Task Click PathObservationsQuotesTask Completion
Write the task number and directions here.
Record what path the you took to complete the task.
Note down your behaviors, opinions, and attitudes along with any errors, issues, or areas of confusion.Note any significant quotes (positive and negative).Choose if the task was:

1 - easy to complete
2 - completed but with difficulty
3 - not completed
EXAMPLE: Home page > click on the banner > scrolls downs > click in the product > add to bagEXAMPLE:
-I feels that task is easy
-I think that a bag icon should be place near to "add to bag"
-"I guess I don't need to log in"
-"I am glad that I don't need to log in before browse"
Prompt 1: If I said "Let's set up a new Your Community Your Voice account," what info would you expect to need to give? Is there more you would add to the "register new account" portion?I chose log in with google. love the ability to link to social, very straightforward, love ability to use phone number (you could collect to share engagement reminders via text), I think address is a barrier to engagement - zip code should be enough, maybe gather some demographic data here to create a more catered profile - owner/renter, bike/car, kids or not, etc"I think the login process is fine as is."1
Prompt 2: Navigate to the Affordable Housing page. Are there other features you would like to have in the Affordable Housing page?Navigation to this page was very clear and straight forward. I just clicked the buttonI think instead of having it sorted by grant, maybe sort by like need?, because data you get for streets could have some info on how people like to get to their park. And there are often grants for housing where you have to describe how it will relate to a complete neighborhood or similar, so perhaps instead have like housing, parks and rec, transportation, etc. and then multiple grant engagement under each one."I think that needs to be narrowed down right now to be helpful."2
Prompt 3: Go back to Home, access the Urban Parklet project page and select the specific location where you would like to have a new park built. Complete the rest of the activities on the page. Do you feel like you meaningfully engaged with this project?Same as above
I love the map engagement and would think this could be an easy way to engage people up front - it doesn’t seem very intuitive right now. I like the more you can relate a comment to a geospatial need the better it is. But is there a way for it not to just be a pre-existing pin to click but drop a pin or draw a polygon like if you are making your own Google maps with shapes and highlighted roads and such"That way even if a community member answers the park questions once multiple agencies could use that data for different grants?"1
Prompt 4: Go to the Complete Streets page. Is there any other activity you think could be used to increase engagement and education on the topic?its nice that things between each element are similar and the visual layout is setup the same. it allowed me to quickly understand and navigate the tool as a wholeThe more you can do something that has metrics behind it the more useful. That way in grant applications, they can say x% of people. So activities where you rank or prioritize or budget are super important.Is it for the public agency to use - if so, at what stage?2
Prompt 5: How do you think you'd make the app feel like an even more meaningful engagement expereince?I would like to see a dashboard for everyones data to be displayed Overall, it’s a bit unclear who the audience for this is. I love the one stop shop for engagement but is this for non profits and businesses to use on their application? During monitoring and evaluation? Where I see a gap in my community organizing work is a place where all the grants are located - so city funded, foundation grants, etc. (for Denver that could be ps you are here and the neighborhood transportation grants and the Denver parks foundation and the bike coalition grants) and then non profits could sign up to receive the data (the app would make the money by doing the engagement and analyzing the data) and community members could be marketed at engaging through the app alone and then different entities that want their input can be the customer? I could probably explain that better over the phone if that doesn’t make sense.N/A