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TotalCon 2018 - All Events
IDEvent Title
B102StockpileMathew ThomsenThu8:0010:002:00
In Stockpile, nobody knows everything about the stock market, but everyone does know something. Players are given insider information each round. This information dictates how a stock’s value will change at the end of the round. By privately learning if a stock is going to move up or down, each player has a chance to act ahead of the market.
B103Uber EpicCourtney MooreThu8:0010:002:00Beginner
Who wants to become Uber Epic!?! This is an arena style competitive game were you manage a team of characters to attempt to capture your opponent's flag, achieve Epic Goals, obtain artifacts, and battle your opponents. Games planned to be a blind draft of characters.
R142DDAL07-01 A City on the EdgeD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00
TeenSo you’ve finally arrived in Chult. Now that you’ve gotten over the shock of Port Nyanzaru’s exotic beauty, it’s time to get down to business. The five factions await contact and will no doubt have some work for you to do. Reach out to them and let them know that you’re ready to do what needs to be done! Characters of Level 1-2, Introduction Modules
R144DDAL00-02A The Darkwood WebsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00TrainingTeenA trio of exhausted sprites interrupt your group as you start to break camp and continue your journey to Hillsfar. Do you dare answer their plea for aid and enter the forst of Cormanthyr? Characters of Level 1-4
R145DDAL07-03 A Day at the RacesD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00TrainingTeenThe Merchant Princes have a treat in store for everyone! A new team-based event has been added to the roster and the factions are throwing their hats into the ring. Climb aboard and saddle up! Part One of The Jungle Has Fangs Trilogy. For Characters of Level 1-4
R146CCC-TRI-03 ROC1-1 - Fences & SwordsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00TrainingTeenThe Northern Moonsea region has recently been plagued by a mysterious pirate ship, which is seemingly able to appear and vanish without notice. Causing fear and beginning to impact trade, those with vested interests in the area need to remove this thorn in their side. To do that, they must first discover where the mysterious ship calls home. For Characters of Level 5-10
R148DDAL00-02C Spawn of the Maimed VirulenceD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00BeginnerTeenBefore his death, the green dragon The Maimed Virulence, Vorgansharax, had many mates across Faerûn. The forest of Cormanthor and surrounding areas have become a battleground between sibling dragons, all vying for the choicest territory. Can a band of adventurers protect Hillsfar by either defeating or negotiating with the spawn of The Maimed Virulence? For Characters of Level 5-10
R149DDAL07-06 Fester and BurnD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00BeginnerTeenThe denizens of the Old City have made some unusual sightings in the festering refuse pits on the outskirts of the city, and while such reports are seldom taken terribly seriously, the mysterious disappearance of a beloved figure in the poor part of Port Nyanzaru has folks on edge. Can you get to the bottom of this? Part One of The Rot from Within Trilogy. For Characters of Level 5-10
R152DDAL00-02E Forgotten FoesD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0010:002:00
TeenA forgotten foe prowls the intermingled ruins of Thultanthar and Myth Drannor at the heart of the web of plots that threaten Cormanthor. You must delve into the ruins of the City of Song and bring the enemy to the ground. For Characters of Level 11-16
Y107Dork TowerBruce HerouxThu8:0010:002:00Training
Kill the monsters, gather treasure and get strong enough to storm the wizard’s tower to win.
Y108Apples To ApplesAmy JohnstonThu8:0010:002:00Training
Match your cards with the category and see if you win, excellent fun!
B12318XX Short (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu8:0012:004:00
Any short variant of 18XX game
B124Empire Builder International (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu8:0012:004:00
Any International variant of the Empire Builder system
R124Welcome to Adult Hood
Legend of the 5 rings
Michael TedfordThu8:0012:004:00
TeenYou have just finished your Gempuku (coming of age trials) now for the celebration in Otosan Uchi the capital city where you will declare your name to the world and be inducted into the adult society. There will be games and competitions. You are given a message with the imperial seal on it, Which is strange and unusual. You hope you’re not the only one.
R143CCC-TRI-11 Olma1-1 - Flooded DreamsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0012:004:00TrainingTeenWith a hag coven bringing destruction and ruin to the city of Mulmaster, its leaders send an expedition into the Flooded Forest to learn of its secrets. Old notes speak of the coven’s original lair, but nothing can prepare the expeditionary group for what they find. Characters of Level 1-4
R147CCC-TRI-05 Night1-1 - Hunt of MalarD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0012:004:00BeginnerTeenMulmaster has seen better days, though it is slowly rebuilding with the help of the Thayans, and anyone willing. Rumors have begun to spread of farmsteads being ransacked, their owners being murdered for rituals of an unknown source. Our heroes have been tasked with finding the source, but what they uncover shows something far more sinister, and far more deadly. For Characters of Level 5-10
R150DDAL07-09 Unusual OppositionD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0012:004:00
TeenThe trail leading from the Fane of the Whispered Fang has grown cold, but you can still taste the machinations of the yuan-ti in Chult’s humid, stagnant air. Because of this, you must venture deeper still into the jungle and petition the aid of an unlikely ally—the fabled Ramshackle King. His assistance is crucial to the effort to save Chult! For Characters of Level 11-16
R151CCC-TRI-14 Yul2-1 - Voice in the NightD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0012:004:00
TeenWorld Premiere, Created by The Role Initiative For Characters of Level 11-16
R153CCC-TRI-10 BHC1-1 - ContactD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu8:0012:004:00
TeenA beholder tyrant ship crashed into the Dragonspine Mountains many years ago. Three beholders survived and found a home in Mulmaster. A recent archaeological dig may have discovered the crash site. The Mulmaster Beholder Corps doesn’t want the ship’s secrets to fall into the hands of someone who could use it for evil. Do you have what it takes to help the Corps? For Characters of level 11-16
B12518OE Orient ExpressPBTDavid MittonThu8:0016:008:00
The mega game from Mayfair.
B104Coldwater Crown - A Fishing Derby via Worker PlacementBenjamin GerberThu10:0012:002:00
TeenJoin mefor a fishing derby done worker placement style in Coldwater Crown! Will you be able to cast the right bait at the right time to reel-in the biggest fish? Will you be able to strategically balance your efforts at the different fishing locations to win the most trophies? Very little is certain on these frigid waters, but it’s guaranteed the fish will be biting!
B105Trekking the National ParksKenneth MarinThu10:0012:002:00
Expanding upon the Ticket to Ride game engine, Trekking is its own unique game of a race to visit the most national parks to collect stones and park cards.
B106Champions of MidgardMathew ThomsenThu10:0012:002:00
Champions of Midgard is a middleweight, Viking-themed, worker placement game with dice rolling in which players are leaders of Viking clans who have traveled to an embattled Viking town to help defend it against the threat of trolls, draugr, and other mythological beasts. By defeating these creatures, players gain glory and the favor of the gods. This event will include all the modules from both expansions.
B107Dimension Teaching SessionKeith McRellThu10:0012:002:00Training
Dimension is a fast-paced, innovative puzzle game that takes place in three dimensions with 60 colorful spheres. All of the players play at the same time. Everybody tries to position the spheres on their trays to earn as many points as possible. This will be a teaching session for anyone interested in the Massachusetts State Tournament.
B108The Game of 49 Teaching SessionKeith McRellThu10:0012:002:00Training
Starting with $49 apiece, players in The Game of 49 bid to buy spaces on the 49-square (7-by-7) game board. Randomly drawn number cards are auctioned one at a time, with the highest bidder placing a chip on the matching board space. Be the first to claim 4 in a row to win. Training session for the Massachusetts State Tournament.
B126Aquire (NER)YesNERBob WicksThu10:0012:002:00
B127Express (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu10:0012:002:00
Any Train card game
B129ConcordiaTeachingWilliam WarrenThu10:0012:002:00
necromundanecromundaVincent MilanoThu10:0012:002:00
Necromunda is a skirmish tabletop war game In Necromunda, players control rival gangs battling each other in the Underhive, a place of anarchy and violence in the depths below the Hive City.
R154DDAL07-01 A City on the EdgeD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00
TeenSee Thursday 8am
R155DDAL00-02B The Weirding VatsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00TrainingTeenGoblins abouns! Strange goblins have been sighted in the farm lands south of Hillsfar! Locals report that they have been straying from the forest-realm of Cormanthor to the south in increasing numbers, and beg you to put an end to their incursions. For Characters of Level 1-4
R156DDAL07-03 A Day at the RacesD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00TrainingTeenSee Thursday 8am
R157CCC-TRI-04 ROC1-2 - Birds of a FeatherD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00BeginnerTeenThe ship plaguing the Northern Moonsea region, “The Merchant Lord’s Folly”, is unable to hide anymore. Through coercion of their best fence, its current port and owners have been located. Now is the chance to strike out, and possibly acquire both the boat and its captains: The Teshwave Siblings. For Characters of Level 5-10
R158DDAL00-02D Echoes of the Weeping WarD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00BeginnerTeenOver 700 years ago the Army of Darkness raged through Cormanthor before breaking the proud city of Myth Drannor. Rumors tell of powerful magic lost deep in the Darkwood, now supposedly found, that harkens back to that terrible war. For Characters of Level 5-10
R159DDAL07-06 Fester and BurnD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00BeginnerTeenSee Thursday 8am
R160DDAL00-02F The Definition of HeroismD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu10:0012:002:00
TeenMyth Drannor lies under a layer of debris that is nearly a quarter-mile thick. But there are secrets in the chaos, and some of those secrets yearn to be made known once more. Within the rubble of Thultanthar and Myth Drannor can be heard ethereal voices--but of what they speak, no sane mind has yet to report. For Characters of Level 17-20
Y101Ninja BurgerAlexia HerouxThu10:0012:002:00
Ninjas, burgers, and battle! Test your luck at facing extreme delivery missions to earn the most honors.
Y109Tiki MountainBruce HerouxThu10:0012:002:00Training
Can you outrace and outwit the other witchdoctors to save the island from the Angry Volcano God.
Y110Dino HuntAmy JohnstonThu10:0012:002:00TrainingTeenTravel through time and capture dinosaurs, watch out for your opponents tricks.
B128Terraforming MarsTeachingKara MorseThu10:0014:004:00
B109Terra and other card gamesKenneth MarinThu13:0015:002:00
Terra is a cooperative card game with a twist. As world crises emerge that everyone must pitch in to help stop or everyone loses, the player who manages to stash enough otherwise helpful cards for himself will be the individual winner. If time permits, we will play other card games as well (Love Letter, Sleeping Queens, etc.)
B110MediciMathew ThomsenThu13:0015:002:00
The object is to accrue the most points during three rounds, which you do by spending your points to bid on sets of cards. Each turn the current player turns up one to three cards for all the players to bid on, with the highest bid taking all cards. The cards denote a commodity type and quantity/value. The round ends when each player's ships are full, or the commodity card deck is exhausted. After each round, points are awarded to each player.
B112Diamonds Teaching SessionKeith McRellThu13:0015:002:00Training
Diamonds is a trick-taking card game in which players collect actual Diamond crystals. Suit actions make this game unique and are taken when cards are played off suit and when tricks are won. Have the most diamonds at the end of the game to win. Teaching session for the Massachusetts State Tournament.
B113Skull King Teaching SessionKeith McRellThu13:0015:002:00Training
Brent Beck's Skull King is a trick-taking game similar to Oh Hell!, Wizard and Spades, with players needing to state how many tricks they think they'll win each round. Pirates and other special cards add to the strategy. Teaching session for the Massachusetts State Tournament.
B131St Petersburg (NER) Heat 1YesNERBob WicksThu13:0015:002:00
B133Chicago Express (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu13:0015:002:00
Expand, Develop, capitalize to increase the value of your railroads in this quick moving game in the Midwest US
Warhammer 40k first strike
Warhammer 40k
Vincent MilanoThu13:0015:002:00
Drive into the world of Warhammer 40k, with this introduction to 8th edition. Player will pick a side either fight for the imperium of man or the deamon god nurgle.
P101Pick and PaintCarol PandolphThu13:0015:002:00
Have you grown weary from storming castles and slaying dragons? Then drop by the TotalCon Paint N' Take, choose a miniature or bring one of your own and paint it. Never painted before or want to improve your skills? Instruction and advice are offered to make you the best painter you can be. All ages from kids to adults who never grew up are welcome! Instruction offered.
R136GUARD vs PiratesG-CoreDavid BenevidesThu13:0015:002:00Beginner
You are members of GUARD (Government Ultimate Action Response Division), a government agency that is specialized dealing with superhuman threats. A group of Superhuman pirates has stolen a nuclear missile cruiser. The government has sent you in to respond to the threat, before
R161DDAL07-01 A City on the EdgeD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0015:002:00
TeenSee Thursday 8am
R164DDAL07-04 A Walk in the ParkD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0015:002:00TrainingTeenA mysterious clue has led you outside of the safety of the city’s walls and into the jungle beyond. You have been asked to venture into the jungle and seek out the wisdom of some of the native humanoids in the area—perhaps they will be able to shed some light on the situation and provide some insight on who is behind it all. Part Two of The Jungle Has Fangs Trilogy. For Characters of Level 1-4
R165DDAL07-02 Over the EdgeD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0015:002:00BeginnerTeenIn response to a new but as-of-yet-unnamed threat, the factions have called upon adventurers to venture into the jungle in search of a location for a new base of operations. As such, you have been charged with scouting several locations to assess their viability. Surely something so trivial as a scouting mission couldn’t go wrong? For Characters of Level 5-10
R168DDAL07-07 Rotting RootsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0015:002:00BeginnerTeenThe sudden appearance of the undead within Port Nyanzaru doesn’t appear to be the only thing on the horizon. A vast horde of skeletons and zombies is moving towards the city and while those of means are safe within the city’s walls, those in the Old City and Malar’s Throat are forced to contend with the problem. Where did they come from? More importantly, what are you going to do to find out? Part Two of The Rot from Within Trilogy. For Characters of Level 5-10
Y102King of TokyoAlexia HerouxThu13:0015:002:00
Robots, Aliens, and Monsters rage the streets of Tokyo Japan as you compete to be the ruler of Tokyo!
Y111Car Wars Card Game/Kung Fu FightingBruce HerouxThu13:0015:002:00TrainingTeenAttack and defend your car in a life or death event. Martial arts free for all choose your style and become the master.
Y112Munchkin BootyAmy JohnstonThu13:0015:002:00TrainingTeenPirate themed Munchkin, become the victorious master of the seven seas!
B111Arkham HorrorMark CrumpThu13:0017:004:00Training
The town of Arkham is overrun by an Ancient One intent on destroying the peaceful little village. Only a band of intrepid adventurers can prevent a horrible tragedy from wiping Arkham off the map.
B1321830 New England (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu13:0017:004:00
Classic 18XX game in New England
B134Empire Builder (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu13:0017:004:00
Any variant of the Empire Builder system
B135Wargame BunkerChuck TewksburyThu13:0017:004:00
TeenCome play some Classic wargames. ASL offered all weekend. We also have open tournaments for Combat Commander and Hannibal
BattleTech Warm UpsBattletechScott BukoskiThu13:0017:004:00TrainingTeenBring any officially published “tournament legal 'Mech to do battle. The GM will have a selection of 'Mechs sheets for players to use if they need them. Pilot/gunner scores will be determined at the table. Beginners welcome!"
The Vault of ZerduzanOD&DPaul SiegelThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenBeneath the ruins of an ancient tower lies the Vault of Zerduzan. Constructed centuries ago by the long-dead demonologist, some say it was meant as the burial shrine for his most favorite servants and companions. Others say it was a sanctum for his efforts to command demons. No matter what it is sure to contain wealth and arcane secrets for any that would dare plub its depths. A mid-level old school OD&D (OED) adventure.
Escape from the Kings Labyrinth
AD&D First Edition
Bob YatesThu13:0017:004:00Beginner
The Festival of Selenda is a week-long party! Food! Drink! Shows! The climatic event is the annual Run from the King’s Labyrinth, where criminals, political prisoners and others who have fallen on the bad side of the king attempt to escape and earn their freedom. Usually the Labyrinth wins, much to the delight of the crowds. Wait! You’re the runner? Cool…my money is on the tiger to eat you! All materials provided by GM
R112Pathfinder Society (7 tables)PathfinderPathfinder GMsThu13:0017:004:00Beginner
R113Starfinder Society (3 tables)StarfinderPathfinder GMsThu13:0017:004:00Beginner
R116Heroes of Altamira, Flashback (Ep. 1-3)7th SeaMegan HollembaekThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenNew to Heroes of Altamira? Well then Flashback is the place you want to start. These events are normally retired, but we’re bringing them back to give you a chance to start on the ground floor! Players choice of the listed adventures will be run.
R118Horror on the Gulf
Call of Cthulhu
Robert DosdourianThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerAdultThe Thuuleon Oceanographic Research School accepted your application to the TORS research lab in the Gulf of Mexico. You will do research, work with station crew who are drilling core samples and review various scientific data from systems tests in accordance with a government grant funded by the Nelson Institute of Marine Research. You heard about the BP disaster and figure lightning won't strike twice.
R129Stormgate Living Campaign - Into the StormD&D 5ENoel ProulxThu13:0017:004:00Beginner
You have arrived in Stormgate, a massive city in a pocket dimension full of wonder and horror. You have heard tales that those who venture here are not heard from again, is that by choice or fate? Whichever it is you have a feeling trouble awaits. Bring a 1st level character (or use a pre gen). Standard Array, PHB for sources.
Dungeon World
Eric LorenThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenAt last! Your hunt for the Lost Hoard of Captain Bloodsabre has led you to the fabled Vanishing Isle of Cromlech. Too bad it's called Vanishing for a reason. Can you spirit the Hoard off the island before it sinks beneath the icy Eastern Sea for another three centuries?
R137Stormgate Living Campaign - Into the stormD&D 5EDavid FromerthThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenYou have arrived in Stormgate, a massive city in a pocket dimension full of wonder and horror. You have heard tales that those who venture here are not heard from again, is that by choice or fate? Whichever it is you have a feeling trouble awaits.
R139Curse of Grendel
Call of Cthulhu 5th ed
Joseph PandolphThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenNear the village of Hart's Hall on the coast of southern Maine, archaeologists have unearthed a startling discovery - the remains of a Viking settlement. But, what sinister secrets are held within a strange sarcophagus that was found buried within the earth beneath that settlement?
R162CCC-TRI-12 Olma1-2 - Ill Met in YlraphonD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00TrainingTeenA behemoth threatens Mulmaster at the direction of a bheur hag named Auntie Olma, but intelligence reveals that she has another sinister plot unfolding at the same time. One of her agents has infiltrated nearby Ylraphon on a mission to destabilize the town and weaken it in advance of a large attack. The Lords of Mulmaster cannot defend both settlements at once. Can the heroes reach Ylraphon and find the agent before she succeeds at her mission, so that the forces of the town may rally to defend their homes? For Characters of Level 1-4
R163CCC-TRI-11 Olma1-1 - Flooded DreamsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00TrainingTeenSee Thursday 8am
R166CCC-TRI-06 Night1-2 - Haggard HeroesD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenThe Glacier of the White Worm’s innermost mysteries have always been elusive, but with hag plans unfolding the glacier has taken a turn for the worse. Adventurers must brave the ice and learn of experiments that bring an ever-growing danger to Mulmaster, and the Moonsea at large. For Characters of Level 5-10
R167CCC-TRI-05 Night1-1 - Hunt of Malar2Adventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00BeginnerTeenSee Thursday 8am
R169DDAL07-10 Fire, Ash, and RainD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00
TeenWithin the jungles of Chult lay a vast expanse of ash. While a red dragon is known to reside deep within the Land of Ash and Smoke, it is far from the deadliest of its denizens. Deeper still lay a pit filled to the brim with pure evil. None who have sought out its secrets have survived to tell its tale. Will you be more successful than they? For Characters of Level 11-16
R170CCC-TRI-15 YUL2-2 - The Dark of the HiveD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00
TeenWorld Premiere, Created by The Role Initiative For Characters of Level 11-16
R171DDAL07-09 Unusual OppositionD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00
TeenSee Thursday 8am
R172CCC-TRI-01 YUL1-1 - Into the DarknessD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu13:0017:004:00
TeenAs Faerûn recovers from the demon threat, a prominent leader goes missing. Is this a simple rescue mission, or is there more at stake? For Characters of Level 11-16
R121Hyperborea: In Umbrage Taken
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
David PrataThu13:0019:006:00
TeenA Zangeriosan emissary asks the party to undertake an urgent mission to the Savage Boreal Coast. The last ship to drop off supplies at some new settlements found the first village burnt to the ground. A second village was perfectly intact, but deserted. The Governor needs a group of adventurers to find out what happened. A high-level adventure adapted from Terror in the Tropics’• by Roy Rowe, first published in WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk.
R102Mystery at Cobb HillLucid DreamsAndre KruppaThu13:0023:0010:00BeginnerAdultYour best FRIend Jack is dead and a strange promise to investigate must be fulfilled. Jack had been behaving a bit oddly in recent years, delving into odd books and traveling to different universities and historical societies instead of hunting and fishing. As you drive deep into the woods you wonder as to your fate? Characters and play materials provided! (Returning 2 Session Game, sign up for 5 slots) Immersive play with lighting, sound, and emphasis on role-playing! ? This is a Dark Phoenix Event in conjunction with Game Soapbox Productions.
R127Mystery at Knobbe Hill
Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine
Andre KruppaThu13:0023:0010:00BeginnerAdultYour best friend Jack is dead and a strange promise to investigate must be fulfilled. Jack had been behaving a bit oddly in recent years, delving into odd books and traveling to different universities and historical societies instead of hunting and fishing. As you drive deep into the woods you wonder as to your fate? [Immersive play with lighting, sound, and emphasis on role-playing! - with] (Returning 2 Session Game)
B114Small WorldKenneth MarinThu15:0017:002:00
Small World is the popular game of fantasy civilizations rising and declining.
B115Nevemore Teaching SessionKeith McRellThu15:0017:002:00Training
Nevermore is a card-drafting game where you are collecting cards you want and poisoning your opponent's hand by passing along cards you think they can't use. Whoever holds the most of a given suit, gains the power of that suit to attack, heal, acquire magicks or score victory points. Teaching session for the Massachusetts State Tournament.
B116Neuroshima Hex Teaching SessionKeith McRellThu15:0017:002:00Training
A strategy game where each player leads one of four armies: Borgo, Hegemonia (Hegemony), Moloch, and Posterunek (Outpost). Each army deck consists of 34 tiles: soldiers, support tiles, and special actions. You win when all enemy headquarters are destroyed or when your headquarters is the least damaged at the end of the game. Teaching session for the Massachusetts State Tournament. 2 games can be run at once.
B136Ticket to Ride (NER) (PB) Heat 1YesNERBob WicksThu15:0017:002:00
B137Russian Railroads (PB)YesPBTDavid MittonThu15:0017:002:00
Redneck Formula DeFormula DeGregg BelevickThu15:0017:002:00
Formula De is the classic tabletop game of Formula One racing. What makes our redneck? Well, that’s a grey" area.'"
P102Pick and PaintCarol PandolphThu15:0017:002:00
See description Thursday 1pm
R173DDAL07-01 A City on the EdgeD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu15:0017:002:00
TeenSee Thursday 8am
R174DDAL07-04 A Walk in the ParkD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu15:0017:002:00TrainingTeenSee Thursday 1pm
R175DDAL07-02 Over the EdgeD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu15:0017:002:00BeginnerTeenSee Thursday 1pm
R176DDAL07-07 Rotting RootsD&D 5eAdventure League GMsThu15:0017:002:00BeginnerTeenSee Thursday 1pm
Y103Settlers of CatanColin HerouxThu15:0017:002:00Beginner
Strategize the expansion of your domain, broaden your resources, build, and trade. Will you be the next best settler within the competitive land of Catan?
Y113Adventure MaximusBruce HerouxThu15:0017:002:00Training
Introductory card based roleplaying game. Work together to become heroes of legend.
Y114ChupacabraAmy JohnstonThu15:0017:002:00Training
Can you steal all your opponents chicken, goats and bulls in the dice rolling game?
B130Terraforming Mars (NER) Heat 1YesNERBob WicksThu15:0019:004:00
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