TCES Plan Summaries
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“Synergistic connections between people that drive us to the most important point or place."Ogden School District will Increase High School GRADUATION RATE to 79% by 2019; 88% by 2022
Ogden School District will Increase K-12 LITERACY PERFORMANCE to 39% by 2019; 50% by 2022
Taylor Canyon Elementary School
School Plan Narrative
School Vision and Mission 2018-2019
Vision: All students will achieve Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) with support from school community (staff, students and family) by:
*Promoting high expectations for all
*Developing and sustaining a growth-mindset
*Actively engaging in AVID strategies to foster success:
Critical thinking skills
Ownership of learning
Positive collaboration
Mission: To empower all students to be prepared for college and career readiness, community involvement and success in a global society.
Ogden School District & Taylor Canyon Elementary Parent Engagement Policy
*It is the policy of the board of education of Ogden City School District, in partnership with parents and families and in accordance with state and federal guidelines to establish a parent and family involvement procedural framework.
*It is the policy of the Board of Education of Ogden City School District that the district and schools coordinate with families to improve student academic rediness to learn and academic outcomes.
*It is the policy of the Board of education of Ogden City School District that the district and schools will inform all stakeholders of the parent and family involvement policy and procedures, and annually update its effectiveness.
Some examples of Parent Engagement Actities at Taylor Canyon Elementary are:
*The leadership team will schedule the parent involvement activities for the year so we ensure that we have various activities for the students/parents to participate in throguhout the year.
*We will schedule a minimum of 4 parent engagement activities throughout the year.
*The activities will be placed on the school calendar so teachers are aware of the upcoming events. Parents will also be notified of when events are coming up.
Goal #1Literacy
The teachers at Taylor Canyon Elementary will implement the Wonders/myPerspectives basal using the resources that are available, such as Close Reading and ELL lessons. The teachers at Taylor Canyon will track their grade level essentail standards to ensure that students are mastering the standards with 80% mastery or higher. Interventions, such as rewards, will be used for students who are not at grade level or who are struggling with specfic grade level standards. DIBELS, Core Phonics Survey or other placement tests will be used to identify specfic student deficits.
Goal #2Graduation
All K-6 grade students will receive weekly Second Steps Social Skills lessons.