131DA bridge gage is normally used to determine turbine __________.bearing oil clearancediaphragm tip clearanceblade axial clearancebearing wear
132BCoast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) requires machinery driving the fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps to be fitted with a remote means of stopping that machinery __________.within the space concernedoutside of the space concernedat the throttle stationwithin the fireroom
133DIf a ship is to be laid up for an indefinite period, the saltwater side of the main condenser should be __________.left filled with saltwater with the sea valves closedleft filled with saltwater with the sea valves opendrained and refilled with saltwater after closing the sea valvesdrained and dried out after closing the sea valves
134DAccording to U.S. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which of the following pumps is required to have a pressure gage provided on the discharge side of the pump?Fire pumpBoiler Feed pumpFuel oil transfer pumpAll of the above
135DAssume that steam has formed in a boiler in which all of the steam stop valves are closed, and the water level is held constant. When there is an increase in the temperature of the steam and water in the boiler, which of the following effects will occur on the pressure and the specific volume of the steam?The steam pressure and volume will remain constant.The pressure will increase and the volume will remain constant.The pressure will remain constant and the volume will increase.The pressure will increase and the specific volume will decrease.
136BWhen a mixture of steam and water in a boiler has reached the point at which NO further change in state can occur with the addition of heat, the mixture is considered to have reached its __________.supercritical end pointcritical end pointvaporization end pointsaturation end point
137DWhich symbol shown in the illustration is used to identify a stop-check valve on a drawing?ABCDSG-0014
138DIf the water level cannot be seen in the lower part of the boiler gage glass, which of the following actions must be carried out immediately?Increase the feedwater going to the boiler.Check the DC heater water level.Blowdown the boiler.Secure the boiler fires.
139DThe item labeled "C" in the illustration, is the __________.low pressure drain connectionhigh pressure drain connectionlow pressure vent connectionlow pressure steam supply connectionSG-0025
1310DFuel oil solenoid valves at the burner fronts should be of the manual reset type to __________.permit the operator to secure each burner during a blackoutpermit the operator to secure each burner after a blackoutprevent the furnace filling with oil during a power failureprevent the furnace filling with oil after restoration of power
1311CAxial movement in a gear-type flexible coupling is provided for by __________.each gear sliding on its shaft between retaining collarsthe variable oil clearance in the quill shaftgear teeth on the floating member sliding between internal teeth on the shaft ringadjusting the pitch of the teeth on the pinion and high speed gears
1312BA sectional (sinuous) header boiler is classified as which of the listed boiler types?Bent tubeStraight tubeExpressD-type
1314BWhich of the following fuel oil characteristics establishes the danger point when transferring, pumping, and firing procedures are concerned?Fire pointFlash pointSpecific gravityViscosity
1315CWhen condenser tube ends are rolled into both tube sheets, the different rates of material expansion is compensated for by utilizing __________.belled joints at both tube endsthreaded brass ferrules on the tube endsexpansion joints in the condenser shellmetallic packing pressed around the tube ends
1316AThe Butterworth heater shown in the illustration receives steam at approximately __________.130 psi170 psi205 psi850 psiSG-0005
1317BThe BTU value of fuel oil is determined by a/an cup testcalorimeterhydrometerviscosimeter
1318BThe variable capacity pressure atomizing fuel oil burner functions to __________.maintain a constant fuel temperatureprovide a wide range of combustionprovide a constant fuel return pressuremaintain smokeless fuel oil atomization
1319DAs the pH of the boiler water approaches zero, the water becomes increasingly __________.softalkalineneutralacidic
1320BA combustion control system diaphragm type air flow transmitter receives its high pressure signal from the boiler dischargewindboxfurnacesmoke box
1321CConcerning the classification of steam turbines, a cross compound designed unit __________.consists of reaction stages and a dummy pistonconsists of one Curtis stage and reaction bladingconsists of a high pressure turbine, crossover pipe, and low pressure turbineis made up of a varied assortment of impulse and reaction staging
1322BA sectional (sinuous) header boiler is classified as a/an __________.bent tube typestraight tube type"A" type"D" type
1323DThe required number of pounds of steam generated per hour to develop contract shaft horsepower and maintain the specified pressures and temperatures in the plant, when divided by the number of installed boilers, will give the __________.overload capacity for each boilerefficiency of each boilerefficiency of each fireroomfull power capacity of each boiler
1325DCondensate return lines from tank heating coils are led to the __________.atmospheric drain tankmain condenserDC heatercontaminated drain system
1326AIn which of the listed components is chemical energy converted to thermal energy with regards to boiler operation?FurnaceSuperheaterSteam drumEconomizer
1327ACoast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) regarding hydrostatic testing of main steam piping state that __________.the hydrostatic test shall be applied from the boiler drum to the throttle valvenot less than fifty percent of the lagging shall be removed each time the hydrostatic test is appliedthe hydrostatic test pressure must be maintained on the piping for a minimum of one houra pipe with a nominal size of six inches or more is not required to be hydrostatically tested
1328AIf the water level in a steaming boiler is dropping rapidly and cannot be kept at the normal level by standard practices, you should the fires and then secure the steam stopsecure the steam stop and then secure the firesblowdown the guage glass to find the true water levelspeed up the feed pump to raise the water to normal
1329CThe total heating surface of any steam generating unit is comprised of which of the listed surfaces?Those parts of a boiler which are exposed on one side to only the water being heated and on the other side to the combustion gases, such as the economizer surfaces.Those parts of a boiler which are exposed on one side to only the steam being heated and on the other side to the combustion gases, such as the superheater surfaces.Those parts of a boiler which are exposed on one side to the water or steam being heated, and on the other side to the combustion gases.Those parts of a boiler which are exposed on one side to only the water being heated and on the other side being directly exposed to the furnace flame.
1330CA combustion control system, diaphragm-type, air volume regulator receives its low pressure signal from the boiler __________.windboxcasingfurnacesmoke pipe
1331AIn a cross-compound main propulsion unit, the astern turbine is usually installed at the __________.low pressure end of the low pressure turbinehigh pressure end of the low pressure turbinelow pressure end of the high pressure turbinehigh pressure end of the high pressure turbine
1332AThe purpose of a 'peep' hole in the boiler casing is to __________.examine the condition of the flamecheck the operation of the soot blowerscheck for excess smoke in the stackexamine the condition of the refractory cones
1334CIf a centrifugal main feed pump were operated at shutoff head with the recirculating line closed, which of the following conditions could occur?A decreased water level in the DC heater.An increased water level in the steam drum.Flashing at the suction side of the pump.Excessive diaphragm seal wear in the feedwater regulator.
1335DIf a vessel is steaming at a steady rate, and the water level has dropped out of sight in the boiler gage glass, the FIRST corrective action should be to the feedwater bypass regulatorblowdown the boiler guage glassslow down the enginescut out the fires
1336AWhich of the stated pressure conditions identifies the boiler design pressure?The pressure specified by the manufacturer as a criteria for boiler design.A pressure lower than boiler operating pressure.The same pressure as the boiler operating pressure at full power capacity.The pressure at which a boiler is operated during overload conditions.
1338DThe process of breaking up fuel oil into fine particles to ensure good combustion is called __________.settlingstrainingpumpingatomization
1339CDepending upon the design of the boiler, the constant pressure maintained at the steam drum or the superheater outlet is known as the __________.designed maximum pressureoverload pressureoperating pressureoutput pressure
1340CIn the event of a failure of the pneumatic control system, a multi-element feedwater regulator is designed to operate as a __________.constant-pressure regulatorconstant-volume feedwater regulatormanually controlled feedwater regulatorthermo-hydraulic feedwater regulator
1341AAn efficient seal is normally obtained between the upper and lower halves of a turbine casing by __________.precision metal-to-metal contactcopper gasketsasbestos gasketsflexible steel seal strips
1342DWhich of the listed systems would be a potential source for the high pressure drain system?Galley steam tablesLaundry steam pressing machinesFuel oil tank heating coilsSteam systems operating in excess of 150 psi
1343CHow is boiler water forced to circulate faster in accelerated natural circulation boilers, than in free natural circulation boilers?Increasing the density of the water.Installing a water circulating pump, such as a hydro-kineter.Increasing the inclined angle of the generating tubes.Increasing the surface area of the economizer exposed to the combustion gases.
1344DDuring initial starting of the standby turbine-driven boiler feed pump, which of the listed valves should remain closed?Turbine exhaust valveTurbine steam supply valvePump suction valvePump discharge check valve
1345AThe temperature of the fuel oil received during bunkering operations is critical in determining the __________.expansion space to leave in a tankflash point at which the fuel will burntemperature to which the fuel must be heatedrate at which the fuel can be pumped during transfer operations
1346DA natural circulation water-tube boiler, with one or more water drums, would be classified as a/an __________.accelerated natural circulation boilercontrolled circulation boilerheader-type boilerdrum-type boiler
1347CThe flash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the highest temperature to which the oil may be heated __________.for atomizingfor centrifugingin a storage tankin the recirculating line
1348CIn addition to a nozzle, a fuel oil atomizer uses which of the listed parts?Ignition electrodeBurner coneSprayer plateAir cone
1350CThat portion of the steam drum, containing a manhole for internal access to the drum, for the purpose of cleaning, inspecting, and carrying out repairs, is called the __________.end platewrapper sheetdrumheadtube sheet
1352CWhich of the following statements represents the major difference between a boiler drum and a header?The temperatures at which they are operated.The number of tubes permitted to enter a drum or header.The size of each is significantly different.The size of the tubes permitted to penetrate the drum or header.
1353BIn a single furnace boiler, where is the steam typically cooled for use as auxiliary steam?SuperheaterDesuperheaterCondenserAir ejector
1354BTo prevent pulsations from developing in the boiler feedwater lines, the discharge side of a reciprocating feed pump is equipped with a/an __________.feedwater regulatorair chamberrelief valvereed valve
1355BWhen the boiler is operating at high firing rates, in addition to the generating tubes, which of the following tubes will also function as generating tubes?Downcomers and water wall tubesSuperheater support, water screen, and water wall tubesWater screen, superheater support, and economizer tubesWater wall, water screen, and economizer tubes
1357CThe flash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the __________.highest temperature to which the oil may be heated for atomizationminimum temperature to which the oil should be heated for transferringhighest temperature to which the oil may be heated in a storage tankminimum temperature to which the oil should be heated in the fuel oil heater
1358DIn order for a maximum number of boiler generating and circulating tubes to be installed without weakening the tube sheet, which of the listed procedures should be carried out?All rows of tubes should be bent at the same angle.All rows of tubes should be installed horizontal to the drum.Different rows of tubes should be bent to enter the drum at any convenient angle.All tubes should be installed normal to the drum surfaces.
1361AWhich of the following methods is used to counter axial thrust in a single flow reaction turbine?A dummy piston and cylinder at the turbine inlet endPressure equalizing holes in the individual rotor wheelsLabyrinth packingCarbon packing
1362CCorrosion due to electrolytic action in modern water-tube boilers is uncommon because __________.boiler water is a strong electrolyticalkalinity control treatment prevents electrolytic actionboiler components are generally constructed of similar metalselectrolytic action cannot occur at high pressure
1363AWhich of the following statements describes those portions of the piping maintained under positive pressure when a pressure-closed feed system is in operation?All condensate and feed piping except for a short section between the condenser and condensate pump.Only the section between the condensate pump and deaerating feed tank.Only the section between the deaerating feed tank and the boiler.Only the section between the condenser and the condensate pump.
1364ARecirculation of the feedwater ensures a flow of water through the __________.main feed pumpeconomizerstandby feed pump suction linethird stage heater
1365BWhich of the listed components would be considered the dividing line separating the condensate system from the feedwater system?Main condenserDeaerating feed tankMain air ejectorsBoiler drum
1367DWhen heating heavy fuel oil for use in main propulsion boilers aboard ship, the flash point may be exceeded only when is necessary to transfer the fuelthe boiler is being fired under maximum loadthe superheater temperature has been higher than normalit is required for proper atomization
1368CThe primary purpose of the sprayer plate in a mechanical atomizing oil burner is to __________.completely mix air with the fuelassist in mixing atomizing steam with the fuelproduce a fine, swirling, uniform fuel mistprevent primary air mixing with the fuel
1369BThe amount of sodium phosphate in treated boiler water can be measured by a/an __________.alkalinity testphosphate testchloride testsodium phosphorous test
1370DIf a ship with an automated engine room system develops a 'high' boiler water level at half speed, the __________.main feedwater stop valve will automatically closemain feed pump recirculating line will automatically opensurface blow valve will automatically open to lower the levelthrottle will be automatically prevented from opening any further
1371DWhich of the following types of main propulsion turbines is most likely to require a dummy piston or cylinder arrangement to counterbalance axial thrust?Double flow impulse turbineMultistage impulse turbineDouble flow reaction turbineSingle flow reaction turbine
1372CLongitudinal expansion of a boiler water drum is permitted by the __________.tubescasingfoundationrefractory
1374CWhich of the components listed prevents water from flowing back into the auxiliary exhaust line if the deaerating feed tank becomes flooded?Exhaust pipingPumpsCheck valveReverse-acting relief valve
1375DAir removed from the main condenser is vented to the atmosphere through the __________.vacuum breakervent condenseratmospheric drain tankaftercondenser
1376CWhich of the pumps listed operates at constant speed and delivers water to the deaerating feed tank at a nearly constant pressure?Main feed booster pumpMain feed pumpMain condensate pumpMain circulating pump
1377AWhich characteristic of fuel oil is the most significant when determining the temperature to which the fuel oil must be heated for proper atomization?ViscosityFlash pointPour pointSpecific gravity
1378AThe purpose of the relief valve in a fuel oil service system is to __________.protect the service pump from high discharge pressureregulate the atomizer oil pressurecontrol the oil pressure regulatorssupply constant pressure to the burner combustion control valves
1379BCondensate pumps have distinctly noticeable characteristics and can usually be recognized by their __________.speed-limiting governors and closed impellerslarge suction chambers and impeller eyesmultiple impellers and pump shaft positionsopen impellers and power ends
1380CWhich of the devices listed is used to keep overheated condensate from flowing to the deaerating feed tank?Saltwater coolerFreshwater coolerRecirculating line to the main condenserRecirculating line to the main feed pump
1382BWhich of the following statements represents the purpose of boiler sliding feet?To ensure an airtight seal between the boiler inner and outer casings.To accommodate the changing length of the water drum as it expands or contracts with temperature changes.To compensate for deflection of the hull in way of the boiler supports.To allow for unequal expansion between the wrapper and tube sheets.
1384AThe net positive suction head of a boiler centrifugal feed pump should be calculated over and above the __________.feedwater vapor pressurespeed of the impellerpump capacity in gpmimpeller ratio of the pump
1385DTo combat galvanic corrosion, condensers utilizing copper-nickel waterboxes are usually fitted with __________.bonding strapsiron or steel anodesprotective coatingsall of the above
1386BIn the illustrated hydraulically operated turbine gland seal regulator, the exhaust dump valve is closed as a result of the piston being actuated by a/an___________.bellows at "I"spring at "F"vacuum at "G"pressure at "A"SE-0019
1387CModern fuel oil temperature control devices are regulated to obtain a desired viscosity rather than a specific fuel oil temperature because __________.residual fuel oils have the same viscosity characteristics regardless of where they are refinedthe temperature of the fuel oil varies with the flow rate through the heaterthe relationship between temperature and viscosity varies with different fuelsviscosity regulation eliminates the need for close control of the fuel/air ratio
1388AIn the hydraulically operated turbine gland seal regulator, illustrated, the device used as the gland seal pressure sensing unit is called a/an __________.bellowsmanifoldpilot valvepivot rods and blockSE-0019
1389CA test of boiler water for chloride content indicates the amount of __________.suspended matter presentdissolved gases presentseawater contamination presentall of the above
1390DThe boiler feedwater control valve varies the unity relationship between steam and water flow during periods of __________.minimum boiler loadsteady boiler loadoverload operationload change
1393CGland sealing steam is used during steam turbine operation to prevent the loss of __________.oilairvacuumtemperature
1394DLow pressure steam is used to keep air from leaking into turbine casing along the turbine shaft. For this purpose, which of the following steam systems is used?Direct admission of 35 psi (241.3 kPa) auxiliary steamSuperheated steam systemGland leakoff steam systemGland sealing steam system
1395CIn a closed feed and condensate system, the drain from the second stage air ejector returns directly to the __________.auxiliary condenserloop sealatmospheric drain tankdeaerating feed tank
1396BWhich of the water supplies listed below is typically used as a cooling medium for the gland exhaust condenser, intercondenser, and aftercondenser of an air ejector unit?SeawaterCondensatePotable waterEvaporator distillate
1397CThe viscosity of a residual fuel oil is measured in Saybolt __________.Milliliters UniversalMillimeters UniversalSeconds FurolMinutes Universal
1398ARelief valves in the fuel oil service system discharge to either the service pump suction or the __________.settling tanksrecirculating linesimplex fuel oil strainerslop retention tank
1399DTesting boiler water for chloride content will indicate the amount of alkalinity in the waterphosphates present in the watermethyl orange that should be addeddisolved salts from sea contamination
13100DIf the entire pneumatic control to a multi-element feedwater regulator fails, the feedwater valve is controlled by __________.constant pump pressure regulatorremote manual control regulatorsingle-element feedwater regulatorlocal manual control
13102COne advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace is to __________.increase furnace sizereduce furnace temperaturedecrease refractory maintenancereduce combustion rates
13103AWhich statement listed represents a vital function of the main condenser?The recovery of feedwater for reuse.Cooling of the exhaust steam from the auxiliary exhaust system before it enters the deaerating feed tank.Storage of feedwater for immediate use in the boilers.Condensing of the exhaust steam from the main feed turbine pumps.
13104DWhich of the listed conditions aids in directing gland leakoff steam from the low pressure propulsion turbine to pass through the gland exhaust condenser?Steam pressure from the low pressure turbine.Steam pressure from the high pressure turbine.Compressed air in the air pilot.The use of a gland exhauster fan.
13105DHeat introduced to the condenser by exhausting steam is removed by the circulation of __________.reserve feedwatercold condensatelow pressure drainsseawater
13106CWhat unit, or factor creates most of the vacuum within a tight and adequately cooled main condenser once the main engine is in operation?Main condensate pumpMain air ejectorCondensation of turbine exhaust steamCounterflow of seawater over the surface of the tubes with the flow of exhaust steam in the tubes
13107CIn what positions will the air-operated regulating valves, shown in the illustration, be in when the steam in the gland seal supply line is excessive?Both valves are open.Both valves are closed.The excess steam unloading valve is open and the supply pressure control valve is shut.The excess steam unloading valve is shut and the supply pressure control valve is open.SE-0020
13108CThe primary objective of the auxiliary exhaust system is to supply steam to the __________.main condensermain feed pumpsdeaerating feed tanksoot blowers
13109AYou should blow down a gage glass periodically to __________.remove any sediment from the glassmaintain the proper water level in the steam drumprovide water samples for the second assistanttest the feedwater stop-check valve
13110CFine adjustments to a boiler combustion control system, to bring about near perfect combustion, should be made by manually adjusting the __________.fuel oil back pressureair volume regulatorsfuel/air ratio knobforced draft fan dampers
13112DThe advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace is to __________.increase the flow of gases through the furnacedecrease the flow of gases through the furnaceincrease heat transfer to the mud drumpermit higher combustion rates
13113BSteam drum water level indicators must be calibrated to compensate for density differences between the indicated drum water level, and the actual drum water level. If no compensation is made, the indicator will show a __________.lower level than exists in the drum with the error becoming greater as the drum pressure decreaseslower level than exists in the drum with the error becoming greater as the drum pressure increaseshigher level than exists in the drum with the error becoming greater as the drum pressure decreaseshigher level than exists in the drum with the error becoming greater as the drum pressure increases
13115AThe main condensate pump in a steam propulsion plant discharges directly to the __________.air ejector intercondensermain condenser hotwellair ejector aftercondenserDC heater vent condenser
13116AThe set point pressure at which the first boiler safety valve is to lift is the __________.maximum steam drum pressureboiler overload capacityoperating design pressureboiler full-power capacity
13117AThe items labeled "D" in the illustration are the __________.low pressure drain connectionshigh pressure drain connectionslow pressure vent connectionslow pressure steam supply connectionsSG-0025