Name and positionStintWork done at HULOutputPrior EducationAfter HUL
Siddharth Hande, ConsultantDec 2012 to June 2013
Cartography, Maps of Hyd, Location of flooded roads for GHMC, Bholakpur Mapping, Ecological study of HCU, Work with interns from EWB and MJCETPresentations, MapsMonash UniversityStart up at Chennai
Sridhar P, Web AdministratorNovember 2013 ongoing
Irfan, InternMay to June 2013Set up CartoDB, Baseline data collection for GHMC, First website for HULNAEFLU, HydEFLU
Harsha Devulapalli, Intern, Research AssistantJuly 2013 to April 2016Transit studies and spatial data, explorations of the city, taught mapping to interns and activists, assisted director in Pedagogy, Housing atlas for Hyd, Dont hold it in website, Interview with Sanitation workers, Working papers on paratransit, Assisted in organising Do Din, 13, 14, Interactions with Govt officials, coordinated printing and publishing.Maps, Transcriptions, Data Visualisations, Reports, HUL website, Dont hold it in websiteKL University, VijayawadaColumbia University, NYC, USA
Dagmar Brombierstaeudl, Visiting Scholar, InternAugust 2013 to Feb 2014Detailed study on Destruction of natural water bodies in Hyderabad, assisted with organising Do Din 20131. Water Report 2. Undergrad Thesis (German)Humboldt University, Berlin, GermanyHumboldt, Germnay
Madhura Sawant, InternDec 2013Assisted Mallepalli presentation and rapporteuring at Do Din 2013Exhibit: MallepallyBA Economics Fergusson, PuneFergusson, TISS Bombay
Dyuti Basu, InternDec 2013Waste livelihood and community: BholakpurExhibit: Mallepally & MA ThesisEFLU, HydNGO, Bombay
Dhiraj Kaveri, Executive Assistant Dec 2013, Feb to June 2014Coordinator, Do Din 2013, Assisted Director in day to day functioning, Liasion with govt officials, managing and supervising office maintenance, accountsLibrary book catalogue, stock lists of equipment, account statementsHealth Promoter and Yoga teacher and physio therapistDirector, Stay Active Programme, Hyderabad
Vidyapogu Pullanna, Resident Scholar, Ph D2013 to 2018Work on Ph. DNAHCU, Hyd,HCU, Hyd
Ashish Kumar, Executive Assistant in charge of Communications, Admin, Logistics and Accounts Dec 2013, August 2014 to May 2015, October 2016 to jan 2017, October to December 2017 Admin, Accounts, Equipment maintenance, Video recording and editing, Do Din logistics and accounts coordination 2013, 14, 16. Assisting with office Admin and Accounts, Video interviews for APFH, Do Din and HUL talksVideo recordings Meri Kahaani, Video interviews and editing for HULevents, Unpacking Place, Do Din, Belly of the Beast, Workshops and presentations, HUL Testimonial interviews, recording and editing HCU, Hyd,ICRISAT, Hyd
Nikhilesh Sinha, Visiting Scholar. Ph. D
Gaurav Mittal, Research AssistantMarch 2014 to Feb 2015Housing Policy under the Five year Plans, JNNURM in Dehradun, Coordinated 2014 Do Din EPW Article, Preliminary Report on Housing TISS, MumbaiWRI, Bombay, NUS Singapore
Sarayu NandaKumar, InternMay June 2014Explored informal economy on First Lancer BlogpostSymbiosis PuneSymbiosis, Pune
Ritika Sebastian, InternMay June 2014Para transit in HyderabadBlog Post: Para - transit in HyderabadMA Habitat Studies, TISS MumbaiTISS, CEPT Amdvd
Anindita Mukherjee May 2014, July 2015, Jan June 2016Developed Curriculum for a course on Right to the City
Worked on Housing handbook with Indivar
Academic Paper: Housing Handbook, Right to City Curriculum, Working papersLl.B, Nalsar University of Law, HyderabadLl.B, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad
Sandeep Tanniru, InternJune July 2014Audit of public toilets in Hyderabad with detailed report, First set of interviews in the informal economy on First Lancer Report: Audit of public toilets in Hyderabad . Blog Post Interview transcripts of FL, Academic Paper: Rethinking Governance of Public Toilets (With Indivar J)SPA DelhiIIT Kharagpur, WB
Indivar JonnalgaddaJuly 2014 to May 2016Housing informalities,Do Din report 2013, 2014, Slums in AP state, Public toilets in the city
Dont hold it in website, Study on primary private education for EU Concorttium
Report on Slums in AP, Housing Handbook, Report on Primary Education, EPW article on Sanitation, City publication, Do Din ReportsTISS, MumbaiU. Penn, USA
Neha Vaddadi, Research Assistant, Research AssociateSeptember 2014 - January 2018Visualisation, design, composition and text of all of HUL’s educational material, logos, basic text for community engagement work, work on gender and neighbourhood manual, Conceptual drawing and sets of sketches depicting urban issues for circulation in the country and abroad, Young Pathways interviews, elderly women audio and video documentation, chai ho jaai coordination (4) APFH documentation, all Do Din design and composition works and mentoring interns. Cordination of Do Din 16, 17 and curating the art exhibitions, APFH events, Intern mentoring,Visualisation workshop.2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 Do Din logos and posters, Report on Young Pathways, Brochure on HUL, APFH, Housing, Meri Kahaani, Calendars, 2016, 17, 18, Urban infrastructure, Day in the life of a Working Woman and other concept visuals, LOFL Broadsheet (3). LOFL video, Map: Retracing steps through Delhi, Urban Break Exhibition, Pedagogy sketches, TURN logo, Video documentation of elderly women, Compsition of HUL work presentations at Do Din 18B.Arch, RV College Bangalore plus work experienceReflecting on life and travelling
Debayan, Research AssistantOctober 2014 to April 2015Mobility and access to education in slumsMaps Bholakpur, Essays 2University of Amsterdam, Hollandnot known
Chetan Bhati, InternOctober- November 2014Exploring circuits of automobile and other metal wastes in HydNAIIT JodhpurBusiness
Pramod Kowndinya, InternNove 2014 to April 2015Survey of ragpickers in Hyd, Slum data of AP stateSlum MappingB. Arch JNTFAU HydCEPT Amdvd
Ojas Shetty, Intern, Research AssistantDec 2014 - Feb 2016Informal transit, Interviews with Auto drivers, officials, Catalogue of library, Working papers on para transitBlogpost, Case Studies, Working Papers on para transitHCUWRI
Akash Burman, Junior Research AssistantFebruary 2015 - June 2018Data digitizing, Assisting interns and researchers in learning OSM softwares. Rag picker Surveys for Chintan, Delhi. Assisted Prof Ramammurthy and Prof Gidwani with interviews for Rural Urban project. Filing of documents, preparing intern kits, helping in office maintenance and fetching lunch, guiding neighbourhood explorations.Maps of neighbourhoods, Ethnographic Interviews, Chintan Surveys, Field papers for all walks, Essays on MMTS and LingampallyB.E, Gulbarga plus job in Bangalore as supervisorFreelance field assistant to national and international scholars
Abhishek Paul Yelamanchili, InternJune to July 2015Studied the successive changes in the GOI post independence housing policyGraphic presentation of Housing Policy under GOI Five Year PlansMA Communication HCUNIE Chennai
Lalit Chinnamaneni, Visiting Scholar July to September 2015Study on Informal economy in HydHumboldt University BerlinHumboldt, Berlin
Ishwarya, Intern, Communication AssistantMay July 2015, September 2016 to July 2018 As part of a team worked on designing a public toilet for women and made a short docu film on the issue. As Communication asstt, worked on Do Din websites 2016, 2017, Animated visuals, Formatted reports, edited and filed photos, Did photo documentation of events, Calendar promos, Facebook posts, curated and published HUL videosWeb campaign and a documentary. GIF s, Do Din 2016. 17 websites, animated concept visuals, and calendar promos, video edits of City Playlists and other HUL videos.MA Social Design, AUD Delhi AUD, IAPB
Ittisha, InternMay July 2015As part of a team worked on designing a public toilet for women and made a short docu film on the issueWeb campaign and a documentary Ladies ToiletMA Social Design, AUD Delhi AUD
Usma Dhammei, InternMay July 2015As part of a team worked on designing a public toilet for women and made a short docu film on the issueWeb Campaign and a documentaryMA Social Design, AUD Delhi AUD
Anusha Matam, InternMay June 2015Did a study on the housing and other facilities available to construction workers on siteReport: The uninhabitable conditions of Habitat BuildersB. Arch, SPA BhopalITDP, Delhi
Priya Prithviraj, InternMay 2015Started work on developing English curriculum for neo literate groups like auto driversHad to leave due to ill healthEFLU HydEFLU, Hyd
Matt Jenkins, Visting ScholarJuly 2015Analysis of Hyderabad Master Plan 2015Report Politics of Planning in Hyd 1930 2013King's College London
Srujana Boddu, Guest InternAugust 2015 to Feb 2016Assisted Prof Ramamurthy and Prof Gidwani on Rural Urban Entanglements project of univ of Minnesota and univ of Washington in collaboration with HULEthnographic Interviews, Transcriptions and a reportIntegrated MA HCUMIDS Chennai
Mohd. Ajmal, InternSept Oct 2015, Feb April 2016Neighbourhood study of First Lancer through spatial data, walks, mapping, photographs and sketches and interviews Visual representations for APFH, Map of FL, Set of sketches based on observations on FL, Rhythm analysis of Life on FL. B. Arch, Prime College of Arch, Nagapattnam, TNNagapattnam
Mohd. Sajjad, Research AssistantJan to August 2016Survey and study on economic conditions of Muslims in the informal economy in Hyderabad TelanganaReport for minority Enquiry Commision: Understanding Informal Economy in the cityM.A. Sociology, Delhi School of EconomicsResearch Fellow, IIM- B
Prathyusha Madapati, Junior Research AssistantJan to Oct 2016Photography at HUL events, CHJ documentation, study of commercial establishments of Road number 1, video documenting of LOFLPhotographs, Video LOFL, Detailed map of commercial establishments of Road # 1, Banjara Hills, Report of Sunday schoolB. Arch MANIT, BhopalThetare
Sai Chaitanya Ratnam Gurugubelli, Research AssistantMarch to August 2016Primary and secondary research on public transport access in Hyd, History of State transport bus services in Hyd, system of numbering, rationale for routes. Study of effective public transport for Shakti FoundationBur route maps of Hyderabad, Report for Shakti FoundationSVRC B.Arch, HydIIHS, Bangalore
Deepti Raj, InternMay 2016Secondary research on slums in Hyderabad, socioeconomic analysis Data sets of slums, HydTISS, HyderabadCPR, Delhi
Bhabesh Sansanwal, InternMay to July 2016Study of neighbourhoods, City explorations, Study of milk production and history of dairy Industry in colonial IndiaInfographic, Poster on Dairy Industry in Colonial IndiaMA Social Design, AUD, DelhiAUD, Delhi
Nicholas Trevino, Visiting ScholarMay to August 2016Study of Women's Access to Health care and Public Health infrastructure in TSReport on Arogyasree: Women and Public Health Services in TSDavidson College, NC, USADavidson, NC, USA
Jonathan Koshy, InternMay to July 2016Urban Ecosystem: Dogs and the NeighbourhoodDetailed report on available infrastructure
For Canine health
Integrated MA, IIT MadrasIIT Madras
Vilasini Kailasam, Intern, Communication coordnatorMay to July 2016, Jan 2019 -June 2019Study of commercial public spaces in the city, local markets and informal economy, Video documentation Do Din 2016, 17, Coordinated DD 2018, Assisted with DD 18 website and currently HUL websiteVideo - Search in the city, Field Notes, Descriptive Essay: 5 bazaars of Hyd, Video recording 2016, 17, Video edits for DD 2018Integrated MA, IIT MadrasIIT Madras
Adhir Vaddadi, InternMay To Dec 2016Study of land gradient, ridges and stream paths in Western Hyderabad, Ecological status of KBR park, field trips to flooded areas.Video Resilient Hyderabad, Photographs and field notes on KBR Park and Nizampet, Graphics, brochure plus sticker on KBRFLAME, PuneUniversity of Adelaide, Australia
Namith Nayak, Intern, Football CoachJune 2016 to April 2017Study of ecology of Hyderabad, Field trips to KBR, Survey of Vehicular frequency at important junctions, Designing educational modules for neo literates, Engaging with adlescent and younger boys of Ahmed Nagar ward to build a football team and environmental classes with them.Learning module on Probability, First Lancer Football Team, Field notes from KBR, Data from traffic surveyXavier’s College, MumbaiFreelance Football Coach
Aman Gupta, Visiting ScholarJuly 2016Comparative study of use of space in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, Interviews with vendors on FL, Mapping Use of Sapce on FL, Music jamming with HUL team and other city musicians at public spaces in Hyd
Jamming at Lamakaan
Busking on First Lancer
Report: Forgotten Spaces on the Street, 3 D map of FL Durham, UKDurham, UK
Mridula Garg, Research AssistantSeptember 2016 to Apr 2017Study of visual culture of the city leading to a detailed study of banner and bill board painters in Hyderabad and the impact of technology on their livelihoodsBooklet: Fleeting Cine Signs of Hyderabad, Poster brochure: Film Banner and Billboards; A socio Economic studySPA DelhiCairo
Vanshika Singh, Research assistant, Research AssociateSeptember 2016 to Jan 2018, June 2018 onwardInitially interviewed stakeholders in Mental healthcare services, Curated theme based city playlists, Papers and presentations, Study of water distribution networks. In 2018, member TURN team, studying water and housing, tacit networks in informal settlements City Playlist 13, Public Health Key informant interview transcripts, Report Walking with water, Presentation at RUE workshop, 3 ppt s for workshops. Delhi School of EconomicsHUL
Vinay Abhishek, Rapporteur, Executive AssistantDec 2016, Feb 2017 to presentRapporteur for Do Din 2016, Admin and management, logistics, Accounts, IT related work, Correspondence, Assistance to Pedagogic engagements, Procurements, Maintenance, Event coordination, Do Din 2017, 2018, Hospitality, logistics coordinationDo din 2016 Report, Report for workshop at GGHS Ahmed Nagar, Short Essays Loyola College, Hyd plus TFI, HydHUL
Vijay sapkal, Junior Research AssistantMarch 2017 to Jan 2018Assisted ASEEM (NGO) in evaluating use of technology by minorities to access govt schemes, Study of incremental housing in Dabeerpura and Tingalkunta. Interviews and reportReport, Incremental Housing in old city of Hyderabad, Transcripts of interviews with key informant at DabeerpuraTISS, MumbaiYUVA, Mumbai
Swapnil Gedam, InternMarch to May 2017Study of waste management and caste issues-IIHS FellowM.Phil, TISS, Mumbai
Nishkala Sekhar, Intern, Junior RAApril to Dec 2017Study of waste, pollution and nalahs in industrial areas of HydShort report on Qutbullah pur Nala, Transcripts of key informant interviews from Malkajgiri, Maps of markets to be demolishedTISS, HyderabadCentre for Good Governance Hyderabad
Shakeb Wajeeh, Intern, Coordinator EngagementMay to July 2017, June 2018, Feb 2019- August 2019Exploration of city, Study of a central city neighbourhood vis a vis access to health care, Preliminary work on Pedagogy programme for youth and adolescents at risk.Report and Storymap Access to Health care in and around NampallyMA Social Design, AUD, DelhiAUD, Delhi
Intekhab Uddin, InternMay to July 2017Mapping and study of livelihoods in a new migrant neighbourhoodReport: Migrants in the Informal EconomyMA Social Design, AUD, DelhiAUD, Delhi
Amit Babu, InternMay to July 2017, Dec Jan 2018Geospatial study of Shikohabad, UP, Caste and EconomySeries of Maps Land, Caste and Economy in small town UPTISS HyderabadPune Law firm
Kabeer Arora, Intern, Research AssociateJune to July 2017, July 2018 to presentBaseline Data collection, Mapping and comparative study of Pahadi Sahrif and Mamdipalli and Hakimpet neighbourhoods. In Phase II studying the spatial transformations in and around financial district and their implications on livelihoods, housing and intersection of private and public spaces, as part of TURN team.Report: , Maps and layered impression sheets as methodolgical tools, Sketches, interview transcripts, tables on public and private spaces in Nanakram gudaMA Urban Design, SPA BhopalHUL
Samikchhya Bhusal, Visiting Scholar, InternJune to August 2017, June to August 2018Study on women and public transport in Hyd, and how women in the informal scetor commuteReport Women and Mobility in Hyderabad, Street Sweepers of HyderabadSoka University, LA USASoka University, LA, USA
Tirthankar C, Junior RAAugust 2017 to Jan ‘18Fieldwork and interviews with migrant construction labour and contractors form 2 districts of W. Bengal,
Brief study of 2 Irani Cafes on FL
Transcripts and preliminary reports, Partial report for DD' 17 and for workshops in collaboration with CESSMA, HCUU of Heidelberg
Sinjini Bhattacharya, Research Associate August 2017 to January 2018Mentoring interns, Editing of 2016 Do Din report and other HUL writings, coordinating workshops, Literature reviewsDo Din 2016 edited report, Bazaars of Hyd, edited Ph.D, HCULecturer, St. Francis College, Hyderabad
Bianca Shah, InternAugust- September 2017GOI policies related to slum eviction and rehabilitationLeft due to ill healthMA, Development Studies, APU, BangaloreIntern CEPT
Namratha Kolla, InternJuly to September 2017Studied spice markets in Hyd and GunturShort report on Guntur chilly market, Photo essay on spice market Hyd.Lady Irwin, Delhi UniversityMA @ APU, Bangalore
Saeb Ali Khan, Research AssistantNovember 2017 to June 2018Studied the ecolological history of Banjara hills through detailed interviews and terrain mapsMemory Map of old residents of B HillsCSIT, HydHarvard, Boston, USA
Evita Das, InternMarch to April 2018
Study of women migrating from choice and for advancing in lifeCase studies , in-depth interviews and Lit reviewTranscripts, Report: Location, Identity, Mobility, Journeys of 5 Indian WomenIIHS Urban Fellowship, BangaloreGlobal Social Service Society, Bangalore
Satya Oza, InternMarch to April 2018
Study of migrants from North Eastern states of IndiaTranscripts, Report: A tale of trailsIIHS Urban Fellowship, BangaloreGIDR, Amdvd
Vikas Kumar, InternMarch to April 2018
Study of available lterature on migration from 5 states of IndiaReport: Review of Migration studies in five statesIIHS Urban Fellowship, BangaloreIGSSS Delhi
Swarna Dutt, Research assistantMay 2018 to March 2019Collating, mapping and analysis of census data on Telangana, TURN team, Study of tacit element in contract autos Data sets of slums, Hyd, Map on informal economies, Report on Ratab Autos for school children.B.Plan, SPA BhopalHUL
Avi Gandhi, Visiting Scholar InternJuly 2018, Dec 2018Informality and urban planning, MA thesis on urban development at the fringeWriting Cornell University, USACornell
Ravi Kawre, Research AssistantSeptember 2018 ongoingUndersatnding places through mapping, TURN team, assisted in pedagogy workManual for understanding place, Sketches, DD 2018 posters and gifs, MapsSPA Bhopal
Dipon Bose, Research AssistantOctober 2018- October 2019Incremental Housing at settlement scale, TURN team, Key informant interviews, Field work, JournalsChintal Basti booklet, DD poster, Conceptual and Design sketches, Exhibition planB. Arch, BITS, Mesra plus work
Sneha V, Research AssistantNov 2018 -June 2019Key informant interviews on State heritage, Laws and regulations, public speakingTranscripts, Report continuingLlB, NLS Pune, plus work QCI, GOI
Cynthia Morinville, Visiting ScholarSeptember 2018 - May 2019Informality, Waste economy, genderField notes, transcriptsUniversity of Toronto
Shriya Das, Communication Assistant, Engagement TraineeMarch 2019 ongoingWebsite DD 2018, HUL, OngoingTISS, Guwahati& Hyd plus Voice for Girls
Ali AdilMay 2019-December 2019Socio-technical transformations in Energy and Transportation and Experiences in precarity with focus on education and employment infrastructure in HyderabadPH.d Arlington, TX, USA
Julia GrieshammerMay 2019-June 2019Report on Sriramkunta(the emergence of new space in the city)Intern ReportUniversity of Bayreuth
Pauline MathewJune 2019-July 2019Process documentation on TURN ProjectIIT Madras
Vidhi Patel, Research AssistantJuly 2019-December 2019Studying urbanisation through geo-spatial data, economistChrist University, Symbiosis Pune
Meenakshi Meera, Research AssistantOctober 2019 OngoingAssissts in mapping and visualisation component of pedagogy. Working on the conceptualising and design of multi-purpose public spacesOngoingSPA Delhi