Session #
Keynote: Have an AHA? Give it a Go!Shukes and GiffBased on the premise of their podcast (Shukes and Giff), Kim Pollishuke and Jen Giffen will challenge the audience to question why they have not acted on moments of inspiration, consider the missed opportunity for impact and what could be. Peppered with dad jokes and personal stories, they hope to inspire people to “give it a go” no matter how big or small.
8:30 - 9:40am360KEYNOTE
Take 3! Three Ways to Use Video Tools in Your ClassroomAshlie O'ConnorThis engaging and informative session will discuss three ways to use video in the classroom. Participants will learn how to use YouTube Live, Screencastify and Google Classroom for Mobile to support students in dynamic ways9:50-10:40am3581
From Surviving to Thriving: My Adventures with Littles and ChromebooksErica JohnsonFind out how a veteran music teacher - turned technology teacher got littles into the world of Google. Find out what worked and what didn't and take away strategies that you can use with your youngest learners.9:50-10:40am3561
When am I Ever Going to Use This Sheet?Dayna CantuData drives instruction, but how can you keep track of it all? This session will give teachers ideas and examples used in our 5th and 6th grade classrooms for using Google Forms and Sheets to easily collect data for any subject area. Even better, we will show you some ways students can use Google Sheets to track their own data in order to make goals and celebrate progress. 9:50-10:40am3551
Basic Drive & DocsNicole CinaderHave you felt a little lost? Do you need some of the basics? This session is for you! BYOD (or two!) and we will cover the most essential tools of Google Drive, Team Drives, and Google Documents so you can sound like an expert and get working right away! Need help organizing & collaborating for lesson plans? Want to include students in that too? Come learn and share with me! 9:50-10:40am3541
Google Classroom Game ChangersJennifer McCollumTake your Google Classroom engagement to the next level with these amazing apps that are not only easy to assign in Classroom but increase your efficiency as well. Check how how to incorporate EdPuzzle, Gimkit, Nearpod, FlipGrid and more!9:50-10:40am3531
Using Creativity Tools to Enhance, Extend, and EmpowerCurtiss StreitelmeierThere are many creativity tools available to teachers, but using them to impact the classroom is not always easy to do. We will discuss how to use programs such as Flipboard, Jamboard, Sites, Glogster and Spark, to help teachers make changes to their curriculum and teaching to enhance, extend and empower student learning..9:50-10:40am3601
The Podcast LIVE
Shukes and GiffPodcasting is a great way to engage in professional metacognition and gives students meaningful writing opportunities that can be shared with an authentic audience. Join Kim Pollishuke and Jen Giffen of #ShukesAndGiff The Podcast to be part of a Live AHA Overflow episode recording. Audience participation will be encouraged - they would love to hear your EdTech AHAs! Following the recording, feel free to hang around for a Q&A with Shukes And Giff.10:50 - 11:40am3602
Enhance Learning with Google Geo ToolsKaren ChichesterHelp your students gain a global perspective by including Google’s geo tools and apps (My Maps, Street View, Tour Builder, Tour Creator (AR/VR), Google Earth) into your classroom. No matter what discipline, these mapping tools can be used to enhance your lessons in most subject areas. During this hands-on workshop, you will discover ways to integrate Geo Tools into your content area, You’ll get to try-out Google Cardboard. Participants will use Google Geo Tools to create a custom map from data, add 360 degree pictures and other images and media to a Google map, and develop an engaging project with Tour Builder or Tour Creator (AR/VR), and/or the Google Earth. If you have a unit or project you would like to enhance with maps, please bring it along. Participants will use these smartphones apps: Google Street View, Google Cardboard, and Cardboard Camera.10:50 - 11:40am3582
What in the World is a Jamboard?Lyndsay Johnson-LeMieuxThis session highlights, what the heck is Jamboard, how does it compare to Google Slides, and how it can be used with students in a classroom. Lots of concrete examples will be on display as well as a chance to interactively collaborate using Jamboard with peers. If you are wondering if there is something new out in the land of Google, here it is! Won’t you Jam with me?
10:50 - 11:40am3572
Ya Gotta Have Art!Nicole GreenIt is often at the intersection of technology and art that students make deep connections with what they are learning. See how creative projects using Google Draw, Google Slides and Google Classroom can engage students and foster interest in technology careers.10:50 - 11:40am3562
FeedFORWARD! Using the GAFE to support feedbackRachel MatzProviding feedback for students is crucial to their growth, but can be time consuming and ineffective. This session will focus on a number of digital tools that can be used for instructor and peer feedback while fostering students’ collaboration and engagement. The Google Suite for Education will be explored as well as several other programs and extensions. Session participants will be encouraged to share best practices as we create potential activities for your classrooms. 10:50 - 11:40am3552
Using Google Doc & Slides in the Foreign Language ClassroomStephanie SegrovesAre you tired of grading grammar on paper? Do you need a faster way to give feedback on projects? Are you tired of assigning a group project and one student leaves the project at home, impeding the progress of the group? Come see how one foreign language teacher uses the Google Suite to give quick feedback that students actually remember and help students organize group work. Examples will be given as applied primarily to language classrooms (both ELA and foreign language).10:50 - 11:40am3542
Google Classroom for BeginnersJennifer LawsonCreate a Google Classroom for you to use on the first day of School. We will also create a parent resource document for you to use.10:50 - 11:40am3532
Photo Management with Google PhotosRachelle GalangLearn simple, practical ways to utilize Google Photos! In this interactive session, participants will learn how to use Google Photos and all it has to offer. You will explore ways to implement this tool in education.10:50 - 11:40am3592
Google Extensions and Applications to Support Special EducationCurtiss StreitelmeierMaking learning accessible and exciting to all students is the target for every teacher and administrator. Google and G-Suites offers tools that can support children who are struggling, who have special needs, and who want to do more. Learn some ways to increase accessibility and encourage participation for all students.12:20 - 1:10 pm3603
Prepare to FLIP OUT Over What You Can Do With!Lissa BrunanGoogle sheets is probably one of the most underutilized tools in the G-Suite for Education package, but when combined with and a little Google magic, it can create amazing possibilities for teachers and students alike! Create flashcards, draw student’s names, make groups, set up quiz games, and much, much more. Come learn how easily you can integrate this tool into the classroom and even have students create their own. Time to give those typical activities a Flippity makeover! 12:20 - 1:10 pm3583
Personalized Learning? LMGTFY.Emily SiciliaWant to move the needle in your classroom towards personalized learning? Here is the session for you! Learn how the G Suite can help you provide personalized learning elements to your students (feedback, pacing, agency, differentiation, etc.), as well as experience a personalized pace as a learner during the session!12:20 - 1:10 pm3573
Tips & Tricks to Get Elementary Students Collaborating in Google Drive™Julie SmithCome learn about classroom tested tips and tricks that will get your elementary students collaborating in Google Drive™! We will investigate the WHY and HOW of allowing our students to collaborate within a digital environment. Let’s prepare our students to thrive and be able to work effectively in our constantly evolving technological world in order to support individual learning as well as contribute to the learning of others.12:20 - 1:10 pm3563
Assign Flipgrid Task in Google ClassroomRon MadisonLearn how to create assign and reply to Flipgrid using Google Classroom. Flipgrid is a tool that can help many different subjects. I love to share this with those in Fine Arts. The app works across platforms and from smartphones to Chromebooks. So attend this session with a device to create an account and video record your assignments and replies. You need to have a Google Classroom account. 12:20 - 1:10 pm3553
MITECS/ISTE crosswalk with G-SuiteStefani Boutelier Gain a deeper understanding of MITECS/ISTE Standards with the support of G-Suite. Create a personalized crosswalk of G-Suite, technology standards, and specific curricular alignment. Understand how technology can integrate and redefine any unit or lesson through development of cross-referencing Google Tools and the standards. 12:20 - 1:10 pm3543
Google Certification BOOTCAMPLinnea GibsonNo more excuses! Join me for a Bootcamp to go through all things Google and help determine what you know and need to know to become certified. We will establish a cohort to help and support our group to certification. This is a great opportunity to learn more about certification, get started preparing, and to work through the skills and knowledge you will need to be successful. Some experience recommended with Google Apps for Education. As a Google Certified Trainer, I’m here to help! 12:20 - 1:10 pm3533
Google Classroom for Teacher LeadersMelissa FierroGoogle Classroom is a tool for teacher leaders as well. In this session we will see how ed coaches, admin, and other school personnel utilize Google Classroom to increase communication amongst all stakeholders in a medium size school district in Illinois. 12:20 - 1:10 pm3593
Add Audio and Images to Class ProjectsTammy MaginityLearn some tools and tricks using audio and images to make any project become more engaging. Students should be creators and show their learning and this session will give you some ideas and tools to fit your needs.1:20 - 2:10 pm3584
The "S" FactorMarnie DiemEveryone knows Google Slides is Google's answer to that other slide program.... but did you know that Google Slides has the "S" Factor? No? Well come see what a "S"uperhero Google Slides can be! You'll learn about the hidden talents of Google Slides, from basics to add-ons, as you take your presentations from "eh" to superstar!1:20 - 2:10 pm3574
Storytelling with Google CS First and ScratchBrandy WalesLearn to use the Google CS First Storytelling course with your students to teach introductory programming skills and have your students create and program book trailers using Scratch. Here are sample book trailers my students created: - 2:10 pm3564
Slide Into NewslettersLaura HamilDo you produce a weekly newsletter for students and parents to stay tuned with what’s going on in the your classroom or school? Are you like me and have explored several platforms such as Smore and Mailchimp to create aesthetically pleasing layouts? Eventually, your free trial will end and you realize you do not wish to pay for another program. Meanwhile, Google Slides has been waiting for you to start creating the whole time! Join me and create fun, “pretty” and interactive newsletters with Google Slides. Leave with a fresh newsletter today!1:20 - 2:10 pm3554
Handing Over the KeysCraig SteenstraThe prospect of giving students control in their learning can be daunting. This session will address ways teachers can structure activities that allow students to help drive the learning process. We will focus on student self-monitoring, providing choice in learning, and providing choice in representing learning. Examples from classrooms will be provided as well as time for participants to share and discuss. 1:20 - 2:10 pm3544
Communicating with Google Sites- That was Easy!Cory WoodardHave you ever thought about creating a website but never did because it looked complicated? In this session, we will examine the tools that Google Sites has to offer. We will also explore basic tutorials on how to use Google Sites.1:20 - 2:10 pm3534
“Add-on” to your Knowledge of Google Add-onsAlex MiltonIn this interactive session, attendees will explore a few add-ons from Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Slides. The presentation will highlight roughly 3 add-ons from each Google product (roughly 12 total) to allow attendees to dive deep with each add-on.1:20 - 2:10 pm3594
Hyper Docs for Differentiated InstructionNicole CinadarHyper Docs for organizing curriculum, for differentiating instruction, for PBL... You name it, you can use Hyper Docs! Come check it out and walk away with Docs already started for you.1:20 - 2:10 pm3604
What's New @ Google - Google Team2:45- 3:35 pm3585
Using Pear Deck To Engage Every StudentRobin KubasiakWith Pear Deck you can transform your Google Slides presentation to interact with every student. The teacher will be able to see the students’ answers and anonymously show the answers to the class. Teachers will be able to tell exactly which students are ready to move on and those who are not. Every student has a voice. 2:45- 3:35 pm3575
Supersize Your Toolbar's Real Estate (to Maximize Your Productivity and Facilitate Classroom Management)Amy HermonMaximize your toolbar's utility with icons and folders. Have ready access to web resources to facilitate daily activities and keep your students on task. 2:45- 3:35 pm3565
Google Tips and Tricks and Fun Things to Do 2.0Mary HankinsWe will walk through some of the hidden gems inside Google apps (primarily in Google Slides and Sheets). This will help you find out who did something on a shared document, will show you how to add some cool features to images, how to make that Sheet you've wanted for checkoffs, show you a few cool extra sites and just some fun things to make your life a little easier. This session will be pared down immensely from my session at MACUL and we will go a lot slower. It is primarily for the beginner to intermediate. If you are a Google Ninja, this may be too basic for you.2:45- 3:35 pm3555
Drive Instruction with CollaborationJessica BinkoGoogle for Education supports both teachers and learners by creating a collaborative environment. With Classroom, Drive, and other G Suite for Education tools, this session discusses opportunities for learning and organizing lessons and tasks that challenge students and improve a teacher's repertoire.2:45- 3:35 pm3545
Google ExperimentsStephanie CairnsHave you heard of Quick Draw or Auto Draw? Take 30 seconds right now and go check them out! If you like these, come to this session to find out what else Google Experiments has for you. Turn your body into a musical instrument with Body Synth, walk through a museum with Google Arts and Culture, go on an emoji scavenger hunt, or make music with voice commands. Come check out all the Google Experiments there are and how they can fit into any curriculum!2:45- 3:35 pm3535