke other games of its time this stages in this game inscreased the difficulty slowly. This game also had a 2D map where people could choose which stage they wanted to play, so if he felt any stage was too tough he could always finish a differrent stage and come back to this one at a later point. I recenetl bought this game on steam just to relive those memories
populous19977PCBack in the day my father used to subscribe to a computer magazine called "Chip" that used to ship with a CD. One of these CDs had the game "Populous: The beginning demo". The first time I played it I never really understood how to play it and one day I discovered that the game had something called a "tutorial"(yes I learened a new word that day), this game mode thought me how to play the game(even though most was text with icons of keyboard and mouse). After completing the tutorial I played the game and my friend purchased the full version and we all enjoyed playing the game(ofcourse we started usign cheats after a point and had more fun). Using god powers on little people on an island, it cant get more fun than that
Contra19988Fake NESOne of the toughest games I ever played, I could never really cross the third stage. I used to watch my friends play this game and also remember playing the hacked version of the game wherein you could change the level and increase the number of lives when the black screen appears before every stage
Super mario bros19988Fake NESOnce I purchased the "Fake NES" system (a.k.a The Terminator 2), we got a free cartridge with 99999 games in 1, but this cartridge had only 5 games, all the other games were hacks or differrent versions of the original 5. Mario was one of them, I remember playing this game with my brother and my cousins, though I wasn't too good at this game at that time. I used to enjoy watching other people reach levels I couldn't reach. Also I have never actually seen Mario saving the Princess since no one I knew, ever reached the final castle
duck hunt19988Fake NESThis game needed a gun attachment to the console. Need to read how it actually worked, I mean this might just put the wii to shame. This game was fun because we needed to shoot something inside the game on screen, with a gun. that was connected as a controller
battle city19988Fake NESBattle city was a great game. I did not enjoy the game as much as creating maps for it. I used to create maps for this game using the map editor. The maps could not be saved because the cartridge I used did not have any memory to store the saved content. Esp. since this was a Fake NES cartridge
Demolition man19999SNESDemolition man for the SNES was a visually stunning game with some great voice acting. I felt that this game was really tough. My friends and I used to play this game, we used to watch my friend play this game the whole day. We used to start playing the game in the morning, pause the game for lunch and complete it before night. This game had "continue" so if you lost all your lives you could still get a few lives bu you just need to start the level from the beginning. All other previous games made you start from the beginning of the game, so this was one of the first games that I actually saw the ending.
Pulling the donkey19999Card gameThis was another card game that my family used to play during our vaction on the hills. This was a simple game so the "Kids" could play this one. We did have a lot of fun playing this game but the grown-ups would soon quit this game to play other "elderly" card games
Rummy19999Card gameAnother card game I learned during my vacation on the hills. I didnt really enjoy this one as it required you to think too much to play and there was no actual reward for me as a kid. It was enjoyed by my parents as they played with money
super mario world19999SNESMy friends game for the SNES, I used to rush to his house during the weekends just to play super mario world. After playing for a bit and loosing all my lives, we used to hand this game over to the little elder friends in the house hold just to see the differrent levels in the game and how the level was completed
monster truck madness19999PCThe thing that stuck with me most about this game was the running commentry. Some guy in the background used to keep commenting depending on how we played the game, The colors and design of the monster trucks used in the game were distinct and was fun to see more than play
dune 200019999PCMy first CD purchase in life & first RTS game. Im not sure why I picked up this game as it did not have any attractive cover art and did not even have a single screenshot of the game. I went into the store with my mom to by an adventure game and the shopkeeper suggested a 2D platformer which I do not remember. But I decided to go with dune 2000 anyway. After playing it for sometime, I really enjoyed playing it and shared it with my friends. After playing it for a month and figuring out how to play, I started loving the game. Eventually two of my friends ended up buying the game as they too enjoyed playing it. We did not use cheats mainly because this game did not have them. The game had 3 unique factions and I even reached the last stage with one of them(Atradies). This game also had 'skirmish maps' which were maps were you just needed to destory the enemy and be the last team standing. The main thing that intrigued me with this game was that it hada technology tree that unlocked new units and buildings based on what units and buildings I built. The game had so many things that just exploring what the game had to offer kept me playing this game for a very long time, although it is not too much compared to todays RTS. It also had a very good tutorial and difficulty progression which made it more fun to play.
gex19999PCThis was a 2D side scroller that I did not play for too long but the lizard that appeared in the game has an impression on me for some reason. Maybe because it was so funky and out of this world, also the damn Lizard could speak.
jazz jack rabbit 219999PCA 2D side scroller with a good level design. The "sugar rush" feature in this game reminded me of Mario's "Start powerup". The game had many weapons and 2 characters with distinct skills. Even though there were many weapons and skills the stronger weapon was always the one that appeared in a later stage. This didn't really matter since the visuals were stunning. The map editor that came along with this game was also easy to use. I could pick it up even though I was quite young at that time.
carmaggedon19999MS DOSI played this game at a friends place. It was unlike any other CAR game that I had played. The objectives were very differrent. They were goto a stadium and run over all the football players or totally destory your opponenets car at a derby. The reward at the end was unlocking new cars and buying upgrades for your car. This made me play the game more and more.
where in time is carmen san diego200010PCThis classic point and click adventure was another game that was installed in my cousins PC. I couldn't understand what was going on initially but I finished the game again and again with the help of my sister. Every time I played it I might have learned something but for the most part I just learned which parts of the screen I must be clicking in order to progress.
Thexder200010PCThis was another 2D shooter/adventure game. Thexder was a robot that could transform into a plane, a walker and a miner. It also had upgrades and weapons. It also required you to solve puzzles as certain areas could be accessed only if you transform into a certian mode
Command & Conquer: Tiberian sun200010PCOne of the best stratergy games that I ever played. I also played this game for a long time. The campaigns in that game were punishingly tough but the unit and buildings were very distinct and unique both in terms of art style as well as functionality. The campaigns had cinimatic cut-scens with real actors which added to both story and humor. My friends and I used to play "skirmish mode" most of the time. But like all command and conquer games it sufferred from the Tank spamming, since there is no population cap, the person building the most tanks usually wins. ESP. if you take GDI and build mammoth tanks
sky roads200010MS DOSI played a shareware version of this game. This was a DOS game with very simple controls. move left/right and jump, and increase/decrease speed. The game took place in space each stage happenned in differrent nebula with differrent gravity. Dodging obstacles and making it to the end was the goal. But every level required precesion controls to actually reach the end. I felt that it was very difficult to play and could clear only 2-3 stages out of 50. But the visulas in the game were out of this world(literally too), espicially for a DOS game
jetpack200010MS DOSThis was a game where you play a guy wearing a jetpack, the way you finished it was to collect all the green jelly. The game was a lot of fun to play and as there were a ton of differrent materials and enemies each with distinct behavious. The game also had a map editor which was very easy to use, I actually had more fun creating maps for this game and watching/forcing my mother to play it than actually playing it myself
crash bandicoot200010PlaystationMy best playstation 1 game ever. The things I liked most about crash bandicoot was his attitude(ignorance is bliss but I will kick your ass at the end), the soundtracks used in the game and the way in which the difficulty progressed between each level. This game kept me hooked to the TV quite long. This game made me reailize that most games were tough for me because I was not learning from my mistakes. In crash bandicoot every time I died I knew how to overcome an obstacle once I played it anywhere between 1-90 times. I became a big fan, and started using "Crash" as my gamertag
quake 2200010PCLoved quake 2 mainly due to its visuals and gore. I remember body parts flying away when I killed an enemy. I played the shareware version and never really got to play the full version. I remember using cheats to unlock the cool weapons and see what the game had to offer, but this was a game that did not stick with me too long
space ace200010MS DOSThis was an interactive movie. I could not call it a game since it required the player to just press a specific key at a particular time to progress through the story. But I liked the visuals and very much. Although I never got to finish it, I just recently watched it on the web to see the whole game in 10 minutes
Command & Conquer: Red alert 2200111PCAfter playing C&C: Tiberian sun, my friends and I decided to get Red alert 2 because it was command & conquer. We knew westwood was going to make a good game. Once we played red alert 2 our minds where blown away. We never thought there could be a game better than tiberian sun but there it was! We loved the game mainly because of its funky units like military sonic dolphins, tesla troopers who could use the Eiffel tower as a big tesla coil to fry enemies. The thing that made the game even better was that it linked to an alternate history of the real world, things like Einstien working for the army, the soviet invents a time machine and mind controling psyckics. The voice acting for units in game as well as real actor cut-scenes made the game even more fun to play. I learned a little bit about the "Cold War" when I played Red alert 2
need for speed200111PlaystationOne of the 2 games I bought for the playstation along with the console. It was my brothers favourite game and we used to play against each other most of the time(even though I only remember loosing most of the time, if not always). I enjoyed playing this game with my friends too since we could go "Head to Head" against each other
mortal kombat: Trilogy200111PlaystationDuring my first visit to the US, I played Mortal Kombat at my uncle's place. His son had this game for the Nintendo64. Every time I played him he used to finish me off within 8-10 seconds scoring a "Flawless victory" and performing a "Brutality". I loved this game so much that I made sure my parents got this for me when bought a Playstation. Beating people in this game started to mean something because it wasn't just "I beat you" anymore, it became "U didnt even have a chance" or "That was close". Trash talk before, during and after every game became common. I forced everyone in my family to play this game including my cousin sister, mother, father though they didn't like it and could never actually beat me. Another thing about this game was the combo-system, doing cool moves in the game required you to input a key sequence within a set time. This I thought was brilliant and would go online just to memorize the combos.
tekken 2200111PlaystationThis was a playstation game which my brother purchased. I really did not like the game too much mainly because I used to compare it with Mortal Kombat. I felt that the combat was too slow and also the combo's compared were too long.
quake 3200111PCQuake 3 made me an id fan. Though the game did not have any story, the graphics and player models in the game just made me fall in love with it. The first time I played the game I used to play only single player and didn't actually know that multiplayer was more fun. For that time I felt that the game was good. But 5 years later in 2005 during high school, I played multiplayer with my friends in the Computer lab in high school. This made all of us crazy, we used to cut classes and outdoor games just to play quake against each other. Deathmatch started becoming a way of life, we used to talk about it during breakfast, lunch and dinner(was in boarding school). One night we also went to the extent of breaking into the computer lab at midnight just to play quake3(no one found out that time, but we did tell the teachers once we left school during our 1st year reunion). The thing that stuck most to my mind were the jump pads, rocket launcher and quad damage. Though we used to play against each other with a lot of trash talk, no one was ever hurt, we were all just having fun. I still play Quake Live which is essentially Quake 3 in a browser and still dont get bored. Firing that rocket launcher never gets old.
kknd 2:krossfire200111PCI just found out that KKND stands for "Krush Kill N Distroy". This was another strategy game I used to play. I remember really liking this game and playing it with friends. The graphics were a little cartoony and there were 3 teams in a post-apocalyptic world. Do not remember too much about this game but it did have some impact on me during that time
future cop200111PCThis was a 3D action game where you could transform your vehicle in one of 2 modes. The campaign itself was weak but the multiplayer stood out since both teams had bases and could build turrets and ships that kept spawing and moving towards the enemy. The main gameplay actually being a 3D 3rd person shooter with many weapons.
age of empires 2200212PCAnother RTS game that I used to play during high school. I used to mainly play the "skirmish mode" with very easy AI. I never really wanted to "win" in this game. I wanted to build a big city with huge walls and districts(even though the game did not have I would just imagine it had). This game was more of a sandbox game for me than an actual game. I liked using the map editor to create all the unique buildings, build roads to each part of a city. I was actually re-living my GI joe days inside a computer. I used to make armies march in front of a "King" unit just to display a parade and have lots of monuments and churches with monks in it. To me this game was more about sandboxing and using my imagination to play my "improvised stories" rather than actually play the campaign or multiplayer.
command & conquer: renegade200212PCOnce I played the C&C games and initially saw the trailer for Renegade, I thought "It would be great to just play one unit in an RTS game from an FPS view". For the most part I really liked Renegade even though it receieved bad reviews. I liked the game mainly because I knew C&C Lore after playing almost all C&C games to that point. The story was bad but I felt that the multiplayer, where one team needed to destory another team was a great idea. The multiplayer mode had differrent classes who all used unique weapons, vehicles that appeard in the RTS game and also buildings that had unique functionalities.
metal gear solid200212PlaystationReally liked the enemy characters in this game, the codec feature where you needed to tune in to a particular frequency. The codec was used to listen to both non-sense and mission objectives. The main bad guys in this game were memorable and I think had a lot of character. Although I loved the game very much, I thought the MGS series of games were like watching a movie instead of actually playing a game.
prince of persia200212GameboyLong after its realease I finally got to play POP. I used to play this on my Gameboy whenever my parents used to visit me in boarding school. I remember them coming all the way to see me and all I used to be doing was playing gameboy. I did find this game a little difficult and did risort to cheat codes to skip levels but I could never really complete any level so it did not make any sense for me to actually play the game
crash bash200212PlaystationCrash bash was a game with a lot of mini games. They structured the story by introducing new elements into these mini-games in each level and also increasing the enemy AI. This was a good 4 player co-op game which I enjoyed playing with my friends. This game also had a roster of characters from which you could choose from each with their own distinct abilities and stats.
deus ex200313PCThis was one of the games that made a big impression on me. It was the first time I played a game that was a stealth FPS game. But the thing I liked most was the RPG element where you could modify your body by inserting augmentations and also the conversation system wherein the player could interact with NPCs having differrent consequences depending on what you chose to say. The tiny details were another great thing part of the game. Eg. You had a username/password to check emails, you had an office, you could hack computers, interact with switches, ...
rogue squadron200313PCRouge squadron stood out because I thought that the controls of the game mapped well with the keyboard, espicially for a flight game. The towing mechanic for the snow-speeder really stood out. Also the game featured most of the differrent types of flights after episode 4
house of the dead200313PCI played house of the dead for the PC, I think it was a direct port of some arcade game. The controls were as simple as use the mouse to shoot and press space to reload. This game wasn't as much fun for the PC as "theming" was not right. I really liked shooting with an actual toy gun pointing it on the screen
pokemon red200313GameboyThis was one of my faviourite hand-held games to date. I picked up the game slowly, remember starting with squirtle and playing the game for 8 hrs per day during my holidays. The 'free roam' aspect along with the 'gotta catch em' all' just kepth me playing all day. I constantly wanted to get my pokemon stronger to beat my friends pokemon, wanted to catch all the unique pokemon(129 out of 151), and finish the story at the same time. I also loved the story and started watching the TV series and buying the story books. Yes, I was a fan. I originally started with red but then shifted to yellow even though the only differrence being a 'Pikachu' following you.
max payne200313PCMax payne' was one of the most famous games in India. I remember buying this game in a 4-game box that came along with dues Ex, rainbow 6, tomb raider(played it for like few minutes). The story in this game was good, but those days I didn't really care about the story, but the bullet time feature in this game really fantastic(it didnt make sense because everything would slow down BUT you could still move your gun(cursor) with the same speed, but it did not need to make sense since it felt perfect). They also used a comic strip style technique to tell the story which I tought was unique
warcraft 3200313PCThis RTS game stood out to me mainly due to its animated cinematics and the multiplayer mods. I played most of the campaigns and shifted to the 'Tower defence' mod. This mod required everyone in the team to play cooperatively to stop the enemy forces from reaching the end
Jak N Daxter200313Playstation 2After becoming a fan of 'Crash Bandicoot', I needed to try Jak N Daxter since this was from Naught Dog(really dont like what they are making now). This game had platforming combined with melee combat, guns and vehicles. Thinking back, this game is a perfect example of "A Hero's journey". The free roam aspect as well as "come to this spot after you know a particular skill" to collect this item made this game one of my favourites
Kingdom hearts200414Playstation 2This game changed the way in which I look at games because of its extra-ordinary story. It was a mixture of final fantasy+disney. BUT the way the story unfolded was genius. The difficulty also built up at the correct pace. One thing I notice in most games with a japanesse influence is that they give a lot of importance to the music and sound. They use the music to control the emotion of the player and this inturn attaches the story to the players heart(not to sound to corny but is also true in most anime such as naruto, code geass, death note)
metal slug200414PC emulatorThough this game released earlier, I got this game as a PC port many years later. I did enjoy playing this game. The animations and 2D art was so well done in this game. The way things exploded made a big impact in terms of feel
grand theft auto: vice city200414PCMy best GTA game ever. I liked this game mainly because it took place in the 80s. The radio station in this game just kept me coming back for more(I still play it because of the radio station). The theming inside this game made me play it even after completing the missions. The story was great, the cars were great (miami did have a lot of rich people in the 80s) and in the midst of the drug trade, I got to play the hero.
call of duty200414PCFor me COD was always about realistic story telling. I liked the missions in COD because they tried to make the player feel as if they are in a warzone doing some risky missions. The multiplayer aspect never really felt special to me unlike most people who like the game for its multiplayer
jedi knight 2200515PCDeflecting laser bolts with the lightsabre, using force powers like mind trick and lightning and 3 distinct sabre stances made this game memorable to me
star wars : knights of the old republic200515PCIf I had to pick one game to be "My faviourite game" this would be it. I liked this game mainly due to its conversation system, where you could choose what to say and align yourself to either the light or dark side. The conept of your own ship(The ebon hawk) and crew that accompany you whereever you go also was something new to me. I hadn't seen these many new things in a video game for quite a while. Also since it was star wars I could relate to it even better. The story was also really good even though you got to decide what happens in the end. After playing through this game I became a true "Star wars" fan
hitman 3: contracts200515PCI liked this game because it allowed me to complete each stage any way I wanted. Though I tried completing most of the stages using the interest points and disguise, I couldn't always pull it off. Also trying out the differrent guns in the game was a visual treat
fire emblem: the sacred stones200515Gameboy AdvanceI never really liked turn based RTS games but this was a good one because it also had an RTS element to it where your characters would level up and get stronger. Not only that but you could also decide what specialiaztion they could become
advance wars200515Gameboy AdvanceA game similar to fire emblem but had a weaker story without leveling up. This game had squad based combat instead of induvidual units. You got to pick a commander before the game begins, this would decide what special ability that your team would have
bluff200515Card gameA card game I learned from my friends at school. In this game people needed to empty their hands as fast as possible. You could either decide to play it safe and tell the truth or take a risk by bluffing and emptying more cards. Lesson learned from this game, you need to bluff if you want to win
black and white200515PCA god game in which you control a small village as well as a gigantic pet. I liked this game because you could align yourself to good or evil based on the actions you do in game. You could either choose to win by war or diplomacy
fable200515XboxFable stuck out to me because you could play the game starting from childhood all the way to an old man. The game also had a butterfuly effect, wherein small things you did at the beginning stages might actually alter gameplay and story at a later stage
halo200515XboxThis was my first FPS game for a console, I was getting used to aiming with an analog joystick instead of the mouse. For some reason I could use it only when it was inverted on the y-axis but I soon realized that the most effective way to use the analog joystick for an FPS game is to strafe and move the cursor to get the reticle to point at a particular place
counter strike source200616PCI used to play this game a lot, it was fun upto a point and but then I started playing this really cool mod called "Surf". The surf mod was like playing counter strike on a roller coaster. The weapon you got was determined by the skill you had in surfing rather than the money in your bank, which made this game mode really fun to play. Also, the maps were really huge and well done which made it even more fun to play. It also had a conept of "Jail" where people who fell of the ramp would end up and the only way to rescue them was by opening the jail cell which could only be asccessed if you were good surfer. Also the jail usually had one sided windows so people from the outside could see what is happenning inside and kill people if they were in the oppossing team
doom 3200616PCAfter becoming an id fan, I had to try out doom3. As everyone in the gaming world were talking about the graphics it had. The graphics were ofcourse 'stunning' and the game was scary. But I didnt really like the game as much as the old id games mainly since I thought it lacked many 'game' like elements. It looked like id fell into their own trap, they invented the FPS genere but never really improved it.
sly cooper 2200616Playstation 2This game focused on stealing art. The final mission reminded me of ocean's 11 because sly cooper would discuss his heist with his team of 3 and we are suppossed to execute it in the same way, but as we are doing the mission something usually goes wrong and we need to improvise on the go. The game also had a great story and the 3 differrent characters had their own unique abilites. Using all three to complete a mission did provide me with satisfaction
ratchet N clank: Up your arsenal200717Playstation 2Ratchet N clank reminds me of the ridiculous weapons the game had to offer. The main reason I played this game was to unlock new weapons and armor. The story itself wasn't too great.
sims 2200717PCI remember playing Sims 2 and loving the game, but it was for a short span of time. I was trying to create the "Ultimate home" more than telling a story. The details in this game was astonishing but got repeative after a point. If you got good at something it became more of micro-managing than doing new things
spyro 2200717Playstation 2The characters in Spyro stood out more than the dragon itself. This game also featured the concept of coming back to the same place after acquiring a skill to complete a quest
garry's mod200818PCThis was another sandbox game that I enjoyed playing. Though it did not stick with me for too long I did like the way in which you can combine items and assign them stats and properties. The game had a lot to offer but lack of a goal made it difficult to play for a long time
mass effect200818PCI tried out mass effect since it was made by the same company that created Star wars: Knights of the old republic. Initially when I saw the videos before game launch I wanted to play it mainly because they improved upon the conversation system by adding actions that happenned along with dialog. I also liked the fact that they stuck to the "You have your own space ship to explore the galaxy" and a very interactive crew that impacted the way in which they reacted in game
elder scrolls 4200818PCI started playing elder scrolls a few months after the game because my Graphic card could not support it. But I remember reading the game manual everyday until I actually got a new card. I loved the open world and side quests in this game more than the main quest. The "Dark brotherhood" and "Theives guild" missions were most memorable since it made me feel part of a secret organization within the game. The fact that you could also become a vampire, ride horses, buy houses and build your character any way you want regardless of the class that you choose in the start made this game one of the most memorable games I had ever played.
star wars force unleashed200919Playstation 3Taking a look at the pre-launch videos I had very high expectations of the force unleashed. As it boasted superior AI, physics and graphics. Once I played the game I could feel these things but thought something was missing. It had met all my expectations but the story was something I didnt really like espicially after playing other games prior to this one. The visual feedback in this game however made me complete the game and even play it a second time to unlock equipment
soul calibur 4200919Playstation 3I always loved 2 player fighting games ever since I laid hands on Mortal Kombat. I bought soul calibur since this was recommended to me, by a friend. I did enjoy playing with other people, but I enjoyed playing "Tower of lost souls" and unlocking the story for each character because this unlocked cool new weapons and armor for characters.
perfect world200919PCMy first MMORPG game, this was a game that followed the "freemium" model. I played this game during my second and third year in College. I was addicted to this game too much, to the extent that I used to go to College, come back home early just to play this game. Once I reached level 60 or so the game's quests had too much grinding in it so I also started to learn how the economy in the game worked. After a few days of research and trading, I officially became a "day trader" . I used to buy goods that were "Hot" goods either from other players or from the Auction house and sell them at a higher price to other players who needed those goods. After a few months of doing this, I accumilated enough money to buy and sell stuff without actually owning them and still making a hefty profit. The game also had currency where people could put in real money for game coins. I just invested 20$ into the game after becoming a trader and had assets and game coin worth 4000$(too bad I couldnt convert the game assets to real money) by the time I quit. One day I finally decided to quit was because it was interfering with my life and I could feel it. From that day on I try my best not to play any MMO's.
world of goo200919PCMy first indie game(other than id games). The reason I bought this game was because "IT WAS CREATED BY JUST 2 PEOPLE". I didnt really care about how it was going to be. The fact that the game was created by just 2 people was a good enough reason for me to purchase this game. BUT once I played it I was blown away, firstly I couldn't believe it and then I found out there were other people on earth actually working in small teams and creating works of art. I really liked the simple game mechanic which was exploited at every level to make you feel that it was differrent. After finishing the game I started reading about it and eventually found out that it was created from people at the ETC, and also that they used SDL and ODE. I also read few of the wrappers that they had written which gave me even more confidence that games can not only be created by big companies with hundreds of people
half life 2200919PCI played half life 2 only when I bought the 'Orange Box'. I felt that this game had one of the best stories for an FPS game. Thinking back I can now see how they used "Indirect control" with minimal to almost non-existent text tooltips. The reason I liked this game is because they introduce puzzle elements and give us hints in the enviroment on how to solve the puzzle rather than telling it to our face. They also made sure that the main character(Gordon Freeman) never talks but everyone knows he is genius and is the only one who can get the job done.
team fortress 2200919PCLiked the art style in this game. Also the unique classes and game modes in this game made it fun to play. Each class even had its own attitude(this did not alter gameplay but did add into theming). This game also featured an achievement system that unlocked new weapons with distinct features and some clothes which were purely for looks
new super mario bros wii201020WiiThis is my favourite co-op game I have ever played. I really liked the fact that this game can be played by just one person, but other people could join in and share the playspace with you to either make life easier or more difficult. Like most mario games the platforming elements were fantastic but the co-op play made it more fun as I could see me throwing my cousin down a pit or he helping me complete a stage.
super mario galaxy201020WiiOnce I played this game, the first thing that came into my mind was "How the hell did they make him move around a circular world". I tried implementing this in the PC and did not get far until I stumbled upon an article on Gamasutra which explained that you needed to rotate mario along the normals and mimic the movement along a 2D plane by specifying a 2D direction vector. But this round worlds concept where you can hop between planets was a new platforming element I enjoyed very much. The fact that if you keep going straight you will eventually end up in the same spot.
plants vs zombies201020PCAfter warcraft 3 mods, I was a fan of tower defence games. The differrent types of plants and zombies in the game made it fun to play. The main motivation for me to play this game was the store and unlocks as you progressed
left 4 dead201020PCI have memories of playing this game with my friends. This was also a fun co-op game with a simple goal, you need to reach the end. Also four survivors was a magic number they decided to go with(not sure why but its worked best). However, I thought it would be fun to have a "class" system where each of the 4 had some unique ability so that everyone in the team just becomes as valuable
peggle201020PCPeggle was a game that I classified as a "time pass" game. But once I started unlocking the characters it soon became an addiction. Once I unlocked the characters I wanted to complete all the achievements. The game was fun to play and the music in it further increased the want to play as it fit perfectly with each stage
Demon Souls201020Playstation 3I bought this game because it claimed to be "one of the toughest games of the modern generation" and it was. When I initially purchased the game I did not play it much because it was too tough. But a year later when I did not have any other game to play I decided to give it another try. I figured out how to play the game and started to like it even though it was punishingly tough. The game actually gets easier if you decide to go mage with armor because this way you dont need to get too close to your enemies and also make your spells more powerful. I really enjoyed playing this game towards the end. This was a rare case of a game starting tough and getting easier as you progressed
rage201121Playstation 3Had to buy Rage since it was an id software game known for its Graphics. I played the game and realized that they might have written some cool code to make sure the game runs at 60 FPS but looks like crysis had better graphics. I liked the guns and modfications you could make to your vehicle but felt that this game was too short and did not have a very strong story. The game did have a good post-apocalyptic feel to it with the visit to the city being memorable but it just felt like another "normal" game.
sports champions201121Playstation 3My first PSMove game, I really thought that the technology behind the move was cool and the way they mapped the controllers and actions to gestures inside the game was good. But playing this game I realized that I liked sitting down on a couch and playing something else with a joystick or keyboard/mouse. I thought that the PSMove was good in terms of technology and social interaction but personally, I would prefer using the joystick to tell a story.
starcraft 2201121PCThis is the longest game I have ever played. I have been playing this game for 2 years now and dont think Im going to stop playing it. I really liked the campaign for its story and the upgrade system it uses to permanenetly change a particular unit. I also loved the multi player and mods the game game has to offer mainly because each game gets over within an hour and it makes u think and play together as a team
god of war 3201121Playstation 3I felt that all God of war games were good because of 'Kratos' the hero we get to play and his attitude towards everyone else. I also liked the fluid control system that allowed me to easily stack up combos and rip apart enemies(the visual feedback was a pleasure to watch). Besides this the game also had a great story to tell by combining greek mythology with Kratos
super meat boy201121PCThe loading screen on this game says "Gamepad is better than keyboard", well I dont agree, you need to use one hand with index finger and middle finger on left/right arrows and space and shift on the other to run and jump. This game was tough and introduced features at a good pace. The game was tough but I didnt care because it was fun to play and the game establishes that you are going to die often early on, so that you get used to it. Also the feature of showing the differrent ways you died at the end of each level was fun to watch.
scribblenauts201222iOSI just recently purchased this game for the iOS and was amazed to see the different objects in the game. More than the actual story, I play the sandbox mode in the main menu just to see the different objects in the game by coming up with some wierd vocabulary. For the most part there is actually an object that appears in the game for the words I type